All was quiet. The storm had blown over. Mighty rays of sunlight drilled through clouds and evaporated the remains of what was once a powerful storm. Behind those disappearing dark clouds, a blue sky revealed itself. An invisible paintbrush gently painted one of the most beautiful rainbows in the sky, promising the dawn of a better tomorrow.

"All is well, cap'n," Mokk said, while watching as the Sword's crew went to work. There first chore after a heavy storm as that of the night before, was to collect all the fresh fish and nutritious seaweed that had washed onto the ship's deck and deliver them to the ship's cook.

"Yes, my dear old friend," captain Charles agreed. He took a deep breath of fresh air, mingled with the raw smell of the fresh fish, and sighed. "The men will eat good for the next few weeks. I mean, look at all this fish! Haha! All that protein to foresee those delicious egg-sized balls with hot sticky cum for the cum-hungry to devour. Everybody wins."

Mokk smiled. It was good to see captain Charles smile. Even though the joke made no sense to Mokk, a smile on captain Charles' face was a rare sight. Priceless, even. Mokk knew that the captain had no reason to smile, seeing the events that had occurred all those years ago.

"The Pucker!"

Hearing that name being shouted from the crow's nest sent shivers down captain Charles al Oba's spine. Fear took over him and a strange excitement sent blood rushing to his flaccid penis. As he peered through his spyglass, he could see the horror of the nine seas. The nightmare of every captain owning a vessel as magnificent as the Naked Sword. One of the many manifestations of the devil himself...

* * *

The Pink Pucker. The most feared of all pirate ships known to man. Don't let her scarcely dressed crew fool you. The extremely hot and well-built crew of the Pink Pucker are trained by the most skilled swordsmen, martial artists and ass-fuckers in the world and are known to apply these skills in battle. Yes, they will fuck you while fighting off your comrades at the same time. And they are damned good at it.

Their flag is made of a pink fabric and their symbol is a puckered hole, composed of eight arrows pointing outward, in the brightest of pink. Their flag symbolizes the men they had fucked and are hoping to fuck in the future. It's also a representation of the many ships the Pucker had conquered. That's what their captain said in some kind of press conference, when the local media wondered whether the Pucker was the most feared pirate ship in the world or if it was just one of many other gay pleasure vessels.

Once had the Naked Sword come across the Pink Pucker. It was seven years ago. The Sword sailed the nine seas as proudly as a ship could be. She was then owned by the al Oba clan. A family of wealthy traders, who were known for their beautiful golden hair and piercing blue eyes.

The entire family receded within the Naked Sword. Captain of the Sword back then was Sir Angus al Oba, proud father of Olivia and Charles al Oba and head of the al Oba family. It was his decision that led to the family living aboard the ship. Thinking it was a good idea, they all agreed, but little did they know it would lead to their unexpected demise.

The Pink Pucker has had her eyes on the Naked Sword for some time. For years she had shadowed the Sword's every movement. Every port the Sword cast her anchor, the Pucker was not far behind. She lurked in the dark, waiting for the right moment for the Naked Sword and the Pink Pucker to collide in the most inappropriate matter possible. No pun intended.

The Naked Sword is completely caught off guard. No one expects that a ship full of hardcore Nancy boys could conquer the mighty Sword. But the al Oba family is gravely mistaken. Before the battle has a proper way of starting, all women are brutally murdered.

The men are kept alive to satisfy the sexual needs of the Pucker. Their everlasting sexual appetite leads to most of the al Oba men (most of them straight) being fucked to death. Captain Angus al Oba endures the raping as long as he can, taking cock after cock up his butt. Drenched in cum, piss and god knows what else. Angus al Oba meets his end at the hands of Lavender, the Pucker's captain, who's mighty phallic muscle reaches a length of thirty-something centimeters. Stabbed to death by his lengthy sword. No pun intended.

Believing the al Oba family to be wiped off the face of the world, the Pucker plunders the Sword's riches (after plundering her owner's anal cavities) and sets her sails, being known from that day on as the destroyers of the al Oba clan and of course every virgin ass in the world.

Young Charles al Oba, covered in cum and reeking of piss regains consciousness. He opens his eyes to see the women of his family murdered. Throats slit or body's beheaded. And the naked body's of his uncles, cousins and even his nine year old nephew, brutally raped to death, their body's covered in dry cum and warm piss.

Charles tries his best not to vomit. His mouth tastes of cum and piss. What did those filthy Puckers do to him? Tears roll down his cheeks. He feels the cum squirting from his aching ass and his swollen cock and balls, milked of all their cum, ached as well. The pain is almost unbearable, but the young Charles manages to get up.

His head stars spinning as he tries to stand up straight. And he tumbles to ground next to the body of his father. A familiar face he will never see again. Charles sobs, screaming for help, not caring if there are still Puckers on board. He wants out of this hell.


That voice.

Charles' eyes open to stare at Olivia, his younger sister. She seems unharmed.

Apparently she had managed to hide when the Puckers stormed their ship. She could hear her mother being murdered, her aunts, cousins and nieces being killed by those raging homos. The sound of their screams will haunt her forever. She hears as the men of her family are brutally raped and fucked to death. She watches, unseen by the eyes of the Puckers, as Daniel, her young nephew, a boy of barely nine years old, is being skewered by two fat cocks at the same time, while his own was being pumped by the soft (yes, soft) hands of a third Pucker. His cries of pain and helplessness echoing throughout the ship...

Like a coward she had watched as her family was being raped and murdered. When Daniel's body goes limp in the tight grip of the Puckers' muscular arms, rippling with mouth watering muscles, she silently breaks out in sobbing.

Charles vaguely remembers what happened to him.

He is bound to a table with his bare ass in the air. Leather whips strike his bare skin hundreds, maybe thousands of times. Then hands touch him everywhere, spanking is already raw ass cheeks and fingering his tight hole. Five to six fingers plunge into his hole at the same time. Tongues flick at his puckered hole and probe deep inside of him. Sucking and chewing on his delicious cherry. At some point Charles feels a rippling arm elbow-deep in his stretched out hole, punching at his insides, making him cum unwillingly.

The man pulls his arm, covered in ass-juice and blood, out of Charles' ass hole and his comrades take turns sticking their fat cocks in Charles' gaping hole and violently fuck his virgin ass. They pay no heed to his protests. They fuck him violently and mercilessly, while whipping him with leather whips. And they enjoy his agonizing pain. It only seems to arouse them even more.

They fuck his ass for a while and after emptying their balls inside of his sore ass, they then choose to empty their full bladder also. There is piss and cum everywhere. The Puckers cheer and shout as their comrades drench the poor boy. They hold open his mouth and fill it with piss cum and force him to swallow.

Charles can't help but choke on the vast amount of bodily fluids being shot down his throat. He gags and vomits the cum and piss back out, but it only seems to make the men hornier than ever. They plug his vomiting mouth with their thick cocks and force some more cum and piss down the poor boy's throat.

There are cocks and hands everywhere. In his mouth, in his hole, pulling on his hair, spanking his bloody ass cheeks. Again he feels a fist roughly fucking his hole. But he has lost his voice. He tries to scream, but no sound comes out. The men laugh at this. They find it amusing. It turns them on.

They're laughing, Charles thinks as tears roll down his cheek. He feels his eyes become heavy. As they close he can still feel the men raping his body. Even in his state of unconsciousness he can feel as they fist his hole and stuff up to three cocks in mouth.

The last thing he hears before completely loses is their laughter. Their cruel ass-raping laughter. It echoes throughout the entire the ship. It haunts his dreams.

Then it's finally over.

Charles feels nothing. No hands. No cocks. No tongues. No whips. Only pain. Cum. Piss. Blood. And more pain. Agonizing pain. His entire body aches. His ass is sore and feels as if a fire had just raged in there. His cock is swollen and hurts like hell. He is not bound to the table anymore. He is lying on the floor amongst the remains of his family...



That voice again. That sweet soothing voice.

"Charlie, are you awake?"

"O-olivia...?" Charles' voice was hoarse. His throat ached, probably from all the screaming and the cocks that had been crammed down his throat. How long had it been?

"Oh, Charlie!" Olivia embraced her brother. She thought he would never wake up. It had been three weeks since the Naked Sword had been attacked. Three weeks since the entire al Oba family was brutally murdered.

"I'm okay, Liv," Charles softly said. But he was lying. He was anything but okay. Even though his body was entirely healed of all its defects. He knew that it was Olivia's doing. All the women in the al Oba family obtain the gift of healing at some point in their life.

No, he was anything but fine. Apart from the fact that he had no one left but his sister, the traumatizing experience of being raped over and over again was something that not even the most powerful of wizards could suppress.

* * *

"Are you okay, cap'n," Mook asked. He noticed the huge bulge in captain Charles' trousers and the horrified look on his face. "You don't look so hot."

Captain Charles al Oba didn't pay attention to his old friend. He had only thought of one thing. He had waited for this day all his life. The day he would be able to avenge the death of his family. Yes, one thought. Revenge.

"Ready the men, Mokk," captain Charles ordered, "for today may be the day we die. You make sure Olivia and Haría are safe. Allow the two princes and their friend to escape. They mustn't get involved in this for they have their own problems to face."

"But, cap'n," Mokk protested.

"Now, Mokk!"

Mokk hesitated, but obeyed the captain's orders.

Seeing the sad look on Mokk's face, Olivia broke out in tears. Never had she thought that this day would come. She thought that they were rid of those awful men. Haría wanted nothing but to join her comrades in battle, but Mokk said that it was the captain's orders for the two ladies to be safe.

"Be safe, Mokk," Olivia sobbed, "tell Charlie I love him and if he doesn't return, I will personally journey to the other side to give him the beating he deserves."

Mokk smiled. "I'll do that."

Haría took Olivia's hand and nodded for Mokk to do his thing.

The room was then filled with a blinding light.

After making sure that Olivia and Haría were safe, Mokk hastily made his way to Flario's cabin. Flario and Dahlia jumped when Mokk entered the room.

"You must leave, your majesties," Mokk said, almost shouting the words, "get your tall friend and flee the ship while you still can."

"What's going on?" Flario demanded to know.

"We are about to be attacked by the most feared of all pirate ships known to mankind, the Pink Pucker! And if you don't get the hell out of here, you will die!"

"No, we won't," Dahlia protested.

"Fine, you won't," Mokk yelled, "but you must continue your journey and fulfill your destiny. No need for you to get mixed up in all this! Now, get dressed and get off the fucking ship!"

Then Mokk left the room.

"Was it just me or did he speak without that stupid pirate accent of his," Dahlia wondered.

"Yeah." Flario had noticed it too. "So weird."

They got dressed and sprinted to Rolff's room. Rolff was reading a book about bondage sex. When Dahlia and Flario stormed in, he hastily hid it away under his pillow. A bright red spread across his face.

He was informed of what was going on and was asked not ask questions. When they got on deck, all pirates of the Naked Sword were present. Even Keith. Rolff spotted Borin and ran to him.

"You gotta go now, baby," Borin softly said.

"Will you be okay?" Rolff asked, tears welling up in his eyes.

Borin wiped the tears away. "I dunno, baby," he answered, "I may not survive this, but we'll see each other again." He took Rolff's head in his hands and pulled him in for a loving kiss.

When they broke the kiss, Rolff had trouble letting Borin go. It was hard letting go of someone who had taken your virginity. There would be no other one after Borin. They hadn't known each other for that long, but Rolff could safely say that he had fallen in love with the black stallion. He loved Borin and he didn't wanna let him go.

"Go, baby," Borin said with a warm smile, "be safe."

Eventually Flario and Dahlia had to tear Rolff away from Borin. They dragged him to captain Charles, who was standing at the helm of the Naked Sword, peering through his spyglass as the Pink Pucker came closer.

"Captain?" Dahlia carefully said.

Captain Charles called Mook to him. "It's time, my friend," he said, smiling down at his old friend.

Mokk nodded. He took his walking stick in his hand and twirled it several times. A bright light emitted from the stick and engulfed Mokk entirely. When the light dimmed down, Mokk wasn't there anymore. A naked god of a man with a massive sword in his hands (and between his legs) stood where Mokk stood not so long ago. An armor made of impenetrable metal covering his massive chest was the only clothing he wore. His long silvery white hair fluttered gracefully in the gentle breeze. And his mammoth-sized cock sprung to life, leaking large amounts of sparkling pre-cum.

Not much was said after that. The Pink Pucker was getting closer. Captain Charles gave the signal and Mokk muttered a few words. Before they knew what was happening, Flario, Dahlia and Rolff were engulfed in a bright white light.

"This light may not bring you to your destination," Mokk spoke in a heavenly voice, "but it will get you off this ship and transport you to the shore." He gave Rolff a long lingering look. As if he were trying to break straight into the young man's soul.

Rolff willingly invited Mokk inside of him and as sudden as the connection was made, it was broken, but that was all the time Mokk needed to help Rolff to realize a few things. To help Rolff know who he really was.

Before a dumbfounded Rolff could speak, Mokk's penis grew even more rigid and a bolt of lightning shot from it into the sky. Rays of light rained down from above and one by one Flario, Dahlia and Rolff were transported from the Naked Sword.

When the lights disappeared, the captain Charles spoke: "Men, you have served me well throughout the years, but today may be the day that some of us, if not all of us, will die. If anyone wishes not to partake in this battle, speak now and Mokk will transport you to safety..."

When no one said a word, a content smile spread across captain Charles' face. "My men, I love you all as if you were my own sons or lovers and may we meet again someday. If not in this world, then perhaps in another."

A wave of shouts and cheers rolled throughout the crew of the Sword. They were all prepared to die for captain Charles and the Sword. He had taken good care of them and they had taken good care of him (in more ways than one). It was time for them to repay him for all he had done for them.

As the Pink Pucker drew near, the crew of the Naked Sword prepared themselves for the battle of all battles... The second part in the saga of the Naked Sword violently probing the Pink Pucker... Yeah, I said it...



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