Suddenly Riff was electrified. From the very moment C walked into his life he'd brought only unbridled joy and amazing adventure. Riff felt his empty life suddenly fill to overflowing. He wondered what new exciting exploits C had in store for him.

He had no idea....... no idea at all.

The inside of Dottie's was fantastic, mirrored balls, gogo boys in jock straps dancing on platforms everywhere. Floor to ceiling murals, scenes from the Wizard of Oz, but painted rather abstractly so that although they were recognizable they were also quite modern and rather bizarre. The color scheme changed as you moved from the front of the club to the back. The place was essentially one gigantic very long room, but the decorator had changed the color of the walls ceiling and floor every fifty feet. The fantastic bar against the far wall spanned the length of the club, all 200 feet. It was truly impressive. The first part, first 'room' was scarlet with tables and chairs around the central dance floor, to match. The next section in stark contrast was black with silver tables and chairs for contrast. The next part was iridescent green, and finally the back of the club was a cool amber with green accoutrements and couches along the walls facing the same expansive dance arena. The music was loud but the place was dotted with sound baffles that made it possible to hear in the sitting areas.

C led Riff to the back of the club and brought him to a couch that faced front and abutted the dance floor. C sat down first. He sat hard against the back of the couch and turned slightly to the right side. That way he could pull Riff down in front of him without having to make the poor guy sit on his lap. Riff loved it. He got to press his back against the side of C's butt and left leg. Riff was positively gleeful. C put his right arm around Riff's waist and rested his hand on Riff's thigh. Poor Riff almost swooned. His dick tried to break out of his pants and when that wasn't possible it began to fight with the jock for its freedom. There was a happy dance in Riff's pants and the precum began to flow.

'OK pup you've got your pick. It's a candy store and I'm giving you the keys.'

'What do you mean sir?'

'I mean that I want you to look around the club, on the dance floor and tell me what you like, who you like.'

'Sir, I'd rather be with you.'

'Pup, I'd like to relax. I've had a hectic week. Seeing to your training is a daunting job. I want you to indulge me and have some fun while I unwind.'

'Why don't we go back to my apartment sir? I swear I'll help you unwind. I could give you a massage........'

'Here we go again pup.'

Riff realized he was pushing.

'Sorry sir. I overstepped my bounds sir. Please sir, tell me what you'd like me to do sir.'

'I'd like it if you would LISTEN PUP.'

'I will Sir. And I am truly sorry sir for pressing you Sir. It's only that I've really missed you sir.'

'Then stop challenging me at ever turn pup.'

'Challenging is over sir. Challenging is history sir. I swear sir.... history.'

While C spoke into Riff's ear he nuzzled his neck, and Riff kept getting the chills.

'Now pup tell me what you like. Who would you like to dance with? What about that blond twink over there to the right or perhaps that tall muscleman by the bar or maybe the big dark guy with the leather vest?'

Riff surveyed the dance floor. Off to one side he noticed a well dressed young man, perhaps a few years younger, sitting alone at a table. He was quite good looking, but had a rather sad expression on his face. He reminded Riff of Caleb.

Riff said, 'Well sir I prefer you, but if you insist I'd have to say that I'm intrigued by that guy by himself at the far table. He looks rather dejected. Perhaps it's just idle curiosity, but I'd like to know why.'

'Well pup go and find out, but remember the object tonight is fun, so cheer him up pup and get him dancing.'

'Excuse me sir, but I have a question.....more of a worry sir.'

'What is it pup?'

'I know you don't want me to see your face sir, but if I start to dance....well I can't keep my eyes closed and dance, I'll kill myself, so if I have them open when I'm dancing, what if I turn and you're sitting here, and I catch a glimpse, even though I don't want to, but what if I can't help it, and I see your face even though I would never do it intentionally sir?'



'Do you trust me pup?'

'Absolutely sir'

'Then pup, trust me.'

'OK sir I'll trust you. So do I have to keep my eyes closed when I dance sir?'

'Trust me pup.....just trust me.'

'One more question sir.'

'Yes pup, what is it?'

'It's getting rather warm in here sir, would you mind if I left my jacket here next to you?'

'Actually pup, I'd prefer it if you kept the jacket on boy, but feel free to lose the tie.'

Riff loosened his tie, folded it neatly, wrinkles and all, and placed it to his left on the sofa cushion. He opened the top button on his light blue silk shirt and headed for the mystery man's table. As he walked toward his next challenge he wondered what to say to break the ice. Before C, he'd never had trouble finding a 'date' for the evening. Never a big drinker, or much for dancing, he'd usually go to the nearest gay bar with a hot clientele, nurse a Tom Collins or a Scotch and soda till he spotted a hot guy his age or a little younger, then he'd walk up to his 'target' and say, 'How would you like to come home with me and get fucked like you've never been fucked before?' Almost to a man they leapt at the chance and One Two Three, there you have it; 'Riff's guide to getting laid.' Four or five hours later, or in very rare cases, first thing the next morning, Riff would show the guy the door and promptly lose his number. Here he was now, nervous, having no idea how to start a real conversation, with a real man, in a bar. He tried to go over his options, but before he knew it he was there, with the guy two feet in front of him.

This particular man was quite handsome in an Abercrombie and Fitch way, svelte, well built, tall, in this case with medium length wavy jet black hair. The guy was rather slumped over in his seat playing with the stirring rod in his 77.

Riff took a deep breath and said, 'Hey man, what's going on? You look like someone just ran over your dog.' Riff's words hung in the air and he hated every one.

While Riff was chastising himself mentally for saying something so lame, the dark handsome stranger said, 'I'm just really pissed off that's all. This guy I've been cruising for three weeks just cancelled our first date. He didn't even have the decency to call me at home; no, he waited till I got here to lower the boom.'

Riff said, 'What an asshole.' At the same time Riff recalled doing the same lousy thing himself on more occasions than he cared to remember, but that was water under the bridge, before C came along and adjusted his attitude. And once more he felt his gratitude rising for the man who had come into his life and morphed him into a more sincere human being.

The dark stranger said, 'My name is Nick, Nick Charles.'

Riff put out his hand and said, 'Riff, Riff Branson. It's nice to meet you Nick. Tell you what, how about we have a great time and let your 'asshole' go fuck himself.'

Nick smiled and shook Riff's hand, 'I'm game. I take it you're here alone?'

Riff returned, 'Not exactly, I'm here with a great friend of mine, a teacher, my teacher.'

Nick asked, 'What does he teach Riff?'

Riff's teeth made an appearance as he smiled broadly, 'He teaches everything. It's a kind of survival course. And he's the best teacher I've ever had. C'mon Nick, let's dance.'

Nick was a little puzzled by Riff's cryptic answer, but Riff had hold of his sleeve and was pulling him toward the floor. So Nick gave in and joined him. The funny thing was that Riff had never been much of a dancer. The fact was that before this night, the 'old' Riff would have thought dancing was for fairies. Now, there he was in the middle of Dottie's shaking his ass to beat the band.

Riff's clothes were looking a bit the worse for wear. His pin stripped tan suit coat was covered in wrinkles along with his slacks and the mix of sweat and cum had his beautiful blue silk shirt plastered to his torso. The fact was even though his suit looked pretty bad the combination of his 'form fitting' shirt and the wrinkled ensemble looked so interestingly unusual that he was in danger of setting a new fashion trend, the 'disheveled look.' Nick on the other hand could have walked right out of the pages of 'International Male,' dressed head to toe in black, perfectly matching his square features and jet hair. The two of them of them together were positively captivating. Eyes from every corner of the room were on them. Once spotted it was impossible for the gathering of hip gay men to look at anyone else. The Riff and Nick duo, took first place in the 'Whop De Do' category.

As the pair gyrated to the hot disco beat Nick took a long, very hard, look at Riff and was suddenly very glad his 'asshole' had decided to dance elsewhere. This guy, Riff, had selected him from a gaggle of smart, hot, fresh, hard, cut, corporateclimbing gay men, and he was grateful. This guy, Riff, was gorgeous and seemed nice as could be. Nick wondered if Riff was new in town, a guy like this, who looked like this, would otherwise have an entourage of hangers on, following him everywhere, as did virtually every other gay man in his league, the league that was the cream of the cream of the cream of the cream. Nick, being naturally self effacing, didn't realize he had a platinum membership in the same club.

To be heard over the loud music Nick yelled, 'Why don't you take your jacket off? Your face is red, you're really sweating, and you'd be a lot more comfortable.'

Riff, who had decided to be absolutely honest about his situation said, 'I don't know if I can.'

Nick was confused, 'What?'

Riff stopped dancing, took Nick's hand and led him off the floor into a quieter area, 'Nick, I told you I was here with my teacher. That was the truth, but there's a lot more to it. I'm here with the man, who as of the last few days has taken me under his wing. He kind of owns me. He tells me exactly what to do; he makes all the decisions.

Nick said, 'Are you trying to tell me that you need his permission to take your jacket off?'

Riff grinned, 'To be honest, I'm not sure, and since I'm not sure I would absolutely ask before doing it. Like I said, he makes all the decisions.'

Nick said, 'You mean he makes all your decisions?'

Riff kept smiling, 'YUP, ALL THE DECISIONS.'

Nick said, 'I have to tell you Riff; that really puts me off. I'm not into leather or whips and chains, and certainly not pain, AND you don't look like the kind of guy who likes to be pushed around.'

Riff got serious, 'And you'd be fucking right! My 'teacher' is no hairy, barrel chested leatherman, and by the way I don't see anything wrong with that. I might have sneered at the leather scene a week ago but I have new found respect for guys with a fetish, who are brave enough to let the chips fall. BUT, my 'teacher' is into Armani suits and good grooming, not leather........ I don't know; he may like whips. He had me buy some whips, but for now, I don't ask a lot of questions. He's showing me things as he sees fit; and as far as what I like and what I don't like..... from what I've learned so far, I've joined the 'don't knock it till you've tried it' club. My guy is into teaching me absolute control over my body and my mind. And just for your personal edification, I've had the best sex in my life over the last THREE DAYS.... I've known him for three days and I literally worship the ground he walks on. And to conclude Nick, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.'

Nick gave Riff a pitiful look, 'Well, I guess 'to each his own' applies here.'

Riff shot back, 'And what the fuck does that mean? I've never understood that expression. People use it when they don't understand something or someone, WHEN THEY ARE FRIGHTENED BY SOME LITTLE PIECE OF REALITY THAT IS FOREIGN TO THEM.'

Then Riff softened a bit, 'Nick, I used to be just like you; except in addition to believing that I knew EVERYTHING, I had a big fat chip on my shoulder. Last Saturday, this man came into my life and showed me how empty it was. Nick, I didn't used to let guys kiss me. I was so terrified of seeming weak or submissive or of being a fairy that I became this asshole 'Top' who bragged that ONLY other guy's TONGUES were welcome up MY ASS; and that kissing was for pansies..... but Nick that guy, the one I used to be, was all alone in the world; that miserable guy lived an empty life full of lousy one night stands, always hungry but afraid to eat. Am I beginning to make sense to you, because frankly, if I'm not, I have better things to do? We are here to have some fun and Nick if that's what my man wants, well buddy that's what my man gets.'

Nick was impressed with Riff's passion so he asked, 'Can I meet this guy? What's his name?'

Riff chuckled, 'I call him C. I don't know his actual name; he told me that he'll tell me his name when the time is right. So Nick, I'll know his name when he wants me to know it, and not a minute sooner, and besides, I couldn't care less. Who gives a shit what his name is? It's of no concern. It doesn't matter. When he's around I call him 'Sir' and pray I don't piss him off. If he left me Nick, I'd lose my mind. I don't know what I'd do.......... Oh yes, and one more thing; I've never seen his face. And I'll tell you, that fact alone makes me hot, hard and ready to cum all day and all night. There's this air of sexual mystery that surrounds him... and Nick, I love it...... Even more, I appreciate it. He goes to a lot of trouble for me and as far as I am concerned I'm not worthy of his attention. That he chose me, is the single greatest honor in my life. I love him Nick, beyond words.'

Nick repeated, 'OK you've got me very interested. Can I meet him?'

Riff furrowed his brow, 'Sure, you can meet him, but I'm going to need your help. Like I said, I'm not allowed to see his face...... and he's sitting right behind us on one of the back couches, so if you want to meet him you're going to have to guide me back to him with my eyes closed. If I even catch a glimpse of him I take a chance on losing him. And Nick I can't take that chance.'

Nick shook his head, 'Man Riff, the logistics of this whole affair are mind boggling.'

Riff felt proud, 'Yes I know. I told you he goes to a lot of trouble for a dumb shit like me, and I have no idea why. I only hope that soon he'll let me show him just how grateful I am.'

With that Riff closed his eyes, put Nick's hand on his arm and said, 'Guide me back to the couch behind me......the one with the tall, dark hunk sitting in the center.'

Nick carefully led Riff toward the couch. After a few steps he stopped and said, 'Riff I think you can open your eyes.'

Riff said, 'Are you sure...... really sure it's OK? Why? What do you see? Nick, don't fuck around. This is way too important to me. Tell me what's going on. Stop fucking around.'

Nick said, 'Look for yourself. I swear it's OK. I'm not screwing with you. Honest, you can look.'

Riff turned toward the couch and put his hand over his eyes. He squinted slightly and peeked through the space between his fingers. He could make out the blurry form of a tall, dark, well built man. At first he was horror stricken that he had made a huge mistake or that Nick was intentionally sabotaging his new found happiness...... but as the figure came into focus there was something off about the man. On his face was a form fitting mask that blunted C's face and erased all his features. The mask was tinted to exactly match C's skin color. You had to look close to even notice the mask was there. Riff breathed a huge sigh of relief. He thought, 'Jesus, that was close.' and his heart began to beat after having stopped for about a minute.

When Riff got within a few feet of the couch C raised his right hand pointed his index finger toward the floor and moved it in a circle like he was stirring his coffee. Riff instantly turned around and backed the rest of the way to the couch.

C had such a commanding presence that Nick actually began to turn himself, but after a second he realized the gesture was meant for Riff alone.

The minute Riff was in range C reached out his left arm, took Riff firmly by the waist, and pulled him back into position on the couch in front of C's slightly turned body. Nick grabbed a chair and pulled it up close to the two men huddled on the couch. Nick positioned it to their right sides so that he could see both Riff and this tall dark stranger behind him.

'Excuse me sir,' Riff said over his right shoulder, 'This is Nick and he really wanted to meet you sir. I hope it's OK that I brought him over.'

'It's OK pup, what did you say his name was?'

Before Riff could speak, Nick shot out of his chair and jetted his hand in C's direction. 'Hello sir, my name is Nick Charles. Riff has been telling me about teaching arrangement and I insisted on meeting you. I hope that's all right.'

C gave Nick a firm hand shake and said, 'It's OK Nick, but you should know that pup and I are here to relax. If you want a long philosophical discussion about the nature of dominance and submission I'd suggest another day, another time. My 'arrangement' with pup is not open for discussion at this time. If, however, you'd like to tell us about yourself and perhaps why YOU are interested I can give you a few minutes. Otherwise, have a nice evening.'

Nick was not deterred. He began to talk. As he spoke he surprised himself with his own candor. He's just met this masked man and he was telling him the family secrets. Nick just opened up and began to talk and talk and talk and talk.

Riff watched in utter amazement at the spectacle unfolding. C had barely said anything to Nick, and yet this guy they'd just met, was telling C his life's story in extremely intimate detail. Riff was mesmerized as Nick gave the account of his first gay sexual involvement.

Nick said, 'At just fourteen, I was the only sophomore on the varsity football team in my high school and we were playing this team in Middleport, which was ninety miles away so we had to stay in a motel overnight. Well, we won and the guys were all in our room celebrating.... I was sharing a room with our quarterback, Steve Hartuck; he was this really beautiful guy with blond hair and blue eyes..... the first guy who'd ever really taken an interest in me... before Steve I was kind of skinny and really didn't like myself very much.... but Steve insisted that I start going to the gym with him, like every day, and he got me into lifting weights and eating right, and in a few months I was a whole different kid. I developed some confidence and it was all thanks to Steve. So that night in Middleport we had this celebration in our room, and there was cheap liquor and beer and some of the guys had pot. Well, after a couple hours I was pretty wasted and finally most of the guys left to go to bed. Steve could tell that I was pretty drunk so he dragged me over to the bed and took off my shoes and my shirt and well, when he was pulling down my jeans I got a huge erection. Steve just started laughing...... I was so damned embarrassed, but he told me stuff like that happened to guys all the time, and not to worry about it. So he put me to bed and we went to sleep. Well in the middle of the night I felt the bed move and when I opened my eyes it was Steve. He got in bed with me and the next thing I knew he was kissing me. I have to tell you that I had no sexual experience. None. Zero. I was a late bloomer and had just started masturbating maybe six months earlier... like I said I was a late bloomer... plus no one in my house ever talked about sex..... And of course, I had no idea that I was gay. I knew that I liked guy's bodies, but I was still pretty young so it hadn't sunk in yet. I wasn't even worried about it. So he kissed me and in a matter of seconds I knew everything; that I liked guys; that I was gay; that I'd been gay for a long time..... and that I was in love with Steve. We didn't sleep at all. Steve kissed me for a long time and the minute he touched my undershorts I came like crazy. He just laughed and kissed me some more. A few minutes later I was hard again so he showed me how to suck dick. We sucked each other for a while. Steve told me I had one of the biggest cocks he'd ever seen which was news to me. My family was pretty religious and I had a sister and a younger brother so I hadn't seen many cocks. And in the shower at school I knew better than to look, beside the guys were usually soft so I couldn't tell about relative size. Anyway, we sucked each other for a while and of course I came again. He held my come in his mouth and made me share it with him. I didn't want to, but he insisted. Then he showed me how to suck his dick properly and when he came he told me to drink it all down or he'd never suck me again. It didn't bother me as much to swallow his load. I guess it was because I thought I loved him. I know how dumb that sounds but honest Sir I really thought I loved him. We must have sucked and kissed for hours. Then when I thought he was ready to quit he told me he wanted to fuck me. Well sir, I was pretty green. I didn't think guys could fuck other guys and when Steve told me what was involved I said 'no way.' So he started kissing me again and he was relentless. As he kissed me he moved his hands all over my body and played with my nipples and tickled my balls, but he wouldn't touch my prick, and he wouldn't let me touch it either. After an hour or so I was half out of my mind with lust. I begged him to suck my cock or jerk it or to please let me do it, but he absolutely refused, and just kept on playing with me. He held my arms up over my head and ran his tongue all over my body, between my legs, under my arms, all over my balls, and finally when he went down and grabbed my legs I thought he was finally going to such my cock, but instead he pushed my ass in the air and started rimming me. I almost lost my mind. I had never been that hot. He was pretty smart and really knew what he was doing. I can see that now. He stopped every couple minutes and squeezed my cock at the root to keep me from shooting. Well the rest you can figure out. After a couple hours I was pleading with him and telling him he could do whatever he wanted if only he would let me come. So he went and got some Vaseline and greased my hole and his cock; then he finger fucked me for quite a while with one and then two and then three fingers. Well sir, I was so damn hot by the time he finished fingering me that I was ready to jump him, and that's when he took out his fingers and stuck in his cock. He fucked me raw for two solid hours. He fucked me with him on top. He turned me on my side and fucked me from behind. He made me get up and bend over so he could fuck me standing up and finally he laid on his back and made me fuck myself on his prick. We had sex like that till it was time to get ready for breakfast.... and just before we left to eat he stopped me and told me there was one more thing he wanted from me. Well sir, I was so in love that I would have done just about anything. Then he told me what he wanted, and it nearly killed me. He wanted me to drink his morning piss. I thought he was kidding at first. I told him he was crazy; that people didn't do disgusting things like that, but he wasn't kidding. He started working on me, telling me that if I really cared about him I would do it for him; that if I wanted him to be my friend, I'd do this for him. I asked him why he wanted me to do this awful thing, and he said it would bond me to him forever. I begged him; I cried; I told him I'd do anything else; that he could fuck me again, but he started to get angry. He got very cold and told me he didn't want to see me anymore; that we were done working out together.... Finally, in tears I got down on my knees and let him piss into my mouth. He didn't even try to control his flow. There was no way I could swallow all that piss and he wound up pissing all over my shirt and pants and when I tried to move, to get up, he got really ticked off and grabbed my hair to hold me there till he was finished. When he was through I got up to rush and take a shower before we had to meet the team for breakfast, but he wouldn't let me. He let me take change my jeans but he insisted that I wear my pissy shorts and tshirt. I had to keep my jacket zipped up for hours till we got home and I swear I could smell his piss all the while. Steve didn't even sit next to me on the bus ride home. When we got back things changed. Steve turned me into his personal slave. I had to race to his house every morning before school to suck him off. During the day at school he'd arrange to meet me in the boy's lav for a quick suck. He never sucked my cock again. He fucked me plenty, but I wasn't allowed to come in his presence. It was his senior year. That saved my life. He was due to go away to college in the fall, but he kept up his abuse till the day he left. A couple weeks before he went away to college he started forcing me to come to parties at his house, for some guys he said were his 'close friends;' guys he met at some club. I was the entertainment. Now I know it must have been some S&M club, but back then, they were just fucking mean. Sir, I can't tell you all the things they made me do and the things they did to me. I was tied up and fucked in every possible position. They hit me with belts and tied my balls with string for hours. They made me crawl around and lick their feet while they slapped my cock or wacked my balls or pulled on my nipples. They beat the hell out of me. They used dildos and soda bottles and multiple guys. They bent me over a chair and forced a tray of ice cubes up my ass one at a time. They mixed cum with whiskey and make me drink it till I got sick. It was horrible. The last party, Steve put safety pins through my nipples and made me keep them in for a week. They hurt like hell, and by the time he finally let me take them out they were pretty badly infected.

Steve ruined high school for me. I quit football at the end of the season and became the quietest kid in school. I never had another close friend and even in college I was terrified of relationships with men. I had one sexual experience in four years of college and I was so tense that guy finally threw me out of his apartment and told me to find a shrink. Here I am about to be thirty and I've had sex with three men since Steve. How sad it that?'

What happened surprised Riff. C on the other hand, saw it coming from the minute Riff had decided to choose Nick, the 'dejected' guy. Riff had zeroed in on a guy who was suffering from the same 'lost boy' syndrome. C had really wanted to come to Dottie's and relax. It had been a hellacious week, but Riff had found someone in need of guidance and C had a soft spot in his heart for Riff and others like him.

As Nick was speaking C had been playing with Riff. Quietly C had snaked his left hand under Riff's jacket and shirt and found his way to Riff's nipple ring. While Nick told his story C toyed with the ring and tickled Riff's fuzzy chest. Riff leaned back into C and rested his right hand on C's muscular thigh. While C played with him, Riff rubbed C's leg and tried to use his Xray vision to make out C's masterful cock. It took all of Riff's reserve to keep from grabbing C's leg, turning around, removing the mask and kissing his man on that fantastic mouth.

When Nick finished his story, and before he could launch into another C interrupted, 'Excuse me Nick, would you mind getting me a drink? Then I'd like you to continue.'

Nick said, 'God, you're here to relax and I've just taken up fifteen minutes telling you the long, very boring story of my unhappy life. I am so sorry. Why don't I just leave you two alone?'

C raised his hand, 'Nick stop! You know damn well, that's not at all what you want! Now stop being a fool and get me a double Johnny Walker Black...neat. Then come right back. Do you think you can manage that?'

For a moment Nick almost allowed himself to get huffy and say something dismissive, but in another second C's strength and commanding persona overpowered him and he felt like a small child who'd just been properly put in his place, 'Sorry sir, one Johnny Walker Black coming right up sir.'

C sternly interjected, 'And?? Nick? And?'

Nick got quite red in the face, 'And sir??? Oh..... and um .... neat sir... yes sir neat it is.' and Nick hurried toward the bar.

'Jesus sir, does everyone bow to your instruction sir?'

'Yes pup, but there are days when all I want to do is hide boy. Does that make sense to you pup? Can you see how this can grow tiring after a while?'

'Hey look sir; this is all my fucking fault. Let me tell Nick to buzz off. He can make an appointment or whatever and see you some other time. Geeze sir, this has to be awful for you....having guys constantly at you, needing advice, wanting your attention. Sir, I can't tell you how lousy I feel. Let me get rid of him. I promise to be diplomatic as hell sir. He won't even be offended. I know how to handle people sir, believe it or not it's part of my business.'

'No pup, you can't send him away, not now. Boy, you don't realize it but someday you're going to be sitting where I am. You're going to be the one doing the listening, and when that day comes pup, you'll know you can never turn your back and send them away. It's just not right boy.'

'Well sir, just tell me what to do; how I can help. Nick seems like a very nice guy and god knows he's damn hot. I was so surprised to hear he's so miserable sir.'

'Sound like anyone you know pup?'

'Yes sir, I know he's exactly like I was when you came into my miserable life. Excuse me sir, but you're not going to... um... take him on are you sir? You're not going to make him one of your...uh... students are you sir?' Riff could feel the jealousy rising in his chest and even though he was embarrassed by the feeling he was more bothered by the thought of sharing C..... any part of him, even if it was only his time.

'Pup, I'm surprised you'd even ask the question. You pup, have my undivided attention. There's no room in my life for any other boy. No pup, Nick needs my help. I intend to listen to him for a while and see if I don't perhaps know someone who might be able to mentor him.'

Riff felt terribly relieved, 'I didn't think you would take on another... boy sir, but just the possibility scared me sir. I don't think I could stand the thought of you working with anyone else.'

'Would never happen pup. I only have room for you boy, but I do want you to leave us for a while pup. I need to give Nick some serious consideration and with you here, next to me, I'm afraid all I want to do is play with your body boy. I can't help Nick while I'm so filled with lust for you pup.'

'Oh WOW sir, that's music to my ears. Do you think you'll be expressing that lust any time soon sir.... perhaps later tonight.... say in an hour or so sir and maybe for the next say sixty or seventy years sir?

'Who knows pup, maybe, but first when Nick returns I'd like you to excuse yourself and go have some fun. Go out there among all those terribly handsome young men and let yourself go wild pup. Have a good time so that later you can tell me all about it. Can you do that for me pup?'

'Absolutely sir!'

'And pup.'


'No more lost souls pup. Please pup, don't bring home any more birds with broken wings or boys with broken hearts.... at least no more tonight boy.'

'No sir, no more wounded sparrows. I promise sir..... and sir?'

'Yes pup.'

'He will stay in the chair sir.... right sir?'

'Sorry pup, but I don't get your meaning.'

'Well sir, I feel very odd saying this but I'd prefer if Nick stayed off the couch and on the chair, away from you sir.'

'Excuse me boy? Are you trying to say that you don't trust ME boy?'

'Christ no sir!! I trust you absolutely sir! I don't trust him sir. Look sir, you don't seem to know just how much..... um animal magnetism you throw out sir. I trust you completely sir, but I don't want Nick getting the idea that he can.....'

'Pup, I can not tell you how annoyed I am becoming.'

'Sorry sir. Pup shutting up sir. Sorry sir! Pup signing out sir.'

Riff didn't say another word, but he started to sweat buckets thinking of what he had said. He didn't believe how jealous he felt. He didn't believe his outburst of raw emotion. So Riff got up and hurried toward the dance floor. On his way he passed Nick who turned and said, 'Holy shit Riff, that guy is something else. How did you manage to find him?'

Riff wasn't feeling as warm or genial toward Nick as he was a few minutes ago, 'Look Nick, you'd better not keep MY master waiting. We have other things to do and you should be damn grateful that he's spending any time with you at all. WE have things to do.'

But Nick didn't seem to hear what Riff was trying to get across; he was too taken with the captivating stranger on the couch who was making him feel better with every secret Nick uncovered. So Nick went back to his chair, promptly picked it up and moved it to within two feet of C's body.

Riff had half a mind to go back and rearrange the furniture. He knew he'd catch hell from C so he changed his mind and headed toward a blond surfer boy with an impressive body and very little in the way of clothes.

Meanwhile Nick continued to unburden himself to C. For his part C listened intently and began to quietly relax Nick with a parallel breathing technique. Nick had no idea, but inside of two minutes he was breathing in rhythm with C. Two minutes later C was whispering words that only Nick could hear. Two minutes later C was debriefing Nick's conscious and unconscious mind to better ascertain exactly what kind of controller would best suit this young man's special set of requirements. Unlike Riff, Nick had a more strongly developed set of submissive needs. That would necessitate a very different course of instruction. So while Nick was deeply hypnotized C asked him a long series of questions in order to determine how best to begin his training. C also went through a list of suitable controllers in his head...... unfortunately there were only a limited few and he wasn't certain if any of them was available.

Riff had a few words with Jimmy, the blond surfer, then they took to the floor. In a short while they were having a blast and dancing up a storm. By this time Riff was really sweating and his new 'scent' was beginning to 'assert itself.'

Jimmy said, 'Riff did you just get laid? You smell like sex.'

Riff just smiled. Then two guys dancing next to him turned and one of them said, 'Christ man you're making my dick hard with that smell of yours.'

Riff continued to smile. Two guys on his other side began to sniff around Riff's body; that began to make Riff a little apprehensive. Then Jimmy moved closer and dove for Riff's lips. Before Riff could say anything Jimmy's tongue was grinding against the roof of Riff's mouth and several pairs of hands were guiding him off the dance floor. A door opened and they were outside in the heat and humidity.

Riff began to sweat as a pair of strong hands forcefully pulled his suit coat down his arms.

Riff said, 'Hey wait a second guys....' but before he could say more Jimmy was on his mouth again and hands were removing his shirt and opening his pants. When Riff struggled to break free the arms became more forceful. Riff struck out and connected with someone's gut as a hand went over his nose and mouth. A foul smelling rag was clamped over his face and as the night began to dim Riff felt his pants flutter down around his ankles.

There were four guys handling Riff. Chaz and Dean were large muscle men, who wore brown tshirts and jean jackets over black slacks. The third, the ring leader, Bryce, was tall, 6'3', not quite as muscular, dressed by designers head to toe and known for his inability to take no for an answer. Then finally there was surfer boy Jimmy, who usually acted as bait for the other three. They'd been watching Riff since he walked into the place with the somewhat older guy who seemed to be leading him around by his neck. They watched and waited until they could separate the pair. Bryce had his eye on them both. As fortune would have it Riff fell into their trap first.

They acted quickly; Chaz and Dean pulled Riff's jock down to join his pants at his ankles. When Riff was essentially naked they ordered Jimmy to suck Riff's cock while Bryce got the first shot at his asshole.

Riff was only dimly aware of lips on his stiff cock, but he was jolted awake when Bryce unceremoniously rammed his eight inch prick up Riff's asshole.... dry. It hurt like hell and Riff tried to yell but Chaz quickly stuffed the smelly rag into his mouth. Bryce fucked Riff hard, pistoning his thick slab of meat in and out of Riff's hole as quickly as he could. The combination of the horrible taste in his mouth and his growing rage were causing Riff's eyes to run over with tears. He tried his best to break away but they had him firmly in place, and Jimmy was not only sucking Riff's dick but at Bryce's direction he had a firm hold on Riff's balls.

Bryce was yelling, 'Hold his balls Jimmy. I don't want him trying to move his ass to meet my cock. I want him held in place so I can fuck him good. Get ready Chaz, you're next. This guy has a great pussy, man...... I'd swear he's never been fucked. Honest it's as tight as any virgin I've ever broken in. Jesus, this is one sweet.........'

Riff became aware of a rumbling sound, like thunder and the next thing he knew no one was holding his arms. In another second he felt his cock pop out of Jimmy's mouth as Jimmy disappeared out from under him.

By the time Riff looked up it was all over. Chaz and Dean were leaning against the far wall holding their mouths. Both were bleeding profusely from broken lips. Jimmy was huddled on the ground holding onto his knees; and there was Bryce, pants around his ankles, cock sticking up in the air, with his back flat against the side wall and C's fingers around his throat. To be exact C had three fingers of his right hand around Bryce's larynx and he had Bryce up on his toes.

Chaz said, 'Kick his ass Bryce.'

C was encouraging, 'Yes, Bryce is it? Why don't you try to move, then you can carry your larynx home in your pocket.'

As Dean made a move to get up C pointed his left hand at him, 'What's your name?'

Dean froze at the command in C's voice, 'Dean.'

C responded, 'Well Dean, if you make any attempt to get off the ground I will break both your arms.... and what's your name, you, the overgrown glandular moron?'

'It's Chaz..... um ... mister.'

C said, 'CHAZZZ, what an idiotic bastardization of a name. You must have no respect for you parents at all, to take a hatchet to the name they gave you. Well CHAZZZZ if you get up I promise to snap your femur, that's you thigh bone CHAZZZZ. You'll spend the next year in a cast, and all those muscles will deflate like an overfilled inner tube. SO STAY THE FUCK ON THE GROUND, ALL OF YOU, OR I SWEAR YOU'LL BE LEAVING HERE IN SEPARATE AMBULANCES!!!'

C addressed Jimmy, 'And you down there pissing yourself, what's your name?'

Jimmy held his knees and rocked; a minute earlier C had grabbed him by the balls and firmly yanked him away from Riff's prick. Jimmy barely whispered, 'My name is Jimmy and I'm very sorry sir.... honest I'm very sorry. These guys make me do these things. Honest I'm sorry.'

C softened a bit, 'Well, Jimmy after tonight you'd do well to find a better set of friends. I'll be looking for you Jimmy and you'd better hope I don't find you with the likes of these degenerates ever again. Either that Jimmy OR LEAVE MIAMI AND NEVER COME BACK!'

Jimmy nodded, 'Yes sir I understand.'

C turned toward Riff who was trying to pull up his pants, 'Christ pup, are you all right? Did they hurt you boy?'

'No sir, I think I'm OK sir.... maybe a little sore is all sir.'

C said, 'Please close your eyes pup.'

So Riff grabbed his shirt and finished dressing with his eyes closed. C wanted to take the mask off. He wanted these assholes to see the fire in his eyes. He slowly reached up and took off the mask. He let is fall to the ground. Then he turned to meet Bryce's eyes with his own.

'Are you gay Bryce?'

Bryce squeaked through a nearly crushed voice box, 'I'm not sure what you mean.... Just let me go.'

C applied more pressure, 'I asked if you considered yourself gay boy, now answer me or you won't be answering anyone EVER AGAIN.'

Bryce struggled to speak, 'I consider myself bisexual.'

C smiled, 'Glad to hear it boy, because from now on you'll be exploring your heterosexual nature... If you want to fuck a man then call Dean, or Chazzz there, and fuck them. I don't ever want to see you at another gay bar, or for that matter, at any club or restaurant that caters to a gay clientele. From now on your social activity is strictly heterosexual. Gay men have enough trouble in this world. They shouldn't have to fear their own kind. Hereafter Bryce you'll be drinking in straight bars. And do you know why Bryce? Can you guess why asswipe?'

C raised Bryce up another half inch till his whole body was trembling and said ,'I'm waiting for your answer Bryce.'

Bryce was close to hysterics, 'I don't know why.... Why will I be drinking in straight bars?'

C continued to smile, 'Because Bryce if I ever see you again, I intend to carry your balls home in my pocket. And Bryce just in case you think that's bravado talking.....'

C reached down between Bryce's legs to his balls and gave them a full fisted, two fingered, flick that made them fly back and hit the wall behind him. Bryce released a strangled yelp. The fistflick was so intense and so precise that any man who loved his nuts could tell, with the right amount of force, the same fistflick would tear them right off his body. And Bryce began to cry.

C said, 'Now Bryce I want to hear an abject apology for what you did.'

And Bryce began to speak...

C interjected, 'Not yet asshole.'

C released Bryce's throat and firmly tapped his solar plexus. Bryce immediately doubled over in agony and hit the ground. He landed on his knees; then naturally grabbed his gut and throat, and began to cough. Before he could do anything else or begin his apology C lifted his foot and brought it down on Bryce's neck. C applied force till Bryce's cheek was pressed hard against the pavement.

C said, 'Now Bryce how about that SINCERE apology?'

So Bryce began to plead for Riff's forgiveness.

Without ever taking his eyes off the principals C reached down and replaced the mask. Keeping one foot on Bryce's neck, he reached over and pulled Riff to him. As Bryce sputtered and begged, C turned Riff's face toward him. When C saw the tears in Riff's eyes he felt his heart tear. C felt terribly responsible. The dance club had been his idea. He'd managed to put his boy in harm's way. He pulled Riff's body close and put his arm around him.

As Bryce continued to babble C took his foot off the prostrate man's cervical vertebrae. C turned once more toward the others and pointed one finger at them. They knew instantly to stay put till he was far, far away.


C put his arm around Riff's waist and guided him to Dottie's parking lot. He led Riff to a stretch limo. The driver raced out of his door as soon as he recognized his boss coming toward the car. The driver opened the back door and helped C get Riff safely inside.

From the back seat C said, 'Johnny, just drive us around for a while.' And with that C closed the divider.

Full of emotion C said, 'Christ pup, I am so damn sorry boy.'

Riff wanted to assuage C's guilt, 'Sir, it wasn't your fault. Honest I'm OK. Really I'll be fine sir.'

Still quite worried C added, 'Pup I think we should go to the Emergency Room and make sure you're all right.'

That thought, and the picture it conjured up of doctors and police officers asking questions, terrified Riff more than the rape, 'NO SIR!!! Please Sir, not that. I do not want to go to any Emergency Room. Please Sir, promise me Sir. Please Sir.... Promise me sir, NO EMERGENCY ROOM.'

C folded his hands and brought them to his chest, 'As you wish pup, but tell me what to do. What do you want me to do pup?'

Riff brightened, 'Really sir..... anything?'

C felt a bit more relieved, 'Don't press your luck pup.... What do you have in mind?'

'Sir, the first time I um... got fucked I wanted it to be you sir.... Well, that's not exactly possible any more Sir, but if I could ask you for something then I'd ask that you take me somewhere RIGHT NOW and before this horrible night sets in my mind, I'd like it if you would fuck me sir. I feel sure that if you would fuck me, it could make this awful experience go away sir. Am I asking too much Sir? Do you see what I mean sir?'

'Pup are you absolutely sure that's what you want? You want me to fuck you pup? Are you certain? Really certain?'

'Sir Yessir.'

'And you're sure pup. That's really what you want boy?'

'Sir. Yessir.'

So C picked up the phone and said, 'Johnny take us to my suite at THE HOTEL.'

For the rest of the ride C held Riff and eventually he pulled Riff's head onto his lap, and as Riff relaxed C ran his fingers through Riff's beautiful sandy colored hair and toyed with his ears and traced the lines of his face with his index finger.

It was perfectly quiet for several minutes, then Riff said, 'Sir what happened to Nick?'

'Well pup, I made a few phone calls and at this moment he's meeting with the man who's going to save his life.'

'The way you saved mine sir?'

'Something like that pup.'

'And sir do all the um pups... do they all fall in love with their um... teachers sir?'

'Pup I think I know where you're going boy, and no, they don't all feel about each other the way we do pup. I'd like to think we have something special pup.... very special.'

'You really got me worried there for a second sir.... like I was imaging things sir... because I know I'm not..... I'm not imaging things sir... I really love you sir... really sir...'

'I know pup. We have something unique boy; something quite rare and unusual. Each of these pairings is different from the others pup; some evolve from love some from respect and we never know where they might lead.'

'But ours is ending in love... forever... right sir?'

'Pup you have to stop being so needy and begin to take that on faith. Can you do that pup? It's important boy.'

'I'll try sir... I promise.'

By the time they got to the hotel Riff was more rested, but if truth be told, his stomach was in knots. He was so damn excited he thought he might burst. His cock was trying to break out of his jock strap and he was higher than a kite. He felt like a kid on Christmas. And he was getting exactly what he'd asked Santa for; he was getting what he wanted more than anything else, what he'd been thinking about and dreaming about non stop for the last three days. HE WAS GETTING C....... C WAS GOING TO FUCK HIM.... HE WAS GOING TO MAKE LOVE TO C..... C WAS GOING TO TAKE HIM FOR HIS OWN!!!

Riff was positively gleeful as the limo entered the private entrance to Miami's best appointed Hotel. They took C's private elevator from his private parking spot in his private part of the Hotel parking structure. When they got to the penthouse the doors opened into a breathtaking expanse of a room with marble floors and high ceilings and the most exquisite art hanging on the walls. The ceilings were all uniquely carved reliefs with intricate patterns. The whole place had an intensely masculine air. Riff caught a glimpse of an oil painting over a mantle; it was a picture of a tall very handsome young blond man standing next to a single engine prop plane.

The room was breathtaking, but before Riff could even begin to take it all in C said, 'Pup, I'm afraid we're going to need to employ the blindfold. I am sorry pup, but there's no other way to do this.'

Riff was quick to answer, 'I don't care Sir, blindfold me; gag me; hog tie me; whatever you like Sir... I can't tell you how happy I am Sir.... I'm so damn happy....'

C reached into his pocket and pulled out the elastic band connected to two plastic eye cups. He gently placed it over Riff's head and guided it down over his eyes. When it was in place C fluffed Riff's hair to cover the narrow strap. Then he led Riff over to a comfortable couch and they sat down.

As soon as they were seated C put his hand on Riff's face and caressed his cheek. Riff moved closer and felt for C's face with his hand. Riff figured he'd push the limits. So he reached out till he found C's face and felt the mask. Riff immediately reached over with his other arm and using both hands discovered the edges of the mask. He gently removed it and set it down. He felt the features of C's face. His perfect nose his widow's peak, his mustache and goatee, his short sideburns, the wires in his ears, his soft neck and protruding Adam's apple.

Just then Riff heard footsteps.

C said, 'Jeffers, please bring us two brandies.... out on the terrace I think.'

Jeffers answered, 'Yessir on the terrace... as you wish.'

As C lifted Riff off the couch and took his forearm, Riff said, 'Who's Jeffery?'

C had to laugh, 'Pup JEFFERS is my 65 year old butler. He's been with my family since I was a teenager and I sincerely hope that was an academic question boy.'

Riff grinned from ear to ear, 'I knew it was Jeffers sir.... I hope I gave you a smile sir.'

'You did pup... You did.'

Riff heard French doors open and felt the hot humid night air as it met them. C guided him into the blackness. Then he stopped and took Riff by his shoulders. C turned him slightly and then brought their lips together. Riff held his breath as C took control of his mouth, and then his soul. Riff languished as C's tongue explored his lips. Then Riff slowly parted them to allow C access to his teeth and then his hot oral cavity. C's tongue played with Riff's mouth exploring every inch, finding every curve and hill and valley. C drank Riff's moisture and gave himself over to their union. Riff could feel them as they floated up into the night air, high up on a warm cloud, and as the kiss continued Riff was certain that C was carrying him, in his arms, as he flew them both over the darkened city. As C's kiss continued, Riff looked down and saw a million lights glowing from the thousands of houses they were gliding over. As Riff watched the spectacle unfolding below; C tightened his grip on Riff's body and they became one; as the kiss progressed the two were suddenly in free fall, spinning down inexorably toward the earth sure to be crushed when they hit the ground. And for Riff that was exactly as it should be....... so sweet........ to die in his lover's embrace.... their lips one.

As C moved away Riff pushed forward, and this time it was Riff who took C in his arms. It was Riff whose mouth came to meet C's and it was Riff's hot tongue that took possession of C's lips, then teeth, then the inner sweetness. Riff's kiss was far more urgent and demanding; and C gave him his way. So Riff got bolder and roughly pulled C to him. He ground his cock against C's leg and was immediately rewarded when he felt C's stiff prick pushing into Riff's groin. There was some jockeying back and forth with both men alternately taking control of the hot, deep, wet, passionate, pressing, sucking kiss. Their tongues first played back and forth and then they wrestled, each against other, for a long while, as they opened their mouths wider and made many adjustments and changes, back and forth. Riff pulled away for a single beat and was back in a second to renew the heated exchange. Then it was C's turn to withdraw and return with more savage hunger. Now they were slobbering as they kissed and drinking each other's spit with insane abandon as though they'd spent days in the desert and were dying of thirst. The two men began to moan and growl as they gave way to their animal lust and a passion that was almost out of control. Another minute and the two would be rolling on the ground, fucking like dogs..... But C pulled away and took a breath.

'Pup, Jeffers is here with our drinks. Come and sit beside me and calm down a bit.'

'Jesus sir that was the best damn kiss I could ever imagine...'

'Pup, here sit down... there... OK.... now give me your hands... here's the brandy.. sip it pup..... you've had an emotional night.'

'I have a question sir.'

'Yes pup?'

'Would you have torn that guy, Bryce's throat out sir?.... Have you ever done anything like that before sir?'

'Pup, let's just say I have certain limits. I don't want to talk about the violence I've seen in my life. I will tell you this pup. If anyone harms someone I love..... They'd better pray we are never alone together.... ever.'

C's words gave Riff a chill, and yet he never felt so protected. He didn't know his father. He never had an older brother. He'd been alone most of his life. It was pretty great to have this 'all powerful' protector, who made it clear he would keep Riff safe AT ALL COSTS. It felt pretty damn good.

The brandy was warm and smooth and almost instantly began to quiet Riff's nerves. As he sipped the slightly viscous sweet liquid C used the back of his hand to caress Riff's cheek. And Riff rubbed his cheek against C's hand in response. Riff could feel his sore asshole clenching....... It sent a series of thrills up his spine. He wondered how long C was going to make him wait before rightfully fucking him into tomorrow. Riff reached over, found C's cock, and began to gently rub it up and down........ C didn't stop him.

C said, 'Jeffers, can you help this young man freshen up?'

Jeffers who was close at hand responded, 'Yes sir, as you wish.'

And without further ado Riff felt Jeffers take hold of his right forearm and say, 'Please young sir, let me guide you along.'

Riff got up and allowed himself to be led away. He was taken past rooms, down hallways, and through a couple doors. Jeffers finally stopped and placed Riff's hand on a bed. Riff's heart began to pound.

'Jeffers am I supposed to keep this blindfold on?'

'Yes young sir, I'm certain the master would have told you otherwise if it was his intention. Let me help you with your clothes young sir.'

And with that Riff could feel Jeffers first remove his suit coat, then his rumpled tie, and then he was gently pushed back to sit on the bed. Riff felt Jeffers ever so delicately remove his shoes and socks. When it became obvious that it was the butler's intent to strip him raw Riff tried to blunt his embarrassment by talking.

'So Jeffers you've been with.... um... your master since he was a boy?'

'That's correct young sir.'

'And what sort of a boy was he Jeffers?'

'Young sir, are you trying to get us both into trouble?'

'OH come on Jeffers, it's just you and me in here... please tell me something about him.... anything... something small... please.'

As Riff lifted his butt so that the butler could pull down his jock strap, Jeffers said, 'The master was the most beautiful boy I have ever seen.... and young sir that's far more than I feel I should reveal.'

'Hey thanks Jeffers, I really appreciate it........... he was beautiful was he??'

'Young sir!!!'

'Sorry Jeffers, it's not like I didn't already know that.... It's not a closely guarded secret.... I mean even with the mask on he's fucking amazing.'

'Yes young sir, my master is truly a man's man...... Now young sir you need to lie back so that I can assist you in your cleansing.'

Riff was confused, 'Can't I just hop into the shower?'

Jeffers smiled, 'I'm afraid young sir we're about to cleanse another part of your anatomy.'

Riff began going through a mental check list of the body parts you could clean lying on your back in bed..... then it hit him.... this was to be an 'internal' cleaning.... an enema... Holy shit, Riff had never had one.... Once his nutrition guy had recommended a 'high colonic' and when the guy explained what was involved Riff was quite put off. Till now his ass was strictly 'Off Limits.' But what did he expect? C was a hell of a teacher. Everything had to be perfect. Riff tried to warm to the idea, but he remained pretty nervous. It was the first time in days that his cock began to retreat in spite of the harness.

A minute later Jeffers was next to him.

'Young sir I need you to elevate your bottom so that I can place a double layer of towels under it. Then the master has instructed me to attend to um... any inflammation in that area... from.... the evenings.... activities.'

Riff was blushing bright red as he lowered his butt onto the towels and felt Jeffers gently parting his knees. A moment later he felt the butler lifting Riff's legs into the air. Another moment and Jeffers had placed a small pillow under Riff ass. A moment later Riff could feel Jeffer's warm finger tips pulling his butt cheeks apart and manipulating his pucker.

Riff was chagrinned beyond words. His breathing was ragged and he was sweating profusely.

'Well young sir, no harm done; just some nasty irritation. A little witch hazel. some oil of wintergreen, a bit of calamine, and a drop of eucalyptus extract will have you good as new. One second young sir.'

And with that Jeffers seemed to go somewhere. Poor Riff didn't know what to do; so he remained frozen in place, his butt elevated on a pillow, holding his spread legs up in the air in order that his asshole could remain on display. A second later he heard Jeffers reenter and come toward him. Another moment and he felt an amazing coolness pervade his asshole. Jeffers could have given Clara Barton a run for her money. He was kind and gentle as he massaged away the pain and soreness in Riff's ass.

As Jeffers rubbed the balm into Riff's pucker, very sheepishly Riff said, 'Thank you Jeffers.'

'Oh young sir, don't give it a thought. I should have mentioned that I am a registered nurse.'

Riff chuckled, 'That might have helped.'

'I do beg your pardon young sir.'

'Don't give it a thought Jeffers. Tut, tut and cheerio Jeffers... Tut, tut...'

'The master said you were a bit of a wiseacre young sir and I see what he meant.'

Riff's curiosity reared its head, 'He said I was a 'wise acre?' Is that what he said?'

'I believe the words he used were 'wise ass' young sir. And I mustn't say another word. Young sir you're about to get me in Dutch with my employer.'

'Sorry Jeffers, but I know so little about him and I want to know everything, absolutely everything..... I love him Jeffers... I love him very much.'

'Yes young sir, that is quite evident....... and quite lovely... now I must hold my tongue.'

After applying the salve four times and working it into Riff's asshole the pain and soreness were gone. Jeffers left the pillow in place keeping Riff's pelvis elevated. He explained to Riff that it would be easier to hold the warm soapy liquid inside, in this position. After a bit more explanation Jeffers wheeled in a holding stand and the necessary apparatus. He told Riff that he was going to fill him with almost two quarts of the warm cleansing mix and then allow it to 'do its work.' Before Riff knew it there was a hard plastic nozzle in his asshole and he could feel himself filling with a pleasant warmth... a few moments later his stomach began to distend and he was decidedly less comfortable. Just before Jeffers removed the nozzle he let Riff know how upset the master would be if Riff were to soil the bed. Then Jeffers removed the tubing and left the room.

Riff laid there on his back, ass elevated, wondering if this was how it felt to be pregnant. He could sense the liquid moving around in his intestines and for the first time in days his deflated cock hung in the harness under his swollen gut. After about five minutes Riff was thinking of yelling for someone to: GET HIM TO THE GODDAM TOILET!! But then he thought about what he was preparing for and he tried to be patient. All the while his discomfort was rising. Every now and then he felt an uncomfortable tremor in his pucker. In another minute he began to pray that he could hold on. He began to concentrate on this breathing. He thought about pregnant women and the Lamaze method for natural child birth.... He knew nothing about the damn Lamaze method..... except that women were supposed to concentrate on their breathing... So Riff aimed all his thoughts on the rise and fall of his chest and the air coming in and out of his nose.

One second before he was about to cry out he heard the door open and Jeffers was again at his side.

'Are you ready for your walk to the bathroom young sir?'

Riff squawked, 'My walk... my walk.... How far is the damn toilet?'

Jeffers was having a good time at Riff's expense, 'It's not far young sir. Hold tight now. And here we go!'

Riff just made it to the toilet seat. He had never been so relieved in his life. It hit him how all his embarrassment had vanished. He no longer cared that he was naked or blindfolded or that he was being led around this way by the butler. He was just relieved that he'd made it to the damn toilet

As Riff sat there wondering about the 'wiping protocol' he said, 'Well Jeffers, I sure am glad that's over.'

'Oh yes young sir and you'll see it gets easier with each cleansing till you're completely finished.'

Riff was mortified, 'There's more?'

Jeffers smiled, 'Why yes young sir, two more cleansings.... but it will be over before you know it.'

It wasn't exactly over before Riff knew it, but it did get easier. The last two cleanings were faster and Jeffers didn't disappear after 'filling Riff up.' In about twenty minutes it was over and Riff felt pretty good. After his third 'emptying' Jeffers carefully removed Riff's harness. Riff immediately got hard as a rock and turned bright red again, but then Jeffers led him over to a bubble bath (unscented of course) and as Riff sat in the water Jeffers washed him like a child. Instead of being embarrassed Riff relaxed and let himself feel quite pampered. He was really enjoying the attention when Jeffers said, 'All right young sir let's stand you up and get those privates.'

Riff whined, 'Can't I do that myself....please Jeffers?'

'Young sir that would cost me my job and I'm certain you know that. Surely the master has instructed you about handling HIS PROPERTY.'

Riff stared straight down, 'Yes Jeffers.'

The butler helped Riff to stand up. Naturally Riff's prick was doing the Tango at the thought of being 'washed' and Jeffers spent a good deal of time getting to every fold and space......under the balls, between the cheeks, into the asshole, up and down the shaft, around the glans, into the belly button, around the pubes and all over the groin. Riff shifted from one foot to the other, held his breath, and prayed his didn't come all over the soapy washcloth Jeffers kept rubbing against his prick.

Riff made it through the bath and was immediately confronted by the toweling. Jeffers was every bit as thorough with the double thick terry towel as he had been with the wash cloth and Riff found himself dancing again as Jeffers got between his cheeks and under his balls and all over his prick. By the time Riff was dry his cock was decidedly wet and dripping.

Jeffers had a hell of a time with Riff's harness. The one Riff had been wearing was fairly tight and separated his balls as well as pushing them down into the sack before going round his prick shaft. Jeffers did not want to injure the MASTER'S PROPERTY so he was gentle, but the gentler he was and the more he fumbled the hornier Riff got and the more he struggled to control himself. C was about to make his dreams come true. Coming now would ruin everything. Riff held his breath and bore down; when that wasn't enough he remembered what C had taught him in the restaurant, and he explained it to Jeffers, who apparently already knew, but wasn't aware how much trouble Riff was having. Jeffers did insist on 'employing the trick' rather than allowing Riff to do it himself and after applying some pressure to the root of Riff's cock for a whole minute, Jeffers was finally able to get Riff's balls apart and close the first strap and snap; and that part of the harness in place..... then around the sack and snap; and circle the base of the shaft in the leather band and snap; and RIFF WAS READY FOR HIS NIGHT WITH C.

Jeffers led Riff back into the small bedroom. Riff got the chills as Jeffers helped him into a short light silk dressing gown. The richness of the fabric was positively erotic and besides the chills Riff felt electricity shooting along the surface of his skin. The tiny hairs all over his body were standing at attention.

Jeffers led Riff barefoot and panting through the apartment. They stopped for a moment and Riff felt the air shift as two large double doors opened. In a moment Riff felt Jeffers turn him over to a more masterful pair of hands. And Riff could smell the warm animal scent of C in his presence. He immediately recognized that aroma and realized he'd know that smell and be able to discern it for the rest of his life. It filled his nose, it warmed his heart, it made his cock lurch. Riff loved that fragrance, that animal smell, the smell of his man his master.... THAT DIVINE SMELL.

C pulled Riff into the room and over to the bed. Riff felt C open his robe and ease it off his shoulders. Riff shuddered as it floated to his feet. He lunged forward and came in contact with C's nude body. In a moment they were lying on the bed locked in an embrace, hands moving everywhere, hot breath everywhere, lips everywhere, sex everywhere, and in a few minutes it was skin and lips and cocks and hair and legs and fuzzy thighs and butt cracks and noses and ears and hair and pubes and pits and nipples and fingers and toes and wrists and ankles and knees and balls and cocks and lips and chins and teeth and tongues and cocks and lips and hot breath and hot mouths and grunts and groans and lips and toes and tongues and assholes and fingers and toes......

A minute later C put Riff on his back and said, 'Hold still pup and let me make love to you.'

Riff barely whispered, 'Sir, Yessir.'

And C fell on Riff's lips and began a slow sucking kiss while he let his hands lightly play with Riff's nipple rings, then as he tongued Riff's Adam's apple he tickled the light blond hair on Riff's chest, then down the curls in the center of his chest, down to his abs and finally C played with Riff's pubes as he traced Riff's lips with his tongue. Riff was moaning and trying to fuck the air. He was dying to come.

C whispered, 'Don't come pup. What ever you do, don't you dare come boy.'

Riff began to plead, 'Please fuck me sir. Please just fuck me.'

'Oh pup there's so much more to fucking than a hard cock up your ass boy. Stay with me pup and learn.... Pup I want you to imagine that I have a magic finger and all the sexual energy in my body is concentrated in the tip of my finger. Can you do that pup? Will you try boy?'


And C took his index finger and grazed Riff's nipple. 'Feel it pup all the sexual energy in my body is in the tip of my finger and I'm sending it into your body, from the tip of my finger to your nipple and into your body.... Can you feel that pup?'

'I'm so fucking hot sir..... Yesssir I can feel it.... from the tip of your finger into my nipple.' and Riff sucked air through his teeth as the jolt of sexual energy surged from the tip of C's finger into Riff's nipple and exploded in Riff's chest.

'Holy shit sir!!!! I CAN FEEL THAT!!!'

Then C took the tip of his finger and brought it to Riff's belly button. The instant it made contact Riff arched his back and bounced off the bed.

'Jesus sir, I feel such a strong surge of of of of of HOOOOOOLLLLYYY SSSHHIITTT'

And as C grazed around Riff's belly button Riff's whole body began to vibrate and alternately arch and relax, arch and relax, arch and relax. Then C moved his finger to the tip of Riff's cock and the jolt was so strong that Riff's body had one long shaking spasm that went on and on and on and on.

Then C removed his finger and just before he lightly kissed him he said, 'Relax for a second pup.' Then C softly met Riff's lips with his own.

After a few seconds of soft kissing C said, 'Are you ready to go on pup?'

Riff smiled and asked, 'Has anyone ever died from one of your fucks sir?'

'No pup but I do send them all to heaven boy.... Let's try the triad's pup. In China they call these the 'triple points of joy' pup. Same principle pup. Feel the energy in the tip of my finger, but also feel the power as it increases between each set of three. Ready pup?'

'Sir, what if I come sir?'



'Don't come pup.'

'But sir..... '

'Pup if you manage to hold onto your orgasm I promise you the best climax of your life will be happening soon boy.'

'I'll try sir.'

'Here we go pup.'

With that C took his hands and parted Riff's legs wide..... When his pink pucker was within reach C grazed it with the tip of his finger.

And instantly the intensity was back full force. Riff's body arched and C moved his finger tip to Riff's belly button. A second jolt caused Riff to arch up further. Then C moved the tip of his finger to Riff's lips and Riff felt an explosion in his sloar plexus that rocked his whole frame. His stiff prick began to drool profusely and C gathered up several viscous drops on the same finger. He then brought it to Riff's lips and spread it all around. As Riff licked the sweetness from his mouth C made another pass at the head of Riff's cock and this time brought the nectar to his own lips for a taste of the divine.

On to the next triad. As soon as Riff's body was once again flat against the bed C took his finger tip and traced Riff's piss lips. The jolt struck as before and Riff arched. Then C moved to Riff's Adam's apple and he arched further. Finally C parted Riff's lips and opened his mouth. C grazed the tip of his finger against the tip of Riff's tongue and Riff thought the surge might throw him off the bed. His body looked like the letter 'C' on its side. Again C gathered Riff's precum and waited for his body to relax. C spread the freshly expressed precursor jizz profusely on his own lips and brought them down to share with Riff. They enjoyed a long slow sucking licking kiss.

The triads went on for almost an hour. At the end Riff was exhausted and drenched with sweat. C was likewise soaked with the intensity of his labor.

For a break C laid himself over Riff's body and luxuriated there, letting their mutual sweat and precum lubricate their bodies as they undulated over and around each other like two snakes. All the while their stiff pricks toyed...... fenced with each other. Riff was careful not to allow his cock to rub against any part of C's body; if it did Riff felt certain he's come....... and perhaps never stop. The men let loose some long low deep moans as they skated one against the other.

In another minute C was up and tracing the ring in Riff's left tit with his tongue. As he licked the gold loop C caught a whiff of animalheatsweat coming from under Riff's arm. C didn't wait for an invitation; he dove for Riff's left pit. Once there he pushed Riff's left arm over his head and spent the next couple minutes erasing every trace of the musk with his tongue, alternately slobbering over the light brown curls and then sucking them dry. When Riff's left pit was odorless C still wanted more so he sprang over Riff's chest and pushed up Riff's right arm. As C sucked the right pit Riff went half out of his mind and began to roll his head back and forth.

The pits really set C off; he moved between Riff's legs and pushed them into the air. Once they were over Riff's head C went for Riff's ring of fire. As he tongued Riff's asshole, Riff began to plead.

'Please sir fuck me.... fuck me sir please...please sir you have to fuck me.... please fuck me sir. Pleeeeeeze Fuck Me. FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!!'

But C just kept rimming Riff's hole. He'd lick all around the area then plunge his tongue through the ring; next he'd pull back and wait a second for Riff to wonder what he'd do next, then C would make one long swipe and lick from beneath Riff's pucker past it and all the way up his perineum, over his balls and all the way past the harness right up to the 'hot spot' just under Riff's glans. As C's tongue reached the head of Riff's cock he'd pull back on the pressure till Riff could barely feel it.... that prevented Riff from plunging over the edge into orgasm; and then by way of contrast C would next push his tongue roughly into Riff's hole as deep as C could reach. Riff sucked air and groaned and flailed his legs in the air. C was relentless keeping up this always changing, never the same twice, rim job.



C got up on his knees and put the head of his oversized, overheated cock at the entrance to Riff's asshole. As he applied very gentle pressure he leaned down to Riff's ear and whispered, 'Relax for me pup...... you can do it boy..... easy pup..... open up for me pup.'

And as if by magic Riff muscular gate seemed to be listening to C's voice because every time C told him to relax or to open up Riff could feel his sphincter doing just that. C's masterprick slowly slid home. It filled Riff's ass without a whit of pain or discomfort. Riff felt very full ...terribly full.... awfully full... which felt quite wonderful.... and C's cock just kept on entering..... Riff wondered exactly how many feet long it was. He felt certain he'd already received about a yard when he became aware the C's pelvis was still far from making contact with his own.

And C whispered, 'Relax for me pup...... you can do it boy..... easy pup..... open up for me pup.'


It took a couple minutes for C to get 'all the way home' but once that was accomplished he began a rocking movement that thrilled Riff to his core.

C increased his pace and just when Riff was getting used to the feeling, C withdrew and turned Riff on his side. Once that was accomplished C skewered Riff with one smooth action. C's cock parted Riff's pucker and slid all the way in with one very, very long thrust. When C's pubic patch was pushing against Riff's butt C pulled all the way back and thrust back in. Riff's eye rolled back in his head and he roared, 'FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! HARDER SIR.... PLEASE SIR HARDER.... FUCK ME HARDER....'

And C obliged and began to power fuck Riff from behind; then he reached down and grabbed Riff's right ankle and lifted his leg into the air. It further opened Riff's hole which allowed C to pull all the way out before he thundered back in to the hilt. Riff's whole body shuddered with every stroke of C's giant masterful dick.

And Riff began to plead, 'Please Sir, may I please come? It's taking all my effort to hold back Sir. Please sir please may I just let my cock explode. I swear Sir I won't touch it at all Sir... It's so hard Sir and it's aching like crazy. Sir I can't think of anything else. It's driving me crazy Sir..... Pleeeeeeze sir may I please be allowed to CCOMMEE? Pleeeze Sir.... Pleeeeeze?'

C answered as he continued the steady thumping fuck, 'Not yet pup... Not yet.'

And Riff groaned so loud that the bed vibrated with the angst he expressed.

C withdrew, grabbed Riff by his fore arm and pulled him out of bed. He forcefully dragged Riff over to a large overstuffed wing chair. C sat down turned Riff away from him and before Riff could get his bearing C was guiding Riff's asshole down onto C's upright prick. Riff lost his balance, sat straight down, and impaled himself on C's cock. Riff shuddered and shook as C's prick touched Riff's Adam's apple. Riff could barely swallow. C put his strong right hand under Riff's butt and got him bouncing up and down on C's dick. Once Riff realized he was able to control the speed and depth of penetration he took over and fucked himself royally on C's very overheated prong.

C whispered in Riff's ear, 'Pup use the muscles around your asshole to grab hold of my cock boy. You can do it pup.... give it a try boy.'

And before Riff could make a conscious effort to do what C was suggesting; Riff's sphincter responded all on its own. Riff's hole closed around C's meat and held it tightly as Riff bounced up and down, up and down. His muscles rippled as his ass massaged C's prick.

'Feel me pup.... feel the energy in the tip of my hard cock.... feel it pup... I'm going to send it to you pup.... in a second I'm going to send you one long jolt of sexual energy from the tip of my hard hot wet cock right into your asshole and up your spine boy... are you ready pup... it's coming pup on the count of three... here it comes pup.... from the tip of my cock into your asshole and up your spine pup.... ONE... here it comes boy.... TWO... into your asshole and up your spine... THREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!'

The jolt of energy shot out of C's cock like a bolt of lightning it blasted Riff's sphincter which clamped down on C's prick so hard that Riff was afraid he might break it off. Then the gigantic power surged past his ass hole and hit Riff's spine.... it flared up the column of vertebrae and headed toward Riff's brain. THEN IT SHOT TO THE TOP OF RIFF'S HEAD AND SEEMED TO BLOW THE TOP OF HIS SKULL RIGHT UP TO THE CEILING.

Riff bellowed, 'JJJEEESSSUUUSSS HHHEEELLLPPP MMEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!' and grabbed the arms of the chair to keep from being thrown into the air....

He held on there for several seconds and gradually began to bounce up and down again with renewed passion. Riff was determined to GET C OFF!! Riff clenched his hole.

After a minute or two of intense rubbing up and down, up and down, up and down, Riff dripping sweat said, 'Sir I think I'm going to some sir, I swear I won't touch my cock, but I think I'm going to come.'

C instantly put his arms around Riff and stopped his movement. Equally as fast he rose from the chair, bent Riff over slightly and prodded him forward. C kept his hard prick buried in Riff's ass to the root.

'Where are we going sir?'

But C didn't answer he was holding Riff's sides and rubbing his sweaty skin up and down, up and down as he pushed him into the shower room.

The shower room was about 15 by 15, it had ten different kinds of water delivery systems and taps and faucets and steam vents and shower heads everywhere. There entire room, floor, walls, and ceiling were marble and stone and had intricate carvings of life sized men and women in every possible sexual position. It would have taken Riff's breath away, if he'd been able to see it; that is of course, if Riff had any breath left.

C moved Riff over one of the drains and helped him kneel down.

'Pup I am about to send all my sexual energy to you in one continuous wave of warm strength. I am going to christen you with my sexual pique..... and pup I do it all out of my love for you pup. It is all for you pup. Do you understand what I'm talking about boy?'

'Sir are you going to cum on my face sir?'

'No pup..... a pleasant thought, but that would be an expression of my orgasm.... what I am going to do pup is all for you boy. It's all for you. I am going to send you my strength pup in one great shower.'

Riff understood, 'You're going to piss on me aren't you sir? I've seen it in the videos I bought. Where masters piss on their slaves to show their power.'

'Not exactly pup. I am not going to piss on you pup. I am going to send my sexual energy straight to your chest. I'm going to send you a stream of my liquid essence. This is not a display of power pup. That may come later. That may be a part of the games we play as you learn more about yourself, but just now pup. I'll be sending all my power to you in the heated piss I will direct at your heart pup. And do you know what will happen pup.... when the hot stream hits your chest boy?'

'I'm not sure sir.'

'The pure sexual energy is going to have three effects boy. First pup you're going to feel an enormous influx of heat and energy. Second your bladder is going to release pup and you're going to begin to piss with great force. And third pup your prostate is going to explode pup and you're going to cum harder than you've ever come in your life pup. Any questions boy?'

'Sir is it possible to piss and come at the same time? Is that possible?'

'Do you trust me pup?'

'Absolutely sir.'

'Have I ever lied to you pup?'

'Sir No sir!'

'Then tell me pup what's going to happen?'

'Sir, I'm going to feel a great rush of energy and then I'm going to piss and come at the same time.'

'Ready pup?'

'Slightly nervous sir, but very ready Sir. Very ready.'

'Prepare pup.'

As C's words hit his ears, Riff's glans swelled to twice it's normal size, his prick shaft expanded hard against the harness and Riff's balls began to strain against the leather strap trying to bind them. A second later the first snap, the one that held the strap around the base of Riff's cock flew open... another moment and the part that separated his balls gave way.... a beat later the single remaining closure yielded against the rising tide and the damn harness fell between Riff's legs. Riff gasped as he felt his cock become truly MIGHTY AND QUITE MAGNIFICENT.

The moment C's torrent hit Riff between his pecs Riff's bladder released it's pressurized contents... at the same time Riff's prostate discharged.... there was a huge internal struggle as hot urine and boiling semen tried to flood Riff's urethra at the same time. The pressure in Riff's groin was so intense that he began to breathe.... HUH.... HUH..... HUH.... HUH.... HUH.... HUH.... HUH..... HUH.... HUH.... HUH....

HUH.... HUH..... HUH.... HUH.... HUH.... HUH.... HUH..... HUH.... HUH.... HUH.... HUH.... HUH..... HUH.... HUH.... HUH.... HUH.... HUH..... HUH....

The struggle continued as Riff's cock began to shoot first a blast of hot piss, then a dollop of fiery jizz... then piss... then cum.... then piss.... then jizz and all the while Riff could only observe as the battle in his prick raged and he tried to catch air, HUH.... HUH..... HUH.... HUH.... HUH.... HUH.... HUH..... HUH.... HUH.... HUH.... HUH.... HUH..... HUH.... HUH.... HUH.... then piss... then cum.... then piss.... then jizz... then piss... then cum.... then piss.... then jizz And the mix of piss from both men and Riff's cum flew into the air and drained down Riff's chest and hit Riff in the chin and quite literally covered him in body fluids.

C's was only dimly aware of Riff's activity. He was concentrating on sending his sexual energy through his gush of hot piss directly into Riff's beating heart.

And all the while Riff could only witness as the battle in his prick raged and he tried to catch air, HUH.... HUH..... HUH.... HUH.... HUH.... HUH.... HUH..... HUH.... HUH.... HUH.... HUH.... HUH..... HUH.... HUH.... HUH.... then piss... then cum.... then piss.... then jizz... then piss... then cum.... then piss.... then jizz. And the mix of piss from both men and Riff's cum flew into the air and drained down Riff's chest and hit Riff in the chin and quite literally covered him in body fluids.

When C's flow abated and Riff's cock began to finally retreat, C lifted Riff to his feet.

Riff felt C dab at his body with a folded towel. C had barely wiped Riff's legs and lower chest when he stopped and began to smear the mix all over Riff's body. Riff luxuriated in the bizarre massage. A moment later C grabbed Riff's arm and pulled him back to bed.

'Sir I'm going to ruin your sheets.'

'Not another word pup.'

C pushed Riff back onto the bed, lifted his legs, positioned his stiff prick at Riff's waiting hole, and made his entry. Riff whistled as C's long hard cock slid swiftly up his ass and rubbed against his spine.

The whole maneuver caught Riff by surprise and he squealed, 'Holy shit sirrrrrrrrrrrrrr!........ Thank you sirrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!'

C bent down and whispered in Riff's ear, 'When I kiss your lips pup grab my cock with you asshole and when I lick your neck release it!'

With that C began to alternately brush his lips against Riff's mouth and then pull off and swipe the side of Riff's neck with his hot wet tongue. And with absolutely no conscious help from Riff his pucker grabbed hold of C's prick and one second later it let go. All the while C was kissing and licking Riff he was pistoning Riff's ass in and out, in and out, squeeze and release, kiss and lick, in and out, squeeze and release, kiss and lick, in and out, squeeze and release, kiss and lick.

A few minutes later Riff was calling out between kisses, 'Fuck me sir. Fuck me sir. Yessir.... Yessir... Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!'

C said, 'Come for me pup, when ever you like, come between us. Come for me pup and let your cream slip slide between us..... Come for me boy.'

And even as the words were hanging in the air Riff's stiff dick began to shoot streams of hot thick white creamy pudding between them. The cum hit C on the chest and dripped off the rings in C's nipples. That was enough to send him over the edge and for the first time that evening C had a crashing orgasm so strong that Riff felt C's jism pound against the wall of his intestine, shot after shot as if they'd been fired from a rifle, again and again and again and again and again.

When C's cock finished shooting he crumbled onto Riff's cummy pissy sweaty chest and lying there he once again began to snake around. C applied his lips to Riffs in a hot wet deep sucking kiss. And the two men gave themselves over to their animal nature.

Riff and C fucked for hours on the bed, on the floor, in the chair, against the wall, C over Riff over C. And they came and they came and they came.

A couple hours before dawn, found them lying, naked on the bed, swaddled in the hot wet cum piss sweat soaked sheets. The air around them was thick with the musky heady damp smell of male sex. The room reeked of sex.

C was flat on his back and Riff was resting his soaked head just under C's left arm.

While Riff toyed with the rings in C's nipple they talked.

'Thank you sir, for the very best night of my life.'

'You're quite welcome pup, and thank you right back boy.'

'I will love you forever sir.'

'I love you too pup.'

'I keep wanting to thank you sir... I can't help it... I'm full to overflowing. I've never felt...... I never thought.... This is more than I could ever....... Christ sir, I can't seem to find the right words.'

'It's all right pup. I know how happy you are, but I'm a little troubled pup.'

'By what sir? God, sir, did I do something....'

'Stop pup, you haven't done anything wrong. But pup, earlier tonight you were attacked and pup those men raped you pup. They raped you boy. I need to know that you're all right..... that you're not trying to bury your feelings.... that would be a mistake pup.... I need you to talk to me pup....'

'Honest sir, you shouldn't give it another thought... What happened earlier was no big deal.... I mean it was just a bunch of assholes and they kind of overpowered me and I guess they...... got...... the ..... better.... of.......................... me.......... and then they..............................'

And Riff couldn't say the word. He wanted to say that they raped him; that the assholes had overpowered him and then they RAPED HIM. And the actual horror of what had happened began to bubble to the surface...... and Riff turned toward C and buried his face in C's chest and Riff began to sob....... The floodgates opened and Riff's whole body began to heave with every breath.

Through a strangled cry Riff said, 'They raped me sir..... those men... they raped me....'

And as Riff allowed his heart to open, C rose up, took Riff into his strong arms, and cradled him there. As Riff sobbed, C rocked him back and forth and ran his fingers through Riff's hair.

As C rocked Riff he hummed to him (Rock of Ages). After the better part of an hour Riff was feeling much better. He pulled the blindfold away from his eyes long enough to wipe them with the back of his hand.

C reached over and removed the blindfold. He whispered, 'Keep your eyes closed pup.'

And as Riff sat with his eyes closed C came close and gently licked each eye dry of tears.

'Listen to me pup. I absolutely must be on a plane in 45 minutes. Honest pup I don't have a choice in this. If I could possibly alter my plans I would boy, but I'm afraid it's quite impossible. I want Johnny to drive you home and see you safely to your door. If you like pup I can have him stay with you till I get back day after tomorrow. Tell me pup. Tell me what you want me to do boy.'

'Honest sir. I am fine. I feel so much better. I've had the worst and the best night of my life all in the same day. But I'm OK now. I know it's not over. I know I need to think about this and maybe even talk about it some more. But sir I need to go home. I'm supposed to spend the day with Caleb. And sir I can't stand him up. The kid is all tied in knots sir and I can't just ignore his feelings sir.'

'You make me so proud pup. So then Johnny will drive you home.'

'Well sir, I'd like to get my car. I may need it later today. So if it's all right sir could Johnny just drive me to get my car.'

'I'll tell you what pup. How about if Johnny drives you to your car and then follows you home. I will not rest till I know that you got to your door in one piece pup.'

'OK sir if that will make you happy sir.'

'It will pup.'

With that C called for Jeffers, who arrived next to the bed in ten seconds flat. Apparently none of these people ever slept. Riff marveled at the way C's world seemed to revolve around his needs.... or was it Riff's needs; he wasn't sure which were which any more.

C gave Riff a long firm kiss and as Riff was about to be led away C took Riff's face between his hands and gave it a good squeeze and another kiss. As C moved back Riff pulled away from Jeffers, lunged into C's arms, and hugged him tight, for dear life. Riff put his head on C's shoulder and enjoyed his lord and master's strength for one last minute.

In the end Jeffers gently took Riff's arm and tugged him away, toward the door.

As Riff left the room C whispered after him, 'Goodbye pup.'

Riff wasn't sure why he was crying he just was.

Jeffers helped Riff get dressed. He found the harness and put that on first. Riff didn't even think to inquire about showering. He had every intention of keeping the strong scent of cum and piss and sweat all over him for as long as he possibly could. Riff wondered how long he could keep from showering before it got him in trouble. He had planned on taking the day off. Right after he demolished the credenza, which seemed to have happened many days ago, Riff had resolved to take the whole next day off to regroup and figure out what to do next...... regarding Caleb.... regarding work.... the rest.... and C in particular.... he was certain about that..... those feelings would never change.... Riff knew that in his soul..... he absolutely knew it.

Later, blindfolded again, in the car with Johnny; Riff began to make curious conversation.

'So Johnny what's your boss's name?'

'Nice try buddy..... Riff is it?'

'Yes, it's Riff. Would you really get in that much trouble for just telling me his name... the name of the guy you work for?'

Johnny said, 'Are you being stupid? If I did screw up and give you that name it would fuck us both up..... And unless you're an idiot you know that. Why would you fool around with something like that?'

Riff got serious, 'I was just kidding but you're scaring the shit out of me. I never ever thought you might actually tell me.'

Johnny warned, 'You shouldn't take those chances. You might just bump into some idiot who's new on staff or some temp or someone might just slip up and Oopps say, 'his name is Jeff Bentley.'......... Oh Jesus Christ.... I said it.... I didn't mean to say it.... Oh shit... shit... shit... shit.... fuck... fuck...I swear that was an accident.'

Riff got horribly sick to his stomach. A second before he lost it Johnny said, 'That's not his name but you see what I mean.'

Riff let out all the air in his chest..... one huge whoooosh, 'That wasn't funny you miserable asshole..... NOT FUNNY JOHNNY.... NOT FUCKING FUNNY!!!'

Johnny replied, 'Like I said Riff you shouldn't play with fire.'

Riff tried to say something, 'Is there anything you can tell me.'

Johnny said, 'Yeah there is. I'd sure as hell like to know what makes you so goddamed special. I'd love to understand how you got so friggin' lucky. You won the goddamed jackpot Riff. Do you even realize that? You won the fucking lottery.'

Riff beamed, 'Yes Johnny I do know..... and I have no idea how he chose me or for that matter why. I just thank god he did...... every minute of every day I'm grateful.'

Johnny got a bit warmer, 'Then stop acting like you don't care....... it's annoying... and I'd like to get to know you Riff. If he..... the master chose you.... so you must be pretty special.... I'd like to like you Riff.... I'd like to be friends.... Since he chose you we'll be seeing a lot of each other..... so we should be friends.'

Riff tried to be genial, 'I'd like that Johnny. I am sorry for behaving like a dumb prick. I know how lucky I am..... Look Johnny, if it helps I love his ass Johnny. I belong to him body and soul. I love him more every day..... I love him Johnny.'

As they pulled up next to Riff's car Johnny said, 'We all do Riff. We all love him.'

Riff took off the blindfold and tossed it to Johnny, then he reached over the seat and shook his hand. They said goodbye as Riff climbed into his car.

Without thinking Riff slowly began to undress. When he was naked except for his harness he turned the key and headed home; the limo followed close behind. At every light Riff, by rote, slid forward and teased the fuzz around his pucker. He let his fingers linger there feeling where C's magnificent cock had been a couple hours ago. He pushed his fingers past the ring and tried to imagine it was C's dick. A few seconds later Johnny blasted Riff with the horn...... the light had been green for a while.

As Riff turned his ignition off and began to dress he waved goodbye to Johnny, who waved back, made a U turn, and sped away (presumably to get C to the airport)

As Riff dragged his totally spent body toward his apartment his eyes focused on his door. Outside under the breezeway awning, sitting on the cement stoop, leaning against his door, all huddled up, sound asleep; there was Caleb.

Riff didn't know whether to slap him or scold him or hug him or slug him. Instead he just shook his head.

Riff got his key ready and as he came up to Caleb, he put the key in the lock, then reached down with his right hand, and grabbed Caleb's neck.

'On your feet pup!'

Caleb's eyes opened and he struggled to get up with Riff's hand gripping the back of his neck. 'Cut it out Riff that hurts.'

'Not another word pup!'

Riff pushed Caleb through the door.

'Riff, cut it out. Let me go.'

Riff tossed his key onto the couch and grabbed Caleb's waist with his left hand.

'Eyes forward pup. When I let you go I want you to strip to your skin pup, to your skin... not a stitch pup... to your skin.... Is that clear boy?'

'OK Sir..... sure... OK'




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