The party was in full swing. Loud techno-beats were blasting through the speakers and everybody was enjoying themselves. The dining room had been transformed into a fantastic nightclub. All the furniture had been moved into a corner so that everyone had a place to dance and shake their moneymakers.

Some of the pirates sat by the bar and were satisfied with a massive glass of ice cold beer, while others were doing the bump and grind on the dance floor. Since Haría and Olivia were the only two females on the ship and since they were not to be touched under any circumstances, the men had to settle for each other. They just danced, grinding their bodies against one and other, sticking their tongues into each other's mouths and groping at each other's dicks.

Even the straight pirates, now drunk off their asses, allowed the gay ones to paw at their body and grope their dicks. They even exchanged an occasional kiss every now and then. Some of them even excepted an invitation to fuck a gay pirate in the ass in front of all his buddies.

Boy, was that a treat! The pirates would gather around their fucking comrades and cheer them on, urging the straight pirate to fuck the gay one harder. And when they both shot their load, the crowd grew even wilder.

Dahlia was among those pirates cheering the two fucking pirates on. He had one too many shots and was now doing things he would never have done if he were sober. For example he would flirt with a few of the hunky pirates. He would rub their muscled arms and complement them on their muscles. He would sometimes ask them if he could pull at their nipples rings.

The pirates were pretty hands-on too when it came to Dahlia. They would tousle his hair or dance with him on the dance floor. They would move behind him and grind their erected penises, covered by their slacks, against Dahlia's butt. They would even kiss him in the neck while doing this, giving him a hickey here and there.

Flario watched as this all came to pass. He sat at the bar, drinking the last of his beer. He was very displeased with Dahlia. The guy was acting like a slut in front of everybody, but they had agreed on an open relationship not so long ago, shortly before they left home to find the Source. But that didn't mean that he had to flirt with all these dangerous men.

Sure, a couple of them had hit on Flario, but he had turned them down, saying that he was already involved with someone and that that someone was on the ship. The disappointed pirate would look around asking: "Which one?" and Flario would point at Dahlia, who was doing a very dirty dance with a sexy pirate, and Flario would answer: "The pretty redhead."

The pirate would whistle and walk over to Dahlia and his comrade and they would dance with him together, Dahlia in the middle, one pirate in front of him and the other in the back.

Flario grew angry when he saw that Dahlia was enjoying all this attention. Enjoying the alcohol and sweaty bodies grinding against one and other. He had even smoked a joint or two. At some point Dahlia jumped on top of a table and requested the instrumental of some song.

Dahlia took the microphone that was handed to him and he began to sing.

"If you think that I'm pretty, I know that I am. If you think that I'm pretty, then tell it to the band. I've got fabulous hair and fair green skin. My baby is a flame throwing hunky man."

The pirates cheered and Dahlia stepped off the table and continued singing while making sensual movements with his hips. The rest of the song had very provocative lyrics, which only seemed to make the pirates hornier than they already were. They danced around Dahlia while he sang, making the same movements as he did. One would think that they had practiced the choreography for weeks, they were so in sync.

Haría sat down next to Flario and ordered a beer. She swung her stool around so that she was facing the show that Dahlia and the pirates were putting on.

"Look at the pretty prince dancing and singing, with a bunch of fairies dancing around him," Haría laughed. Her beer arrived and she took a sip. "You okay, Brad?"

Suddenly a smile crept up Flario's face. He remembered the lullaby. Dahlia's performance was a very dirty interpretation of it. Maybe this was Dahlia's way of expressing his feelings. He missed home. He missed his mother.

Flario sighed. "Yeah, I'm fine," he said to Haría.

Dahlia ended the song with very high operatic falsetto, which made the crowd go wild. Dahlia bowed deeply to his audience.

"Thank you," he slurred, the alcohol taking its toll on his ability to speak. He almost fell over, but he was stabilized by the men that had dance with him. "Thank you," he slurred again, this time addressing the men that stabilized him, "you're very kind..."

Rolff joined Flario and Haría. "Wasn't he amazing," he asked, "who knew that he could sing like that. And those dance moves...?" He whistled.

"Hey, hot stuff," Haría said to him.

"Hey." Rolff ordered a glass of water. He didn't like alcohol one bit.

Haría motioned for someone to come over. Borin, the big black pirate from earlier, joined the group and he too ordered a big glass of beer. He gulped it down in one pull. He gave a content sigh, burped loudly and turned to Rolff.

Rolff immediately saw the big bulge in Borin's slacks.

"Who's this hunk of sexy just begging to be fucked like an underpaid prostitute," Borin growled, while his eyes raked over Rollf's body. He licked his lips. The bulge in his pants grew even bigger.

"Seriously," Rolff mumbled, "what is it with you people and comparing me to an underpaid prostitute? It's not cool..." He trailed off as he saw that Borin bent over and kissed him.

Borin broke the kiss. "Yum," he said, licking his lips, "he's a tasty one, sis," he said to Haría.

"Borin here is my brother," Haría explained, "and he and I would like to get you out of those clothes and show you a good time..."

"But didn't he just finish fucking the life out of those captured pirates?" Rolff asked in disbelief. It couldn't be that Borin still had some fuck left in him, he must have cum a hundred times down there.

"Trust me, baby," Borin cooed, while cupping Rolff's chin, "daddy's got a lotta stamina and I would like to show ya by pumping ya full of my hot cum."

Rolff felt a rush of horny wash over him. He sucked his lip between his teeth and gave Borin a lecherous look. Millions of lustful thoughts raced through his mind. He had to admit that he lusted after both this stallion of man and his hot sister.

Suddenly his mind was shut off by his erect penis. He grabbed the back of Borin's head and pulled him for one of the wettest Flario had ever witnessed in his entire life. Rolff ground his body against that of the black stallion and Borin lifted him off the ground, their lips still locked, and carried him out of the dining room slash nightclub. Haría giggled excitedly and followed them out.

Flario just sat there, a massive boner pressing against his pants, yelling for him to set it free. He rubbed his cock through the fabric of his pants and looked at Dahlia who was playing a drinking game with the pirates. He looked even more drunk now, his eyes had glazed over and he had a constant blush on his cheeks.

Flario couldn't help but smile. Dahlia seemed happy. Flario had nothing to worry about, he knew that the pirates wouldn't dare do anything funny to Dahlia ever since they saw that he was not just another pretty face.

Flario stood up and adjusted his cock.

"Taking off so early?" the bartender asked. He was busy wiping a glass he had just washed. He was cute. He was lightly muscled and barely had any tattoo's on his body. He had a cigar between his lips and he had a severely damaged eye, which only made him look sexier. The injured eye was covered by an eye patch.

"Yeah," Flario replied, "I'm tired and I'm sporting a massive boner and my boyfriend is having fun with your pirate buddies, so I'm gonna go to my cabin and have little fun all by myself." He tried to sound excited but he knew it didn't come out very convincing.

"Have fun," the bartender said and returned to his duties.

Flario had kind of hoped that the bartender would ask him to take care of his boner or something. He would have loved to fuck his cute little butt for a little while. But it seemed he would have to take care of it himself.

Just as he left the horned up space, Dahlia called out to him.

Flario turned around to see Dahlia stumbling towards him. When he reached Flario he tumbled into his arms. Flario could smell an intoxicating mixture of alcohol, pot and sex invade his nostrils.

"Hey, baby," Dahlia slurred, while caressing Flario's chest, "wanna have some fun?" He tried to kiss his lover, but Flario gently pushed him away.

"Dahlia, you're drunk, high and god knows what else," he said with a worried look on his face. "Besides, it seemed as if you were having a lot of fun out there, so why don't you go back to your new buddies and continue having fun, huh?"

"Ooh, playing hard to get, are we, baby?" Dahlia laughed. "Come on, sexy, let's go to your room and do the nasty..."

"I will not abuse your situation, Dahlia," Flario said with a stern tone in his voice. "I won't and I can't..."

"What are you talking about?" Dahlia asked while trying to steady himself against a wall. "You've been wanting to fuck my eyeballs out ever since the day we met and you're saying that you don't want to?"

Flario nodded. He had made up his mind.

"When did you become such a pussy, Flario, huh?" Dahlia scoffed.

That's when a hand struck Dahlia hard across the face. He reeled backwards with a hand on his painful cheek. Again the wall withheld him from tipping over.

"Y-you hit me," he whimpered.

"Yeah?! Well, you deserve it," Flario yelled. "I have had it with your whining, your mood swings and everything else! I have had it!"

"Please don't yell at me," Dahlia whimpered as tears welled up in his eyes.

"No! I will yell at you!" Flario grabbed at his hair as if he wanted to pull them out. Then he pointed at Dahlia and the tears rolled out of eyes. "If this is how you're gonna behave..." He paused to take a breath. "...then maybe it's better if we just broke up..."

Those last words hit Dahlia back into sobriety. He looked up at his lover and seeing the sadness in Flario's eyes, Dahlia felt guilty. He had treated Flario like dirt for the last couple of days. Even when Flario had tried to cheer him up. Now Flario had had enough of it.

"Flario, I... I-I'm sorry," Dahlia sobbed.

"You know what, Dahlia, save it," Flario said, holding his hands up, "I don't wanna hear it..." Then he turned and walked away, leaving Dahlia alone in the hallway.

Dahlia fell to his knees. He didn't know what hurt more: his painful cheek or the words Flario had just spoken. He wrapped his arms around himself and cried.


In another part of the ship Borin threw Rolff on the bed and instantly joined him. They immediately began making out, licking and sucking at each other's face. Haría watched while she undressed.

Borin took the time to peel every piece of clothing from Rolff's skin piece by piece. Every time a bit of skin was revealed, Borin would start kissing that spot, leaving behind a dark red hickey. In a matter of minutes Rolff was lying on the bed in nothing but his brown leather boots. He then took it upon himself to undress Borin in the same way that had been done to him, but since Borin was only wearing a pair slacks, the black stallion was naked in a matter of seconds.

Rolff licked his lips as he saw Borin's big black meaty cock spring free. He took it in one hand and began stroking it slowly. He looked up at Borin and smiled. Borin threw his back and moaned when Rolff swallowed the foot-long monster all the way to the balls in one gulp.

Haría was impressed by this. "Wow," she said, "I have never seen anyone do that to my big brother's cock before. That's pretty impressive, pretty boy." She then noticed Rolff's nine inch cock and took into her mouth immediately.

After a few minutes of the chain-sucking, Borin pushed Rolff back on the bed and slid on top of him. Again they started making out. Wet sucking sounds filled the room. They pushed their cocks together and made grinding movements, causing them to both moan.

Haría decided not to disturb them any further and sat down on a chair. She had moved it in front of the bed. When she sat down, she spread her legs and started fingering her pussy while watching her brother and Rolff going at it like a pair of wild wolves.

"Ya ever had a black cock in yo' ass, baby," he whispered in Rolff's ear.

"No," Rolff panted trying his hardest not shoot his load, "I... haven't had any... I'm a virgin..."

Borin looked surprised. "Pretty boy like you ain't never had a cock up your ass? Ya hearin' this, sis?" He turned his head to Haría who was still busy fingering herself.

"Shut the fuck up and fuck that tight virgin boy," she moaned. She moaned louder as she had her first orgasm of the night.

Borin flipped Rolff over onto his stomach. He then knelt between Rolff's legs. He spread Rolff's ass cheeks and started slobbering at his twitching asshole.

Rolff let out a moan as he felt Borin's tongue drive itself deep into him. Never had he felt anything like it, not even when he had that vine of Dahlia's in there.

"Gotta lube ya up real good," Borin explained when he came up for air. "I guarantee ya it's gon' hurt, but after that it's smooth sailing to heaven."

Rolff smiled at this remark. "Come on," he urged Borin, "fuck me, baby, fuck me hard." He panted hard while saying this. And when he saw Borin spit on his own cock, Rolff rolled back onto his back and spread his legs, showing his hot pink hole to the black stallion knelt between his legs.

Borin took his big black cock in his hands and guided it to Rolff's virgin hole. He pressed his cock-head against the untouched sphincter and pushed, a little gentle at first but he pressed harder a while later since Rolff's hole wouldn't give way. Rolff helped by pushing himself down.

Suddenly Borin's glans popped in and Rolff couldn't help but let out a howl. Shit, it hurt! He clinched his jaws shut and screamed under his breath. His face had become red. When he felt Borin's cock being guided deeper into his ass he couldn't help but let out another howl.

"Don't worry, baby," Borin coeed. He caressed Rolff's cheek and wiped at the tears that had rolled out of his eyes. "It'll be over soon..." And with these words he slid the last of his big chunk of man-meat into Rolff's ass. "There, that's all of it, baby... You feel it throbbing inside ya, don't ya?"

Rolff nodded. "Fuck, it hurts," he whimpered. He closed his eyes and tried to catch his breath. He breathed in and out like a woman giving birth to a baby. It hurt like hell. It felt like someone had rammed a tree trunk up his ass.

Haría moaned loudly again, making it clear that she had cum for a second time.

After fifteen minutes or so Rolff could feel the pain fading away. Now the big cock in his ass was starting to feel kind of good. Borin noticed that Rolff had started to relax, but when he started to slide his cock out, he felt Rolff tense up again.

"Shhh, baby," Borin cooed, caressing Rolff's wet cheeks, "just relax... It's starting to feel good, huh? That big cock up yo' butt feels mighty fine, don't it?"

Rolff nodded. He moaned loudly when Borin pulled his cock all the way out, leaving only the tip of his massive cock-head in. Then Borin slid his cock back in ever so slowly, sending shockwaves of pleasure surging through Rolff's body.

"Oh, fuck, yeah," Rolff moaned. The pain was completely gone and it felt amazing. "Come on, do it again," he moaned, "please, baby, do it again..."

Borin repeated this action several times. Every time he slid his cock back in, Rolff's entire body would tremble as if he were having a seizure. After a few more times of doing this, he decided to push in a little faster. He would slide in quickly but not too quick and at the last piece of cock he would slam his pelvis against Rolff's butt cheeks.

Rolff let out a howling moan when Borin did that.

"Ya like, huh, baby," Borin growled while repeating this same action again and again.

Rolff could only nod and moan.

Soon Borin was fucking Rolff hard. He held Rolff at his ankles in his hands and moved his hips back in forth. Rolff didn't know what was happening to him. It felt so fucking good! Then Borin pushed Rolff's knees all the way down, he bent over and starting kissing and licking at Rolff's face, all this while he was still fucking him like madman.

Haría enjoyed every bit of what was happening in front of her and soon she reached her third climax.

"Fuck me, Borin," Rolff begged, "fuck me like an underpaid prostitute..." The last part had come without Rolff knowing. He just wanted this big black stallion in him for all of eternity.

Borin laughed and did as he was told. With destructive power he began pounding Rolff's ass. Rolff grabbed the back of Borin's thick neck and pulled him in for a slobbering kiss. He moaned into Borin's mouth and at some point he was just screaming with pleasure. He threw his head back on the bed and screamed his lungs out.

Suddenly Borin began to pound Rollf in fast short strokes. He was about to cum. Het let out a low growl and came like waterfall inside of Rolff's ass. He shot squirt after squirt of his thick man juice into Rolff's ass.

Rolff moaned as he felt Borin's cum flood his insides. He reached around to grab Borin's hard ass cheeks and pulled the back man deeper into him. A few more squirts were released and Borin was done for the moment.

Borin then pulled his cock out. It plopped out Rolff's worn out ass and lay on the bed, now only semi-hard but still impressively large. Borin panted and smacked Rolff on his ass.

"Ready for round two," Borin grinned at Rolff. "This time we'll let Haría join the fun..."

Rolff simply nodded. The exploding stars were floating all around his head.

In just seconds Borin was hard again. He lay down his back and told Rolff to sit down on his dick while his asshole was still wide open and slicked up with cum. Rolff did as he was told and sat down all the way on Borin's dick facing the foot of the bed where Haría stood.

"God, it's so deep," Rolff gasped.

Immediately Borin started fucking him. Rolff threw his head back and moaned as he felt that massive cock plowing him deep.

"Hold up, bro," Haría said and crawled onto the bed. Borin stopped fucking Rolff and held still. Haría then straddled Rolff's hips and slid his cock into her pussy. She hissed and pulled Rolff in for a kiss.

Borin started fucking Rolff again. He fucked up in Rolff's ass and Rolff automatically fucked up into Haría's wet pussy. It felt heavenly. The room was suddenly filled with slapping sounds and growls and moans of pleasure.

Borin pulled Rolff's head back and started licking at his neck while fucking him at the same time. Haría took it upon herself to tongue Rolff's Adam's apple. The double pleasure of Borin kissing his neck and Haría going to town on his throat and the double pleasure of a big black cock up his butt and his own cock plowing a hot wet pussy were all too much for Rolff. He felt that he was about cum. He felt that he was about to cum hard.

"G-guys," he moaned, barely being able to form complete sentences, "I'm... fuck, I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna fucking cum... Oooohhh..."

"Cum, baby, cum," Haría moaned in his ear while bouncing up and down on Rolff's cock. Her bouncing up and down and Borin's powerful thrusts enhanced the pleasure tenfold.

"Yeah, pretty boy," Borin growled, "cum for mommy and daddy..." To accelerate Rolff's orgasm he starting fucking even faster and harder than before. He wrapped his around Rolff's torso and fucked the poor guy into a stupor.

Rolff literally screamed as he came. His cum flooded Haría's pussy and it soon came gushing out in great volumes. He kept on cumming as Borin kept on fucking him with hard thrusts. He thought he would faint. Never had he cum like this. He never knew it was possible for a person to cum so violently. He began to feel weak and he went limp in Borin's arms, allowing the big black man to continue fucking him while his sister bounced up and down on his own cock.

A few seconds after Rolff went limp, Borin came for a second time. And Haría followed soon after. They let out howls and growls and shrieks that would send a pack of cum-hungry werewolves running for their lives.

After the simultaneous orgasm was over, they all slumped into a big lump of sweat and cum soaked bodies. All they could do was pant and pant and nothing else.

Rolff felt amazing. He couldn't feel his arms nor legs, but he felt great. His ass was numb and his cock hurt like hell from the intense ejaculation. But it was all worth it. He wondered if he would be able to sit properly the next morning...



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