My New Job and Sexy CEO #3

By : A. Williams

    Marshall drove to quite cafĂ© he liked and visited often only a few blocks from the office. They entered and found a corner booth overlooking the back garden, Marshall's usual table. "You come here often?" Jess asked. "Yes actually. It's close to the office and the food is great. I like the atmosphere of the place." An attractive waiter approached. Tall and young, green eyes that could pierce you. "Good to see you Mr. Dean. Two for brunch Sir?" asked Tom. "Yes please, Tom, this is Jess Sampson our newest team member." Tom and Jess shook hands. "What would you Gentlemen like to drink?" Jess shrugged he had no idea what was good on the menu. So Marshall took charge like he always does, "We'll have coffee with a kick, a fruit platter and poached eggs over that wonderful Sourdough Bread. Please Tom." "Coming right up Sir"

    Jess was increasingly attracted to Marshall. He was that take-charge kind of guy, that turned Jess on. Tom returned with a large decanter of coffee, cups and glasses of water. Marshall served them both. "How long have you been working at Logan." Jess asked as he sipped his coffee. "Ten years now, glad you decided to join the team." Damn... there was that smile again. Jess could taste the Bourbon in the coffee but it was quite tasty. Sweet but salty and nice on his tongue. "So that would make you 35years old?" Jess asked. Marshall laughed deeply in that base voice that Jess loved and Jess felt his cock twitch. Damn is it getting hot in here? He thought as he loosened his tie. "Thanks for the compliment, 38 actually." Jess was getting hotter by the second, a hot older tall take charge stud. Tom returned with their food and a bottle of Bourbon. Jess reached for the bottle and added some too both their coffees he needed to calm down, he wanted to kiss Marshall in the worse way. Marshall laughed again and Jess adjusted his hard-on, God this man is killing me.

    Jess cleared his throat as Marshall served up the food. Mellon chunks, fresh pineapple, strawberries along with the eggs over toasted bread. It looked tasty but not as tasty to Jess as Marshall. There was that smile again... Damn. "Eat up Jess, my treat however." "No, hold up, I invited you remember?" Jess laughed as he chewed on some cantaloupe. "I always pay for business meals, besides I get a discount here and I write if off on my expense report. No my treat." said Marshall. "Okay, okay I concede." replied Jess. "My next mission is to find a place to live." Jess admitted to Marshall. He was hoping Marshall could recommend a place to check out. "OOO... Where you at now?" Marshall asked eating his eggs worried about the young stud.. "With the parents... had no choice... Where do you live Marshall?" Jess asked, curious if he lived alone or had someone. "About 15 miles east of town off Walker Pond Road... you know it?" "Can't say I do, love to see it some time." Jess said. "How about when we are done here" said Marshall flashing that smile again. "You serious?" Jess asked. "Sure my man, I am off duty and you don't start till Monday. Beautiful day, let's take a ride, or you got something better to do?" Marshall said. "No, No I would love to."

    Marshall called Tom to settle up. "How was everything Sir?" asked Tom. "Fantastic as always Tom, check please and add the Bourbon." Marshall said. Tom returned and the tab was paid along with a nice tip. Marshall grabbed the bottle and they headed for the car. "Thank you Mr. Dean and come again soon." Tom said. "Indeed my man, indeed." Marshall said. They entered the car and Marshall rolled down the windows. He turned on the radio as "Lynyrd Skynyrd said turn it up" Marshall did just that. Sweet Home Alabama blared out of the speakers and they both sang along. They hit the road and passed the bottle back and forth. They laughed and sang they both felt like teenagers for a joy ride. Years gone by.

    The scenery got more country looking and the streets more used. More trees and fields and less buildings and houses. Jess thought it was absolutely beautiful. He was beginning not to miss New York. A huge pond came into view and Jess remembered the name of the road, must be Walker's pond. They pulled onto a paved driveway that lead to a massive southern estate. The house looked like a small hotel. It had double porches along the front and was 3 stories tall in new condition. WOW Jess thought. Marshall parked and said "Home sweet home. Come, let's go inside."

    They entered threw the tall double doors and it was more stunning inside Jess was shocked. Two curved staircases flanked the large foyer leading to the second floor. Formal living room to the right, formal dining room to the left. Black and white marble floors and huge chandeliers decorated the rooms and the furnishings were all antiques. Marshall said "Come into the gathering room Jess." They walked thru double glass door into a more casual room but still huge and nicely furnished. Marshall walked to the bar and said, "Take a seat Jess, What can I make you?" "Scotch neat, please" answered Jess. Jess sat and looked around, he could see the loaded restaurant style kitchen from here. The back wall held 6 sliding glass doors with windows above the room was two stories tall. The doors looking out to a large deck with all types of plants and flowers. Absolutely beautiful thought Jess.

    Marshall handed Jess his drink and sat down across from him. "How Rich are you and how big is this place?" Jess asked. Marshall laughed and said "8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, home gym, theater room, 2 pools one inside-one, out-side and the apartment over the 5 car garage where the care takers live, all on 75 acers of land." They sipped there drinks in silence for a while. Jess removed his suit coat and tie and asked for another drink. Marshall made two, he handed one to Jess as he was unbuttoning his collar. "Thank you, Do you live here alone?" Jess asked he was hoping no one was around and Marshall was single.. "Yes I do, except for the care takers. Tim and his wife Carol, they keep this place running."

    Marshall stood, "I should take you back to your car. I need to do a few things before the night falls." Marshall wanted so bad to kiss his full lips but knew he could not go there. "Sure." said Jess. They downed their drinks and rode back to town. They talked along the way about books, movies, likes-dislikes things like that. They found they had a lot in common. When they reached Jess's car he turn to Marshall and said "I had fun today, thank you for helping me celebrate." "No problem my man, I had fun too. Make sure you are here early on Monday." "Not to worry, I will be here." Jess said. He stepped out of the car and closed the door and with a wave, Marshall was gone. Jess watched the car leave and thought... I am in deep trouble here. I am feeling things for Marshall past lust. Damn... what am I gonna do? Marshall was thinking he was in trouble... he was feeling things for young hot Jess... more than desire... more in his heart...Shit.

    They both went home and got ready for their night out. Jess had deposited his check in the bank and he had money to burn. He went home and got ready for a night on the town. He showered and shaved his whole body, took a douche and picked out his clothes. He decided on dark tight blue jeans that showed his package and ass. A royal blue silk shirt that complimented his eyes. A black leather vest and black boots. He put on a silver belt, silver watch and silver chain around his neck. All set, he was ready for action... he splashes on some manly cologne and walked out the door.

    Out of town Marshall was getting ready as well. He showered and shaved. He went to his large closet and pondered. What to wear. He decided on faded jeans, with a few holes. Tight red T-shirt that showed of his torso. Brown boots and brown belt. Brown fade leather jacket completed his look. Leather watch, leather cuff and a few sprays of cologne all set. Wallet, keys and phone he walked out the door. Marshall drove to the "Lumber Yard Bar" first. Things were in full swing and as he walked in heads turned. He walked to the bar and ordered a scotch. He removed his jacket and took a seat the band was very good. The bartender gave him his drink and he asked to run a tab. He sipped his drink and listen to the band playing AC/DC's highway to hell.

    Jess was at "Spring Street Bar" drinking at the bar. He had turned down 2 guys already and had only been there for 30 minutes. They were cute and all but they were not Marshall. That's all Jess could think of, holding him, smelling him, tasting him and getting fucked by him. No other man would do. The band was good and the place was packed. Jess surveyed the room but all he could think about was Marshall.

    Marshall paid his tab and went toward "Spring Street Bar" he did not like the crowd at Lumber. All he could think about was Jess, Marshall entered the bar and spotted Jess straight away. OOO fuck he is gay! He heart was pounding in his ears, his hands were shaking as he approached the bar. He walked up behind Jess and whispered in his ear, "What a surprise my man to see you here." Jess knew it was Marshall, he would know his base voice anywhere. Jess reached his hands around and pulled Marshall's body against him tight. He turned his head and whispered back, "You know I want you ... job be damned. Kiss me." Jess turned around and their lips met finally.

    Marshall put his hands in Jess's soft curls and pulled his face hardener to his. They opened their lips and tongues battled tongues. Jess held Marshall's ass as Marshall held Jess's head. The make-out session lasted 30 minutes. They felt the sparks and knew they were meant to be together. Marshall pulled back and said "Let's get out of here Jess, back to my place." "Let's roll stud, the faster the better." Jess said.....

Part #4 soon... Thanks for voting, reading and posting.... A.


A. Williams

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