It took Riff an hour to calm himself enough to do any work. He was exhausted and happy and very confused. He couldn't think about anything but C. C was in his head; C was in his heart; C was everywhere. The more Riff thought the more he wanted to be with C; to love him; hell, to worship him. He'd never felt anything like this. He'd never imagined anything like this. But he was nervous and anxious all the time..... nervous, anxious, and horny. He had just climaxed a few minutes ago. He had orgasmed earlier in the debacle at the pool, but when he looked down there was his prick trying to break through his jock and tear through his pants, once again, hard as stone and beating with his heart. Sure he was wearing a cock and ball harness, but that didn't explain the tightness and urgency he was feeling deep in his balls and the pit of his stomach. If C were to walk into his office at that moment, and so much as touch Riff's prick he felt certain he'd shoot as much jism as he had fucking the damn window.

Riff wished he was naked and BAM it hit him; C's words, 'eventually you'll want to be naked all the time.' Everything the goddamned SOB told him came true. It was like C knew him better than he knew himself. That thought was both comforting and terrifying.

Riff forced himself to focus on his work, but every couple seconds thoughts of C would float into his head, or his dick would jump, or his tit would sting and he was back praying for C to come and get him...... to come and take him; take him and never ever leave him; take him somewhere he could strive for C's love and attention. Riff wanted to do something, be something, accomplish something just for C, only for C, to make him know how much Riff was his, his property, his boy, his willing slave, his pup. And BOOM he was back obsessed with thoughts of C and nothing else.

Riff barely accomplished anything. Around six he was packing up to leave when his cell rang. It was in the inside pocket of his suit coat which was draped over a chair in the corner. As Riff yanked the flip phone out of his jacket it slipped from between his fingers, sailed across the room, hit his desk, took an odd bounce, and finally landed behind the enormous credenza occupying the far wall of Riff's office. Thank God it kept ringing. It was C. It had to be him. Riff went to retrieve the phone, but it was lodged behind the damn twelve foot long, granite topped, glorified bookcase. He went nuts. He tried to move it. The monster wouldn't budge. He got frenzied. What if C hung up? What if he got angry and didn't call back? Riff's eyes went wild surveying the room for an answer...none came. He flew out his door into the outer office. Almost everyone was gone. There were a few lighted offices down the hall but otherwise the place was deserted. He ran into the stairwell. There, fastened to the concrete blocks, was a glass case with a fire hose and an axe inside. Riff didn't think he acted. He took off one of his Gucci loafers, covered his face with his arm, and smashed the glass. He tore the axe off the wall and raced to his office. Hallelujah, the phone was still ringing. He raised the axe and brought it down full force onto the granite slab. The slab split and the axe bounced back. Two more inches and Riff would have split his own skull. He wasn't deterred. He brought the axe down again. The granite top broke into six large pieces. Riff put the axe down and heaved the rock out of his way. He grabbed the axe, put his full weight behind it and swung again. It turned the $5000 piece of designer furniture into kindling. Riff dove into the wreckage and struggled to reach his cell. He grabbed it, opened it and breathlessly said, 'Hello.'

The voice came back, 'Hello...... is that you Riff?'

Riff's whole body deflated, 'Caleb, what is wrong with you? What are you doing? Are you trying to kill me?'

Caleb was crestfallen, 'Would you prefer if I left you alone Riff?'

Riff tried to compose himself, 'Awww Caleb, I don't mean to be such a prick, but I just did about ten thousand dollars worth of damage to answer this phone. I'll probably lose my job. After this day it'll be a miracle if I don't get arrested.'

Caleb asked, 'Why would you get arrested?'

Riff smiled, 'God Caleb which story do you want first; the one where three blind high school kids practically rape me? No wait, how about the one where I parade down Miracle Mile in a Speedo with my ass hanging out. No, no, no you're gonna want to hear all about how I got totally buck naked and polished my office window with my dick.'

Caleb sounded concerned, 'Riff have you been drinking?'

Riff smiled, 'Oh God kid, I could really use a stiff drink. Oh Jesus, I wish I were drunk. Look Caleb how's about giving me the night to think. What if I promise to call you tomorrow? I can't tell you how tired I am. I need to go home and sleep.'

Caleb added, 'Can I maybe sleep with you if I promise to let you rest? I just want to be near you Riff, next to you. That's all, I promise.'

Riff was exhausted, 'Caleb, I couldn't sleep with you there. I'd want to jump you and you'd want to jump me. Come on kid. You know damn right well if we were in the same bed we'd be messing around all night.'

Caleb felt so dejected, 'Would that really be so bad Riff? I just want to be with you. That's all.'

Riff was firm, 'You're doing it Caleb. You're making noises like a boyfriend, like you're falling in love with me. And Caleb that's not going to happen.'

Caleb shot back, 'Too damn late Riff....... too damn late.'

Riff was really getting annoyed, 'Look Boy-O you've known me for one fucking day and you're telling me that you love me. That's ridiculous. Snap out of it.'

And it hit Riff hard, like a fist in the gut. He'd fallen for C in one evening. He met him and four hours later he was bonded to him like he'd known him all his life. And for Riff it was absolutely real. HE LOVED C! HE'D BEEN WAITING FOR HIM ALL HIS LIFE. IT DIDN'T TAKE FOUR HOURS TO FALL FOR C. IT TOOK FOUR MINUTES.

With new found understanding Riff said, 'Caleb, geeeze kid. I think I'm being an asshole..... and I am sorry. I take back what I said.'

Caleb's voice got light and crisp, 'So can I come over? Please Riff? I swear if you need sleep, that's what you'll get. I swear I just want to be next to you in that hot, sweaty bed of yours. Honest Riff, I'll even sleep on the couch or the floor. I just want to be around you, in your apartment, wherever you are. Is it OK?'

Before Riff could answer his call waiting clicked. He said, 'One minute Caleb.'


'Did you work hard pup?'

'I sure tried Sir.'

'You tried pup?'

'I was kind of exhausted. You really made me come like gang busters Sir. That was the second best orgasm of my life Sir. The best one was Sunday Sir, when you were there, next to me.'

'Pup, I want you to imagine that I'm always there next to you.'

'Yessir, I already feel like that Sir. It's just that I love your hands on me, on my ass and my dick, everywhere Sir.'

'Are you up for some diner pup?'

'Yessir........... Might that be dinner with you Sir?'

'Yes pup.'

'Sir I don't care about dinner. I'm up for anything that puts you near me, touching me, talking to me, teasing me.'

'Good pup. You'd better let Caleb down easily. You're bruising that boy's feelings and that's not fair.'

C knew everything. He knew all the details of Riff's life. Riff wasn't even surprised any more. He was grateful, grateful as hell that C cared enough to spend time observing him, watching him, watching over him.'

Riff said, 'I know Sir, and I'm a bit lost in that regard. What should I do with this kid? He's really a nice boy Sir, but that's the problem. He's just a boy and I'm his very first gay crush. It's making him nuts and I kind of know how he's feeling. The difference is that he's just beginning his life as a gay man. I'm ready to renew my life as a gay man through you Sir.'

'And what do you want to do with your life pup?'

Riff didn't have to think about that answer, 'I want to give it to you Sir. I want you to shape it Sir, guide it Sir, and if you would I'd love it if you would claim it Sir. My life is yours for the taking Sir. I'd give it to you but you already own it lock, stock, and barrel. I love you Sir.'

'I love you too pup.'

When Riff heard those words he spun around in a circle. When he stopped spinning he clicked his heels together and did a little victory dance. He was euphoric. He wanted to run out and stop people on the street to tell them that C loved him, that C owned him, that C was his teacher, that C was everything to him, that C loved him, that C loved him, that C loved him, that C loved him.

'All right pup. You need to let Caleb down easily. I will not be available tomorrow, so why not spend your evening with him pup. It would be a nice thing to do. And pup, be kind to him..... kind and gentle..... Boys bruise easily, but you already know that pup, now don't you?'

Riff did know that, 'Yessir, this pup knows how easily he bruises. When you are angry with me Sir it hurts terribly. When I disappoint you Sir, I want to dig a hole and bury myself. When you're not with me I feel very alone. And more than anything Sir, when you're not with me I feel quite vulnerable, unprotected. Boy O Boy sir, I can't believe I just said that. I used to be such a hard assed prick. Now I sound like a five year old girl afraid of her own shadow. But I feel lost without you sir.'

'That will change pup.'

Riff was a little concerned, 'You mean it will change because we'll be together.... right sir? I'll feel secure because you'll take me as your own?'

'Pup what do those rings in your tits mean?'

Riff said, 'That I belong to you body and soul Sir.'

'Pup if you belong to me body and soul would that indicate that we are together or apart.'

And the sky opened and the sun came out. Riff said, 'Oh God Sir, it hadn't occurred to me Sir. I was saying the words but I wasn't listening. 'I belong to you body and soul.' How could I belong to you if you wouldn't have me? Oh thank you Sir. Thank you for making me see, for opening my eyes...... I love you sir.'

'Boy, you need to take this on faith. We can't be trading vows every other sentence pup.'

Riff answered, 'I understand Sir.'

'Pup, Caleb is wondering where you went.'

And Riff hit the flash button to get back to Caleb. Riff said, 'Caleb are you still there?'

Caleb answered a bit on edge, 'Yes I'm still here and I have the feeling that you're going to tell me to buzz off. HE wants you to do something. HE wants you to be hard all the time. HE won't let you come. HE won't let you see me.'

Riff shook his head, 'Caleb, HE just told me to talk to you. HE told me to make plans to spend tomorrow evening with you. Caleb, HE is pretty great and sometimes HE is more considerate of your feelings than I am. Caleb I'd have blown you off. HE told me not to. Now don't you feel foolish?'

Caleb answered, 'Yes Riff, I do, and I'm sorry. Will you tell him that I'm sorry?'

Riff said, 'He doesn't know how badly you're behaving, like a jealous lover...... but then he seems to know everything; so OK I'll apologize to him on your behalf. Look Caleb, I can see you tomorrow night. We can have dinner and watch a movie or something AND you can sleep over; BUT Caleb no more invidious crap. And I mean it. If you keep acting like you're on The Jerry Springer show I'll throw you out of my apartment AND out of my life. I love him Caleb and you can either accept that or hit the road. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?'

And sheepishly Caleb answered, 'Yes Riff, I understand,'

Riff finished up by saying, 'OK Caleb I'll call you tomorrow afternoon and we'll make plans. Is that all right? Answer me and say Goodbye till tomorrow.'

Caleb responded, 'OK Riff talk to you tomorrow....AND SEE you tomorrow night..... NO MATTER WHAT?????'

Riff said, 'No matter what! Goodbye.' and he switched back to C.

C gave Riff elaborate directions to Leonardo's restaurant on Miami Beach and said he'd meet him there in an hour.

Riff was giddy, 'Excuse me for asking Sir, but will I get to see you tonight Sir? You know your face. Will I get to see your face Sir?'

'Absofuckinglutely NOT pup!! I told you that first night, you wouldn't be seeing my face for quite a while. And what pup? What if you feel my breath on your neck pup?'

Riff shot back, 'I'll shut my eyes Sir.'

'And pup? And?'

Riff had to think for a second, 'And umm' and finally it came to him, 'And pray I didn't catch a glimpse of your face Sir?'

'Once again, you're making my day pup. Do you see pup? How easily you can climb into my heart, do you see pup?'

Riff was gleeful, 'Yessir, I see Sir.'

'And how pup. How do you get into my heart pup?'

Riff thought for a second, 'By listening and following your instructions Sir?'

'I couldn't have said it better myself pup.'

Riff added, 'I'm learning Sir. I'm learning.'

'OK pup, don't break your arm patting yourself on the back boy.'

Riff said, 'I know Sir, but it feels so damn good to have your approval, to get the answers right Sir.'

'All right pup, don't gush. Now hop to it boy you don't have that much time'

Riff interjected, 'Do I have time to run home and maybe grab a quick shower and a change of clothes. I really smell. It's been a........ wet afternoon.'

'No way pup. I like the way you smell. And pup.....'

Riff held his breath, 'Yessir?'

'Naked pup and hard and hot and wet. Not a stitch. No shoes. No socks.'

It was exactly what he expected, 'What if I get pulled over?'

'Drive carefully pup. And don't get pulled over. Remember pup hard, hot and wet, and play with your hole at every red light. You can take the plug out if you like. It will make it easier to finger yourself.'

Riff returned, 'Oh Sir today's not a butt plug day. That's tomorrow Sir.'

'Oh pup, you were doing so well.'

Riff could feel his pits getting wet, 'What do you mean Sir. It's tomorrow. I had the plug in yesterday, all day, one hour on and one hour off. It drove me crazy. I swallowed about a gallon of precum from those spunky condoms.'

'Pup, every day is a butt plug day. I told you. I explained. I said I wanted you to wear a butt plug EVERY DAY and that EVERY OTHER DAY you were to wear a vibrating plug with one hour on and one hour off. Don't you remember pup?'

And he did, 'Oh Jeeeze Sir, I do, I do remember. Oh sir, there were so many instructions. I thought I got them all. Oh God sir, please don't be angry. Please don't change our plans. I'm so excited to see you Sir. Please don't take that away. Please.'

'Pup, every mistake must have consequences....'

Riff interjected, 'Then punish me Sir. Please punish me. Just don't cancel our plans. Please I need to be with you. I think I'll scream if I don't see you soon.'

'Strip pup!'

And there, alone in his office, Riff once again tore his clothes off. He flung them everywhere in an effort to be quick. Two seconds later he was tossing his socks over his shoulder, 'Stripped Sir....... bare assed naked Sir. Just me and my harness Sir. Ready for you Sir. Ready for punishment Sir.'

'Get good and hot pup. And you know what I mean. Edge yourself pup. Climb that mountain..... till you're out of breath.... till you can't stand it pup..... till you're desperate pup.... till you're desperate... till you can barely stand it pup ... and I want to hear some noise boy.... give your cock a voice pup... let it talk to me pup.... you say the words, but make sure they're coming straight from your prick boy.... do you understand pup?'

'Yessir, till I'm half out of my mind Sir.'

'No pup till you're 99% out of your mind. You don't do anything for me half way. That would be a half-assed effort pup, and you should know better.'

'Yessir, it's a stupid expression Sir. All my efforts on your behalf are as close to 100% as is possible Sir. And sir, it's all for you, everything Sir. It's all for you sir.'

'You're a good boy pup. Now get busy. I'm listening.'

Riff set his cell on the desk and began to finger his nipples. In two seconds flat his cock was leaking and his heart was racing. Five seconds later he was fingering the fuzz on his belly and the sweat started flowing. Five seconds later Riff was tracing his ass crack up and down and having trouble breathing. Five seconds later Riff was teasing his balls and his legs began to shake. Five seconds later he was tracing the midline of his perineum and the prefuck began to drip off his balls. Five seconds later Riff was pulling one nipple with his left hand, while sucking on the fingers of his right hand and his asshole began to spasm, opening and closing, opening and closing. Five seconds later Riff was poking his hole with two fingers from one hand while petting the hair on his legs with the other, and he was heaving for air. His head was soaking wet. Five seconds later Riff was tugging on his right tit with one hand while finger fucking his ass with the other and he was having trouble focusing his eyes; they kept rolling back in his head. And all the while he spoke, 'My prick is screaming Sir.....(moan)..... it's really dripping Sir.....(groan).....Oh God it wants to be touched Sir..... (louder longer groan).... my asshole keeps opening and closing Sir........(loud moan).... fuck me Sir, please fuck me.....(loud groan)...... Oh God stick your fingers up my ass Sir, please Sir.....(long low groan).....Pull my nipple hard Sir, please Sir......(groan).....please fuck my ass Sir, fill it with your monster prick....(loud low humming)..... and grab my pit hair Sir, and pull it hard Sir, please Sir.....(long low guttural groan)...... fuck me Sir, please fuck my tight, hot hole with your big hard prick, please Sir, please fuck me blind Sir, please Sir.....(low moan)....Oh God please fuck me Sir, please fill me with your come..... fill me up with your cock and then fill me with your cream Sir, please Sir and let me rim your ass Sir, please Sir, let me shove my tongue up your wonderful hole Sir and let me tongue fuck your asshole Sir please Sir, while you finger my prostate and jack my cock Sir.......(very, very, long groan)...Please Sir, I am begging you Sir, to please fuck my ass Sir, please....(loud groan)...... it's literally screaming Sir, through me Sir, my cock is screaming through me,' AND RIFF LET OUT A SCREAM TO WAKE THE DEAD.

Then he grabbed the phone, 'Sir if I move a muscle. If I breathe too fast I'll come Sir. May I please come Sir? I am begging you Sir, may I please come?'

'Absolutely NOT. This is punishment boy, not a reward. Now bend you ass over that desk and make it fast or you'll eat alone.'

Riff threw himself on his desk. He banged his knee and it hurt like hell, but he didn't make a sound or say a word.

'Pup I want to hear ten, that's T E N, good slaps directly on point. Squarely on your glutes pup, and you can bet that ass, my ass, that I'll be checking later so it better be properly spanked. Do you read me pup?'

Tearfully, 'Yessir.'

'Are we clear pup?'

'Crystal Sir.'


And with that Riff used his massive right hand to deliver a major open palmed hand, mid glute. It hurt like bloody hell, but he wasn't taking any chances. Riff tried to hit himself twice as hard as he imagined C would if he were there. And without direction he tried to read C's mind and give him even more than he might have expected; so he counted out loud AND yelled:





And Riff's tears began to flow as his ass turned bright red





And Riff's shoulders began to heave, and he began to sob.




Riff was in a shambles, sobbing and crying.

WWWHHHAAAPPP!!! 'TEN SIR, THANK YOU SIR.' and it was over.

It took Riff a few moments to work up the nerve to pick up the phone. He felt terribly embarrassed. He was there all by himself. He had just given himself a spanking and made himself cry like a two year old. Finally, very red in the face, very black and blue in the ass he put the phone to his ear.

'I can hear you breathing pup. You don't need to say a word. You did well boy and I am literally bursting with pride. If I were there I'd kiss you for the rest of the night AND tell you how much I loved you.'

The tears stopped and Riff was bright again. The pain flew away, 'Oh Sir then why don't you come here Sir. Come and get me and take me away. I will go anywhere with you, ANYWHERE!! Please sir, take me with you. Take me away. Just please Sir take me.'

'Pup, I don't want you to think I was kidding. I meant what I just said, but I did make plans for us. I'd like to keep them. I think you'll enjoy yourself.'

'Sir, as long as I'm with you I'll do whatever you say.... whatever you say. As long as you are there and you let me be your boy, your pup.'

'You are my pup, boy. Don't you ever fucking forget that, or how much I love you. Don't you ever forger that either.'

'Yessir, never Sir. I will never forget it Sir. It would be impossible sir.'

'OK pup, you've got to hurry or you'll be late.'

'Sir, I hope you don't mind... I'm going to stink. I'm really sweaty. I'm soaked. I hope it doesn't bother you Sir.'

'Pup you know damn right well I love that smell, your smell. And you know it's a good smell, a natural smell.'

'I do sir. I just wanted you to know what to expect.'

'Now pup, what are your instructions?'

Riff brightened up, 'Naked Sir, all the way there, totally naked, and playing with my hole at every light..... and drive carefully....don't get pulled over. Sir?? Do you want me to go to my car like I am Sir?? Naked??'

'What do you want pup?'

'I want whatever you want Sir.'

'Right answer pup. You can dress to get to the car, just throw on your pants and your shirt. That should be enough to get you there without embarrassment.'

'Thank you Sir.'

'WHOA pup, there's still one more instruction you need to recite, the one you forgot. What did you leave out boy? Think pup.'

Riff thought for a second and it hit him, 'And from now on a plug every day Sir....Every other day a vibrating plug, one hour on, one hour off, but a plug every single day, every single day Sir. That's it right Sir?'

'Now pup, you're fishing for some praise aren't you?...because you know damn right well that's exactly what I expected.'

'Is that so bad Sir?'

'I guess not. You did very well pup. And I'm proud of you boy.'

Riff grinned, 'Thank you Sir.'

'See you at the restaurant pup.'

Riff was pretty disheveled, running to the car in his bare feet, shirt unbuttoned, flapping in the breeze, pants barely on, just buttoned at the waist, belt over his shoulder and zipper wide open. The rest, his shoes, socks, jock, jacket, and tie were in a crumpled ball that Riff carried. He was really beginning to enjoy shedding his clothes. He'd worked long and hard for years to have the perfect body, suddenly he felt very proud of it, of his piercings, his nipple rings, his harness, his big hard, hot cock. He was proud of it all.

When he got into the car off came the shirt and pants. It felt great, free, exciting, and a little wild. Riff was energized. An hour ago he was struggling to stay awake and now he felt ready for a night on the town.

He had no idea that's exactly what C had in mind.


There's only one way to describe a June night in Miami, hot and humid. Leaving an air conditioned building is like walking into a steam bath, but there's also a sweetness in the air and early evening turns the sky golden.

Riff was dressed for the steam bath. He couldn't very well drive with the air on, not naked; he'd freeze his ass off. As it was his sore butt was glued to the leather seat by the accumulating sweat. His whole body glistened. In the shimmering summer light it looked like he's been dusted with a million tiny diamonds. He had to tear himself away from the seat to scoot forward at the light and get to his asshole. He kept his left hand on the wheel as he reached under his harness with his right. He danced his right index finger through the angel hair that surrounded his pucker and he shuddered. His body was covered in gooseflesh. It felt so damn good; so fucking hot. His balls tightened against the leather strap and he felt a familiar gnawing in his groin. It was divine. As he sat mesmerized at the light a van full of teenagers pulled up next to him. In a second five adolescent heads were sticking out the window staring at Riff.

'Hey mister, are you nuts?'

Riff heard what they said accurately but he was feeling playful so he said, 'My nuts? You want my nuts?' He took his hand from between his legs and pointed at his crotch. 'Sorry boys these nuts belong to my master.'

One of the boys yelled, 'We don't want your nuts. We want to know if you're a crazy fucking pervert.'

Riff turned to face the kids. He took his finger, showed it to the kids, stuck it under his balls and into his hole, took it back out and stuck it into his mouth. Then he smiled. As they made appropriate noises of teenage disgust the light changed and Riff floored it. He shot past them. Next light he felt devilish so he hit the lever and put the top down. He thought, 'Fuck 'em all.' He made it to the causeway unmolested. Doing fifty the heavy air rushed past him. It tickled the tiny hairs covering his skin. It was invigorating. A couple truck drivers smiled at him as they looked down on him from their rigs.

One guy yelled, 'In this weather, it's the only way to drive. I hate air conditioning too.' The truck driver rolled down his tinted window and Riff could see he was naked too.

With the exception of those two encounters it was an uneventful drive. The restaurant had valet parking. When the attendant approached the car he did a double take.

Riff held up one finger, 'One minute please.' And he put on his badly wrinkled clothes. He felt pretty great.

When he hit the reservations station he said, 'Table for Branson?'

A statuesque blond with legs up to her neck guided Riff to his booth toward the back of the dining room. The booth had a velvet covered, overstuffed platform seat and faced the front of the restaurant, the entrance; it abutted the wall on the left side of the room.

Riff opened his suit coat and slid into the seat facing the front doors. He wondered if he should close his eyes, but before he decided a waiter came to take his drink order. Riff ordered a Manhattan. He was getting tense wondering what would happen next. When the waiter brought his drink he handed Riff a note. It read, 'Strip from the waist down, bare assed pup.'

Riff's asshole clenched. Holy shit the place was packed. It was the dinner hour. This was a tasteful, conservative, highly appointed, five star restaurant. He hesitated for a second; then he carefully slipped his shoes off. He reached down from his waist and slid off his socks. Thank god the tablecloth obscured it all. Next he unfastened his belt, opened his pants, slid down his zipper, and leaned way forward to slide his pants past his butt. He sat there in his shirt, tie, jacket, and jock for a moment. He took a very deep breath and pushed his jock over his hips and down his legs. He criss-crossed his legs a couple times under the table and the jock made it down to his ankles. One small kick and it was lying at his feet with his shoes, socks, and pants. His cock jumped twice and spit out a good sized wad of precum. His silk shirt sucked it up. As Riff sat there he toyed with the note. The next time he looked at it he noticed there was more writing on the other side. He turned it over. It read, 'Fold your clothes and place them neatly to your right. Shoes on top pup. Socks in shoes.'

Riff groaned. The husband and wife at the next table gave Riff the strangest look. Riff could see his clothes lying at his feet. His expensive silk shirts were all tailored for him. As such they fit Riff like a glove; hence they had much less of a tail. They pretty much ended a few inches below his waist. If Riff bent down to pick up his pants the odd couple at the next table was going to get mooned. A waiter approached Riff from the side. He put a basket of freshly baked bread on the table and as he set up an ice bucket he noticed Riff's hairy leg partially uncovered. He slowed down his activity to take his time. This incredibly handsome man sitting at his station didn't have any pants on. The waiter was puzzled. This was no frat boy being hazed. So why in hell did he have his pants off? The waiter's misgivings were quashed by Riff's intense good looks. The waiter decided to have some fun at Riff's expense.

He walked up close to the booth, looked at Riff and said, 'I'm your waiter for the evening. My name is Robert. The other gentleman in your party ordered Champaign. That's why I'm setting up the ice bucket' At first Riff was puzzled by this needless explanation. Then he felt the waiter pushing against his leg. Riff hoped it was an accident, but he knew better.

The waiter said, 'Mind if I scootch in next to you for a minute?'

And before Riff could answer the waiter was pushing Riff sideways with his hip. Next the miserable SOB put his hand under the tablecloth and grabbed Riff's thigh. Robert smiled broadly. This was great!!....a gift from the restaurant fairy; his own gorgeous man, naked from the waist down, delivered to him right there, where he worked. Riff gave serious consideration to breaking the waiter's neck. He grabbed the guy's hand, 'I could break this off and send it to your mom next Valentine's day. How about that?'

Robert smiled, 'Oh baby, I like it rough, but are you sure you want to draw attention to yourself? You could wind up behind bars, no way to spend an evening. Now let go of my hand baby, and ENJOY!!'

Riff hesitantly complied but said, 'You're pressing your luck Bob. You push too hard and I may just risk a night in jail.'

Robert slid his hand up and down Riff's thigh luxuriating in the hairy warmth of Riff's soft skin. 'Look baby, the only one I want pushing hard is you.' and he moved his hand to Riff's hard, wet prick.

Robert's face lit up, 'Oh my God, I've hit the jackpot. You're huge and hard and WOW you're already leaking. Listen I want you to come home with me. You can have my ass baby. You can have all of me. I'll be a willing slave to this cock. Seriously, you've got to be trolling for dick. Why else would you be sitting here like this? Look baby you hit pay dirt; I'm yours. Tell me what to do...... um Sir. You've got me. I'm yours. Give me one minute and I'll punch out.'

Riff grabbed the guy's hand again and held it firmly, 'Look ROBERT, you've got this wrong. I'm not interested. I'm waiting for someone. If you're behaving like this when he gets here he'll probably put you in the hospital; that is if he doesn't kill you. I'm here 'trolling' for him. And I'll say it again for your own self preservation. You'd better get up and get far away. The guy that's coming will put you into a coma if he finds you screwing with me....... I am his personal property.'

Robert could tell that Riff wasn't kidding. The odd thing was that though Riff was spinning a wild story C would, in fact, find this kind of interference with someone under his personal 'instruction' as very offensive and he might just do what Riff had manufactured. Robert gave it a moment's thought and got out of the booth. 'Look, if you change your mind; I wasn't kidding. I'd go home with you in an instant. I don't suppose you'd consider taking me into the back alley and maybe giving me a quick fuck?'

Riff shook his head, 'HE wouldn't like that. Besides I'd need his express permission. I am not allowed to come.' Riff wasn't sure why he tossed in that extra bit of information, but it sure felt good.

Riff's words gave Robert an instant erection, 'You can't come without permission? Wow, that's hot. Man, I'd have taken you for a Top. You're not like any bottom boy I've ever met.'

Riff said, 'You don't know the half of it. Look, I can't be talking to you. HE is extremely jealous. The last time HE caught me talking to another man HE hog tied me and fucked me with a baseball bat for two days and nights. Then HE made me clean all HIS dirty underwear with my mouth. Then HE brought home a college soccer team and they each fucked me while I was made to sing the Star Spangled Banner, and then they took turns degrading me while I was forced to drink their piss. I couldn't walk for two days and my hole still hasn't closed all the way. Honest Robert, HE can be such a brute. Would you believe it takes me the whole morning, every day, to lick HIS body clean head to toe? And you think my cock is big? HIS is the size of a fucking tree stump.'

Riff was having a ball. Robert needed to make a run for the locker room. He had to change his underwear.

When Robert left Riff was once again faced with the folded clothes dilemma. Instead of leaning over he slid his sore ass forward, just off the edge of the seat. Then he reached behind his legs and tried to grab his pants. They were just out of reach. He had to sit back up and use his feet to get 'things' in range. Once his clothes etc. were closer he repeated the procedure. This time he was successful. Under the table cloth he put his rolled up socks into his shoes and put them next to him. Riff put his pant legs together, matched seams, and folded them neatly. His jock was wet from the day's activity. Riff folded that too. In a minute he was organizing a neat pile to his right when he heard, 'Close your eyes pup.'

Riff thought he might die of excitement. His heart raced and he seriously thought it might just leap out of his chest. Riff hadn't seen C since their night together and now he was there sitting right next to him. Riff's hands were trembling and he was scared to move. He was terrified he might do something wrong. HIS hand touched Riff's shoulder. Riff wanted to grab it and kiss it and pull C to him, but he only closed his eyes. He shut them so tightly a small tear squeezed out. RIFF WAS BESIDE HIMSELF WITH JOY. It had been so long since he had seen HIM, since he had felt HIS touch.

'Pup, I'm going to put some glasses on your eyes. The left lens is opaque and there are blinders on the side. You'll be able to see straight ahead and the wall to your right, but your vision on this side, my side will be blocked pup. I'm afraid you won't be able to see much, nothing to your left, but I didn't want to have to blindfold you pup. I wanted you to be able to relax and enjoy our evening.'

Riff said, 'Sir, I don't care where I am, or what I can see as long as I'm with you sir. How are you sir?

'I'm fine pup. Are you ready for me boy?'

'Oh yes sir, ready willing and able sir, always sir.'

'How's my cock doing pup.'

'Please Sir, see for yourself sir, please.'

'Pup, when I ask you a question boy, I'd prefer you answer it instead of telling me what to do.'

Riff lowered his eyes, 'Sorry sir, my cock is ready sir, it's hot and very hard sir...... I'm sorry sir, for not answering your question..... for telling you what to do sir.... I'm terribly sorry sir.'

'You're forgiven pup. How about you get on the floor pup.'

'On the floor sir?'

'Boy you're beginning to piss me off. Are you going to challenge everything I say tonight? Perhaps I should leave.'

Before C finished his sentence Riff was on the floor at his feet, silently waiting for instruction.

'That's better pup. Now give me your jacket, shirt and tie, and you may as well hand me the glasses; you can't see me unless you lift the cloth and I know you would never do that.'

It took every ounce of Riff's resolve not to question what C was telling him to do. Instead Riff thought to himself, 'Don't blow this. Don't ask dumb questions. Listen to him. HE always knows what's best. He has never once given you bad advice or put you in harm's way. DON'T BLOW THIS.'

While Riff undressed he couldn't see as C motioned to the maitre d'. In a minute there was a flurry of activity around their table as the people around them were quietly moved to another part of the restaurant. C wanted privacy.

Riff undressed under the table. He folded each article of clothing. They were a mass of wrinkles but he knew it's what C would want. A moment later a disembodied arm came from under the table cloth and offered C the perfectly arranged bundle. C took it and placed it on top of Riff's other things.

Riff sat at C's feet completely naked. He felt erotic from head to toe. This man was making him feel things he never felt, more sexual than he could ever have imagined. At that moment a stiff breeze would have made him come. He held his breath and waited for instructions.

'Pup, I want to have a talk with you; to get to know your heart boy, but first I want to play with you. Would you like that?'

To the people in the front of the restaurant it looked like the very handsome man in the Armani suit at the back booth was talking to himself.

Riff's muffled voice said, 'Oh Yessir, I want you to know my heart..... your heart sir. It's yours sir. I gave it to you the night you claimed me; the night you made me your own, your boy sir.'

'Listen closely boy, here's what I want you to do. Now hear me out. You are facing me; that's good. In a minute I want you to put your feet on the outside of mine, your right foot on the outside of my left and your left foot outside my right. Then I want you to sit back on your ass, and put your arms and hands as far back as they can reach, way back. Next you will push up your pelvis boy, way up. Pup, I want you to put your hard cock right in my lap. Do you understand my instructions boy?'

'Sir you want me to lean back on my hands and lift my butt up high so when I push it forward my dick is almost in your lap. Is that it sir?'

'Not almost pup. I want my cock in my lap where it belongs.'

Riff said, 'Sir, Yessir.'

Riff struggled into place. Thankfully the table was attached to the wall on one side and the other side was supported by two legs on the table's outside edge. There were no obstructions under the table to contend with; this little feat would otherwise have been impossible. Riff put his feet outside C's and leaned way back, put his hands as far back as he could reach and lifted his butt off the floor. It took several tries and a lot of adjustments, but finally C could lift the table cloth and see Riff wide open exposed crotch. There it was spread wide before him. Riff struggled to stay still, push his stiff prick forward, and into position. It was not easy.

C reached over and got the butter plate. He greased his index finger and easily slid it up

Riff's asshole. Riff gasped and inhaled deeply. C quickly found Riff's love bump and began to finger it. Riff went nuts. His hard cock was already flat against Riff's taut belly. His abdominal muscles looked exquisite. They were flexed to their limit and they rippled beneath Riff's skin. As C pressed his point Riff was having trouble breathing. His dick was shooting out prefuck almost as though he were coming. It would gather in his navel till it was overflowing, then it leaked out and slid down his sides and the wide valley between his straining pecs. It was a glorious sight to behold. It took C's breath away. C took a piece of bread out of the basket and while he continued to play with Riff's prostate he dipped the bread into Riff's belly button and sopped up the nectar. C brought the bread to his nose and inhaled the wonderful medley of warm freshly baked bread and warm freshly made Riff-juice. What a delight. C ate the bread soaked with Riff's honey. Then he took a second piece of bread and used it to mop Riff's abs. Now he had a mix of new bread, Riff-sweat and Riff-juice. It was a real delicacy.

Riff began to groan from deep within. He wanted to come. He wanted to come bad.

Vibrating head to foot Riff asked, 'Sir may I give my cock a voice?'

'Pup, I think that would be wonderful, any time your cock wants to speak pup, I want to listen.'

'Please sir, please touch me. I think I might explode sir. Sir please touch me sir, please.'

C noticed something. 'Pup, why is the head of your prick black and blue?'

'Because Sir, that's how I keep from coming Sir.'

C shook his head, 'Pup, why didn't you ask me? That's what I'm here boy, for your instruction pup; to give you mastery over your body; to give you dominion over you soul. And do you know why pup?'

Struggling, 'No sir.'

'Because pup, once you have mastery of your body and dominion over you soul all things are possible. Pup you're going to be a different man. You are going to glow pup. The whole world is going to be fascinated by you. You will draw people to you like a magnet pup. And do you know why I am here pup.'

Very shaky, 'To love me sir?'

'That's a given pup. But more than that boy, I am here to teach you; to guide you pup. Because when you draw people to you, they come, the good along with the bad. I'm here to teach you how to tell the difference.'

Strained, 'Thank you sir.'

'You're welcome pup. Now I want to show you something. Tell me where my finger is pup.'

By now Riff was hurting. It was getting very difficult to stay in place. He pushed forward a bit and the seat took some of his weight. That helped......a little.

Still shaking Riff said, 'Sir, it feels like your finger is at the base of my prick.'

'That's right pup. Can you feel me pushing pup?'

High pitched, 'Sir, Yessir.'

'Do you still feel the urgency to come pup?'

Straining, 'No sir. It's not so pressing.... the need, but Sir I'd still like to come.'

'Not now pup.'

C took the last piece of bread and slowly moved all over Riff's chest and belly. He even took the drop of prejizz on the head of Riff's cock. He savored the flavor.

Very stressed, 'Sir, what you just did..... with the bread...... the urgency is back sir.'

'Does you cock want me to put some pressure on that point I just showed you?'

Almost squeaking, 'No sir, my cock kind of likes it sir.'

'Good boy pup.

By the time C finished the last piece of bread Riff was shaking head to toe. This intensely uncomfortable position and his muscles straining to their limits had kept Riff from coming many times, but he remained right on the edge. He was going out of his mind, in exquisite sexual agony, but he was also close to his limit. He knew he was going to collapse momentarily. There was no way to hold like this. He tried his very best to remain in place, not to sway or rock back and forth, but it was getting progressively more difficult.

A moment before Riff broke C said, 'Relax pup.' and Riff heaved a giant sigh of relief.

'Pup, I want you to put your head in my lap. Be careful not to look at my face pup.'

Riff sat sideways. It was not easy folding his six foot frame in the tiny space but he finally managed to get into place. He closed his eyes, lifted the cloth and went for C's crotch.

C grabbed Riff's head. 'Nice try pup. I want your head resting on its cheek, ON my LAP, not in my crotch or on my cock. Understood pup?'


As Riff leaned against C's legs he laid his head on C's lap. Suddenly he felt very safe and very comfortable. His hair was soaked with sweat from his acrobatic exercise. but C didn't mind. C ran his fingers through Riff's sandy brown locks and they talked. Riff answered all of C's questions. He opened his heart. Riff told C how much he had hated his father for leaving, but how recently he'd decided to forgive him and put it out of his head. He spoke of coming out to his mother. Riff cried when he told the story of his best friend; how Riff had a crush on him and how he had deserted Riff when he found out; how he had called Riff a filthy cock sucker. Riff told C of his complete desolation after his mother's death his senior year in college, and how her life insurance money had put him through law school. He even told C how he got his name; that his father, in happier days, had been a jazz enthusiast and insisted HIS son have a jazzy name. Riff laughed and he cried, but more than anything he felt safe. It occurred to Riff he hadn't felt that way, protected, since he was a teenager. Riff's heart was healing with every word.

While they were talking Robert came to take their order. He took one look at C, his size, his commanding persona, his quiet strength and decided to pretend he didn't notice the naked hunk resting his head on C's lap.

For his part C kept waving the waiter away. Riff talked like that for an hour and by the end, if it was possible, Riff loved C even more.

'OK pup our food is coming. I guess you should put your shirt and tie back on and come out to your seat.'

'Oh sir, I would like to stay here all night long. Sir if I could I would stay here forever.'

'Boy, you warm my heart. Here are your special glasses, be careful coming out.'


C had ordered their dinner in advance, every dish the master chief was famous for. Riff didn't notice the food; he didn't notice the beauty of the room; he didn't notice the other people. He lost himself in C and he felt giddy, silly and giddy, and wonderful. He couldn't stop smiling. All through the meal Riff's side, the side next to C felt electrified. Riff kept reaching over with his left hand to touch and caress C's pant leg or his beautiful gray suit coat. C periodically put his hand under the table and touched Riff's hot, still sweaty, leg. Twice C had grazed Riff's cockhead with his finger. Both times Riff gasped and almost came. Their table was sexually charged and you could smell it in the air. You could also smell the strong sex scent coming from Riff's body, his crotch, his pits, his legs, even his cock. Twice when Robert brought food to the table he left and made a B line to the mens room where he promptly came.

And all through dinner Riff wanted to look. He wanted to take the damn glasses off. He wanted to see HIS face, C's face. He wanted to kiss him so much he thought he might burst and all through dinner his cock was drooling and ready to shoot. Riff was actually relieved that C had told him to leave his southern half bare; if he'd had his jock and pants on he'd have soaked them through with a torrent of precum.

When they finished their meal as they nursed the last of their coffee Riff said, 'Please Sir, can we go home now? Please sir I need you to hold me sir.'

'Not yet pup. Let's have some fun pup. Let's show these solemn motherfuckers how it's done boy.'

'Anything you say sir.'

'That's my boy pup'

Riff grinned and felt so very proud.

'Pup, put this condom on'

Riff heard that; knew what had to be coming.....him....and felt positively gleeful, 'Sir, YESSIR SIR!!!'

'How's out cock doing boy?'

'Hot, hard, ready, and ready to pump sir.'

'Pup, do you think you can come with one stroke.'

'A stroke from you sir?'

'Yes pup'

'Without a doubt in the world sir. Without a doubt.'

It took Riff two whole minutes to roll down the condom half way. He was so close he had to stop practically every millimeter, and still he held his breath twice and used his full force to stop from climaxing. He was not just at the edge; he was hovering just over the edge. When it was half way on Riff said, 'Sir do you require that the rubber be on all the way sir. This might take a while.'

'Well pup, you'd better hold it in place then. Pup I do not want you to lose a drop. Is that understood boy?

'Sir, Yessir, not a single drop sir.'

As Riff held the condom on his beating rod C put his hand under the table and as his jacket sleeve brushed Riff fuzzy thigh his prick started to fire. Even so C used his index finger to further encourage the event. Riff shuddered head to foot with every volley and there in that crowded restaurant where the who's who of Miami came to see and be seen Riff gave his cock a voice, as he bellowed, 'SIR, THANK YOU SIR FOR LETTING ME COME!!!........ SIR, THANK YOU SIR FOR LETTING ME COME!!!' and once more, 'SIR, THANK YOU SIR FOR LETTING ME COME!!!........ Riff was so caught up in the experience that he had absolutely no conscious control of his voice; because it wasn't his voice, it was the voice of his cock; as it rattled the china, 'SIR, THANK YOU SIR FOR LETTING ME COMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!........

For his part C smiled proudly, full of his admiration for such a gifted student.

Riff slumped back in the seat, utterly spent and happier than he could ever recall.

'Close your eyes pup. And take those glasses off. I want to kiss you.'

The glasses came off so fast it looked like a magic trick. One second they were there, the next they were gone.

C gently pushed Riff further toward the wall and leaned into his body. He put his left hand behind Riff's right ear and turned Riff's face toward his own. He slowly moved in for a long, sweet, deep, warm, hot, wet, penetrating, sucking, hard, gentle, moist, thrilling kiss. When C's lips touched Riff's there was an exchange of energy so strong that it shook Riff's entire body. Riff gave himself to C. He melted into him. He merged with C's lips, then his face, and then they were one man, one body. Riff felt his body begin to float, lighter than air as C's tongue gently caressed his own. C was gentle. Riff still needed healing so this was a healing kiss. The hard, rough, savage kisses would come later. This kiss was pure romance. It penetrated Riff's soul and applied a sweet balm to everything that had ever hurt him. The scars on Riff's heart began to disappear as Riff gave his heart a voice and the voice was a warm throaty, slow moving groan. Riff hoped that someday he could die like this in C's arms with C's lips pressed to his own, their bodies one. They luxuriated in the exchange for several minutes and toward the end things changed. Riff's lips became more urgent, more needy; and C obliged. He pressed harder and pulled their torsos as close together as possible. Riff strained to lean into C's body and the kiss changed again. It became more urgent more demanding and Riff began to feel that same sense of urgency returning to his balls. Suddenly Riff's harness felt very, very tight; his cock was once again expanding the condom to its limit, and his mind filled with only one thought...... FUCK ME SIR... PLEASE FUCK ME...... PLEASE SIR, FUCK ME....FUCK ME SIR....PLEASE SIR FUCK ME BLIND... FUCK ME DEAD SIR..... PLEASE SIR..... PLEASE FUCK ME.....FUCK ME....FUCK ME..... FUCK ME....FUCK ME!!!!!!

For a moment Riff thought of giving his cock a voice, but it occurred to him that he should bend to C's desire; that C was indeed his teacher, and as much as he wanted to make his plea heard, give his cock a voice, he knew in his heart it was the wrong thing to do. C would fuck him when the time was right.

For the very first time Riff consciously took control over his emotions. He was learning.

Meanwhile the other patrons in the restaurant were astounded by what had just transpired. God in heaven, men at the back of the dinning room had apparently had sex although none of the other customers had witnessed any real sexual activity. The general reaction was split; most of the 'regulars' found the whole event quite interesting and rather amusing. However, several of Miami's social betters left in a huff. The management compted their meals and sincerely apologized to them, tongue in cheek. After all it was C's restaurant, one of many, and the loyal staff who'd been there for many years had witnessed this 'rite of passage' before with C's other eager students from years past and even with certain other controllers, C's closest friends and fellow teachers. C remembered back fondly to a scene much like this; one that had transpired ten years earlier when he, himself was on the receiving end of the lesson.

When the kiss ended and C drew back Riff had to stop himself from crying. He simply did not want this to end. He was overwhelmed with the desire to plead his case again. To beg C to take him home; to claim him; to be with him forever. He wanted to find paper and pen so that he could write a binding document ceding his body and soul to the only man in the world Riff could love this way, this much, this freely. In the end he knew to hold his tongue. He had come so far he didn't want to blow it now. Riff kept his eyes closed.

C collected himself and said, 'Are you ready for the evening's instructions pup.'


'Pup I want you to take that condom off carefully, hold it, knot it, tie a rubber band around it, whatever. Do not waste a single drop pup. I will leave the restaurant first pup. Then you may dress. When I have gone I want you to get into your car and drive to Dottie's. Do you know where that is pup?'

'Sir, is that the new gay club? The one with the far out Wizard of Oz theme....I've heard it's impossible to get in.'

'Oh pup, don't be foolish.'

'Very sorry Sir, I'm certain they'll let you in.'

'You bet your very sweet ass pup. Well boy I feel like some excitement. What about you pup?'

'Excitement it is sir.'

'I'm going to leave the directions here on the table. When you get there park and before you get out of your car I want you to apply your own special scent. Your body's own perfect perfume. Do you know what I'm talking about pup?'

'The cum sir?'

'Always way ahead of me boy. You make me proud pup.'

'Sir Thank you sir. Should I put the cum all over my body sir?'

'Pup for the best effect I think I'd like you to apply the lion's share to your pits boy. That way the scent will drift out slowly and as you become more active and you sweat pup the aroma will get stronger and far more powerful. Can you imagine the effect pup?'

'I'm not sure sir. Won't it be an offensive smell to most people sir?'

'Bite your tongue pup. That's your smell you're talking about. I love that smell. I am captivated by that perfect scent. It's a gift pup, a gift from your maker and you never turn your nose up at such a gift; you celebrate it. Pup you're going to be a big hit at that bar. They are going to want to devour you boy. That's the point pup. I want you to love yourself, your beautiful body, your wonderful smile, your magnificent cock, your sexual abilities, and your smell pup, your fantastic smell. If someone asked me which I liked best I wouldn't know where to begin. I love them all pup, just as I love you boy. And I'm teaching you to love them too. I've told you before pup. You must love yourself, love yourself first; then learn to master your body, your emotions; then pup you go out into the world and share yourself boy. You give your love away. Do you know why you give your love away pup/'

'I'm not sure sir.'

'You give your love away pup because the more love you give away the more you have to give. And one more thing pup. Your life boy, like the lives of every other man and woman will, in the end, be judged in only one way pup. The measure of a life pup is how many people you love and how many love you in return. And that's it pup. Your measure as a man is how much you love.'


'Yes pup.'

Full of tears, 'I sure love you sir.'

'That fills my heart boy, but enough of this sentimentality. I'd like some excitement boy.'


'When you get to the club, get out of your car and stand by you driver's side door facing the entrance. Got me pup?'

'Yessir. Excuse me sir but what are my driving instructions.... the dress code sir?'

'Let's leave it as is. See you in fifteen minutes boy.'

'Yessir, fifteen minutes it is sir.'

And with that C was gone. It got very quiet with him gone. Riff took his damp jock, leaned over and put it on. As he was pulling up his pants the waiter appeared again.

Robert said, 'I guess that was the guy, Mr. Wonderful?'

As Riff put on his socks he said, 'You bet your ass.'

Robert was impressed, 'And he...just now...brought you off, right here in a crowded restaurant?'

Riff grinned from ear to ear, 'Geeeze I'm not sure.... Hmmmm...let's see....Well, I've got this condom full of my freshly squeezed come, so probably.... I think...'and he showed Robert the loosely knotted condom full of fresh, milky, still warm cum.

Robert's astonishment grew along with his cock, 'And you weren't embarrassed or bothered by all these people?'

Riff frowned, 'Why do you keep asking stupid questions that you already know the answers to. Ya know BOB if I ask HIM a dumb question HE makes me spank myself....and hard.'

Robert concluded, 'Fuck man...... Damn....I'd clean underwear in my mouth for a guy like that. I don't suppose he has a brother?'

Riff smiled, 'I have no idea.'

Robert was puzzled, 'He's your lover, your 'owner' and you don't know if he has a brother?'

Riff kept smiling, 'Bobby-boy I don't even know his name.'

Robert just had to know more. 'How did you meet him.'

Riff tilted his head to the side and looked at the ceiling, 'He came into my apartment last Sunday night and claimed my ass for himself. Here look.' and Riff opened his shirt so that Robert could see his nipple rings.

Robert said, 'Yeah nice rings, so what.'

Riff added, 'He told me to get them, to show the world.'

Robert was hooked, 'Show the world what?'

Riff was moving into dreamland, 'To show the world that I belong to him body and soul.'

Now Robert was all dreamy, 'To show the world that you belong to him body and soul. Jesus, how do I get me one of those?'

Riff answered, 'You don't get one of 'those' they get you.'

Robert got insistent, 'Yeah, yeah but how did he find you. How did you get hooked up? Tell me where to sign.'

Riff shook his head, 'That's just it. I never met him before. Somehow he found me. I'm beginning to think it was fate, something like that.'

Before Robert could ask his next question Riff realized he was wasting time. He literally bolted from the table. He almost knocked Robert over. Riff looked back over his shoulder and as he went out the door he called to Robert, 'I am the luckiest man on earth!!'

If Riff had stayed another minute Robert would have told him he agreed with Riff's assessment.

Riff for the umpteenth time tore his clothes off in the car. As soon as he was naked he turned the key and peeled out of the parking lot. He didn't have time to put the top down. He didn't have time to spare, not one second.

Riff arrived at the Dottie's about five minutes late. He was worried what C would do if he found out how Riff had dilly dallied talking to the stupid waiter. He took his shirt off the seat and took the loosely knotted condom out of the pocket. Man he'd shot quite a load, probably two or three tablespoons. He put the condom to his nose and inhaled. It had the strong unmistakable smell of hot ballsauce. Riff was beginning to love the smell. He contemplated the most efficient way to apply it so that none was wasted. He began to re-roll the condom in order to make it more manageable. Once he had a neatly rolled rubber 'shot glass' of jizz he put the whole thing under his left arm and carefully squeezed out about half. As he squeezed it out he spread it around and before any could drip out he brought his arm down, pulled it to his side and squeezed. He could feel the slimy mancream as it slipped around his pit coating the hair. When he finished that he set the condom on his lap and used his right hand to further distribute the cum all over his pit area. When he was done it felt pretty sticky-slimy, and it felt damn good. Riff's cock was going nuts, beating against his belly and of course generating precum by the bucket. When he was satisfied by the results he repeated the procedure under his right armpit. After that he took what little jizz was left and used both hands to rub it into the hair on his chest. It felt raw..... too hot to imagine.

Riff looked down at the empty condom. He didn't have the heart to just throw it away. He flicked off a stray chest hair stuck to the edge, and popped the rubber into his mouth. UUUUMMMMMMMM It tasted great, latex with a hint of musk. He chewed it a bit then he sucked it dry. When he was convinced he had used or eaten every molecule he rolled up the condom and put it in the glove box. He thought maybe he'd start a collection.

By the time that was done Riff was ready to shoot. He was amazed. How could he be so responsive, so aroused, all the time, regardless of cumming? What were the limits of this remarkable 'training' or was it possible to come all day long orgasm after orgasm, end to end. He was anxious to ask C all about it. Riff held his breath as he put on his jock. One wrong move and he'd have another sample of eau d' Riff. In two minutes he was dressed and standing next to his car door.

A moment later he felt a welcome hand on his neck.

'You're late pup. Did you hit traffic?'

Riff looked into his heart and couldn't bring himself to be less than truthful, not with C, 'I got caught up by that waiter Sir. He wanted to know who you were and how he could find a man like you for himself.'

'What did you tell him pup?'

'Essentially sir, fat chance.'

'Thank you pup.'

'It's the truth sir.'

With that C guided Riff by the back of his neck to the door. There was a long line of gorgeous men waiting to get in. The doorman took one look at C and immediately let them pass.

'Do you get that kind of treatment everywhere sir?'

'Soon pup, you will too. You'll see boy; mark my words.'

'I will sir.'

Suddenly Riff was electrified. From the moment C walked into his life he'd brought only unbridled joy and amazing adventure. Riff felt his empty life suddenly fill to overflowing. He wondered what new thrilling exploits C had in store for him.

He had no idea....... no idea at all.



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