Dahlia and Flario had been walking for almost two days now. They could both sense that the warriors sent to capture them were near. Right now they knew that the only safe thing to do was to stick together and use their poorly developed abilities to wear off the unwanted guests. They knew that once they reached the proper age of eighteen their abilities would be fully developed.

They were both seventeen now and were trained in the ancient arts of hand to hand combat, which was taught to them so they could survive the first seventeen years of their lives without relying on their god given abilities. Flario had also mastered the ways of the sword, being one of the most skilled swordsman in the land.

They were very capable of taking care of themselves, but still decided to avoid unwanted encounters with bandits and trolls. Even though they had made this deal, the two lovers unknowingly strolled into the territory of the latter.

The trolls of Shiran were vicious little men with eight inch always fully erect cocks hanging between their legs. They ravaged every young man who dared enter their territory.

Flario had noticed that they were being watched by unseen eyes. He could almost smell the filthy little men as they were closing in on the duo. Yet he saw no reason to alarm his pretty lover. But he remained cautious.

Ever since he had seen Dahlia skipping through the many flowerbeds of Shiran on that faithful day, he knew he just had to have him. It was love at first sight. Seeing Dahlia in nothing more than an undergarment, made out of the most beautiful leaves and flowers, had brought his powerful manhood, which stood proud at a length of nine inches, to an immediate erection.

The way Dahlia’s slim body had danced around that day had brought a certain feeling to life in Flario’s groin and he just wanted to grab that beautiful piece of perfection and pound the life out of it. But he respected his lover too much to do this, all he could do was wonder how it would have been.

Dahlia had said that their love making should be something special brought on by love and not lust. But Flario could not help it. He was an Inferno and the Infernos were known for their rough love making, big cocks, muscular builds and excellent combat skills, while the Floras were pretty fairy-like beings, who would be more than willing to take it hard and rough from behind.

Dahlia on the other hand was the more playful, more carefree of the two. He enjoyed the beautiful scenery surrounding them and always danced around as if he had not a care in the world. He often took notes of flowers he had never seen before. He would stop every now and then and draw some kind of fluffy animal in his sketchbook.

When Flario would impatiently hurry him along, Dahlia would smile in his heart melting manner and just skip along. This would result in Flario forgetting why he was even annoyed in the first place. Dahlia knew that Flario loved him. And he made sure that Flario knew that the feeling was mutual.

Even though they had known each other for almost six months, they had never made love. Dahlia had always wondered how good a lover Flario really was. All he knew was that Flario had a beautiful nine inch dick, which arched downward when fully erect. He had pleasured that beautiful piece of art many times with his mouth, even taken it all the way to the balls, but he never had the chance of pleasuring it with his untouched virgin ass.

When he heard a twig snap, Flario immediately drew his sword. Dahlia, startled by the sudden noise, stopped with what he was doing and cautiously looked around, searching for any sign of danger. Just as they were about to announce that everything was alright, a rusty old chain wrapped itself around Dahlia’s entire body, making him tumble to the ground.

"Dahlia!" Flario yelled. He started running towards his injured lover, but was held back by a group of three very short men with erect cocks hanging between their legs. One was holding the chain with which he had attacked Dahlia. The troll grinned at Flario. His teeth were all rotten and he was missing quite a few.

"Let him go," Flario demanded.

"I don’t think so, young prince," the leader of the trolls grinned, "do you think we will let this beautiful piece of ass get away?"

Hearing this Flario snapped and charged.

"Come one step closer and the pretty one gets it..." The troll released Dahlia from the rusty chain. Dahlia lay in the grass on his back with his beautiful undergarment ripped from his body. His legs were then held wide open by the two other trolls, while the leader stationed his penis at Dahlia’s exposed hole.

Flario immediately halted.

"Drop the sword," the head troll hissed.

When Flario refused to do so, the troll started pushing his massive piece of meat against Dahlia’s hole.

Dahlia winced and tried to withhold the filthy troll from raping him.

"Drop it," the troll hissed once more.

Flario hesitantly let his sword clatter to the ground.

"Good boy," the head troll said and moved away from between Dahlia’s legs. "I have reason to think that this pretty prince over here is a virgin. And I love me some virgin ass." He laughed out loud and the two others followed.

Flario could almost cry as he looked at his lover lying in the grass. Dahlia’s beautiful light green skin had been scraped and bruised viciously by that nasty chain. The wounds were bleeding.

"Give him back." Flario's eyes had started to glow red and his body temperature had risen to an alarmingly high degree. An aura of flames had begun to dance around his body.

At that moment Dahlia jumped up and with a few supple movements he floored two of the trolls. Now he was binding them with thorny vines he had summoned out of the ground. "Your turn, baby," he cooed at Flario.

Flario smiled at this and attacked the remaining troll with a fireball. When it exploded there was fire everywhere. Dahlia managed to protect himself with magical barrier, which drew power from the flowers and plants around him. When the flames were gone, absorbed by Flario, Dahlia lowered his barrier and looked down at the defeated trolls, the leader being burnt to a crisp and the two others barely alive.

Flario walked to Dahlia and took him in his arms for a loving embrace. He brushed his lover lightly against his bruised cheek and kissed him passionately. Dahlia opened his mouth, offering his tongue to Flario.

Flario accepted the invitation into his lover’s mouth and soon their tongues were mashing into each other, sending waves of pleasure to their cocks, which had now risen to their full lengths.

Dahlia broke off the kiss. He knelt down before Flario. He unbuttoned Flario's jeans, freeing the nine inch monster. He immediately took it into his mouth, causing Flario to hiss with pleasure. Flario grabbed a handful of Dahlia’s fiery red curls and urged the head of his lover further down his curvy shaft.

It easily slid all the way into Dahlia’s well-used throat and he held it there, massaging it with his experienced throat muscles.

Flario could not hold back any longer. He slowly began to fuck his lover's mouth, which only meant that the process would be hurried along. He was never able to resist Dahlia’s hot mouth pleasuring his big dick. He never lasted long. He let out an animal-like growl and, holding Dahlia's head in place, he released shot after shot of his hot creamy cum down Dahlia’s throat.

His whole body shuddered as he emptied his balls in his lover’s throat and Dahlia did his best not to choke on the large amounts of sperm flooding his mouth. He managed to swallow all of it and not waste a single drop of that sweet cock-juice.

After he felt like he was done for the moment, Flario slid his spent penis out of Dahlia’s mouth. Dahlia licked his lips. Some of Flario’s seed had escaped his mouth and were desperately trying to get away from Dahlia’s hungry tongue. After the escaped seed had been accounted for, Dahlia stood up and kissed Flario on the lips.

"That was amazing, baby," Flario whispered into Dahlia’s ear, as he caressed the lithe body of his beautiful prince. "Like any other time."

"I try to be my best," Dahlia answered, he started planting kisses in Flario’s neck, "for you I am always my best, you know that, Flario."

"That I do." Flario looked down at the grass to see that Dahlia had also cum. "I’m sorry I couldn’t blow you today," he apologized.

"It’s okay," Dahlia snickered, while playing with Flario’s hard abs, "my hand had to do it for today. It did an amazing job by the way..."

They both laughed.

Their laughter didn’t last long.

Suddenly Dahlia went limp in Flario’s arms.


Flario then saw the poison dart in Dahlia’s neck...

He saw the men stepping towards them...

He saw the crest of the Inferno on their skintight body armor...

And as he too was struck by a dart, he saw darkness...



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