I awoke with danny, and lanny in my arms after another crazy sex session. I guess they've been so sex deprived that they are just sex crazed because for the past six nights they have had me sex them up for hours. Today is saturday, and school starts on monday, and I realize besides eating, exercising, and love making we haven't done anything. So I wake them up and we take a shower, and get ready to head to south beach. Danny and lanny were raised in hollywood florida so they had a car, and danny drove while lanny sat in the backseat with me. (with his tongue down my throat of course). I loved both of them, but the fact was I liked danny better as a friend, and lanny better as a lover. Danny, and I would joke and play around for hours, while lanny shyly stayed in the background. When it came to love lanny was the one I held when we watched movies, or read together, and he gave the best kisses in the world while danny was all about sex.

'hey no fair I have to drive.' Danny pouted.

'get over it.' Lanny joked removing his tongue from my tonsils for a brief moment.

'eyes on the road or you'll kill us.' I said before lanny assaulted my mouth with his tongue once again. Lanny kisses never seemed to match his personality. He was always the quiet sort of shy one even when we made love, but whenever our lips locked it was a completely different story. He exudes such a confidence, and demands submission with his tongue. He knows he is a good kisser, and pretty much has me trained in knowing that i'm the dominant one until our lips meet and then i'm his. After our lips broke apart he gave me a huge grin.

' I love making out with, especially now that you know who's boss.' He said.

'well the last time I tried to take control you sucked all of the air out of my lungs.' I joked. We pulled up to this italian place and head inside. The place isn't a five star restaurant, but it is very impressive, and has a very comfortable feel to it. After we order drinks I excused myself to the restroom. When I got back ours drinks had arrived along with gigantic breadsticks and three bowls of marinara sauce. As I adjusted in my booth across from them I grabbed one dipped it, and bit it. I was caught off guard when cheese ran in my mouth from inside the breadstick this caused extreme laughter from the two of them.

' hey mack got a little white stuff on your mouth.' Danny joked. I wiped the cheese off my lip sucked it off my fingers suggestively. They stopped mid laugh and watched me intently before holding a conversation in spanish which I don't know. After splitting the bill we drove to the beach, and got in the water. After a little horse playing a cute blonde girl came over amd invited us to the beach party they were having. When we walked over there we saw so many people, loud music, pizza, drink in a volleyball game the twins made me enter. I took notice to the people admiring us but neither of the them seemed to acknowledge them. After the game danny and I started dancing while lanny was talking to the blonde girl. He seemed to really be enjoying the conversation, and was completely oblivious to the fact that all she wanted to do was strip him and fuck his brains out. After about five hours the party was still going on strong, but the twins where ready to go. (hmm I wonder why). As I was walking towards the car I noticed a guy running towards me trying to get my attention. When he caught up to me I remembered talking, and dancing with him earlier. He was like six foot four, bright blonde hair, icy blue eyes, and a swimmers body. He wasn't my type, but he was cute.

'you weren't gonna leave without saying goodbye.' He said with a grin.

'oh I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.' This made him laugh and he pulled me into a big hug.

'it's okay, but you have to make it up to me.' After I pulled away I saw lanny who did not look happy. The twins had already given me the ok to be with other people and vise versa if they ever found themselves attracted to another person. Lanny proceeded to push me against someones car and give one of thoss territorial kisses.

'hey hurry up so we can go have some fun.' He said before walking off.

'i.............uh.....ok.' I stammered and looked back at the surfer who had a huge grin on his face.

'so fucking hot.' He said as he leaned to kiss me, but I moved a ran for the car laughing as he chased me. He caught me and planted me softly on the ground and kissed me. I reached in his pocket and put my number in his phone as he picked me up and carried me to the car. Once we got there I walked over to lanny who was standing still looking inside the car, I walked over and looked inside and was in shock. Danny was in the car fucking the blonde girl. This didn't piss me off as much as what he was saying.

'oh good i've wanted to fuck for so long, I can't believe I held out for him. God I forgot how good this felt.' Danny had lied to me and

more importantly lanny he wasn't asexual, and he wasn't a virgin when he met me. Lanny hit the door before running off crying. I chased after as danny was trying to get dressed and calling after us.

lanny ran all the way back to our place and ran into my room and tried to slam the door but i'd stopped him. He fell into my arms sobbing as I held him while laying on the bed as we drifted off to sleep. I was awoken by the sounds of danny slamming the door of my room open.

'oh thank god you're here lanny we need to talk.'

'you lied to me.' Lanny said barely above a whisper while I held him.

'i know I shouldn't have lied but I gave up sex for you.' This comment seemed to have pissed lanny off as he stood up.

'for me, you lied about you're sexuality, you lied about being a virgin, and god knows what else for me that's bullshit!' Lanny screamed.

'no it's not you'vr always been so weak, and always felt so alone that I lied so you could be happy. Hell I gave up our family for you, and now that you've found someone you can't let me!' Danny screamed.

'if you really think that this is about sone random bitch you fucked then you obviously don't know me at all, and you're supposed to be my fucking brother and you don't even know me!'

'what do you want from me landon!'

'to drop fuckin dead.' Lanny said calmly. This set danny off as he punched lanny in the jaw. Lanny hit the wall and looked up t danny as he fell to the floor. I finally came to my senses and ran to lanny holding him in my arms while he started sobbing.

'oh shit............lanny i'm so sorry you......just made me so mad....and you know I have a bad temper...please.' He said walking towards us. His excuse for putting his hands on lanny was really pissing me off. He took another step and I spoke for the first time since we arrived home.

'DON'T FUCKIN TOUCH HIM!' I screamed as I held lanny close to me and glared at danny as he turned around and walked away crying. I held lanny as tight as I could and carried him into the bed.

'it's gonna be ok.' I whispered as tears fell down my face. I kept repeating this until we fell asleep. It was the first night we didn't sleep in the same room, and the first night danny and lanny didn't sleep together.



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