I tried to get the next morning, but found myself unable to move. Shocked I opened my eyes, and looked straight up to the ceiling. I looked to my left and my right and saw the twins. They had there legs wrapped around mine, there arms around my stomach, and there heads nuzzled in my neck. I tried to remove myself but they only tightened there grip. I was shocked at how strong they were, and after a struggle I gave up. They were so warm and comfortable I didnt really care that I was stuck. After about fifteen minutes they loosened their grip, and I was able to get up.

'where are you going?' Asked lanny. I jumped a little not knowing he was awake.

Oh I was just gonna go take a shower I said regaining my composure.

'oh...ok.' He said a little sad.

'would you like to join me?' I asked. His eyes lit up but before he could respond danny did.

'hell yeah!' He said running to turn the shower on. Lanny expected me to run after danny, but I walked over and picked him up. He looked even more suprised when I gave him a quick pack and led him into the shower. Once we got in the twins immediately started cleaning me. Danny was behind me rubbing body wash on my back and neck sending chills down my spine. He spent some extra time cleaning my butt. Lanny on the other hand was quite aggresive as he rubbed down the front of me. When he got to my cock I was amazed it was still soft. I was a little embarrased because im a grower not a shower and i'm only about a four while soft, but as soon as lanny touched it that problem was solved. As he started stroking my cock I let out a soft moan and lanny capitalized on this. He locked his lips on mine and shot his tongue into my suprised mouth. I was suprised, but completely turned on by his behavior. Not one to be outdone I kissed back just as aggressive as my tongue battling with his for dominance. After realizing I was fighting a losing battle I tried to weaken him by rubbing his hard 7 incher, but it didnt work. I tried backing out of the kiss, but he wasn't having that either. So I gave up and let him have his way with me. Lanny was so absorbed in the kiss that he stopped stroking my cock and put both hands behind my head. He pushed me against the wall keeping his lips pressed to mine as I followed hid lead letting him dominate me. Danny lowered himself and proceeded to give me a blowjob. It was obvious that danny wanted sex, while lanny wanted passion. While moaning from the amazing blowjob I still couldn't believe how aggressive this makeout session with danny was. His tongue was on over drive as it lapped mine, and his lips covered mine. Realizing how passive I had become lanny removed his mouth for a second to say.

'I win.' Then he dove right back in my mouth as I instantly suitted once again. After about five minutes or so I became a little light headed.

Hey guys I need to take a little break I said. They removed themselves from my lips and cock respectively. We took an actual shower before stepping out, and drying off. I walked back in my room and layed on my bed.

I..........im sorry.....i got carried away landon said tears filling his eyes.

'Don't be I really enjoyed the kiss it was actually the best one I ever had' I said. I stood up and gave him a hug, and he burst into tears. While comforting lanny I looked up and saw danny crying. I motioned for him to come over and started comforting them both.

After comforting them for about half an hour we walked into our living room and sat down to talk because I needed some answers. They sat on opposite sides of me snuggled up.

'why did you guys start crying' I asked concerned.

'well landon and I haven't had anyone to care about us. Our parents put us up for adoption when they found out we were asexual, and had no chance of grandchildren.' Danny said.

'but I thought you liked me?'

'we do and that's why we attached so fast to you we've never been attracted to anyone.'

'okay but I can't give you grandchildren.'

'yes but you can love us. Our parents didn't want us, our foster parents beat us, and the kids at school hated us........we have no one but each other. With this statement lanny began to sob. I wrapped my arms around him and tried my best to comfort him.

'you see you are the first person to truly care about landon and I.'

'i'm so sorry about what happened.' I said truly meaning it.

'i'm not, it showed us that we need to be truly loved for the first time in our lives' danny said before walking into the kitchen. I held landon closer, he hadn't said a word since we were in my room.

'are you ok' I asked him. He nodded slowly, but kept his eyes closed. I kissed him on the cheek and told him it would be ok. He looked up and kissed me on the lips.

' I love you.' Lanny whispered. (Holy Shit!).

' I love you too' I blurted out before I think. Lanny jumped on me and had his lips locked around mine, and I knew not to fight back. After seeing how submissive I was he giggled.

'good boy' he joked and I couldn't help but smile at the comment. After a hot make out session lanny asked me to make love to him, and carried me into my room . Danny came in and immediately got on the bed. They two bent over on my bed and arched there backs. (what a sight.) I grabbed some water based lube my hands and rub them together before inserting both index finger into there ass. Danny was more accepting of my finger, while lanny as clenched almost preventing me from moving. As I dug deeper I hit there prostate and they went into pure ecstasy. Although they are twins they couldn't be more opposite. Danny was a loud moaner who made me smile while he tried to talk.

'oh........mack that...........uh you.........feel soo gooooooood.' He said.

lanny was a soft moaner, but the way he squirmed around and pulled on the sheets I knew he was enjoying himself.

Uh.....mack..could you....add.another finger plllleeeaassse! He screamed as I happily obliged. I thought danny would come instantly as his moans got louder he pushed back on my fingers. Lanny just pulled harder,on the covers and arched his back deeper as I rubbed on his prostate. All of a sudden I removed my fingers and the cried out in unison.

'why'd you stop' danny asked.

' I need a condom' I said pulling one out of my dresser.

'me first' danny said sticking his ass up in the air. I stuck the head up his ass and slowly started sliding my nine incher in him.

Oooooaaaa...i didn't know it would hurt so bad he said. As I pushed deeper his cries of pain turned into moans of ecstacy.

Oh.......uh.......faster........faster.....oh fuck me! Danny said. This was what I loved most about danny he was the complete opposire of lanny give me a chance to use my wild side. He leaned back and wrapped an arm around and starting pulling my hair as I fucked him mercilessly. He let out one large scream before expliding all over my covers. As danny lay on his stomach I pull out and turn my attention to lanny who looked nervous.

'we don't have to if u don't want to' I said

'no I want u to be my first. With that he bent over like his brother did, but I gently flipped him onto his back I would not fuck him, he would be the one I made love to. I slowly work my tip into him and pulled him into a tight embrace as I slowly continued entering him and kissed him as a tear fell down his eyes. Once I was fully in him I layed him back on the bed with my arms still around him and slowly started to move around hitting his prostate over and over.

Oh...........that..feels..so...goood...uh..please...dont stop. He said. He leaned up and connected his lips with mine and we remained that way until he and I climaxed at the same time.

Oh godd.............im about to.......uhhhhhhhhhh! Lanny said. I kissed him one more time before pulling out. I removed the condom and climbed in the middle where they were waiting for me.

' I love you' they said in unison.

' I love you too' I said scared of how fast they fell for me, but even more scared that I felt the same way.



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