The twins, and I reluctantly got up six in the morning to get ready for school. Since we were freshmen we had the same courses, but while they had every class together I had none with them. We each had three classes today so we decided to meet up at our place to study afterwards. I took notes, but the entire time I couldn't take my mind off of the twins. By the time my third class let out I was ready to dash home, and attack the both of them. By the time I made it home studying was the furthest thing from my mind, but I knew it was neccesary. We started with english, and in less than thirty minutes danny was bored.

'ugh fuck this!'

'come on we can't just not do our homework' I said

'who cares what book beethoven wrote in the twentieth century'

'wow i'm guessing you got in here on a track scholarship' this comment got me a death stare from danny. Lanny giggled and his body vibrated causing a twitch down below. He seemed to have made my lap his own personal seat, and my chest his own personal head rest, but I don't mind.(hell I perfer it actually).

' all i'm saying is we need a break, who's up for sex?'

' I am' lanny said wiggling his butt on my cock. I was tempted to rip his clothes off, throw him on the wall, and fuck his brains out, but I resisted.

'come on guys we only have math, and history left'

'yeah, but by the time we're finished we'll have to get ready for practice' danny said.

'well we can do it when yo two get back'

'but we'll be too tired'

'are you two ever too tired for sex?' They looked at each other and smirked.

' but....'

'well if you don't wanna have sex later then we won't have sex at all.' I teased. Their jaws dropped, and danny looked at me like I said he only had twenty four hours to live. Lanny curled up, and clung on to me as if I said I only had twenty four hours to live. It took everything I had to keep a straight face, but inside I was dying. Needless to say they continued studying before giving me a kiss, and heading off to practice. I decided to watch some t.v., but quickly dozed off.

I woke up to a warmth on my body, especially my throat. It felt so good I kept my eyes closed, as something massaged the inside of my mouth, and rubbed on my body. I felt small drops of water hit me, and I got a manly musk smell that was intoxicating. I let this sensation continue for about five minutes before reluctantly open my eyes. When I opened my eyes to see lanny on top of me with his tongue in my mouth. He was grinding his body against mine, and his sweat was dripping all over my body. He had obviously just come back from practice, and he released the kiss when he realised I was awake.

'good your up, I was starting to think you were in a coma or something'

' I was awake it just felt so good I didn't want it to stop'

'well lets keep going' with that he dove back in my mouth. I was so into the kiss I almost forgot to ask my question.

'hey where's danny?'

'he got in trouble with the coach, and had to run fifty more laps'

'wow what did he do?'

'the girl who he fucked on the beach was the coaches daughter, and assistant. She wasn't too happy about him ignoring her calls'

'that sucks should we wait for..MMMMMMM.......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm' before I could finish he had gone back to work on my mouth. I quickly went from shocked to intoxicated as he tongued me down. After a few more minutes danny stumbled in.

'..........fuck....that.....BITCH!' Danny said panting.

'aww my poor you need a hug?'

'no, but sadly.......i'm too tired even for sex' it looked like it pained him to say that. He layed on the bed and was out in less then a minute. I yawned too feeling tired as well, but lanny was having none of that. He quickly undressed me, and then himself, and leaned on the wall sticking his bubble butt out towards me.(what a way to wake me up). Lanny and I went straight into sex, and i'd never seen him so horny. Despite our mutually horny sides we still did not fuck, we made love. I took time to kiss him on his neck, and lick his nipples as he moaned, and ran his fingers in my hair. We climaxed at the same time, and I carried him into the shower. After we finished we hoped in the bed next to a snoring danny, and drifted off next to a snoring danny. Hmm if everyday in college is gonna be like this, these really are going to be the best years of my life.



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