As Riff dragged his totally spent body toward his apartment his eyes

focused on his door. Outside, under the breezeway awning, sitting on the

cement stoop, leaning against his door, all huddled up, sound asleep;

there was Caleb.

Riff didn't know whether to slap him or scold him or hug him or slug him.

Instead he just shook his head.

Riff got his key ready and as he came up to Caleb, he put the key in the

lock, then reached down with his right hand, and grabbed Caleb's neck.

'On your feet pup!'

Caleb's eyes opened and he struggled to get up with Riff's hand gripping

the back of his neck. 'Cut it out Riff that hurts.'

'Not another word pup!'

Riff pushed Caleb through the door.

'Riff, cut it out. Let me go.'

Riff tossed his key onto the couch and grabbed Caleb's waist with his

left hand.

'Eyes forward pup. When I let you go I want you to strip to your skin

pup, to your skin... not a stitch pup... to your skin.... Is that clear boy?'

'OK Riff.... sure... OK'


Caleb wondered why Riff was acting so weird. He didn't know exactly why

Riff wanted him naked or why he kept calling him pup, but his heart was

going about 100 miles an hour so he didn't care. Caleb had been outside

waiting for Riff since midnight. Caleb didn't understand any of it, why

he was attracted to Riff in the first place, why he couldn't stop

thinking about Riff, why he wanted to spend every minute of every day

with Riff, why he was half out of his mind waiting to touch Riff's skin

and kiss his soft sweet lips, why he had Riff on the brain. Caleb was

supposed to be in school. He had midterms in two weeks, two huge writing

assignments and twenty seven briefs to read and outline, but he hadn't

read a page or written a sentence since he left Riff's apartment on

Tuesday. He thought back to Sunday, the day he'd met this strange and

wonderful guy. Mr. Santillo had sent his two sons, Johnny and Jimmy,

along with Caleb to some hot shot's apartment to install a big wrought

iron bed, special ordered from a local furniture warehouse. This 'hot

shot' had called furniture wholesalers all over Miami on Sunday morning

to find a sturdy bed with heavy posts on the four corners. Apparently

he'd told them that the cost didn't matter as long as he could take

delivery that same day. The furniture guy had called Mr. Santillo at

home to deliver on this strange lucrative request. And in turn Mr.

Santillo, in an effort to 'share the wealth,' had called his two bachelor

sons and their roommate Caleb to transport the bed and help the 'hot

shot' rearrange some furniture.

Caleb felt drawn to Riff from the minute he answered the door wearing a

bathrobe that kept falling off his shoulders. The 'hot shot' was indeed

very hot and even the Santillo brothers were impressed with the guy's cut

body and million dollar pecs. By the time Caleb and his roommates

finished the move Caleb was determined to come back and see Riff again.

Back then he didn't know why he needed to see Riff once more; just that

he wouldn't rest till he did. Then he saw Riff, and now he wasn't

sleeping at all. Caleb was head over heels for Riff; just being in the

same room made him weak; Riff's smile made him sweat; and Jesus Christ

his touch made Caleb feel like he might just explode. Since Tuesday

Caleb hadn't slept more than a couple hours, he tossed and turned and his

cock refused to go down or stay still. When Caleb did sleep there were

fevered dreams of sweaty backs straining and wet hairy legs intertwined.

Every time Caleb closed his eyes he saw Riff's beautiful cock all wrapped

up in that tight harness, and all Caleb wanted to do was take the

horrible thing off and kiss Riff's dick all over, then lick that

magnificent prick till all traces of the leather nightmare had worn off.

Caleb knew Riff was under some other guy's control and he didn't like it

one bit. Riff was beautiful and perfect just the way he was and this guy

was trying to change all that. Caleb didn't know who this other guy was,

but he hated him. He wanted Riff left alone; he wanted Riff the way he

was; he wanted Riff period.

As Caleb was struggling to unbutton his tight jeans Riff had been buff

for a few seconds. Riff was fast becoming a quick change artist. He

could go from fully dressed business man to 'naked guy in harness' in

under thirty seconds.

Riff looked at his fifteen hundred dollar suit and didn't know whether to

send it to the cleaners or throw it in the trash compactor. It looked

like someone had stuffed it into a mayonnaise jar fifty years ago and had

just taken it out.... plus it smelled like a quaint mix of animal sweat,

piss, and cum. After a ten second pause he decided to give the cleaners

a shot. The designer tie was history. Even his jock, which was new as

of Monday, had a nasty tear in the elastic and a few mystery stains.

Riff make a mental note to see if any of the hipper men's designers were

doing anything with wash and wear.

On top of everything else Riff was beat, exhausted, spent and now he was

confronted with the very needy Caleb. Riff's instinct was to toss the

kid out on his ear before this got any more complicated, but at C's

request he'd made plans to spend time with this boy. He wondered if

Caleb realized the only reason he was in Riff's apartment undressing was

because Riff's lord and master had asked him to do it. Riff thought that

Caleb was cute in a 'green kid' sort of way, but he'd been out of that

market for quite a while. If Riff had seen Caleb in a gay bar a week ago

with a sign around his neck that read 'free fuck to a good home' in all

honesty, he'd have passed. He never had much time for the guys with

'father' fixations who needed babysitters more than lovers. Riff had no

use for young gay men who were hunting for 'daddies.' He found it a real

turn off. Once upon a time one of Riff's conquests had called him

'daddy' mid fuck. That did it. Riff immediately ended the evening's

festivities and tossed the guy out before he'd gotten his shoes tied.

Riff was trying hard to figure out how to let Caleb down easily. As he

considered all this he began to see this 'day with Caleb' as one huge

mistake. That really put Riff on edge; so as Caleb struggled with his

jeans Riff hauled off and gave him a hard, open handed, whack on the ass,

pants and all.

Caleb howled, turned, lost his balance and landed on his ass. He said,

'Hey Riff that hurt. What the hell's wrong with you? You've been acting

so damned.......'

Before he could finish his sentence Riff said, 'NOT ANOTHER FUCKING WORD!

No more bitching..... No more moaning and complaining..... You're not even

supposed to be here you pissy little shit. So help me if you say another

word you'll be sorry.'

Caleb half smiled, 'OK Riff, not another word.'

Riff shot back, 'That's gonna cost you Boy-O.' And he reached down and

grabbed Caleb's right wrist. As Caleb made a half hearted attempt to

struggle Riff held onto Caleb's forearm and dragged his ass across the

floor from the living room, through the dinning room, down the hall, and

finally into the bedroom. He pulled Caleb over to the closet, opened the

door and began to dig around in the footlocker. Riff found what he was

looking for.

As Caleb watched in amazement Riff showed him the ball gag. 'Listen pup,

I'm giving you a choice. You either do exactly what I tell you or you

get the hell out. I'm fucking exhausted. If you want to stick around

pup, then we are BOTH IN TRAINING! Since I'm 'senior pup' in this

apartment it means you are my 'buttboy pup'.... THE LOWEST OF THE LOW. I

know this is all new to you boy, so I'm giving you a choice. PAY


THE FUCK OUT!....... Well pup, what's it to be?'

Caleb looked Riff in the eye and opened his mouth. Riff's overheated

prong did a hop skip and a jump, and burped up two big gobs of prejizz.

As he installed the ball gag in Caleb's yap Riff began to think this day

might possibly turn around.

Once the red ball was in Caleb's mouth and the black straps were fastened

around his head Riff said, 'Stay put pup.' With that Riff grabbed

Caleb's right foot and pulled off the white sweat sock. Then he dropped

that foot and picked up the left. There was a hole in the sock at the

heel. Riff stuck his finger through the hole and poked it around. Caleb

reflexively jerked his foot away; it hung in mid air as Caleb blushed

deep crimson. Even being new to all of his Caleb realized he'd just made

a HUGE mistake. Riff grabbed Caleb's foot again, reached into the hole

and tore the sock in half. Then he looked Caleb in the eye and said,

'And that's gonna cost you too. You'd better be keeping track pup,

you've got one hell of a PUNISHMENT, growing larger with EVERY MISTAKE,


going to be one sorry little boy by the end of this day.

Caleb wasn't sure how to feel about everything that was going on. He had

no idea what kind of 'punishment' Riff had in mind. Caleb only knew one

thing; he was more turned on than he ever remembered. It seemed like

every time he was with Riff things just kept getting hotter.

Feet bare, Riff went for Caleb's unbuttoned jeans; as he tugged and

yanked at the cuffs Caleb fell back and laid there, feet in the air, as

Riff pulled his pants off. And Riff continued in his imperious tone,

'You'd think a pup like you could undress himself, but you seem to be at

a loss a loss for doing the simplest things. I can see I'm

going to have to treat you like a fucking two year old. Well pup, if

that's what I need to do then that's what I'll do. AND PUP WHEN I SPEAK


Caleb was puzzled. How could he possibly answer Riff with the damned gag

in his mouth. A moment later, while Caleb's fuzzy bare legs were still

in the air, Riff leaned down and gave Caleb another swat on the ass.

Riff, clearly on edge, said, 'Where the fuck is my SIR, YESSIR?'

Caleb did not want to be whacked again so be said, 'MMMmmmm.... MMMMmm...


Riff smiled, 'That's better pup, next time I want a better effort, AND


As Riff waited Caleb finally caught on, 'MMMmmmm.... MMMMmm... MMMmmm.'

'Good boy pup,' and with no warning Riff reached down with both hands,

grabbed Caleb's jockey shorts and tore them off his body. Caleb's prick

slapped his abs. Seeing that caused Riff's own prick to lurch wildly and

burp up some more precum. Both men noticed it immediately. Riff used

his index finger to gather the clear sticky fluid off the head of his

prick before it could drip. He took the collected honey, went down on

one knee and used it to coat Caleb's lips. Caleb would have loved to

lick them clean, or better yet to share the sweetness with Riff in a

kiss, but at the moment Caleb didn't see many kisses in his immediate

future. Riff seemed too annoyed.

Riff stood up and said, 'Here pup take my hand. If you're going to

behave like a two year old I'm going to treat you like one. Now come

with me.......... I DIDN'T HEAR YOU PUP!!'

Caleb looked up at Riff, 'MMMmmmm.... MMMMmm... MMMmmm.'

Riff smiled and snapped, 'Faster next time boy..... if you know what's good

for you.'

Caleb let Riff pull him off the floor. Riff continued to hold Caleb's

hand tightly forcing him to walk a step behind Riff who half led, half

pulled Caleb back down the hall through the dinning room and into the

living room. When they got to the couch Riff let go of Caleb's hand and

sat down.

Riff looked Caleb in the eye and patted his own naked knee. Caleb was

momentarily mesmerized by the very hot hard prick standing at attention

amidst the tangle of tight pubic hair, in Riff's lap. Then he realized

what Riff intended.

'Over my knees pup, AND MAKE IT SNAPPY!!'

'MMMmmmm.... MMMMmm... MMMmmm.'

With all the resignation of a man kneeling at a guillotine Caleb lowered

his 190 pound, six foot three inch frame slowly down and over Riff's

knees. Caleb laid himself down so that his left side was closest to

Riff's body; so that Caleb's ass was under Riff's right hand.

Caleb's body was exquisite. His black hair was nicely set off by his

deeply tanned skin. In contrast the skin protected by his oversized

bathing trunks was alabaster white. Caleb's chest and back were

hairless. His brown legs were covered in jet black curls which also

filled his armpits and his crotch to overflowing. Caleb's ass was smooth

with a cover of light fuzz. As he struggled to get into position Riff

could see the dark hair that swirled around Caleb's pucker. Riff's mouth

began to water imagining the rich earthy flavor of Caleb's hairy hole.

Once Caleb was comfortable it was Riff's turn to move him around some; to

shake him up a bit. Riff pushed Caleb forward so that his head was

almost touching the floor and so that his hard cock was firmly pressed

against Riff's right thigh. Riff roughly reached between Caleb's legs

and pulled his stiff prick back so that it was aiming painfully down

between Caleb's legs. Then just as Caleb had inhaled Riff gave his balls

a good squeeze causing Caleb to gasp and snort. Riff moved his own knee

left then right nearly sending Caleb onto the floor.

As Caleb was struggling to keep his balance Riff brought down his open

right palm and cracked Caleb's right buttock hard. Caleb let out a

mangled cry, 'MMMMMMmmmm!' and another, 'MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm'

Before he could collect himself Riff was connecting with his NEXT WALLOP

and the NEXT and the NEXT. Before Caleb knew it Riff had delivered five

good cracks with his right hand. Three had landed on Caleb's right cheek

and two on the left.

Caleb was moaning loudly and his eyes were turning red, but far worse

than the pain was his deep humiliation. The spanking had instantly

reduced him to feeling like a small child, a little boy.....he was

instantly transported back in time to an incident that happened one hot

summer day when little Caleb was a little over two years old. Somehow

the front door to their summer house had been left ajar. By the time

Caleb's parents discovered that he was missing the naïve little boy had

wandered into the middle of the street. When his father spotted Caleb in

the path of certain destruction he raced out and grabbed his child out of

harm's way. A moment later, blinded by his anger at the inherent danger

the tiny explorer had exposed himself to, Caleb's father began to whale

on the boy's butt. Two year old Caleb howled in pain and humiliation; he

had no idea why his father was beating him. The experience burned itself

into Caleb's developing psyche, and even though the story was told and

re-told throughout the years in an attempt to assuage the beating's

impact...... the scar was imprinted on Caleb's mind forever.... it would never

be allayed... so as Riff wacked his cute bare ass Caleb was back in the

body of that two year old, BUT THEN his psyche was confronted by the

total incongruity of being so totally naked and so terribly turned on at

the same time. Caleb was sweating profusely he was scarlet with shame

and his ass was red and turning redder every second. And his cock.....Holy

shit his prick, though painfully bent against Riff's fuzzy wet thigh, was

on the very edge of shooting a thick load of boyjiz.

Riff said, 'Now pup are you sorry for being such a whiney brat?'

Caleb, softly crying, said, 'MMMmmmm.... MMMMmm... MMMmmm.'

Riff responded, 'Good pup, I want you to count out the next five along

with me.'

Caleb let out a long low sobbing moan at the idea that there were more

whacks to come; next poor Caleb tried to take a deep breath but it wound

up coming in three hard sobbing gulps and his whole body shook with each

or the three heaves. 'HHRRRR..... sob, HHRRRRR.... sob, HHRRRRR....sob.'

Before he could give the thought of five more wallops any thought Riff

had delivered the first....... In truth Riff was being very careful to swat

Caleb only half as hard as Riff had spanked himself the day before over

his desk at the office. Riff didn't want to hurt Caleb he wanted to let

off some steam and titillate the hell out of his new plaything. Riff

could tell that Caleb was enjoying the whole affair as well as getting

off on being submissive.

Riff said, 'Come on pup that was six. Let's hear it.'

Caleb said, 'MMMMMmmm.'

'Better pup.' WHACK!!!!








Riff said, 'Good boy Caleb; that was ten. Now stand up in front of me.'

Caleb had trouble getting up. He was really crying hard and his whole

body was shaking. When he finally stood in front of Riff he couldn't

bring himself to look into Riff's eyes. He was too deeply ashamed.

Caleb, two years old again, standing in front of Riff, wanting more than

anything, to lie at Riff's feet and cry for his wounded pride.

Riff got off the couch, and stood next to the sobbing young man. The

sight of Caleb took his breath away. Here was this young Adonis standing

before him, humbled. Caleb's straight black hair was falling down into

his eyes as the tears continued to flow.

Riff reached behind Caleb's head and as he removed the ball gag he said,

'Now pup, I don't want to hear a single word or the gag goes back on.

Not a word till I tell you otherwise.........!'

Riff threw the ball gag onto the couch. He put his hand under Caleb's

trembling chin and lifted his lips to within range; then Riff moved in to

suck Caleb's mouth. Riff put his arms around Caleb and drew him closer.

A moment later Caleb gave himself over to Riff's masterful control and

Riff rewarded him with a long slow sucking kiss. Riff used his tongue to

stake a claim on Caleb's warm wet mouth and Riff probed every inch.

Meanwhile Caleb stayed docile and allowed his new lord and master to

dictate the action. Riff pulled Caleb even tighter and raised his hands

to be able to bend Caleb's head slightly so that he could dive in for

even more leverage. Caleb felt his knees begin to give way and as the

kiss continued to build in heat and power Caleb's overheated prick began

to shoot volley after volley of hot boycream... again... and again... and

again... and again... and again... and again... The boiling cum hit Riff's wet

hairy legs and decorated them in long streamers of thick sticky white

froth. If Riff hadn't begun to pull back Caleb would certainly have

fainted from the intensity of the sexual heat and energy these two

unbelievably strong virile men had only started to generate.... FUCK!!!

They could have supplied enough power to light Miracle Mile for a week of

pitch black moonless hot humid Miami nights.

Riff said, 'Just look at the mess you've made pup. On your knees boy and

clean me off.'

It was indeed another first for Caleb as he knelt before his new supreme

master and began to lick his cream off Riff's hairy legs. Caleb didn't

even mind the strong smelling mix of

sex-cum-sweat-copper-chlorine-musk-pheromones that drifted up into his

nose as his tongue lapped at the milky spooge hanging here and there like

white Christmas garlands.

Riff let Caleb labor up and down his legs for several minutes. Long

after all the come had been lapped off, Riff continued to direct Caleb to

'get all that leg hair nice and wet.'

Finally, when Riff's legs were slick with Caleb's spit he said, 'OK pup

on your feet! Take my hand like the little boy you are and let's get you

going on the next part of your punishment.... for being such a whiney


Caleb glowed red with shame as Riff held his hand and pulled him into the

bedroom. Once they were inside Riff had Caleb suck on his thumb and face

one of the corners while he 'got things set up.'

Riff adjusted the video camera at the right distance and angle to capture

most of Caleb's body as he stood in the corner. Then Riff left to get

some markers. When he returned he had Caleb face him. He opened one of

the larger markers and wrote on Caleb's solid smooth chest, 'I AM A

DISOBEDIENT LITTLE BOY.' Caleb was mortified.

Then Riff took Caleb's right arm and turned it so that Caleb could read

what he was writing. Riff wrote a number of words.... among them were:

FAIRY, FAGGOT, BOTTOM BOY, QUEER, GAY BOY and several more. When he

finished that list he took Caleb's left arm and wrote another series of


several more.

Riff looked at Caleb and said. 'Pup, I want you to stand in this corner

and suck your thumb like the whiney, snotty little boy your are; then

every minute or so I want you to turn and face that video camera, slowly

take your thumb out of your mouth and then you are to say, 'I am a

disobedient little boy.' Then Caleb you are to add, 'I am also a______'

and I want you to fill in one of the words from your right arm like

'fairy' or 'faggot'; then you will say 'who likes to__________ my

master's________' and you will fill in one of the word pairs from your

left arm. For instance pup you might say, 'I am a disobedient little

boy. I am also a 'faggot' who likes to 'suck' my master's 'cock.' Do

you understand boy?..... Answer me pup.'


'Come on pup you can do a lot better than that..... NOW ANSWER ME!!'


'OK pup give me a sample of what you're going to say.'

Caleb turned three shades of purple as he said, 'Well sir.... I would say,

'I am a disobedient little boy. I am also a.......... Oh sir do I have to say

it? Please Riff can't I do something else.'

Riff gave Caleb a good slap on the ass, 'RIGHT THIS INSTANT.... GIVE ME



HOUR. And pup, if you slip and call me Riff again you'll be over my

knee in an instant. NOW SPEAK!!!!'

So Caleb with tears streaming down his face, turned to the camera, put

his thumb into his mouth, so that he could take it back out, and then

said, 'I am a disobedient little boy..... I am also a FAGGOT who likes to

TONGUE my master's FEET.'

Riff smiled, 'That's more like it pup. Take your punishment like the big

boy you want to be someday ... Unfortunately boy I think that day is still

a long way off, Right now you're not much more than a sniveling child...

but someday you will be a big boy. And pup, by the end of THIS DAY

you're going to be a great big faggot..... Just like me!.... and you're going

to love it. Is that clear pup?'


'Now pup, why am I having you do this? Tell me pup.'

'As punishment sir?'

'And pup..... Why else?'

'So that I grow up to be a big boy sir?' Caleb felt so totally


'And pup.... Why else?'

'So that, by the end of the day I will love being a you


'Exactly right pup. Now get that thumb into your mouth and get your face

into that corner. I have some things to do pup, but I will watch this

tape later, and pup you'd better do a good job OR ELSE!! Every minute or

so I want you facing that camera telling the whole world all about

yourself, who you are, and what you LOVE to do..... Are we clear pup?'

'Sir, Yessir!'

Riff turned the camera on and left the room. He stood outside the door

for a minute; just long enough to hear Caleb turn and say, 'I am a

disobedient little boy. I am also a BUTT PIRATE who likes to LICK his

master's BALLS.' Riff grinned from ear to ear..... He could hardly wait to

tell C all about this.

While Caleb worked on his punishment Riff took care of several loose

ends. First he called the local drug store and ordered a number of items

for a RUSH DELIVERY. Then he called work. Riff momentarily forgot about

the carnage he'd left behind in his office.

First Riff spoke with Carlos to 'test the water.' Apparently the staff

believed that vandals had broken in and trashed Riff's office. It took

the better part of thirty minutes, but Riff finally worked things out.

Long story short, Riff told to his boss, Mr. Daily, almost exactly what

had happened. Riff did one rather dishonest thing. He mentioned to

Daily that he taught a swimming class for blind students at the Municipal

Pool; then he said he'd gotten an 'emergency' call which was 'vital' and

that he simply had to get to his phone. When Daily inferred that the

call was from some poor stranded 'blind' swimmer, Riff did not correct

him. In the end Steven Daily wound up praising Riff for his courage and

clear thinking under great pressure. Riff tried to insist on paying for

the demolished credenza, but his boss wouldn't hear of it. In the end

Mr. Daily TOLD RIFF to take the day off and decompress. It was Riff's

good fortune that Stephen Daily didn't even ask for the details of the

emergency. (WPHEW!! Score one for faggots.)

With those logistical problems out of the way Riff was able to make

breakfast and plan Caleb's day. Riff was absolutely giddy thinking of

all the fun, cute, snotty, sweet, nasty devilishly clever ways he could

drive Caleb out of his gourd and keep him hot and hard and dripping all

day long. Riff's first move, once he got the food underway, was to set

his watch alarm to count down sixty minutes every time it was engaged;

he'd already decided to milk Caleb's balls and prostate, every hour on

the hour till the poor kid was shooting air. Every so often as he

hustled around the stove and refrigerator Riff would stop what he was

doing and sneak down the hall to eavesdrop on Caleb. The last time he

heard, 'I am a disobedient little boy. I am also a......PANSY ASSED

SISSY-BOY who likes to... to.... to EAT his master's ASSHOLE.' Then Riff

heard Caleb let out a loud sigh and the next thing he heard were the

sounds of Caleb slurping on his thumb. Riff cock almost jumped out of

the harness. He had to race to his refrigerator and rub an ice cube all

over his cock and balls. As it was he almost came in spite of the cold

wetness. He was dripping hot-sex-sweat........ So was Caleb in spite of his

intense shame. In the back of his psyche and deep in his balls Caleb was

strongly bonding to Riff and his masterful authority. Riff was a natural

dominant, born to master any relationship. C knew it. Riff was trying

his best not to admit it.

When breakfast was ready Riff went into the bedroom, turned off the video

camera, and led Caleb by the hand, other thumb still in his mouth, into

the dining room. As Caleb reached for a chair Riff said, 'Disobedient

little boys sit cross-legged and eat on the floor.'

Caleb sputtered, 'But.... sir..... but .... please..... aw c'mon Riff.... er....

master can't I please eat at the table with you sir.... please sir.....


Riff gave Caleb a stern look, 'Repeat for me EXACTLY WHAT I JUST SAID


Red as a beet, sweating like a racehorse, struggling to catch his breath

Caleb, on the verge of tears, looked at the floor and mumbled,

'Disobedient little....... '

Before he could finish Riff shouted, 'I want to hear EVERY FUCKING WORD

BOY!!! YOU ARE REALLY PISSING ME OFF!! Now stop your pouting and

sniveling and, SAY THE FUCKING WORDS!!! And be goddamed respectful if you

know what's good for you pup.'

Caleb was a little afraid of what Riff might do..... He did not want

another spanking. So he came to attention; took his thumb out of his

mouth and said, 'SIR, YESSIR..... Disobedient little boys sit cross-legged

and eat on the floor, SIR!'

Riff smiled, 'Now that was much better pup. Don't you feel better having

said it properly boy? Come on boy admit it.....'

Caleb showed the hint of a smile, 'Yessir Riff.... Oh sorry sir..... I

mean....... master?'

'Master is good pup. Master is fine... master and sir.'

Caleb finished his thought, 'It does feel better sir..... to do as I am

told... it feels better to follow your orders sir.'

Riff said, 'Good pup, don't sit down quite yet. There's one more thing

to do.' With that Riff left the room for a minute. He returned with a

cock and ball harness and a small foil pouch. A minute later he was

fitting the harness onto Caleb's very stiff pecker. Caleb was moaning

and groaning and sweating and gulping for air and dancing from one foot

to the other.

Riff wanted none of that. He gave Caleb a good whack on the ass,


still and hold your breath for a minute.'

As Caleb held his breath and tried like hell not to come; Riff fiddled

with the harness. He'd chosen a fairly simple one that had only two

straps; a wide one that went around Caleb's ball sack and forced his nuts

away from the root of his prick; the other strap went around the base of

Caleb's prick. When the harness was in place Riff began to roll a condom

onto Caleb's cock.

'Sir what is the condom for?'

'You little boys are so damned impatient. Just hold on pup and you'll

see in a minute. I swear you have all the patience of a two year old.'

Once the condom was on Riff came up behind Caleb and began to pet him.

Riff reached around and massaged Caleb's tits. 'Pup I want these tits

pierced. I want the same captive rings in your nipples as I wear. AND I

want you to get your ears done too, so you can be a proper fairy and have

cute gold hoops through your lobes. I'm going to make a proud faggot out

of you pup, or kill us both trying.'

'Sir, Yessir!'

As Riff began to lick and kiss Caleb's neck he said, 'Pup, you're not

objecting. Is that a sign that you'll do as I say without all your usual


'Sir, Yessir! I think I'd like to have my nipples look like yours sir,

and if the rings in my ears mean that I'm your little...... um...... faggot, well

then that's OK too.'

As Riff began to jack Caleb's prick he said, 'GOOD BOY PUP!!'


Caleb filled up the condom with two heaping teaspoons full of boy jizz.

When Caleb's cock stopped shooting Riff turned him around and gave him a

warm sucking kiss. 'Take that condom off very carefully pup. DO NOT


Caleb carefully took the condom off and laid it across the arm of the

couch being careful not to lose any of the warm spooge.

Riff pointed to the floor next to his chair, 'Here pup, sit here and get


Riff made a few trips to the kitchen to round up everything they'd need.

As he brought the food and drinks into the dinning room he placed

everything on the table. Meanwhile Caleb settled himself on the floor

next to Riff's chair. In a few minutes Riff had everything laid out.

He'd made a large, high protein, low carbohydrate breakfast of eggs,

sunny side up, bacon, sausage, cottage cheese, and sliced tomatoes.

Riff turned his attention to Caleb on the floor, 'Pup, fetch that condom

like a good boy.'

Caleb got up, went over to the couch and brought the freshly filled

condom back to Riff.

'Pup, growing boys need all the protein they can get to build strong

bodies and healthy minds.' And with that Riff began to empty the jizz

onto Caleb's eggs.

Totally grossed out Caleb let out a loud groan, 'Oh yuck ..... Are you

going to force me to eat sir?'

Riff furrowed his brow, 'Jesus pup, are you standing there telling me you

don't like the taste of your own cum? Have you ever even tried it? The

very first thing I need to teach you is that this cum was made by your

strong, very remarkable body. Pup, you must learn to love your body and

everything about it, its smell, its taste, the way it feels. This rubber

is full of your essence. You will learn to love everything about it. I

certainly do.' And with that Riff took the almost empty condom and

popped it into his mouth. He made a point of moving it around and

savoring the whole experience. Then he took it out and sucked it dry.

'By the way pup, your come tastes sweet this morning, a little bit like

honey, and it's kind of musky, but I'll have you loving that taste in no

time. Pup, pretty soon you'll be begging to eat cum... my cum, your own

cum.... all the cum you can get. I'll tell you this, cum.... the taste of

cum is pure male, 100% man.....'

What Riff did surprised Caleb. He realized that Riff was serious; that

Riff wouldn't ask him to do anything he wasn't willing to do himself;

that Riff believed what he was telling him; that Riff was on the level.

'Pup, I'm going to teach you things about yourself, things you didn't

learn in school; important things. And when I finish with you boy,

you're going to be the best, the happiest, and the sexiest new faggot in

all of Miami. Now get on board with the program!..... Sit down pup.

Let the morning sun warm you up while you eat your breakfast.'

Caleb crossed his legs on the floor and Riff handed him his plate; then

large glasses of orange juice, and milk.

Caleb smiled up at Riff, 'Sir, I need a napkin, some silverware, and a

cup of coffee please.'

Riff shook his head, 'Would you listen to this. The boy wants coffee.

Pup, you are much too young for coffee. Disobedient little boys have

enough behavior problems. Coffee would make you even more nervous and

fidgety. You'll get no coffee. And as for a napkin and silverware.....

Well pup that's out of the question. You're too young for silverware.....

You might hurt yourself.... put your eye out or God knows what. If I had a

bib I'd put it on you, but I doubt it would do much good. So boy, here

are your eating rules; that plate is to stay ON YOUR LAP, I don't want

you raising it to your mouth like you live in a barn. Use your hands to

eat your food. I realize you'll make a mess; that's why I have your bath

scheduled right after breakfast. Now eat up pup.....and no whining.

You're giving me a headache and I swear if you start bitching and moaning

again I will put you over my knee and tan your ass. Now eat your


Caleb thought about protesting this ridiculous set of rules, but the look

in Riff's eyes sent a shiver up his spine. He did not want another


Out of the corner of his eye Riff watched the tall dark hunk sitting on

the floor. Caleb had the body of a star athlete and the scorching good

looks of a Hollywood leading man. Riff loved the way Caleb's pecs rested

on a line of solid muscle that gave his chest a beautifully square

sculpted look. Even sitting crossed-legged on the floor Caleb's abs were

well defined and Riff enjoyed the way they rippled as Caleb tried to eat

his runny eggs, cottage cheese, and slippery tomatoes without making a

huge mess. Caleb's jet black hair was parted on the left and was long

enough that one big lock hung down into his steel gray eyes. Riff looked

at Caleb's neatly combed hair and his beautifully shaped black eyebrows,

and he thought 'why not punk him up....put a gold ring through one of those

dark eyebrows, trim his hair and use styling gel to arrange it into sharp

points.' Riff pictured Caleb with that look, wearing skin tight shorts

and a tank top.... he'd be the hottest butt-boy on Miami Beach.

Meanwhile Caleb was struggling to eat. He'd easily finished off the

bacon and sausage, but getting the eggs and cottage cheese from the plate

to his mouth was next to impossible. He had to use both hands to get the

cummy mess off the plate. He wound up eating eggs and cheese out of the

palm of his hands. In a matter of minutes Caleb had the egg yolk and

cottage cheese running down both of his arms and dripping off his chin.

Then the problem became where to wipe his hands in order to get the next

mouthful. In the end Caleb decided to enjoy the food and eat it the best

way he could. He began eating with both hands. When his hands needed

wiping he did his best to clean them off on his bare chest. By the time

Caleb's plate was nearly empty he was covered, head to bellybutton, in

eggy cummy cheesy goop.

Riff watched as Caleb gave in to the moment and did what was natural.

What made Riff's cock leak profusely was watching Caleb rub slimy food

all over himself; that and Riff loved watching Caleb's plate as it sat on

his very hairy legs, especially the side closest to the boy's body where

three inches of his hard prick rested against the rim along with several

curls of Caleb's black bush which showed up dark against the white


As the sight of Caleb made Riff sweat; so Caleb's view of his sandy

haired master kept Caleb perspiring. Caleb, whose own chest was smooth

and hairless, loved the straight dark wisps of hair that seemed to grow

wild here and there on Riff's chest. And Caleb got the fever chills

watching Riff's nine inch, hard prick, nesting in that thick patch of

brow pubic hair and straining against the harness. Caleb wanted more

than anything to reach over and touch the fuzzy sun bleached hair that

covered Riff's legs.

At first there was silence as the two men ate. Riff had a few things to

work out, so he opened the discussion, 'Did you have school today pup?'


'And you just took off boy?.... you're skipping school pup?'


'Listen up pup. This is the last time you will cut class. Is that

absolutely clear pup?..... Absolutely???'


'Pup, do you live alone?'

'No sir, I live with two other guys, brothers, Johnny and Jimmy Santillo.

I work with them. Their dad owns a moving company. You know sir we

delivered your bed and rearranged your furniture...... It's hard work sir,

but it keeps me in shape.'

'Is it difficult to study at your apartment pup?'

'It can be sir. Jimmy and Johnny don't go to school and their

girlfriends spend a lot of time at the apartment. Most nights I wind up

at the school library. I can get a lot more accomplished there.'

'Well pup, we're going to have to do something about that. It's totally

unacceptable. How many hours a week do you work?'

'Usually 40, sometimes 50. I need all the overtime I can get. I try to

send money to my sisters in college whenever I can.'

'Pup, why aren't your parents paying for your sister's education?'

'Well sir, my dad is a real hardass. Don't get me wrong; I love him and

everything, but since we were little my father has always said that he'd

get us through high school, but after that whatever education we wanted

we'd have to pay for ourselves. And my mother agreed. They paid for

private schools; they took care of whatever outside activities, karate,

music lessons, gymnastics etc. the kid's, any of us, were interested in.

And they said we could live at home even through graduate school, but

they believed we should find our way after high school. They even

encouraged us to take time off.... a year or two... after graduation.... before

we started college.... to find ourselves.... to figure out what we wanted to

do with our lives.'

'Pup, your father sounds like a very smart man. What does he do? Where

does he work?'

'My dad is senior VP in marketing for Turner Goode, the drug company. My

whole family, mom, dad, my brother and three sisters all still live in

New York City. I'm the only one who joined the service and then moved to

Florida to go to college and then law school.'

'Pup, are you the oldest?'

'No sir, I have two older sisters, both doctors, both married. They live

and practice in New York. I have a younger brother Adam who's fifteen.

He plays varsity football and baseball like I did sir. And I have an

eighteen year old sister who's been accepted to Cornell, on full

scholarship, next fall.'

'Well pup, I'd say your father's plan worked out pretty well. His

children are all thriving and doing both your parents proud.'

'Well sir, both my parents have been very happy with our progress so far,

but my mom and day are very strict sir, very, very strict. I don't know

what they'd do if they ever found out..... well, you know.'

'Say it pup... if they ever found out that you were a queer, faggot, fairy,


'Sir... Yessir.....That's how they are.'

'Well pup, if that's how they are; then they're dead wrong. And I sure

as hell hope that you plan on showing them.'

'I don't know what you mean sir.'

'Pup, the way you show people that they're wrong about faggots is by

being the very best, most well adjusted, smartest, handsomest, most

capable, nicest faggot you can be. You lead by example pup. You become


THAT YOU'RE QUEER. Pup, you don't ever have to force your beliefs, or

your 'way of life' down anyone's throat, but it's criminal to let people

think you're straight; that this handsome, smart, moral, capable, strong,

well dressed young man could not possibly be a filthy faggot. Pup, you

need to be the best, happiest faggot in the room. You need to make

people realize you're no different from anyone else. But pup, as long as

you live in the closet, as long as you remain ashamed of your queerness,

you make all the terrible horrible things they believe TRUE. You have to

be proud pup. And if you can't be like that.....then, boy, I don't want

you in my life. Do you understand me pup?'


'That sure as hell didn't convince me boy. What the fuck is wrong with

you pup?'

'Sir, I don't think I'm as brave as you are sir.'

'That's total bullshit boy. And you fucking well know it. Tell me pup

are you ashamed that you're a faggot? Are you ashamed that you want me

to shove my hard prick up your ass?'

'No sir, I am not ashamed.'

'Great pup, then SAY IT!!'

'Say what sir?'

'Repeat what I just said pup.....'

'Sir, I'm not ashamed that I want you to shove your cock up my ass........

and sir I'm not; but I could never say that to my mom or dad..... I'd die....

it would kill them.'

'You know something pup? I think you may be completely wrong about your

father. He sounds like a very smart man... He may surprise you pup... he may

be quite the opposite of what you think...... But pup, here's how I am going

to leave it. In one week I'm going to ask you if you're ready to tell

your parents that you're gay. Pup, if your answer is anything but yes, I

don't want to see you anymore. You've got a week to decide boy..... think

about it.... it's one of the most important decisions you'll ever make....

and pup, if you really think about it you'll see that I am right.'

Caleb was softly crying. Riff hated being such a hardass, but he had

decided long ago it was a lot easier to love being gay when you weren't

surrounded by self-hating fags. Too much of the world hated homosexuals

for no good reason, Riff would be damned before he'd support anyone

thinking those bigots were right..... even if the supporters were gay

themselves. Sometimes Riff loved Caleb, sometimes he wanted to wring his

neck, but always he wanted this kid to be happy and Riff knew in his soul

that Caleb would never be happy as long as he was bothered by being

queer. If nothing else Riff wanted to show Caleb how easy it was to love


By the end of their conversation Riff noticed that Caleb had pretty much

finished eating so he said, 'Good boy pup, you ate all your food like a

big boy, now you lick that plate absolutely clean, finish up all your

milk, and bring all your dirty dishes into the kitchen.'

Caleb was covered in breakfast mess. He figured, 'what the hell,'

brought the plate up to his face and licked it spotless. When he was

done the plate was a lot cleaner than Caleb who even had gunk stuck to

the end of his nose and the hair hanging down over his eyes.

When he'd finished the last of the liquids Caleb got up and did his best

to carry the filthy glasses etc. into the kitchen. As Caleb was setting

the things on the counter next to the sink the doorbell rang.

Riff yelled, 'Just a minute.' and ran into the bedroom. It had to be the

delivery guy from the drugstore with Riff's 'emergency' order.

Riff came into the kitchen wearing his short robe, off the shoulder, of

course. 'Pup, I want you to get the door. It's something I ordered from

the drugstore.'

Caleb turned bright red and began to sputter, '....but, but, Sir..... I

can't.... I'm naked.... I'm covered in ..... I'm a naked...... a mess....'

Riff got very serious, 'Not another word boy. I brought you a pair of

these nicely fitted boxer shorts. Your hands are a mess so here, I'll

hold them, and you step into them. Now hurry, I don't want to keep the

delivery kid waiting.'

Caleb didn't see a way out of it, as he stepped into the short boxers.

Riff pulled them up over Caleb's butt. It wasn't easy. The boxers were

tailored for Riff who was somewhat thinner through the hips. By the time

Riff had them around Caleb's waist they were straining at the seams.

Caleb was mortified because the damned boxers, which were square cut at

his crotch, had an open fly with one tiny button keeping it closed. The

shorts were so tight that the fly was straining to blast that button

across the room. If you looked at the opening above the button you could

see Caleb's cock shaft straining up toward the waistband, where his cock

head was just peeking out the top, and below the button you got a good

look at Caleb's balls and a little of the harness holding them in place.

'Please sir, this guy can see my dick sir..... pleeeze..'

'Pup, stop sniveling and get that damned door! We need those supplies.'

Caleb walked to the door, his chin almost resting on his chest, and as he

reached for the knob Riff yelled, 'Wait pup, let me open the door. Your

hands are filthy.'

That made Caleb even more self conscious as he instantly remembered that

he was still covered in breakfast food. Caleb used his total will to

keep from crying. He wanted to hide in the closet...... now more than ever.

Riff reached around Caleb and opened the door. When the delivery boy, a

cute butch twink, with brown eyes, and a long brown ponytail, wearing tan

shorts and a bright yellow tank top, got a look at Caleb he began to

laugh. 'Jesus, were you in some kind of food fight?........ Hey man, nice


That did it. Caleb's shame was overwhelming. His ears turned bright red

and he could feel the tears leaking out the sides of his eyes. He tried

to turn around and walk away but Riff was right behind him.

As soon as Caleb started to turn Riff grabbed his shoulders and turned

him toward the delivery boy. Riff said, 'OK Ben, that's enough. Give my

boy here that package. If you make another wise crack you can forget

about a tip.'

Ben looked Riff and Caleb up and down, 'Cheeeerist.... who dressed you

guys? Hey Riff can I come in? It looks like you fellas are having one

hell of a party in there...... besides Riff, the only tip I've ever been

interested in is the tip of your cock. I don't suppose you've changed

your mind about fucking my brains out?'

Riff grinned, 'Sorry Ben, I don't fuck boys...... with the exception of this

one here.' and Riff tilted his head in Caleb's direction. Caleb was

looking down at his feet trying to keep the delivery kid from seeing how

intensely humiliated he was.

Delivery boy Ben reached out and touched Caleb's chin, 'Hey you, how'd

YOU like to fuck me..... Jesus, are you crying.... Christ Riff, what are you

doing in there?'

Riff was getting annoyed at both boys. He dealt with Caleb first, 'Pup,

take the box, put it on the table and get the fuck into your corner.... YOU


Caleb reached out, sniffled loudly, took the box, turned away and walked

back into the apartment.

Riff turned to delivery boy Ben and said, 'You've caused enough trouble

today. Here's five bucks.... go find someone your own age to torment.'

Ben gave Riff a big smile, 'You know Riff, anytime, anyplace.... you name

it.... I'm yours.......... please.....?'

Riff smiled and closed the door. The box was on the dining room table

and sure enough Caleb was in the bedroom corner, sucking on his thumb.

Riff walked up to Caleb, turned him around, took his thumb out of his

mouth, and did his best not to laugh at the yucky mess all over Caleb's

intensely handsome pouting face, 'Caleb, look in my eyes. Are you

absolutely certain you want to stay here with me today? Are you sure

you're willing to listen to what I have to say; that you're willing to do

what I tell you; that you're willing to be my boy ... no matter how


Caleb looked into Riff's strong beautiful face; he tried to stop crying

and pull himself together; he did a quick inventory of his feelings; he

had never felt so mixed up, no confused, so flooded with emotion, so full

of overwhelming affection, so completely turned on, so totally possessed,

so absolutely owned by someone else; he wanted to give himself over to

his feelings; he wanted to give himself to Riff; he loved Riff, 'Yes

Riff, if you'll have me; if you'll keep me; if you'll teach me; I'll


Riff gave Caleb a stern look, 'Nothing has changed 'boy.' I belong, body

and soul, to another man, but 'boy' I believe that HE will understand. I

believe that HE will agree to help me to help you. HE'S pretty wonderful

that way. So bearing that in mind I will help you; I will teach you.....

But 'boy,' there will be no more 'Riff' today. I will call you boy or

pup or Caleb or whatever I choose... but pup when you speak to me every

word had better be dripping with your total devotion, your absolute

obedience, your complete submission, and pup, every ounce of respect you

can muster up. Is that clearly understood pup?'

'Sir, Yessir.'

'Good pup, now let's get you cleaned up. As with most disobedient boys

you've made a complete mess of yourself and now the responsibility to

clean you up, falls to your babysitter.... and that's me pup.'

With that Riff once again took Caleb's large athletic hand and led him

into the bathroom.

As Caleb was stepping into the tub Riff's watch began to buzz. Riff

said, 'Pup, stand right there. Don't move.' and Riff left the room.

A minute later Riff appeared with a bag and a blindfold. Before Caleb

could see what was in the bag Riff had him blindfolded. A second later

Caleb shuddered as he felt Riff rolling a condom onto his stiff prick.

Caleb held his breath.

'Bend over pup.'

Caleb bent at the waist and gasped as he felt a well lubed dildo slide up

his narrow asshole. Riff had deliberated chosen one of the smaller

rubber cocks. He wasn't looking to give Caleb the fuck of the century;

Riff just wanted a fun way to milk another load out of the boy. Riff

didn't touch Caleb's prick. He just slowly ground the dildo in and out

of Caleb's ass..... very slowly at first.

'Come on pup. Tell me what you're feeling.... I want a vivid description

of what I'm doing and exactly what you're feeling.'

Breathlessly, 'Ohhhh sir do I have to sir?'




That turned out to be just the motivation Caleb needed, '......Well sir.... it

feels very good... the way you keep pushing that rubber penis.... into my

ass.... and then out of my ass... it feels very slippery.... I really like it

sir..... Would you please rub my penis sir?'

'Pup, stop with the medical terminology. This isn't a doctor's office.

If you want me to play with your cock boy, then get me hot.... turn me

on..... tell me exactly what you want me to do...... and be fucking filthy....

the filthier the better..... get me hot pup..... make me want to fuck you

with my own cock.... who knows maybe you'll get your wish..... but hurry up

I'm exhausted and this is getting tedious.'

'Sorry sir, but this is all very new to me. I've only been a homo...... a

faggot for a day sir...'

'Pup, you're whining again..... you're turning me off.... I think I'll go and

take a nap. Why don't you just finish fucking yourself....'

'Wait, wait , wait, Sir.... I want your cock up my ass.... my boy cunt.... I

want to feel your hard prick up my hole.... my boy hole..... I just love your

hairy legs sir...some of the hair is curly and some is straight.... some is

bleached blond from the sun and some is still dark brown... and I love that

line... the tan line where you bathing suit must have been I want to lick

and suck on your legs sir...... I just love the muscles in your thighs the

way they bulge.... the other day when we were in bed I kept looking at your

muscles sir... you have such great muscles....... the way they swell... and when

you sweat sir... and your muscles get all wet and shiny....... they drive me

crazy and get my cock so damned hard sir.... today in the dinning room.......

I had trouble eating because I could see your hairy legs under the

dinning room table and I just wanted to lick them up and down, till your

cock was all hard, and then I would have given anything to be able to

kiss your cock right on the tip where the cum comes know sir the

pisshole.....I haven't been able to think about anything but you sir....

since we were together...... I'd even like to lick in your ass crack sir.... a

week ago that would have made me sick...... just the thought... now I want to

taste the sweat that's in your crack... and maybe even kiss your hole sir....

right on the hole.... all I think about is you and your body and your

cock.... and how you let me put my dick in your asshole sir.... it was the

best I have ever felt... with my dick up your ass....... but after that sir

all I could think about was what it would be like to have you fuck me......

in my ass..... I don't even care if it hurt sir...... I think I could take

that pain and love it sir... because I want you that bad sir...... I need you

that bad sir..... and when I was in the dinning room trying to eat I kept

sneaking looks at your cock was sticking up between your thick

hairy thighs and it kept taking my breath away....... I swear sir there are

times when I think about your cock or your chest or your arms or your

muscles....... there are times sir when thinking about your body all I'd have

to do is just touch my dick... just a little and I'd shoot like crazy sir,

that's how turned on I get thinking about you and your body....... and today

I kept getting this one particular thought...... this kind of day dream

sir...... this really hot idea... that I wanted to suck on the very tip of your

cock sir....... and just suck and suck and suck..... I kept thinking how, if

you'd let me, I'd suck on just the very tip...... so I could memorize the

taste and the way it felt and that idea filled my head...... it's all I could

think about or imagine..... hours and hours just sucking on the very tip of

your beautiful cock sir.... then I thought about worshiping your whole

body..... Sir sometimes I think about those patches of straight coarse hair

on your chest....... Oh God sir I want to lick and suck your nipples too

sir...... and I want to bite them..... bite and chew on them sir....... and even

bite them hard ..... sometimes I think I might bite them so hard that they

would even bleed ..... then I would get down on my knees and beg for your

forgiveness sir..... because I got carried away.... because with you sir..... I

can't seem to control myself.... I just want you all the time..... especially

your cock sir.......Oh God your cock sir... I love your cock....... every chance I

get I look at your cock sir..... even when it's covered I think about what

it looks like under your clothes and how it smells and how it feels.....

and how long it will be before I get to see it again... I think about that

all the time every minute of every hour when I'm not with you sir........ all

I can think about is how long it will be before I am with you again sir....

how long till I can see you wonderful cock sir.... how long till I can

touch it and taste it and smell it...... Oh God sir I'm so fucking turned

on....... God sir I love your body.... and I love you too sir.......

It was Riff's turn to pant and leak prejizz everywhere. It was running

down the straps of his harness; it was dripping off his balls. He was

annoyed that he hadn't set up the video camera. He would have liked to

have gotten this on tape. It occurred to Riff that time was passing and

that he had other things to do. He decided to get down to business, so

he increased the pace and began to assault Caleb's prostate with the head

to the rubber cock.

Caleb began to struggle for air. Sweat was raining off Caleb's ass onto

Riff's hand as he rammed the dildo in and out of Caleb's hot wet hole.

Caleb began to babble.

'Yessir, please fuck me harder. Thank you sir for fucking my hole.

Thank you sir for fucking my ass. I love to imagine that that's your

cock sliding in and out of my ass. Please fuck me harder sir..... please

fuck me harder...... Sir, do you maybe have a bigger rubber cock you could

use to fuck me sir...... or maybe you would fuck me with your own monster

cock master.... please fuck me with your own giant cock master.... please.'

Riff reached between Caleb's legs with his free hand and firmly grabbed

Caleb's prick. He quickened the dildo to a frenzied pace and he jacked

Caleb's cock as hard and fast as he could. It took less than ten seconds

to wring a huge climax out of Caleb's throbbing body.

As Caleb shot he yodeled. 'Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you sir for making me commmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Caleb's words transported Riff instantly back to the restaurant with C

and without any conscious intent he began to climax with even greater

intensity than Caleb. Riff let go of the dildo which stayed way in

Caleb's ass; kept his tight hold on Caleb's prick, which he continued to

milk; and with his now free dildo-hand he grabbed his own heaving prick

and milked his own load............ (In mid cum Riff made a mental note to beg

C's forgiveness..... he knew he'd catch hell for this, but at the moment

there was little he could do about it.)

Riff removed the dildo and took off Caleb's blindfold, 'OK pup, now we

need to clean you up. My god boy you are an unholy mess. Pup, slowly

remove that condom, and don't spill a single drop..... not a drop.... And boy

you know exactly what to do with it when you get it off.'

Caleb, with a big grin on his sweaty egg-cheese covered face, carefully

removed the condom. He even coaxed the very last drop of spunk off the

head of his cock and into the rubber sleeve. Once that was accomplished,

and when he was certain Riff was looking, he very deliberately put the

condom into his mouth. As he was doing this he noticed a glob of Riff's

own cum on the back of Riff's hand and more on his hairy wrist. On

instinct, without even asking, Caleb grabbed Riff's arm, brought it up to

his lips, moved the condom in his mouth into his cheek, and began gently

to lick the remains of the spunk off Riff's hand and arm. Riff stopped

what he was doing and luxuriated in Caleb's very open acceptance of 'the

goodness of the male sexual expression.' All the while Caleb bathed

Riff's arm with his hot thick wet tongue he stared intently into his

master's eyes. Then both men smiled.

When Caleb finished cleaning Riff's hand he took a few seconds to really

taste his own cum, he rolled it around on his tongue, he tested the

texture, and then he sucked the condom till it was empty. He took the

rubber out of his mouth and completely unrolled it. For his master's

enjoyment Caleb licked every inch of exposed latex, then turned the

condom inside out and repeated the process.

'Well pup, how'd you taste?'

'Sir, it's not as bad as I thought it would be. It was musky at first,

but I see what you mean about it being so intensely male..... I know that

you were right when you said I'd get to love it. Maybe it's my head

playing games, but your come, on the back of your hand.... well sir..... it

was the best thing I think I ever tasted.... not like mine at all.... I guess

it's because it was yours sir, but it was sweet..... like you said... it was

kind of like honey.... and I loved it sir.... and sir, I could eat your come

all day..... and I'd beg you for more...... Sir, is there any chance I could

maybe suck a load of your....'

'That's enough pup! Stop right now. I have work to do. And the very

first thing we need to do is to get you cleaned off. You're still a

mess, and I know how you disobedient boys love being dirty... but it

bothers me. So sit your ass in the tub and let's get you clean.'

Riff turned on the hot water as Caleb sat in the tub. Riff added some

unscented bath soap and immediately began to scrub Caleb with a

washcloth. Caleb squirmed as Riff washed under his arms.

'STOP that this instant pup! Sit your ass perfectly still or I'll haul

you out of this tub and over my knee for a good spanking.'

Caleb sat at attention and did his best to remain in place. Naturally

Riff did his best to tickle the boy to death. Any time Riff sensed that

he'd found one of Caleb's more sensitive regions he went to town with

slow then fast strokes, hard then soft jabs. Whichever move got the

greatest response, was the one that Riff used and used and used. In a

few minutes Caleb was shaking head to foot. His whole body was wracked

with the need to move, to shake, to laugh, but he did not want another

spanking, so he used all his might to remain in place. Riff was having a

blast working on Caleb's abs and obliques, pushing, tickling, all in the

name of getting them clean.

A minute later Caleb's cock erupted and he pissed so hard that it nearly

hit the ceiling. Riff stopped what he was doing and watched Caleb's

total horror take hold. When Caleb realized that his bladder had let

loose he wanted to die. He grabbed his stiff cock and squeezed it

outside as well as bearing down from within. Riff did his best not to

fall over laughing. He realized that if he 'broke up' he'd lose control

of this new bit of awesome humiliation.

Riff did his best to look upset, 'Jesus, Mary, and Joseph can't you

control yourself boy? I don't believe you just pissed all over yourself.

Tell me boy, does this happen a lot? Do you piss yourself often?'

Caleb was mortified, 'No...... of course not.... I ... never..... I don't piss... it

has.... I haven't..... come on Riff... this isn't funny..... I've never pissed on

myself..... Jesus.... you have to believe me..... Oh my god..... what's wrong

with me?..... I just pissed on myself..... what's wrong....'

Riff stopped him, 'First of all IF YOU CALL ME RIFF AGAIN YOU'LL HAVE

GOOD REASON TO PISS YOURSELF. And second, little boys often have trouble

controlling themselves... Tell me pup, you don't still mess your pants when

you get overexcited now do you??'

Caleb was lost, 'No sir.... of course not .... 'messed myself?' that's

disgusting.... I have never 'messed'.... I've never pissed myself ..... I don't

believe what just happened..... I'm so sorry sir.... I think I got piss on

your curtains..... I promise to clean it off and the floor too.... I am

really sorry sir.... about the 'Riff thing' too sir.... it was a mistake sir...

I am very sorry sir... it will never happen again sir...... I can promise you


As Caleb was sputtering and mewling Riff took the cloth full of soap and

water and without warning began to wash Caleb's still talking face. It

really caught him by surprise and he tried to push Riff's hand away to

finish what he was trying to say. In one second Riff gave Caleb a good

slap on his naked back making a hard SSLLAAAPPPPP!!!






Purple with shame Caleb nodded 'yes.' Riff kept washing Caleb's face

till the skin was very pink and shiny; then he took a big glob of shampoo

and massaged it into Caleb's scalp till his hair was a mass of foam.

While Caleb's hair was all foamy Riff made it into a number of different

hair styles. He particularly liked pulling Caleb's hair into a bunch of

stiff points... YUP! This kid would look great all punked out with a ring

through his eyebrow, hair in sharp points, wearing tight short-shorts,

and a form fitting tank top.... maybe bright orange...... wouldn't that be fun.

After amusing himself for a while with Caleb's hair Riff turned on the

spray attachment and rinsed his boy's head.

Naturally Riff saved the best for last.

'OK boy stand up and spread those legs; time to take your harness off.

I'm afraid with all the turmoil I forgot all about it. Oh yes, and try

not to piss yourself.'

Caleb stood up, glowing red from his scrubbing. He was very worried

about what might happen next. He looked spectacular, six feet and three

inches of total masculinity, muscles shining from the soap and water,

hair stuck to his massive legs, hard cock straining against his wet

leather harness, water dripping from his nipples, balls, bush and even

the fuzz on his ass. Riff delicately fiddled with the tight harness

snaps. As he unsnapped each of them it sent a small flesh-quake through

Caleb's body. Caleb's pecs, independent of each other, bounced and

bobbed; his calf muscles flexed and released; his six pack abs slid up

and down under his skin. All in all is was a grand show of perfect male

musculature and Riff caught every move.... sure he could make his pecs

bounce in the mirror, but it was ten times more exciting to watch Caleb's

wonderful muscles gyrate naturally without Caleb even being aware. Riff

was momentarily mesmerized watching Caleb's pecs do their independent

bounces.... He could have watched them all day, but he had to move on.

Caleb was not prepared for what happened next. Riff got the cloth very

soapy and then he ever so gently began to brush it lightly against

Caleb's balls. Caleb strained to keep his legs wide apart but it took

his whole concentration; his every instinct was telling him to pull his

legs together and protect his groin from this intensely exciting 'barely

there' warm sudsy rubbing-tickling sensation. Caleb kept shuddering and

getting the chills. Goosebumps kept forcing the hair on his arms and

legs to stand straight up..... And Riff just kept barely grazing Caleb's

balls and now his cock with the foamy cloth...... One second later Riff

swooped in with the cloth and slipped it between Caleb's ass cheeks.

Caleb nearly lost consciousness from the intensity of the sudden slimy

swiftly slip-sliding motion, which was there and gone two seconds

later..... And then, there was Riff's hand back again for another swipe....

this time he rushed the sudsy cloth across Caleb's rosy pucker and as

Caleb climbed up on his toes he felt the air whistle into his lungs......

Dear God he was ready to come again..... Riff could tell how close to

orgasm Caleb was so he changed his approach and was far more deliberate

about his next few moves.

Riff used the cloth to wash Caleb's stiff cock and tight balls. He was

careful not to hurt the boy but remained firm and scrubbed in tight

circles. When he had Caleb's crotch good and foamy and clean he worked

on his butt and asshole, scrubbing them both thoroughly. And finally

Riff used the cloth to scrub up, down, and all around each of Caleb's

legs. When Caleb's body was covered with suds from head to toe Riff

gingerly led him by the hand to the large shower, where Riff joined him.

Riff turned on both shower nozzles full blast and while Caleb stood under

the cascading water allowing it to rinse him off; Riff gave himself a

quick scrub, head to foot.

Riff dried Caleb like a little boy all over his head roughly with the

towel till Caleb's face was pink and glowing; and his hair was dry and

in total disarray. Then Riff rubbed Caleb's chest and under his arms;

down to his abs and around to his butt; then up and into his ass crack

where he used two fingers to poke Caleb's hole good and dry; then around

to his cock and balls, once again making sure not to hurt him, but at the

same time being just rough enough to get Caleb hot and panting and

pleading with his eyes to come..... of course that was out of the question.

Finally Riff gave both of Caleb's legs a good once over with the plush


'Now pup, go and sit on the bed and try not to get all filthy again.

JUST SIT THERE.... Don't touch a thing.... Just sit and wait for me.'

Caleb padded over to the bed and sat quietly while Riff dried himself and

prepared for his 'nap.'

Riff struggled into his damp harness and made a mental note to buy

several more. It was obvious that all of his sexual 'devices' were going

to be wearing out on a pretty regular basis. He was going to need

back-up's for everything and thirds for Caleb. It suddenly occurred to

Riff that he had bound himself to this kid. Jesus, what had he done?

There was no getting out of it. He had adopted the whining little shit.

Yup, Caleb was his...... and he was C's..... Man O' Man Riff sure hoped C was

every bit the kind, considerate, master-teacher he believed him to be.

Riff felt confident that C would know exactly what to do. At the worst

he was going to be one sorry pup for a very long time. Riff was no

longer terrified that C would walk out on him. He knew in his heart that

C was in it for the long haul; that he might well punish Riff from now

until doomsday, but that he would always be there for Riff's further

education. Riff felt more at ease about committing to Caleb..... and yet

there was a nasty bit of anxiety building in the pit of his stomach.

Riff realized how much he enjoyed putting Caleb 'through his paces.'

Riff couldn't begin to imagine what C would do to him if Riff really

managed to piss off his controller....... Riff's knees began to knock as he

imagined himself upside down on a St. Andrew's cross with a giant dildo

sticking out of his ass and a barrel chested leather master swinging a

cat o'nine tails at his bloody back.... surely C would never get that.....

gothic.... would he??? Riff had to put those thoughts out of his head...... Oh

Christ he was really worried.... Just how angry was C going to be? God

damned he had bound himself to Caleb without asking C for his

permission..... surely he'd understand..... he was a kind master..... a good

controller.... certainly he didn't believe in pain for pain's sake.... did


Riff tried to smile as he walked up to Caleb sitting so stiffly on the


'Look pup, I need sleep. If you were out on my stoop all night then you

need sleep too. So we are going to take a nap. Being a disobedient boy

I cannot trust you AT ALL. So I'm going to have to make provisions for


As Caleb lay on the bed he tried to relax, but he was scared shitless of

what Riff was going to do.

Riff dug around in the closet and pulled out the various things he needed

to 'settle Caleb down.' A minute later he was fastening the ball gag

around Caleb's head again. Once that was on nice and tight he cuffed

Caleb's hands together and tied them over his head to the top of the bed.

Next Riff took out the half sling. It was beautiful in its simplicity.

It was a two inch wide strip of nylon that was perhaps five feet long.

There were ankle restraints at each end of the long strip. Once Caleb's

ankles were attached to the nylon strip Riff pushed Caleb's legs up into

the air and over Caleb's head. Then Riff put the nylon sling behind

Caleb's neck and fastened it there. Now Caleb's legs were held in place

up over his shoulders. Riff just had to set up the video camera and get

this on tape.

The great big dark hunk looked so fucking cute, gagged with his feet up

over his shoulders. The sling was actually pretty comfortable and took

the weight off Caleb's legs and put most of the pressure on Caleb's neck

and shoulders. Caleb looked so perplexed by the whole situation. Riff

had to keep stopping to give him a kiss here and there... now and then a

little tickling, just until Caleb's eyes begged him to stop... after all he

didn't want the big hunk to piss all over the bed..... at least not right


Just as Riff was ready to lie down and close his eyes he remembered that

one last detail. He bounded out of bed bouncing poor Caleb up and down.

Then in a minute he returned with the piece de resistance.

Caleb's eyes opened very wide and he groaned a very deep groan as he

watched Riff grease up the butt plug.

'Look pup, I have to wear one of these every day TO WORK. So you

shouldn't be making such a fuss. I'm only making you wear this one while

we take our little nap. Who knows, when we get up, maybe I'll let you

take it out....... For now GET USED TO IT!!!'

Riff started to push the fat plug into Caleb's tight hole. He had to

apply steady pressure before it began to move. Poor Caleb was moaning

and groaning; and his cock was bouncing all over his belly with every

thrust. Finally with increasing force and a firm hand Riff watched

Caleb's pucker open wider and wider like a big set of lips.... wider and

wider till the hole was much larger and tightly gripping the plug with a

ring of bulging muscle all around the perimeter. Finally the hole opened

wide enough and swallowed up the fattest part of the plug.... then it kind

of snapped shut.... down grabbing onto the smaller piece sticking out of

Caleb's stretched open asshole. When Riff looked up he saw that Caleb

had filled his belly button with precum.

Riff's eye's brightened as he scooped out the clear syrup and licked it

off his fingers, 'Yum, I'd love to share it with you pup, but there's no

way I'm going to take your gag out.... not now that you're all comfy-cozy.'

Caleb rolled his eyes and groaned loudly. He laid there, his arms

stretched over his head, feet dangling in mid air over his shoulders,

toes clenching and releasing, with his asshole up in the air on display.

He looked cute beyond words and Riff suddenly wanted to spend the rest of

the day playing with his magnificent body, but his smarter half reminded

him that he needed sleep; that he needed to think; that he needed to

figure some things out; that right now he needed to rest.

Riff laid down next to Caleb and tickled the coarse hair sticking out of

Caleb's open armpit; 'Pup, I'm going to make you the sexiest, cutest,

sweetest, happiest faggot in all of Miami.' then Riff just had to push

himself up and kiss his butt-boy on the cheek.

Caleb tried to smile, but it was impossible so he just said, sir... Yessir

the only way he knew how, 'MMMMMmmmmm........ MMMMmmmmm MMMMMmmmmm.'

Riff smiled, reached over and turned the butt plug on high...... As Caleb let

out a long low moan Riff closed his eyes.

When Riff's watch buzzed an hour later he tried to remain half asleep.

He sat up; turned off Caleb's butt plug and slipped it out of his newly

stretched pucker; then Riff released one of Caleb's ankles which in turn

released the whole sling. Riff left Caleb's hands tied over his head.

Putting his finger to his lips Riff said, 'Pup can you tolerate the gag

for another hour?'

When Caleb nodded yes, Riff smiled and opened a condom, which he then

slowly, deliberately rolled down Caleb's very hard cock.

Caleb stretched his legs; they'd been growing numb and it felt good to be

able to stick them straight down. In that moment Riff noticed that

Caleb's belly was covered in his slimy prejizz. Caleb's cock had

obviously been working overtime as the butt plug buzzed his hot prostate.

'Keep your leg straight down pup and SPREAD THEM FOR ME.'

Caleb moved his legs apart.

Riff, still half asleep, began to leisurely lick all the precum off

Caleb's smooth six-pack, while the big stud wiggled and cooed under his

master's sensuous lips. In another minute Riff had three fingers buried

in Caleb's well stretched, well lubed asshole. Once Riff got a good

rhythm going he leaned down and took Caleb's rubber covered prick into

his very hot mouth and began to suck for all he was worth.

Caleb's eyes rolled back into his head and he moaned so loud that it

rattled the cast iron bed frame. Forty five seconds later Caleb arched

his back and shot a fair sized load into the condom. Riff kept sucking

long after Caleb's climax was over and well into the period when Caleb's

cock had become intensely sensitive..... but Riff kept pumping Caleb's

asshole and sucking his cock. Caleb began to writhe and squirm, but Riff

kept going. A minute later Caleb began sweating profusely and his cock

began to get harder again. Riff stopped fucking his fingers in and out

of Caleb's ass; instead he dedicated his fingers to rubbing and squeezing

and firmly massaging Caleb's swollen prostate. If it wasn't for the gag

Caleb would have screamed..... He had an intense spasm of pain and

pleasure, somewhere between a cramp and a huge thrill; that seemed to

come from deep inside his guts. Caleb began to thrash wildly as his cock

began to erupt with great force.... and Riff just kept on squeezing and

rubbing and massaging; and sucking.

Caleb said, 'MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!' and shot almost three

teaspoons full of fresh boiling hot mancream into the condom to join his

load of sixty seconds ago.

Finally Riff stopped his machinations and withdrew his mouth and his

fingers. Then Riff pushed himself up on his elbow, his eyes still half

closed...grinning insanely, 'Felt pretty fucking amazing didn't it?'

Caleb shook his head yes so hard that he almost dislocated his neck.

More than anything Caleb wanted to grab Riff and kiss him head to foot.

After that orgasm; that suck; that finger-fuck; Caleb wanted desperately

to kneel in front of Riff and kiss his feet and his cock and his asshole

and his belly button and every square inch of Riff's exposed flesh.

Caleb had stars and tears in his eyes as he looked at Riff.

Riff very slowly took the condom off Caleb's still fairly stiff cock.

Once it was off Riff swooped down and gobbled up Caleb's prick. 'UMM....

UMM..... UMMM...' Riff sucked it clean. Caleb made a mental note to never

ever give Riff trouble again about eating or drinking anything Riff might

offer. He wished he could take back all the dumb, stupid, foolish things

he's said earlier about cum...... Caleb swore to himself that for the rest of

his life he was going to savor every drop of cum that came his way... his

own... Riff's... whoever's.....

Riff got off the bed and tied each of Caleb's ankles to the bottom

struts. Caleb would spend the next hour spread eagle. Then Riff reached

off the bed and brought up a bigger rubber cock; the motorized kind that

moved and squirmed. Riff greased it up and fed it to Caleb's hungry ass.

There was no trouble getting the rubber cock up Caleb's asshole; for his

part Caleb helped as much as he could; he even nodded and gave an

approving moan as Riff fed the cock into his rectum.

Riff took the newly filled condom and showed it to Caleb, 'Sorry pup, no

time to share. I need to get back to sleep.' Riff tilted his head back;

then he took the condom and slowly inverted it. He let Caleb watch as

the thick, white, creamy spunk slowly leaked out of the condom and slid

into his mouth. Riff savored every drop as Caleb moaned in total

agreement and even a little envy. Then Riff sucked the last few drops

out. When he'd cleaned the condom out Riff turned it inside out gave it

a perfunctory slurp, rolled it back up still moist, and then moved close

enough to Caleb to be able to roll it back onto Caleb's ever growing

cock. When the condom was all the way on Riff grabbed the sheathed prick

and fisted it up and down a couple times driving Caleb a little crazy and

making him wonder what would happen when he ran out of come.

As Riff prepared to go back to sleep he noticed the sweat leaking out of

Caleb's armpits; he just couldn't resist. As Riff dove for Caleb's dark

black sweaty curls he reached between Caleb's legs and turned the squirmy

cock on. Caleb moaned and groaned, not certain what was making him more

insane, the cock rotating in his guts, or Riff's tongue as it combed

through the hot wet ringlets under Caleb's arm. It finally got to a

point where Caleb thought he might actually begin to cry. He was that

happy... confused... hot... horny.... happy..... confused.... out of his mind with

lust.... happy.... horny... crazy with need.... desperate... hot.... happy..... AND SO

FUCKING GAY..... GAY...... GAY..... GAY...... GAY.... GAY...... GAY..... GAY... GAY!!

When his watch buzzed an hour later Riff completely released Caleb and

even took the gag out, still warning Caleb not to say a word.... Riff had

Caleb carefully remove his condom and suck out his accumulation of

precum; then he had him replace it. When that was accomplished Riff told

Caleb to stand at the foot of the bed and face Riff, who immediately

propped himself up on some pillows for a better view of his new

bottom-boy. Riff tossed Caleb one of the fairly fat, very long dildoes

and said, 'OK pup, I want you to get yourself off for me. I want you to

tell me a red hot fantasy..... Make it up as you go along.... I realize

you're new to the faggot world so I don't expect anything earth

shattering.... but c'mon pup try to turn me on... I'm still pretty tired and

half asleep.... So do your very best pup..... YOUR VERY BEST.'

A few hours ago Caleb would have whined and bitched about such an

assignment. He'd have begged Riff to let him do something else, but now

more than anything Caleb wanted to do whatever Riff asked. He wanted to

show Riff that he'd walk over broken glass or crawl through muck and mire

to please him. Caleb wanted Riff to know that he was now and forever his

willing slave.... Riff's to command.... Now he wanted to ask Riff for

something more difficult... something more humiliating.... Then Caleb snapped

back to the task at hand and as he forced the big rubber cock head into

his asshole Caleb began to spin a story.

'Well sir, I would be somewhere outside.... in the woods somewhere... hiking

by myself and without realizing it I'd have trespassed on your property

sir.... and you'd catch me sir.... and you'd be very, very angry for my

having disrespected your property sir... so you'd wrestle me to the

ground.... and even though I'm a little taller and a few pounds heavier,

your superior mind and your amazing agility would give you the edge and

you'd totally overpower me sir.... and I'd swear and struggle and maybe

even spit at you sir.... which would make you even angrier sir.... and you'd

slap me across my face very hard..... over and over and over sir.... till I

was crying and completely at your mercy sir.... but I'd still be trying to

get away and even though I'd be very scared and afraid of your superior

power and almost...... well.... almost God like ability sir.... and even though

I'd still be trying to pull away and run I'd be secretly happy that your

were my better sir... and my dick would be getting very hard sir and it

would make a big lump in my pants sir..... and when you saw my hard cock

pushing against my pants you'd point to it and laugh at me and call me a

queer and a faggot and a cock sucking fairy... and that would really get me


Caleb stopped for a second and got very serious, 'Sir you realize it's

all a part of my fantasy sir... the part about being ashamed of being a.... a

... faggot sir....'

Before Caleb could continue Riff said, 'SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU'RE RUINING

THE STORY ..... C'mon pup just tell it as it comes to you and stop making

excuses.... So far it's pretty damn good...... KEEP GOING!!'

Caleb grinned from ear to ear and continued, 'Well sir, you'd call me all

kinds of filthy names and you'd really slap me around.... and then instead

of tearing my clothes off yourself you'd point a gun at me and force me

to strip myself.... and while I took my clothes off you'd make terrible

lewd comments about my body and my being a miserable snot nosed queer,

fairy, faggot.... you'd point at the bulge in my shorts and tell me I had a

pitiful little boy cock and tell me that you really hoped it was still

growing... then while I continued to undress you'd poke at my body and

pinch me.... and slap my face back and forth till my cheeks were all red

and maybe my lips were bleeding............'

Now Riff was bothered that he hadn't just jerked Caleb off. As the kid

told his wild flight of fancy Riff wanted more than anything to jerk his

own cock to orgasm or failing that he wanted to jump Caleb and fuck the

living snot out of him. As it was he'd already had one orgasm that he

was going to have to explain to C. There was no way he was willing to

chance a second one..... Riff felt sure that C would punish him in some god

awful way for a second indiscretion. So Riff listened to Caleb's story,

and hoped the damned kid would come soon and stop talking. As it was

Caleb was barely jacking his cock.... Apparently Caleb was learning the

value of edging himself to bigger and better climaxes after prolonged,

intense stimulation. The problem was that Riff had no such luxury.

So as Caleb narrated, Riff began to add a chorus of, 'Yes boy... tell me

what I'm doing to you... that's right pup I'd slap your face really hard.....

that's it pup jack your cock harder..... hurry up pup come for me..... yes

pup I'd slap you silly... then I'd rape your ass.... that's right pup..... tell

me more pup.... what would I do next boy.'

So Caleb continued, '..... and when I was totally naked, out there in the

middle of the woods, you'd give me a hell of a beating..... not with your

fists sir... instead you'd slap me and slap me...... really, really hard all

over my body...again and again till my skin was hot and red and burning and

maybe even bleeding a little..... and then you'd begin slapping my cock and

balls... till they were all hard and red... and till I was really crying sir...

and then you'd drag me around by my hair till you had me kneeling at your

feet sobbing and crying and screaming.... and I'd be so damned terrified at

what you were going to do next.... yes sir... yes sir.... you'd be telling me

how you were going to rape my queer, faggot ass.... how you were going to

make my queer homo ass bleed..... and how you were going to make me the

faggot of your woods... and you'd tell me that you were going to keep me

tied up all the time, so everyone who lived around there and everyone who

came into the woods could rape me over and over... so they could beat me

and abuse me.... and you'd make me suck your cock sir.... and I would be so

impressed that you cock was.... is so damned big sir.... and I'd be so scared

that your huge cock was going to wreck my faggot ass.... that your were

going to tear my queer ass in halllllllllllffffffffff.... Oh Jesus God sir

I'm...... I'm...... I'm .......


And Caleb collapsed onto the end of the bed. He was soaked with sweat

and dripping wet. Riff jumped off the bed and leapt on top of Caleb's

body. Riff smothered Caleb's lips with his own; he took complete control

of Caleb's mouth; he pushed his tongue as far down Caleb's throat as it

would reach; then he used the tip to tickle the roof of Caleb's mouth.

Caleb sucked Riff's tongue further in and drank as much of Riff's spit as

he could get. Caleb just swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. He

wanted to hold Riff's tongue in his mouth forever, but a few seconds

later Riff pulled back. Riff pushed Caleb back down on the bed; then he

very carefully removed the condom from Caleb's prick. This time, in

spite of the strength of Caleb's orgasm, there was barely half a teaspoon

of relatively clear fluid in the rubber.

Riff opened the condom and smelled the contents; then he held it under

Caleb's nose, 'See pup, there's hardly any odor at all. It's mostly

clear body fluid, like precum. Do you want to taste it boy?'

'Sir..... Yessir, very much sir.'

Riff said, 'Me first.' and sucked out some of the juice. Then he handed

to condom over to Caleb who rather greedily stuck the whole thing into

his mouth.

Riff said, 'What do you taste?'

Caleb answered, 'Mostly the rubber.... then there's this slightly sweet

slightly salty taste.'

Riff smiled, 'Yes, that's what I thought too. Clean it off pup and put

it back on.'

Caleb did as he was told.

'OK pup, do you think you can sleep the next hour with no restraints;

with me on my side behind you, holding you?'

'Oh Yessir..... Pleeeeeeeze yes sir.... Oh God Yessir please.'

With no further ado Riff pulled Caleb up toward the head of the bed. The

two men shared a pillow as Riff spooned behind Caleb. When Caleb felt

Riff push the length of his cock up between his butt cheeks he wanted to

squeal, but he withheld that response; instead Caleb reached behind with

his right hand and pulled his butt cheeks further apart, so that Riff's

hard cock could really wedge itself, full length, between Caleb's solid

glutes. Riff pulled Caleb so tight that Caleb could feel the rings in

Riff's nipples pushing into his back. Caleb could not remember ever

being quite this happy.

The two men drifted into a sexual haze.



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