Season 2, Episode 9: A Night in Spanish Harlem

Synopsis: Trigger is a young Hispanic teen that's lived on the streets of New York since getting put out of his parents home when he came out. He quickly learned of a seemingly uncomplicated way to provide for himself that soon becomes threatened by an undercover sting operation. That is until the undercover detective decides to go rogue...

For money, I turned to one of the oldest professions. And since I was a shorty back then, the fact that it was forbidden enticed most of my customers. So many of the guys I met with were seeking females, but were easily persuaded by a young Puerto Rican boy who could keep a secret. Now, that I was older, and had more experience I could take advantage of the situation a little better. For 2 ½ years I jumped in and out of cars, doing sexual favors for money, and rarely getting caught. There were times, but it didn't happen often. The cops always swarmed the streets of Spanish Harlem looking for prostitutes. They'd bypass me because I wasn't a female. The few times that I caught the police's attention, they assumed I was a teen drug dealer. Imagine their surprise when I wasn't carrying.

Most guys I got were older white guys that made the trip to see one of the ladies on the street. Whenever one of them got busted by an officer earlier in the night, I'd swoop in and replace her. Many times I get refused, but quite often, I get taken up on the offer.

My friend, Maxine got picked up by the cops. She came onto an undercover detective and got hauled in. When her 2:30am came by, a white guy that looked like a crazed sex offender equipped with the stringy hair and pedophile glasses, I tried to take him. I walked over to his white SUV. I knocked on his passenger window. He rolled it down.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"A friend of Maxine's," I said.

"You're a cop."


"You're a little young to be a pimp," he said.

"I'm not that either. I'm just a friend."

He looked around his car. "Where is Maxine?"

"Cops busted her earlier today. I've seen you around here looking for her before."

"Yeah... and?"

"Whatever you think she can do for you, I can do a hundred times better."

He turned his nose up at me. "You're a cop," he said again, this time seeming certain of the accusation.

"No, I'm not. Just unlock your door and I'll prove it to you."

He stared, questioning. He was still pretty sure that I had something to do with law enforcement and that this was a set-up. He needed a little more reassurance.

"Look, even if I was a cop, this would be entrapment. It wouldn't be enough to arrest you," I explained.

The guy thought it back over again, and then he unlocked the door. I opened it and was about to hop in before he stopped me.

"You're supposed to prove you're not a cop," he said, putting his hand up to keep me from stepping into the truck.

I looked around to make sure that no one could see. The open door served as a privacy wall to the north side of the street. There was no one behind me or to the south. I made my move, reaching into my pants and pulling my dick out. It was flaccid and dangled about 6 inches between my legs.

"A cop wouldn't expose themselves like this."

There was no denying that. A police officer has limits to where they can go on an prostitution sting. So far, I'd broken two of them. I put my dick back into my jeans, and he kept himself guarded.

"So... Max isn't here. How about you let me suck you off?"

"I don't like men."

"You haven't heard the old saying, 'A mouth is a mouth.'?" I asked.

"I've heard it; doesn't mean that I believe it."

"It's a shame that you coming down here is all for nothing just because Max isn't here. I promise, I'm better than she is. I have techniques that'll make you forget all about the dick between my legs. How much money did you bring?"

He was mum....He didn't want to reveal that to me. By now, he'd surpassed the whole me-being-a-cop idea. Now, he knew that I was trying to score him.

"I'll do it for half of what Max charges."

"$10?" he asked.

"Nice try. I know Max doesn't take anything less than a 50."

"$15 is the highest I'm willing to go. I'm not exactly dying to put my dick in your spic mouth."

"$15.50- so I after I finish, I can walk to the corner store to get a soda to wash the taste of Nazi out of my mouth," I negotiated."

He smiled. "Get in and hurry up."

I jumped into the man's SUV and closed the passenger door behind me.

"Pull around the corner," I said.

The guy started his car, he checked his rearview mirror before pulling out into the street and turning on the next street, pulling into the darkness- in the middle of 2 streetlights that were about a couple of meters apart. The guy had an unpleasant smell attached to him; a smell that got even worse as he undressed. He smelled like a construction worker that hadn't bathed in a couple of days. $15 didn't seem worth this.

The guy's dick might've been 7 inches and cut with a thick white mushroom tip.

"Show me what you can do," he said.

I said a quick prayer under my breath, a habit I learned from another hooker (she said she blesses the dick first, it cuts down on the chances that something bad will happen as a result- sort of like blessing your plate before you eat). My prayer was answered before I even finished it.

There was a knock on the driver's window. Both of us looked toward it. We could only see a dark shadow standing there. I was scared. I didn't have a "pimp" but I knew that Maxine's pimp didn't like anybody getting serviced around his block. Once he found out about me, he told me that I can't blow any guys in his district (basically anywhere in a 2 mile radius). He never threatened to kill me, but I wouldn't pull it past him if I'd ever gotten caught. Before I could get too panicked about that thought, a flashlight was shone into the window...Cops.

"Shit," I said."

"I knew it! I knew you were a cop!" the guy said.

"I'm not. He must've been watching you. You took too long."

"Open up!" said a voice, heavy with a New York Puerto Rican accent.

The guy rolled down his window. "Is there a problem officer?"

"That's detective to you. Show me some ID," the detective said.

"Listen, I-I-I have a family. I'm not even- he's a guy. I don't even-"

"But you had your pants down."

"I wasn't going to-" The guy handed his wallet to the detective to go through.

After another couple of seconds the detective spoke again. "You hit an ATM before coming out here. You must have $300 in here. An awful lot of money for someone who wasn't doing anything."

The guy just sighed, knowing that things looked bad and anything he said would only make things look worse.

"And what about you over there?" the detective said, flashing the light into my eyes.

"What about me?"

"You have a little attitude, papi. You might wanna cool it," he said, warning me. "Both of you, out of the truck, hands on the SUV."

"Fuck-fuck-fuck," the white guy exclaimed. He got out of the truck first, and shut his door. He put his hands on the truck and spread his legs apart so he could be frisked, while the detective began reading the Miranda rights.

"You have the right to remain silent, Anything you say or do can and will be used against you," The detective continued.

I got out of the SUV and made it around to the side of the truck where the detective and driver were. I could see the detective's face. He had a sexy vibe about him. It was obvious that he was Puerto Rican too, but his features were far different from mine. His skin-tone was paler than mine. He stood about 6'1 or 6'2, near 200 lbs if he wasn't already. Though the jacket he wore was kind of bulky, I could tell his build was somewhere between thick and muscular. His goatee was heavy with dark hair and the rest of his face had light trails as a courtesy of his 5 o'clock shadow, and the hair on his head combed back and gelled. His eyebrows were just as thick as his beard.

" you understand these rights as I have read them off to you?" The detective asked, as he tightened the handcuffs.

The guy sighed. "Yes."

The detective turned his attention to me. "And you've probably been arrested enough times to recite the Miranda rights to yourself, haven't you?"

"Yeah, I can even do it in Spanish."

"Do it."

"Tengo el derecho de permanecer en silencio. Cualquier cosa que diga puede y sera usado en mi contra en la corte..." I kept reading myself the Miranda rights while looking into the detectives face. He had these big soft pink lips. He seemed impressed by my memory, even though he was probably more astonished at the fact that I'd been read the rights enough times to recite them in both languages.

"How old are you?"


"You can't be. I've seen you on the streets for a while."

"I've been on the streets since I was 14."

"Hard knock life, huh?"

"Harder than you'll ever know," I answered.

"Yeah, and it's about to get harder. Hands on the hood."

"Hmmm," I sat back onto the hood of the truck and put both my hands on it.

"Cute papi, but I'm no john. And even if I were, you're jailbait." He looked at me with his dark and domineering eyes. "Now, hop off the car and turn around."

I slid off the hood, and turned about face. The detective began to pat me down at my sides.

"Are you concealing any weapons?" he asked.

"Just one."

"And what's that?"

"Mi polla," I answered.

"I saw it when you pulled it out, that weapon won't do any damage, vato," he grabbed my hands and strapped the hard metal bracelets around them.

"So how long have you been watching me tonight?" I asked.

The detective began walking both of us to his unmarked car. "Oh, I've been onto you for a while. I always knew you were a player but didn't figure out what kind until today."

"Stupido cops think I'm a drug dealer."


When we arrived, Detective Rios stopped his car right out front. He got out of the car and walked around to the other side to get the white guy out first.

"You stay here," he said, talking to me.

"No duh, where do you think I'm going, stupid?"

"You're gonna wish you hadn't said that." Detective Rios slammed the door and disappeared inside the police station with his arrest, leaving me to think about what I was getting into. Though I played tough and knew the Mirandas, I never been picked up before. The closest I'd ever been was the few times they thought I was holding. Other than that, the police weren't in my space. I was sort of kicking myself for getting caught this time. I was always able to stay under the radar, and the whole reason why I wasn't anymore was because I pulled my dick out trying to convince the guy to let me in his truck. I fucked up.

Detective Rios returned to the car. In watching him make his way back, I sucked it up and decided to deal with my issues like a man as my father would always say. If I was going into jail, I was going to go with my head held high. But it threw me off when Detective Rios didn't reach for the door to the backseat. Instead, he went straight to the driver's door and hopped back in. Then, he started up the car.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I told you, you were gonna wish you hadn't said that," he said with somewhat of a chuckle in his tone of voice. He put the car in reverse to back out, and then drove away from the precinct.

"Where are you taking me?"

"Sit back and ride, stupid," mocking me for calling him stupid earlier.

"I didn't mean that. I don't think you're stupid or nothin' like that. I was just playing with you. My friend told me that if I ever got arrested, I should just give the cop a hard time. Be playful an-an-and stuff. Look, I never been arrested before."


"No. I ain't even seen the back of no cop car or nothing. This the first time I ever got handcuffs put on. So, I was just joking with you." I was scared by now. I hate to say it, but with him dropping me off at the jail, there'd be a sense of safety. But now that he bypassed the jail, he proved himself to be unpredictable. I couldn't tell what he was going to do to me. I hear stories all the time about the NY cops that like to rough guys up. He seemed like he might be one of those, and the fact that we were both Boricua wasn't gonna save me.

"What's your name?" Detective Rios asked.


"Trigger?" he said. "Not your streetname- what's your government?"

"It's Trigger. Trigger Diaz."

"Where's your family?"

"I don't know. They kicked me out- told me never to come back," I answered.


"Because I'm gay. My dad don't want nothing to do with me and he don't want my little brothers to turn out like me. You're not gonna take me back to them, right? Cuz they just gonna put me back out on the street."

"No, I'm not taking you to them."

"You're not gonna like take me to a homeless shelter, right? Cuz all those people there smell like pee."

The detective laughed.


"Ok. You're not gonna beat me up or nothing? Cuz I can't fight. And it'll be unfair cuz I got the handcuffs on me."

He laughed again. "No. I'm not going to beat you up. And whether I take those handcuffs off of you is your choice, Trigger."

"Well, I wanna take them off. They fucking hurt."

The detective chuckled once again before his car went silent; the only thing heard was the humming of the tires on the paved street. I thought I should speak up again, since he gave me his word that he wasn't gonna hurt me.

"Thank you, Detective Rios," I said.

He looked in his rearview mirror. "For what?"

"Saving me from that fucking nazi. That guy looked crazy."

"He looked crazy; why did you jump in the truck?"

"I was hungry. I didn't meet anybody all day. I thought I'd be able to make enough money so I can go to a nicer restaurant for breakfast in a couple of hours," I explained. "But thank you. That guy had like beady eyes and shit. He was racist too. He was a fucking nazi, man."

"Papi, you know what a nazi is?"

"Yeah, they're the german guys with the white robes and shit."

The detective laughed once again. "I'm guessing when you started living on the streets you stopped going to school, huh?"

I didn't answer the question. It was true, but it was rhetorical. I didn't need to answer that. I just looked out of the window, my arms starting to chafe behind me. Detective Rios stopped the car in front of a large apartment building that could've easily been a public housing establishment in Spanish Harlem, not too far from my parents' home.

"What is this?" I asked, growing leery.

The detective stepped out of his car and opened the back door. "Come on," he said, telling me to scoot over so I could get out of his car too. I did as he said. Once I stepped out, he closed the car door behind me.

"What is this place?" I asked.

"It's my apartment," he said with a smile on his face. His infectious smile spread to my face as well.

"Wait a minute, why are we at your spot?"

"Come on, Trigger. Don't tell me you're all talk, papi. Tienes miedo?"

"No, I'm not," I said cautiously. I was intimidated by him, but not scared. "But I don't do this for free."

"Ok, Ok- Is $300 enough?" he said, reaching into his wallet.

I thought the detective was lying, or playing me up. But when he pulled out a bunch of $50 dollar bills, it took me by surprise. I didn't think people carried that much money on them anymore... then it hit me. They didn't.

I looked up at him. "You took that from that dude you arrested?"

"So what if I did? It could be yours if you come upstairs with me," he smiled, his big pink lips spreading across his face.

I returned the smile to him. "Can you at least uncuff me?"

He sucked air through the small gap in his two front teeth smoothly. "I don't know. I might want to keep you handcuffed so you don't run from me." Detective Rios put the wallet back into his pocket and put his hand on the metal chain that was binding my hands behind my back so he could escort me into the building.

The building didn't look much better on the inside. And the few people that saw us, didn't seem at all shocked by the Detective escorting someone bound in handcuffs into his apartment. He even greeted a couple of them, acknowledging and exchanging head nods. When we got into his apartment, he immediately tossed me onto his mattress, I landed on my stomach. Once I managed to waddle my way onto my back so I could look at him, he was halfway undressed. His shirt was off, his chest and stomach muscular, yet thick as I'd already suspected. The hair on his chest wasn't long enough to be visible from more than a couple of feet away. He looked almost completely smooth.

He unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them in the blink of an eye. He didn't bother to take them all the way off yet. Instead he just pulled the jeans down along with his boxer shorts to expose his thick 10 inch dick. It was uncut and carried the same skin color as his chest, both of which were a couple of shades lighter than his face. Detective Rios climbed on top of me, straddling my body as he crawled up toward my head.

"Chupa mi verga," he said, a phrase that translated to "Suck my dick."

His dick was semi hard and the foreskin still covered his dick and made it look like an corn cob still wrapped. He put his dick into my mouth and allowed me to taste and suck him up.

"Mmmm.... Puto, coma mi verga.... Ah, yesssss," he said. Fag, eat my dick.

My head stroked his dick from underneath him. I got close enough to his body to admire his entire build, from the tip of his head to the tip of his dickhead. While I was sucking, I noticed that his pubes were shaved almost bald. He was a man-scaper, which accounted for the low hair on his chest too.

"Mmmm... Chupalo puto," he said, reaching his hand down to slap me gently. Suck it, fag.

His rough voice and all around rough style was something that a boy like me always dreamed of; being taken by a man of his stature and presence.

"Haaaaagghhhhhh," he said, letting is voice rumble in his vocal cords.

I wanted to hold him; place my hands on his thick latino ass and push him further into my mouth. I wanted the pink tip of his big ass dick trapped in my neck, while I could hold his hips as they bounced up and down on my face. He fed the fantasy, and I wanted nothing more than to choke underneath him. And just as I was getting deep into it, the detective lifted himself all the way up from me. He was in a push up position, over my head. His hard and wet dick dangled above me like a mobile that you hang above a baby's crib. His dick was centimeters away; not close enough for me to suck but close enough for me to lick the tip and crave more.

"Get it, papi," he said. "Come up here and get it."

I was about to do just that. I opened my mouth wide and raised my head so I could get back to sucking, when his body collapsed suddenly. His dick drove through my mouth to my throat and suddenly rebounded, lifting himself back above me and leaving me gasping for air.

"You ok, stupid?" he asked, again mocking the fact that I'd called him stupid earlier in the night. Clearly this was a payback attempt but the joke was on him.

"Mas," I responded between gasps, requesting more.

He pushed down with his pelvis once again, pushing his slobbered-over dick into my mouth. He didn't rebound so quickly this time. Instead he let his dick lay in my mouth while he towered above me.

"Mas?" he asked.

"Mmhmm," I hummed, trying my best to signify that I wanted more.

He began pumping. "Unh-unh-unh-unh-unh," he said coinciding with five pumps of his hips that thrust his dick deep into my mouth. After the fifth and final pump, he pulled back out, hissing and throbbing.

"Sssss..... haaagghhh," he said. "Turn that ass around, puto,"

I tried my best to flip to the other side of my body, requiring some assistance that Detective Rios was more than willing to provide. He helped flip me over, so now I was back on my stomach with his huge dick lying up against my shoulder.

Detective Rios moved downward on the bed, and I could feel every trace of his rod on my back as it moved. It went from my shoulder to my spine and I could feel it working over each bone in my vertebrae. While lowering, the detective began kissing the back of my neck, sucking on it attentively. He was amazingly passionate and demanding at the same time. He balanced that line of caring and not giving a fuck perfectly to remain seductive, but vicious.

The detective's kisses violated my neck and shoulder in a temporary distraction while his hands wrapped around both sides of my waist. He unbuttoned my pants to loosen them and then pulled them just under my ass.

"Yessss Trigger," he said, oddly adding a hard-g sound in the "yes" because his vocal cords were rumbling in seduction again. "Me encanta tu culo." I love your ass.

I moaned underneath him. My legs were placed together and his legs were straddling both sides with his dick perfectly positioned at my ass.

He withdrew his hand and licked it from the bottom of his palm to his middle finger. Then...


"Ahhhhhhh," I belted. His hand slapped my ass hard and bruised it. My flesh immediately took on a red tint.

"Mmmmmm... that's it, papi." He rubbed it, the very spot he'd just smacked with the full force of his hand. He effectively soothed the bruised area for a moment, but only to slap it once again.

"Aghh," I belted again, moving my handcuffed hands over to that area to cover it. He chuckled, finding it funny. "Stop it."

"Ok puto," he said. He positioned his dick right between my ass cheeks, and with very little resistance his dick began sinking into me. "Haaaaaghhhhhh, ssssss...."

I hissed too, but for different reasons. My body tensed up now that I was having the detective's fire-poker beaming through my ass. I whimpered into his mattress and the detective's dick kept moving into me, splitting my ass in two.

"Ah, yessss," the detective said. Again, his voice dropped an octave as it met with his lustful growl. "Yes, let me fuck your pussy!"

His body was all over me, smothering mine beneath him. His arms were wrapped around my neck, keeping me encased in a headlock. He used his dick to thrash around in my ass like a wild animal with no regard for the minor ripples of pain that it was causing me.

"Gimme," he said, using his free hand to slap my ass once again. The slap landed more on my thigh than on my ass. A wetness dripped onto the back of my head. I was unsure if this was sweat from his forehead or drool from him salivating over the fuck. I just knew that I liked it and he obviously liked it to.

"Oh, fuck!"

Detective Rios' rising and falling rhythm packed air into my ass, which made a wet suction sound each time the base of his dick met with the rim of my asshole. His sensitive cock pulsated inside of me.

"Gimme your pussy," he growled again, thrusting over and over. "I will make you my fucking wife!- Fuck you all the time!"

His thrusts became harder and more brutal. He fucked me with the entire weight and length of his dick. He mocked swimming as his body wormed back and forth, slinging his dick into me. I screamed, trying to grit my teeth together to withstand the pain and tap back into the pleasure of it all.

"Take my fucking dick, puto," he said. He erected his spine and pulled me up from the mattress so now we were in a perfect doggystyle position with both of our jeans hanging below our private parts. Detective Rios continued his wild Latin assault on my ass. Somehow he'd fucked me backwards and off of his mattress. He was standing behind me, while I was in front of him with my hands on the mattress, not unlike our positions when he frisked me earlier in the night. It was no surprise that we found ourselves reenacting that moment.

Detective Rios placed his hands underneath my shirt and began to rub over my chest and abs. He sculpted my body, while sucking the back of my neck. He lingered more at my nipples than any other area, while he relentlessly pounded away.

"There-you-fuck-ing-go, puto," he said, pairing his thrusts up with each syllable in the sentence, leaving my cries out to go unnoticed. "Mas? Quieres mas?"

I was barely keeping up with what he was giving me. There was no way I could handle more. His dick was already a blazingly thick rod that was piercing through me.

"Gimme your fucking pussy," he said one last time. He slid his hand up my chest to my chin. He put his index finger on the side of my chin to push my head toward him. As my head tilted, he hissed before announcing his arrival. "Ssss... ahhh, I'm cumming."

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