My New Job and Sexy CEO #7

By : A. Williams

    Marshall kissed Jess softly on his lips, pulled back, looked into those blue eyes and ran his hands in those black soft curls. "I love you Jess" Jess smiled and kissed back hard, wet tongues began to clash and lips were being almost eaten. Jess flipped Marshall over and said "Show me how much you love me. Show me stud." Marshall laughed "You beg for it baby... I want to hear you beg." The resumed their deep kissing rolling around on the big bed, trading places with who was on top of whom. Their bodies rubbing, hands feeling, cocks leaking and the kiss continuing. The smell of sweat was heavy in the air and it only spurred them on. "Please my crazy man... take me ... I need you in me, inside of me... Please Marshall I beg you." Jess pleaded. Marshall had never wanted any man more. "Bingo." he said and grabbed the lube.

    Marshall pulled up off of Jess and threw his legs over his head... and gazed at his hairless pink moist hole "Baby, I have to... no I need to eat you first. I am dying to taste you." Jess moaned loudly and Marshall buried his face in his ass. He breathed deep and the smell that was all Jess made his aching cock leak all over the torn up bed. He groaned out in pleasure and began licking and nibbling that sweet-smelling ass. He licked, slurred... poked and prodded that pink juicy hole with his thick wet tongue while Jess moaned and groaned his name over and over.

    Marshall raised his face and flashed that killer smile, as he lubed his cock and Jess's ass he asked "Baby, you ready for my big hard cock?" Jess smiled back "Fuck me... hard... fast and deep, make me cum all over us Darling." Marshall lined up his cock and said "With pleasure Baby." and pushed. His cock slid in and he held still, then Jess pushed back and Marshall slowly pressed forward until he was all the way in. They were finally one... they both let out a loud groan of contentment.

    Marshall pulled back slowly... then back in slowly. His dick had never felt so good. Jess felt Marshall's big fat cock sliding over his ass walls and prostate and thought is ass had never felt so good. In slowly... out slowly... in slowly... out slowly... Marshall leaned over, his hands found Jess's black hair and his lips found his. Jess's hands found his firm contracting ass and he squeezed. Marshall did not miss a stroke, as the kiss intensified so did Marshalls pace. Harder... deeper...faster... Marshall pumped his hips. Both dripping sweat, both moaning in the others mouths and the fucking went on and on. Jess squeezed tighter on Marshall's ass as his balls pulled up tight. He broke the kiss and howled loudly as his cock erupted with rope after rope of thick white cum. Marshall fucked right on threw the spasms in Jess's sweet ass and Jess was astonished but pleased he was still being fucked.

    Marshall never slowed down... Jess's ass was super-hot and wet and he wanted to stay there as long as possible. Jess's cock was still hard "Fuck me stud... yes make me cum again." Jess screamed. "How many more times you wanna cum Baby?" Marshall asked breathlessly. "YES... YESSs... fuck me..." Jess screamed. The deep kiss started up again and they were slick with Jess's cum and drenched in each other's sweat. Marshall was gaining speed pounding Jess's ass for all he was worth. "Sweet...sweet Baby... I love you so much." Marshall said between kisses. "Darling please fuck me senseless... YES ...YES... so fucking good...I love you too. OOO ...harder... YES OOOO I AM GONNA CUM>>>>>>fuckoooo." Jess screamed out as he shot his second load.

    That did it for Marshall... he let loose... and screamed louder than a banshee. Over and over Marshall filled Jess's ass with his huge load then collapsed on top of him in a sweaty cum slick mess. Both were trying to breath and were coming back to earth for their orgasmic heaven. After several minutes Marshall raised his head wearing that killer smile and Jess asked "When can I move into OUR home." He laughed. "How about after a shower and dinner Baby." Marshall laughed as well. "You're on crazy man" Jess said......

The End......Thanks for reading and posting.....A.


A. Williams

[email protected]


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