When Flario came to, all seemed blurry at first. He could make out faint figures surrounding him. He managed to understand some of the words. They were talking about Dahlia and him. Now he knew who these men were. The crests he had seen before he passed out were the crests of the two kingdoms from which they had escaped. The Flora and Inferno had decided to work together in order to retrieve the runaway princes.

When two of the three men disappeared out of Flario's vision, the one left behind noticed that he was awake. He wore the crest of the Inferno. Flario recognized him. It was one of his masters. One of three men who had taught him the ways of various weapons, flame throwing and martial arts. One of three that had had the honor of making mad animalistic love to Flario. Although, he couldn't call it making love, since it had been so rough and inhumane. But he would be lying if he said that he had not enjoyed every single minute of it.

"M-master Toda," Flario managed to say.

"Yes, my prince," master Toda replied. He was the one who had taught Flario how to use a sword. He was also the first one to have his ten inch cock up the prince's butt. What a privilege it had been to have taken the prince's cherry. "Everything will be alright. We will have you home in no time. We'll see if we can rid you of this spell that horrible Flora has cast upon you."

"Wha...? What spell?" Flario sat up. His head had cleared a bit, he saw his master clearly now. The handsome master Toda had a worried expression spread across his face. "Where is he? Where is Dahlia?" Flario asked.

"No worries, your highness," master Toda assured, "he is with his own kind now. His spell must have worn you out. I can only imagine what that perverse Flora has done with you."

These words angered Flario. No one had the right to talk about Dahlia like that. "The only thing that ‘perverse Flora' has done to me is make me feel happy and loved," he spoke. He glared at his former master and stood up. That's when his head started spinning and he fell to the matrass again.

Master Toda told him not rush into anything. According to him the poison would be out of his system soon and then they could make their way back to Infernia. "Have some rest now, Flario," master Toda whispered and caressed Flario's handsome face. "If you want I could make love to you like we used to back in the day..."

Flario scoffed. "Why don't you just say that you want to fuck me and get it over with? We both know that you violently plowing my hole with your massive cock cannot be called love-making."

"And we both know that you, my beautiful prince, like it very rough," master Toda cooed and continued to caress Flario's face. He then tried to kiss him, but Flario moved away. "Playing hard to get, are we?"

"I don't want anything to do with you, Toda," Flario angrily hissed between his teeth.

It was then that the two other warriors of the Inferno entered the tent. Flario recognized Avigne (pronounced Aveen), the young and handsome man who had taught him to throw his flames in the most impressive ways known to the Inferno. He was a bit on the feminine side, wearing lots of jewelry. He had pierced ears, a pierced nose, pierced nipples and even a pierced cock-head. His long dark hair reached his sensuous hips. His cock had a length of nine inches but it wasn't really thick. He had still managed to give Flario one of the most intense ass-plowings he had ever received.

Flario also recognized master Tako, his martial arts teacher. Master Tako was a bald man of age, but he knew how to fuck a boy senseless with his massive cock. He had an impressive muscular built for a man his age and his cock was something to be feared, standing at a length of eleven inches and a girth of almost twenty centimeters. It was the biggest cock Flario had ever had inside of him.

"Is he giving you trouble, Toda?" master Tako asked, while giving Flario a disapproving look. He had always treated Flario like dirt, even when they were ‘making love'. He would always choke Flario or slap him across the face while he pounded him unmercifully.

"Our prince wants to go back to his beloved Flora," Avigne cooed and caressed Flario's cheek. He giggled and slapped Flario hard across his face, sending the poor prince into a daze. "I say we have little fun and teach this naughty prince a lesson." He looked at his companions. "What do you say, boys?"

Both master Toda and master Tako smiled wickedly at this plan. "Let's do this," they both said as they took off their clothes and started pulling on their erect cocks.

"Splendid," Avgine giggled, he too had taken his clothes off and was now stroking his pierced member.

The three masters then stepped to Flario and pulled his jeans down. They helped him to another mattress that lay in a corner of the tent.

"My, my, my," Avigne giggled, looking at Flario's erect cock. "It seems the little prince likes it this way." He grabbed Flario's cock and began stroking it.

"You like that don't you, boy," master Toda said, he had kneeled next to Flario's face and was now feeding him his own ten inch penis. He hissed as his cock slid into the prince's hot mouth.

Avigne had started to finger Flario's ass, preparing it for the good ass pummeling he was about to receive. He started out with one finger then he inserted a second. Flario hadn't been fucked in a while, Avigne noticed. It had been too long since the beautiful prince had had a nice cock up his butt. He was very tight, but that would be taken care of very soon.

"He's ready, Toda-boy," Avigne announced and removed his fingers from Flario's hole. "Be gentle with him," he joked.

Toda grinned and spread Flario's legs, exposing his pink hole that was twitching with anticipation. He was really craving some cock up his butt. He would never admit to it out loud, but he wanted his masters to ravish him in every way possible.

"Fuck me, master Toda," Flario panted as master Toda started to finger him.

"Trust me, baby," master Toda whispered in Flario's ear, nibbling at his lobes, "that's exactly what I intend to do." He knelt between Flario's legs, which were being held wide open by Avigne. Master Tako was watching from a distance, stroking his big cock. He could not wait to fuck the life out of his runaway pupil.

Master Toda grabbed his own cock and guided it to Flario's asshole. With one pelvic thrust he had sunk his entire manhood in the young prince's tight hole. He let out a moan as his cock was surrounded by the warmth of Flario's ass.

Flario took it like a man. He was trying to cope with the pain of the sudden intrusion. He knew that the pain would be gone soon, but it hurt really bad.

Master Toda pulled his cock out all the way and then plunged back in, causing Flario's eyes to almost pop out of their sockets.

"Oh, fuck," Flario panted.

Master Toda pulled out again then plunged back into Flario's ass, harder this time.

"Oh, fuck yeah, master," Flario moaned, throwing his head back and clawing at the sheets that covered the mattress.

"You like that, baby?" master Toda whispered into Flario's ear, nibbling at them once again.

"Yes," Flario panted, "fuck yes, master Toda..."

"Good." Master Toda took over from Avigne and took Flario's legs into his hands. He pushed them down to Flario's side. Then he started slamming his cock into Flario's ass with slow hard thrusts. With each powerful thrust Flario would let out a groan or a moan and when master Toda started to pick up speed, Flario could do nothing but whimper and moan and claw at the sheets.

"Oh... oh... oh... fuck me, master," Flario whimpered. He reached out to touch master Toda's sweaty abs. They felt so good in his hands, hard and sweaty. Just the way he liked it. He slid his hands to his master's muscular chest and squeezed them hard as he was being fucked by the man who had taught him how to handle a sword.

Master Tako made his way over to the mattress. "Move over, Toda," he demanded, "allow me to show the boy what it feels to be plowed by a real man."

Master Toda slid his cock out of Flario's ass. He then moved away. He walked to Avigne and they started making out, exploring each other's body. Then master Toda sat down on a stool and motioned for Avigne to sit down on his still erect cock. Avigne smiled at this and did as he was told. He sat down all the way on master Toda's cock, facing him. Master Toda grabbed Avigne's ass cheeks and started pounding him hard, making Avigne moan and scream with pleasure.

"On your knees, boy," master Tako growled at Flario.

In no time Flario was on all fours in front his master's huge dick. "Please be gentle with me, master," Flario pleaded, knowing what he was getting himself into.

Master Tako simply scoffed and pushed his fat eleven incher into Flario's tight ass. He let out a soft moan as the warmth of Flario's ass welcomed his cock.

Flario stifled a moan. He knew his master didn't like it when he got noisy.

"Nice," master Tako sighed. He then grabbed Flario's hips and almost immediately started to fuck him with ravaging speed. His pelvis slammed against the boy's beautiful ass cheeks.

"P-please, master," Flario pleaded, moaning and groaning at the intense ass plowing he was receiving. "Please slow down..." That last came out nothing but a pathetic whimper.

But his master didn't listen. He grabbed Flario's throat with one hand, while still holding his hips with the other. He started squeezing Flario's throat shut, causing Flario to have trouble breathing. And master Tako continued to fuck the boy viciously.

"Don't fucking tell me what to do," he hissed as he slammed Flario's ass hard.

It started to hurt and Flario couldn't take it anymore. The mixture of pain and pleasure became too much for him. And the hand on his throat wasn't really helping with this at all. But despite this all some part of him really enjoyed this.

"M-master, you're hurting me," Flario managed to squeal through the tight grip on his throat.

Master Tako let go of Flario's throat, grabbed a handful of the prince's hair and roughly pushed his head into the mattress. "Fine," he growled. The beast of lust had taken over master Tako and he was now pounding the young prince with destructive force, slamming his huge cock deep into Flario's ass. He let out a beastly growl and slammed his monster dick into Flario's worn out ass one last time and kept it there.

He threw his head back and let out another howl. His grip on Flario's hair tightened as he started to gyrate his hips, lobbing his cock against the inside walls of Flario's hot ass, causing the prince to shudder and moan uncontrollably.

Yet another howl escaped from master Tako's throat and this time he unleashed wave after wave of hot cum deep into Flario's ass.

Flario, desperately trying to gasp for air, felt his own cock shooting wads of cum onto the sweat-soaked mattress. He hadn't even touched the thing. This was by far the most intense he had ever been fucked by anybody. Master Tako had, without a doubt, exceeded himself.

Finally Flario was released from the grip on his hair and he felt the now not so hard but still impressively large monster of a cock slide out of his ass. His master's cum came flooding out of his gaping hole. And as his hips were released, he felt his knees give way and his body fell limp to the sticky mattress, which was now soaked with sweat and cum.

Flario did his best to breathe, but had trouble with this. His hole ached and he was tired. But he had to admit that he had enjoyed the vigorous ass-fucking at some point. Master Tako hadn't been kidding when he said that the prince was going to be plowed by a real man. He was literally fucked into a stupor. He couldn't think straight.

Avigne and master Toda had been witness to this brutal fucking and had both blown their load.

"That was most entertaining, Tako-dear," Avigne chimed, while applauding his fellow master's performance. "I'm looking forward to receiving the same heavenly treatment soon." He winked at master Tako and threw him a kiss.

Master Toda simply scoffed and after throwing a disapproving glance at the worn out prince, he made his way out of the tent. "I'm going to wash myself," he announced.

The other two followed him, leaving the spent young prince all alone. As his masters left, Flario could not help but let a smirk creep across his face. That fuck felt amazing. It had been a while since a man had taken him like that. And with this in thought he fell asleep, dreaming of what had just come to pass in this tent.


A few feet away from the Inferno tent, the Flora had set up camp. Unlike the Inferno they didn't camp out in a tent. In order to really connect with nature, they preferred to sleep under the stars, a mild campfire burning in their midst.

Dahlia had been listening to the Inferno going at it in their tent. There wasn't a doubt in his mind that they had also fucked Flario. One of the voices that had been carried by the wind into his curious ears was his Flario's for sure.

Now Dahlia was lying on his mat as the moans and groans had ceased and the night was filled with a peaceful silence. He would be lying if he said he hadn't been turned on by what he had heard. If the three other Floras hadn't been with him, he would've relieved himself.

But then there were those animalistic howls at the end of it all. They had scared away his arousal. Something about those howls made him quiver with fear. No doubt that the one letting out the howls had reached his climax. There was something familiar about those orgasmic howls... He had heard them before!

"Prince Dahlia, are you okay?" one of the warriors asked. It was Rolff. He was Dahlia's self-defense teacher. He was also one of Dahlia's closest friends back in Flora. He was freakishly tall standing at length of five foot six inches. This was unusual for a Flora or any other person.

Some say that his mother had crossed with a god. He didn't possess any of the gifts that other Floras had. He couldn't grow plants with his bare hands nor did he have green skin. His ears were that of a normal human being and his hair was as dark as the night. His eyes were his most beautiful attribute, they were blue. Blue like the deep blue ocean.

He was really the black sheep of the kingdom. But what he lacked in his appearance he made up for with his skills. He possessed amazing strength, he could lift a tree trunk without breaking a sweat. He could withstand any kind of physical assault. He was an amazing swimmer, better than most Flora, who are natural born swimmers. He could run incredibly fast with those long legs of his and jump at great heights. He really was a force to be reckoned with.

But he was still the kindest person Dahlia knew.

"I'm fine," Dahlia answered with a smile. "And we talked about you calling me ‘prince Dahlia'. It sounds so submissive."

Rolff looked uneasy. "But I am your servant, your majesty," he defended himself.

"No," Dahlia corrected him, "you are my friend. A very dear one." Dahlia looked up at the sky and studied the stars. They were twinkling brightly tonight.

"I'm sorry about the darts, prince... I mean, Dahlia," Rolff started. "It was the idea of the Inferno. They wanted to make sure that you wouldn't up a fight."

"It's okay," Dahlia assured him, "you just did what you thought was best for me."

This put Rolff at ease. He smiled at his prince and took a seat next to him. Together they looked up at the stars and tried to name the constellations.

"You see that one over there," Rolff said excitedly, pointing at one of the stars in the night sky.

Dahlia squinted his eyes and nodded.

"That's my father." Rolff fell silent.

Dahlia didn't know what to say. He knew that Rolff had never known his father, but to think that he was a star was a bit farfetched. He decided not to say anything and agreed that the star shone more brightly than the rest.

This made Rolff smile.

"Why did you run away?" Rolff had asked the question before he even knew what was happening. He immediately began apologizing but Dahlia stopped him.

"No, I owe you this much for being such a good friend."

And he told Rolff the story about the Source. The mother of all that lived and breathed. Dahlia told Rolff the tale of how she had shaped this entire world with her two bare hands. "She created us all. The humans, the Flora, the Inferno, the elves, the pixies, the fairies, the mermaids. She even created the gnomes and trolls. Her infinite wisdom created such a wonderful world, but it was threatened by hate, war and destruction. She spent centuries, maybe even millennia trying to perfect this world. But realizing that it was a lost cause, she stopped trying and didn't interfere with what went on. She felt that it was better for her children to learn the ways of the world by themselves. There's nothing more perfect than an imperfect world."

"I've never heard this story before," Rolff said as he stretched himself out in the grass. "Please tell me more."

"Very well." And Dahlia told him about her power to dispose of the law forbidding people of the same sex to be together. She would destroy the law with the same love she used to create this world. She was the only one who could make this come to pass.

"She can really do that?" Rolff asked in disbelief.

"Yes, she can," Dahlia nodded. Then he noticed the bulge in Rolff's pants. "Are you going to take care of that, Rolff?" Dahlia asked nodding at his friend's obvious erection.

"Would you like to care of it for me?" Rolff had asked this very carefully, choosing every single word of the question with caution.

Dahlia simply smiled and pushed Rolff down on his back. Then he lay on top of him. He lightly brushed Rolff's lips with his. "If Flario can have fun with his masters, I can sure as hell have fun with mine," he whispered in Rolff's ear, sending shivers down the taller man's entire body. Dahlia made his way down to Rolff's groin and disposed of his pants with one swift movement.

Rolff had a beautiful cock. It was about ten inches when fully erect. Dahlia stroked the erect penis with his thin fingers and took it into his mouth. A moan escaped from Rolff's mouth. He lifted his legs up to his chest and offered his puckered hole to Dahlia.

Dahlia smiled and started licking at the exposed hole. He dug his tongue in there as deep as he could, causing another moan to escape from Rolff's throat. Dahlia then summoned a vine and allowed it to creep into Rolff's hole.

"Oh, fuck, yeah," Rolff moaned as the vine grazed his prostate. "Do that again." And Dahlia let the vine slide over Rolff's prostate over and over and over again. "Yes, yes, yes..."

Dahlia took Rolff's cock back into his mouth, making the tall man moan and groan with pleasure. The vine up his butt kept on massaging his prostate. It wouldn't be long before he would reach his climax.

"I'm gonna cum, Dahlia," Rolff warned. "I'm gonna... arrgghh..."

Dahlia swallowed the cock to the balls and massaged it with his throat muscles, causing Rolff to release shot after shot of hot cum down Dahlia's throat. Dahlia slid the cock out of his throat and out of his mouth and a few spurts hit him in the face.

"Your cum tastes delicious," Dahlia announced. He ordered the vine out of Rolff's ass and back into the ground. He wiped the cum off his face and licked his hands clean.

Rolff was still panting from the orgasm he had just had. "That was amazing," he panted. He pulled his pants up and looked at Dahlia. "Thank you."

Dahlia simply smiled and looked up at the sky. "Hey, where are the other two warriors my mother sent?" He noticed that they hadn't been with them for a while now.

"Oh, they went to wash themselves in the lake nearby. Wanna join them? I know I want to."

"Sure," Dahlia said and stood up.

Together they made their way to the lake to rid themselves of the dirt and sweat. When they reached the lake, right there in front of them, the two other Flora warriors were being fucked senseless by the Inferno. One of them was on all fours being fucked by a bald muscular man.

The other was sitting on the cock of a beautiful man with long hair, while another man also had his cock up the Flora warrior's hole. The poor man was moaning and groaning in pain and pleasure. Both Inferno were pounding into the man with powerful thrusts.

Then Dahlia heard that sound again. That beastly howl sent shivers down his spine and caused his entire body to quiver with fear. He looked at the bald man. The Inferno was now fucking the Flora with powerful thrusts, causing the poor man to scream in pain mixed with pleasure. Then there was another howl. The man pulled his monster of a cock out of the Flora warrior's ass and stroked it. Within seconds he was spraying the Flora warrior's back with copious amounts of cum. With every squirt of cum that came out of his cock, he would let out a howl.

The bald man turned his head to where Dahlia and Rolff were standing. Dahlia saw his face. He saw his face and the fear grew inside him. His face went pale and his knees gave way. He fell to his knees and started crying. All the memories came flooding back. That horrifying day replayed itself in his mind over and over again. He had been able to suppress this experience somehow, but now it had resurfaced.

He looked up at the man who was now walking towards him and Rolff. The other two had finished and were also making their way towards Dahlia and Rolff.

When they were standing in front of Dahlia and Rolff, master Tako, master Toda and Avigne smirked at who was standing before them. Dahlia looked into the eyes of the man who had done him wrong all these years ago. He looked into the cold disapproving eyes of master Tako and remembered everything...

He let out a frightened yell...



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