How I Got Under Your Skin. Part 3

How I Got Under Your Skin

Chapter 3 - His Return


On Wednesday morning Riff and Caleb stayed in bed playing till almost eight, then they got up and showered together. They went to Denny's for breakfast. Before the girl took their order Caleb went to the counter, got three quarts of orange juice and two glasses, and brought them back to the table.

He smiled at Riff, 'I know how this looks, but I'm really thirsty.' He bent down and whispered, 'Do you know how many times I came last night?'

Riff kept grinning.

Caleb said, 'Well, I'm not sure but I think I came about eight thousand times. So it's gonna take a while before I can replace all that fluid.'

The waitress came and Caleb ordered three breakfasts. Riff only ordered two. The orange juice was gone before the first plate of food arrived.

Caleb caught the waitress before she left their booth, 'Excuse me, but could you please bring me three no make that four very large glasses of milk?' As she shook her head and marched back toward the kitchen Caleb got up from his seat opposite Riff, slid his plate across the table, walked around and used his hip to move Riff all the way into the booth. He sat down next to him, put his right hand on Riff's left thigh and squeezed.

Caleb stared at the bulge in Riff's pants, 'That looks so painful. I wish I could do something for you, give you a quick handjob, suck you off. I know, I know you can't and I respect that but I hate seeing you in pain.'

Riff smiled, 'I love it. You don't seem to understand that. I fucking love it.'

As they were finishing Riff's cell phone rang. He opened it and put it up to his ear.

'Who's the guy pup?'

IT WAS HIM!! Riff danced in his seat. He was gushing with a million things to say, a thousand questions, but he kept his mouth shut. He wanted to say, 'I love you sir. I want you sir. Where the fuck have you been? I'm dying without you.' but he knew better. Instead he answered, 'No one just a friend.'

'Are you ready for me pup?'

Riff shot back, 'Oh God yes! Tell me.. tell me.. ANYTHING!!'

'Say goodbye to your friend pup and get into your car. Make sure the kid has bus fare or cab fare. He has to get to school pup.'

Now Riff had another thousand questions. How the hell did he know about Caleb?

Riff turned away from his phone and looked at Caleb, 'Have you got a way to school?'

Caleb looked dejected, 'Why, do you have to leave?'

Riff, suddenly out of breath, answered, 'Yes Caleb, I have to go AND NOW! Can you get yourself to school?'

Caleb answered, 'My car is in your parking lot. I guess I can walk back it's only a few blocks.'

Riff said, 'OK that sounds good.' He went back to the phone, 'What do you want me to do?'

'Drive the kid to his car pup. You can't sleep with him and then leave him stranded at Denny's.'

Riff answered, 'How do you know all this stuff?'

He answered, 'Is it important pup?'

Riff thought for a second, 'Nope! I couldn't care less. Tell me what to do.'

'OK pup, now pay attention. I want you to keep your phone open I'll talk you through this little exercise. Get up and pay your bill pup. Don't forget the tip pup. Then go out to your car. Leave the top up for now pup. Let me know when you get there.'

Riff said, 'Yes sir!' and got up from the booth, dropped $75 (twice the bill) on the table, and headed for the door. Caleb followed close behind as Riff practically ran to his car.

Caleb asked, 'Don't you have to go to work?'

Riff grinned, 'Guess not.'

As soon as Riff closed the car door he put the phone to his ear, 'Now what?'

'Start the car pup BUT first take off your shirt and tie. I want your chest bare and those tits hard. When are those nipples getting pierced?'

Riff hadn't loosened his tie and he almost choked himself trying to force the shirt over his head. 'Today, they're getting pierced at noon today. Please what do I call you? Can I know your name?' He wrestled with the tie and the collar; two buttons popped and hit the window. Finally the $400 silk shirt was gone, thrown into the back seat. The $200 tie was still in place around Riff's neck. He tugged it off and it flew out the window.

'I think we should leave it at 'sir' for a while pup. You don't want me to call you Riff now do you?'

Riff shot back, 'No SIR, I like pup sir; I like pup just fine sir.'

Caleb was fascinated by what he was watching. Riff was positively glowing. Caleb couldn't imagine seeing anyone, ever, this happy or excited. He could feel the electricity in Riff's connection to this strange man. It was absolutely intoxicating. He could feel his level of jealousy rising. He wanted Riff. Riff wanted C.. this 'sir.' Caleb could tell he was no match for what Riff felt for the guy at the other end of that call.

Riff began to tug at his nipples. They got all red and then purple as he continued to squeeze. He spit into his palm over and over till he had enough saliva to get his chest slick. He slid his hand all over his pecs, under his arms; he pulled on the hair in his pits. He rubbed his nipples. A big wet stain began to appear in his lap. He began to moan. He did his best not to hit other cars or run over pedestrians, but it wasn't easy. He was hotter than a pistol.

Caleb's dick lurched in his pants. Without taking his eyes off Riff he began to rub his crotch. He was dying to reach over and feel Riff's chest. It was all wet with spit; it looked slick and slimy. He wanted to bite Riff's nipples and lick his pits. He watched a drop of moisture slide off Riff's nipple and float down the surface of his chest. It rolled down into his belly button. Caleb wanted to tongue Riff's chest and suck on his belly button. He wanted that drop of spit. Caleb was breathing in short gasps.

When they got to Caleb's car Riff was still playing with his nipples; the dark stain in his lap kept getting bigger. Riff stopped the car, reached over Caleb, hit the door handle, kissed Caleb hard on the lips, threw open the door and said, 'I'll call you. I promise. but I have no idea when. if he'll have me I'll go to him and never leave, but I don't think that's going to happen. not yet so I'll call you.' With that he pushed Caleb out of the car, and pulled the door closed.

As Riff drove out of the lot in his cherry red Porsche 911 convertible Caleb watched him putting the top down. Jesus, Riff didn't care who saw him doing whatever. Caleb wondered what it would take to get a man to love him like that to get Riff to love him like that.

'How are you doing pup?'

Riff answered, 'I'm doing great sir. I thought I'd die waiting for you to call. I've done everything you asked and I've been doing my homework and I made you a tape and I have a notebook full of notes and where are you? When am I going to see you again? Can I come where you are? Can I please come there now sir?'

'Not yet pup. How's your prick holding up?'

Riff answered, 'Oh sir it's so hard and so hot for you. It's been waiting for you to touch it, to train it sir. Do you think you'll touch it today? Do you think you'll touch me today sir?'

'Maybe pup. If you're very, very good. Why didn't you show up for dinner Monday night?'

Riff sputtered, 'Dinner Monday.. I swear I didn't know. Did you call me sir? Did you send me a message sir? I swear I didn't get one. I'd have been there in a heartbeat. I thought I'd die Monday night without you sir. I'd have crawled over broken glass to be with you Monday.. any day. Jesus Christ what happened? How did I miss you? I DIDN'T GET ANY MESSAGE TO HAVE DINNER WITH YOU. I SWEAR!!!'

'Pup, you were supposed to meet your law school buddies Monday night at nine in Coconut Grove.'

Riff crumbled into his seat. He'd blown off his law school friends to stay home Monday night. He stayed home waiting for C to show up. He missed him because he stayed at home. C had told him to keep his plans. C had told him to maintain his regular schedule. HE STAYED HOME WAITING AND HE'D MISSED HIM. HE ACHED FOR HIM ALL NIGHT LONG AND HE MISSED HIM. HE MIGHT HAVE BEEN WITH HIM, NEXT TO HIM, ALL NIGHT LONG IF HE'D KEPT HIS PROMISE TO MEET HIS FRIENDS. Riff thought he might cry. He felt lousy. He felt like hell. He wanted to punch himself. He was furious. He grabbed his balls and crushed them in his fist. The tears rolled down his face.

'No harm done pup. I would have liked to see you. You didn't show.'

Riff was desolate, 'I'm so sorry. I'm so fucking sorry. Please tell me you're not angry. I wanted to stay home and work to please you. I bought videos and made a tape. I fucked myself raw with a dildo to show you how much I want to be your boy, sir. And I missed you.' And Riff began to cry.

'Stop pup! That's enough. There will be other nights pup. Nights filled with your screams of joy pup. Nights when you'll think you're going to lose your mind from the pleasure pup. There will be plenty of nights pup.'

Riff answered, 'You promise? You swear?'

'Have I ever lied to you pup?'

Riff came back, 'No sir, never. Everything you've ever told me has been true. its all true.. It's all coming true I love you sir.'

'OK pup you should be getting close to the municipal pool. I want you to park and go in.'

Riff said, 'Sir, I don't have a suit or a towel.'

'Back seat pup.'

And sure enough behind his seat was Riff's gym bag. In it was a tiny Speedo, a towel, his onion skin shorts and his shaving stuff.

Riff turned off the engine and asked, 'What's next'

'Strip pup.'

Riff answered, 'In the car?'

'Would you like to strip outside the car?'

Riff answered, 'Can't I change inside the locker-room?'

'Goodbye pup.'

Riff bellowed, 'No! No! No! Please, please I'm sorry. I'm stripping. I swear I'm stripping.' and he tore at his pants; then he took off his shoes and socks. I'm stripped sir. bare assed naked sir what's next sir?'

'Are you hard pup?'

'Very sir'

'Are you hot pup?'

'Very sir'

'Do you want to cum pup?'

'Yes sir, please sir, may I sir, please sir?'


Riff sagged into his seat.

'Put on the suit pup.'

'Can I take the harness off sir?'

'Did I tell you to take off the harness pup?'

'No sir.'


'The harness stays on sir. Yes sir.'

'That's better pup.. much better. If I were there I'd kiss you pup.'

Riff struggled to get the tiny suit over his enormous cock, 'So why don't you come here sir? Or please tell me where you are and I'll come to you sir. Please sir. I am dying to see you. I need to see you sir. I need to see you now sir. Please sir.'

'You're breaking my heart pup, but first things first. You have a class to teach.'

Riff was shocked, 'A class to teach? What class do I have to teach?'

'Where are you pup?'

'At the municipal pool sir.'

'What do guys in bathing suits teach at the municipal pool pup?'

'Swimming sir?'

'Nail.. Hammer..Direct Hit.. Good boy pup.'

Riff said, 'I'm teaching a swimming class at the muni pool? May I ask why sir?'

'Because I want you to pup. Do you need another reason?'

'No sir. Never. Just tell me what to do.'

Riff was a gifted swimmer. He'd been the captain of his swim team in high school; he won awards in several events in college and even made the diving team. His body was a testament to the sport. He earned extra money in high school and college as a life guard. He put the top up, grabbed his gym bag, and got out of the car. Oh God, his dick was clearly outlined against the Speedo. You could see the harness straps and every stud. You could even see the tiny outlines of his curly bush hair.

He put the phone to his ear, 'Sir, I'm going to get arrested. You can see my dick and the harness.'

'You won't get arrested. The class is all boys and they're all high school seniors, no children. Now get in there you're late for class. I will call you when class is over. Stay in the suit till you hear from me. Do not take the suit off. Do you understand?'

Riff answered, 'Yes sir, the suit stays on till I hear from you sir.'

'Good pup.. Goodbye for now. Have a good class.'

As Riff walked to the door he could feel his dick plastered sideways against his hip. It was hard as stone and beating with his heart. The whole situation had Riff on fire. He hurried. He needed to get into the water before he soaked his suit from the inside out. High School seniors..SHIT FUCK PISS.. He imagined them hooting and hollering when they saw him, how aroused he was, how he was wearing a damn harness. He thought he would die from embarrassment.

There was a young man at the front desk. He looked up and asked, 'Are you Ruff Brando?

Riff wasn't amused, 'I'm Riff Branson.'

The attendant answered, 'Yeah, that's what I said. Your group is in the private poolroom, number 3, down that hall. And Ruff, you have to be out by eleven thirty. There's another class beginning at noon.'

He waved Riff in the right direction and went back to reading his copy of 'Jugs.'

Riff found the big double doors to the pool and he hesitated. He put his hand on the brass handle, took a deep breath, opened the door and walked in. His heart was racing a hundred miles an hour.

Sitting on a bench on the other side of the pool, laughing and talking, were three strapping boys; one more handsome than the next; two blonds, one with long shaggy hair, the other with a buzz cut, and a larger boy with medium length wavy black hair and a very hairy chest and legs. That's when Riff noticed their canes. The beautiful boys were blind. At the far end of the room two Seeing Eye dogs were tethered to a short bench. The boys didn't notice Riff; they were having too much fun.

Riff said, 'Hey guys, I think I'm your teacher. My name is Riff, Riff Branson, but I want you to call me Riff.'

The dark haired boy said, 'Hi I'm Clyde. This goon, 'Goldie Locks' here, is Billy, and the guy with no hair is David.'

David said, 'Shut up Clyde. What do you know about hair? My girlfriend likes my hair and that's all that matters, so shut up.'

Clyde said, 'Don't be so sensitive, it's not like it matters. I think you look great. I think you're the best looking guy I've never seen.' And Clyde leaned over and messed up David's non-existent hair.'

Riff was direct, 'How do you even know what his hair looks like?'

Clyde laughed, 'We're blind mister we're not stupid.'

Riff blushed, 'I'm sorry guys, you're gonna have to be patient with me. I've never taught before and I don't know how to handle guys your age and I don't know anything about teaching or umm.. teaching blind guys to swim, so you're going to have to help me along. I really don't know what I'm doing.'

Billy spoke next, 'We already know how to swim. We need help with specific strokes and we need to work on our times. We get credit for this. We chose swimming for our PE requirement and we need it to graduate. Besides we all want to swim in college.'

David added, 'So how old are you Ralph?'

Riff smiled, 'Not Ralph, Riff and I'm almost 32, why?'

Clyde giggled, 'Because you look a lot younger.'

And all the guys laughed.

Riff said, 'OK why don't you comedians all get into the pool.'

They didn't have to be told twice. It became obvious to Riff that these kids knew what they were doing; that they'd been here before; that they knew the room, because without their canes they walked to the pool and jumped in.

Riff had a blast. As it turned out he was a great teacher, a natural, and the kids could tell. He knew what he was talking about. He guided them without being overly solicitous. He caught on to all the small accommodations necessary to make the pool and swimming safe for them. About a foot from either end of the pool was a small floating string of beads. When the boys did laps they knew to turn when the hit the plastic balls; at the same time the apparatus was designed so that it would not tangle with the boys' arms or legs. Once in a while he had to help one of the boys get his bearings, but they caught on instantly and were quite independent. At the end of the first hour they took a break. Riff ran to a vending machine and bought all kinds of candy and junk food. The boys loved it, and as they ate crap they talked.

Riff told them about his job in advertising and impressed the hell out of them, naming the sports figures he'd met through his job. The boys opened up and each told stories about being blind; how they got that way; what it was like. Riff asked good questions and the boys told him things they had never shared with an adult

Riff didn't notice but Clyde was feeling something different for Riff. The boy felt drawn to him, like Caleb did. He made a point of sitting next to Riff as they ate the junk food. As they talked and moved around the room Clyde kept brushing past Riff and bumping into him. There was something different about Riff, something special and all the boys could feel it.

When they finished eating they jumped back into the pool. Clyde wanted help with his back stroke. As Riff tried to move Clyde and put his arms and legs into the proper position Clyde's thigh brushed against Riff hard prick. That was enough to get Clyde's own prick moving in his bathing suit. A few minutes later David accidentally brushed by Riff's crotch with his hand. It struck his cock and David reached out and grabbed it. It was a reflex.

David said, 'Holy shit! You're hard as stone.'

Riff blushed and pushed David's hand away.

David said, 'Are we turning you on Riff? Am I turning you on?'

Riff sputtered, 'No, no David, not at all.. honest.'

David grabbed Riff's dick again. 'Then why are you so hard and what's this thing on your balls?'

By now the other boys had heard the commotion and come over to see what was going on. As they reached David and Riff they put their hands out to see where they were. David grabbed Clyde's hand and put it on Riff's prick.

David said, 'Can you feel how hard he is? And here feel this too.' and he put Clyde's hand onto Riff's harness.'

Riff was mortified and kept pushing the boys' hands away from his crotch but they just kept reaching back and grabbing him.

Riff blustered, 'Look boys, I'm not some pervert. I'm no pedophile hot for kids. I swear it's nothing like that.'

David said, 'We're not kids.'

Riff said, 'You know what I mean. We're in the pool and you're wondering why my cock is so hard. Well, it's not what you think. I'm not lusting after your asses. I wear this harness and sometimes it gets me all hard, and there's almost nothing I can do about it.'

Clyde said, 'There's something we can do about it.' And both boys began to rub Riff's dick.

Riff yelled, 'Hold on guys this is off limits. No way. I'm getting out of the water. Right now.' But Riff couldn't seem to move. The boys were rubbing his prick and grabbing his ass. By now Billy had joined the group and he was feeling up Riff's chest and grabbing his nipples.

The boys pushed Riff up against the wall of the pool. David pulled his suit down while Clyde found Riff's lips and began to kiss him. Clyde's thick mane of chest hair was rubbing on Riff's arm and making him hot. Billy worked on Riff's nipples. First he licked them real hard then he got one between his teeth and pulled. Riff sucked air around Clyde's tongue. Billy reached under Riff's arm and grabbed a handful of pit hair as he bit and tugged on the other tit. In two minutes they had Riff half crazed. For his part Riff tried to push them off. He tried to get out of the pool, but the boys held him in place. When he tried to move Clyde kissed him harder; he pushed his tongue deep into Riff's mouth; so deep that Riff almost gagged. The boy's tongue was unstoppable as it pushed and probed around his teeth, then between Riff's teeth and his cheek; and finally he drew back and licked the roof of Riff's mouth. It was unreal. David had Riff around his legs. He'd grab a lungful of air and dive down to suck Riff's stiff prick. He held Riff's thighs and refused to let go. As Riff thrashed Billy latched onto both nipples and kept him there while he continued to rake Riff's chest with his mouth. Riff moaned as Clyde slid his tongue back down his throat. The boys pulled Riff away from the wall and dragged him out of the pool. As soon as they had him on the floor they were all over him. Their hands were everywhere. Riff was trying to remember how this happened. He was teaching them one minute and the next they were ravaging his body. While Clyde continued to work on Riff's tonsils David got between his legs and found his hot hole. David began to lick and suck on Riff's ass. Billy found Riff's right foot and as David plunged his tongue into Riff's asshole Billy sucked his toes. They were driving him crazy.

Riff said, 'You've got to stop. Please I can't come.'

Clyde said, 'Sure you can. I'll prove it to you.'

Riff said, 'No look, you don't understand. I really can't come. I MUST NOT COME!!! PLEEEEZE.' but the boys weren't listening; they were peeling off their own suits.

One second later the harness was off and David was out of Riff's asshole and sucking his cock. Clyde moved down to Riff's chest and began to feast on his nipples. Billy felt his way to Riff's face and took over his mouth. He licked and sucked on Riff's lips; then he stuck two fingers in Riff's mouth. Riff took the fingers into his mouth and slid his tongue over them as he sucked. Billy took his fingers out of Riff's mouth and replaced them with his tongue; he took his slimy fingers and stuck two up Riff's ass. Riff was struggling for air. Clyde was pinching one tit while he nibbled on the other. Riff was arching his back and trying his damnedest not to come. It had been three days..THREE DAYS..THREE DAYS.

Riff tried begging again; between kisses he tried to speak, 'Guys please.. kiss. I'm begging you. kiss. pleasekiss. I can't comekiss you're killing me kiss.. I'm going to be in so much. kiss trouble kiss guys.. kiss.. Please.'

Clyde reached down, grabbed Riff's foot and pulled it up to his mouth. Clyde began to suck on Riff's toes. Riff wanted to scream. He was going out of his mind. David stopped sucking Riff's prick one second before he came. He went down and began to suck on Riff's balls. As Billy took his fingers out of Riff's asshole David felt around and replaced them with two of his own; then he began to pump Riff's ass. Riff's whole body was jumping and flopping all over the poolroom floor.

The boys changed positions. David moved up to Riff's face for some mouth sucking. Billy bent down to Riff's foot that was on the floor vibrating and jumping. He laid over the top of Riff's lower leg and began to suck the toes on this foot. Clyde dropped Riff's other foot and straddled his hips. He reached behind his ass and guided Riff's prick up his hot hole. As soon as Riff's cock popped past Clyde's pucker, Clyde sat down with all his weight and Riff's prick went up Clyde's ass till Clyde was sitting on Riff's bush. Then Clyde rode Riff's prong like his ass was on fire.

Riff moaned and groaned as David continued to kiss him. All three boys were rutting like wild animals and they jerked their meat while they played with Riff's body. Clyde went nutz bouncing up and down; up and down; up and down. Billy pushed both of Riff's feet together and slobbered over all ten toes. David sucked Riff's mouth. Clyde rode up and down; up and down; up and down.

As Riff's prick exploded he screamed, 'Mother of God I'm CCCCCCOOOOOOMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGG.'

That was enough to push the boys over the edge and all four of them were firing at the same time. Riff came straight up Clyde's ass while Clyde filled Riff's belly button with boysauce, and David came all over Riff's face. Riff opened his mouth to catch as much of David's spunk as possible. And finally Billy came all over Riff's feet.

When all the jizz stopped flowing the three gorgeous boys fell in a heap all over Riff's beautiful body. They laid there hugging and gently kissing for ten minutes.

Riff eyes came into focus, 'Jesus Christ it's after eleven. There's a new class coming in here any second!'

Riff made sure each boy had a suit in his hand before he dove into the pool to fetch his Speedo which had sunk to the bottom. It had floated down to the deep end and was stuck in the drain. Riff had to dive down twice to get the suit disconnected from the drain cover; it was caught on one of the screws and as Riff pulled the suit began to tear. By the time he got it free is had a three inch rip across the ass. As Riff got out of the water he grabbed the harness. He went into the nearest corner and struggled with the straps and snaps. Once he was harnessed he stepped into his suit. His ass stuck out the back.

Riff said, 'Oh great, my suit is torn and my ass is hanging out there for everyone to see.'

Being blind the boys had to 'see' for themselves so they found their way to Riff's voice and took turns goosing him through his suit's new 'back door.'

Finally Riff said, 'OK that's enough. Haven't you guys done enough damage?'

Clyde sounded hurt, 'What do you mean Riff?'

Riff sounded heartbroken, 'I told you. I told you guys. I begged you not to make me come. I begged you.'

David said, 'What's wrong? Why are you upset?'

Riff said, 'I wouldn't know where to begin, but I shouldn't have let that happen. It's going to be bad now. It's going to be real bad.'

Billy put his arm around Riff's shoulders, 'Hey man, what gives? Why are you upset? That was so much fun. You seemed like you were having a great time.'

Riff stared at the floor, 'I shouldn't have let you. I shouldn't have let you.'

Clyde said, 'Really Riff, don't be sad. That was great. You were great. Are you worried people are going to think you're gay? What we just did that doesn't mean you're gay.'

David chimed in, 'Yeah, it means Clyde is gay.'

Clyde said, 'Shut up David. He's really upset.'

David answered, 'Jesus, Riff we screw around with each other all the time. We've been friends since we were little. That stuff we did. It doesn't mean shit. Besides it was all on us.'

Clyde said, 'Yes blame us. It was all our fault. We didn't give you a choice. Man, if I knew it was going to bother you this much I wouldn't have touched you. Christ, I'm sorry Riff.'

Billy added, 'Riff you're not gay and if anyone says you are I'll kick the shit out of them personally. Besides Riff no one has to know.'

Clyde said, 'Yes Riff, no one's ever going to know a thing. We would never say a word. Honest. We've been fucking around for years and we don't tell anyone about what we do. And Riff no one calls us gay.'

David, the comedian, answered, 'They call Clyde gay. but that's because he's such a hairy motherfucker.'

Even Riff laughed. And the boys gathered around him and patted his head and rubbed their hands on his back and touched his arms.

Riff said, 'Guys I've been gay all my life. This has nothing to do with being gay. I love being gay. Gay is great. I just gave my word I wouldn't come. I made a solemn promise to someone I love, someone I really care about. He's not going to understand. I just know.'

David said, 'Riff if he loves you he'll understand.' And the boys agreed and kept touching Riff and massaging his back and shoulders.

They all hugged. David and Billy introduced Riff to Bugsy and Max, their dogs and Clyde explained he was waiting for his own dog. Riff hugged each of them again and left. He tied his towel around his waist, but when he got to the door, before he opened it he knew what C would want. So he threw the towel over his shoulder and walked out to the parking lot with his ass hanging out. As he threw his gym bag and the towel into the back seat his phone rang.

'How was it pup?'

Riff trying to sound light said, 'It was great sir. I had a lot of fun. They are great kids. I'd do it again. any time.'

'I'm proud of you pup. You did good. You did real good.'

Riff voice was barely a whisper, 'Something bad happened.'

'You came pup?'

And the tears began to flow. 'Yes sir. Yes, I came. I didn't mean to. I didn't want to but the boys.. the boys.. one second we were all swimming and the next second they were all over me. I told them sir. I told them I couldn't come, but they just kept working on me, playing with my body. I didn't know what to do sir.'

'Did they have a gun pup?'

'No sir.'

'Did they tie you down pup?'

'No sir.'

'Did they threaten to hurt you?'

'No sir.'

'I'm a bit disappointed in you pup.'

And Riff wanted to crawl under the seat. Instead he sobbed. 'I'm so, so, so, sorry ..sob. sob.. sob.I'm sorry sir. Please..sob.sob. I'll do anything sir sob. sob. Anything you say sir. but please don't give up on me sir. sob Please don't leave me. I can't be without you.. sob. sob. please'

'It's going to cost you pup.'

'Yes sir ANYTHING. Just name it. I'll do anything.'

'Don't you have an appointment pup?'

Riff, wiped he eyes on the back of his hand, looked at his watch, and answered, 'Christ, yes I've got ten minutes to get to the piercing place.'

'And then you're due back at your office.'

'At my office sir?'

'Yes pup, they think you had a dental appointment.. to get your teeth whitened.'

Riff answered, 'Yes sir. Thank you sir.'

'Better get a move on pup '

'Yes sir.'

'Maybe I'll call you later pup.'

And as Riff screamed, 'MAYBE? MAYBE? WHAT DO YOU MEAN?'the phone went dead.

Riff's anxiety level was pretty high by the time he got to the 'Piercing Palace and Tattoo Parlor.' At first he couldn't find a parking place, and when he found one he had a real dilemma. He was still wearing his newly ventilated Speedo. C hadn't given him permission to put his clothes on. This piercing place was the busiest in town. If he didn't get inside he'd lose his place and then it would be days till he could get another appointment. He couldn't chance that, not with C so pissed off, and he couldn't chance putting on his clothes without permission. He didn't know what to do. The area was busy with cars and people everywhere. Riff took a deep breath, turned his car off, grabbed the keys, fished his wallet out of his pants, and got out. He fed the meter and walked fast as hell into the 'Piercing Palace.'

When he got to the appointment desk, the very effeminate receptionist with rings and studs everywhere, looked him up and down. The way the guy was staring made Riff feel like a cut of prime rib that had just landed in front of a Rottweiler.

The holey guy said, 'And who might you be cutie?'

Riff stiffened, 'Riff Branson, I have a 12 O'clock appointment to get my nipples pierced.'

The guy returned, 'OOOOOH baby, you're going to put holes in those pretty tits?'

Riff's voice cracked, 'Look, I have an appointment.'

The receptionist smiled, 'I'm just kidding you honey. You're gonna look great with rings or studs or whatever you get.' Then he noticed the harness and added, 'Do you want your cock pierced too?'

Riff said, 'No!'

The guy shot back, 'Don't bite my head off cookie, it's just that you leather boys like PA's and we're having a special on them this week. If you buy one of our 14K rings we'll do the piercing for free.'

Riff said, 'No thanks, just my nipples today.'

Finally the guy asked, 'Honey, this is probably a stupid question, but where are your clothes?'

Riff could feel his ears getting hot, 'How about I say that I lost them and we leave it at that?'

The receptionist got cold, 'Pissy! Pissy! Pissy! Come on BOY, follow me BOY!' and Riff was forced to trot after the creepy guy.

As he walked past the first cubicle the female Tattoo artist inside saw Riff's ass. She was in range so she reached out and grabbed Riff's cheek. She said, 'UUMMMM baby, momma likes what momma sees.'

Riff smiled, 'Momma's gonna lose a hand that way.' And the Tattoo woman let go.

When they ultimately got to the nipple piercer, Roger, he turned out to be a really nice guy. He couldn't have been more than 5'4', shaved head, long scraggly beard, and tattooed everywhere. The little guy was all muscles. He looked like a pile of knotted rope all bulges and curves. Roger made Riff a cup of tea and insisted that he calm down before he got punctured. The tea did a lot to settle Riff's nerves. He really appreciated that Roger didn't mention either his hard cock, or the harness, or his lack of clothing. The piercings hurt, they hurt like hell, but Roger was patient and knew what he was doing. Forty five minutes later Riff was sporting a stiff prick and two half inch gold rings through his nips. When it was over he tipped Roger $100 for being so nice. Riff was so pleased with the results that he tipped everyone in the place even the chick who grabbed his ass and the prick at the front desk. He thanked Roger again and made a dash for his car.

As he drove to work he toyed with the rings. They still hurt, but it wasn't as bad as he expected and the pain kept resonating into his crotch. He'd touch his tit and feel this tingle that first hit his other tit and then ricocheted off his balls. It was nifty. As he was pulling into his office lot the phone rang. He was never happier to get a call. He thanked God that C hadn't made him go into the building in the Speedo, then it hit him that he wasn't there yet.

Riff said, 'Hello sir.'

Caleb said, 'Is that you Riff?'

Riff answered, 'Who is this?'

Caleb said, 'Riff, it's me Caleb.'

Riff rolled his eyes, 'Caleb UNLESS THIS IS A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH I CANNOT TALK TO YOU. NOT NOW. Caleb is this a life and death call?'

Caleb sounding heartbroken said, 'No Riff, but'

Riff hung up the phone and crossed his fingers. He waited five minutes.. ten minutes. finally the phone rang.

'How are your nips pup?'

Riff grinned from ear to ear, 'Good sir, not as bad as I thought.'

'And what do those rings mean pup?'

'That I belong to you sir.. body and soul.'

'Good boy pup. Put your clothes on and go do some good work. Make your boss proud.'

Riff said, Talk to you later sir?'

And his man responded, 'Probably pup.'

Riff struggled into his clothes. There was one small problem. His tie was gone and the buttons on the front of his shit were history. You could see his chest.. his tits.. his rings. Riff thought, 'What the fuck.'.got out of his car and took the elevator to the 32nd floor. As he walked to his office heads turned and a couple people almost injured their necks from craning to see what everyone was staring at.

Riff walked proudly down the hall; prick at full mast; tits bearing rings; smiling.

There was a stack of galleys and print ads sitting on his desk waiting for his attention. He had a lot of work to do.

As he shuffled through the papers he hit the intercom and had his secretary send out for some lunch, a salad and some iced tea.

Carlos rushed into his office, 'How's your mouth boss?'

Riff said, 'My mouth?'

Carlos shouted, 'Busted!! You didn't have a dentist appointment. You got your nipples pierced. The whole office is talking about it man the whole building.'

Riff shook his head, 'Don't these people have better things to do?'

Carlos looked Riff in the eye, 'Aww Come on man. You're a different person this week. I've never seen you like this. Man, your dick's always hard and you're always smiling like you just came into big money and now you got rings hanging off your tits. What's going on man? Are you OK?'

Riff got quiet, 'Carlos, I have never been better. I met someone. I love him. He's changed my life. Carlos, I love this guy. I'm in love.. me.. Riff. I was never supposed to fall in love. I was going to be alone for the rest of my life. Now I'm head over heels for this guy.'

Carlos smiled, 'Oh man, that's great news man. I won't say a word. I know you don't like anyone knowing your business man. You don't have to worry about me saying anything to anyone.'

Riff said, 'That's just it Carlos, tell anyone you like. I don't care any more. This guy has changed my life. He's changed me. I don't care who knows because I want everyone to know. I want to rent billboards and hire sky writers to tell everyone that I'm in love with a terrific guy.'

Carlos said, 'What's his name man? Do we know him?'

Riff said, 'Carlos, I want you to know it all, all the details, but I have a ton of work to do. How about we grab a beer after work tomorrow or Friday and I'll tell you everything, the whole story.'

Carlos shook his head, 'It's a date man. Friday we'll get a beer. Mind if some of the other guys tag along?'

Riff answered, 'The more the merrier.'

Carlos wished him well and left him to finish his work. As he left Riff's secretary brought in his lunch. She couldn't take her eyes off Riff's exposed chest, the wild wisps of stray black hair, the erect nipples, the gold rings. She wanted to touch them, to run her hands over that magnificent chest, to toy with that hair, to get a look at Riff's big cock, to lick his lips. She was breathing heavy as she closed the door behind her.

As Riff paged through the quarterly report and finished his salad the intercom buzzed.

Riff answered, 'Yes Pat?'

She said, 'You've got a call on two.'

Riff thanked her, hit the second lighted button on his desk phone and picked up the receiver.

'How was your salad pup.'

'Not bad sir. It would have been better in bed next to you sir.'

'Maybe some other time pup. Are you hard?'

'Yes sir, always sir.'

'Are you hot pup.'

'Oh God, yes sir.'

'Strip pup.'

'Right here? Right now sir?'

'Goodbye pup'

'I'M STRIPPING SIR. I'M STRIPPING.' and Riff tore his clothes off. He thought of getting up and locking his door, then he thought about C and changed his mind. As he pulled his socks off he grabbed the receiver and totally out of breath he said, 'Naked sir.'

'Good boy pup. Put me on speaker and go to the window so everyone out there watching can see you.'

The wall behind Riff's desk was glass floor to ceiling. There was a six inch ledge that ran across the bottom. Riff turned on the speaker, hung up the phone and got in front of the window.

'What are you wearing pup?'

'Nothing sir.. my harness. should I take it off sir?'

'Did I tell you to take it off pup?'

'No sir.'


'The harness stays on sir.'

'Turn your head to the side and put your cheek up against the glass so they can all see your face pup.'

Riff said, 'Yes sir,' and pressed the side of his face against the glass.

'Pup, I want you to push your body right up against the glass so everyone can see that body, my body.'

Riff said, 'Yes sir,' and tried to press his whole body against the glass. He had to climb up on the small ledge and experiment with his feet to get his legs right up next to the cool, cool glass.

'Is your cheek pressd against the glass pup?'

'Yes sir.'

'Are your hands open with your palms pressed against the glass pup?'

'They are now sir.'

'Are your arms pressed up against the glass for everyone to see your muscles, my muscles pup?'

'Yes sir.'

'Pup why do I want you to display yourself naked to the world?'

'Because I belong to you sir?'

'What part of you belongs to me pup?'

'Everything sir, my body, my heart, my soul, all of me belongs to you sir.'

'Good answer pup. Is your chest pressed against the glass so the world can see my tits with the rings through them pup?'

'Yes sir.'

'And once more pup, what do those rings mean?'

'That I belong to your body and soul sir.'

'You're melting my heart pup. Are your thighs pressed against the glass pup?'

'Yes sir.'

'Did you turn your feet in opposite directions to get them right up against the glass pup?'

'Yes sir.'

'And your calves pup are they right up against the glass?'

'Yes sir, they're shaking a little. It's hard to keep my balance and press this hard sir.'

'Are you complaining pup?'

'No sir! I love this sir. I just want you to know every detail sir.'

'Is your belly pressed against the glass pup?'

'Yes sir.'

'Is your pelvis pressed against the glass pup?'

'Yes sir'

'How are you doing pup?'

'OK sir'

'Is your dick hard pup?'

'Oh God, yes sir!'

'Is your hard hot cock pressed against the glass for the world to see pup?'

'Yes sir.'


'Yes sir?'

'Fuck the glass pup. Fuck the glass for the world pup. Show the world my cock pup. Fuck the glass.'

Riff began to slide his very hot, very stiff prick up and down the cool glass. Fucking the glass. He was pressing so hard that his dick had flattened to twice its normal width. From outside it looked HUGE. And he kept fucking the glass; pressing his dick hard against the glass and pushing it up and down; up and down; fucking the glass. All the muscles in his body were flexing and rippling, straining to keep him pressed firmly against the window. And he kept fucking the glass; pressing his dick hard against the glass and pushing it up and down; up and down; fucking the glass. In a matter of seconds the tip of Riff's squashed cock was smearing prefuck all over the glass. And he kept fucking the glass; pressing his dick hard against the glass and pushing it up and down; up and down; fucking the glass. And his muscles rippled and flexed and strained.

As he continued to gyrate his hips his dick kept burping up gob after gob of prespunk and jizzy precursor. His breath was coming in gasps and his chest was sweating all over the window. And he kept fucking the glass; pressing his dick hard against the glass and pushing it up and down; up and down; fucking the glass. Pretty soon, in spite of the coolness, perspiration began to collect between his chest and the window and droplets started to dribble down the glass as well as leak out of Riff's armpits. The droplets rolled out of his pits down his muscled sides and collected in the hair on his legs. And he kept fucking the glass; pressing his dick hard against the glass and pushing it up and down; up and down; fucking the glass. And his muscles rippled and flexed and strained.

'Are you showing the world pup?'

Breathlessly, 'Yes sir.'

And he kept fucking the glass; pressing his dick hard against the glass and pushing it up and down; up and down; fucking the glass.

'Are you getting close pup?'

'Yes sir.'

And he kept fucking the glass; pressing his dick hard against the glass and pushing it up and down; up and down; fucking the glass.

Riff, almost crying, 'Do you want me to stop sir?'

And he kept fucking the glass; pressing his dick hard against the glass and pushing it up and down; up and down; fucking the glass.

'No pup I want you to come for the WORLD. Show them you are mine body and soul. Cum only for me.'

And as Riff said, 'YES SIR!!' His flat cock started to fire up against the glass. Huge steams of white dick cream spurted up as far as Riff's chin then dripped back down the surface of the glass and with every shot Riff let out a loud groan. It was the best orgasm he'd ever had. Riff left as much as two or three ounces of mancream slowly sliding down the glass. Without a doubt it was the best cum of his life. When his prick stopped firing Riff felt drained. He felt like he could sleep for days. He remained plastered against the window waiting for further instructions.

'Did you come pup?'

'Oh yes sir.'

'I know pup, I was watching. You did well pup. Now go back to work.'

And before Riff could ask, 'Where are you sir?'..... 'Can I come to you sir?'.... 'Can I please see you tonight sir?'..... or 'I love you sir.' C was gone.

Riff slowly got down from the window. As he stepped into his jock strap Carlos walked through the door.

Before he saw Riff he began to speak, 'Hey man what's wrong? Pat just called. She says you're in here and it sounds like someone is killing you.' Then he saw the huge Riff sized body smudge on the window; then Riff in his harness putting on his jock, and he said, 'Holy shit man!'

Riff was so exhausted he didn't care. He interrupted Carlos before he could finish his sentence, 'Please Carlos, If you are my friend you won't ask me any questions. I promise to tell you everything on Friday. Right now I have to get back to work. Please Carlos.'

Carlos put up his hands, 'Are you OK man?'

Riff said, 'I am fine. I promise.'

Carlos, hands still raised, added, 'Then it's none of my business or ANYONE ELSES'S.' He said, 'We'll talk on Friday,' waved goodbye and left the office.

Riff finished getting dressed, grabbed a handful of napkins from his drawer, and spent twenty minutes trying to get all the body juices off the window. In the end it was still a mess, but the 'Riff print' was sufficiently smudged that no one would know exactly how the window got so smeared up.

Riff sat at his desk and fought to stay awake. He had a lot of work to do. Later he told his secretary, Pat, that he'd stubbed his toe really bad and what she heard was his reaction. She didn't believe him for a second. Everyone in the outer office heard Riff's groans and knew exactly what brought them on. No one said a word. to Riff.



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