Season 2, Episode 7: Needs (Preview from New Novel "Possessions" available soon)

Synopsis: Ocory "Corey" Brooks is a struggling independent model awaiting his big break. But when he wrecks the limo of business mogul, Leonard Ashworth, the two strike a deal that would allow Corey to work off his debt as Mr. Ashworth's personal assistant. Soon after beginning work, Corey notices Mr. Ashworth's uncanny ability to control everyone around him and a sexually charged game of cat and mouse ensues while Corey tries to hold onto his identity. The story is laced with secrets, a power-struggle and the potential for murder. In the upcoming scene, Corey has recently quit his job as Mr. Ashworth's assistant following an event that occurred while outside the city in the Hamptons the past weekend. But after quitting has caused friction with his girlfriend and his mother, he decides to ask Mr. Ashworth for his job back.

"Come on in, if you're coming," he said, loud enough for me to hear.

I got up from my seat to follow him inside, closing the door behind me.

"So what do you want?" he asked, no beating around the bush.

"Uh... I-I-"

"Spit it out. I have a busy day."

"I want to get my job back."

"You want what?" he asked. He heard me the first time, but wanted to hear it again because he enjoyed hearing me ask him for something.

I took a deep breath. "I said that I want my job back."

"Didn't I tell you that you would?"

I swallowed the smart mouth comment that I wanted to say. Instead, I simply said, "Yes. Yes, you did."

"Why should I take you back Corey?"

"Because- I'm a hard worker."


I looked up at him. That comment threw me off. I didn't think that asking for my job back would be easy, but I hardly expected him to be confrontational about it.

"I- I've always done what you asked."

"Corey, don't waste my time here. Why should I bring you back? You were AWOL for 2 hours when you went running Saturday morning, you download games on your Ipad when I specifically told you it was for work, and when I had you take notes for me, I couldn't even read your writing."

"You never said anything before-"

"Because I could've dealt with that. But you refusing to show up for work?- I won't have that on my payroll. Why should I bring you back? Matter of fact, why do you want to come back? Last I recall, you told me to shut the fuck up, called me a faggot and you broke my window. That's multiple counts of insubordination and misconduct," he said.

"But- I-I just want to come back. I can't go home. I can't go anywhere until I have this job back. I-" I began to get choked, so I paused for a moment. "-I need your help."

"Hmmm," Mr. Ashworth hummed. He rubbed his chin, giving the impression that he was thinking. Finally, he spoke up. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but the direct quote was, 'I don't need the kind of help you're offering,' right?"

He remembered what I told him when we were in the limo. He quoted me perfectly. I did say that. But I came to my senses now. During the night, I realized that he was the one person that could help me. The man did have influence. Hell, his wife was a model- maybe this was the one person whose help I shouldn't turn down.

"I did say that, but-"

He held up his hand toward me to direct me to stop talking. "Get out of my office, Corey."

My face was stunned, as if he'd slapped me in it. He was turning me down. He was refusing to take me back. This was literally the only good idea I had during my walk last night. I thought he would be the person that would want to help me. We had our problems, but he offered his help from the moment he met me. I didn't think that he'd withdraw it. He was my only connection to making my dream come true, and making this work for me. But it looked like I no longer had him on my team. I started walking to the door.

I was at a crossroads. Look, this guy could've been holding the key to my future. He always said what mattered most was the people you knew. I knew him, and I didn't want to give up when being under his wing could benefit me more than flying solo. He was right about a lot of the things he said. I realized that the night before. This guy, as crazy or as much of a faggot ass predator he was, he could help me. But now, I had to give him something, and I had to give him something that he understood. What did I have that he wanted though?... I knew.

I reached for the doorknob, but instead of turning it to leave, I turned the lock to lock the door.

"Lee," I said in a gentle and low voice.

"What do you want, Corey?" his voice took a noticeably more irritated tone.

I couldn't believe what I was about to say. Hell, I couldn't believe what I was about to consent to. I exhaled heavily before continuing.

"I- need you."

Before he could even tell me to repeat myself so he could further gloat, I pulled my sweatpants down just below my ass. My ass was hairless, smooth and plump. I desperately hoped that this would do the trick. We both knew that he wanted to have sex with me again. He already admitted that on the ride back from the Hamptons. Here I was, presenting myself to him with my bottoms dropped and my back facing him. I didn't turn, because I knew he had that arrogant look on his face again. I was already doing this; having to look at his face tormenting me would be too much.

Nothing was said for about 20 seconds. That 20 seconds was the longest period of silence in my life. The lack of movement or sound kept me guessing. Is he still rejecting me? I wondered. It seemed that way. As known, Mr. Ashworth was extremely big on power and maintaining his power. If I had to guess, the only thing more pleasurable than fucking me again would be for him to reject it when I'm begging for it. He'd probably get off on that far more than the sex, itself.

I finally heard his chair creaking. I knew that he'd stood up. I still didn't know what his intentions were. His footsteps came closer and closer to my direction; still nothing had been said since I told him that I needed him.

His footsteps stopped approaching, mainly because he was standing right behind me. This was the moment of truth. Either he was going to throw me out of his office or he was going to take advantage of the fact that I was actually assed out for him. I started to rethink what I had done. I wasn't sure of which path I wanted him to take anymore and the moments leading up to the decision worried me. There was still this uninterruptable silence. The only thing I could hear was the sound of my blood pumping. But then it changed.

Vrrrrrrp! I heard. And that was the sound of Mr. Ashworth's zipper lowering. I now knew his decision. I waited. My blood pulsating as I awaited his rod's admittance into me. My body had already tensed up, but I was prepared to suffer through this. I closed my eyes, and relied on my sense of hearing. I heard him dig into his wallet for a condom. And then I heard the condom wrapper peel right before he placed it on his dick. Next, I heard what sounded like a tiny plastic bag rustling. It was actually the sound of Mr. Ashworth massaging his hardened dick with the condom on.

Mr. Ashworth put his hands on my legs. They were warm and strong. They even made me jump a little bit. I was seriously having doubts about this now. His hands found their way to the band of my sweats and lowered them down further. He hissed in my ear.


I turned up my game. He had to know that I was serious. I wanted to get this job back, and I wanted him to take me back like I had never quit in the first place. I only been around him for a week, but I knew the type of things that pleased him and the type of things that would feed his ego. I knew he had that corporate lust for power, so in order to do this right- I needed to give it all to him. I was struggling with this notion, but I did it anyway.

"I need you," I said again.

"Aww shit," he said. His dick jumped at the phrase. I felt it up against my ass cheek.

Mr. Ashworth spit into his hand and rubbed it all over the condom. Next thing I knew, my eyes were bulging. And his upward-curved dick was fighting its way into my ass.

"Relax, relax, relax-" his deep and calm voice coached me.

I'd tensed up so bad, that I was standing on my tippy-toes, with my fingers gripping the doorway.


His hand clasped around my mouth to keep me from making too loud of a noise that Renee could hear. "Sshhhh," he murmured in my ear. He stood erect, forcing his dick to break through the threshold.

I whimpered in his arms at the feel of his dick parting my ass cheeks.

"Relax, Corey. You've been through this before," he said. "The less you fight, the better it feels. Just relax."

Mr. Ashworth resumed a gentle stroke of his dickhead through my rectum. It sank further into me, all the way until I could feel his pubic hair brushing up against my ass. His hands gripped at my love handles.

"Ah-aw," I said, the side of my face pressed up against the door as I tried to force myself to relax.

Mr. Ashworth was just as cool as ever. His hips made this swivel motion in an effort to stretch me out. It made me moan further. There was this splitting pain of being rodded down by his dick, but there was also this huge orgasmic sensation in my nuts. The pressure applied to my ass resulted in this intensifying desire to cum. It felt like I was on the edge, and things have only just started.

"Ahhhh shit," I moaned again, trying to keep my volume low.

"Just relax this shit, Corey. Loosen up."

"I'm tryin'." My forehead was breaking into a sweat already. I was trying my hardest to "loosen up" but found myself just waiting for him to get what he wanted from me.

"So, you need me, huh?" he asked, following up the question with a kiss on my neck. The burn from the bristles of his goatee lingered even after he finished kissing me.

"Yes," I moaned.

"I told you that you would." The nigga had a mean stroke game. I had goosebumps and eventually blocked out all the pain I felt. But I still felt that... other feeling; the one that had me o-facing off of something good. Mr. Ashworth was smooth stroking, and something about the way he did it was stirring up my sexual drive. What the fuck did I get myself into? "I take it, you want your job back?"

"Yes sir."

Mr. Ashworth's face leaned into mine. His cheek rubbed against my cheek gently. His arms wrapped around me and latched tightly as he gradually pumped me.

"And you thought I'd give it back to you if you let me fuck this tight black assssssss?"

"Yes," my voice was on the verge of breaking.

"You thought that because you are sexy-" he drove his dick into me causing me to gasp. "-and because you know I've wanted to fuck you ever since I saw you," he stroked again, this time causing a nerve shattering reaction that not only numbed one of my thighs but forced my dick to throb. "You thought that you could weasel your way in and get your job back."

"Yes!" I said in a high pitched whimper. My voice had been stolen by the intensity of the pipe running through my ass.

"You thought you were going to play me, didn't you?" he asked. His hands actually gripped my love handles and lifted me up off of the floor and into his office door. And he followed right behind me, still throwing his dick into me with a strong but subtle rhythm.


"Well, you're not getting your job back," he said. He still had that calm demeanor. His dick ran through me smoothly, burrowing a nice soft spot for itself. And each time it was hitting that spot, I felt that pressure in my nuts. My dick would strengthen and pulsate. I barely even paid attention to what he said, and even if I had fully paid attention- there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it at this point. "Did you hear what I said?" he asked.

"Yes," I moaned. I was wide open in a very vulnerable position for a man that had the power to take me down even if I wasn't already weakened.

"Good. And I'm going to offer you a new job. You won't be my personal assistant, but my personal bitch."

"Uhhh-shit," the thrusts from him began to get harder. His balls made a violent whipping sound when they smashed up against my asshole.

"Yeah, that's right," he said, hovering over me and savoring the feel of having my flesh wrapped around his. "With this job, you really get to see what it's like to work under a powerful man."

"Fuck-" This shit was crazy! This nigga was turning me into a ho-ass nigga. And I was too fucked up from his dick to turn it down.

"You want the job, boy?"

"Yes," I cried out.

"That means I'll be up in this ass every day. Do you want that?" he asked. "And every time you fuck up, I'm gonna punish you, bitch boy. I'll fuck you in yo ass so hard that I'll give your throat rug burns."

Yes, Mr. Ashworth was feeling himself HARD! But the sad thing, is that I was feeling him harder. As corny as the shit he was saying was, he oddly had the swag to pull it off. He popped me on the side of my ass and I jumped.

"Shit, you got a body just like a bitch," he said.

I understood his tactic. This was about humility and embarrassment. Somehow, he wanted to strip me of my pride to make himself feel stronger. Yeah, I caught on to the game and if I were in my right state of mind, I'd have resisted. But I was so frickin' turned on and so fuckin' desperate. I didn't know if I wanted him to stop fucking me or to keep going harder.

"Did you hear me bitch? You're built just like a little sissy ass faggot."

"Uh huh," I said, acknowledging him. Meanwhile, my other leg was going numb. My knees began to buck and I probably would've fallen if it wasn't for his hands holding me up.

"Uh-uh, don't run from me now. Keep that ass still," he ordered me. I fought to hold my position in place. It became so much harder to do, now that I was fighting against the weight of his balls slamming down on me. "Yeah, that's it. Keep that asshole wide open, bitch."

The side of my face was still plastered against the door. I'm not sure what my facial expression was doing. My eyes were closed and my veins were popping out of my neck as I'm trying to withstand the feel of him tearing through me.

Mr. Ashworth's body leaned over me, and the next thing I felt was his big slimy tongue in my mouth. It was a messy, but dominating kiss. His whole tongue lied on top of mine, along with my bottom row of teeth. And his lips joined together, sucking at my top lip. When I tried to pull away, his right hand dropped its latch on my hip and cupped the back of my head. He pushed me back into him.

"Come back here, bitch," he said, right before he laid another wild kiss on me.

The tone of his voice melted me. It was crazy, but my sexual drive began to feed off this, off of everything. His deep voice, his big body hovering over me, his hands holding me in place and even his sloppy tongue kiss all worked together putting me in some kind of forbidden sex trance.

He was getting off to this too, I could tell. In the middle of that kiss, I felt his body shiver and his dick began an assault on me. It slid in and out of me at an increased speed that I couldn't control, turning into a battering ram.

"Ah- ha- ahhh, Lee-"

"Shut the fuck up, nigga," he said. Mr. Ashworth was in complete control and he liked it. This was the first time I ever heard him use the-n-word. And that shit came from his gut; straight out of the streets of Baltimore. He meant every word that he just said because he was too close. Though he tried to be professional at all times, right then and there, his old neighborhood crept out to shut me down. "Give me this chocolate ass, nigga."

As he was driving in, suddenly that pressure that he'd been applying began to take over. Suddenly my dick started a hard squirt routine. It felt like a good morning piss with how hard it sprung out of my dick. But it wasn't piss at all. The rapid movements of Mr. Ashworth's appendage turned a key inside of me that made me cum.

I was on the verge of screaming out, but luckily, Mr. Ashworth was aware. His hand clasped over my mouth and he pushed me all the way into the door as he spooned me until he came down from his own high. His mouth lied right up against my ear, so I could hear his heavy breathing. After he came, the breathing slowed back down.

"Shh-shh-shhhh," he said, whispering me down as I was still leaking from my dick, painting his front door with a fresh coat of quartz-white colored jizz. His chest was expanding and collapsing right behind me, and I felt every inch of space that it took up. "You are so fucking sexy."

I didn't know what to say to that. Should I have said thank you? I decided not to say anything, instead.

"Relax," he said.

I tried. He began to ease his dick out of me. A small sensation arose when his dickhead actually pulled out.

I moaned in relief. Now, I was able to relax... well, except for that aftermath feeling of being rodded open. His right arm wrapped around me from behind again. I prayed he wasn't trying to go for another round. Luckily, he wasn't. He planted a soft and pleasant kiss on my cheek. "Sexy ass..."

He backed away from me, peeling the condom off of his dick and tossing it into the trash can next to his desk. Then, he placed his dick back into his pants and zipped up.

I stood there, facing the door with a bunch of emotions flowing through me. There was the humiliation, but also a sense of sexual satisfaction. Like it or not, I had to come to terms with what just happened. I fucking sold my soul to the devil in a blue business suit.

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