My New Job and Sexy CEO #5

By : A. Williams

    Marshall pulled in the parking lot of the "Plum Tree Bistro" the best steak house in town. He found the last parking space in the lot, the place was packed, it was Friday night. He put the car in park and killed the engine. He looked over at Jess with loving eyes, raised their clutched hands and softly kissed never losing eye contact. "Jess please allow me to worship you and adore you in all facets of life. I will always put you first and protect you with my dying breath and body. Let me take control and leads us to paradise." Marshall kissed his hand again and waited for a response. Jess let his tears roll, God that's all he had ever wanted. "Please Marshall, take me there with you... only you crazy man." Jess said wiping his tears away.

    Marshall flashed that killer smile and said "Get ready to be the center of my world, my man. Stay put." Marshall got out of the car, came around and opened Jess's door and helped him out of the car. He closed the door and said "I am a Southerner and a Gentlemen, please allow me to use my manners." Jess was taken back a little but loved the way it felt to be pampered. His heart was racing, his dick twitching, his body hot with desire and shaking with anticipation of wonderful loving things to come. "Of course Sir" Jess said. Marshall held his hot hand and led them to the end of the line. There, about twenty couples were waiting to get in the restaurant for that wonderful evening meal.. "Wait here, be right back." He said as he kissed Jess softly on the lips.

    Marshall approached the employee at the door and talked to him for about a minute. He walked back to Jess, taking his hand he said "Come with me." They walked to the front of the line and into the restaurant holding hands. They were seated immediately in a corner table with Marshall pulling out Jess's chair and helping him sit. Marshall placed a soft kiss on Jess's sweet full lips before he took his own seat. Jess thought to himself, no one had ever been this open with me in public before. Hand holding, kissing it was almost unheard of. I felt so free, so normal and surprised that Marshall did it with such confidence. Then he remembers who he was with, Mr. Marshall Dean...CEO of Logan Incorporated.

    The waitress comes over and handed two menus to Marshall, he handed them back and said "We will have two double Scotches neat, please now" Jess smiles knowing Marshall remembered what he likes to drink. What a thoughtful man. Marshall smiles and says "Allow me to order for you Jess, I know what you like." Jess laughed softly "Really Mr. Cocky... OK... go right ahead. Let's see." The drinks were severed and Jess swallowed half in one gulp. He eyed Marshall with a smirk as the waitress asked "May I take you order sir?" Marshall picked up his drink as he stared at Jess and drank half and seductively licked his lips. Jess bites his own lip to stifle a moan of pure lust. They did not break eye contact as Marshall replied "Yes we will have two more double Scotches neat. Then one coconut shrimp and one crab cake appetizers. Main course, one Filet Mignon rare with baked potato, sour cream and butter...ranch dressing for the salad. One 16 ounce Ribeye, medium rare with Steak fries and Red wine vinegar dressing on the salad, Please." The waitress left and Jess smiled wide.

    Marshall finished his drink and reached for Jess's hand, he intertwined his fingers with his and squeezed "How did I do, my man" Jess laughed...and squeezed back "Perfect, crazy man...couldn't have done better myself." Jess realized, I am in love with Marshall already... God help me but I am. Marshall excused himself for the bathroom and Jess watched him as he walked away with longing and desire. Suddenly he noticed his surroundings, very large place. Nicely decorated high ceilings with huge fans and hundreds of hanging flower and plant baskets. All the tables were full with mostly loving couples holding hands or kissing and Jess felt alone and ached for Marshall to return, yes he was definitely smitten.

    The drinks arrived and Jess spotted Marshall walking to their table. He could not take his eyes away...he was in a trance watching his man stroll through the restaurant, he was gorgeous. He was smiling that killer smile, one hand in his pocket and so confident. He arrived at the table and sat and raised his glass "Toast my man." he said to Jess. Jess did the same, smiling. Marshall leaned forward and said in a whisper "You are so exquisite Jess. To us going to paradise together." He clinked Jess's glass and drank. Jess was momentarily at a loss for words and movement... exquisite ??? No one has ever called me that before. Marshall's deep base voice called him out of his stupor. "Drink to the toast my man." he said smiling. Jess did still reeling. Suddenly the back ground music fade and voice came over a speaker. "Ladies and Gentlemen...Welcome to the Plum Tree ...this is the time of night we open our dance floor for you entertainment... Please enjoy." Two large doors opened and a magnificent black and white tiled dance floor appeared along with a live band and orchestra. So well lit with many huge chandeliers and beautiful flowers and tress all around it.

    The band started to play a jazzy number that Jess knew and Marshall stood, extended his hand and said "Dance with me... the center of my world." Jess smiled, grabbed his hand and stood as well. They walked to the dance floor as the singer began to sing "Robin Thicke Lost without you." Marshall pulled Jess into his arms and grabbed Jess's left hand with his right and moved his left on his ass and started to lead in the dance. So sensual he moved his hips and Jess followed. Almost a twostep with grinding cocks, so sexual along with the song. Marshall guided Jess around that dance floor on smooth, so light and sexy as hell. The room fell away ... it was only them no one else. "I have been so lost till now Jess... without you... Now I am complete." Marshall whispered in Jess's ear as they danced. Jess said the one thing he was holding back in Marshall's ear... "I love you"............

Part #6 soon...Please reader go look for the song on utube...version Stripped, Interscope records and play it will you read the dance fucking hot...

Thanks for reading and posting ...A.


A. Williams

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