Season 2, Episode 2: "5 Stars" (Excerpt from Fuck Like a Pornstar)

Synopsis: Retired straight Pornstar-turned straight porn director (Dick 'Em Down Dante) and his protege (Amadi) sit down to review Amadi's performance in the film, "Deep Black Crack." Homo-tension rises and suddenly reviewing the film is no longer a priority.

"What movie is it?"

I looked at him briefly, and then turned my head to continue tossing the salad. I wanted to laugh because he still hadn't figured it out yet. The movie we were about to watch was actually one of his. A few months ago, he filmed a scene for an interracial movie called Deep Black Crack. It featured many black male stars getting their asses licked by their female counterparts. Amadi confided that he was real nervous about filming this scene. Well, now, he was here to watch it.

"Niggah! Which one is it?" he demanded an answer.

I looked confused for a minute. "Uh... I don't remember. I think it was something like... Deep Crack...or something like that."

If you could've seen the nigga's face, haha! The nigga suddenly became all bleak and pale. He looked like he just saw a ghost.

"You mean my movie?" he asked.

I laughed. "Nigga, there's more people in it than just you."

"You know what the fuck I mean."

"Yep. I'm getting ready to watch you get ate out by Anya Swells," I laughed again.

"Ha... ha," he mocked. "And I didn't film with Anya. I was with PaigeX."

"Oh yeah... shit, I remember Paige. She was freaky as shit."

"She still is, man. She told the producer that I should reverse titty-fuck her."

"Reverse titty fuck?" I asked.

"Yeah. Instead of straddling her waist, she had me straddling her face. She was lickin' my ass while I was titty-fuckin'. Shit, I almost came right there."

"Damn," I said. "So you enjoyed it?"

"The ass eatin'? Nah... but I liked titty fucking her freaky white ass."

"How'd you cum?"

Amadi took a second to think back to that scene. "I think I pulled out of her ass and came on her face."

"You think?"

"Yeah. I don't remember. I've fucked Paige so many times since then," he said, walking over to the refrigerator and grabbing a water bottle out of it. This time? I had to think. I didn't really remember him mentioning filming with PaigeX again.

"You fucked her on film?" I asked.

Now, it was his turn to ignore the question. He took a swig from the water bottle and just smiled. And I had my answer. I laughed.

"She initiated it, man. I'm just goin' with the flow," he explained.

"Yeah, but if I recall, she's only like 21 or 22 and still kind of new."

"Shit, I am too."

"That's my point, man. When you're new to the game, it might be a little easier to get attached to some pussy, or in her case, attached to some dick. You don't want her flipping out over you shooting a scene with Sexy Lexi or Anya Swells or something. When you go into these, they expect professional behavior on both parts."

"I get you, but a bitch that nasty doesn't just get one turn. She got a second, a third, fourth, fifth, sixth..."

"I get it, I get it," I said cutting him off. "You fucked her a bunch of times. But... we're about to watch the first time you did it."

"Ay... I got no problems with it. They said it turned out pretty hot."

"We'll see about that." I put the salad in the refrigerator and turned off the ground beef that I was cooking on the stove. Then, I looked at Amadi. "You ready?"


Both of us walked through the attaching hallway to my living room. I had a nice set up. Leather couches, a white rug and a big flat screen television on the wall with surround speakers. I grabbed the DVD out of the packaging it was sent in. Then, I tore the plastic off of the DVD and popped it in. By the time I turned around, Amadi was almost fully undressed. His muscular build, shining as it reflected the light from the ceiling. He started taking off his white boxer briefs; bending over to pull them down so he could step out of them.

While the DVD was loading, I got undressed too. I guess one thing that I might've forgot... is the only way to effectively review and rate a scene is by testing your stimulation. I've always tested out porn by jacking off to it. And when Amadi thought one of my reviews on a film that he liked was too harsh, he thought that he should join in to provide a second perspective. And since then, we've been jacking off together. After the scene is done, I'll tell him my opinions and if he disagrees, then I'll take his thoughts into consideration.

I started pulling my clothes off as he started laying out a bath towel (so he doesn't get sweat and booty juice into my leather couch). The porno music from the DVD began to play. It had a bluesy tune to it, but still sounded very much like a trashy porn soundtrack. After I got butt-assed, I got my towel out and laid it on the couch too. Not too close to Amadi, but not too far that it would put tension in the air. There didn't need to be that.

I mean, shit, one of my last films was a threesome with him and a black porn starlet named Tasha Gucci. And we were in the same position; sitting next to each other, as Tasha hopped off of his dick and onto mine, and vice versa. So it wasn't like this was something new... even though it was something we both decided that no one else needed to know about. All the porn stars have their own secrets. Brian Pumper likes to see and smell skid marks in women's underwear, and we secretly jack off together to review pornos.

Amadi took his seat, and as soon as he did, his big ass dick made this thud sound as it slapped against his stomach. Amadi's dick was darker than the rest of his body, and the shit was supposedly 11 ½ inches. And I believe it. I'm about 10 inches, myself. But after I finished undressing, I took my seat on the couch.

"You ready for this?" I asked.

"Yeah," he exhaled.


"Hey baby, I got something I want to show you," PaigeX said on the dvd.

"Word. And what's that?" he asked her.

"Come with me, I want to treat you like a king."

In the following moments, PaigeX stripped Amadi all the way down and got him to lay on his stomach with his legs spread and his semi-erect dick in between. Paige started licking on his balls and going down to engulf his dick in her mouth. Then, she licked from the tip of his dick, back down to the balls. Paige placed both hands on Amadi's muscled up ass cheeks and pulled them apart. You could see a little trace patch of hair around Amadi's asshole, but you didn't see it for long. PaigeX dipped her head down into Amadi's ass so fast.

"Damnn!" I said.

He laughed.

"She was ready."

"Yeah, she was," he said. We sat and watched Paige work her tongue all over his asshole and asked him if he liked it in her prissy voice.

"Yeah, baby. Keep licking that black ass," he told her. "Be a good little white bitch and keep licking that black ass for daddy."

"Seems like you like it," I said, thinking back to earlier when he seemed unsure on whether he liked it or not.

He smiled. "Have you ever got hard from just touching your asshole?" he asked with a certain, "no homo" cautiousness attached.

"Well in a scene, yeah."

"I don't mean in a scene. Like maybe you just showering, and you clean your ass, and you kind of get hard."

I shook my head on that one. The conversation was getting weird. "Nah, never happened to me." Shit, I enjoyed the tongue on my ass but I never got hard by touching it myself.

Amadi had a guilty look on his face. "W-w-well, ever since this scene, I feel like that," he said.

I wanted to bust out laughing. Paige turned the nigga out. Damn...

"She kinda does that shit all the time to me. I don't be asking her, but I don't be stopping her."

I snickered. The scene kept rolling.

"Have you ever had a finger in you?" he suddenly asked.

"Nigga, don't tell me I'm about to see Paige finger-bangin' yo ass-"

"Nah, nah, nah man," he cleared up.

"But she does, doesn't she?"

"She did it once."

"And you ain't stop her, did you?" I asked.

He just used the crescent moon on his lips as his reply. My dawg done got turned into a fucking freak by a freaky ass white girl. This was some funny ass shit. The scene kept going. PaigeX made Amadi turn around and hold his legs up while she lapped her luscious lips over his asshole.

Through the corner of my eye I could see a motion Amadi was making. He juggled his balls with his left hand and stroked his dick with his right. He was into watching the scene. And truth be told, I was too. They had good chemistry together. He dominated her and she went far past being freaky and submissive.

The distance between us disappeared even more as Amadi spread his legs further. By reflex, I looked over him. When I looked, I noticed something. This nigga wasn't rubbing his balls; he was rubbing his asshole. The nigga had a mean dig into it with his index and middle finger. Meanwhile, that dick was standing strong like it was ready to pop another load.

"Sssss.... Oh shit," he moaned.

My dick was still hard, not completely turned off by the acts going on beside me. On the screen, Amadi had ordered PaigeX to rub her titties while she was dipping her tongue into his ass. That shit was even hotter. I gently caressed my dick, and a glob of pre-cum formed at the tip.

"What?" Amadi spoke. "My clip ain't hot?"

"Yeah, it is."

"I'm smuttin' that ho, ain't I?"

I agreed. He was. I just wished he wasn't sitting beside me smuttin' his damn self.

"Ssss.... Ah fuck, man..." and Amadi came again. A measly 12 minutes later, Amadi was popping another load.

"Whewww, shit," he said after he finished.

"I guess this is another 5 star for you?"

"It's not for you?" he asked.

"I don't know. It's at least a 4."

"Nigga, you bein' picky again."

"Nah, I'm not. I'm just waiting on something different; something original to happen," I explained.

"Like I said, you bein' picky," he restated.

"No, I'm no-"

"Just close your eyes," he said. "And just imagine Paige in between your legs."

Just to prove a point, I went ahead and did what he said. I sat back and closed my eyes, imagining PaigeX.

"Just concentrate on her voice that you hear in the background," he said.

I did that too. PaigeX was going on and on about how she wanted Amadi to call up all of his gangsta friends so they can sit on her face and have their asses licked.

"Right. Ok, and just jack that dick listening to Paige tell you how she wants to lick you and all your homies assholes clean."

I continued following Amadi's orders; spreading my legs, imagining that the beautiful PaigeX's tongue was placed firmly up against my asshole. In between breaths, she was telling me how she wanted to lick all of my friends asses too. I could almost feel her... in fact...wait a minute.

A little pressure found its way underneath my balls. It didn't meet my ass, but it was definitely on its way there. I opened my eyes.

Amadi was a little bit closer to me, and his right hand was right between my legs. This nigga was about to put his cummy ass finger in my ass.

"Yo!" I said grabbing his hand before he can make any further contact.

"Yo eyes supposed to be closed nigga."

"Well, they fuckin' open now. Nigga, back yo ass up!"

"Dante, chill man. I'm not the one doin' this; Paige is," he said.

"Paige ain't even here!"

"Just close your eyes, nigga."

I fired this wild look at him, just to let his ass know that no one better find out about this. He shared the sentiment; after all, it's his finger going in my ass. His finger was the one that was about to touch my ass. I closed my eyes and let him proceed.

His finger finally came into contact. It was still wet and gooey from his own cum so it felt a lot like a real tongue. His digit rubbed from my ass up to that skin just behind my nuts. I jacked my dick, trying to forget that he was in my presence and really trying to concentrate on PaigeX's voice from the film.

"Oooh yeah, oooh yeah... awww yeah!" she cooed in her typical, peppy white girl voice.

"That's right, man..." Amadi encouraged. "Just relax."

Amadi gently pulled my left leg up, just to get me to spread wider so he could get easier access. Part of me wasn't feeling right about this shit, but part of me was hot. Getting your ass licked is such a taboo subject in the straight world, that this forbidden kind of sex was alluring. And the fact that it was a man touching my ass heightened my sensitivity even more.

"Ahhh," I said in a breathless whisper.

"That's it, D," Amadi said again.

I wanted to tell that nigga to shut up. He was fuckin' up my flow. It was hard to ignore him if he kept talking.

I continued stroking my wet dick, and Amadi kept rubbing against my asshole forming a little hook with his index finger. The hook in his finger tested my limits. Amadi flicked at my anus, slowly digging himself into it.

"Whew, shit, man..."

"Yeah, D," Amadi said. "Bust that nutt, nigga."

Amadi moved closer. He could tell that from the tightening of my ass muscles and the jerk of my leg, I was near cumming.

"Keep yo eyes closed, man," he said.

Lord, I thought. What the hell is this man about to do?

I could feel Amadi's body lean over, and I chose not to open my eyes to see what would happen. But I suddenly felt a slow, wet drip onto my dick while I was jacking. Amadi lent me his saliva for extra lubrication. The spit ran over his mouth, aiming right for my dick-hole. I knew exactly what he did, but I didn't give a fuck. Like I said, I was hot.

"You like that?" he asked.

"Fuck yeah, nigga." I had this nigga's spit on my dick and his cum in my ass. Man... I was all fucked up. "Awww, fuck- man."

"Hell yeah, D... Keep strokin' that dick."

I had my head tilted back as I kept going hard on my dick. I tried to fight the negative effects that Amadi's voice was having on me.

"D?" he said. I tried to ignore him, but he spoke again. "D?"

"What?" I finally responded, trying to keep my dick stiff. If I didn't bust this nutt, then everything we just did would've been for nothing.

"I been a fan of yours since you first started."


"I said I been-"

"Nigga, I heard you," I said opening my eyes. "You can't think of a different time to tell me that?"

"Nah... I'm sayin' though. I been a fan. I know your style, Pa. And you know... if you wanna..." Amadi's eyes became really shy. His head tilted downward and he looked away from me.

"If I wanna what?"

"Smut me out, man. Gimme the full Dick 'em Down Dante experience."

I threw my head back and closed my eyes, attempting to get back into the mood.

"D, come on. I'll do whatever you want me to do," he begged, a somewhat whiny tone suddenly appearing in his voice.

I still didn't say anything. He thought I was blowing him off by my nonresponse, but truthfully, a nigga was getting into character. Triple D. was completely different from me, and I hadn't channeled this freaky ass motherfucker in over a year. I didn't even know if I could give him the full Dick 'em Down Dante experience. But as turned on as I was, I was going to try.


"Shut the fuck up, nigga," I commanded. "-always running yo fuckin' mouth."

Amadi was taken aback. He pulled his hand away from my ass.

"Didn't nobody tell you to do that. Put yo motherfuckin' finger back on my ass. And since you got such fucking problem with shuttin' yo mouth, how about I give you something to shut that motherfucker up, then."

I took my hand off my dick and put it around the shoulder of the couch. My dick stood pointed to the ceiling. Amadi looked at me, seeing the cold, angry glare in my eye. He didn't know what to think.

"I'm waitin' on you, bitch. Put that motherfuckin' dick in ya' mouth."

A smile swept across Amadi's face.

"Hurry the fuck up," I told him.

Amadi was about to put his finger back at my ass, but I stopped him.

"Hell nah, nigga. Make that finger wet again before you put that on me."

Amadi, looking undereyed at me, licked his finger. I wasn't expecting him to do that. I thought he would just spit on it or something. But the nigga licked it, making it good and wet. Then, he leaned over my body from the side. His left hand rested on my nutts while his finger played with my hole and mouth gradually lowered itself. Milliseconds before his mouth touched, I could feel his breath on my dick. In that time, I had a flash thought. What the fuck did I just tell him to do?

Before I could bring myself to take it back, his mouth was touching my dick. His tongue was sliding down my shaft. A nigga was slipping out of character, and I needed to get my grip. I put my hand on the back of his head with just enough force to keep him from trying to come up too soon. I allowed myself to enjoy this.

"You said you wanted to be treated like a bitch, right? You bout to do all that shit that bitches do. Gag on that motherfuckin' dick. Feel that salty ass dick in the back of that fuckin' throat."

My dick darted to the back of his throat, plugging up his air hole. But he didn't even flinch. His finger kept rubbing at my asshole while he choked.

"Yeahhhhh, that's it, bitch. I should keep yo ass just like this until I cum," I said. "-shoot that shit straight into yo neck, nigga."

I released my hold on Amadi's head. The absence of it allowed him to come up for air. He came up quickly, and let out the loudest, deepest, wettest gasp for air.

"Huh-huh-huh," came out his mouth as he tried to regain his oxygen. I gave him a good 5 seconds, and after that, it was back to work.

"You can breathe out yo nose nigga, now get back on this dick," I ordered him, even putting my hand back on the back of his head. He licked those big lips of his one time to moisten before he went down. My saliva coated dick went right back into his mouth and the shit felt so good. His head moved up and down at a decent rhythm. Seeing my dick disappear in his mouth was fuckin' hot. The little mustache above his lip with specks of saliva or even my own pre-cum trapped in it.

"Yo, 'Madi? U like daddy dick, nigga?"

He moaned loudly, a confirmation.

"Yeah? You like daddy Dante's dick?"

"MMMM..." he moaned again.

"Yeah... nigga, you like Daddy Dante dickin' down that throat... FUCK!"

Amadi came up again, toying my dick around in his mouth. His tongue lapped over my dickhead, cleaning up that pre-cum that had formed at the tip.

"Fuck, you a nasty motherfucka!" I said. "Nigga, put this dick back in that nasty ass mouth."

Amadi followed my instructions, going back to work on my dick. His finger still flicked at my asshole. Amadi bobbed on my dick like a supreme head-giver. This couldn't have been his first time blowing a big dick. His head had this natural sway as it moved to and from my dick. He couldn't have learned that shit from another porn star. This is the type of shit you learn from experience.

"Damn, nigga. I ain't know you was suckin' dick. Shit, daddy Dante gon' start bustin' all my nutts in yo mouth, nigga. FUCK! This shit feels good."

As good as it felt, it sounded even better. Amadi's moans coupled with the smacking of his lips every time it stroked toward the head. My legs were still spread, ass open wide as it faced the TV screen. With my right hand, I reached down and grabbed Amadi's hand; the one that was flicking my ass. I pushed his finger into me, so he was no longer flicking, but entering.

"Ahh, shit..." I said.

The tip of Amadi's thick ass finger began to open me up.

"Yeah nigga, get that finger in my fuckin' ass."

Amadi began moving his finger even deeper.

"Go slow, nigga," I coached him. From there, he let his finger sit in my ass, giving me a chance to relax and get used to this abnormally thick digit. "Sssss... ahhhhh," I said.

The living room filled with moans. Amadi moaned from sucking my dick, I moaned from gettin' slurped up and finger plugged, and the TV had moved onto the next scene and I was paying no attention to it.

"Oh shit, nigga. Take that shit down to the knuckle," I told him. He slowly crept deeper and deeper into my asshole, while his mouth continued brushing my dick over his tongue. Soon Amadi's knuckle was burrowed deep in me. The whole first half of his finger was lodged inside.

Meanwhile, I had both of my hands caressing that nigga's skull. I felt his head bounce up and down on my dick like a porno bitch. Slobbing it down hard, a huge collection of his spit had collected at my pubes. My dick was coated in it; the nigga was salivating more than normal bitches do.

"Sssss... oh shit, nigga. Take that shit deeper, bitch."

Suddenly, his finger went past the knuckle, as far as it could into my ass. That wasn't what I was referring to. I actually meant for him to push my dick deeper into his throat, but it felt as good just the same. I moaned, my legs spread as his entire finger was in my ass.

"Awww shit. You want that cum? You want daddy Dante to shoot that shit in your mouth?"

"Mmmmhmmm," he moaned loudly.

"Don't swallow that shit nigga... I got plans for you. Don't swallow," I told him. Almost immediately my dick began blasting off like a firework. "Ahhhh fuck, nigga." My body shook and leg tensed up as I drained into his mouth.

"FUCK... FUCK... FUCK...." I pushed his head down coinciding with each syllable. While I pushed his head down, I thrust my legs my hips upward, fucking his face. My dick's first spurt was big. I could tell from the feel of it that I'd just flooded the nigga's mouth. His lips opened their tight clasp on my dick and I saw the huge glob of cum stream out of his lips.

"Fuck yeah, nigga! Don't swallow that shit, just let it run out like that."

"Mmhmmm..." he moaned again, still sucking.

The sound of him sucking my dick was even better now. There was this wet gag that was such a big ass turn on that I could easily start working on a second nutt, but I had bigger plans.

"Lick all that cum up nigga, and don't swallow that shit," I told him.

He tossed my dick over to the side of his mouth. He tried his best to say, "Yes, Daddy," without biting me. Then, he went to work. He licked all over the pole, gathering what he could. I grabbed his hand and slowly extracted it from my ass while he collected. He sucked all that nutt into his mouth with those big ass lips.

He looked up at me, his cheeks puffed out as he held his breath to keep from spitting it out. His facial expression asked, "What next?"

"Get on yo knees in between my legs, nigga."

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