Three years ago...

It would be Dahlia's birthday the next day. He would be thirteen in a few short hours. His mother had planned this amazing party. They were gonna celebrate the prince's birthday in one of the many outhouses the royal family possessed.

This one was located along the shore of the Great Ocean. Although it was built on the property of the ocean kingdom, the king of Oceana, Tritan, had granted them permission to visit the home whenever they wanted.

The Flora and Oceanids had always had a friendly relationship with one another. Queen Aurelia once saved Vinn, the son of Tritan, from a pack of vicious werewolves. The prince of the Oceanids was taking a walk along the shore when he was attacked by three werewolves. They attempted to rape the poor prince, but luckily the royal family of Flora had been on vacation at the time. Queen Aurelia did not hesitate and sent the werewolves packing in no time. It was then that Tritan offered her his everlasting gratitude and the house along the shore.

Now the beach was decorated with various sweet-smelling flowers and gorgeous plants. A large tent had been set up and chairs and tables were arranged in the shape of circle. The best cooks of the royal palace were instructed to prepare their most exquisite dishes for the prince's birthday party, a popular band was hired in favor of the prince and a lot of family members from both mother and father's side were invited. Even the royal family of Oceana had been invited.

This was going to be a birthday the young prince Dahlia wouldn't soon forget.

The prince was innocently skipping along the shore, enjoying the smell of the ocean and the sound of waves crashing onto the beach. He would sometimes throw himself onto the ground and roll around in the sand till he was completely covered in dirt, then he would dive into the water to wash it all off. He would then crawl out of the water only to do repeat his actions.

Queen Aurelia observed from inside the house and smiled. Her boy had grown up so fast. It seemed like just yesterday that she held him in her arms, rocking him to sleep while singing him a lullaby. His favorite was the one of the young prince strolling around in the meadows and being joined by hundreds of dancing fairies. Even now that he wasn't a baby anymore he still enjoyed his mother singing him this lullaby. A tear rolled down her cheek as she thought back to those days.

Dahlia had unknowingly strolled too far away from the house. He was now in a part of the beach where many young boys had disappeared. They would eventually turn up again, but they were never the same again. Doctors would examine the boys and discover that their anal canals were severely damaged. They would then come to the conclusion that the boys had been raped.

The prince didn't know of this and skipped into dangerous territory, where a possible rapist could be lurking about. He didn't see the hooded figure approaching him from behind. He couldn't defend himself when strong muscular hands grabbed him by his small shoulders. He couldn't scream when a filthy cloth was stuffed into his mouth.

He lost consciousness when a large hand struck him hard in the face...

When Dahlia gained consciousness a few minutes later he found his hands bound behind his back. His clothes had been ripped off his body. He was lying on his stomach on a hard wooden floor. He writhed and tried to break free of the bonds, but this was all in vain. The cloth was still in his mouth so he couldn't scream for help.

Then he heard footsteps approaching. Someone knelt next to him.

"Is the prince awake," a deep voice whispered in his ear.

Dahlia didn't answer. He was too scared to answer. He didn't even nod.

The man chuckled and licked Dahlia's cheek where he had hit him. He stood up and started to undress. Dahlia eyes raked across the man's big muscles, his magnificent chest coated with fur-like hair, his incredibly hard abs and finally his long and thick erect penis. Dahlia's eyes grew wide and fear took over him. He started thrashing uncontrollably and letting out muffled screams.

The man stepped to the bound prince and pulled him to his knees. The man then stationed himself in front of Dahlia, his mighty cock swaying before Dahlia's eyes. The man took his cock in one hand and started to slap Dahlia across the face with it. Then the cloth was removed and was replaced by the big cock-head.

Dahlia tried to spit it out, but the man thrust his hips forward, sliding his cock deeper into the young prince's mouth. Dahlia then did something he soon would wish he hadn't done. He bit down on the man's cock.

The man let out a groan and slapped Dahlia hard in his face, sending him tumbling to the ground again. Dahlia started crying.

"You try that again and I'll kill you," the man hissed and pulled the prince back to his knees. "Now be a good boy and suck on daddy's dick." The man was swaying his cock in front of Dahlia's lips, occasionally slapping him across the face with it.

Dahlia looked up at the man. He was bald and looked to be about fifty or something, but he had very muscular built for such an old man. The man's eyes were cold and disapproving.

Dahlia then opened his mouth and began to suck on the man's giant cock-head.

The man moaned, grabbed Dahlia's head and forced it further down his cock. He forced his cock down Dahlia's virgin throat, causing the prince the gag. After a few moments the started to fuck Dahlia's mouth all the way to the balls, moaning and groaning at the sweet sensations this boy's mouth was sending through his entire body.

"You got a hot mouth, boy," the man growled, looking down on Dahlia. "I just hope your ass is just as fine." He grinned and pulled his cock out of Dahlia's throat.

The man got behind the prince and pushed Dahlia's face back into the hard wooden floor, with his butt in the air. The man knelt behind Dahlia and parted the boy's ass cheeks, exposing his untouched virgin hole. He rubbed against it with one finger. He then started tonguing it, pushing his tongue deep into the prince's ass, causing Dahlia to moan in pleasure.

"You ready for the real thing, baby," the man whispered in Dahlia's ear.

Dahlia managed to let out a weak protest, but the man ignored it, grabbed his cock with one hand, while pulling Dahlia's upper body from the floor by his bound wrists with the other and started pushing into Dahlia's virgin hole. It took some time but finally the man's cock-head popped into Dahlia's ass.

The prince let out a scream and immediately a hand covered his mouth. Tears filled his eyes and rolled down his cheeks. He began sobbing. It hurt so bad.

The man continued pushing his big cock inward, while still holding Dahlia by his wrists and covering his mouth disabling him to cry for help. In an instant he was in balls-deep. He held his cock still for a while, allowing the prince to get used to the size of his cock.

Dahlia sobbed and cried and tried to escape this painful intrusion, but the man was at least ten times his size and had incredible strength. He could do nothing but bear with it. He would have to take it like a man.

After a few minutes the man started to slowly fuck Dahlia. But before long he was slamming his cock into the once virgin ass of the poor prince. He had no mercy, he just kept pounding the boy with his big cock, not caring that Dahlia was still a virgin not so long ago.

Dahlia didn't know what was happening. The pain was too much for him. It hurt so bad that he thought he would faint.

Suddenly the man let out a howl. He let go of Dahlia's wrists and uncovered his mouth, then he grabbed the prince's hips and really started to fuck him. He fucked him like a beast.

Dahlia screamed his lungs out.

The man had fucked him like this for at least an hour when he let out another howl, slammed his cock in hard and kept it there. Dahlia could feel the man's cum flooding his ass. He himself had cum without touching his cock. He panted and sobbed and moaned at the same time. His body shuddered as he felt the man extract his monstrous penis from his ass. He fell to the floor like pile of used dish cloths, panting and crying over what had just happened to him.

The man stood up and stroked his cock, shooting a few more gobs of sperm on the prince's small back. He looked at the gaping hole, which had started to spit out sperm mixed with blood. He grinned and smacked Dahlia on his ass. He then unbound the prince's hands. They fell limp to his sides. One would think that the boy was fucked to death.

"You were a nice fuck, boy," the man laughed, he threw the coat back over his muscular body and covered his face with the hood. "I hope to do that again soon."

Dahlia could see the man standing over him, but it was all very blurry. He could feel his eyes getting heavy... He saw the man leaving and then...


A few hours later Dahlia was found by two soldiers who were sent out by queen Aurelia when the prince hadn't come home. They watched in horror as the prince lay there, covered in cum, cuts and bruises over his entire body, dried tears on his face and of course his bleeding asshole. They covered him in a blanket and carried him to the house.

The queen was furious.

"Whoever did this," she hissed between her teeth, tears rolling out of her eyes, "I will have their heads. I swear it on my poor boy's well-being, I will have their heads!"

The following days Dahlia spent in his room. Crying. What had happened to him would haunt him for the rest of his life. He spent days not talking, eating nor sleeping. When a door slammed shut he dove under the table, when somebody passed him he would flinch.

This was all too much for the queen to bear. She could not sit idly by while her son had been raped. And now she had to deal with him in his post-rape state. It broke her heart seeing her little boy like this. She couldn't picture him as a baby anymore. The baby that had loved to hear her sing the lullaby about the young prince strolling around in the meadows, being joined by hundreds of dancing fairies, was no more. Now she could only picture him as the young prince that had been brutally raped by a madman.

She called in one of her best magicians to erase this horrible experience from her son's mind. The magician warned that the effects might not be permanent and that they might resurface if the man ever decided to show his face and Dahlia just happened to be in the neighborhood. He warned that all those memories to come flooding back all at once could have catastrophic consequences on the prince's mental well-being.

"Well, then you better make sure the fucking spell is permanent," the queen yelled at him. "Should my son bring up anything about what happened to him, I will have your head!" She gave the man a cold stare and stormed out.

A few days later the young Dahlia was skipping around the gardens as jolly as ever. No one was ever to mention what had happened to him or the queen would have their heads. The news however spread like a wildfire and soon the king and queen were receiving support and sympathy from kingdoms from all over the land.

Even the Inferno showed compassion and understanding for this matter.

"No kingdom should have to go through a matter like this alone, Aurelia," queen Pyrin said.

"Whatever," queen Aurelia mumbled.

"We will help you find the one responsible, Aurelia."

Pyrin placed a loving hand on Aurelia's shoulder and the queen of Flora's defenses fell. She broke out in tears and sought comfort in the arms of Pyrin.



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