Season 2, Episode 1: Handcuffed

Synopsis: Laws and Repercussions was an erotic series that Mr. Maleficent wrote for a friend that he was interested in. The story chronicled the two men in a parallel universe that will have allowed the two to be together. Jesse, a Puerto Rican lawyer and Metim, a writer with moderate success are joined together to work on clearing Metim from an attempted murder case. The two have resumed past their liaison in the office to a romantic late night rendezvous at Jesse's apartment: round after round of somewhat endless passion.

Metim sighed an even breath of relief when done, hunched over the boy with his dick lodged inside. He withdrew slowly. Jesse, bored with the sex, just turned over sat on the bed. His face saddened. Metim noticed.

"What's wrong?" he said as he took off the sweatshirt he was wearing.

"You came already," Jesse looked down.

"I mean., we didn't get to use the handcuffs, or anything. It didn't even last long."

Metim chuckled.

"It's not funny!"

"Baby, I'm nowhere near done with you tonight," he grabbed the collar of his wifebeater and ripped it. The shirt didn't split right down the center of his chest, but it did rip to the point that you could see the firm chocolate frame that was underneath. His chest pecs and six pack visible, along with a menacing grin that rode his face.

"Oh," Jesse said.

Metim grabbed the second handcuff link that hung off of Jesse's right wrist.

"So... where's it gonna be? Where do you wanna handcuff me?"

Metim looked at them once again and thought. He knew the perfect place. He kneeled down, and leaned in kissing the naked boy. Jesse closed his eyes, but then he heard the click of the handcuffs. He pulled back and looked at his right wrist that had the cuff on it. His eyes progressed, looking at the chain, and then to where the other cuff was placed. Metim put it around his right wrist. The two guys stood there, handcuffed to each other by their right hands. And being that they were facing each other, their hands joined at the opposite ends.

Metim stood all the way back up and pulled Jesse up with him.

"Turn that ass around," he said.

Jesse did, and now, since both of their right hands were linked together, there wasn't any strain or discomfort. Metim's fingers from that right hand interlaced with Jesse's, as both of their left hands swung freely. Metim's left hand was what explored the youth's body. From the first encounter, Metim already gathered that Jesse was sensitive to touch, especially the touch of his big hands. And he remembered all of the spots that got the hugest reactions: Jesse's neck, his nipples, his belly button, his dick, his ass, his ears, but most of all, his mouth.

First, Metim's left hand raised up to Jesse's chin, and turned his head left, and they locked in a kiss so sweet. His hand stayed around Jesse's face, caressing his cheekbone and jaw. He even ran his hands ever so gently underneath Jesse's neck and up to his chin. This sent goosebumps rippling over Jesse's body. With a reaction so good, Metim knew he had to do it again. This time multiple fingers ran, outlining Jesse's neck. The lips continued to lock, and tongues massaged.

Metim's hands advanced down Jesse's body. As his big rugged hand lingered at Jesse's chest plate, the thumb fiddled with his small tan nipple; stringing it along like a guitar.

"You like that?" Metim said, holding the boy close, playing him like an instrument.

"I love it," Jesse returned.

Metim wrapped his right hand around Jesse, letting it rest on his left shoulder. Due to the link, Jesse's own hand wrapped around his body too. From here, the beastie instinct kicked in. Metim bit Jesse's neck, delicate enough to not rip skin, but hard enough to render the boy powerless. He sucked at it, letting his teeth sink in. And he just about went into a frenzy, when the boys head leaned to the right, allowing him more room and access to his neck.

"Ssss.... Ohhhh,' Jesse moaned. Ripples through his body flowed over and over, as Metim struck a nerve that had sexually possessed him. The whole time, Metim's free left hand still explored. It crawled to Jesse's right nipple, to his belly button and even to his dick. Though it didn't last long, it still wrapped around the trembling penis and stroked. Jesse moaned again. The hand traveled further down, rubbing Jesse's thigh, and hip.

Smack! The palm hit Jesse right on the ass. He hissed as the palm caused a nervous sting. The hand kept going, caressing. Metim nudged the boy from the back, subliminally pushing him forward as he still bit at the boys neck, careful not to take his eyes off of the prize. He pushed forward, so Jesse walked forward until he couldn't anymore because the bed was in the way. But then Metim swept the back of Jesse's left knee, and lifted it on to the bed. Jesse used his own will, to lift his right knee onto the mattress.

There they were, Jesse kneeled on the bed and Metim standing behind him, and he still hadn't released his jaws from Jesse's neck.

Jesse gasped. "Fuck me," he whispered.

"I will," Metim replied.

Metim continued to hold the boy's body up to him, Jesse's back to Metim's chest. And the left hand kept swimming until it got to the destination; the destination it'd been aiming for ever since Jesse got on the bed. Jesse's burrow laid filled with Metim's baby codes, so Metim felt only right to mix it up. With his wrist hanging under Jesse's groin, his index and middle fingers found the boy's hole and speared through it.

"Ay!!!" Jesse cried.

The point in this was to swish around the cum that already rode inside of Jesse's hole. And being that the hole was flooded, it didn't take long before the cum washed all around Jesse's candied walls, and the sphincter loosened so much that the cum began dripping out and down Metim's finger. At this point, he'd determined that Jesse was now wet enough and ready for his dick to infiltrate. He brought his two fingers back up and Jesse licked them clean, sucking deeply as the creamy white slush build up between the fingers.

Metim drew back from the youth's neck, and watched as he sucked at the fingers, nibbling at the fingernails, and slithering his tongue between.

"You want some dick?"

'Yessssss," Jesse cried, more than ready for it.

"Alright." Metim pushed his face down, so there was this upward curve in Jesse's spine, all the way up to the thick hips and thighs Jesse had. He opened the ass cheeks, admiring the hole as it was streamed with cum. He spit, just for an extra lube, and inserted.

"Ahhhh,' Jesse's mouth leaked.

The dick just slid in.

"Fuck baby! This shit feels good," Metim complimented.

He stroked, running his pipe through the boy. His left hand held the boy in place by his petite waist as he hit the ass hard, just to watch it jiggle in place.

"Poke that ass out," Metim demanded.

Jesse did as best he could, sinking his upper body down to the bed and using his legs to prop his ass up even further. The curve resembled two phat and rounded mountains: just what Metim wanted to see. As the dick slowly rode deeper, Jesse felt every inch of it. The mushroomed head of the dick, making it's presence known.

"Shit," Jesse whispered.

"Huh?" Metim asked. "What was that?" He reamed the dick in hard, one time.

"Ahhh! Papi, no!" Jesse tried to pull away, but Metim yanked his own right hand (that had been previously linked to Jesse's and pulled him back).

"Stay right there baby, don't move." Metim slowed down, smoothly running his dick in and out. Jesse's hole slick, and slippery; easier to pole through.

Knowing this, Jesse subtly tried to pull away, inching up forward on the bed, hoping that Metim's dick won't reach so far up. However, the act was so transparent. Each time Jesse howled, his legs moved up on the bed, and before long Metim realized his dick stood a whole 2 or 3 inches outside of Jesse's ass. And so just as subtly, Metim followed him. His knees climbed onto the bed, as he continued the anal attack.

"Ay, pinga!" The Spanish sped out of his mouth, but Metim ignored.

"Open up," he said, drilling and tapping.

"Ahh papi, stop!" He yelled.

Alarmed, Metim ceased. Withdrawing from the youth, scared he might have actually hurt him. But the pull back surprised Jesse. He took a moment to settle his pounding heart and then looked back at Metim. The worry on Metim's face, confused him somewhat.

"Why'd you stop?" Jesse asked.

"You told me to. I-I was afraid I hurt you."

"No, I'm fine."

Metim shied away.

"Seriously," Jesse reaffirmed. "I'm fine." Jesse turned and sat on the bed and used his right hand to pull Metim closer and on top of him. The two locked in another kiss. Jesse lifted his legs, guiding the pole that just made him scream out in pain, back into the cave it had just evacuated. Jesse's tunnel, still slick with the fluid soon became stuffed with Metim's heat seeker as it sought out the warm sanctuary offered by Jesse's chamber.

Metim grabbed a fist full of Jesse's hair and tilted his head, going back for the sensitive spot on Jesse's neck.

"Uhhh...ssss," Jesse hissed in approval once again.

Metim's legs still pumped his protrusion into Jesse, raw and bare. Trying to send Jesse's into that full body orgasm, Metim's tongue swept up on Jesse's neck. It lapped up and behind Jesse's ear to nibble.

"Ohhhh," Jesse moaned.

"Take this dick," Metim moaned in his ear.

"Oh yess, I want it!"

"Take it."

"Oh fuck."

The dick continued invading, glossing in and out.

"Oh papi, fuck me!'

"You want it?"

"Yes papi, hit it! Fuck me!"

"Oh yeah," Metim grunted.

Flesh to flesh, their chests and abdomens rubbed. Bone to flesh, Metim's dick soothed Jesse's prostate. Once again Jesse was having that overwhelming sensation.

"Pa, I'm close," he announced. He reached for his dick with his left hand, but Metim acted quickly, using his right hand to pull Jesse's left away. And due to the connect of their right hands, Jesse couldn't use his right hand to stroke his dick. The sex had gotten so good, that Jesse didn't want to miss this opportunity to nutt.

"Daddy, I'm so close."

Metim leaned down, no space in between them now and continued the fuck. Jesse's dick lodged between both of their abdomens.

"I'mma make u cum," Metim said.


"Shoot it baby, shoot it."

Jesse could admit that the feeling of having Metim's smooth stomach up against his was even more stimulating than using his hand. He went with the flow. So when Metim's legs pumped harder, forewarning his own blast, Jesse began to set it off. His dick shot between the two of them, as he sat with an O-face so wide that he knew his cheek bones would be sore for a week.

"Ay, I'm cumming!"

"Shoot it baby, I'm cumming to."

Jesse moaned, Metim grunted. Jesse's dick shot due to the friction of Metim's stomach, and Metim's dick shot due to the friction of Jesse's throbbing rim.

"Fuck Baby!" Metim howled as he released a second load into Jesse.

Jesse began to cum down, and so did Metim. This time neither of them moving afterwards. There wasn't the uncomfortable heat of the office, so Jesse hoped Metim would just stay in it this time. And he did. Using the time to lap over Jesse's face once again with his tongue.

"You are so sexy, baby," Metim told him. He enjoyed and blushed. But once Metim began pulling away, he was hit with that emptiness once again. Luckily, the pulling away, wasn't pulling away at all. Metim drew back, sure, but for an entirely different reason than Jesse thought.

When he pulled back, he pulled Jesse's legs together and settled himself right behind Jesse, without completely pulling out his dick. So now the two laid, Metim behind Jesse, Metim still wedged in Jesse, and linked by their right hands. They snored.

This story is a copyright by Mr. Maleficent of the Maleficent Journal and an act of complete fiction. Please always remember to wrap it up.

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