Since then my son in law Jacob has started to live with me my life has changed a lot with him. We shared a close relation as that of a son and father and he joined my gym but at late night after 8 at night as his work would be over only then. He loved my so much and he was close to me. But then my sex life has changed a lot. I cannot stop thinking of his ass and his thighs and to say he is blessed with a huge butt and his thighs also grew fat and he had a huge and well built chest and well tented and pointed nipples. I was mad to see him without shirt with his huge well rounded belly button. One day I am sure I will break his position as my daughter's husband and fuck his hell tight ass hole and make him mine.

That was a Monday when I entered Jacob's room when he was out for work. I saw that he has lined out all his underwear out to dry. I inspected them, they were all 80 cms size and they were all white, I was getting my cock grow to its tearing point of my brief at the thought of how he could manage to get his huge ass in such small underwear's and I took some of them which were left for washing, and I smelled his ass and cock region. And I could smell his milk, am sure he has not wanked for the last 2 weeks as he is away from his wife and he could be horny as hell and that too in this hot weather, I just kept on smelling his briefs and licking his cock region and licking his milk, and I took my cock out and squeezed my cock and balls thinking of Jacob's cock and when I would squeeze and break his balls and cock. I had some plans to get him and it was the dream tour that he has promised next week. Jacob has made this summer night so hot. I have lost my sleep with sexy and lustful dreams about him. I have lost my sleep and the love he had for me as that of a father is but lust and a want to fuck him for me. When he hugs me I get my cock shoot up to leak precum. Jacob always wore thin tight cotton pants and it exposed his brief lining perfectly and I could figure out where his brief and at which outline of his ass is covered. My dreams were coming true when he came to the gym. My 12 inch thick cock is now always horny 24/7 thinking of the day I would break his ass. One morning I came to his room to see him sleeping with his ass up. I just gulped at the huge 2 mounts and the deep ass crack I just want to eat his ass all day. I just slapped his ass 'get up my boy' I made this a usual way so that I can feel his arse. And I started to visit him while he dresses to see him stripping to his white briefs and his ass it had a lot of flesh. And the dimples on both the sides of his ass matched each other. And the lining of his briefs it was too small. And it exposed more flesh than it covered. The briefs hardly covered his ass crack. And I would take my cock out after he goes as my cock cannot be contained after seeing this wonderful sexy ass just waiting to be mine. And his cock and balls were always huge to break free from the small garments. And he always spotted a bulge which is due to this summer season. I just wanted to squeeze and suck his boner and I know that it is almost 9 inches and I imagined of his sex life, he could more girls and many might be attracted to his cock, I must discuss such subjects and get his ass, my son in law's ass.

But things changed a lot and that too soon. His vibrant and his smart nature and his fatherly love for me all changed soon. For he told me that due to work tension he has cancelled the tour and that he is now irregular to gym and he is now not talking to me much. But my lust increased more for his ass and to break his ass hole.

Then one day night it all happened. It was a rainy night and Jacob came all wet. He looked so tired and so sad. 'What happened son you look so tired' 'nothing dad' 'ok then sit down and relax' but he never sat down. 'Common you are missing a lot of workout just join me. But he just stood and I again compelled him 'dad I never took a change' 'its ok son you can just work out in your briefs as it is that only we both are here now and you can be comfortable.' I could not wait to see this big ass teen to work out in those tight small brief and to see this hot sexy show and that too he is all wet what a nude show it would be to see him in his transparent white small briefs which could be now riding up his ass. 'Ok dad then I will show you, I think I will work out in my briefs'. What a luck I thought. To see him obliged to me soon.

TO BE CONTINUED............



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