The next morning was a cold one. The sun had already come up, but it was being overcast by dark clouds. Not one ray of sunlight could break through these thick clouds. There was no doubt that a storm would be raging soon.

The post-celebration atmosphere was all but joyous. Everybody was hung over. And for those who had been fucked the night before, well, they had a hangover and sore asshole. The crew of the Naked Sword went about their chores in a bit of a daze. None of them could keep their focus for very long.

They would either vomit in the buckets of the pirates mopping the deck or they would simply hallucinate and think that their mop was a pretty lady.

Captain Charles hadn't attended the celebration. He had been busy interrogating the captured pirates. Now he looked at his crew. They were in very bad shape. If an enemy ship were to attack them right now, they'd all perish for sure. And apart from that, there was a storm coming.

Mokk limped to the captain. "A storm be a-brewin', cap'n," he said, "shall I summon our weather witch?"

"Yes, Mokk," Captain Charles said, smiling down at his old friend, "get him out as soon as possible..." He then focused his attention on his crew.

Mokk limped below deck. Along the way he came across the cabin where Rolff, Borin and Haría had spent the night together. The room reeked of sex. He entered and woke Borin.

"Up and at 'em, black stallion," he said while poking at Borin's naked body, "time to get to work. We need to get us the weather witch."

Rolff opened his eyes, but had the greatest difficulty in doing so. He gathered all the power he had left and raised up on his elbows. He saw Haría lying at the foot of the bed. She was still naked. And Borin was lying next to him. He was also naked. Rolff reached over to squeeze Borin's hard ass cheeks.

"You gon' make me hard again, baby," Borin mumbled. He turned on his back and flashed Rolff a smile. "Daddy's gotta go to work, but I promise I'll be back for ya tonight... and tonight it's gon' be you and me and no one else..." He pulled Rolff in for a kiss, then he rolled out of bed and washed his face and mouth in bowl of water that was laid beside the bed. Then he got dressed.

"I can't wait," Rolff said, a blush crept up his face. He can't believe that this hunk of a man had taken his virginity. It had been an amazing night.

Mokk looked at Rolff who was clearly still seeing stars exploding in front of his eyes. "Ya had a good time last night, pretty boy," he asked with a smile on his face.

"Yeah," Rolff said with a smirk, "the best damn night of my life."

Mokk started poking at Haría. "Oy, missie, time to get to work. Did ya forget you have to wash lady Olvia's hair or do her nails and whatnot?"

"Yeah, yeah," Haría mumbled and rolled out of bed. "Hey, hot stuff," she greeted Rolff. She blew him a kiss and washed herself with the bowl of water. Then she got dressed. Then she left the room.

"So, tell me, how was it to fool around with Borin and Haría at the same time," Mokk wanted to know. When he didn't get an answer, he left.

Rolff simply smiled and got out of bed. He touched his sore asshole. It hurt and it was sticky with Borin's cum. He was in desperate need of a hot bath to wash the smell of sex off his body. He took a towel and went to the bathhouse.

There he filled the tub with hot water and eased in. It felt heavenly. He poured a liquid that smelt like roses into the water. And all of a sudden it felt like the water had healed his sore hole. He sighed with relief and enjoyed the rest of his bath.

Flario woke up sporting a massive morning erection. He groaned and decided to take care of it, but then Mokk came in.

"Get washed and dressed, princie," Mokk announced, "time for breakfast." He looked around. "Where be the pretty redhead?" he asked revering to Dahlia.

"I dunno," Flario mumbled as he got out of bed. He didn't feel like talking about Dahlia right now. Maybe he had been too hard on him last night. Maybe he shouldn't have yelled at him. Maybe he shouldn't have hit him. He shrugged the guilty feeling off and washed himself.

When he entered the dining room, it had been transformed back to its original state. Whoever their interior designer was, he was damn good at his job.

Flario walked to the bar and received his breakfast from the bartender.

"Brad, right?" the bartender asked.

"Uh-huh," Flario answered.

"I just gotta say, that I think you're very hot." The bartender paused and blushed. "I normally don't hit on guys who are in relationships, but you were alone last night and you seemed very depressed and you had a boner and your boyfriend was doing the bump and grind with the crew and did I mention you had a boner?"

Flario couldn't help but laugh. "Yeah, you did."

The bartender sighed. "I'm Keith," he said holding out his hand.

Flario shook it. "Nice to meet you. And trust me, I wanted nothing but to take you to my room and do things to you..." He bent forward and whispered: "Dirty things..."

Keith's blush became a deeper red and he looked away. "Well, then why didn't you?"

Flario ignored the question.

"It's because of the pretty redhead, huh?" Keith understood. He had been there before. "Before I became a member of the crew on this ship I had a boyfriend too. He would love to fool around with chicks and such. And I didn't really mind since he didn't kiss them or anything, but funny enough I was the one who slipped up." He chuckled. "The guy I slept with was a pirate. Greg caught us as I was getting fucked senseless. He hit me. Hard." He pointed at the eye-patch. "And then I never saw him again. The Naked Sword needed a bartender so I took the job."

"Is this supposed to make me feel better?" Flario had become irritated.

"What I'm trying to say is that Lolil or whatever his name is would never cheat on you. I saw straight through the drunken haze of his eyes last night. The moment he saw you leaving the dining room slash nightclub he ran after you." Keith put a hand on Flario's shoulder. "He loves you and you obviously love him." He removed his hand. "Well, I guess that answers my questions why you didn't wanna take me to your room and do dirty things to me."

Flario smiled again. "Thanks, Keith." Then he ate his breakfast in silence.

On deck Borin had fetched the 'weather witch'. He was a native from the mainland. He had light brown skin and dark hair. He had several colorful feathers in his hair and wore nothing but a loincloth.

"Who's this?" Dahlia asked. He sipped from his cup of coffee in a desperate attempt to survive this horrible hangover. He had cried all night long and made his head ache even more. And his throat was sore from all the sobbing.

"This here is Oki. He's a native from the mainland. His gifts have been passed on from generation to generation. He may be the only one who can protect us from the storm."

"Can he control the weather?" Dahlia asked again.

This time it was Borin who answered him. "Yes and no. He can create his very own storms, blizzards and whatnot and those are the ones he can control, but he can't control a natural storm. He can simply deflect the effect it can have on this ship, for example a giant wave."

"Fascinating." Dahlia looked the young native up and down. He had a nice built. Not as muscular as the pirates but he was a sight for sore eyes. And the loincloth didn't hide much of his flaccid penis, which looked long and meaty even though it was soft.

Oki looked up at the sky. The clouds had become darker and they had started to spew bolts of lightning. The ocean had become restless and waves began hitting against the sides of the ship, causing it to rock from side to side.

"This is my queue," Oki calmly announced. "It may be best for you and your crew to go below deck, captain. I will not be held responsible if anything were to happen to you or your men."

Captain Charles nodded. He yelled for his men to stop working and go below deck. Then he motioned for Dahlia and Borin to follow him. They hadn't been below deck for a few seconds or the sky started to spew first hundreds, then thousands, then millions of raindrops. And in a matter of time countless of raindrops fell from the sky.

Before Dahlia went below he could see Oki being lifted up into the sky by a gust of wind. His eyes had started glowing white. Suddenly a bolt of lightning shot down onto the ship, but Oki was faster and deflected the bolt with ease.

Dahlia wondered where Flario was. What happened the night before had given him many nightmares. Never had he and Flario fought. And Flario had hit him. That was a first also. But Dahlia had to admit that he had asked for it. His lewd behavior would have caused anyone to slap him across the face.

When he entered the dining room, he saw Flario sitting at the bar drinking a glass of beer. He was chatting with Keith. They laughed and Dahlia could make out that they were having a good time. He didn't want to spoil the mood, so he just left in search for Rolff.

He found Rolff in the bathhouse. Rolff was busy drying himself off. Dahlia grew red when he saw Rolff's naked body and he looked away.

"Sorry," he apologized, "I didn't know you were naked."

"No problem," Rolff said with a smile. He wound the towel around his waist. "You can look now."

Dahlia then broke out in tears. Rolff walked over to him and wondered what was wrong. And Dahlia told him what had happened the night before. Rolff took Dahlia in his arms and calmed him by rocking him back and forth.

"It's gonna be okay," he whispered.

"Really?" Dahlia sobbed.

Rolff nodded. "Now what you need to do is talk to him or... "A sly look appeared on Rolff's face.

Dahlia knew what he meant. Rolff wanted him to use his ability to control people to get Flario to forgive him. But he could never let Flario do things against his will. That wasn't right. But he was willing to give it a try...

In the dining room a wisp of vaguely visible mist made its way through the hunky pirates of the Naked Sword and invaded the nostrils of Flario who was sitting at the bar. He immediately lost interest in Keith who kept on chatting.

Flario stood up and left the dining room. He followed the wisp of mist without knowing where it would lead him. He had no control of his body whatsoever. It was like he was sleepwalking. The mist led him into a dimly lit room. The cabin smelt of flowers and a bunch of candles had been lit to give the room a romantic atmosphere.

Then his eyes fell on the bed.

The bed was decorated with various flowers, vines and leaves. And in the middle of the bed lay a vision so wondrous, so magical. The pretty face had a sly grin on its face and a flower had been fixed into the fiery red curls. The creature's green skin sparkled with beauty.

Flario couldn't believe what he was seeing. He blinked several times but that vision of beauty hadn't gone away. It was still there with that seductive grin on its face.

"Flario," Dahlia chimed, his voice sounding like a whisper tickling Flario's ear.

"H-hey," was all that Flario could manage to say.

Dahlia sat up and broke the spell.

Flario shook his head as if he had just awoken from a dream. "W-where am I?" Then he saw Dahlia sitting on the bed. He was completely naked and looked more beautiful than ever. Even though he wasn't under the spell anymore, he still couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Neither of them spoke a word. The room was silent for what felt like an eternity. It was Flario who broke the silence by taking off his clothes. When he was completely naked he climbed on top of the and sat in front of Dahlia. His cock had already risen to its full length.

Flario took Dahlia's face in his hands and pulled him in for passionate kiss. Flario then gently pushed Dahlia onto his back and slid on top of him. He looked his lover in the eyes. Then he kissed him again.

"I want you, Flario," Dahlia softly said, kissing Flario's strong neck, "I want you inside of me."

Flario didn't answer. He took Dahlia's legs in his hands and pushed them all the way over Dahlia's head. Flario then started lapping at Dahlia's exposed hole like hungry dog. He tongued the boy's ass deep and violently, sending waves of pleasure searing through Dahlia's body.

"Oh, God, Flario, yes!" Dahlia exclaimed, clawing at the bed sheets. Never had he felt something like this. It felt heavenly.

Flario continued to ravish Dahlia's hole with his tongue for some time. He inserted a finger into Dahlia's hole. He soft whimper escaped from Dahlia's lips. Nothing that indicated that he didn't like the intrusion. Flario slowly began pushing his finger in and out of Dahlia's wet hole. He heard his beautiful lover whimper once more as he added two more fingers next to the one already in there.

"Yes, Flario," Dahlia panted.

Flario, seeing that Dahlia was now nice and loose, decided that it was time for the real deal. He knelt between Dahlia's spread legs and looked his lover in the eyes while holding his nine inch monster between in both his hands.

You want this, Flario's eyes asked.

Yes, I want it, Dahlia's eyes answered.

Flario grabbed some lube from the night stand and applied a large amount onto his thick cock and in Dahlia's already loosened ass. Dahlia moaned in anticipation.

As he felt Flario the tip of Flario's cock slide inside of him, Dahlia let out a loud moan. It didn't hurt, it felt damn good. Before he knew it Flario was buried to the hilt in Dahlia's hot ass. Dahlia pulled Flario's face to his and hungrily kissed him, tonguing Flario's mouth as if it were an bowl of ice cream.

Flario broke the kiss and started fucking Dahlia. Slowly at first, pulling his cock all the way out and ever so slowly sliding it back in. This action caused Dahlia to moan loudly. Flario repeated this same action again and again.

He held Dahlia in his arms while sensually gyrating his hips, lobbing the insides of Dahlia with his thick uncut meat. Dahlia dug his nails in Flario's back and held on for dear life. The searing pain in his back made Flario let out a beastly growl.

Afraid that he had startled his lover Flario immediately began apologizing.

"Shut up and fuck me," Dahlia panted.

Flario didn't hesitate to obey these orders. He pulled his cock out of Dahlia's hole and flipped his onto his stomach. He then immediately slammed it back in. The long gentle strokes became shorter and much more aggressive thrusts. Flario dug his fingers into Dahlia's fiery red curls and let out an animalistic growl, as if some invisible force had taken over his entire body.

Dahlia clawed at the sheets, helpless to the waves of pleasure that overwhelmed him. He moaned loudly and desperately bit down on the pillow while Flario's nine inch rod was plowing into him at a rapid pace.

"Oh, yeah, baby, give it to me," Dahlia moaned, almost screaming as he tried to find something to hold on to, wildly pushing back onto Flario's ass-ripping monster. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," Dahlia groaned. It felt so damned good. Too good. He wanted Falrio stop, but at the same he wanted Flario to fuck him harder and harder.

Flario's grip on Dahlia's hair became firmer and so did the thrusts. He swore he could feel his red haired lover's insides being poked by the tip of his monster of a cock. suddenly he pulled his cock out and roughly flipped Dahlia back onto his back. He entered him once again and resumed fucking Dahlia's ass, his abdomen slapping against Dahlia's balls.

Dahlia grabbed hold of his own cock and began stroking, but Flario roughly took Dahlia's six inch penis between his fingers. He rapidly began to stroke Dahlia's cock, while still fucking him hard.

"I'm gonna cum, Flario," Dahlia moaned, gagging on pleasure and pain and desperation.

"Come for me, baby," Flario growled, while resuming to fuck Dahlia, "cum for daddy."

And before long jets of hot sticky cum were flying all around the room. Just when Dahlia thought he was done, a few more jets shot out of the tip of his cock. Never had he cum like this before. He kept on cumming and cumming and Flario kept on fucking his ass. Dahlia though he would faint if another drop of sperm was forced from his cock.

The clenching of Dahlia's sphincter ignited Flario's own orgasm. He pulled his dick out Dahlia's worn out ass and started jerking. He moved over to Dahlia's face and ordered him to open wide.

"Open wide, baby," Flario groaned, "here it comes... Fuck! Here it comes!!" And at that moment Flario came like an out of control fire hose, white washing Dahlia's face and flooding his green skinned lover's mouth.

Dahlia did his best to swallow, but it was too much. Soon he was spitting out gobs of Flario's cum. It was everywhere. In his hair, his eyes, his nose and of course in his mouth.

Finally Flario stopped cumming and collapsed on top of Dahlia. He panted heavily as he chewed on his lover's sweaty neck. He whispered sweet words into Dahlia's ear and also chewed on his earlobes.

Dahlia was at a loss for words. What had just happened, was like nothing he had ever experienced before. That awful encounter with Tako was all blurry to him now. Flario had literally fucked that memory out of his mind.

He caressed Flario's back and tousled his hair. He missed the shoulder-long dreads of hair that he had fallen so in love with and he made sure that Flario knew that by whispering it into his ear. Flario replied that he missed them too.

Dahlia didn't know where it came from, but somehow Flario had just enough energy to start tickling him. Dahlia was caught totally off guard by this. He let out a startled yelp, followed by an uncontrollable stream of laughter.

"Get off me, you jerk," Dahlia laughed.

Flario did as he was told and rolled off of Dahlia.

For a few moments the room was filled with a pleasant silence. The silence only those who were truly in love could experience after a good session of hot love making. Sure Dahlia wished that this was his first time, but Flario made up for that by being better than that monster of a man they called master Tako.

"I'm sorry, Flario," Dahlia said, breaking the silence.

"Sorry? Sorry for what, baby?" Flario wanted to know.

"I feel like such an idiot. You have always been such a sweetheart to me and still I treated you like dirt for being that sweetheart. You have to admit, I was an unbearably annoying ass."

Flario chuckled. "Baby, you weren't an unbearably annoying ass. You were the pain in that ass, but that's not really the point here..."

"Shut up, you jerk," Dahlia giggled, playfully shoving Flario out of the bed and onto the floor.

Flario crawled back into bed and kissed Dahlia. "God, you're pretty when you laugh," he sighed, while gently caressing Dahlia's face.

Dahlia blushed.

Flario laughed at this. "Are you blushing? After what we just did? Why are you blushing? My God, it's adorable!"

"Oh, stop," Dahlia said. "It's just that even though you weren't my first, you still made me feel like a virgin..." The blush on Dahlia's face became a deeper red.

"Was I that good?" Flario asked, faking a surprised look.

"You know you were, you tease." Dahlia gave Flario another playful shove, but this time Flario was prepared and he immediately jumped Dahlia, pinning his pretty lover to the mattress.

"I was amazing," he whispered.

"You were," Dahlia agreed.

And they kissed.



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