It is night 9 and julian closed the gym and they stood inside for the next erotic show to start.

'Dad do not show any mercy to me just spank and make my butt red ' jacob said. 'you have been a very bad boy right Jacob. And you know dad is never going to forgive your behavior at today's office and you are goanna pay it with this sexy rump.' Julian started to rub his son in law's ass with his hands and gave it a good number of squeezes. He is mad to see his son in law all nude in front of him and he is also nude. But he felt that he must have an upper hand and so he got dressed in his suit and coat. 'Are you prepared? You are going to be taught a good lesson today on how to be disciplined, oh your ass is he and muscular, how you got to get such an ample rump' 'yes dad I want to feel your hands over my bare ass give it to me I love to be tamed'. And the first spank landed on his bare sexy butt. 'Oh your ass is so muscular and well built with good flesh. I love to make it a tomato' ' AAAAAAAA HHHHHHHH YEAH DAD AAAAAAAAA' Jacob came to know that taking spanks from a military officer and that too who is even well built at this prime age is not so very easy' 'yeah how was it son, it has started now keep on' . THE SPANKING SESSION STARTED WITH HIS STRONG HANDS. 'Common boy cry out to me I love to hear you cry'. 'Oh dad YEAH AAAAA DO NOT does this to me I can't take it my boss has taken his share over my ass and now AAAHHHH'

THE HARD SLAPS LANED ONE BY ONE OVER HIS ASS. The slaps echoed over the room and his ass flesh is just dancing to each swats. Julian is getting mad on seeing Jacob's ass turns redder and he is mad of spanking him bare butted and to feel his ass with his bare hands, the redness increased Julian's lust and he started to go unstoppable. ' SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP ' ONE BY ONE THE HARD SPANKS LANDED ON JACOB'S BARE BUTT. 'AAAAAAAAA DAD PLEASE STOP YOU ARE TREATING ME LIKE A KID AND I AM NOT ONE AAAAAAAA OH MAN COMMON AHHHHHHHHH OH MY ASS IS ON FIRE I FEEL MY ASS IS BURNING OH DAD I AM SORRY AND WILL NOT REPEAT' 'NO SON YOU SEEMS TO HOLD THAT feeling of self respect but it's high time that you learn to be regular for your job and still you are under my control and dad will see that your ass turns red for that. OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH YOUR ASS IS SEXY I THINK YOUR BUTT IS GETTING AS TWO HUGE Red BASKETBALLS. And I will break all arrogance that boy's of your age thinks' 'oh see that cock it has grown and leaking precum that means you were enjoying my hard lashes. That means I must teach you a more burning lesson. Now take another 150 spanks with this leather belt and with this cane I will break your fuck hole. Now common just jut your ass out for me to belt spank your ass.' And Julian

Took his leather thin belt.

Julian is getting mad with lust on seeing Jacob's bare butt and his ass is huge, HE WANT TO FEEL HIS BARE BUTT SO HE AGAIN STARTED TO SPANK WITH HIS HANDS. The most muscular and well built with more flesh than a usual ass. Jacob's ass is getting redder with each slaps. 'Oh my son your ass is red, dark red as a red chilly.' 'I love to see this ass red; I think your ass is sexier with this red color'. 'Oh dad AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH I can't take it any more I feel OH YEAH AAAAHHHHHH I FEEL MY ASS IS BURNING ''OH YOUR COCK IS STILL ERECT IT'S TIME THAT I SEE YOUR ASS GETS TORN TO SPILL BLOOD'. And Julian took his thin leather belt and brought it down on the young man's ass. ' SLAP SLAP SALP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP '

'AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH AAHHH AH AHA AH AH AH AH AH AH AHH AHHH NO PLEASE Dad AAAAAAAAA STOP PLEASE AAAAAAHH YEAH SHIT I CANNOT TAKE IT'. Jacob understood that taking hared slaps over your sexy rump is not very easy and the pain increased his lust and the feeling that his father in law is spanking him made his cock to rise to a hard rod.

'HOW IS IT THIS SPANKS WITH LEATHER BELT OVER YOUR ASS' 'oh dad please no I cannot take it please stop it now I am not in that state of lust I just beg to stop it. I am serious dad oh man aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ' 'oh Jacob my man your ass is dark red and your thighs is also dark red oh shit I think I have torn your ass' 'you love spankings my slut you love your ass to be tamed as a naughty assed teen who do not know to take care of his sexy big ass.'

'Common man count as I now spank you.' 'YYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH OOH PLEASE STOP' JULIAN has took a long cane and the thin long cane has landed right on his ass hole as it was his only area which has not being spanked, and Jacob has responded as a sex starving slut as his most sensitive area has been tortured and he never knew that such a sensitive area existed and that spank has caused his cock to ooze more precum to leak. 'common boy is this spanking you need common speak up' YEAH YEAH YEAH EYAH EYAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH DAD DA ........D YEAH AAAAAAHHHHHHH I NEED MORE GIVE ME MORE. This is the spankings that I need common man make it redder I challenge you. Spank me on my ass hole, aaaaaaaaaahhhh right on my ass hole 'JACOB has started to get away from his place due to the extreme pain. 'Common boy speak up I cannot hear you, my slut boy Jacob, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh yeah eyah yeah this ass is so good oh I think I will fuck you right here but I need to teach you discipline. Common speak up you wanted this spankings and I am giving it' 'yeah dad I am bad give me more spankings' and his cock showed it his cock is erect shoot up with precum leaking and Jacob just played with his cock. A hard slap landed once again on his ass hole. Julian has spread his butt cheeks apart for a perfect access.

'Oooooooohhhhhhhhh YEAH D.......... AAAAAA.............. AAAAAAAAA...... DDDDDDDDDDDDDD AAAAAAHHHHHH I CANNOT PLEASE STOP IT PLEASE HAVE MERCY OVER MY ASS HOLE'. 'You challenged my strength to give you the punishment you need' 'right my slut is these spankings you need, you want to test your ass with the spankings right man. You get it is this what you want' 'yeah dad give me more' 'common speak up' 'yeah dad'. A hard slap landed once again with the cane over his rump mount as Julian's answer. 'COMMON I TOLD OU TO SPEAK WHETHER THIS IS THE SPANKINGS THAT YOU NEED'

'YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAHHHHH DAD THIS IS WHAT I NEED '' COMMON SPEAK UP I CANT HEAR YOU' and another spanking landed. 'aaaaaahhhh dad yeah this is what I want, more but give me more' 'COMMON COUNT THEM AS I GIVE YOU MORE'. Jacob started to count the spanks. ' 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 .......... 100 ' he still kept on. JULIAN is mad with lust as he squeezed Jacob's wet cock and his red ass. Jacob started to count them as each spank landed on his ass.' Dad spanks my ass hole again and again' but Julian started to finger Jacob's ass hole and his middle finger soon disappeared in his tight love tunnel. 'ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh man your ass is tight more tight than the word tight' 'it's not able to take even a finger up your ass I think this is something first to go up your tunnel' 'yeah dddaaaaadddd what is that AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH' JACOB cried like a sex hound who need to be taken care of ' 'that's your g-spot your prostrate area the most sensitive area now I will get you love it ' 'oh dad common don't take your finger out of my ass keep it more deep but

aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh my ass is paining and ass hole burning aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh but keep digging deep and give me more aaaaahhhhh '

And Julian suddenly took his middle finger out and suddenly dug it deep at a sudden speed as a rocket, and it tore his inner ass walls spilling blood, as Julian had a long nail in his middle finger' Jacob started to jerk his cock as he is not able to contain the lust. Julian stopped him from doing it by grabbing his cock. 'You are a bad boy I want to teach you discipline and you enjoy it, take another 20 spanks for this' ' DDDDDAAAAADDDDDD AAAAAAAAHHH ' 'COMMON COUNT THEM IF YOU FAIL THE EACH TIME YOU FAIL TO COUNT I WILL GIVE ANOTHER 10' But Jacob failed to count the 15th spank. 'So son you get another 10 and that is 30 spanks all together'. Jacob got more than he needed. And Julian gave a mouth kiss for his son in law. 'I love you son. You liked it' 'did I pain you' 'no dad I loved it and I love you too and my ass is sweet sore red burning with desires for your drilling rod' They were both wet from the sweat. And they hugged with intense passion and gave a deep romantic mouth lip lock kiss. 'I think we will jerk for each other' Jacob said.

'No son we will jerk only on the day I fuck you and fill your naughty thirsty, love bung hole, till then your milk must not be wasted and so is mine. You know then you will have a restless cock and it will not go down during the whole journey and I want to see that bulge 24/7. the more you run away from jerking and leave your cock thirsty with deep desires the more you will be perverted with sexy wild dreams that will make you do anything even to tear your tight ass and do anything to satisfy your lust and that is what I need if you are thirsty for more then it is ok. If you are still thirsty for more then the next time we spank or do a fucking session the more you do not jerk and leave your cock full with milk the more it is hot. And more you will be ready to go to any extent. Sometimes to take the full cocks of a gang. Or to just get fucked by a long rod that could even tear your ass hole forever, that's the magic of sex the more longer the more starve for more'

'Yes dad I will remain still UN jerked so that my lust will burn making my cock remain erect'. So we will leave' 'yeah dad' Jacob took and wore his white 80 cm brief.' OH DAD IT HURTS TO WEAR THIS TIGHT BRIEF OVER MY BURNING ASS, I feel my ass is on fire.' 'OH SON THE REDNESS OF YOUR ASS IS MORE WHEN YOU WORE THAT WHITE BRIEFS, HAS A GOOD COMPLEXION' And the brief hardly covered his ass crack and the brief disappeared in between Jacob' ass mounts. And his red rump is dancing with each walk and all in their way will see this sexy bulged cock and the red spanked ass. The ass is red and open to the whole world to see as he is going to be dressed only in this brief all this month. Julian is lustful and he had an erect cock and walked at Jacob's back. They soon reached home and Julian packed his clothes and got dressed in his blue tight low waist jeans which showed his red brief waistband, and a black vest. Jacob never took anything as he is to be dressed in this only white brief and that too for all this month even without washing it. He never even cared to take another spare brief. And thus he took a great risk. He just got inside the open truck in that same white brief with a huge restless cock and the red ass and Julian drove the open truck to the night. Jacob and Julia are having their restless cocks still erect thinking of the next adventure. Jacob IS mad to think of the restless eyes to see his erotic BULGED COCK AND red spanked ASS show and that too without any chances of hiding HIS NAKEDNESS as they are traveling in an open truck. AND JACOB'S COCK IS ALL UP AND HE JUST RUBBED HIS COCK FREQUENTLY AND JULIAN ON SEEING THIS BIT HIS LOWER LIPS AND HE JUST STARTED TO REST HIS HAND OVER Jacob's rod.

TO BE CONTINUED.......................



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