The next few months were fairly boring. We would go to school, study, and workout. The one thing that never got boring was sex. Danny and lanny were always coming up with new positions, and games to keep our sex life amazing. My favorite is whenever we disagreed on something we wrestled each other out of our clothes, and the winner gets to have his way with the naked loser.

College let out for thanksgiving, and i was so excited to head to seattle tonight. I'm even more excited that danny, and lanny are coming with me. Well sort of, i kinda haven't told them that part. I walked in the front door to see them standing there looking very sad.

'Whats wrong?'

'What are we gonna do without you for a week?' Lanny said.

'Come with me' i said. The look on there face was priceless. Danny eyes almost popped out of his head as his jaw connected with the floor. Lanny started crying not knowing if i was serious or not. I pulled out our tickets and told them to hurry. The whole ride to the airport the couldn't stop smiling which put a smile on mine. We got on the plane, and i looked at lanny. He looked nervous.

' I've never been on a plane before' he said. I grabbed his hand.

'Dont worry I've got you' i said as i led him to first class.

'Wait we can't pay you back for this' danny protested. Since foster care they receive two thousand dollars a piece every month. Its what they live off of so since i come from money i tend to spoil them.

'I didn't ask you to'

'I know but.......' before he could finish i pressed my lips against his, and stuck my tongue in his mouth. My to explored every part of his mouth, and i started humming again. I heard the people around us gasp, but i don't give a fat rats ass what they think. Like i said before i am openly gay, and in love with two handsome men who love and care about me. Danny seemed suprised because we don't normally kiss, but when i started humming he looked like he was melting in my arms. I began to vibrate my tongue more vigorously as ge wrapped his trembling arms around me. Id never seen danny so flustered as i pulled my lips away from his. He started to go pink as he sat down. He leaned over still trembling.

'What did you do to me?'

'I kissed you'

'No i mean that thing with your tongue'

'Oh i learned how to make it vibrate, you like'

'Like.....i think i came' he said growing pink again.

'' was all i could say. Lanny who was sitting on the other side of me by the window seemed curious about my new talent.

'Um......can with me?' He asked shyly. No matter how many times we made love, he was always so shy around me. I think it makes him that much more attractive.

'Yes, but not right now' he looked disappointed, but i knew what i was doing. The plane started to move, and he grabbed my hand. I we started flying he looked like he was gonna have a heart attack. Now it was the time. I pressed my lips to his, and slipped my tongue in his quivering mouth. He tried to kiss back, but he was still afraid. I started humming, and vibrating my tongue. Almost instantly he started moaning, and forget where he was. As we reached our peak altitude he slumped into my lap never breaking the kiss. I let him take control as i just kept humming, and vibrating. After a while i was out of air and tried to pull away. He pulled me closer, and kept sucking the life out of me.

'Lanny....air..i need air!' I mumbled through his lips. He enhaled through his nose, and blew into my mouth. It actually worked out for both of us he got my tongue, and i got to live. We kept this up for about thirty minutes before the flight attendant stopped us. We stopped kissing, but lanny refused to leave his favorite seat, my lap.

Once we arrived in seattle they were really nervous about meetting my parents. I assured them my parents would accept them as the did me. We pulled up

to my house it is pretty big, seven bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a extra large swimming pool. As the driver stopped i decided to have a little fun with my parents. I told

them i had A boyfriend not two. I grabbed lanny, and told danny to stay in the car. I picked lanny because he was innocent, and would butter my parents up for the suprise. We stepped in, and my mom flew to the door. She grabbed me in a bone crushing hug. She's five foot five, tannish skin, with long thick black hair that reaches her butt. She looked over at lanny who was clinging to my arm. She started smiling.

'Hi I'm luna, what's your name?'

' I'm.... landon' her smile brightened as she gave him a hug. She started talking to him, as i texted danny to come in. My dad walked in as manly as ever. He had his chest puffed out, and his muscles buldged as if he had just come from working out. He is like six foot six, low cut hair, and dark skin. He looks very intimidating at first, but he's just a teddy bear. Lanny didn't think so as he quickly joined my side again watching my dad.

'Oh your boyfriend is just so adorable, and cute too' she added with a wink. I heard footsteps.

'Well instead of one cute boy, you're gonna get two cute boys because he's a twin' just then danny stepped in and came on the other side of me. Everything was quiet so i spoke.

'This is daniel and landon, and this is luna and marcus' my mom just stared, but my dad started smiling.

'Well i guess you're a player huh?' This broke the ice as everyone laughed. We all made our way to the living room, and started talking. Danny and my dad talked about sports, while lanny and my mom talked about cuisines. I just sat there smiling. We decided to eat at home instead of going out since lanny and mom wanted to cook. After dinner we decided to watch a scary movie. Lanny and my mom were completely against it, but got out voted. Mom and dad sat by each other, while i sat in the middle with lanny on my lap and popcorn on his lap, and danny to my right. I don't know what was funnier my mom screaming every five seconds, or lanny trying to fill his insatiable appetite while trying not to look at the movie.

'While that little guy can put it away' he laughed looking at the empty bowl.

'Yeah he can, lanny let me up so i can pop some more'

'No!' He said clinging tight.

'Fine I'll do it' danny said mumbling something under his breath. He returned, and we continued our movie. After the movie we said goodnight and went to sleep.

The next morning we awoke to an empty house. There was a note saying dad was at work while mom headed out with friends. We brushed our teeth and headed down stairs when danny turned to me.

'Hey matt have you ever been fucked?'


'Why not it feel really good' lanny added. Its obvious they've talked about it.

'Not gonna happen'

'Hmmmm lanny sounds like a disagreement' he said smiling devilishly.

'No fair its two against one' normally i could handle one on one because i could seduce them, but both at the same time. The wrestled me to the floor, and started ripping at my clothes. I was completely helpless as my came over my head. Lanny mounted me, and held my arms over my head as he stuck his tongue in my mom. I struggled, but couldn't get my hands free. I felt danny take my pants of as his mouth found my cock through my underwear. He started sucking, and nibbling at it. They toyed woth me by doing whatever they wanted before i was even naked. There should be a rule against that. Danny slowly started to pull my underwear off as lanny kept at my lips. Soon i was completely naked while they were fully dressed. They released me, and i reluctantly followed them into my bedroom. They layed me on the bed and grabbed some lube. Before putting it on lanny got on top of me in a sixty nine positions and started sucking me. Danny pulled something out of his bag and sniffed it. He passed it to lanny who did the same. He gave it to me and i inhaled a lot. I don't know what it was, but i wanted to fuck both of them at the same time for hours. Before i could speak lanny had his tongue in my butt. The feeling was completely euphoric, as i leaned up only to put more of my cock in lannys mouth. I had never been pleasured some much at the same time as i lost control of my body, and all i could do was lay there and moan. Lanny was twirling his tongue around my cock, and sucking me like a mad man. Danny was doing things with his tongue that i didn't know was possible, and the next worsd that came out of my mouth shocked even me.

'Ugh....please fuck me!' Danny quickly lubed up his cock, and my butt. He passed it to lanny who reluctantly removed his lips from my cock to lube it. I suddenly realised while all of this was going on i was giving lanny a blow job. He removed his cock from my lips and layed in front of me, while danny layed behind me. As i entered lanny, danny entered me. This had to be the best feeling in the world my cock and butt had the same feeling. As i drew bacj from lanny i got more of danny and vice versa. Before i knew it we were fucking like mad dogs all moaning, and cursing. Lanny ass clenched around my cock as i felt dannys body tense. Before i knew we all blew our loads at the same time. It was the most cum i had ever released, danny kept hitting my prostate and it felt so good i couldn't see straight. We layed there panting, and smiling at each other. Our sex life would definitely be different after this. We heard clapping as we looked towards the door.

'Oh my god Andrew!'




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