Season 2, Episode 3: The Sauna

Synopsis: (Erotic Short) Kevin recounts his first homosexual encounter in the sauna of a popular nationwide fitness center.

Man... that Planet Fitness always got some wild ass shit going on. There's always a story about niggas getting banned for doing some shit up there. I'd heard about niggas fuckin' each other out in the open of the men's locker room. I've heard about niggas fucking in the bathroom stalls. I've even heard something about niggas fucking in the swimming pool. I don't know how much of it is true. Ever since they put the new one in our neighborhood, nearly everybody I know that goes up there has a story to tell. I'd never seen anything though... at least not until last weekend.

I've never gone to the gym at peak hours. It's always harder to get on the machine you want, it smells like ass and motherfuckers always turn the fans on high. Anytime I've ever gone to the gym it was in the middle of the night to early morning. If I was lucky, I'd get the whole spot to myself. That'd only happened a few times, but even when I wasn't there alone, there was never enough people to really irritate me.

I went to the gym right around midnight on a late Sunday night or Monday morning. I hit the weight room to bench. There were a few niggas in there. After hitting a few reps, I hit the treadmill in the cardio area. There were even fewer people over there. In fact, that whole night, the place that had the most people was the locker room. There were a couple of white guys that'd just got out of the shower. From what I could tell, they were straight. They didn't sound like gay guys and the little bit that I heard of their conversation, they were talking about the football game that was on earlier.

I undressed and stashed my clothes in a locker. Wearing nothing but a towel, I walked into the steam sauna. When I walked in, there was this big ass nigga- I'm talking prison sized, sitting on the wooden bench all the way on the right. One of the rules to the sauna, is that you're supposed to at least have a towel around your waist all the time. This nigga was pretty much asshole naked with a one of them face towels in between his legs to cover his dick up. The towel wasn't doing much covering though. Dude was semi-hard and you could see the imprint of his dick through the towel. You could tell that he'd been touching it because the towel wasn't just sitting on his lap but it was wrapped around his dick like a sock.

Normally, I'd have said "Wassup," or something just to acknowledge that the nigga was there. That wasn't about to happen today though. I took a seat on the bench... wayyyyyy over on the left. I had it set in my mind that I wasn't bout to look up at this nigga, my eye wasn't goin' anywhere in that motherfucka's direction. The nigga would cough and naturally, your eyes shift to where the noise came from. Not mine. That nigga coughed a few times, cracked his knuckles and even let out a few groans. My eyes didn't come up once! The noises he was making became even more arrogant; I started thinking that maybe he was trying to get my attention. Well, that shit wasn't gonna work.

"Yo," he said.

"Yeah, wassup man?" I answered, still looking away from him.

"You drive that red Impala out front, right?"


"Shit's nice man. How long you had it?"

Damn it, the naked nigga was trying to make conversation.

"A couple months."

"2013?" he asked.

"Nah, 2011."

"Coo- it ride nice?"

"It's alright," I answered.

"Iight... my girl been talking about getting a new car."

Oh, I thought. He had a girl. So he couldn't have been gay... I made the decision to go ahead and lift my head. Maybe I was misjudging him? Maybe he just forgot his regular towel and didn't have a quarter to get one from the equipment room out front.

"What kind she want?" I asked.

"Shit... she don't know. Won't be no brand new car though. It'll probably be something a few years old."

"I thought about getting a new car. I wanted to get an SUV; something for traveling. But I had a coupon thing from the Chevy dealership and they didn't have any SUVs that I wanted."

"I feel you man. My name's Dwayne," he said.

"I'm Kevin, man."

He casually looked at the watch on his left hand. He brushed away the fog on the front of the lens so he could see the time clearly. Then, he spoke up again. "You gon' be in here for much longer?"

I thought that was an odd question for him to ask. But I answered it. "Probably for about 10 more minutes or so."

"Iight," he said. He pulled that towel from around his dick. His dick flung out. He planned that shit. He wanted an audience so I'd have to look at his ass with his dick getting harder and harder. I looked away again. But I could hear him chuckle under his breath. I could've kicked his ass, if I wasn't so afraid of getting my own ass kicked. He started stroking his dick. I know because I could hear a smack sound from him beating it while it was wet. He hissed, inhaling the sauna steam through his teeth.

What the fuck? I was thinking. Fuckin' perverted ass nigga- Man, let me get the fuck out of here.

I was about to get up and leave, but the door opened. Good, I thought. Maybe it's somebody that can get him to put that shit away or something. When the door opened, it was one of those white guys that had been talking about the football game in the showers. He had a towel wrapped around his waist. He looked at that nigga stroking and then looked at me. I just shook my head, man. I'm figuring that the new dude was gonna come sit somewhere by me, but he didn't. Instead, he went walking over to Dwayne. He got on his knees.

Dwayne's dick had gotten rock hard and had a soft pinkish tip. He used his hand to extend his dick out and aim it right at the white guy's face. And in a sudden moment, the white guy gulped it down.

"That's it," Dwayne said, encouraging the newcomer. It was clear they planned this. The white guy probably waited for his buddy to leave the gym before he came back to suck. Both these niggas were probably some closet ass motherfuckers.

Dwayne brushed his hand through the white boy's sandy brown hair.

"Mmm... you like big daddy's dick fucking that wet throat pussy?"

The white guy moaned with the dick in his mouth, trying his hardest to say "Uh-huh" with the invader taking up all that space.

"You want it deeper?" Dwayne asked.

His submissive tried to say, "Uh-huh" once again.

Dwayne grabbed two fistfuls of that boy's hair and started fucking his face like he wanted to inflict pain. You could see the white boy's face turning red by the rough penetration. The boy's saliva secreted the full length of Dwayne's dick.

"Un-unh. Let that shit drip," Dwayne said, referring to the saliva. Drool melted out of the boys mouth while he continued being face-fucked. "Let it fuckin' drip."

Dwayne turned his head to me, who'd damn near been paralyzed to this wooden bench. I'd forgotten that I was sitting here watching this shit unfold; and I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Dwayne cheesed, an evil smile swept across his face. A pleasure was brought to him, not only from the blow job he received but from the fact that a straight man was watching him get it. He turned his focus back toward the boy in between his legs.

"Come on, let me in that messy mouth pussy. Come on," he said, burrowing into the white guy's mouth. The dude's mouth was filled with pre-cum, spit- whatever. It had filled up so he had to spit it out even though Dwayne's dick was still encased so deep inside. He spit; his saliva spurting out of his mouth and dribbling down Dwayne's shaft.

"Ohhh, fuck yeah. Give it to me," Dwayne said, still holding a deep grip on the boy's hair. "Go down on that dick, go down on it."

The white boy's eyes were closed as he allowed his mouth to be the stomping ground for a big black dick. "Suck it. Suck it baby, and don't you stop," Dwayne's booming voice said. It echoed off the erotic walls of the sauna. "This is my mouth. You're my little dicksucker, you hear me?"

The white boy complied, once again letting a moan of approval escape from his throat.

Dwayne bit his lip and looked at me again. And me? I was amazed. Amazed at the whole fucking scene. I've never seen suckin' like this before; a blow job that was so erotic yet, violent.

Dwayne and I made eye contact. He waved his index finger around in a circle. I didn't know what he was trying to tell me at first. Then, he made a motion around his waist like he was unfastening a seat belt. I got it. He was telling me to take off my towel.

I bit my lip, unsure as shit about this. I was watching, but I damn sure wasn't trying to participate. I didn't want nobody in this sauna sucking on my dick. I grabbed the rim around my waist and held on to it, right where the knot was. Dwayne went back to fisting the white guy's hair and guiding him up and down on his dick. But his eyes were still on me. He was waiting on me to unwrap my towel; a move I wasn't sure I wanted to make just yet.

He was licking his lips, paying no more attention to the bitch between his legs than he'd pay to his own fist if he were alone in the room. He was staring so hard at me and trying to see my piece that he could've easily forgotten that he was getting sucked off. This dudes mouth wasn't shit but a masturbation tool. Dwayne was panting heavy, so eager to see my dick. I didn't understand the fetish, and I don't know why, but I played into it. I unwrapped the towel from my waist and my dick sprung out just as hard as his and with a little pre-cum leak forming at the tip.

"Huhhhhhhh," Dwayne let out a loud groan, happy to see a hard dick. "Fuck yeah, nigga... jack that shit off."

I couldn't believe this shit. This prison fag was getting his dick sucked less than 30 feet away from me and he was telling me to jack off for him. What was even worse was that I started doing it. I started rubbing my hard dick while watching him face fuck the hell out of his boy.

"Damn.... I wanna suck that dick so bad, nigga," Dwayne said, all the while tugging on his boy's hair. "Shit, I want you to face fuck me like I'm fucking him."

I stroked to the compliments, which had an odd way of heightening my arousal.

Dwayne pulled the white boy's head off of him, and turned his head in my direction. "Look at that dick," he said. "Ain't that a pretty ass dick?"

"Yes, sir," the white boy said.

"Don't you wish you could suck that dick?"

"Yes, sir," the white boy answered.

"Alright, that's enough," Dwayne told him. "Get back to sucking me."

He placed his hands back in the dude's hair and held on like he was gripping handles. Meanwhile, he's watching me masturbate while he's biting and licking his lips. He was crushing hard... dangerously feenin'. And I don't know what was going on with me, but I suddenly found myself walking over to him with my rock hard dick leading the way. His eyes widened as I approached. Too hungry to wait, as soon as I was in arm reach, he pulled me to him and let my dick dart down his throat.

My legs straddled this big ass dude's shoulder with my nuts dangling on his jawline. His whole world became my protruding dick. He worshipped it, putting as much effort into it as the white guy was putting into him: a chain reaction of dick sucking. Dwayne's moans were heavier though. His rough voice made an even rougher moan with my dick in him. His breathing pattern got more intense as he gulped and swallowed pre-cum.

With one hand still in his boy's hair, the other hand; the one that was attached to the shoulder I was standing over rubbed my legs. He rubbed in a circular motion, each time rising higher and higher on my thigh. Caught in my own dizziness, I didn't even realize that his hand was resting on my ass until it was too late. His hand grabbed a handful of my left ass cheek and smacked it. I didn't let it bother me; I guess I was too turned on. I became more tense as his hand began swiping the crack of my ass. His fingers flipped back and forth as he kept gobbling.

I looked down at him. His eyes closed as his grunts became louder and louder. At this point his middle finger was singly swiping back and forth, gliding over my asshole. This forbidden trail he was going on heightened the sexual excitement. My balls tightened.

"Yo," I said. "I'm about to-"

"Ughhh-" Dwayne let out this huge groan. A solid grunt, louder than all the others. His mouth made a suction as he prepared to hoover my nutt into his mouth. I held onto his head; both hands on his cranium. I fucked his face, each thrust shooting milk. Each swallow he took, he grunted. He swallowed audibly. Each time, you could hear my load swimming down his neck and past his vocal cords.

When I looked down, I could see that he was busting too. His dick was fully covered in a transparent-white glaze. And he still had a fist full of his boy's hair, pulling and yanking it to and from his rod. The white dude had dribbles of cum streaming down from his mouth and a whole pool lied on the wooden bench beneath him.

After swallowing it all, Dwayne let go of my leg. I slid out of his mouth and backed away from the scene, which was still going between the two of them. Reality set in for me. I couldn't believe what just happened. I, for real, couldn't believe it. I backed up and got my towel, wrapped it around my waist and left the sauna. I walked to my locker, my dick somewhat sensitive for straining to bust that nutt. I struggled to get my combination in. The lock finally popped, and the door opened. I got dressed as quickly as I could, but not quick enough.

Just as I was putting my t-shirt on, Dwayne came around the corner. He'd had a locker not too far away from mine. I ignored him. How was I gonna look this nigga in the face after that? Shit, I'd be lucky if I could look myself in the face after that. I hoped that I would never see this motherfucker again. I grabbed my duffel bag, and turned around in time to see Dwayne put on his black polo shirt; A shirt that had the Planet Fitness logo on it.

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