My New Job and Sexy CEO #2

By : A. Williams

    I left my office late as usual... all I do is work. I drove home in my Mercedes to a huge empty house. Only other people there were my helper ... Timmy and his wife. They had been with me for 6 years now, he and his wife ran the house like a well-oiled machine. I walked in dead on my feet and Timmy showed up with a drink... YES. "Timmy just bring the bottle please man." I went to the living room and put on some rock and roll songs. I downed my drink and loosened my tie... Timmy walked in with the bottle and a bucket of ice. I poured another and said "Goodnight Tim, I got it from here."

    I relaxed and thought of Jess. I sat and drank and longed to be in a man's arms. A man like Jess so sweet and a hot hunk... but he was the one I would hire and I could not cross that line. Damn he was so perfect in all ways, god I want to fuck him senseless. I had to hire him for the position, he is the right fit. But can I hold myself back??? I am unsure about that but I had to or risk losing my job.

    Two days later I placed the call to Jess and asked him to come to my office. Jess was surprised by my call but agreed to meet me early for coffee on Friday. Thursday was a long day of grudger, finally at 8pm I said goodbye to my secretary, Jan Sutton. She had been with me from day one, ten years now. Jan was now 35, me 38... she was the Jill to my Jack (you know Jack and Jill went up the hill...) we were the best team in the company. "Goodnight Marshall, see you bright and early to catch that worm!" Jan laughed. "You know it!" I said on my way out the door.

    Home again to a big empty house and a bottle of scotch. I sat listening to some smooth jazz and sipping my drink and thought back to my last relationship. What was his name? O Yeah David... a short one indeed. No more than a month but very intense and satisfying. We argued as much as we had sex, both heated and full of passion and it was bound to explode. I remember the song I sang to him on my piano to get him to talk to me after the last big fight we had... "Say something I'm giving up on you"... it did the trick but it only lasted a few more days. That was months ago, I think I will go on the hunt this weekend and get myself back out there. I think I will take off early tomorrow get ready for the weekend. I finished my drink and my day. I hit the bed earlier than usual and slept like a baby.

    Friday morning dawned a glorious day the sun was bright and the sky cloudless. The birds were singing and so was I for a change. I was up at 5am to start my workout in my home gym, ready for the weekend. Work out done, shower... shit...shave done. I pick out my clothes for the day, dress down day. I went with some nice dress slacks, tan. A black silk dress shirt, top two buttons open. Gold cufflinks, gold watch and black dress boots. I looked in the full length mirror and made a few turns. Not bad old man... I thought to myself.

    I arrived at the office at 7:30 greeted by ever loyal Jan. "Morning Mr. Hot Stuff." She whistled at me and laughed. I made a few turns and said as I walked to her desk "Morning yourself Hot Mama." I am gay but I know beautiful when I see it and Jan is a beautiful woman. Long lousy curled red hair, huge green eyes, high cheek bones and full deep red lips. She only wears lite make-up and I felt she doesn't need that. Slim and petite, I always wondered why she was single. Wearing an emerald green dress, she was stunning. "You, my Dear look almost good enough to ravish." I said. That got a long hardly laugh out of her, she knew I was gay. "Stop... so many empty promises." She giggled. "Jan I have an 8 o'clock, we will need coffee and pasties, please." "Yes Sir Mr. Dean." She said. I went in my office and waited for Jess.

    Ten till 8 my phone buzzed, "Yes Jan" I say. "Sir Jess Sampson is here to see you Sir." Jan said. "Show him in please." A few moments later my door opened and in walked Jess with Jan on his heels. "Jess, morning my man, early very good. Let me introduce you to Jan Sutton, my right hand woman." They shook and Jan said "Right back with coffee Sir." We sat and Jess thought you are one fine stud Marshall... YUM...YUM.

    "Morning Sir, how are you this fine morning?" Jess asked. "It is a fine morning isn't it? I thought that as soon I got up today." Jess nodded and Jan brought the coffee and pastries in. "Thank you Jan" I said. "My pleasure Sir." I poured two cups and asked, "How do you take it Jess?" "Black please." I handed the cup to him and fixed my own with a slash of hazelnut creamer. We drank our coffee and regarded each other. "Let's get to it Jess, I want you to come to work at Logan. We want you and I am ready to make you an offer." I said. Jess scooted closer to the desk. "Lay it on me Sir." he said. I slide the offer to him and sat back and sipped my coffee as he read it. I saw his brows go up as the salary amount came into view. A smile as he read about the perks of working here and a nod about the benefits package. Jess looked up at me, "You must need me very badly." he said. "Are you in or out?" I asked. "All in Sir... all in." he said. "Sign on the dotted line so I can show you around. You will start Monday, sharp and early my man... Welcome aboard." I said. We stood and I took the folder to Jan with Jess close behind me.

    "My dear, can you process this new hires info... he will need a badge and keys to the programmers office's." "Of course Sir, give me ten minutes. Your eleven o'clock called to cancel, so you have no more appointments for the day Sir." Jan said. "I will be leaving after I show Jess around Jan." I said. "Excellent Sir, see you on Monday." She said. "Jan go home after lunch... Bosses orders." I said. "Will do and thanks, see you early on Monday." She giggled.

    I took Jess into the programmer's office. We had nineteen and Jess made twenty. There we long tables in the middle of the room with lined up computers, routers and drivers. On the outside walls were their offices... Jess was in #15. I unlocked the door and we walked inside. He let out a low whistle. The offices were first class, with a small space for sleeping or reading with a full size bed. Almost like a small apartment. Small frig, coffee pot, toaster oven and microwave. The offices even had full bathrooms with a shower tub combination. Yes they were pampered here at Logan. I showed Jess the cafeteria, the gym and the daycare facilities. When we returned to my office Jan had all the things Jess would needed to start work on Monday. I gave him the key for his office and he was good to go. Jan and I stood and stared at a shocked Jess. "Damn man, how did I get so lucky?" Jess said. "No luck man... hard work and talent brought you here... always remember that." I said.

    Jess extended his hand to me and we shook, "Thank you Mr. Dean." he said. "No I am Marshall, that's what everyone around here calls me." I say. Jess smiles. "Can I take you for a celebration early lunch Marshall... my treat?" Jess asked. Marshall could not refuse the hot stud, "Yes give me 10 to lock up ... meet you out front Jess." "Of course, nice to meet you Jan." Jess said as he bowed to her and walked out.

    Jess was on cloud nine... with the salary they were paying him, he figured he would have enough saved in a month to get his own place. YES... freedom here I come. Jess spotted a black Mercedes coming up to him, the window rolled down and Marshall called out, "Hop in Jess." Jess got in and said, "Sweet ride man... very nice." Marshall handed Jess an envelope. He said "Your sign on bonus." Jess opened it and yelled!! "You kidding me?" he said looking at a check for ten thousand dollars. Marshall was all smiles, "Nope... everyone gets that, like I said welcome aboard.".....

Part #3 soon ... thanks for reading and posting... A. (Babe stop bringing my numbers down, please do not vote out of spite.)


A. Williams

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