Jacob was looking so tired and his beard is unshaved for weeks with overgrown facial hair and moustache thick and he looked like a Greek God. And I imagined the way I would shoot his beard with my spunk. He was all wet form the rain. He started to undress himself he took off his wet white shirt and white vest and slowly undid his belt and his cotton grey tight pants. The temperature in the room is soon increasing and I could view his underwear lining of his wet pants visible, the wetness added to the tightness and thinness of his pants making his underwear lining more visible. His body is dripping with water. And he slowly undid his pants without any shame and he had a huge bulge all wet, his white underwear is now sticking like a second skin as it is wet and his cock is erect and horned up pressing against the tight wet transparent briefs and his balls are low lying and visible and the cock head could pop up the waist band at any moment and he was not ashamed as he never managed to cover his bulged erect horned huge cock, and my cock is breaking my black tight 85 cm briefs to set free at the erotic show of my son in law, to see his cock erect breaking the briefs.

Why is his cock so erect and after stripping his cock has grown to full length? His titan ass the flesh muscles were tight, his stomach has put some weight and flesh and his hairy chest and abdomen all wet, the hairs leading to his cock. His stomach part has put some extra flesh but it added sexy for him and his belly button oh yeah it seems I must bite and tear it. His cock is placed up in his briefs and it has almost broke his waist band, he had a label written on his underwear which read 'VIP FRENCHIE 80 CMS' and this made me still mad at the sex show. His nipples are all wet and pointing up, and I felt like tearing them and cut them with a knife. His underwear is just not able to cover his private areas and he is not having any problem to stand like this partial naked to me. His low underwear exposed his ass cuttings and the ass trail. His wet hairs fell over his face. And his belly button looked so sexy; I have never seen him so sexy and nude like this and my luck. He is almost nude and wet and he is out for to burn me in fire of lust.

Jacob came to me. And he hugged me; I could feel his horny cock pressing my cock, and he just rubbed his cock on my body. 'Dad spank my ass' and he handled his leather belt. 'Why son' and he turned his ass to me. His ass was all red. His wet body dripping water and his white wet underwear all transparent and his briefs covered only his ass crack, and it rested deep in his ass valley exposing the full portion of his beefy ass mountains. And his cock is all 9 inches shooting up and it felt it will tear his briefs. I got mad to see his huge ass red getting more sexier and his briefs is useless in covering his ass my pubes are all straining and my cock, I just squeezed it and I rubbed its head and my black underwear is all wet from sweat and cum. But I had a shorts and vest and so it covered my bulge. What luck to see this erotic show of red sexy ass and who would be that lucky man to spank my sexy son?

'What happened my son it looks like you have been spanked' 'yeah dad my boss spanked my ass for I never completed my work, do you believe it spanking me like a small kid he broke all my self respect and he humiliated me' and he started to cry like a child. 'No man, sons do not cry' 'I have lost my dignity and my self respect, I was spanked nude, dad no one spanked me as I was an orphan and my step father brought me up and he gave me all the freedom but even he has not loved me so much. My step father was like a care taker and we never had a close relation'

I took the situation for my benefit to reap his ass, just by rubbing my shoulders trying to console my crying son, I slowly rubbed his shoulders and slowly I just touched his bare ass, and then slowly rubbed and massaged hard his sexy bare ass. I am feeling his bare ass, I cannot control, I feel like I would break all barriers, my heart beat level is rising and it feels that my heart is pumping all bloods that I could get a heart attack and my hands are shivering with lust, my cock is shooting precum and it feels I would soon cum with the feeling of his ass without even touching my cock.

I found that he is comfortable with my rubbing his bare ass and he was still crying over the table jutting his huge ass mounts out for me to rub more. Yes it's ok he is not having any problem and he is cool of me rubbing his naked bare ass, my mouth I watering and my lips dry of the huge tension of how he would react but still he is not having any problem. 'Its ok son' my voice was trembling with passion and slowly I knew that I cannot hold this lust anymore. Something in my mind kept me form squeezing his butt on seeing his fatherly love for me and that he is my son in law, thinking he is my daughter's husband and he is a boy with his self respect lost and he cries out to his father as I am his fatherly figure. He is broke physically, emotionally and mentally and he needs love not lust and I have to give him as I am his father. But my lust kept burning in me. I slowly very slowly slipped entered my fingers in between his ass crack gently which was the only portion covered by his briefs. And slowly I rubbed his ass hole and still he is not reacting and then I started rubbing hard. And slowly my fingers slipped to his balls and I squeezed it.

And to my surprise he just jutted his ass more for me to rub and squeeze 'ohhhhhhhhh yeah man aaahh that feels so good I love you could get those fingers up my bung hole, dad I love you, I love you so much, yeah man keep on yeah like that, oh fuck man that's hell lust' and he just hugged me. He is just hugging me tight pressing my cock on my belly. I could not contain it his golden words echoed the passion that love lust, burning desires in my gay mind broke all barriers and I just squeezed his ass and I just rubbed his ass crack slowly the region between cock and asshole. And suddenly I had a heart attack I felt that my blood is breaking all nerves and my whole body trembled as; he suddenly squeezed my hard rock cock. I could not believe it my son in law squeezing my cock and he squeezed my cock and balls and now my cock is oozing more precum and suddenly it landed in a mouth kiss a deep and the most passionate kiss our lips met each other and burned of lust and our tongues met and he bit my lips. Yes the passions have won and they have broke all barriers and we were hugging tightly more and I with trembling hands squeezed his cock, his cock is rock hard and it is oozing precum. Soon we both left each others hands.

And he was rubbing away the saliva from his lips, my saliva. He looked with passion. And his cock head is popping out of his briefs. ' I love you son but I cannot control my gay feelings for you I cannot control my lust for a moment, I am sorry' ' I love you too dad, and you being gay I think I am the most luckiest son in law in this world and that you are now like my lost dead father' 'no son can be more nearer to his father and know his true love until both son and father are gay' 'yes dad spank my ass for I am also gay and I am yours, you can love me and I will satisfy all your lust' ' I love you son I love you so much and I love your ass, your cock, your nipples, and that belly button, I think your ass has turned more sexy with the red marks' 'it's yours dad my ass make it more red, I love none other than my own father in law spanking my beefy sexy ass cakes'

'Tame my ass dad and fuck my virgin hole, I am tired of being virgin' I just rubbed away his tears. And I hugged him 'now do not cry any more I love you son. But I promise from now on I will spank you for I am your father and I will give that punishment you lost' and I was also passionate with true love and lust but now my lust should burn in me. 'Dad I just want you to spank me and make my ass sexier' 'ok son from here on we will play dad and son and you are at this hunk tough dad's mercy. I will make sure that I see this ass goes red all this month and I just want to see your ass bare naked out for me. I want to see your naked ass all this month and I want it red all this month' 'ok dad I think we should get away for that tour I promised all this month away to the lonely end. I think we will go to my ancestral home. It's quite secluded and away from town and men and from tonight I will be only in my briefs and will not wear anything else, other than being dressed in my small briefs all this month, for I just want to love you and I want to satisfy your fetishes. Dad and this place would take one night and one day journey to get to our destination by driving. Just imagine me in just my briefs all this journey, in between when we go for food in any hotel in between if I get out and all that time I will be in only my briefs with a huge bulge and I will have nothing to cover' ' then son my cock will be erect all this month'

'I love you son and I can't think of it that you will be dressed only in your white tiny 80 CMS briefs all this month through this tour. I think my cock will break at the thought'. And I stripped and my cock sprang up. 'oh dad it is a horse cock' 'yes son it is 12 inch long and it is thick meat' ' I love it dad but I don't think that I will take this cock up my tight fuck hole. It will tear my only ass' 'but I love to see you in extreme pain and that too with only water and saliva as the only liquids to lube you' 'oh dad I think I will shoot my cum right in my briefs now to think of that pain while you tear my ass and this is true love' and he hugged me and we both kissed. 'And dad I will commit one mistake each day all this month so that you can spank my butt cheeks and keep it red all this month and punish me hard I love it. Dad I think we must leave now itself it's getting dark and we have to pack up for the tour' 'no hurry son only I have to pack you are already prepared dressed in this white brief. Son I just want to see you in this brief, I mean this one alone brief all this month so do not even take any other dress and not even any other briefs, but be in just this white briefs that you are in now all this month. Because I love to smell your brief, to smell your cock and ass and do not even care to wash it all this month. You know son the smell will be great, the smell of your ass and cock' 'oh dad I love it. To leave for a journey which takes a day and night and for all this month dressed in just 1 brief without even washing it. And to smell that aroma of my cock and ass it will be like an extreme taste.' 'Yes son and I love this brief's brand VIP FRENCHIE 80 CMS it's written on the waist band. And imagine son if you accidentally tear your briefs then you will have to be naked as there will be no shops in the woods.'

'So it means I am already dressed in my brief and now I just have to go like this all this month to the world'. 'But son is there any human habitation over your old house as it is will it have any problem to be seminude always' 'no dad it is a secluded woods with wide barren lands, with a big river and if you go even deeper it will be thick forest. But on our way there will be some small shops and I love to go out in just my briefs' 'I love that dad you will be the first one to break my ass hole and that too with this titan cock'. 'And dad prepare for a lot of surprises throughout our journey' 'what are they son' 'I will give you a clue that is I am more into older men'. By then Jacob's cock head of the white brief has turned yellow out of the precum it has oozed out so far and if so by the end of this month this brief will be fully yellow. His cock is erect up straining the tight tiny underwear.

'So son today you were bad at office today and you need to be punished. This is your today's mistake' 'yeah dad I am sorry, I think this will be a harvest night for my ass from your spanks. I want that kind of spankings. Give me dad'. Jacob just protruded out his and bent down on the gym table for the next spanking sessions it is going to receive'.

'Dad sows your hand marks on my ass and reaps my milk' and Jacob just stripped his briefs. Julian the perverted father in law just smelled that underwear with vigorous passion.

To be continued.



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