I woke up this morning in an unusual position. I was on my side with lanny in my arms. Although I love laying with lanny I would be lying if I said I didn't miss danny. I lean foward and gently kissed lannys jaw which had a small bruise. He rolled over and gave me a kiss. This kiss wasn't like our normal kiss, this kiss was soft. It wasn't a sexual kiss, and there was no tongue we just gently pressed our lips to each others. After our lips parted I held him close to me as he layed his head on my chest. We stayed like this for an hour before I finally spoke.

'are you ok?' He slowly nodded, and held me tighter.

'has he ever hit you before?' I felt tears start falling on my chest as he began to sob. I could feel my heart tearing in two as tears started rolling down my face. At that moment I decided that I didn't want to see anyone lanny had my heart, and as much as I hated it so did danny. After a few minutes lanny and I took a shower, and got dressed. We walked in the kitchen, and I started cooking breakfast. As we were eating danny walked in. You could literally cut the tension with a butter knife, and a part of me wanted to give them space but I didn't trust danny. He sat down at the table, and began to speak.

'lanny i'm so sorry I don't what came over me.' Lanny didn't say anything he just came and sat in my lap.

'lanny please say something' danny begged, but to no avail. Lanny layed his head on my chest, and remained silent. So I decided to be his voice.

'why don't you start by being completely honest about who you are.'

'i'm bisexual, and I had only liked girls until I met you. I had sex a couple of times a few years ago, but I gave it up so lanny.....'

' I didn't ask about lanny' I cut in.

'you're right....lanny i'm so sorry and i'

'hope you know that your all I have, and I love you' lanny finished. This must have been a reccuring conversation, and that pissed me off.

'danny I understand that you were trying to protect lanny, but this is completely unacceptable and under no circumstance are you to ever, and I mean ever put your hands on him again' I said so ominously it scared me. Danny nodded while lanny held me tighter.

'you to are brothers, and you are going to make mistakes. With that being said I think you two need to work this out alone' I gave lanny a kiss.

' I love you' I said

' I love you too' he responded. I walk over to danny, and gave him a kiss as well.

' I love you too' I said, and he burst into tears. I held him for a while, before leaving those two to talk. After leaving the room I notice I had a text from the hot blonde on the beach. Normally I would have set up a date, but instead I broke things off with him because I was in love. He wasn't happy, but accepted it, and soon after danny, and lanny came out of the kitchen.

'is everything good?'

'yeah' they said in unison, and joined me on the couch. Lanny took to his usual spot on my lap with his head on my chest, while danny sat beside me. Lanny seemed at ease, but danny seemed zoned out. I tapped him on the shoulder.

'you okay?' I asked. He nodded very unconvincingly. I left the subject alone for now. As we sat there talking we decided to go for another run.(yay me). After the run they jump in the pool, and I jump in after I get my blood pressure down. We start doing

laps, and they are suprised at how good I am. After the tenth lap they pull over as I keep swimming.

'damn you're like a fish' danny said.

'you guys may own land, but water's my territory.' I said. As it got dark we took a shower, and decided to have a scary movie marathon.(well lanny wasn't too happy). We order two extra large chicken pizzas, pop some popcorn, grab some soda, and rent the scream saga. By the time we got through scream two danny and I looked,at lanny in awe as he finished a box, and half the popcorn by himself.

'what?' He asked giving that puppy dog face.

' I don't know why but I find your appetite quite attractive' he smiled, and gave me a kiss. This kiss confirmed he was feeling better as his tongue darted in my mouth and he gripped my head, pulling my hair a little. I immediately let him have control of this hot make out session. As scream three starts I try to pull away, and watch the movie but this proves to be a mistake. He turn around so that we are crotch to crotch, and he straddles me. Before I could say anything he wrapped his arms around my head ad lunged into my mouth. I lean my head on the back of the sofa, and I start humming. Apparently this was a turn on because he kissed me even more aggrresively. I love this side of lanny, and he is by far the best kisser in the world. Our lips seperate, and he turns back around, and lays his head in my chest.

'what was that you were doing with your mouth?'


'well keep doing it, the vibration felt great' he said smiling. As we got to the final movie lanny had his face buried in my chest as danny and I laughed at the gorey scenes. I wrapped my arms tighter around lanny everytime he peeked, and jumped at the movie, and noticed danny staring. I couldn't comprehend the look on his face. It was threatining, but it wasn't loving, and that is what bothered me. After the movies where over I put the remaining pizza in the fridge, and headed to my room. When I got to my room I saw the twins sitting on my bed naked. I strip down as fast as I can, and grab some lube, and a condom. I put some lube on my fingers, and slowly enter one in danny. He moaned as he grinded his hips on the bed. I slowly added another finger as his moaning got louder and he arched his back, and pushed his ass deeper on my fingers. I slowly pulled my fingers out and lubed up my cock. I put the head inside his tight rose, and pulled it out jokingly.

'don't tease me......fuck me!' He ordered.

'okay okay testy aren't we' I said entering him. I quickly picked up the pace while he,started moaning louder.

'uh.....fuck......uhhhhhh.....faster...fuck....uh...pull my hair!' He said. I hesitated at the command, but he grabbed my hand, and gripped his hair.

..uh fuck.......harder.......oh....godd.....uh...im about to......uhhhhhhhhhhh!' He said leaning back to kiss me. I slowly pulled out, and leaned toward lanny. I lifted his legs up, and let my tongue rolled around his pucker. I spread his cheeks apart, and dove my tongue in slowly rubbing anything it could find. He threw his head back in ecstacy, and pulled on my comforter. I slowly pulled my tongue out.

'take you're condom off I want to feel you in me'

' I don't think that is a good idea' I was clean, i'd been tested before I moved, and i've only had sex with the twins down here.

'yes I trust you, and I want all of you inside me.' I pulled off my condom, and slowly entered him. I was taken aback as he wrapped his around me and rolled us over. He slowly started riding me and tossed his head back in ecstacy. I picked him up, and moved him up and down with my arms wrapped around his back. I pushed his lips on mine, and he was too distracted to dominate. I pushed on his prostate every time he got aggressive in the and he reluctantly gave up.

'good boy' I joked. He tried to respond but I rubbed his prostate, and he got quite. We climaxed at the same time, and we fell on the bed. I pulled out and we all fell asleep in each thers arm. We where a family again.



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