As he heard Dahlia scream, Flario's eyes shot open and he jumped up from the dirty mattress. He raced out of the tent, grabbing his sword before along the way. He did not even bother to put on some clothes. Like a leopard he ran through the trees in all his naked glory.

When he reached the lake, he saw that master Tako, master Toda and Avigne were standing in front of Dahlia and another tall man. Dahlia's arms were wrapped tightly around the tall man's was. Dahlia's was sobbing. And his face was pale. It was like he had seen a ghost. Or a monster.

"Well, well, well," master Tako chuckled, "If it ain't the pretty prince. I know you wouldn't be able stay away from all this." He motioned to his body and cock. "Ya come back for more, huh?"

"Make him go away, Rolff," Dahlia whimpered softly, "make the bad man go away."

Rolff stepped in front of Dahlia. "You have no business with the prince, Tako," he calmly said.

"Step aside, giant, so that I can get me another taste of that boy's sweet bum," master Tako growled and licked his lips. He took a step forward, but a wall of fire withheld him from going any further.

Flario came dashing from behind the trees and stood next to Rolff. "Get the prince to safety, giant," he ordered.

Rolff nodded, took Dahlia in his arms and disappeared between the trees.

Flario glared at his three masters. "What did you mean when you said that you wanted another taste of Dahlia's sweet bum," he demanded from master Tako.

Master Tako laughed out loud and absorbed the fire in front of him. "I'm surprised the pretty boy hasn't told you," he said. "Looks like your so-called lover is keeping some secrets from you..."

Flario lowered his sword. Did that mean that Dahlia wasn't a virgin? Could it be that master Tako had made love to Dahlia before he did? No, it couldn't be true. Dahlia would never let a man like Tako touch him!

"Since you haven't had the privilege of knowing how it is to plunge your cock into that beautiful hole, I'll give you a heads up." Master Tako grinned. "It was heavenly. Even though he protested and tried break free from the bonds on his hands, it was still like fucking an angel."

Flario's sword fell to the ground. "You..." Tears rolled down his cheeks as he desperately tried to hold them in. "You mean to say that you... you raped Dahlia?"

Master Tako nodded with an evil smirk.

"You forced yourself upon my Dahlia?!" An aura of flames had appeared around Flario's naked body and his eyes were glowing red. As he was about to attack master Tako, Avigne jumped forward threw a fireball at Flario.

Flario deflected the fireball and threw one of his own Avigne, shooting his master out of the way. Flario threw another fireball at master Tako, but he ducked out of the way and rolled aside. Instead master Toda was hit.

Just as Flario was about to throw another fireball at master Tako, a thorny vine wrapped itself around the prince's body. The thorns pierced his skin and he was injected with a poison that made him drowsy. He fell to his knees and tried to focus on his attacker. It was one of the Flora warriors.

"L-let me, go," Flario slurred, but the vine's grip on his body grew even tighter. Flario let out a yell and as he did so something fell from the sky right in front of the Flora warrior. It was Rolff. As if he were a fly, Rolff grabbed the Flora warrior and threw him aside. He turned to Flario and tore the vines from the prince's body.

"Are you okay," Rolff asked.

Flario simply moaned. The poison was starting to weaken him. If he didn't get any medical attention soon, he would surely die. Rolff took Flario in his arms and carried him to a cave, where he and Dahlia had gone to hide.

Dahlia sat in a corner of the cave. He was still shuddering. His fear disappeared when he saw Rolff entering the cave with Flario in his arms. He jumped up and ran towards the two.

"What is the matter with him," he asked as the tears rolled down his cheeks.

"He's been poisoned," Rolff answered.

Dahlia knew how to deal with this. He told Rolff to lay Flario down on the ground. Then Dahlia opened Flario's mouth. He asked Rolff to hold it open for him. Dahlia took a small knife out of his pouch and cut his wrist. He then held his hand above Flario's mouth, allowing the blood to drip down his throat.

"Come on, sweetie, swallow," Dahlia told Flario.

Flario did as he was told. Then he lost consciousness.

"Is he gonna be alright," Rolff asked.

"Yes," Dahlia answered. "The blood of our people has healing qualities. He'll be fine in the morning. But for now we have to keep moving, the others may already be looking for us. Can you carry Flario for me?"

"Of course, your majesty," Rolff immediately said.

The next morning Flario woke up. He had never felt healthier than he had today. He stood up and stretched his limbs. As he did so a pleasant aroma filled his nostrils. Not far away from him he saw a tall man squatting in front of a small fire. Above the fire the man held a half roasted piece of meat.

"Good morning," Flario said.

"Good morning," Rolff replied without turning around. "I'm Rolff, a friend of Dahlia's."

"Nice to meet you, Rolff." Then he remembered the night before. He remembered what master Tako had told him. Master Tako had told him that he had raped Dahlia. Again the tears rolled down his cheeks as he thought of those words coming out of his master's mouth.

"Where's Dahlia?" The question came out a bit hoarse. Flario cleared his throat and asked again. A bit firmer this time.

Rolff pointed at a big boulder.

Flario made his way to the boulder and behind it he found a sleeping Dahlia. His heart melted as he saw the peaceful expression on his lover's face. Flario didn't want to wake him so he lay down next to him and threw his arms around Dahlia. Dahlia's hands automatically went to Flario's face.

"Good morning, baby," Flario whispered.

"There is nothing good about this morning, Flario," Dahlia softly said, "nothing at all."

"I know, baby." He kissed Dahlia's neck. "I know."

Dahlia sat up and looked at Flario. Tears welt up in his eyes and he started sobbing. Flario pulled Dahlia into a loving embrace and held him there until he was softly whimpering like a lost puppy.

"I want my mama," Dahlia whimpered.

That is when Flario's heart broke. If only he could fulfill his lover's wishes. If only he could run back home to Flora and get queen Aurelia for Dahlia. He felt powerless. He could do nothing for Dahlia. Then he remembered that song Dahlia had taught him. The one about the young prince and the fairies. How did it go again?

"Little prince strolling in the meadows," he softly sang and he felt Dahlia calm down. "Little prince of stars. Picking pretty flowers, singing to the butterflies. Birdies flutter round and round. And as the little prince climbed up a tree, a hundred fairies danced upon his head. The little prince grew happy as the fairies danced on. He danced with them until the day's end."

Dahlia had completely calmed down now. He remained in his lover's strong loving arms and enjoyed the feel of Flario's hard naked body against his. They sat like this for a few moments.

Then Flario spoke. "Do you wish to talk about it?"

Dahlia looked up at Flario and kissed him. "Yes," he answered as he broke the kiss. And he told Flario how it had all happened. How he was captured and brought to a small wooden house. How master Tako had bound his hands. How he had slapped him hard in the face. How he had forced his dirty cock between his lips. How he had tongued his ass. The most painful part was when he told Flario about how master Tako had penetrated his sacred area, robbing him of his precious virginity. He told Flario about how master Tako had raped him. Hard and merciless. Tearing his anal canals and coating them with his filthy cum.

Flario had silently listened to all this. "I'm sorry, Dahlia," he whispered, trying to fight back the tears, "I'm so sorry." And he broke out in tears, sobbing like he had been the victim. It hurt so much to have something like that happen to someone he loved with all his heart.

"There's nothing you could've done about it, Flario dear," Dahlia whispered as he too couldn't hold back his tears. "It's not your fault," he assured his lover, "none of it was."

Flario nodded and kissed Dahlia.

"I don't know how I could have forgotten something like that, but somehow when I saw that man again, it all came flooding back." He took a breath. "I really wanted you to be my first, Flario."

"I know, baby," Flario said and caressed Dahlia's cheek. Then he got angry. "I promise you, I will never let anything like that happen to you ever again. I will kill Tako with my own hands. I'll rip his heart out through his ass!"

"Shhhh," Dahlia shushed, "as long as I have you I don't care what you do to that man. Please, Flario, don't ever leave me," he pleaded.

"I won't, baby," Flario whispered, "I will never ever leave you."

They stayed in each other's embrace until Rolff interrupted and told them that breakfast was ready. He had specially prepared a dish of fruit and vegetables for Dahlia since he was a vegetarian. The meat was for Rolff and Flario.

After they had finished eating, they took a bath in the lake. And after that they got back on the road and continued their journey. There next stop was the Harbor. They would have to find a ship to bring them across the Great Ocean. From there on the journey to the Source would be a constant battle of life and death. Love and hate. Lust and revenge...


In the camp they had set up the night before, master Tako, master Toda and Avigne prepared to leave the campsite and continue tracking down the two princes. It was foolish of them to have let them slip through their fingers, it wouldn't happen.

"What shall we do with the two Flora," Avigne asked, winking at the Flora warrior he and master Toda had double-fucked the night before.

"They are nice pieces of ass," master Toda said.

"That they are indeed," master Tako added. "We'll take them with us. Besides what the other did with prince Flario might come in handy the next time we run into them. And I promise you, the next time they will not be so lucky..."



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