I met Dizzy Robinson not long after his arrival. He arrived in the middle of a group session. A meth addict was reliving the story of how she would get high to avoid her abusive husband when he walked in. He hadn't been in the facility for more than 5 minutes, but because of his timing, they immediately made him sit in on Group. I didn't recognize him, I'd never been much for a football. I just knew that he was tall and had the smoothest and most even shade of dark skin. He might've been about 6'4 and approximately 260 lbs. The guy was very buff, he was on the defensive line so he had a true football players build.

Dizzy left his two duffel bags at the check so they could go through it and make sure he didn't bring any substances with him. Meanwhile, one of the counselors guided him over to our group. He remained guarded. He looked around the group several times and locked eyes with me more than once. He nodded to me as if to say "Wassup" without actually saying it. I nodded back to him. There was already something we had in common. Any black person can tell you that when you're in a room full of black people, you could probably ignore each other, but when you're the only two black people in a room full of other people that don't look like you, you tend to make a point of acknowledging each other. In that moment, I already felt closer to him than anybody else in this room and I could bet he felt the same. Would we end on this note? Probably not. One of the older gentlemen in Group was an alcoholic and a huge football fan. He recognized Dizzy before he even took his sunglasses off.

Roy, one of the counselors took the time to introduce Dizzy to the group.

"This is Dale Robinson. You guys may know him as Dizzy Robinson from the New York Giants, but in here, he will be referred to as Dale Robinson," Roy started the introduction.

Dizzy sucked his teeth.

"As part of the Sunpoint Drug and Alcohol treatment center, it's our duty to get to know Dale Robinson, not 'Dizzy'. We want to get in touch with the you that is inside- the you that is hiding behind this persona. This alter-ego that you've created has left Dale spiraling out of control and we're happy that Dale has come here to regain control of his life," Roy began to lead the group in a sympathetic applause until that applause was cut short by a snide remark from Dizzy.

"You've gotta be fuckin' kidding me," he said, looking around the group once again.

The claps quickly came to an end.

"Ex-Excuse me?" Roy said.

"You heard me, nigga. You ain't known me for 10 minutes, but you wanna act like I'm a fuckin' schitzo case or something? Ain't no Dale and Dizzy... it's the same motherfuckin' person."

"You may think so-"

"I know so."

"Ok, Dizzy or Dale- I can tell that there's a scared little boy somewhere inside of you who reacts the way he reacts because he's too afraid to face himself."

"Sheeeeeit..." Dizzy said.

I smirked, almost chuckling. Roy could see the expression on my face and wasn't very pleased about it.

"Joe?" Roy said.

"Huh?" I looked up.

"Is something funny?"

I could tell Roy was upset, and when I looked at Dizzy, I could tell he was thinking that I'd better be on his side.

"No... it's just, he's saying everything that I said a week and a half ago."

"And what's that, Joe?"

"That this is bullshit."

"If it's such 'bullshit' then why don't you sign yourself out? Oh right, you can't because if you don't complete your stay, your family is going to cut you off financially. And you?" Roy turned back to Dizzy. "Your wife will leave you. Maybe you two can't see the benefits in this yet because you haven't hit rock bottom like some of the rest of us in here. Gina's had her children taken away from her, Monty has lived on the streets. You two have had things given to you... and now you're here. And we're all here to save you from smacking right into that rockbottom that won't be easy to return from."

"You don't give a fuck nigga," Dizzy chimed back in. "And you keep talking about this 'us' shit. Nigga you just here to get paid, right?"

"I'm here because I care about the mission. I hit my rock-bottom. I got so high on drugs that I took a dare that would've killed me. And I've come back from that. I want to see you, all of you, reverse direction before you even hit that point."

"Yeah yeah yeah..." Dizzy said. "Yo, is this shit over? Cuz somebody need to show me to my room."

"I'm going to breakthrough to you Dale. And even if I don't, someone will and you will thank us." Roy backed off of Dizzy and officially ended the meeting. Everyone left.

I had a good feeling that Dizzy was going to be my new roommate. Not because of our connect during the meeting, but because my former roommate left just yesterday and I knew this place wasn't going to let me have anything I wanted. I wanted to be alone, and just when I thought I would be, it was taken from me.

I was in my room reading The Firm by John Grisham when another one of the counselors, this time a female stopped by. She knocked, but only to grab my attention. She immediately walked in and showed Dizzy to his bed on the opposite side of the room.

"Hey Joe," she said.

"Hey Miriam," I returned.

"I hear that you guys have already met, but I'll formally introduce you. Joe, this is Dale Robinson. Dale, this is Joe Butler, your new roommate."

Dizzy looked upset... not as much upset with me, but more upset with the fact that he had to share a room and how small the quarters were.

"A twin bed," he said. "A twin fucking bed..."

"Yes," Miriam said. "Well, I'll leave you to it. Later on we'll brief you on the schedule but dinner is served at 5. If you're late, you don't eat."

Miriam then walked away and left Dizzy in the room alone with me. He sucked his teeth again.

"...can't believe this shit," he mumbled.

I returned to reading my book, not paying him any mind. I was def no dick rider, and damn sure wasn't gonna be one to a nigga I'd never even heard of.

"Wassup dawg?" Dizzy said.

"Everything is everything, my nigga," I returned.

"Shit, I feel you."

The room and the conversation got stale real quick. As I was reading, Dizzy started unpacking his belongings. He put some clothes that he'd folded into his chest drawers that were on his side of the room. After that, he pulled out some pictures of his family and spread them around the room. His wife was beautiful... she was extremely beautiful. He set one on his side of the nightstand that was between both of our beds and he'd put a few on top of his chest.

"Yo, you mind if I shut this door for a second?" Dizzy asked.

"Nah, I don't," still not paying him any attention at all.

Dizzy walked to the door, shut it and walked back to the little shrine that he'd built to his beautiful wife. I heard something that sounded like a zipper unzip, and I figured he was about to change clothes. I respected the niggas privacy. Though I was dying to see what he looked like under his clothes, I decided not to. I kept my head buried in my novel and didn't look up or in his direction at all; I didn't even try to sneak a peek through the corner of my eye.

However, I never heard this nigga's pants come down. His weight never moved or anything at all. In fact, instead, I was hearing another sound. It was a gentle but rapid smacking sound. I knew what it sounded like... but...No. He couldn't be... is he?

I broke my promise and peeked at Dizzy. He had his back toward me and he was facing the corner where the chest was and looking at the pictures of his wife. Meanwhile his buff right arm was shaking. He was! This nigga was jacking off. Hadn't been in the facility for much more than an hour, yet he was beating his meat, no more than 25 feet away from me. Whatever addictions he had going on, I knew that Sex had to be one of them.

Through the back of his jeans, I could see his buttocks tighten like he was turning coal into a diamond. He let out a mild and contained grunt which was immediately followed by an exhale and a hum. He'd came. He turned his head to look back at me... I immediately put my head back into the book I was reading. There was no mistaking what had just happened. And he knew that I knew what he was just doing.

Dizzy readjusted himself, placing his dick back into his pants and zipping. He wiped the gizz from his hand onto a rag that he had stashed in his duffel. He put the rag back into his bag and reopened the door. From there, he lied on his twin bed and took a nap until it was dinner time.

Dizzy kept to himself throughout the rest of the day. He didn't speak to anyone really. The football fan tried to talk to him, but after being so standoffish, the guy took the hint and allowed him to eat dinner in silence. After dinner, the counselors pulled him so they could show him his bathroom detail duties. He was assembled to a team that had to scrub and wash every part of the public bathrooms twice a day. Everyone in the rehab center had chores, but I had a feeling he got stationed on the bathrooms because of his celebrity. This center was very big on trying to humble its inhabitants. By nightfall, the big buff Dizzy Robinson was exhausted, you could see it in his eyes.

Lights turned out every night at 10pm. One thing I'd learned is that when the lights turn out, it was best to head on to sleep because when the lights turned on, they expected everyone to be up and ready to get started. I had a little restlessness, something that always happens when my subconscious is uncomfortable. Typically my subconscious becomes leery when I'm sleeping in a new place or sleeping in a new environment. I'd become used to the rehab center by now, the only new thing in my environment was the football player.

Dizzy battled restlessness too. His might've been related to him being in a brand new environment, but I could've bet that it had a lot more to do with the fact that he didn't have alcohol or cocaine pumping adrenaline through his system. He was having the sweats and somewhat of a panic attack. He needed to relax his jittery nerves. He couldn't make himself a drink or snort a line to self-medicate like he sometimes would when he began to feel like this. He turned to the only other way he knew.

Deep in the dark of night, Dizzy reached into his boxer shorts in an attempt to console himself. Underneath the cheap cotton blankets, he dry stroked his dick. He played with the flaccid appendage until the play session was able to make him stand at attention. Dizzy thought back on his wife's sexuality; how big her breasts were and how her ass had a shape that would put a Georgia peach to shame. He stroked, each stroke making a rustling sound in the quiet room. He wasn't cumming quick enough so he moved onto other fantasies.

Next, he thought of random groupies he'd slept with when on the road. At one point he got 3 women to agree to a foursome with him. He had sex with all three for hours, making sure that he came in each one of them. He thought back on that night and how he, the big buff black football player defiled 3 white college teens that worshipped his "cock" and were happy to drink his "jizz." He could almost hear their moans, he could almost taste all three of their tight pink pussies. But this thought too, became redundant. Before he knew it, he peeped at the clock and he'd been jacking off for near 45 minutes. His dick was beginning to get tender from the dry jack and the strength of his grip yanking on it.

I'd tossed and turned in the bed aside from him, not able to get to sleep. Dizzy's jacking probably wouldn't disturb me if I'd already been asleep but it was enough to keep me from dozing off. I tossed again, so now my face was facing his bed. There'd been a significant change since the last time that I'd tossed and faced him, some 10 or 15 minutes before. The big difference was that Dizzy wasn't jacking under his covers. Through my adjusted night vision eyes, I could see that he'd pulled that blanket back and was stroking this huge dick that had to be standing 12 inches high.

I salivated at the sight. I'd never seen a dick that big in person, on pornos, yes, but never in person. The few guys that I've dated were never that big. Hell, I wasn't even that big. Watching him stroke, pretending to be sleep, I felt my own dick hardening. What I would do to be able to put my lips around that thing...

Meanwhile, Dizzy kept shuffling freaky thoughts. He'd juggled many other groupies in his head since before, he'd even juggled movie stars, fashion models and pop singers. Hell, he'd even thought about Gina, who'd been in our Group meeting. No fantasy was working for him. He'd cum probably 4 or 5 times today, so it was safe to assume that he'd beat his dick into an unresponsive state.

I watched Dizzy's head tilted upward toward the ceiling as his huge arm beat his dick hard, and then took a break and went back to jacking off just as hard. Dizzy's dick only had a little precum, but for the most part, he was dried up. And though I couldn't see, I was sure that Dizzy's eyes were closed as he was trying to dig deep into his fantasy. I was lusting after his dick, lusting too hard. I wanted to suck it, and suck it badly. I wanted to nurse on it for as long as he would need me to... but Dizzy was a big guy. If I made the wrong move he'd bust me upside my shit. I didn't want that to happen.

I began to rationalize things... wondering how I could get that monster in my mouth. I thought that I could ask him... but that wouldn't go over well. Even if he secretly wanted me to, he would most likely tell me no. Straight or "Straight-acting" guys just don't admit to wanting another guy to down on them, so asking permission was out of the question. My best bet would be to quietly make my way over there and pray I don't get killed in the process of trying to cram his dick into my throat.

I slid off my bed as quietly as possible. Dizzy heard some kind of movement, because he paused jacking it for a second, but he kicked it right back up. I crawled over to his bed being careful not to make a sound. I crept up, slowly lifting my body up on my knees. I was so close to him, closer than I was expecting to get. I was close enough that if I took a deep breath, he'd feel it. I looked up at his face, and just as I thought, his eyes were closed. I turned my head back to his dick, a magnificently standing piece of meat. His dickhead was thick and throbbing.

Dizzy's arm took another rest, I ducked back down under the bed thinking that he must've seen me and that's why he stopped. But he didn't. His arm was just getting tense like he was lifting weights in the gym or something. I peeked up from his bed again, and now I was seeing the monster in full, without his hand wrapped around the base of it. It was huge... so huge... I wanted it. I'd come this far, so it was time to make the big dive. His hand was coming up for his dick again. I knew I had to put it in before his hand landed.

I leaned over his big body and thrust my face down into it, his big dick creating a deep ditch into my mouth. His big dick slid to the back of my mouth with half of it still sticking out. I reversed, coming back up from his dick, my lubricated mouth leaving saliva coats as traces for where my mouth had been. As I was coming up, I heard Dizzy moan. Good sign, at least he wasn't hitting me in the face. When his dick evacuated my mouth, I turned my head back to his head. He was looking down at me, but I couldn't discern the look on his face. Luckily, I didn't have to.

"Yo, keep suckin," he said.

I grabbed a fistful of his dick and lifted it to make it point at my mouth. His dick was madd heavy. I could literally imagine him beating someone with it like a nightstick. I jacked it a few times with it right in front of my face. I stuck my tongue out to lick the tip of it, working my tongue over the big guy's piss slit. I worked my tongue around that big ass mushroom tip twice before I finally puckered my lips to kiss the tip of his dick.

Dizzy moaned breathlessly,

My lips slowly opened back up and began to grant his huge dick its access, when he decided that I wasn't moving quickly enough. His tip hadn't even made it all the way into my mouth when His big hand began pushing on the back of my head to push me down.

He moaned again, this time in a tone of voice more aggressive than before. "Ah shit," he said.

Dizzy released his hold on my head. He brought his hands back up. He lifted his shirt just above his chest and began to play with both of his nipples. I don't know when they got hard, but they were standing at attention and Dizzy gave them what they wanted. He flicked both of them back and forth moaning and grunting away.

I could taste the glaze of Dizzy's precum- the taste ranging between salty and bitter. As displeasing as the flavor was, I was still ecstatic about having the opportunity to deepthroat the sex addict's huge dick.

"You like the taste a big dick, don't you?" he asked. "It feels good in that mouth, don't it?"

I bobbed my head up and down his dick, gaining pleasure from letting him enter me. I pulled his dick out of my mouth and began kissing it, worshipping it. I kissed the tip and worked my mouth all the way down, lying kisses on every inch from the tip to the base of his nuts and all the way back to that tip.

"Mmmmm..." Dizzy let out this smooth purr of passion.

I continued kissing Dizzy's body. I moved up from Dizzy's dick and began kissing his lower abdomen. I kissed along the small hairy trail from his pubes to his belly button. I continued elevating my kisses to his chest. I pushed his elbow out of the way so he could no longer play with that left nipple and I dove for it, kissing and sucking on the perfectly shaped knob that lied in the bottom-center of his left chestplate.

Dizzy grabbed my head with his big hands, pushing me down on his nipple while he felt my tongue wash his nipple clean by whirling around it. He hissed and moaned, completely captivated by the sensation he was feeling. His nipples were extremely sensitive.

"Mmmm baby... bite that nipple, baby," he said.

I did as he asked. I bit it gently clenching it between my teeth.

"Oooh shit," he said, caressing my head and my neck. "You feel so good."

I flicked my tongue over the part of his nipple that was inside my mouth as I was biting it. He got an even bigger sensation from that. Dizzy melted, whimpering at my tastebuds lapping over his man tit until he gave me a new set of marching orders.

"Ah, pull my boxers off and get back to sucking my dick," he said.

I followed this order as well, my teeth released from his nipple and I moved toward the foot of his bed. Dizzy kicked the rest of the covers off of his legs so they could be free. After he did, I reached for his boxers with both of my hands and pulled them down to his calves to his ankles until they finally released from his feet. He grunted once again when they finally came off.

From there Dizzy didn't relax his legs back into the passive position they were in before. Instead, he had his feet firmly planted on the mattress, his legs bent at the knee and spread eagle with his dick pointing up toward the sky. Dizzy sat up somewhat, resting on his elbows as he looked at me.

"Unh... come on, come suck my dick," he said before lying back down.

I got onto his bed, and buried my head in between his legs. His huge muscular legs closed in and tightened on both sides of my head like he was trying to crush my head with his thighs. His hand grabbed the back of my head and pushed it as far down as it could possibly go with no regard for my health. I was gagging, my air passage completely cut off and he was steadily trying to push more of him into me.

"Ughhh... yeah boy, suck that fuckin' dick, suck that motherfuckin' dick."

My gag reflex was stressed and before I knew it, my saliva glands were mass producing a spit that coated his throbbing manhood. He hissed before releasing his grip on my head and allowing me to come up for air. I took deep breaths, gasping for any ounce of oxygen that was around me. While I was trying to catch my breath, he grabbed his dick with his hand and massaged it, getting wet globs of my spit on his hands.

"You need a break?" he asked.

"Yea," I said in between breaths.

"No you don't," he said, before slapping me gently on the face with his wet hand.

He then grabbed my head and pushed it back on his dick. He didn't push it all the way down this time though. He simply pushed it down far enough that his dick was lodged back into my mouth. Instead of relying on me to suck his dick, he used the force from his hips to buck upward and push his dick into my mouth. His dick slid to the back of my mouth and returned repeatedly. He was now in full face-fucking mode. His hands were back at his nips, twirling the centers of his chest and his saliva coated dick was sliding in and out of my mouth at the force of his huge legs and hips.

"Ah, there you go, nigga. There-you-fuckin'-go!"

His dick jolted while it was lodged in my mouth, I felt it spring. Dizzy was close to cumming. My mind got all fucked up because I knew that at any second now, I'd be feeling shots of his cum spurting into my mouth.

"You ready for that shit lil' nigga? You ready to eat a load?"

"Mmmhmm," I moaned.

"Say it again," he told me. "You ready?"

"Mmhmm," I reiterated.

Dizzy's legs thrust one last time until they locked in position and set the train in motion.

"Aggghhh," he grunted loudly. "Fuck!"

His dick began to ooze a couple droplets of cum. Only about enough to fill a miniature test tube. For the way he belted, I expected more but the taste was still delectable while it lasted. His warm salty flavored babies oozed out the tip of his dick and while his knees were retracting from their stiff positioning, I made sure my face followed him back to the bed. I lapped over the head of his dick, licking over it repeatedly to make sure I got every little sperm cell left. I swallowed his man juice without hesitation.

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