My New Job and Sexy CEO #6

By : A. Williams

    Marshall stopped dancing and grabbed Jess roughly by the arms, pushed him backwards so hard he let out a yelp and almost fell. His hands and nails dug into Jess's biceps. Marshall stared into Jess's eyes "What did you say." he demanded loudly, the whole restaurant had to hear. Jess stammered "I...I... l loovve you...Marshall." He flashed that killer smile and violently tossed Jess over his shoulder. Marshall laughed and sprinted to the front door with Jess limp over his back in a state of shock. Customers were looking on, some laughing, some cheering and others yelling "Go for it Man!" As they went out the door Marshall said to the front staff "Order to go, pack it up now and deliver it soon, put it on my tab."

        He ran to the car and snatched open the door. Marshall tossed Jess inside hard, slammed the door, ran around the front and jumped in. He drove off burning rubber and squealing tires. He was driving like a man possessed and Jess was alarmed. "What the fuck is wrong with you Marshall?" he screamed. Marshall grabbed his hand and said "Calm down baby, we are going home, to our home to make love like we should have done earlier." Jess pulled his hand back and said "Our home, I don't think so! You manhanderler!" Marshall pulled into the driveway and parked. He laughed out "We will see baby ...we will see." Marshall got out of the car, ran to Jess's side and swiftly opened the door. Jess said "No you don't Mister" to late. He was up again on Marshall's shoulder kicking and screaming for dear life.

    Marshall ran so fast that Speedy Gonzales would be impressed. Arriba... Arriba... Andela... Andela. He let Jess down on his feet in the bedroom and Jess quickly slapped his face. Marshall flashed his smile "I love some pain with pleasure." He promptly removed Jess's vest, ripped his shirt off his body and pushed him on the bed. Jess was so turned on he thought his cock would fall off it was so engorged. Marshall rapidly unbuckled his belt, dragged off his jeans along with his boxers, socks and boots. Jess lay there panting on full naked display to Marshall. A lite layer of sweat glistened on his hairless body and Marshall stood still.

    He began to undress slowly as Jess watched captivated by the man he loved like no other. As Marshall raised his tee shirt his hairy chest and hairy pits came into view and Jess moaned out loud wanting nothing more than to bury his nose in all that fluffy hair. Marshall was in a trace staring at Jess's stunning hairless body and his pink veiny hard 9 inch thick cock. His mouth was watering with longing for a taste, so much so, that spit was dripping out the sides of his mouth. Marshall lowered his jeans and boxers tantalizing slow and Jess thought he would have a stroke right then. Marshall had a huge bush that surrounded his 11 inch by 7 inch hard cock, big hairy full balls and very hairy legs. Jess started to leak precum just by looking at his man's tantalizing body. They were both breathing heavy now, hearts were racing and both sweating with deep man lust for each other.

    Marshall continued to strip, removing his boots and socks. He paused for a moment, drank in the glorious sight of his soon to be lover and locked eyes with Jess. Without breaking the lustful stare, Marshall undid his watch and leather cuff, he let them both drop to the floor. Both finally naked now, Marshall moved closer to the end of the bed and placed his hands on Jess's ankles. With that touch both felt the shivers run through their bodies, Jess moaned loudly and arched his back and Marshall began to slowly move his hands up Jess's legs still engaged in that stare of desire.

    Marshall's large hands were on his toned calves still rubbing higher. Jess was lost to all things except the feeling of those hands and the look in Marshall"s eyes. He slowly passes the knees and stopped. Marshall had to have a taste and a smell, he raised one of Jess's legs and pressed his nose behind his knee. He breathed deeply, slid his wet tongue out, licked and sucked Jess's smooth soft skin there. He began to nibble and Jess finally broke the stare as his eyes closed and he yelled out "FUCK !" Marshall switched legs and started a repeat of his actions behind his other knee. He pushed his leg back more and licked and sucked the inside of Jess's thigh and Jess screamed "Yes... OOO... Yes." He switched legs again and licked and sucked the other thigh for a while. Jess's cock continued to leak precum and a pool was starting to form around his navel.

    Marshall began his trip of Jess's body again, hands on thighs now, moving up higher still. The sexual tension was abundant, so thick, it could be cut with a knife. His hands rubbed passed the sides of Jess's ass to his waist as Marshall crawled over him. He stopped again and lower his face to Jess's navel and slurped up all that delicious precum pooled there, he licked and sucked every last speck. Jess so wanted Marshall to suck his cock, Jess pressed his hips up trying to rub his cock on Marshall's hairy body, he had almost had enough foreplay... Damn Marshall was one hell of a lover and tease but in a good way.

    Marshall began his tasty trip higher still, to his abs tight and hard. Deep ridges defined Jess's eight pack and Marshall loved the feel of them below his wet tongue. When Marshall got to his hard pecs and sucked in his large hard nipple, Jess grabbed his head with both hands and forced him in hard and screamed "Hell yeah... suck that tit Marshall... bite it ... bite it hard." Jess wrapped his strong legs around Marshall and pulled his body down on top of him and immediately began to rub his cock on Marshall's hairy chest. "Yes you tease... suck that tit... harder ... Fuck bite me...." Jess screamed. Marshall was so horned up he began to hump Jess's leg as he sucked his sweet tits.

    Marshall moved higher still until they were face to face... cock to cock and asked staring into Jess's eyes "Tell me what you said to me on the dance floor baby, tell me again." Jess said softly "I love you Marshall, with all my heart, soul and body." Marshall flashed that killer smile and said "My young exquisite stud... my baby... center of my world... I love you too... for forever and a day..............

Part #7 soon...A. (Don't kill me...haha)


A. Williams

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