My heart is pounding with excitment as I pull up to my rented cottage. Two bedrooms, two bath, a kictchen, living room, and a pool. I immediatley snag the room with a bathroom connected and I start putting my clothes away. After I finish I head to the bathroom to freshen up after that long flight from seattle to miami.

I look in the mirror, and what I see is average. I am told all the time that I am stunning, but honestly I dont see it. My dad is african and moved to seattle to attend college and became a doctor. My mom is indian, cherokee to be exact. I get my strong denfined jaws and dimples from my dad, but I have my moms high cheek bones. My mixed skin tone is directly in the middle of there contrasting skin color. I have full pink lips, and my cheeks keep this rosey red coplextion to them. I have long full hair that goes down my back. I stand at six feet and I have a dancers body. Its not too muscular, but not too feminine. Peolpe say I command the attention of a room with my presence like my dad, but I keep the attention with the charm and grace of my mother. People often mistake me for a woman when they stare at my face. This has caused me to grow quite a sharp tongue which I try to keep in check. While admiring myself I almist didnt here the door unlock, and I made my way to the front door. There at the door stoodthe man of my dreams. He is gorgeous, and judging by his legs he is a runner. He is about five foot ten, light muscles, straight black hair that is shoulder length, small reddish pink lips, and the most beautiful browm eyes. This puerto rican heart throbe had me before he opened his mouth.

Hi im mack thomas I said. Extending my arm for a hand shake.

Hey im daniel ortiz he said before embracing me in a tight hug.

Wow youre stronger than you look I said gasping for air as he put me down.

He laughed and then started looking at me funny, but before I could say anything he had both of his hands on my cheeks and was studying my face closely. A part of me wanted him to kiss me, hell all of me did, but he just studied me awkwardly for about a minute befire letting go of my face.

You are so stunning he said. thank you I said

If you dont mind me asking what is youre race? He asked

Half african, half cherokee I said. He studied me a little bit longer before asking me where his room was, after showing I walked to the kitchen I saw daniel over the sink drinking some water.

How did you get in here so fast? I asked. He started to speak,but as he turned around and made I contact his voice trailed off along with his eyes.

Hey I see you meet my brother

daniel interrupted. (OH GOD THERES TWO OF THEM!) landon he said softly not making eye contact. He was so cute I just wanted to hold him.

Hi im mack I said.

We all walked into the living and started making small, and we eventually warmed up nicely to each other, and even landon started exuding some of his brothers confidence.

After a while the two brothers asked if I would take their first run in miami. I run about 3 miles a day so I accepted, and to make things short they ran the hell out of me. By mile ten I expected my lungs to burst into flames. When we returned they sat down like it was nothing and turned on the tv. I on the other hand was a hot ass mess and I layed right on there lap panting.

Danny and lanny I dont........know how youre not exhausted.

We dont normally let anyone gives us nicknames but since u ran with us we will make an exception said lanny. I shifted in there laps to get comfortable because I had no plans on moving anytime soon, then I felt something hard against my upper back and butt. I was to exhausted to capitalize on it and I quickly drifted off to sleep in their laps.

I awoke two hours later still on there laps, and they were still hard. I pretended to be asleep when they started talking.

Bro im gonna cum if he keeps moving on my dick.

I know hes so fuckin hot, what I wouldn't do to see him naked.

Just look at his face he's a walking orgasm. Pleased by there kind words I decided to play with them.

Aw thanks guys I said wiping the sleep out of my eyes and arching my back for an unnecesarily long stretch.

I looked up at their faces with terror plastered on them. we didnt mean.........aaaaaaaaaaaaa! He

said as I stopped him from speaking as I rubbed my ass on his throbing cock. I continued to grind and rotate while they squirmed and moaned. At one point I rotated so hard danny couldnt take the torture anymore.

Ugh............please.....oh can have me........please stop torturing me.

Ok I said simply and got up and walked into my room to prepare for a shower. This didnt sit well with danny as he walked in my room completely naked.

Aren' gonna.....use me he said almost begging.

I looked down at his erect member it was about a seven and veiny. I quickly turned away.

Didn't plan on it I said very nonchalanty. I walked past him like he wasnt even there. Normally I would have serviced him with a smile, but the way he completely gave himself to me after a little cock tease I knew I had to keep him submissive.

He grabbed my arm before I could maked It to my bathroom and placed me on my bed. He snatched my shorts off so fast It almost to skin off and he went to work on my nine incher. After about a minute I removed his head and once again headed for the bathroom. He let out a whimper and I turned around to see him crawling on all fours. He was turning himself into slave. At this point I leaned down and tilted his chin up and planted a kiss on him. His lips eagerly accepted, and as soon as I parted my lips his tong wrapped against mine viciously. I pulled away and he let out a cry of dissapointment, as I turned around I saw lanny at the door ........naked. it ok you he said.

I couldnt believe it in less than a day I had twins on there knees begging to service me.

I sat down on my bed still in shock as they crawled towards me and took turns blowing me. After about thirty munutes I was about to climax.

Oh............i'm about to cum........oh need to move I warned. Neither of them budged as they both prepared to catch my load.

Uh.........oh godd........uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I shot a hot load and they caught every drop.

I told them to get on the bed face down ass up and they obliged. I started with danny I spread his cheeks and started teasing hin with my tongue.!

He layed paralyzed as I switched to his brother I spread his cheeks apart and he squirmed and he became powerless to my tongue. He squirmed around, whimpered, and brought ass up for me to continue my onslaught. I licked around the edges of his ass and he came.

ugh.....i...i..immm.....uhhhhhhhhhhhh! He said.

I stood up to marvel at what i'd done. The twins layed paralyzed in ecstacy and submission. I crawled over them and got under my covers headed to sleep when crawled both sides of me and snuggled up to me as I lay on my back and put an arm around both them.

Looks like we only needed one bed I joked.'ll.........let us sleep with you? He said excited.

Of course I said. And kissed both of them goodnight.

They snuggled and kissed until we fell asleep. This gonna be a school year.



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