Season 2, Episode 6: Man II Man (Erotic Short)

Synopsis: Teddy Garrett decides to have a long man to man conversation with the teen boy (Thomas/Tee) that has impregnated his teen daughter. But when the boy lures him into a game of sexual wagers, they both enter a realm that won't be so easy to return from.

I always knew that it was a bad idea to let my daughter's boyfriend move in with us when she was pregnant. But Rochelle, my daughter, begged. It saddened me to see my teen daughter pregnant at 16, the same age her mother was when I'd knocked her up. Yeah, we were teen parents too, and the cycle was repeating itself. I hoped Rochelle would look at our mistakes, and do better. For a while, neither of us could do things because we had to take care of our daughter. We had to make sure there was enough money for daycare, enough money for baby formula, enough money for the pediatrician. All of this was hard on two teenagers who were trying to get an education. It wasn't until Rochelle was headed into adolescence were our lives able to return to normal.

In our late 20's, Rochelle's mom married a college friend- and I decided to stop (or start) dicking around. I stopped lying to myself, trying to pretend that I was straight. I came out when Rochelle was 11, and I was only 28. So much of our 20's was taken from us because we had to raise our daughter. And I sure hated to see the same thing happen to her.

Rochelle used to live with her mother and stepdad, but she couldn't get along with them. When my baby asked if she could live with me instead, I jumped at the chance. I loved having my little girl in the house, because I knew that I, and only I, could protect her. Imagine my surprise when she showed up to my house with all of her bags, a young man and an extended belly. What my little girl neglected to mention was that the reason she couldn't get along with her mom and stepdad was because she was pregnant and sneaking her 18 year old boyfriend into the house through the basement.

I was beside myself for the longest. I always prided myself on being the cool parent. I wanted to be the cool dad while her mother was the disciplinarian. The problem was that Rochelle didn't deal with discipline well. She got that from me. Knowing that if I told her to keep this boy away, she'd exploit every chance she could to sneak him in, I allowed his little nigga ass to stay.

From what I gathered, Thomas wasn't a bad kid. But he certainly was good for nothing. He was extremely cocky. He wanted to be a rapper... and not a good rapper at that. He didn't aspire to be a Pac, or Jay-Z, you know... someone who explored poetry and the power in wording. He wanted to be one of those niggas that rapped about bling, bitches and booty. I let them both know from jump... if anything they owned was blinging, they'd better make plans to pawn it to pay for the baby because outside of the roof over their head, I wasn't paying for shit else.

Thomas was a senior in high school. He was a redbone shorty, real cute with a slight snaggletooth problem. He was about 6'2 (an inch shorter than me), 160 lbs (50 lbs lighter than me). He had this weird 80's style haircut. It was low, boxed and parted up at the front. It reminded me of Play from the rap group Kid 'N Play. I understood why my daughter was attracted to him, and I hated it. This was the guy who stole my little girl from me, though he didn't mean to, or so he says. Yo, Mr. G. I never meant nothing wrong by your daughter. It just kind of happened, you know what I'm sayin? And I love her, and I'll do whatever it takes to take care of her and the future grandbaby G growing inside of her. He insisted that the child take our last name of Garrett instead of his, as if that would make me feel better.

Like I said, I understood why Rochelle was attracted to him. Even I was. I'd had jack-off fantasies, thinking about what it'd be like to vengeance fuck him for what he'd done to my little girl. I couldn't tell if the fantasy was fueled by an actual attraction or a desire to punish him... but regardless, an attraction did exist. His cockiness would at times get the best of him. There'd been a number of times that I caught him subliminally challenging me to a pissing contest or some kind of bet. He'd always lose.

Anyway, I let them both move in. I even let them share a room... a room that was right next to mine and had no lock on the door. I even made a point of bursting in on them randomly just so they wouldn't get comfortable in thinking that the two miscreants were allowed privacy. This was still Dad's house and he would not be disrespected in it.

One night, not long after they moved in, Thomas got up and went to the bathroom. It's the dead middle of the night, and I already couldn't sleep. When I heard walking, I got up. I opened my bedroom door just in time to see Thomas leaving the bathroom and headed back to the room. He wore his boxers, his scrawny chest exposed to the night air. I watched as Thomas walked to the door.

"Tee?" I said.

"Yeah?" he turned around.

"We've yet to have a real man to man talk. Come in and take a seat."

________"We've yet to have a real man to man talk. Come in and take a seat."

He took a sigh of frustration. This man to man talk wasn't something he wanted to do right now. He closed my door. I moved to the office chair that was sitting at my desk. As I sat, Thomas did too. He was sitting on the bed, right across from me.

"I want to make some things clear. Letting you live here with Rochelle is not some free pass for you. I'm not granting you access to my daughter whenever you want, and I'm not letting you or her skate through life living in my house. Don't get used to this. I've got Rochelle's mom calling me and telling me to put you out at once. I'm not going to do that, because I know Rochelle enough to know that she'll follow you and probably end up worse off. So I'm asking you to respect me, respect my house, and most of all, respect my daughter."

"I got you on that, sir," he said.


"I never really had a dad, and all. And my moms put me out when she found out about the baby. Even though I ain't been here long, I kind of look at you like you my pops too. You're the only adult to ever be nice to me."

I didn't pay attention to anything he'd just said. When he started talking, he'd cocked his legs open and bent down. He didn't have a fastener on his boxers, just the flap. And when he'd bent over, his bulge began coming out of his flap. He'd adjusted it while he was talking, putting it back into his boxers. Though I didn't want to look, I did and it was a little obvious.

"Mr. G," he said.

"Yeah?" I looked up at his face. He had the tiniest smirk.

"Mr. G, you're gay, right?"

I'd never talked about my sexuality with Thomas. Though I was sure that Rochelle had told him about me, either before or right after they moved in, it was something I never discussed with him.

"Yeah," I admitted.

"So what you do?" he asked.

I didn't know what he meant by that. I'm a man and I like men, what more did he need to know? As if he could sense my confusion and inability to answer the question, he explained.

"I just ask because I got a gay cousin, so I hear things. He says he's a bottom. Are you?"

I chuckled. This was weird to try to explain to him. "I've been on both sides. I prefer being on top though."

"Oh, ok. What about oral?" he said, that cockiness arose in his energy. His hand was still dangling in front of the flap on his boxers.

"I prefer to receive it," I said. I leaned back in the office chair, letting my bulge sit there, proudly. The punk wanted a dick measuring contest- well here, he had one.


"Mr. G," he said, in an almost breathless whine.

His hands came up to the back of my head and gripped it. He held my skull in place while he tried fucking me in the mouth. My nigga's pre-cum had this sweet taste to it, a subtle thin liquid with a sugary flavoring. I hoovered it all up.

"Mr. G, ahhh," he said once again.

The pleasure that my mouth issued to him was a mere distraction. While he was skull fucking, I managed to raise his legs from the floor to the bed. It gave him better leverage to face fuck me and it gave me easier access to that precious asshole. I slowly came off his dick, eager to pay a little bit more attention to his button. Before diving in, I slid my tongue down the underside of his dick and even nibbled on his balls.

He began stroking his dick, this time with my saliva as the lubrication. And I worked my tongue over his compact nut sack. He was a twink, and didn't have the huge dick or the droopy set of balls that I did. I moved on from the balls, shortly after. My tongue stroked down the center, making it to his taint and eventually to that beautifully hairy asshole. I flicked his asshole, but only with the tip of my tongue, being careful not to dive in too soon.

It was obvious that he wanted me to go further. He positioned his feet on my shoulders, presenting his asshole to me to lap over as wildly as I wanted. My tongue took deeper dives and stronger flicks and the full size of it worked the bridge between his butt cheeks. His hairy asshole twitched as it brushed up against my taste buds.

"Ahhh, Mr. G- shit, man..."

I continued licking, smacking and eating at his tender butt while Thomas varied in the noises that he made. I stiffened my tongue so I could stick it inside of him. I went for it... only putting the tip of my tongue inside... afterwards, I went into retreat immediately. Not because I came across something bad, but because it was now his turn...

I sat back in the chair, watching Thomas' exposed hole point toward me and his engorged dick pointed to the sky. He was alarmed at my sudden halt. He leaned up from the bed, and sturdied both elbows underneath him.

"Mr. G, whassup?" he asked.

"It's your turn," I told him.

He didn't know what the fuck else to do. As far as we'd went was as far as he'd ever gone. It was actually further than he really wanted to go. He'd wanted this to end with me sucking him off, and when I stopped sucking his dick to eat his ass, it was an unexpected pleasure. But now, the boy didn't know where else he could go. He had no idea what step he could take to up the ante one more time.

"But... I-I-I don't know..."

I grabbed both of his ankles. I gripped his left ankle with my right hand and pulled him closer to me. This foot, I held right in front of my face. And the opposite ankle, I placed on the arm of my office chair. His legs were up, and his hole was once again in view, winking and taunting me. I pushed my tongue between Thomas' toes. First I brushed it between his big toe and the toe right next to it. This, was another distraction. Thomas had lied back down on his back, so while Thomas' hole was in plain view for me, my dick wasn't seen by him at all. He'd gone back to jerking himself off.

With my tongue sizing up his delicate toes, I used my left hand to stroke my dick once again. My dick was mere inches away from his shiny brown eye. I licked his feet more, just until I could rub my dick up against him. My dick fell right between his cheeks. When he felt it up against his asshole, he began to tense up. His foot curled and his toes tightened around my tongue.

"Come on over here, baby," I said, calling him to move closer to me. I pulled my tongue out from between his toes. I began massaging that foot for him, trying to get it to loosen back up, and ultimately get him to loosen up as well.

He was definitely rethinking the whole situation. This was the ultimate wager. I was massaging this young man's foot, in an attempt to get him to hand over his asshole to someone he'd frequently call his "future father-in-law." He immediately broke a sweat. He tried to go back to stroking his dick, but he couldn't bend the fact that he had a hard dick at his asshole, begging to be given entry.

"I'll wait for you, baby. Just bring that ass to me whenever you're ready." I swung my dick down to his asshole again.

He jumped, curling his foot back up.

"Nah, don't do that baby," I said, referring to him tensing all the way up again. "Just relax."

I stuck my tongue back in between his toes and flicked it while massaging the heel of his foot. I closed my eyes, sucking on Thomas' big toe. I sucked with no intentions of letting it go. My dick throbbed. It was straight, pulsating and as hard as it was ever going to get. So when Thomas actually began scooting down on the bed and closer to my dick, I was overwhelmed. I could've bit his big toe off. He was presenting his hole to me, prepared for ravaging. I ended my slurps on his toe and set his foot down on the other arm of my office chair. Both of his feet stood on the arms of my chair. His legs were propped up and cocked apart just enough for me. I reached over into the nightstand drawer to pull out a tiny bottle of lube that I hadn't used since the last time I had sex... months ago. I lubed up my dick, nicely and got back into position.

I grabbed Thomas' foot again, since he responded so well to my footplay. I licked the soles of his size 12 feet, again, as just a distraction. Meanwhile, I was positioning my dick toward his hole. My dick was poking him right in the middle, but I didn't force it in. I decided to let him do that. I just went back to sucking on his toes with minor dirty talk comments in between to coach him through.

"Come on and back up on this dick.... You know you want it... -slurrrrrrp- I'm waiting on you.... Bring that ass to me."

Thomas struggled to get the head of my dick in him. The pain was just too strong for him to move too quickly.

"Don't be scared, Tee. Come down on this dick. It'll be better for you to come to me than it would be for me to come to you... -slurrrrrp-"

Thomas finally advanced enough for me to start breaking skin. His portal was opening to grant me the entrance I desperately wanted. Ahhhh, he said once again, in that low volumed whine. He planted his hands firmly on the mattress to keep his balance so he could continue to ease me inside.

"That's it... good boy... bring me that ass," I said, coaching him through the process. "Come all the way back on it."

I watched his sexy ass starting to sweat on his face. His eyes were clenched tightly in the shut position and you could see the stress on him. His mouth formed a zero while he endured the increasing length of my bulge inside of him. The sight was nice to see. I still had a front row view because I still had his feet propped up with his legs spread. I placed my thumb on one of his ass cheeks to pull it back. I wanted to see it all. I wanted to see the length of my dick breaking into his pretty yella-boi hole. I wanted to see those little hairs around his ass hole stand when he had goose bumps because of the way I was digging into him.

"Come all the way back here, baby. Get all of this dick..."

I was half-way into him, further than I thought he'd go... but I hoped he'd go all the way. He stopped, looking panicked and tense. His sphincter kept tightening. It closed and gripped involuntarily as he struggled to relax himself again. I stopped sucking on his toes, and put his foot down on the chair in the same matter that the other one was in. In an effort to help, I placed my hands under his legs and grabbed his thighs. I tugged on him, just trying to nudge him forward.

"Mr. G," he moaned, still paralyzed. "I can't go anymore."

"That's alright," I told him. I kissed his kneecap. I was more than willing to take control again, completing the wager for him. I pulled his legs up from the chair and held his feet together. I saw that perfect shot of my dick inside of his hairy, pink hole once again. I hocked spit and spat it right at his hole. I was a little off target, the spit landing just below his balls. I used my other hand to guide it down. My dick was already wet enough, but needed as much lube possible to break through his sphincter, which was completely choking my meat. I could bet that my dick head was turning blue.

"I got you, Tee," I said, rubbing my saliva around his pursed asshole.

I backed up my body, only to withdraw my dick about a quarter of an inch, and pushed it back in. It was best to get Thomas used to the smaller strokes before I tried to hit him with something harder. Hopefully, it'd get his sphincter to loosen.

"Come on, Tee. Breathe.... Open that shit up for me." I hocked spit again, this time landing directly on the target, which was my dick. I rubbed it over the part of my dick that was exposed... and I pushed in. Thomas fought himself not to scream. Though painful, the last thing he wanted to do was wake up my daughter right next door. The veins in my dick throbbed as it inched deeper and deeper into him. And once it got as far as it could go while I was in the chair, I stood from it to get it to go deeper.

Thomas' eyes bulged. The sudden shift in my weight applied pressure to different areas of his insides. He almost yelled.

"Ahhh... Mr. G," he called out.

"I got you, Tee... just relax," I assured him again.

"Mr. G, you gotta cover my mouth."

This was new. I'd never had someone beg me to cover their mouth when I fucked them. But then again, this was the first time I was fucking someone with my daughter right next door. If that meant It'd be easier to break him in without alarming her, I was happy to oblige.

I covered his mouth with one hand, and played with his nipple with the other. His legs dangled in the air, completely pried apart and submissive. I kept using my strategy of subtle movements back and forth in his ass. And he tried to stroke his dick to keep it from going soft due to his attention being focused on every other part of his aching body. When my dick dried out, I used more spit... applying as if it were a real lubing substance.

I wanted another peak at his hairy hole spreading to welcome my invading dick. That hand I'd been using to play with Thomas' nipple reached down and underneath his nuts. I used my fingers to lift his nuts and spread his ass cheeks so I could see it one last time. My spit and lube covered dick slid into his pink (almost turning red) asshole with a little bit more ease.

Thomas muffled something from beneath me. I couldn't understand him, but I caught the gist of it when his sphincter started tightening and his dick started erupting. I wanted to cum with him, so my movements became more rapid. I spread his ass cheeks again to get another peak at his hairy rim being stretched.

The mixture of my quickened pace along with the fact that Thomas was already going into an orgasm made him more audible. He'd started belting in full voice as I tried to keep his sound suppressed. I had to use both hands over his mouth and hold him down while I gave him the daddy long stroke until I nutted. Meanwhile, his dick was rocketing off. It shot up toward him, first landing on his clavicle. Some of it even hit my forearm as it was leaping up to his shoulders.

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