The high way runs long and deep and it is dark night except for the dim light of the stars. I could not believe that it has become of this am a gay for the last 57 years and i could not get anything other than suppression of emotions for my daughter and now my son in law , my daughters husband has become my life partner . Jacob is sleeping in the next seat of the truck with a restless cock bulging out from his white tiny briefs ...he has promised to wear this briefs only for the next 1 month ,how erotic it is to see him in his briefs only for the next one full month. And we are on the journey to his ancestral home quiet far away which will take us to reach the following day evening and now it is dark midnight.

The dawn is near and jacob woke up 'dad where are we' ' we have almost covered 100 kilometers and still one full day ahead' i looked at him. Our truck is an open truck and the highway is deserted and dusty and his hairs are all messed up. ' jacob don't you think it will be bad to be just almost naked out here in the highway i mean with this tiny white briefs' ' no dad it will be ok as the highway is deserted and moreover its not a big deal out here, wait till you reach my ancestral home everything will be fine' ' jacob you have a huge hadron, show me your ass son let me look whether the redness from yesterdays spankings have gone down or not' and jacob just got up and turned his ass to me, it was still hot red in his white briefs covered ass. We stopped the truck to take a piss and i saw his cock it was quiet huge and erect and i just caught and squeezed his cock. And he also did the same to my cock.

We then decided to stop at the nearest motel to get fresh. And soon we reached a motel. It was an open type motel and it looked so cheap with an adjoining petrol pump. And we stopped there. Jacob went to talk to the receptionist for a room. He got down and walked with his huge booty shaking and his briefs has given way off and his briefs hardly covered his huge rump. And his sexy ass is all red from my yesterdays spankings. It was quiet an erotic show for me to see his big round rump red and shaking out in that tight white bikini briefs and his cock was bulged out and it wore so low that his pubes well trimmed were visible. His thighs were also shaking out. Oh i got a huge hard-on. The receptionist was an old sexy man of his late 50's. and suddenly i saw a huge truck coming in to the petrol pump and another sexy old man in his late 40's got down.

He was dressed in extremely tight blue jeans with a sexy white vest and even his brief waistband was visible. He looked with lust at my boy Jacobs red sexy ass and he was just looking at me. His looks was just clearly understood as if to say how my boy got a red rump? is it from me. And he lighted a cigarette. Now there are 2 old sexy men in this motel what is to follow in this horny morning, i have no patience to pop the virgin cherry of my boy. I want to fuck his virgin tight ass and misuse his body and its not safe as there are a lot of men to follow in this journey, and to fuck him in this motel i found it sexy and could feel my cock breaking my black briefs.................................

Wait for more encounters to follow in the motel..............................Wait to see who gets to fuck jacobs ass first and whether he can handle the huge cocks up his virgin cherry



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