My New Job and Sexy CEO #4

By : A. Williams

    Marshall grabbed Jess, lifted him and threw him over his shoulder. He was a lot lighter than he thought. He briskly walked out of the bar and toward his car, a man on a mission with Jess laughing all the way. "What are you crazy fool." he laughed. He was enjoying being manhandled. Marshall stared to laugh with that deep base voice and Jess could feel his voice rubble in his chest. "Taking you to the car so we can go to my place." Jess began to slap Marshall's tight ass and said "Put me down, I can walk." he said still slapping Marshall's ass, it felt so hard and tight.

    Jess did not really want to be released, he was so turned on doing this in public. Marshall replied "Not on your life! Yes slap that ass...harder Jess harder." They were both enjoying this, just like earlier today... just like teenagers. Marshall reached the car, opened the door and tossed Jess inside like he had done it a hundred times before. "Buckle up for safety and all." Marshall said flashing that killer smile. "I am more afraid of you right now than having a wreck, you crazy man." Jess laughed. "You should be." Marshall said with a flirtatious wink. Jess knew more things were to come...good things and his body tingled with anticipation.

    Marshall shut Jess's door hurriedly and dashed around the front of the car and jumped inside. The engine came to life and Marshall raced toward home. "Hold on tight, here we go." Marshall laughed and took hold of Jess's hand. He speed down the streets not worried about speed limits. The scenery flew by and Jess said "Slow down you crazy man." However he was enjoying the ride along with holding Marshall's big warm hand. Marshall pulled their intertwined hands to his mouth and planted a sweet kiss on Jess's and squeezed tighter. "No worry, I know how to drive and know all the police in town." They reached the house rather quickly due to his lead foot and excitement.

    Marshall parked the car and said "You wait right there Mr. Hot Stuff." In a commanding voice laughing as he opened his door. Jess stayed put, heart racing and hands sweating, he was hard as steel. Marshall opened his door and rubbed up his thigh, over his bulge as he unfastened the seat belt. Jess began to breathe harder and sweat appeared on his forehead. Marshall reached in the car and pulled Jess out and again threw him over his shoulder, he could feel his hard cock on his shoulder and longed to kiss it, lick it and taste it. He ran up the porch and flung open the front door and ran carrying Jess to the stairs. "Slow down or you will drop me." Jess screamed while laughing. "Not a chance in the world that I will drop you." Marshall laughed holding Jess tighter.

    The friction against Jess's cock and Marshall's shoulder was hard and as Marshall ran up the steps two at a time Jess begin to feel his balls boiling... "You are going to make me cum in my pants if you don't set me down." he whinnied. Marshall ran faster down the hall now into his bedroom and threw Jess down on the king size bed. Both were breathing heavy and gazed at each other lustfully. "I need to claim you my man... you are mine only mine, no one else's." Jess sat and said "Wait not like this, not now." Marshall deflated and fell to his knees "I want you want me... please don't stop now." He begged totally confused and so very disappointed.

Jess said "I always rush into sex but with you I want more. Marshall I am feeling things for you in my heart that I have never felt before. We just found out were both gay men that want each other but let's slow down. Okay?" Jess pleaded and hope with all his soul Marshall would understand. He sat waiting for Marshall's response, ringing his hands, tears forming in his eyes and praying he had not screwed this up. Marshall stood and smiled.

    He held out a hand to Jess and helped him off the bed. He understood what Jess was saying. He felt the same way, always rushing in to soon. They stood facing each other closely and Marshall slowly raised his hand, still smiling and began to feel Jess's soft curly black hair. They stared into each other's eyes and Jess moaned softly, tilted his head into Marshall's hand, loving the feeling of Marshall's large hand on him. Marshall used his other hand to slip around his waist and pull them tight together and into a soft kiss. He moved to Jess's ear and whispered "I am feeling things for you too young stud." He licked Jess's ear and pulled back, hands still in his hair and hand on his back, "Let's go to dinner and a late movie?" he asked. Jess placed his hand on Marshalls in his hair and said, "I would love to Mr. Boss Man." smiling hard enough that his cheeks hurt.

    Again Marshall grabbed Jess and threw him over his shoulder laughing loudly. "Here we go Jess, hang on." He love being in control. He ran down out of the bedroom and down the hall. Jess pounded his ass and was laughing loudly too, it felt so good to let himself go and be controlled by this sexy man. Down the stairs they went and out into the warm night to the car. Marshall set Jess down on his feet still wearing that killer smile and opened his door for him. "In please sir." he said as he bowed. "You are crazy Marshall and I love it." Jess laughed as he took his seat. Marshall said with a devilish wink "I aim to please, my man." as he shut the door.

    Marshall raced around the front of the car and got in and the engine roared to life. Marshall reached, found Jess's hand and brought it to his lips. So sweet thought Jess. Marshall said "Beef or Seafood my man, your choice." and kissed Jess's hand again. "Beef I think, a big rare steak sounds good right now" Jess said as his tummy grumbled. Marshall started to drive and said "If you wanted rare meat we should have stayed in the bedroom, I have plenty for you." Jess laughed and squeezed Marshall's hand. Jess said "I'm sure you do crazy man, I'm sure you do."....

#5 soon...thanks for reading and posting...A.


A. Williams

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