My New Job and Sexy CEO #1

By : A. Williams

    My name is Jess Sampson, I am 30 years old and have a degree in Computer Programing. I have been working the last 5 years with Apple Computers, but cut-backs and lay-offs did me in. So with my tail between by legs, I moved from New York City back home to Greenville North Carolina. Not my ideal life but I had no choice, I had never been good with money and all I made, I spent. When I got canned, I had no options but to move back home, no savings ... no nothing but bills and no income.

    My loving parents welcomed me back with open arms... so sweet. I am an only child you see and spoiled all my life. No wonder I was not grown up... Now I am. I need a job and fast so I can get back on my feet. I need my own place so I can have sex with men... any men... all men... I am a slut. I have always been gay, a complete bottom. I must be over sexed because that's all I think about day and night.

    I am 5 foot 10 inches tall with large bones, large frame and I weigh 190 pounds all muscle. I am totally hairless expect my head which is black and curly past my shoulders. I have blazing blue eyes and nice big pouty lips, a huge full firm bubble butt ready for fucking cock. I need a man... a real man to take control and fuck me senseless. Hey, dreams can come true but first I need a job.

    I set out early on Monday for 5 interviews with good companies. The first was a bust, the seconded...maybe? The third... no way. The fourth was not there... ok good bye! I hate no - shows. I had my hopes up for the last one. A big company, very well established in the area called Logan Incorporated. A takeoff on Apple which I had experience in. I walked in with high hopes and found myself waiting with 3 other guys. A guy came walking in... nice silk suit ... 6 foot tall, large frame, about 190 pounds I guested. Not bad, good looking masculine face, brown hair styled short but nice. Then he spoke in that deep base voice... my cock went full hard. I have a thing for deep voices and tall men. Damn he was a sexy ass man ... the way he moved... the way he carried himself... so sure and confident.

    "Hello fellas, my name is Marshall Dean, glad you are here. I am the CEO and in charge of interviewing you. Please, first man up comes with me." They walked off into an office and closed the door. Shit I thought, I am last and have to sit and wait for hours. I was indeed very wrong. The first guy was back out in 20 minutes, second guy out in half hour and the third was out in ten minutes. I wiped my sweaty palms on my pants, stood and entered the office. Mr. Marshall Dean looked up from his large desk and said "Close the door and take a seat."

    I closed the door but approached the desk, hand extended and we shook. We sat and I said "My name is Jess Sampson, nice to meet you Mr. Dean." He nodded. Damn he was more handsome close up and those deep brown eyes with those long lashes. So sexy...Yum!!! Down boy, I told myself. I handed him my resume and waited. Mr. Dean read over my background and I let my mine wonder to some naughty place where Marshall and I were naked and deep into some serious fucking. I was so into my fantasy that it took Marshall almost hollering my name to bring me back.

    I cleared my throat, adjusted my hard on and said "So sorry Mr. Dean, long night." He smiled and I almost shoot a load right then!! What a fucking hunk... that smile lit up his whole face and his brown eyes twinkled. I was in so much in man lust it took all my control not to jump over the desk and rip off his clothes and take him right there on the floor!!! Like I said... I am a slut. He continued to smile knowingly at me, I began to wonder if he could read my dirty mind.

    What I did not know was Marshall was having his own dirty thoughts. He was very aroused by me, so young ... he was older and he loved my blue eyes and my lips... he thought they looked so soft and sweet. He loved men with longer hair and I wore my mop of black curls very well... It looked to Marshall like I had a nice firm body under my suit. He had seen me adjust myself and looked like I was packing some serious meat too. I found all this out later. Back to the interview.

    Marshall said "You are more than qualified for this position but it will require long hours. How will your wife or girlfriend feel about that?" I laughed about the question "Sir I have no wife or girlfriend. I am free as a bird and willing to work hard if the pay is right." Marshall liked that answer. "I will look over all the applicants and decided in the next few days. I will call you and let you know. Nice to meet you Jess." Marshall stood and so did I. We shook hands and I left the interview feeling good.

    I pulled up in driveway of my parents' house, parked and let out a heavy sigh. I sat in the car thinking, I love my parents but I am too old to be back here. I walked in felling defeated and needing a drink, a triple. I walked to the bar and make myself a tall stiff drink and sat on the couch. All I could think of was Marshall Dean. Damn I needed some action. I finished my drink and went to bed before my parents came home from work. I could not stand to face them and I dreamed of Marshall all night long.......

Next part and till the end will be from Marshall's P.O.V.

Thanks for reading and posting...A.


A. Williams

[email protected]


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