The full night we drove the truck heading to my ancestral home deep down in the lonely valley. By morning we reached the valley. The valley is very lonely and isolated in the dark dense woods and there is a lake quiet near to the mansion. Since the death of my parents the home and the properties has been taken care of by my uncle or probably speaking my step father, Mr. James. , and he is now almost nearing to his 50's. 'So we are finally in your home right, my son.' 'Yes Mr. Julian and I hope we can have a good time here as the place is quiet far from town and down inside the woods it will be so safe' and we kissed each others lips and gave a hard smooch. 'So how is your ass hole, is it ok or is it sore' 'yeah dad it's still sore and I don't think I can walk its very burning up my hole and I cannot move at all.' 'oh then what will you say to your step father about your condition and that too you are just wearing these skimpy bikini briefs my son' 'that's ok dad James will not have any problem with me naked as he is straight and he is good and about my ass I will try to manage by telling some lame excuses, like a sprain in my thighs or so' 'ok son then lets go in I need to take some rest after the heavy driving'

We parked the truck and walked through the dense woods trail leading to the mansion. 'So how is your step father ''his name is James and he is a farmer, he owns the ancestral farm land on the other side of the hill and he looks after it? And he has a daughter and she is working in town, and the latest is that her wedding is soon to follow, anyways this mansion belongs to me and is looked after by my step father, he is a good person by nature and its almost five years since I have come here as I was busy with my college and all work so it will be after a long time I will be seeing him' .we reached the home and was well greeted by James .James was in his late 50's and is well built old man ,he had thinning white hairs on his head and he was thin and wiry but his arms looked so strong and he looked so hot old man.

'So welcome my son it's a long time since you came here, and to you too MR. Julian welcome' and we shared some good chat. 'son why is it that you are dressed in this tiny white briefs, and you cannot walk also' 'nothing dad its quiet hot out so that's why and its in the woods so its ok to be naked and my thighs is sprained that's why I cannot walk' 'ok then you can take some rest I have prepared 2 bedrooms for you' we were dead tired that we just fell asleep, the full day and got for dinner and after that also I just took a small nap. The next day morning was so well and fresh and my ass is feeling much better but still the soreness is there and to use the toilet was something so painful so I had to be very careful and the pain is unbearable and it will take one week probably to heal my hole. I got up and got fresh and came to my room in my towel. Julian was waiting for me. 'So Jacob do you think of wearing this white briefs again, I think you must change this briefs and wear something new' 'yeah dad I have some old pair of briefs which I used to wear 5 years back ,I think of wearing them' 'ok son'

And I opened the wardrobe and took some brief pairs, I had 2 of them one black and another red, both were extremely tight for my hot bubble red spanked ass and hardly contained my hot long cock, my thighs looked extremely sexy in the tiny tight red briefs and the brief color matched my red ass, but the redness had started to die out from my ass. 'Yes son you look so sexy in this old red underwear. You are so hot my son and your belly button and your navel makes me mad, you have very sexy navel and stomach and that belly button is so very sexy' 'but dad I cannot take another cock so soon as my hole is ruined from the heavy drilling it took I need some time' 'yes son we are not going to have another session till we leave here.' And we kissed each other and I have to dress in the red, black and white briefs all the time when am here in the woods as I have not taken another pair of dress along with me. My ass just jutted out of the tiny tight briefs. My step father never had any problem with me like this and he just so very cool. And he was busy with the preparations for the marriage. And I even took special care to note down the number of the old truck driver so that I can get him when I wanted, moreover his cock felt really good up my hole.

* * * *

One week passed by and my hole is now perfectly alright and am horny also after the heavy effect of the cock session has died out and am now so horny but I cannot get the cock as am here in the home with my step father. And we have to control our emotions. It was one hot afternoon and I decided to take a swim in the nearby lake deep in the woods, but Julian told he is not feeling well and decided to stay at home, so I went with my step dad James to the lake. I was dressed in my red briefs and my sports shoe and we walked to the lake bank. Our boat was there and James drove the boat, the weather was pleasant. 'So son how is your business' 'fine dad and how is your farm ''doing well my son' and James just looked at me for a while. 'what happened dad why are you looking so sad at me' 'nothing son I just was thinking the time when you were just a small kid ,and now see you are so grown up and it looks just interesting to watch you in this red briefs which you used to wear 5 years back and that briefs can hardly contain your thick manhood and that huge ass mounds' 'yeah dad you are right my body has developed a lot' I could not believe at the words of my step dad, and he is so hot ,I had lusted on him quiet before but was afraid of him and his tough nature, but now his words have got me a hard on and my tiny red briefs can hardly contain my thick manhood and It seems my cock will jump out and to avoid the situation I jumped to the lake and had a swim.

James was just looking at me, the hot old man. And after swimming for a while I got back in the boat, and the matters got worse with my tiny briefs drenched in the water which looked as a small second skin to my body and my cock all erect and my twink hot sexy body looked super sexy with the wetness. 'Son why don't you just take away the wet underwear off and dry yourself. Do you have another pair of underwear' 'no dad' 'its ok Jacob with you and me here in the woods it will be ok if you are naked and moreover you are with your step dad its ok if I see you naked'. I also thought the same way, its ok with my step dad to be naked in front of him. And I peeled off my underwear facing him my ass and I just bend down to show him my ass hole while I stripped off my underwear from the huge ass mounds. And I turned facing him with a hard on. James was just so cool with my hard on. 'o son your cock is so very thick ad long much bigger than 5 years before.' I could not believe my ears, my step dad enjoying my sexy body and now I have decided to get him at any cost, before the boat journey ends and we return I have to get him. And I had a plan to seduce the hot old angry tough step dad. And I decided not waste any time and decided to work on my plan.

I just stood up with my ass facing him and gave a lusty scene for him with the sexy ass of mine so that he can enjoy my ass, and then I bend down and arched my ass pretending as if I was looking at the lake and trying to catch a fish. And I skillfully looked at James to see his reaction and I could see him getting mad with the hot sight, and he can now clearly see my ass hole as am bending down so much and my ass walls have parted away to make view of my glory hole. Now what? How can I seduce him further? But before I could say anything my step dad got up and he slowly walked towards me and stood next to me holding to the boat railings. 'The sky is getting dark and it looks like it is going to rain and the wind is also cold. I think we should return'. I cannot imagine the way he talks, he is afraid to make a move to my sexy body; yes my step dad is afraid to poke me. But then I have to get him, I need him to fuck my ass and that too now. But how can I get him to do it. Saying this he walked back. 'Dad why don't you take a swim' 'no son am not feeling like to take a swim' and when he turned back to say this, I turned towards him with my hard cock all erect. And he just stood speechless to see my cock. And then I just turned back facing my ass to him. He slowly walked towards me again and just kept his hands on my naked ass and slowly ran his fingers over my ass crack. 'I want this ass, son I need your ass hole to drill my cock and spray my cum inside your hole, can you give me'

I got mad and looked at his eyes with pleasure, and without saying a word I just gave a hard smooch on his lips. And we just shared a hot smooch

And he grabbed my ass with his strong hands, and massaged my ass. And we could not part our lips and we remained lip locked for some time. 'lets get away to deep woods and have a nice time there, if we get to home then Julian will be there' I thought of keeping my affair with my father in law a secret as I now want my hot step dad to fuck the shit out of my ass. 'Ok dad lets spend the full night in the deep jungle and I want you fuck my ass the full night.'

We walked do to the deep jungle after leaving the boat on a safe shore. We walked deep down to the jungle where there is an abandoned ware house of our family. 'It will be safe here son, and I want you, want your hot hole for my cock.' And I grabbed his cock, it must be 9 inches but it is very, very thick, thicker then my in law's cock. Yes I will have a real tough time to take this cock up my hole and I have to hurt more as I cannot have lube here only the saliva and water could help, so it means my ass to be sore for another week.

Soon then the rain started and it's dark, very dark in the deep jungle. We were just hugging and kissing with passion, and he just massaged my twink boy buttocks. And rubbed my nipples, the rain is making us wet and it felt great to have sex with a hot old man in rain. The water just splashed through our body all drenched in water. I just stripped my step dad and made him naked. 'oh dad you look so very sexy, I don't know why I missed you for this time all' 'am attracted to both girls and boys from my childhood but I had to give my gay side after my marriage, but now I could not control myself on seeing you grow as a young hot twink in his 20's and with the boy butts of you so hot and sexy, and I could not stop myself when I see you in Ur hot old tight briefs' 'am yours daddy and want your cock in my hole' James then rode his fingers over my hole and he just bit my lower lips and smooched me and just sucked my lips and made bite marks on my red lips, and he rubbed my nips. He slowly inserted his finger in my inner belly button. 'Oh what a perfect round belly button and sexy navel' and he bend me down and started to rim my tight hole. My hole had become tight after the gangbang. 'Seems as if I have to loosen up your hole with a dildo' 'but do we have one here' I was exited to have a dildo in my ass as I have not tried a dildo.

Dad went searching the scrap yard near the ware house and came back with a snooker bat. 'What about a snooker bat to fuck your hole' the snooker rod was very long and thick. 'oh dad that's too long and thick I will die if I take that in my ass' 'but I want to enjoy abusing your hot boy hole with this bat, are you ready my son' 'yes but am not sure' 'its ok I will make you sure' and he just sucked my cock making me lie down on a table, and the rain is pouring heavily on our body. And I was just exited all over my horny twink boy body to feel the rain when we are having sex. Dad gave me a good blow job and he stood over my body and gave the cock in my mouth making me lie down and sitting over my chest with his naked ass.

And I slowly fingered his hole, 'yes son yeah take my cock, take your daddy's cock, yeah and suck it well do not stop , lick my balls' and as I was fingering his hot hole he rubber and pinched my nipples and made waves of sex in my boy body. And I gave a good sucking on his old cock, but experienced and a hot cock. 'Now get ready to take the snooker rod up your hot sluttish tunnel' I lied down with my legs lifted up in air and for my comfort he locked my legs lifted up in air to a hanging rod with a rope. And now am at his mercy with my legs tied to the rod and lifted up in air he has a good access to my sexy hole and he can do anything to my hole. 'Stick your butt out boy stick your butt out, and stick out your hole for daddy, common boy'

'What a hot butt boy you have got up there, its hot and I want to rape Ur ass' and he started to fuck my ass with the snooker rod.

To be continued ...wait for the most erotic chapter when JACOB GET FUCKED BY A SNOOKER ROD .................



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