'yes my boy you have got my 5 inches up Ur tight ass hole now get ready for the full 12 inches i want to fill you up now my boy. daddy s here i need to enter you and love you. This is the way to tell my love and lust for U jacob.'

'oh daddy but it hurts oh shit oh shit ooo God daddy its too too aaaaahhhhhhhhh its too big for my tight hole . Please daddy take it out my guts aaaaaaaa its too huge for my chute i cant handle this big cock and for the first time aaa dadddy please have mercy on me aaaa daddy aaaa'

'Now shut up and get fucked i know that you want this i know that you love this and shut up and take the daddy cock .I am mad now for you boy and i will rape you now ,as you have ignited the desires so there is no turning back and at any cost i will fuck your shit out of this ass' and telling that i pushed the huge piston up my boys hole.

'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA daddy no aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa daddy aaaa icant i cant i cant aaaaaa shit aa shit shit take it outtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt'

' shut up you little bitch boy shut up or else the other motel visitors will come here'

'daddy please aaaaaaaa ooooooo take this shit out i cant handle this titan cock its 12 inches its too huge for my chute'

'Yeah my boy but you need to take this and here we go' and i suddenly pushed the cock up his chute and pushed in 8 inches and stopped for a while. I took the lube bottle and applied some lube to my cock. Jacob is crying and tears is flowing down his cheeks and i kissed his cheeks and slowly kissed him. 'I want you my boy please daddy wants your ass ,i cannot stop again as my desires cannot be stopped i cannot control the passion please boy allow me to do it please boy give up Ur hole for daddy cock'


'NOW quite you little bitch quite or else i will have to fuck your mouth again and i took a dildo from my bag without taking the cock out from his glory hole and fixed the huge dildo in his mouth almost a 20 inch dildo and stuffed it forcefully. And now am literally raping his hole, i cannot hold it anymore i need his ass i need him. 'Mmmmmmmmmm huh huh mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ' thats the only voice he can make and his face shows the extreme pain up his guts ,his hole is just abused by my cock and remember i have not started fucking ,i have just poked him fully with the cock. Now its time to start the journey down his tunnel. And i started to work his piston down deep his ass. 'MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM' he is in extreme pain and he is crying again. I kissed his cheeks and neck and behind his ears . And i started gentle slowly and with slow piston movements .'mmmmmm hhhhhhhhuuuuuugggggggggggg' My boy is in pain. But he cannot speak out due to the dildo and i gave a hard push up his throat for the dildo. Slowly i increased the speed for the push for my cock, my 12 inch big monster cock. Its thick as a beer bottle and am giving it. SLowly the spped increased and i could feel his ass is dead tight its too tight a real virgin hole and it need to loosen up a lot. Even after a 20 fucks also his hole will be tight its quiet sure as its dead tight entrance. I pulled out the cock and the dildo and poured some more lube in his hole directly and fingered with all my 4 fingers and fuked him violently with my fingers. 'OOOOOOOOOOO daddy i want you to fuck my ass do it up my hole i want to feel U deep .I wan that fucking hot cock and cum up my glory hole. Spray Ur hot cum deep'

Yes my boy is burning in lust and its time he has a good cock in his ass. He is in lust and only a cock can quench his ass. His ass needs more more ,but he is my boy his ass is made for my cock. I slowly enters the cock but it is more easy now with the lube and less pain. 'Yes daddy do it up my hole' and i started the fuck down deep his ass and i grabbed his body and i grabbed his navel and twitched his nipples and pinched them and aroused his lust for more.'U need more my boy i will feed you you are my boy U are mine' daddys mad.....

i grabbed his thighs and spanked them ,and gently kissed his lips and my nails dug deep in his back. I need to feel every inch ,his young body is the temple of lust and sex........'Daddy do it deep i need you deep ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo daddy hit me hit me there ,yeah that feels good oooooooooooooooooooooooo daddy kiss me kiss me daddy,you are doing magic in my body aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa daddy aaaaaaaaaaaa'

'Thats your sensitive area boy deep in Ur ass Ur prostrate Yeah take it boy' 'OOOOOOOOOOO daddy aaaaaaaaaaa give it daddy give my Ur cock' jacob is now sticked to cold tiled wall. ' daddy i need a cock in my mouth to munch while you fuck my ass' 'You mean you want a gang bang '

'YES daddy i need to banged badly i need more, i want every hole of me to be filled with cocks, now i want to die here in sex ,please daddy please' i was surprised to see his lust and he is mad for more cocks ,a perfect bitch a real bitch boy ...........'OK son you want more right ,U want more not just this 12 inch is not enough you are greedy for more to stuff Ur ass and mouth. I will teach U a lesson now' And i pulled the cock out of my ass and slapped his ass and his mouth hard. ' now look you bitch wear this underwear and get out'

'daddy what happened ,are U angry with me' 'No my boy, but its sad that U need more so i will teach U how to take cocks until U are finished and i know to handle bitches like U.. there is a truck driver outside and i feel him so so horny i think we can call him in, and i need him also badly' jacob was so happy 'Yeah daddy i will seduce him'

Jacob did not wear anything and he just walked to down the motel stairs ,he was so brave to walk naked down the stairs.

Jacob saw the old truck driver outside at the backyard of the motel, he is dressed in his tight blue jeans and shirtless, with a huge built body and with a lot of tattoos on his body, and he was washing his truck. Slowly he saw him walking inside the motel and he took a seat to have his drink. The old receptionist served his drink of bear and walked inside the motel. And now the truck driver is alone. Perfect chance jacob thought ,he is all alone. Jacob just walked to the deserted motel cafe and sat down on one chair opposite to the driver, and he pulled his both legs up and rested on the table ,he is naked with a erect prick and his body also wet ,his ass hole is lubed and open badly and its evident that he is banged ,jacob bite his lower lip and ran his finger to his hole and finger his hole. One finger first then two, three, and he is in lust and started to play with his cock and pinched his nipples. The truck driver smiled and rubbed his prick in tight jeans. jacobs ass crack is visible and his balls are low hanging and his finger in his ass digging deep ad he is in pain, and he pushed his head back, inviting the old pervert. The driver walked to him. And he slapped his face. 'You want it little bitch , i know that in fact i saw ur dad trying with you ,i heard the noises you made U virgin glory hole. Now i will give it , i know U want it badly a bang right . How many do U want 2, 3 , 4 , 5, 6 tell me boy'

And the truck driver just fingered jacobs hole . JACOB LET out a yell of lust 'uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggggggggg uncle you are a hot man how many con U give me? '

'Smart boy, you need to be taught a lesson , i know U are fresh from the farm and that's why U are so filled with lust , i need to teach U that getting gang bang its not easy, anyway i can give now only my cock' 'WEll my name is TYLER and am 45 years of age' 'Tell me the ur cock length uncle tyler' 'ITS 15 inches'

'15 inches o GOD i dont think its true' TYLER just took his cock out of the tight jeans and it looked like big COKE BOTTLE And he took a coke bottle from the table and measured and the the cock is the same length of the bottle mush bigger than his father in laws cock................Jacob just got his jaw dropped and his nipples and ass hole went in chill to think of the pain to come. Yes its not good for his ass to get a bang it wont be good at all, the mere lust just made him tell but reality is different , his ass cannot handle it.

Tyler just pushed the cock into his tender lips and gagged him, not even the tip has got in but his mouth is full with this cock. Tyler is huge man, a huge daddy with a cruel and sexy face and a rough body , his torso is built and he is too strong ,looking like a giant. 'No daddy am sorry i cannot think of taking Ur cock its too big i don't think my ass can handle it'

'NO u bitch U should have thought about it earlier now its too lat and Get ready for gang banged'

I saw my father in law coming nude downstairs. 'YES my boy U need to banged' said my dad. And tyler and julian shared their hands.

'OK tyler any way i have to fuck my boy first and U can fuck his mouth and later we can switch him' said julian my dad in law.....'OK JULIAN'

'AND we will finish him with a double penetration' tyler said....................

i just shuddered to think of my greatest mistake ,am getting more than i bargained for.........

Tyler took a revolving table and we walked to our room and closed the door. Revolving table will fix my position well good for the hot hunk dads to fuck my hole...................

TO be continued for the ultimate gang bang of jacob.....................



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