My son in laws big booty is shaking out with the steps he took forward towards the motel reception. The old truck driver look hot in his dark glasses and he lighted a cigarette. Jacob reached the receptionist desk. The receptionist had a hot and sharp look towards jacobs seminude body. His hot chest and his bulged cock in his white underwear. 'so how can i help you sir' the receptionist asked. 'we need a room to get fresh and to have some quality time' 'ok sir please tell Ur name'

'jacob ' ' sir we have single rooms only can i fix 2 rooms for you so that Ur driver can also have some time for him' 'he's not my driver he is my father in law. And we need a single room its ok with us both' 'room number 20 and here's the key' ' thanks'

Jacob walked towards me and i could see the old receptionist looking with his lips biting on seeing the big booty of Jacob shaking with the steps he took towards me and his ass is fully out of the brief as the briefs were buried deep in his ass valleys. His ass is fully visible and its sexy and hot with the red spanking marks. The receptionist is looking puzzled at the red ass of Jacob. And his cock is jutting out of his tiny briefs and its rock hard, his balls are visible. the truck driver is just enjoying the hot erotic show of my Jacob and he is squeezing his cock in his tight jeans.

'the rooms ready dad lets go' and thus we both moved to the room' the room is neat and clean but it looked cheap with small furniture and a single coat bed. 'let me get fresh dad' 'lets both get fresh together son' 'i want to fuck your ass now and here in this motel i cannot wait any longer this ass hole i want to break Ur virginity here' we both had a hot kiss and i fondled his ass. We both became naked and stood in the shower, the water runs through our body and we are kissing madly. Am exploring his lips biting them chewing them and tasting his lips. His beard gave me a feel of chill over my body am feeling him his most love bud area ,his lips. I cannot stop kissing, and i gently squeezed his ass buns and slowly got my fingers to his well tight hole and ran my fingers through it. It is smooth and shaved and his ass felt good. His red sore ass from my spankings ,we both and playing with our tongue now and his lips are now sore and red and looked bubbly. i bite his lips constantly. And kissed his cheeks and necks and behind his ears, and i whispered' i love you son i love you and i don't want any gap between us i want to explode inside you inside your deep tunnel now' 'yes daddy bareback my hole its that way to tell my love for you and there is no gap between us'

and i started vigorously to bite and tear his lips and squeezed his nipples and made it hard and i inserted my fingers in his bellybutton and kissed his navel which was slim and sexy. Jacob is enjoying it without any words he is now in heaven. And i took his cock in my mouth its heavenly to suck my son in laws dick which was so sexy. Its cut cock and neat and thick . 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh daddy suck my dick its warm and sensuous do it daddy' And i kissed his belly button and chewed his navel and kissed again his belly button and my hands now playing with his butt. His hot bubble butt and my fingers ran through his hole its damn tight. And i started to suck his cock again deep and slowly ,i have to eat a very tasty dish and i have a lot of time to do it and i love it slowly ,i felt the whole world is dead and we both are in a secret closed chamber where there is sex and love in the air and the water flowing through our body made it even more hotter for us. 'Ohhhhh daddy suck suck me daddy and am producing my honey lick it daddy' yes his precum is honey for me am licking and sucking his precum and its hot. I slowly started to finger his hole . As i knew i have a tough time to break his virgin tight hole. 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa daddy what are you doing to me oooggg its hell hot and i i i aaaaaa have no words daddy please finger my hole' . He is in not in this world and my mouth warm warping my lips around his long thick dick and its hitting in my throat ,yes am deep throat his cock.

'bend over son i want to finger fuck Ur hole' and Jacob bend over in doggy style and i slowly soaped his body and took some oil and poured in his ass hole and slowly teased his hole its damn tight and slowly inserted 1 finger. 'oooo daddy aaaaaaaa' he waxed and waned his voices. slowly i fucked deep with my middle finger and then slowly and gently the next finger and now 2 fingers ooggg but it is not going in. It looks so tight than hell. 'oooooodaddy my ass hole aaaaaa its aaaa be gentle daddy'

'common son take it like a man and dont cry like a virgin girl .' 'its a shame son if you cannot take a finger up Ur ass.' and telling this i entered the 3rd finger in his ass and started to explore his deep unexplored areas deep his ass hole. And he is crying out. and then my 4th finger and then the 5th finger but not fully and i started to fuck him with my fingers. 'oohhh daddy ooo be gentle daddy be gentle aaaa slowly daddy slowly fuck me' and i never stopped i have to loosen him up well and i finger fucked him for some 15 minutes. And i again sucked his cock well and licked his precum and kissed him deep on his lips and bite his nipples and kissed it and bite his nipples. 'So are U ready my son to give Up Ur hole for daddy, its Ur first time someone fucks Ur ass and i know U need it badly' 'yes daddy i want it now here' and he bend down and caught the shower railings and just stick his butt out well arced and just pulled his mounds for my daddy cock to fuck him............

I teased his hole slowly with my huge 12 inch prick and kissed his back and slowly and very slowly the cock tip kissed his hole well tight and i put some oil in hole hole and my cock and slowly pressed his hole slowly pressed again and deeper . 'aaaaa daddy aaa ooooo its aaaaaa be gentle' 'relax baby then it will be ok with Ur hole ' i told. And i again pressed further and further and fully up his ass hole . 'ooooooooooooo daddy i feel like a piston fucking huge up my ass and i feel my ass is on fire' 'yes baby i know that but i have only got my tip up ur hole wait for my 12 inches and i bite his ears' and i had a devilish smile to see his pain in his butt.

To be continued.................



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