With no further ado Riff pulled Caleb up toward the head of the bed. The two men shared a pillow as Riff spooned behind Caleb. When Caleb felt Riff push the length of his cock up between his butt cheeks he wanted to squeal, but he withheld that response; instead Caleb reached behind with his right hand and pulled his butt cheeks further apart, so that Riff's hard cock could really wedge itself, full length, between Caleb's solid glutes. Riff pulled Caleb so tight that he could feel the rings in Riff's nipples pushing into his back. Caleb could not remember ever being quite this happy.

The two men drifted into a sexual haze.


In point of fact Riff hit REM sleep thirty seconds after he closed his eyes. Caleb on the other hand found sleep impossible; besides, he didn't want to sleep; he wanted to experience every second with Riff. Caleb was sensually transfixed. He had Riff's remarkable, beautiful, enormous, magical cock sandwiched in his butt, so that's where Caleb's mind was.... between his glutes hugging and sensing Riff's magnificent fuck-rod with every neuron in the area. Caleb wanted to turn around and wake Riff up; he wanted Riff to fuck him ragged. More than anything he wanted to be the best, the happiest, and the most grateful new faggot in Miami; he wanted to be whatever Riff wanted him to be. Lying there, 'holding' Riff's cock, every minute was an exercise in self control; he wanted to touch Riff's skin; at the very least he wanted to turn around and watch his super male, cockmaster sleep, BUT Riff needed to rest, and he wanted to do it with his dick sandwiched in Caleb's ass crack so that's what Caleb did.

As Caleb laid there breathing his whole mind was in those places where his body was touching Riff's. Caleb gently rocked and swayed and brushed himself against Riff and as the minutes passed he became more and more invested in those points of 'shared skin.' It was driving Caleb toward sensual mania.

After a while Caleb began to wonder how long it would be till Riff's watch sounded, and suddenly he realized that Riff was 'jerking him off, making him come, milking him' every time that alarm went off. Caleb wondered why Riff was doing it... was it some kind of game... punishment.... but the longer Caleb thought about it the more he warmed to the idea. It was really pretty cool. Riff was making this 'day' all about Caleb and even though Riff seemed very annoyed, Caleb had the distinct impression there was a kinder motive at the root of Riff's behavior.

As Caleb thought and wondered and questioned and tried not to think about how badly he wanted to turn around and kiss Riff, he came to certain conclusions: HE WANTED RIFF; HE LOVED RIFF; PERHAPS MORE THAN ANYTHING HE WANTED RIFF TO LOVE HIM; HE WANTED TO BELONG TO RIFF; TO BE HIS, HIS BOY, HIS CALEB. CALEB WANTED TO BE RIFF'S OWN TRUE LOVE; RIFF'S ONE AND ONLY. AND HE DECIDED TO DO WHATEVER IT TOOK TO ACCOMPLISH THAT GOAL....


Naturally Caleb's mind was full of thoughts of C.... the mystery man.... the man who seemed to own Riff the way Caleb wanted Riff to own him..... Riff did everything possible to let Caleb know that his bond to C came first; that Riff belonged to C; that C could have Riff totally and completely by just asking..... That thought scared the shit out of Caleb. What if C called Riff today and 'ordered' him to cut Caleb loose...... Caleb realized Riff would do whatever C told him..... That thought sent a cold chill through him.....

But Riff had also said that C told Riff to see Caleb; to spend time with him. Maybe C would allow Riff to keep Caleb; maybe C could own Riff and in turn Riff could own Caleb. As he thought about it Caleb came to the conclusion that he'd take Riff any way he could get him; that he'd do what he had to in order to accept Riff's connection to C as long as Riff could keep his connection to Caleb. Caleb breathed a huge sigh. For the first time he saw a way to keep Riff in his life and somehow 'put up with' C's interference. Caleb began to realize it was in his own best interest to ingratiate himself to this 'C' guy; that he'd be better off nodding and tacitly approving Riff's affection and connection to C..... AND that to do otherwise could jeopardize his new found happiness as Riff's faggot in training. Caleb loved Riff; he adored him. If Riff loved and worshipped C, then Caleb had to somehow link with C too. As Caleb rationalized his new situation it also occurred to him that if Riff loved C he must be a pretty wonderful man. On top of that Caleb wondered at C's mystical ability to hold power over someone as totally commanding as Riff. Caleb could not imagine ANYONE not bowing to Riff's unyielding masculine authority. Not only was Caleb in awe of Riff's power; he was utterly terrified of the thought of opposing him or any of his wishes. Caleb could not imagine ever saying 'no' to Riff, not if Riff insisted.... Geeeze even playing around Riff scared the bejesus out of Caleb when he shouted or grabbed the back of his neck or god forbid whacked Caleb's ass. When Riff raised his voice Caleb wanted to kneel and kiss his feet...... Caleb suddenly realized that he'd do anything Riff commanded. On top of everything else, Riff seemed to know everything....... absolutely everything....... And once again Caleb wondered what kind of a man could get Riff to bow to his will....... Suddenly C began to take on mythical proportions............

Riff's watch began to buzzzzzzzzzzz............

The room was thick with heat and sex and humidity. As Riff began to stir he stretched head to toe, sliding his fat hard prick up and down in Caleb's wet crack, which in turn got Caleb sweating and pushing back onto Riff's slick rod. Riff reached over Caleb's arm, tweaked his right nipple and pushed his torso deeply into Caleb's back. Caleb cooed when he felt Riff's rubbery hard nipples and the rings through them press into his back. Everything about Riff's magnificent body kept Caleb in a sensual paradise.

Riff pressed his lips to the back of Caleb's ear, 'Are you ready for me boy?'


'Then haul ass out of bed. I'm gonna work you boy. I want your body hard, cut, and fully charged.'

Before Caleb could get out of bed Riff had him by the wrist, yanking him to his feet and pulling him into the 'exercise' room. In actual fact it was one of the two extra bedrooms Riff had in the apartment, and it's where his free weights, soloflex, climber, rowing machine, resistance bike, skier, and other assorted muscle toys were currently sitting.

Riff tossed a small butt plug at Caleb and barked, 'OK boy, put this where 'the sun don't shine,' then hop on that bike boy and start peddling. I want you hot, wet, and pumping your legs to save your ass...... NOW!!'

Caleb danced his legs apart and wiggled the flesh colored plug into his 'well-used' asshole...... an involuntary shiver raced up his back as it was sucked into place; then he half bounded over to the bike and climbed on. Caleb had trouble 'seating' himself; his ass was slick for a number of reasons and it was hard to stay on the small leather bicycle seat. Still, he did his best, and began to peddle. Riff had the resistance set to its highest level so it took all of Caleb's effort to turn the gears. He hunkered down and put his whole body behind his muscled legs. He was determined to impress Riff....... if his legs fell off.... well, then he'd get a wheel chair.

Riff glanced at his watch and was surprised to see it was already 1:30 PM. As he left the room he called over his shoulder, 'I'm going to call for lunch..... When I get back I want you hot, boy...... HOT...... I plan to work you pup..... whip you into the best looking faggot in Miami.'

Riff went into the living room and called one of the Asian take out restaurants in the neighborhood. He ordered a well thought out menu for Caleb..... things that would make the meal.......... memorable. It occurred to him that Caleb was overdue for his next orgasm so he returned to the work-out room for the next 'extraction.'

Caleb was struggling and straining to keep the peddles turning; sweat was running down his face, his chest, and his legs. When Riff saw that his cock strained against the harness and his balls pulsed. He picked up a set of bar bells and walked in front of the bike. Riff decided to give Caleb a show of his own, so Riff began to curl the forty pound bar in fast reps. Seeing that energized Caleb. In a few minutes the room was filled with the sounds of the bicycle chain whizzing, the weight rings clanking and two red hot studs strenuously huffing and puffing...... (staring intently at each other).

Caleb's chest was a mass of wet crimson skin stretched across white bands of muscle and ligaments. Every minute or so Caleb would snap his head right then left to shake the accumulating sweat from his eyes.... he was mesmerized watching his sandy haired, sun bronzed lover pumping his beautifully independent pecs...... In truth, both men were edging themselves toward crushing orgasms just by studying and staring at each other.

Time passed but neither man noticed. Finally Caleb had to speak. Totally out of breath, but still peddling, he heaved, 'Sorry......... sir.........but........ I.......... really............need........ to....... pee.'

Riff kept pumping.

Minutes passed.

Caleb slowed his legs and repeated, 'Sir....... I........ am......... so......... sorry....... but......... I........... really............ really........... really........ HAVE TO....... PEE.'

Riff put down the barbell and walked behind the bike. He leaned into Caleb's ear and said, 'Hold it........ we're going to have some fun.'

Caleb stopped peddling, turned toward Riff, wrinkled his nose, and said, 'Fun with peeing?'

Riff slapped Caleb on the back and smiled, 'You bet your ass. Come on now, don't tell me you've never heard of 'water sports.' Fag boys like you love piss play.'

Caleb answered, 'Sure, I've heard about that stuff, but......gee whiz...... c'mon........ sir..... there's nothing I want to do........ with you........ you know...... Certainly nothing with urine. Please....... sir...... can't I just pee?'

Riff stood back, 'Go put your jeans on.'

The words hit Caleb like a slap in the face....... 'AW NO....... PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME LEAVE....... PLEASE!!! PLEASE, JUST TELL ME WHAT TO DO.' Caleb felt the panic rising in his throat.

Riff looked him in the eye, 'Go and put your jeans on....... NOW!!!'

Caleb's eyes filled with tears, and his chin hit his chest as he slowly got off the bike. He was on the verge of sobbing as he walked into the bedroom and picked his jeans up off the floor. He started to take the condom off.

Riff barked, 'Don't you dare take that off. All I said was to put your jeans on. Christ, will you ever learn to LISTEN. You boys are all alike........ You never listen. CONDOM STAYS ON, PLUG STAYS IN!!'

Some of Caleb's fear abated...... now he was confused........ AND he had to pee. As he was buttoning his jeans Riff grabbed him by the ear and led him into the john.

'Climb into the tub boy.'

That did it. Caleb was not stupid. He knew immediately what was about to happen AND he didn't care. It was crystal clear to him that he'd do whatever Riff said. Caleb knew more than anything HE DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE. He would capitulate. He'd do whatever Riff told him.

Riff got into the tub behind Caleb. He reached around Caleb and grabbed both his nipples...... hard. As he held them in a death grip and pulled Riff said, 'OK boy, let loose and describe everything that happens.......... and how it makes you feel.'

Caleb shrugged his shoulders and leaned back into Riff's chest. Caleb's cock was hard as steel; he was soaked to the skin; he was still a little frightened; his nipples were beginning to cry for help, but he had no trouble peeing....... He really had to go........

Caleb began, 'You're really hurting my nipples. BUT I DON'T MIND...... HONEST!! And I'm starting to um pee....... piss (Riff smiled)...... yes, I'm pissing.... OOhhh.... there's some pressure against the condom..... the piss it really pushing against it.... and it feels kind of interest...... good..... it feels pretty good.... and now it's coming out all around the condom and my dick is getting a little softer....... and there it goes.... the condom is off.... Wow, the pee.... piss is really hot.... and it's starting to go down the inside of my jeans..... Gee that's pretty hot piss...... and some of it is like riding up my ass........ Ouch you're squeezing my nipples a...lot... more...... but ... but... it's making my dick jump around like crazy...... and..... and Boy O boy I'm really pissing hard and it's pouring down both my legs and kind of like raining on my bare feet...... OH WOW.... when you let my nipples go they snapped back and my dick almost exploded..... boy oh boy Riff this is sooooo much fun..... Ya know, I really am sorry that I....... '

Riff interjected, 'STOP IT!!'

Caleb understood and continued his commentary, '.....and Geeeze my dick keeps trying to go down but then you keep.... grabbing my nipples..... and it gets harder again... Boy O Boy I really had to go.... I'm still going pretty strong and it's ........ hot....... and WOW.... that feels very strange the way you keep grabbing my chest and pulling like that....... and I can't believe how hot this piss is.... it's very hot...and my pants and legs are soaking wet and squishy.... and OUCH!.... now you're pinching my nipples....... AND PULLING...... and .... God my dick is hard....... and still going strong.... OWW.. you're pinching my nipples again, but sir, it's making my cock even harder.... FUCK, THIS IS SO FUCKING HOT..... THANK YOU SIR.... GOD, SIR I AM SO.....'

Riff interjected, 'YOU'RE DOING IT AGAIN.'

Caleb continued, '......and I'm still pissing like a fucking racehorse..... and I'm very excited..... my nipples are getting sore... but in spite of that it's kind of setting up more of a connection with my dick...... I can feel some of that sensation.... that pinching is... it's in my dick..... WOW.....

Caleb's breath was coming in short puffs now. Riff was alternately pinching and pulling and snapping the kid's tits and pushing his own harnessed cock up and down the back of Caleb's wet jeans. As Caleb's flow began to ebb Riff started to chew on his neck.... both men were moving toward orgasm at break neck speed......

The doorbell rang.

Riff stopped everything, jumped out of the tub, and raced out of the bathroom. Caleb was so taken aback that his mouth hung open, as he said a semi-quiet, '.....but..... wait.'

In another second Caleb heard Riff call out, 'I AM COMING..... GIVE ME ONE MINUTE!'

The funny thing was that in one minute Caleb would have come too.

Riff re-entered the bathroom, expensive short silk bathrobe open on top, waving around a pair of scissors.

Riff smiled at Caleb, 'You can't answer the door like that.'

Caleb sighed in relief. For a second he was terrified that Riff was going to make him answer the door in his piss filled jeans.

Riff said, 'Hold still.'

Riff put the scissors at the cuff of Caleb's jeans and cut them up the seam, past the knee to the thigh. Then snip, snip, snip around and one leg was gone. Riff made short work of the other leg and thirty seconds later Caleb was standing in Riff's bathtub wearing a piss soaked pair of short-shorts.

Riff grinned from ear to ear. 'Time to get lunch.......... Time for YOU to get lunch.'

Caleb's whole head turned beet red, 'but...... but..... but...... I'm....... my jeans...... I'm wet...... it's pee....... my jeans...... there's nothing left..... they're obscene..... I smell....' He didn't know where to begin.

Riff continued to smile, 'I know. Now go get our lunch. Pretend you just got out of the pool.'

Caleb answered, 'What pool? There's no pool. Please Riff.... um...... sir....'

But even as he sputtered and stuttered Caleb knew he'd be answering the door and humiliating himself..... HE KNEW IT.

Riff just stood back and waited.

Finally Caleb said, 'Can I have a towel or better yet a rag to wipe some of the pee... piss.... off my legs. I don't want to get it all over your carpet.'

Riff laughed, 'Have you been paying attention? This whole apartment is a disaster with cum and precum and sweat everywhere. A few drops of your piss aren't going to make a whit's difference. So just get the door.'

The two overgrown boys marched to the door. Riff stayed a few steps behind Caleb so that he could watch his hot hard ass pump up and down while the younger stud walked. Riff had 'fashioned' Caleb's new shorts so that the back was even more obscene than the front. He could see half of Caleb's glutes as they flexed and bobbed toward the door.

Standing on Riff's threshold was a cute Chinese boy wearing tight white jeans, a bright green tank top and cowboy boots. He was holding two large brown bags.

When Lau saw Riff standing behind the tall dark hunk at the door he spoke around Caleb to Riff, 'Hey Riff, what's up......... Holy shit, what are you guys up to?' He took a step back and continued, 'Riff, you told me you weren't into guys my age.....This guy doesn't look any older than I am... You know what I said...... I'd do anything.... I'd be open to anything..... ANYTHING..... you name it Riff... '

Caleb wanted to knock the kid on his ass, but before he could jump in, Riff pulled him back and said, 'You've got it all wrong Lau. I'm just babysitting for this BOY. It's like a favor for his mommy and daddy. And I'll tell you something; they aren't paying me enough........'.

Caleb flushed bright red; Riff was revving up the embarrassment engine and firing on all eight cylinders at once.

'...... I mean look at this....' and Riff tugged at the belt loop on Caleb's jeans. '... he pissed his pants, and it's not the first time. Since he's been here today..... No wait, I'll let him tell you.'

Riff took Caleb's shoulder and squeezed, 'Caleb, tell Lau how many times you've pissed yourself today.'

Caleb looked at the floor, turned toward Riff, locked his jaw, and whispered, 'Pleeeze Riff, not in front of...... this guy...... pleeeeeze....... anything else..... but not in front of some stranger.... some guy I don't know..... pleeeeze....'

Riff let go of Caleb's shoulder and pinched his ear, 'Caleb, let's try this again. TELL LAU how many times you've pissed yourself today. NOW!!'

As a tear gently rolled down Caleb's cheek he whimpered/whispered, 'twice.......'

Riff added, 'Now tell Lau who you are and what you do..... GO AHEAD OR I SWEAR I'LL PUT YOU OVER MY KNEE RIGHT HERE..... RIGHT NOW...... IN FRONT OF LAU!'

Caleb choked out, 'My name is Caleb Reston..... I work for a moving company.'

Riff tweaked Caleb's ear and said, '.....and?'

Caleb could barely speak, '.... and I'm in law school.'

Lau grinned, 'Sorry Riff. I didn't realize you were a BABYSITTER..... Do you think you might be able to sit for me some time?'

Riff let go of Caleb's ear and moved behind him, 'Sorry Lau, this little one is taking up all my free time.'

As Riff unbuttoned Caleb's jeans and reached into his shorts Caleb nearly flexed out of his skin. Lau's eyes opened so wide he no longer looked Asian.

Riff 'discovered' the loose condom next to Caleb's still erect cock. He found the open end and with great one-handed dexterity, Riff slid it back where it belonged.

Caleb forgot all about his tears as Riff very deliberately and quite obviously began to rub Caleb's ever growing, condom-covered prick up and down in long slow strokes. Then as Riff lapped at Caleb's ear he continued to talk, 'No Lau, all my babysitting time is spent working with THIS BOY. He's a slow..... slow...... slow.... learner..... but I'm a very patient man. Sure, some times when he's very, very bad and he pisses me off I have to take him over my hard knee and spank his bare ass..... over..... and over...... and over... till it's all red and hot and he's crying like a little baby boy..... And sometimes he gets so fucking dirty that I have to drag him by his hair into the bathroom, strip him all the way down, and work him with soap and water till his skin is all slick and pink and clean...'

Suddenly Caleb was feeling a whole lot better...... and very 'special.'

All three men were melting in the hot afternoon sun; as they stood in Riff's doorway while he slowly, deliberately, long-stroked Caleb's hot prick up and down and up and down..... harder..... harder..... harder.... and he continued his narrative, '.... But Lau, when I work on a boy like Caleb here, I work him and work him and work him. What's more I refuse to give up. I mean I make him pump these muscles....' Riff grabbed Caleb's whole left pec with his free hand and began to rhythmically rub, press, squeeze, and release it over and over and over, '..... I make him sweat Lau... and pump.... and pump... and pump. I make him work his smooth buff rock hard ass till he's weak all over..... and then I work him some more... Boys have to learn Lau..... and when it comes to THIS boy... well, his education is in MY HANDS.....' and Riff roughly pulled Caleb closer and tighter. Caleb leaned further into Riff's strong arms and let his head fall back on Riff's shoulder. Caleb was having trouble remembering what had been so upsetting.

Riff immediately began to make long slow swipes up Caleb's throat with his slippery wet tongue, '....... and make no mistake Lau, this boy is filthy.... filthy..... filthy.... he's as dirty as they come..... scummy..... slimy...... dirty and disgusting. But Lau, it gets worse..... so very much worse. I just learned something. I found out........ Well Lau, it turns out that this big, hot, hard, wet, dirty, filthy boy is a FAGGOT! He's a lousy, man loving, cocksucking, ass fucking queer. So now I have even more work ahead of me. Lau, I said to myself, I said 'Riff, what can you do?' Lau, this filthy disgusting perverted boy wants cock. He wants big, huge, giant, dirty, slimy, filthy hard pricks; grown men's big firm dicks, rammed up his boyass. He wants to lick men's filthy, hairy, sweaty balls and suck on their great big cocks..... he wants to shove his tongue up their assholes..... Can you imagine that Lau? filthy... dirty.... slutty... faggot.... he wants men to put their hands all over him.... He wants men to kiss his filthy, dirty lips and fuck his asshole with their hot hard dicks. He's a great big FAGGOT, FAIRY, QUEER, COCKSUCKER....'

Right around this time Caleb's dick began to shoot. It shot so hard that with every orgasmic wave Caleb's whole body contracted.... and flexed..... and contracted.... and flexed..... and contracted...... and flexed.... and flexed.... and flexed..... and flexed..... and flexed.

Poor Lau, eyes wide open, mouth agape, fingering his own cock, was panting.

A few seconds later Riff said, 'So Lau, I'd give you a ten dollar tip, but if I let this boy go he'd only fall down and get all dirty. How about you put the whole thing on my tab?'

Lau swallowed hard and tried to find his voice. Finally he squeaked out, 'Sure thing Riff..... thanks..... for..... thanks..... see ya!........' and with the wet stain in the front of his white jeans spreading, Lau turned on his heel and ran toward his car.

Riff smiled to himself and said, 'Gee Caleb, I hope it wasn't something I said.'

But Caleb didn't hear him. He was still leaning against Riff and basking in the considerable afterglow; only one thought in his spinning head, 'I love him.'

Riff left the condom in place, and carefully removed his hand from Caleb's shorts. Caleb immediately turned around and slumped into Riff's arms. A second later they were kissing..... a soft, gentle, tender, passionate...... very long kiss.

A couple minutes later Riff pushed Caleb off his face and said, 'Boy, get those bags and put them on the table...... and be careful with that condom..... you know the drill I want it all.... every drop!'

Caleb turned his back to the door, bent at the waist and gingerly fingered the condom. He took it off slowly, wondered where to put it, and finally placed the open end between his teeth; then he closed his zipper, turned back around, bent over, and grabbed the two brown paper bags. He closed the door, brought the food into the dinning room, and stood next to the table in his damp shorts...... starry eyed and grinning.

Riff took off his robe, threw it onto the couch, and barked, 'Shorts off while you eat...... but keep that harness in place..... and tighten the strap around your balls... by at least one notch..... I like the idea of you balls eventually hanging around you knees boy...... long and loose.'

Caleb pushed down the shorts, folded them in half and put them on a nearby end table. He had a hell of a time snapping the two inch ball strap one snap closer to strangulation. ...... but he didn't mind the pain, he was too darn happy....... he was cock-sucking, ass-fucking, queer-loving, joyous.... and utterly taken, totally in love, head over heels, lock stock and barrel.

As Riff set the plates and glasses on the table he glanced up at Caleb, 'Stop grinning at me...... you look foolish.'

Caleb took the condom out of his mouth and said, 'Sorry sir,' but kept smiling.

'Caleb, you look like a little puppy dog, all dewy eyed..... and I don't like it! It makes me nervous. I am not your husband and this is not our honeymoon..... DROP THAT FUCKING SMILE...... or I swear I'll take you over to the damned couch and whack your ass.'

Caleb answered, 'OK.'

Riff turned toward him, 'You don't care if I put you over my knee and beat your ass?'

'Not if it will make you happy Riff..... or sir.... Anything that will make you happy... I don't care anymore. Just tell me what to do.'

Caleb's little revelation hit Riff hard. Christ, what had he done? This was not good. He couldn't let the kid feel this way..... he was getting too attached. Caleb was mixing up sex..... great sex... with falling in love. Shit, Fuck, Piss.... Caleb, was falling in love; Riff knew it but he was equally aware that, in his heart, he didn't feel the same.... that he would never feel that way..... about Caleb. He had to nip this thing in the bud.

Riff walked up to him, put his hands on Caleb's shoulders and pushed him back into the dinning room chair at the head of the table. As Caleb sat smiling Riff moved his own legs apart and sat down hard on Caleb's lap. Riff pressed his chest into Caleb's; their hard cocks crushed together..... beating.....

Riff brought his lips to Caleb's ear and spoke, 'You'd better hear me boy...... hear me good. This is not a love story. We're not even friends..... exactly. We're having some fun. YOU want to be a faggot-boy. I know all about faggot-boys so I'm happy to be YOUR faggot-boy tour guide. My intention kid is to wear you down like the eraser on a pencil...... till you're all used up...... then you'll be a card-carrying, faggot-boy. And Caleb, that's the whole story. If you keep pushing this....... If you keep acting like you want to be my prom date..... My GIRLfriend..... My SPECIAL SOMEONE.... I will throw your ass out of this apartment AND never speak to you again...... Now answer me boy.... ARE WE CLEAR?.... DO YOU UNDERSTAND?'

Caleb gulped, 'Yes sir.'

Without moving Riff replied, 'Are we going to EVER have this fucking conversation again? .......EVER?'

Caleb returned, 'No sir..... never.'...... but he didn't believe it.

Riff started to get up and then brought his weight back down hard!!! '.... and Caleb, if you piss me off again today...... I mean if you get under my skin once more I'm going to drag your ass down to the bus terminal and push you and ride you and goad you until you make me fifty bucks selling blow jobs for five dollars each, to total strangers. Do you think I could force you to suck cock for me? Do you think I could get you to accede to my wishes? .....If I pushed and pushed and pushed?'

THAT caught Caleb's attention. He began to think at breakneck speed. If Riff exerted his full influence..... if he really wanted...... Caleb might..... he........ Jesus Christ, if Riff actually wanted, absolutely insisted..... Caleb would do it....... What Caleb realized was that he'd do just about anything in his power to please Riff....... BECAUSE HE LOVED HIM!!....... And many things came into focus.... Riff could say whatever he wanted.... that it was sex, it wasn't love.... that it was Caleb's first gay tryst.... that Caleb was still a kid....... But Caleb knew in his heart that he loved Riff.... and he was next to certain that on some level Riff knew it too. Why the heck did Riff think Caleb would follow his every wish? Riff seemed completely sure that he could get Caleb to suck off strangers..... And it was true.... Caleb would bend for Riff..... BECAUSE HE LOVED RIFF....... So why the hell didn't Riff see it? Caleb decided to play it cool; he was next to positive that Riff loved him...... on some level.... and that Riff knew it..... on some level..... The whole mess sent a chill through the younger man. He had to be careful; he had to wait for Riff to see. It occurred to Caleb that he could mess this up by being too quick, too impetuous. Caleb had to relax..... He had to be discrete..... He had to acquiesce.... seem to acquiesce.... or he'd blow it....... RIFF LOVED HIM!!.... For a moment Caleb almost laughed out loud... then the image of him kneeling in front of a transient at the Bus Station flashed in his head...... That calmed him right down.

Caleb put his head down on Riff's shoulder and said, 'Yes sir..... you could get me to do it.'

Riff smiled, 'So Boy-O, the only question is, 'would I actually do it?' and there's only one way to find out. Do your really want to test me boy? Do your want to find out?'

Caleb whispered into Riff's chest, 'No sir!'.......In his heart, Caleb was chuckling..... softly.

Riff breathed a sigh of relief and jumped off Caleb's lap, 'Let's get you ready to eat....'

As Caleb sat, Riff raced around gathering 'things.' Riff took the condom out of Caleb's hand and draped it over the lip of one of the glasses; then he turned Caleb's chair sideways..... so he could feed him. Riff put leather cuffs on each of Caleb's wrists and tossed a piece of bungee cord over the exposed ceiling beam. He tied Caleb's hands tightly above his head. The kid looked like he was being held at gunpoint. Riff almost said, 'Stick 'em up.' but decided against 'lightening' the situation. Riff preferred Caleb sweating. Next Riff spread Caleb's legs and tied his ankles to the back of the chair so that his feet dangled off the floor at his sides, and finally he used more cord to tightly secure Caleb's waist, and then his upper chest to the back of the chair. Caleb could only move his head..... and wiggle his feet. Riff took the opportunity to tickle his 'captive.'

In a few seconds Caleb was going nuts, writhing and begging, 'Oh, Oh, Oh..... stop.. Please........ Please........ Pleae........... Please......... Please....... sir..... Please..

Aaa Aaaaaa........pleeeeze..... Oh stop...... Oh sir...... Oh pleeeze........ please stop..... please stop..... for god's sake pleeeeeeeeeeeze..... Oh....... Oh....... Oh...... Aaaaaaaaa. Please.......... Please........ Please........ Pleae........... Please......... Please....'

Riff stopped and said, 'I just love the way you plead.' Then he continued till Caleb was out of breath and on the verge of tears...... Riff added, 'Now be good!'

Riff went to work laying out the meal. He opened all the bags, put the different items on separate plates, brought in glasses of water and pulled up a chair opposite Caleb.

Before Riff sat down he leaned in and kissed Caleb hard. There was no romance in this kiss. It was savage and hot and as Caleb opened himself to it Riff grabbed his hair and used it to further crush Caleb's mouth to his own. Riff ground his lips into Caleb's; he moved his head in small circles and reamed the boy's mouth with his tongue. He sucked and pressed their faces so close that their noses folded over. They began to generate energy..... heat..... An air seal formed and Riff's exhaled air became Caleb's inhaled breath. Caleb felt completely powerless; Riff felt omnipotent. They were both in their glory as they continued the quintessential dom/sub kiss. Caleb relaxed his whole body. He went limp, like a rag doll. Riff felt his body grow..... he became larger.... stronger..... In that moment he owned Caleb. Riff's cock pounded. Caleb's prick bubbled and burped up a gob of prejizz...... and they kissed. Caleb was moaning; Riff was growling...... and they kissed. Riff let go of Caleb's mane grabbed the back of the chair and rocked it back and forth while he pushed his tongue in and out of Caleb's throat. More than anything Riff wanted to fuck Caleb's into an early grave. More than anything Caleb wanted Riff to do just that.......to fuck him into the next world.

It took every ounce of his resolve, but finally, very much against his will Riff relaxed his lips and took his tongue out of Caleb's mouth.

'Sir, don't stop... Kiss me again.... Please don't stop..... PLEEEEEEEZE!'

'Caleb, we have to eat. You're a growing boy. You need your lunch.'

'Sir, kiss me again.'

'Caleb, I'll kiss you when I feel like it. That's it for now.'

'Sorry sir.......... maybe later???'

Riff smiled, 'Maybe.' He turned his attention toward the food. He'd ordered a mixed lunch of Asian treats; everything from eel, tuna, and shrimp to sticky rice and a few specialty dishes guaranteed to roast your tonsils.

Riff asked, 'Do you like spicy food?' but before Caleb could answer Riff stuck a finger full of fishy mush into his mouth. It tasted very good so Caleb smiled, swallowed and tried to answer Riff's question, but again before he got a word out Riff had put more food into his mouth.

Caleb swallowed fast and shot out, 'Yes, I love peppers and stuff like that.'

Riff smiled, 'Stuff...... you like spicy stuff. What kinds of food do you like? What styles of cooking?'

Caleb answered between bites, 'I have very simple tastes. My family didn't eat out much, and since I left home I've lived on mostly cafeteria food. I like.... you know Italian food, pasta, meatballs..... Chinese, egg rolls, sweet and sour... and American food, meat and potatoes. I'm afraid I'm not very sophisticated at all.'

Riff laughed, 'Well boy, we've got our work cut out for us. A proper faggot knows food, even though most of us are currently on Atkins.... we still know food. Do you like wine?'

Caleb felt playful, 'I suppose good faggots know all about wine.'

Riff chimed in, 'You bet your ass they do. A real faggot can make a wine steward cry, but then most wine stewards are faggots, so it gets tricky.'

As Riff was directing a finger full of rice toward Caleb's mouth half of it fell and landed right on Caleb's dickhead. They both looked down. Caleb's dick was still rock hard from THE KISS; there was an ample supply of prickslime coating the entire shaft; and more of the sticky boygoo was dripping off his balls onto the seat cushion. Caleb blanched. Riff smiled broadly, swooped down, and as Caleb inhaled deeply Riff gave his cockhead a big slurp-suck...... Riff left it clean and slick with his spit. As he came up he swiped his tongue across Caleb's lips and removed a little sour sauce that was barely there. Caleb tried his best to turn that last little move into a kiss, but Riff's tongue was gone before he could open his mouth and catch Riff's lips.

'Nice try kid. Better luck next time.'

Riff picked up a small paper cup full of a sweet sauce and crushed it against Caleb's left pec. Before Caleb could react Riff had a second cup of hot mustard flattened on Caleb's right pec.

Riff grinned, 'There now, that'll make things easier.'

Caleb had no idea what Riff was talking about. Riff grabbed a shrimp and caught some of the sweet sauce as it was sliding down Caleb's chest to join the rest puddling on Caleb's fuzzy thigh. He brought it up to Caleb's mouth, but before the kid could grab it between his teeth Riff greedily popped it into his own mouth. One second later he showed Caleb the shrimp between his teeth; then he leaned in so that Caleb could bite off the outside half.

A moment after Caleb had bitten the shrimp Riff said, 'Wait a sec, it's better with the sauce.' Riff quick-chewed his piece, swallowed hard, stuck out the tip of his tongue, took a pass under Caleb's left tit, grazed off some sweet slop and brought it up to his mouth, where Caleb eagerly sucked it off. Once again Riff was too fast for Caleb to engineer the move into a kiss........ damn!

Riff's eyes darted skyward, 'What to do next...... hmmmmm?' Then his eyes lit up. He turned and took the rubber full of Caleb's cream out of the glass and brought it between them.

Riff looked at Caleb, 'Where do you want it?'

Caleb smiled, 'In my mouth?'

Riff frowned, 'Not creative enough........ Ahhhh, I know.' And with that Riff stuck his index finger into the jizz.

As he was gathering the tasty treat he said, 'Wow. There must be one and a half, maybe two teaspoons full of cum in this rubber. That's pretty impressive boy..... especially after all we've been up to.'

Caleb felt proud, 'You really get me hot sir. Seriously, I've never had sex like this.... not ever. If you had asked me, I'd have told you what we've done...... getting me to come this many times....... I'd have said it wasn't possible..... not to keep coming and producing so much semen.'

Riff interjected, 'Caleb, good faggots don't use medical terminology. Cum or jizz or fuckjuice or mancream or ballsauce is a lot hotter than semen....... Don't you get that?'

Caleb blushed deep red, '.......sure, but I grew up in a house where if you said 'crap' you got your mouth washed out with soap...... it's really hard.... difficult for me to use those other words.'

Riff looked at Caleb and quite disingenuously said, 'Would you prefer that I tone that part down?'

Caleb shook his head, 'God, no...... no, that would mess it up. I love the way you talk to me. Every time you call me a faggot.... or better yet, YOUR fag-boy it gives me sex feelings in the pit of my stomach. I could listen to you say those things all day long. I don't think I'd ever get tired of you saying those dirty words to me....... '

Riff smiled....... and toyed with Caleb, 'So you do want to be my faggot-boy?'

'Yes sir..... more than anything.'

Riff took his finger coated with Caleb's 'special sauce' and brought it up to his forehead. As Caleb's eye's crossed trying to see, Riff applied a dollop of jizz down the bridge of Caleb's nose. He repeated the procedure till the cum was drip, drip, dripping off the end of Caleb's nose. Naturally Caleb caught every drop on his tongue.

Riff put his hands next to Caleb's head, steadied it, then moved in as though he was going to kiss him. As there lips came into range Riff stood half way up and slurped all the jizz off Caleb's face and finished by kissing him on the forehead....... Caleb groaned..... Riff came back into range and gave him a firm kiss on the lips, AND drew back before Caleb could 'make it more.'

Riff slurped oyster sauce out of Caleb's hairy pits as he fed him. He ate sticky rice off both of Caleb's shoulders as he scooped more into Caleb's mouth. Riff nibbled tuna off Caleb's thighs and shared it with him. Caleb drank green tea from Riff's mouth and when some dribbled down his chin and dripped onto his cock..... well, Riff was quick to clean the spills. The slurping and sucking and chewing of food and lips and bellies and furry thighs continued. Riff covered virtually every inch of Caleb's exposed flesh with food or drink of some kind.

They ate and drank and kissed and licked and sucked for the better part of an hour and when Riff's watch let them know IT WAS TIME, Riff brought Caleb off by grazing his dick head with just the very tip of his hot, hard, wet, slimy tongue........ Riff made it very difficult for Caleb to come. Fuck, Riff wasn't allowed his own orgasm so he edged and edged and edged and edged his faggot-boy till Caleb's eyes were quite literally full of tears and he said, 'Please...... Please...... Please..... Please....... Please.........' one hundred times..... And Riff counted...... slowly.

On the ninety-fifth 'please' Riff took the length of Caleb's stiff standing prick all the way into his mouth till his lips pressed firmly against Caleb's dark pubes and then he gave a hearty hummmmmmm... and Caleb strained at the cords. On ninety-six Riff used just the tip of his tongue to tickle Caleb's pisshole and the kid tried to climb out of his skin. On ninety-seven Riff bent down and blew hot breath across Caleb's balls; on ninety-eight he slurped his tongue up Caleb's cock starting at his restrained balls and finally left s big wet kiss on his dick head...... Riff wondered if the bungee cords would hold.... Caleb squeaked out the ninety-ninth 'please' with tears running down his face as Riff finally deep throated his whole prick and as Caleb literally screamed the one hundredth 'PLEASE,' Riff sucked for all he was worth and Caleb came very, very, very, very hard.... and his cock pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped....

When Caleb finally relaxed there was a slimy WHOOSH-SPLAT as his sweat soaked body slid-slapped back down onto the chair. Caleb quickly turned from purple to red to pale white as his blood returned to its vessels and it took him several minutes to catch his breath.

At the last minute Riff had used the same condom to catch what juice Caleb's tired prostate shot ......about a half teaspoon of ballsap .....Caleb's cum gland was doing its very best..... working overtime.

That last batch of Caleb-cream Riff generously spread all over and around Caleb's mouth, and finally Riff gave the boy the softer, prolonged, licking, sucking kiss he'd been waiting for........ for hours.

It was almost three O'clock by the time they finished. It was Caleb's turn to feel exhausted and sleep deprived. He looked at Riff and said, 'Do you think we could take a nap sir?'

Riff smiled warmly, 'Nope! You wanna get all fat and flabby? The best thing to do after you eat is wait an hour and then EXERCISE!!'

Caleb said, 'But sir, didn't we already exercise?'

Riff shook his head, 'You mean that little 'recreation period' we spent in my spare room? That was nothing. I'm taking you to my gym.... a proper faggot-gym. It's crammed full of muscle bound queers convinced that bigger is better. Today you can come as my guest, but I'll get you a membership.'

Caleb returned, 'I swim and lift at school. I don't need an expensive health club. I can't afford it, and I can't take such an extravagant gift.'

Riff looked up, 'Consider it an early Christmas present. You need a place to go.... a friendly place... with nice guys who will help you and look out for you. You're going to love it there.'

Caleb shook his head, 'Honest sir. I couldn't. It's too much. Can't I just come as your guest?'

Riff played his trump card, 'Ya know boy, I'm there five or six days every week. It's the one place you can count on seeing me.'

Caleb capitulated, 'Well, if you insist.... I suppose it would be impolite to be ungrateful.'

Riff won, 'Yeah sure. It would just kill me if you turned me down.'

Caleb was light, 'THANK YOU VERY MUCH sir............... Seriously, thanks.'

As Riff untied Caleb's hands he said, 'When are you going to learn boy; that you can't say no to me. Caleb, I own your ass.'

Caleb's whole chest got warm, and he flushed bright red, 'Sir..... um.....ah..... well ah...'

'Jesus boy, spit it out!'

'Well sir, it's just that I'm all dirty again and I was wondering if you might be thinking about maybe giving me another bath......'

Riff's whole face erupted in a smile as he continued to untie his boy, 'Oh you'd just love that now wouldn't you? From 'Ah-shucks' law student to all out fuck-toy in one day..... aren't you ashamed? You've really become a dirty, filthy faggot haven't you? ....a big queer-boy who wants me to man handle him all day long.'

Caleb continued to avoid Riff's eyes, but couldn't help smiling as he said, '....your fuck-toy, queer-boy sir.... and your hands sir.'

Riff untied the last knot, 'That's what I want boy, your lips firmly pressed to my ass in total bottom-butt-boy, queer-assed, faggot-fairy supplication... And don't ever forget it. As for the rest, you're just beginning kid. There's a whole world of great looking guys out there who are going to stand in line to get a shot at your ass.'

Caleb didn't answer. He wanted to tell Riff he was wrong about 'other guys.' Caleb wasn't interested in 'other guys,' but he knew disagreeing with Riff would only make things contentious so he held his tongue and his absolute conviction that Riff was THE ONE.

Riff said, 'Stay put while I get a damp cloth and wipe you down. You have something to accomplish before we wash you properly.'

In a couple minutes Riff had wiped the bulk of the food off Caleb's beautifully sculpted body. Then he led the boy over to the box that had arrived earlier from the drugstore. Riff pulled out a carton of unlubed condoms for later; then he found what he'd been looking for and he handed the contraption to Caleb. 'Do you know what this is?'

Caleb looked puzzled, 'Yes, my grandmother used to have one. It's an enema.'

Riff added, 'Enough said. I want you to hustle your butt into the bathroom, fill up that bag with hot soapy water and then I want you to lean way over and fill yourself with every drop.... every single drop.... then hold it for a good five minutes.... not one second less... then let it out. I want you to repeat that twice more.... that's two more times. Do you understand?'

Caleb said, '.....but sir.... why?'

Riff smiled, 'Good manners.... that's why! No more questions.... GET MOVING!'

Caleb took the contraption from Riff with two fingers..... like it was radioactive, and walked to the bathroom, like a condemned man on his way to the gallows.

Riff ran around the apartment collecting the dishes and putting them into the sink, cleaning off the table, picking up odd bits of clothing, cord, and leather do-dads, then he went into the kitchen and made a couple 'clandestine' phone calls.

While Riff continued to put things in order and get ready to hot-foot it to the gym Caleb struggled with his latest, unpleasant, very strange, oddly comprehensible, new, gay-oriented, task.

Riff yelled from the kitchen, 'How are you doing kid?'

Caleb called back, '...... as well as could be expected...... I guess...... this is very weird sir.......... very strange........ do you......... are you supposed to........ does a good faggot-boy do this all the time sir?'

Riff tried not to snicker, 'You betcha boy!

When Riff stuck his head around the corner to look in on Caleb, the younger man almost had a panic attack. As he was leaning over the sink with the tube connected to his ass he shouted, 'PLEASE don't come in.'

Riff wanted to laugh, but held onto the moment's emotion, 'Are you fucking telling me what to do? How'd you like to wear that contraption to the gym?'

Caleb was mortified, 'Awwww c'mon....... This is embarrassing as hell. Please let me just get this done..... sir..... I'm doing it just like you told me to...... but please don't watch me...... do..... this.....'

Riff buckled, 'OK, but don't ever yell at me again...... or you'll be in the bus station so fast it'll make you head spin..... Do you understand?'

'Yes sir.'

Outside the bathroom Riff said, 'How far along are you?'

'I'm almost done. This is the last...... one.'

And Riff sauntered back into the room, and over to Caleb, 'Then stop being such a girl........ and let's get this finished.'

With no further ado as Caleb sputtered and blushed, Riff grabbed the nozzle, 'Now don't spill any......after the whole 'pissing incident' I worry about you.'

Caleb gave up. There wasn't anything he could do. He squeezed his asshole closed so hard that he did almost piss a little but mercifully he caught himself, and he immediately sat on the toilet. Then came the war of nerves. Caleb didn't want to release the water with Riff in the room. Riff could sense this and naturally wanted to make the best of it; so he began to putter around. He checked his beard growth in the mirror; quickly brushed his teeth; removed his harness..... still Caleb sat, but there was pressure building up in his gut. Riff took out some fresh towels and put them on the vanity; he re-arranged the medicine cabinet and lubed two butt plugs....... Caleb sat ready to double over. He resolved to explode before capitulating again.

Finally Riff pretended to remember something, said, 'Oh wait a minute.' and walked out the bathroom door.

Caleb released the soapy water just as Riff turned around and re-entered the room.

He smiled, pointed at Caleb, and said, 'Twenty-six.' then pointed at himself and added, 'Thirty-two......but twice as clever..... AND I'm always gonna win..... always... and don't forget it.'

A minute later he yanked Caleb off the toilet and into the shower where the two men took the time to explore each other with hands and soap and shampoo. By the time they were rinsing off they were both sporting hard dicks and clear sparkling eyes.

Riff let Caleb dry him off; then he returned the favor. Once they were clean and dry Riff had Caleb bend over so that he could slowly push a slightly larger butt plug up his queer-boy ass... and seeing that Caleb was pouting about the damned plug Riff insisted on putting the kid's harness on.... slowly....very slowly.... till Riff saw a drop of prejizz bubble out of Caleb's cock; then he rolled a fresh condom down Caleb's shaft and fastened the last leather strap around the root of his pounding prick.

Riff said, 'I've laid out your gym clothes on the bed...... get dressed.'

When Caleb saw what was on the bed his whole body slumped..... the cut down shorts..... a neon yellow tank top..... white socks.... and his running shoes...... now sporting bright pink laces! He cried, '....sir..... are you.... sir.... do I have..... sir...... Awww C'mon.... sir...... this isn't fair...... I can't..... it's not funny.... you can't be... Awwww C'mon. '

Riff smiled as he came around the corned, 'It's a good thing you're not working on a degree in public speaking. You'd suck! I never understand what you're trying to say. What, you don't like your outfit?'

Caleb wasn't amused, 'Look.... um sir.... I don't mind doing these things..... wearing whatever... here, with you...... it doesn't matter.... I'd do anything for you... really anything...... but these clothes...... I mean what if I see someone I know..... please sir, I'd die from shame.... And it's not a gay thing... honest....... but please.... I can't go out like that.'

Riff wasn't smiling, 'You can and you will..... or you'll go home.'

Caleb could feel the lump rising in this throat, 'You're serious. If I don't put on that... that ... stuff.... you'll make me leave.'

'My way OR highway...... that's the shorthand.'

So Caleb picked up the shorts and looked at them, 'Can I at least wear some underpants.'

Riff shook his head, 'Christ, if you're going to be such a fucking cry baby.' and he walked over to his dresser, opened the bottom drawer, rummaged around, and pulled out a very old, very dingy, very small jock strap that he'd forgotten he owned. It looked liked he'd worn it in grammar school. 'Here you go you big baby.'

Caleb took what he could get. The problem became what to do with it. As he pulled the straps up his legs the elastic strained for all it was worth..... and miracle of miracles it didn't break.... but it should have. The gray, wrinkled, padded pouch barely covered Caleb's big balls in their two inch leather stretcher; his cock was another story; and the top three very hard inches stuck straight out. Caleb kept his mouth shut. It was better than nothing.

Riff loved the way the straps cut into the back of Caleb's rock hard glutes and all but disappeared into the fleshy dividing line. It was hot hot hot. And when Caleb wiggled his smokin' ass into the shorts Riff needed all his restraint to keep from jumping the dark haired image of 'David.' WHAT AN ASS!! Needless to say the tank top fit like a glove and barely reached the top edge of Caleb's shorts.

Riff on the other hand wore tight navy bicycle shorts, a Harvard T-shirt, white socks and five hundred dollar all purpose gym/sports shoes. He was hot in his own right, and together they looked exactly the way Riff planned. Like a great looking wealthy guy who'd just picked up a hot gay-slut for an afternoon's pleasure..... and Riff was definitely looking forward to an afternoon of pleasure.

As they were getting ready to leave Caleb began to worry. He wasn't certain how much time had elapsed since Riff's watch had last heralded a 'call to come,' and Caleb began to sweat thinking of the myriad humiliating things Riff might do to him in the car.

'Sir, how far is it to the gym?'

'Why do you ask boy?' Riff was no fool he'd been formulating a plan for a while now.

'I'm really nervous about being out in your convertible looking like this.'

'Caleb, you look fine... great.... and we're not taking my Porsche.... I called a cab.'

Caleb walked over and sat down on the couch, but before he could think of what to say or do to stop this next giant humiliation, a horn blasted in the courtyard and Riff had pulled him half way out the door.

The big yellow cab had tinted windows; that relaxed Caleb a little. BUT that little bit of calm quickly disappeared when he saw the driver standing next to the taxi. He was a hulking man, taller than Caleb and easily twice his weight with an enormous chest and gut to match..... the guy was darkly tanned with wild gray hair pulled into a long ponytail. He was dressed in old faded jeans, a worn jean shirt with the sleeves torn out revealing two hairy tree-trunk arms. He had a red bandana tied around his sweaty forehead, a long scraggly gray beard with two rubber bands keeping it from leaping off his face and strangling someone, and a scowl that made Caleb want to go back into the house. This had to be a displaced biker or an escaped serial killer..... Caleb closed his eyes and saw a large pile of rotting corpses, the cabby's prey, all gay-boys, wearing tight shorts and yellow tank tops..... swollen tongues hanging out of their bloated faces, their bloody asses torn in half.

Riff grabbed Caleb's hand, but instead of getting an embarrassed moan from the kid Caleb grabbed back.

As they slid into the back seat the driver growled in a voice that sounded like it emanated from a gravel pit, 'FAGGOTS'

Riff smiled at Caleb and tugged on his hand, 'Come over here boy and gimme some sugar.'

Caleb stared at the floor and tried to whisper, 'Please! Don't do this. You're gonna get us killed.'

Riff, making no attempt to lower his voice, said, 'Hear me kid. No one intimidates Riff Branson. You can't spend your life afraid all the time. You just can't. Jesus, Caleb you're a big guy. I'm sure you could hold your ground in a brawl.'

Caleb got serious, 'My mother is a Quaker sir. I promised her I'd never act in violence. I could never hurt another person. It's the way I was taught.'

Riff felt for the kid, 'Well then Caleb I guess I'll just have to protect you.' And he tugged on his arm again.

'Sir, that would be just as bad. If you hurt someone.... and .... it was my fault.... it would be my sin... sir.'

Riff said, 'Just shut up.' And he moved forward, turned in his seat, faced Caleb and kissed him. At first Caleb resisted, but Riff pressed his lips against Caleb's softly, then firmer, then softer, then firmer..... and in a few seconds poor Caleb couldn't resist. He opened his lips and let Riff tongue his teeth. Before he knew what was happening Caleb was returning the kiss and fighting for air. Their arms went around each other and they pursued a hotter more passionate exchange. Riff sat back and pulled Caleb over the top of him. Caleb, without thinking, found himself following Riff's every wish, losing himself in Riff's control. A moment later Riff pushed Caleb back into the seat and continued the kiss climbing on top of him..... As they sank into the seat Riff grabbed Caleb's condom covered cock and gave it a good squeeze..... Caleb groaned....

Their little wrestling match lasted several minutes and when Riff sat back up Caleb found himself floating in a haze.....

The driver's voice woke him right up. 'You fucking queers don't care where you are. I should pull over and kick your asses.......... ' then he hesitated.

A second later his mannerisms changed..... and in a remarkably different, highly stylized, fairly effeminate voice he said, '..... Shit... Riff honey, I don't know what to say next.... I'm a pretty good actor, but sweetheart I need lines.... I'm sorry, I broke character..... I'm gonna wind up driving this cab till I'm an old queen..... Momma's never going to forgive me.... she's spent a fortune on lessons and coaches.... not to mention Danny.... he's always in my corner, cheering me on.... Sorry Riff.'

Riff chuckled, 'That's OK Tiny, it was last minute.... you did good.... honest..... when you said 'FAGGOTS' it really scared me. Anyway Tiny, this is Caleb..... a new friend of mine.' Riff turned to Caleb, 'Say Hi to Tiny, boy.'

Caleb blushed red, grinned, and said, 'Hi..... You scared the hell out of me. I thought you were going to kill us.'

Tiny was thrilled, 'Gee thanks sugar. Riff where did you meet this great big hunk of manhood...... Is this one of your model-friends.... He sure is cute.'

And for the rest of the trip the guys got to know each other. Mostly Caleb learned all about Tiny and his lover Danny; that Danny was a little guy, 5'6', 120 lbs. soaking wet; that Danny was Tiny's absolute master; that the two had a very loving relationship with Tiny following Danny around like a puppy dog and loving every minute. Caleb learned a lot about the dynamics of this dom/sub relationship. Still he had a hell of a time imagining someone who looked like Tiny taking orders from anyone..... then he looked at Riff and reconsidered his position. All day long, time after time, Caleb kept moving further and further into Riff's control, and he did it all quite willingly, every step of the way, with each new humiliation, and yet with embarrassment heaped on top of discomfort on top of chagrin Caleb continued to want more.... he wanted to do more, go further, endure whatever, to show Riff how much he belonged to him, to show Riff how much he loved him, to show Riff how much his body responded to his touch, his voice, his commands.

As the taxi stopped in front of the swanky, glass and steel muscle palace, Riff was still locked in an animated discussion of the theater with Tiny, and Caleb was mesmerized by the sandy good looking man in front of him, the man who woke him up and gave him life.





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