Riff Branson was a junior executive at Emperor International Cruise Lines (actually three separate lines with 46 ships). He had a law degree but spent most of his time riding roughshod over the Cruise Line's advertising department. He supervised six men and women who kept the Company constantly in the public eye. They arranged all the normal advertising, scheduled dozens of events, arranged the shipboard floorshows, hired the talent, and were constantly on the lookout for ways to get free media attention. The people who worked with Riff liked him; they liked him a lot, but at the same time they tried to stay out of his way. Riff had a pretty famous chip on his shoulder. It was common knowledge that he was gay, but it was never mentioned. His team loved to watch women, out of the know, fall all over themselves flirting with Riff. Truth be told everyone that met Riff was hot for his perfect smile, beautiful white teeth, crystal clear blue eyes, and body to die for. But he had an attitude, he was a loner who never talked about his personal life. No one at work really knew him.

Everyone noticed the change in Riff. Suddenly one Monday in June he arrived at work a new man. He was light and smart and funny and if it was possible even more alluring. Every woman began to speculate if gay men were in fact just waiting for the right female. The men, straight and gay, wondered what Riff looked like under his clothes. Could his body actually be as good as it seemed under his two thousand dollar suit? AND his crotch was always full. They couldn't tell absolutely, but it sure looked like Riff was sporting a healthy hard cock all day long and it was distracting every man and woman in the office. There was a lot of speculation about its actual size.

All day Monday Riff sat on the edge of his seat. He had a group meeting first thing that morning and his staff seemed unusually solicitous.

Jane, one of the copy editors, asked, Riff, have you lost weight? Is that a new suit?

He answered, Lost weight since Friday? I don't think so. And I've worn this suit before. I even seem to recall that you told me you didn't like the lapels.

She got all flustered, No way Riff, I love. umm it's a great suit. It brings out your eyes. and your face looks thinner don't get me wrong you don't look funny, I mean too skinny. you look good.. really healthy um. um.. Oh god. I'm going to stop talking now.

Then Ben chimed in, Hey man, I know what Jane means, you seem different. happier better I don't know maybe you got a haircut or inherited a million dollars.

Riff began to understand, Nope no haircut, but I feel good. I've been taking a new kind of vitamins. Perhaps that and I've been working out more lately. Well let's get on with the work. Sally, can we see the layout for the Atlantic Campaign?

And that whole day Riff kept getting stray compliments on his hair, his suit, his tan, his weight, his voice, his eyes; one of the sales reps he'd known for two years even told him he looked like his best friend did when he got back from his honeymoon, all happy and so full of life.

Riff knew the truth. This guy whose name he didn't know had come into his life and made him is property. Some strange man had walked into his apartment and staked a claim on his ass. And as far as Riff was concerned he'd never been happier. He'd also never been more nervous, more anxious, more frightened; or for that matter, more excited, more horny, or more alive.

For his own peace of mind he decided to give his owner a name. He thought maybe sir but it sounded hollow weird. He'd call him sir in a nanosecond if that's what he wanted or what he commanded, but for the moment sir didn't hit the mark. Then he thought about master. Jesus Christ, he had a fucking master. And he was his willing slave. Why hadn't the goddamned motherfucker taken Riff with him.over his strong shoulder, tied to his saddle, chained to his car's bumper, locked in the trunk? He'd have dropped everything if the son of a bitch had just snapped his fingers. He'd have left his job, his apartment, his family, his life to be with this strange man. Ultimately Riff decided to refer to the stranger, his stranger, his man as C. In Riff's head it stood for cock, and that was the perfect name for his mystery man. To Riff C was everything, the embodiment of the male form, the perfect man, the total package in its most masculine state. The guy was cock; there were no two ways about it. He was one big giant cock and Riff wanted him up his ass and in his mouth and in his head and in his heart. At the same time Riff wanted to crawl up inside C. He wanted C to eat him up and keep him in his stomach or carry him around in his pocket or on a leash or on a rope or any way that would keep Riff connected to C every second of every day till the end of time. So Riff thought of HIM as C. He had no idea that the man, his man, was in fact a senior controller and that as such he was often referred to as C by the other, more junior men in his division. His actual name was Jake Cross, but Riff wouldn't know that for a very long time.

All day Monday Riff waited; he waited for a phone call, or a tap on the shoulder. Every time he became aware that someone was behind him, in the elevator or the hall, he'd shut his eyes tight and pray for a bite on the neck or a tongue in his ear. He waited for a note or a message or a sign; something from C telling him to drop what he was doing and come. Riff was ready, willing, and able all day Monday. He had a hell of a time dealing with the dress code, namely the damn harness. It kept him hard as concrete and stiff as a board constantly. He could live with that but when he had to piss; well, that was a different matter. Around three O'clock nature called. Riff never got out of the office before six so he had to attend to this problem. He spent an hour in the john trying to figure out how to piss with a hardon, in a cock and ball harness. He thought about taking the damn thing off, and he toyed with it for 15 minutes. What if he took it off and C turned up? He wracked his brain for exactly what C had told him about the dumb dress code.. something like, when I'm not around I want your cock and balls in school or learning or hard or something like that, but he couldn't remember if he'd said all the time, or every second, or what. Riff knew sure as hell if he tried to piss harnessed up, he was going to make a huge mess. He did not want to get urine all over his clothes. As he stood in the cubicle thinking, his bladder began sending SOS signals to his brain. Finally Riff grabbed a gym bag he kept in his office, went to his boss's secretary, and got the key to the executive bathroom. He held up the gym bag and told her he needed to change his clothes; that he was going to work out for a while. When he got into the opulent bathroom he stripped down to his skin; his skin and his harness; then he climbed into the shower and closed the door; then he tried to relax and pee. It was not easy. He was painfully hard and all this attention and the undressing got him feeling terribly sexy, very, very erotic. Before he knew it he was playing with his tits, rubbing the nipples and pulling on them. It felt so fucking good. Here he was, at work, in the middle of his office building, in his boss' bathroom playing with his tits, pinching them, tugging on them, rubbing them, spitting into his palms and getting them hard and wet, getting his whole chest wet. He was becoming frantic, growling like some wild beast. He reached around and stuck a finger into his asshole. The A/C was on but he was sweating like a pig. His cock was pounding in the harness; he was dying to touch it. One little brush, just the tinniest of touches would send him over the edge. He bent slightly so that he could shove his finger further up his hole. It was so damn hot in his ass. He pulled his finger out, spit on it, added a second finger and plunged them both into his butthole. He was heaving for air and fucking himself hard; sweat was dripping from the curls plastered to his forehead; more moisture was leaking out of his armpits and dripping down his perfectly defined torso. He was close to exploding when the doorknob turned. Holy Fuck!!!!

Riff screamed, Don't come in. I am in here!! And he was terrified. What if it was his boss no wait, what if it was C? Fuck his boss. What if it was C and he wanted to come in. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. What was he to do? His mind raced. He hadn't done anything wrong. He hadn't come. C told him to get hard. C told him to stay hard and leaking all the time. PHEW!! He was OK if it was C. He thanked God he hadn't come.

Riff, sounding like he'd just run the hundred yard dash, said, Who's there?

The voice came back, Mister Branson, it's Cheryl. I have a long distance call for you from Rome.

Riff was relieved and angry, Cheryl, I don't care if you have a call from the fucking pope. I'm in the damned bathroom!!! Find out who it is and tell them I'll call them back.

In actual fact Cheryl did have a long distance call for Riff from Rome, and it was probably important, but that's not why she tried to get into the john. She had been half in love, completely in lust, with Riff for two years and he hardly knew she existed. Today, for the first time he'd been nice to her; he'd told her a joke; he'd laughed with her. The truth was, she had rehearsed this little scene in her head. She'd seen him grab his gym bag; she'd overheard him tell the secretary that he was going to change. She decided to accidentally walk in on him changing.Oopps!! Then she'd get all embarrassed and maybe even cry. Hopefully he'd be half undressed, mostly naked, or joy of joys stripped to the skin and while he comforted her horrible humiliation he'd be overcome with lust and they'd live happily ever after. Instead he sounded like he might come out of the bathroom and strangle her. She walked back to her desk in tears.

Meanwhile Riff was able to let loose and a heavy stream shot out of his stiff prick and actually hit the damn ceiling of the shower. Riff bent over at the waist and did his best to bend his cock so that most of the piss hit the wall and flowed down into the drain. There was a lot of splashing and piss dripping from the ceiling; so that Riff got hot, dark orange day long urine in his hair and on his chest and legs. He stayed bent over and shook off the last few drops. He reached over and turned on the water. Both the soap and the shampoo were scented so he used just the plain water to hose himself down. When he got out he realized there weren't any towels. SHIT. He went to his gym bag. He'd removed that towel and had yet to replace it. SHIT! SHIT! He surveyed the room. There was toilet paper, his good suit, his silk shirt, his $200 tie, his dress socks; and in the gym bag, a nylon tank top and some onion skin running shorts. FUCK SHIT FUCK. When he put his jock over his wet crotch it got sopping too. He could put on the shorts, but they were virtually transparent. He'd get arrested for indecent exposure. He used the tank top to mop some of the water off his legs and chest. It didn't do much. He put his shirt on and it stuck to his body like it was painted on. You could see every detail of his chest, his nipples, the whiffs of straight hair that went this way and that over the top of his chest, even the mole just above his belly button. Lastly he put his pants back on and the way they clung to his jock and prick was positively obscene. He didn't know what to do. He used the socks to dry off his feet and threw them into the gym bag. He'd go sockless in his beautiful designer shoes. He put on his tie, tried to comb his wet hair into place, pasted on a smile and walked out of the bathroom like he owned the place. He decided to do what C had instructed and be proud! What the fuck. He didn't have another choice.

Riff wasn't prepared for the general reaction. Walking down the hall between desks and cubicles there were hoots and wolf whistles. Instead of getting embarrassed he thought of his master, his man, and walked with pride and authority.

Carlos, his second in command, came running after him, Jesus Riff did you win the lottery or something?

Riff returned, What do you mean?

Carlos continued, Man you're walking around with your dick at full mast, like you're the king. You're sticking out man. Everyone can see your Johnson and it's fucking huge man.

Riff answered, I know. Remind me sometime and I'll tell you a hell of a story. Right now I've got work to do.

Carlos said, But man, you're like all wet. Did someone hit you with a water balloon?

Riff smiled, Yes Carlos, a couple assholes from Purchasing cornered me in the parking lot and hit me with a whole bunch of water balloons.

Carlos shook his head and said, Those bastards! And you're too nice to rat them out. You know Riff you could get their asses fired in a heartbeat..those bastards.

Riff just smiled, Look Carlos, don't say anything. I don't want to get anyone into trouble. They're just guys clowning around.

Carlos furrowed his brow, This wasn't that gay-bashing stuff was it man? Cause I'll kick their asses man. I fucking kick their asses man.

Riff laughed, Carlos, it's no big thing. It had nothing to do with me being gay. I swear. I appreciate the sentiment Carlos, but it was all just good fun. Honest, I'll get them back; don't worry.

As Carlos turned to go back to his own office he whispered, That's one big dick you got there man. I bet you could do some real damage with a dick like that.

Fifteen minutes later Steven Daily, Riff's boss came marching into his office, Branson I want the names of the guys who jumped you in the parking lot. I won't stand for this sort of bullshit, not here. This line prides itself on the quality of our workplace and the professionalism of its employees. So who was it son?

Riff was looking up from the bottom of a deep hole he'd dug for himself, Look Mr. Daily this it nuts. No one jumped me in the parking lot. I had to use your bathroom to change my clothes. While I was in there I.. um decided to take a quick shower.. um.. then someone had removed all the towels and I couldn't put on my gym shorts because I was so wet. so I put my dress suit back on.. all wet. like I still am.. and Carlos saw me all wet and it was embarrassing. so when he asked me it someone had hit me with water balloons. I just said yes, that's what happened and left it at that. There were no water balloons. There was no ambush, or attack, or gay bashing. There weren't even any water balloons. I made a dumb miscalculation and then I didn't correct Carlos' assumption. I'm really sorry, but this has gotten way out of hand.

And as Riff came out from behind his desk Steven Daily's eyes refocused on his wet, transparent crotch. He could see Riff's white jock strap straining to keep his nine inch prick from tearing through his pants and exploding. Daily's face turned bright red. Riff smiled and grabbed for his suit coat. He immediately held it in front of his pants.

Daily sputtered, OK, well, well then. no harm done. son. I'm afraid I had my girl remove those towels on Friday. I hated the big green leaves they had on them. Thought it looked inappropriate in an executive's washroom. So I guess this is partly my fault. Would you like me to send someone out for some towels for you? Do you want to go home and change? It's almost quitting time, why don't you just go on home my boy. You do good work. Have I mentioned that to you lately? You've been doing A plus work for a long time now son. I hope you know that it's appreciated. that I notice how hard you work.. the late hours you keep. how you often let your team go home early, but stay late yourself. It's all noted boy. I see it all. I know they all think I'm the doddering old man in the front office, but I watch you all and I know who this company's real friends are, and my boy you're right up there on my list. You should know that. You deserve to know that.

It was Riff's turn to blush, Gee Mr. Daily, I can't tell you how much. what it means.. to hear.. it means a lot sir.. it really means a lot. And nobody thinks you're the old man in the front office. The guys in this office think you're the smartest guy in the company. The only reason we. they don't um. interact with you on a more. um personal level is that they're afraid of you sir. They know you're smart as hell and that you know everything that goes on here and um. that's a bit intimidating at times. you're a real figure of authority. We've all seen you in the gym sir and most of us wish we were in as good shape. I don't know exactly how old you are sir, but you have a hell of a good body sir.

And Daily was blushing again, So do you Branson. So do you. Well, son I have work to do. Why don't you head on home.

Riff took him up on the offer and dashed out of the office.


He'd gone out at lunch to buy a few things. He went to an electronics store and got a tripod for his video camera (he hoped it still worked he hadn't touched the damn thing since his sister's wedding last fall). He went to an adult bookstore and bought out their B&D section, all 46 titles. The clerk had asked him if he wanted some specific fetish and he told him he wanted them all. For good measure he bought a bunch of specialty stroke mags and several novellas from the section labeled Bent. He noticed a small framed effeminate callboy hanging around the booths at the back of the store and approached him with his cart full of odds and ends mostly ends.

Riff opened the conversation, Hey.

The boy lisped, Are you talking to me thir?

Riff shifted his weight from one foot to the other, Umm yes. Are you busy?

The kid looked very apprehensive, Are you a cop, thir.

Riff grinned, Christ no. I'm a lawyer. Look, I'm umm doing research for a case I've got.

The kid backed up two feet, Look mithter, I ain't interesthed. Leave me alone.

Riff reached for the kid's sleeve, No, no, you've got this all wrong. I don't mean you any harm boy. I want to ask you some questions. Look I'll pay you to come home with me. Just to talk. Just to answer some questions. It's just research. I swear.

The kid was scared, What kind of questhions? Look mithter, I don't know what thith is; what you want from me, but I'm not thum joke.thumone who lookths like you, like thum guy on a billboard or in thum magazine; thum handthum guy wants to pay me, to take me home. You're either thum freak who wants to beat the shit out of me or fuck me with a baathball bat or play a joke on thum friend of yours. I been here before you fuck. Go fuck yourthelf! and the kid broke away and ran out of the store.

Meanwhile the clerk had overheard the conversation and interjected, I'll go home with you for free.. Hell, I'll give you fifty bucks to go home with you and you can even fuck me with your baseball bat if you let me suck that giant knob sticking out of your strap first.

Riff returned, Thanks, maybe another time, paid for his stuff and left.


Now he was on his way home and trying not to speed, but more often than not he was flying way over the speed limit. He made it home in record time; raced from the parking lot; tore his clothes off at the door, and checked from room to room hoping like hell that he wasn't there alone.. but he was.

He had plans to go out to dinner with some guys from law school, but his heart wasn't in it. He decided to kick back and do some homework. As he walked from room to room grabbing a beer, turning on the stereo, throwing a frozen pizza into the oven; he played with his body. He was anxious to get his nipples pierced. C would like that and he wanted to do it for him; to show him that he was his, now and forever. So where was the bastard? Riff's body was aching for his touch. His cock was beating against his abs; he closed his eyes and swore he could feel the touch of his man; how he played with his nipples; how he toyed with the fuzz on his belly; how he traced his ass crack; and he felt empty and he hated the SOB for not being there. Jesus, it's exactly like he said it would be. He loved him; he hated him.

He grabbed a video, Punishment , and tossed it into the VCR. He got the video camera and set up the tripod. When it was all ready he turned on the video and eased a dildo up his ass. As he fucked himself he watched the guy on the screen being passed back and forth between two other men who alternately slapped his face and kissed him hard.

Riff looked into the camera, I'm missing you. Where the fuck are you? I want you here with me, in me. I loved the way you played with me. You brought me to life. I was dead before you came into my life. I know that now. You've made me happier than I have ever been. Where are you? I need you. I'll do anything to have you. Please let me prove it; let me prove that I'll do anything to have you in my life. Please come to me. Where are you? I need you.

He had a quiet supper. He watched a couple hours of television without hearing a word. His mind was full of longing. He felt like he'd die if C didn't show up soon. soon soon. He fell asleep with the dildo up he ass watching Jailboy Toy. He'd filled up one whole tape and written almost twenty pages of notes. He was determined to be the best pup in the history of puppydom.

In the early hours of the morning he got up to hit the john. When he got out of bed two or three ounces of precum ran down his legs and landed on the terrazzo floor. He nearly killed himself as he slid ten feet on the slimy surface. He made a note to buy carpeting... and more upholstery shampoo. He'd been cleaning up cockspit stains everywhere. He needed to rethink his entire décor. He needed things that didn't stain and cleaned off easily; whatever it took to make the place perfect for the two of them.Anything for his man.

In the morning he danced around the apartment to disco music. He felt freer and happier than he'd ever felt in his life AND miserable that he'd spent the night alone in a hot sweaty gooey bed.

Last night he had picked up one valuable piece of information from leafing through one of the novellas, Cum Farm. The book was about a farm with dozens of cumboys and guys who milked them four times a day for boycream. In one scene there was a lurid description of a master teasing one of his cumboy cows; the master was tormenting the boy with over-stimulation and every time the kid was about to fire the master grabbed the boy's cock and squeezed it at the circumcision scar with his thumb and index finger. Sure enough when Riff tried it on his own prick the urgency in his balls relaxed a bit. By morning the head of his cock was turning black and blue, but he hadn't come.

Standing in front of his bathroom mirror he opened the plastic container that had the four inch vibrating butt plug in it. He decided he should have given it a try the night before, but he'd gotten so caught up in the movies and his video appeals to C that he lost track of time and fell asleep. He inserted the batteries, turned the thing on low, covered it in lube and guided it home. It felt so damn strange. His ass felt so full and tight. The vibrations drove him nutz. His prick got terribly hard and instantly produced a glassy drop of sticky prickdrip. He was thankful that he'd put the harness on first. He'd never have been able to tame his cock into the straps if he'd been this hard. Jesus, God he needed to come something awful. He wondered if you could die from blue balls. If you could he figured he was close to death's door. He grabbed a condom from the jumbo box of supers opened it and rolled it down his prick. The end quickly adhered to his cockhead and became transparent from the liquid inside. Riff could see how big and open his pisshole was; it kept winking at him as his dick lurched with every heartbeat. He reached around and turned the plug off. He didn't want to drive with that kind of distraction. Christ, what if he had an accident. Then he thought about what C had been trying to teach him and he shrugged off the kinds of irrelevant stupid details that once would have embarrassed him before C came into his life. Riff was proud of what he was doing. He felt full of himself. He thought, If I have an accident. If I wind up in some Emergency Room with a butt plug up my ass and my stiff prick in a harness and they wonder about it. I'll tell them to go fuck themselves no.. no.. I'll tell them I do it because I belong to my man and I'd do anything for him, for his attention. And that was it. That was the long and the short of it. So where was the motherfucker?

Thankfully it was a fairly uneventful day at work. Everyone was different, more pleasant, more anxious to help, more deferential, and they all seemed happy. It was odd, very, very odd. Twice Carlos had quieted their morning meeting saying he heard some strange buzzing. Both times Riff quickly sat down, pressed his butt into the chair, and drew in his ass cheeks. He almost crushed the damn thing.

Once in the afternoon Jane asked him if he had any more gum and before he thought about it he answered, I never chew gum; my dentist is a real hardass about candy.

And before she said another word it hit him like a locomotive that he was chewing on his condom. Holy Fuck!! He quickly added, but you caught meha ha ha.. yup, I'm chewing gum but umm one of the talent reps gave it to me so I don't have any more and umm.. if you see my dentist promise you won't tell him anything. He's a real bastard about these things.

Jane answered, Maybe you should find a nicer dentist.. Besides there's sugar free gum and it's just as good.

And Riff answered, You're right Jane. I'm going to can the asshole and start chewing gum whenever I feel like it. Next time I'll make sure to have a few extra pieces.

And that was it. He needed to stock up on gum. The day wasn't awful, just a few minor glitches.

Riff once again raced home; tore his clothes off and ran through his apartment. He was alone. FUCK SHIT PISS ABOMINATION SNOT!!

As he was washing the dishes the buzzer rang and he nearly jumped out of his skin. He raced to the door and just before he threw it open he decided it might not be his man, his guy, his C. So he grabbed the stupid robe threw it on, pulled the cord out of the pocket and tied it around one time. He pulled it open at the top to show his tits, but it kept closing. Finally he pushed it down over one shoulder. He felt like a real slut. He felt hotter than a pistol. His cock lurched through the front of the robe and refused to be covered up. So holding the robe over his heated prick he opened the door.

There stood this very handsome, tall (6'2 ), young man with dark green eyes and jet black wavy hair. He looked nervous.

He said, Hi. Hello. Mr. umm Branson. Do you remember me?

Riff knew the face, but didn't quite place it.

The kid went on, My name is Caleb. Caleb Reston. I'm um. a law student. I was here the other day We unloaded some new furniture and rearranged your room.

Riff answered, OK sure, I remember now. What can I do for you Caleb?

Caleb was red as a beet. This really handsome man was standing there in nothing but a flimsy robe and it was open and it barely covered his body, and what a body it was. Caleb surveyed Riff's chest. It looked like it had been carved out of Carrara Marble by a master and it had these wild wisps of straight dark black hair here and there; and the guy's nipples were hard and standing out. He looked at Riff's face, his perfect square jaw, his white teeth, his gorgeous light brown hair, and his blue eyes. Caleb kept losing himself in Riff's eyes. There were no two ways about it this man was hypnotic.

Caleb cleared his throat and tried to find words. He began to babble, Well sir, I'm a law student and I know that you're a lawyer and I wondered if I could ask you a few questions about the law and why you chose to become a lawyer, because I'm a law student and I am curious about why you decided to become a lawyer because as a law student I need input from real lawyers because I want to know what to expect and they tell us things at school but they are all academics and I need to talk to some real practicing attorneys and since you're a lawyer I thought if you had a few minutes you could tell me why you chose the law and why you became a lawyer because as a law student it's important to get all the information about the law and what the field is really like from someone who's actually in the field of law and not just teaching in some law school. sir.

Riff smiled, Look kid, I don't know where you got your information, but someone's pulling your leg. I don't practice law. I work in advertising. I do have a law degree, but I'd be a lousy source for you. If you like I'll give you the names of some practicing attorneys. I'm sure one of them can answer your questions.

Caleb saw a way in, Yes sir, those names could really help me out. Thanks.

Riff said, Good, why don't you give me your number and I'll give you a call tomorrow.

Caleb saw the door to his chance closing, Um no sir, I'm um going away tomorrow, and I um.. Do you think you could give me a few names now so I can try to find someone today?

Riff said, Look kid it's almost eight; offices are closed. You're not going to get anyone tonight. I'd like to help, but I don't know what to tell you.

Caleb pushed, Please, won't you talk to me? Just a few minutes. Tell me why you chose to become a lawyer and why you decided not to practice. Did something happen? Did you have a bad experience? Trouble with the bar exam?

Riff shook his head, No nothing like that. I passed the bar, but I got a solid job offer in advertising management with a great salary and benefits. It was a lot better than what I could do fresh out of law school. I'm afraid that's the whole story.

Caleb felt himself getting desperate, Yes sir, that's what I need to know. Please can I have a few more minutes to ask you some um more questions about what you thought about law school and the bar.. Please.

Riff still wasn't getting it, but the kid was striking and didn't seem to be taking no for an answer so Riff finally said, I do not know how I can help you, but come on in. Would you like a beer?

Caleb who didn't drink saw an opening, Yes, I'd love a beer. I've wanted a beer all day long and just haven't found the time to get one. I'd love a beer. Thanks a million. That beer sounds great.

Riff said, I get it. You want a beer.

As Caleb entered Riff's apartment he noticed a few more changes. The armoire and a big chest of drawers were right next to the front door and strangely so was a clothes hamper. He walked into the well appointed living room and sat on the couch. A minute later Riff walked into the room and handed Caleb a cold bottle of beer. Caleb noticed Riff's giant hard dick peeking out from his robe and quickly looked away.

Riff noticed and said, Oh Jesus, sorry, but my cock has a mind of its own. When I'm home I just let it have its way.

Caleb swallowed three quarters of the beer in one big draw on the bottle.

Riff sat on an over stuffed chair opposite the couch and said, OK kid, you've got fifteen minutes. Ask me anything.

Caleb was feeling overheated. It was summer in Miami. He realized the A/C wasn't on; and it was quite hot and very humid. Caleb was wearing Kaki pants, white socks, loafers and a worn blue U of M t-shirt. His t-shirt was already darkening under his arms and between his pecs. He was feeling very strange. His heart was in his throat. He didn't know what to say. He didn't know why in hell he had come here. He knew he wanted to stay.

Caleb tried to speak, So Mr. Branson

Riff interrupted, Look kid, don't call me Mr. Branson like I'm a friend of your dad's my name if Riff. I notice you already finished that beer. I guess your were really thirsty. Do you want another?

Caleb shook his head yes as he drained the last couple drops and handed the empty bottle to Riff. As he looked up he came face to face with the all seeing eye of Riff's prick. He could have leaned forward and kissed it if he had wanted to. and at that moment he wasn't sure what he wanted.

When Riff handed him the second bottle Caleb grabbed it and downed half.

Riff said, Pace yourself kid, I only have a case of this imported ale and I'd like it to last the entire evening.

Caleb laughed hysterically.

Riff said, I didn't think it was that funny.

Caleb stopped laughing and got very serious.

The clouds parted and finally Riff got the picture. He thought to himself, Where the fuck is my head. This kid is confused. He doesn't even know it but he wants to get fucked. Where the hell were you a week ago? Man O man a week ago I'd have already fucked you twice and I'd be saying goodbye.

Riff decided to have some fun. He said, Look kid, it's hot in here. You don't mind if I take this thing off do you?

And before Caleb could respond Riff pulled off the robe and threw it at the front door. It hit the door and landed in a heap on the floor.

Caleb's eyes opened to the size of silver dollars and as he stared at Riff's dick he said, What is that thing you're wearing?

Riff smiled, This? This is a cock and ball harness. It trains your cock and balls.

Without thinking Caleb asked, What does it train them to do?

Riff shot back, It trains them to speak. What the fuck do you think it trains them to do? I've got another one. Do you want to try it on?

Caleb finished the second beer, No thanks sir. Riff.. I am sorry for staring but that looks painful.

Riff said, Not so much pain as agony. sweet. sweet agony. Caleb I could come right now by just touching my dickhead. I'd probably come if I sneezed.

Caleb said, Why don't you just come? Why do you want to stay in agony, even if it is sweet?

Riff answered, I'm doing it for a friend.

Caleb was totally lost, What?

Riff smiled, I'm doing it to show a friend of mine how much I care about him. How much I want him to know I'd do anything he asked.

Caleb said, And he doesn't want you to come?

Riff came back, It's not quite that simple, but for the moment he doesn't want me to come.. but there's a lot more. You'd never be able to understand. You still think you're straight.

That got Caleb's attention, What do you mean?

Riff said, Why did you come here tonight? And Caleb try to tell me the truth, not some dumb story you've made up in your head to make yourself feel better.

Caleb looked down at the floor, I don't know why I came here. I wanted to see you. But I swear I don't know why. I don't know why I wanted to be here, to talk to you. I feel like I know you..like we were brothers in another life. Maybe it's some kind of reincarnation thing.

Riff looked at Caleb and realized the kid was hurting, Look Caleb, you don't feel like you know me, you feel attracted to me. This is probably the first time in your life that you've given in to these feelings of intense attraction. Haven't you been drawn to other boys in your life, maybe when you were a teenager?

Caleb said, Do you think I could have another beer?

Riff jumped up; his dick slapped his abs; the hair on his chest was beginning to matt from the heat, the humidity, and his sweat. Caleb couldn't take his eyes off Riff's gorgeous body as he strutted out of the room into the kitchen. Riff's cock was so hard it barely bounced; it just kept slapping his hard abs. Caleb's mouth began to water. When he saw Riff's muscled ass lightly covered in golden fuzz he felt his own prick straining at his undershorts. Caleb's t-shirt was completely soaked through.

As Riff handed Caleb his third beer the boy openly watched Riff's hard prick. More than anything he wanted to reach out and touch it. A picture of him kissing Riff's prick flashed through his mind. Caleb brought himself back to the room and what was going on there.

Riff went on, Do you always drink this much?

Caleb absentmindedly said, I don't drink.

Riff got back up and took the beer bottle out of Caleb's hand, and put it on the table just out of the young man's reach; then he walked back into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. A minute later he came back in and handed Caleb a large glass of iced tea.

Riff said, It's hot. You can't drink three beers in under five minutes if you don't ordinarily drink. You'll make yourself sick. If you still want that beer you can drink it after you finish that iced tea, but take small sips. You're not in the Sahara. I've got lots to drink. I promise you can have all you want. Then Riff started to laugh.

Caleb looked pained, You're laughing at me aren't you. I'm a big fool. a big asshole. with a god dammed crush on a man. I feel like jumping off a cliff.

Riff said, Don't be so fucking sensitive. I was laughing at myself you dipstick. A month ago I'd have gotten you drunk and fucked you black and blue. Then I'd have promised to call you and you'd never have seen me again. I used to be a real grade A bastard. I'd have used you up and turned you out in a New York minute.

Caleb looked up sheepishly, So what changed you?

Riff got sort of dreamy eyed, A man came into my apartment and he took my soul. He came into this very room and showed me how empty my life was. He came into this apartment and showed me how much I had to learn. He showed me that I didn't know anything about myself. He showed me I was headed nowhere, cared about no one; that I was devoid of spirit; that I was all locked up inside. And Caleb he set me free.he made me whole. at least that's what he's teaching me. He's a great teacher.

Caleb was curious, So who is this man?

Riff grinned, I have no idea.

Caleb was lost again, Huh? You don't know him?

Riff responded, I don't know his name. I know everything else there is to know about a person. I know him inside and out.

Caleb asked, What does he look like?

Riff shook his head, He's tall. and he has a body that's solid like granite. and his cock is like a foot long and as big around as my wrist. And he's got this amazing chest. He's got rings through his nipples that turn me on like I can't describe, and he has these weird earrings with points that pinch and tickle on my neck.

Caleb found himself breathing hard. He was drenched to the skin. Riff was glowing with perspiration and now both men were beginning to sweat pure sex; the room was filling with the heady smell of crotch and dick and armpits and sex and sex and sex. Both men were beginning to feed off the other's sensuality.

Caleb inquired, Do you have a photo of this man?

Riff said, No I've never seen him.

Caleb came back, Are you kidding around with me? Is anything you've told me true, or are you just having a good time at my expense?

Riff said, Caleb, I swear that every word I've spoken is the God's honest truth. I'd swear on the Bible if I had one handy. This wasn't some ordinary man. He knew all about me before he ever came here. He knows what I'm thinking before I do. He lives in my head.

Caleb responded, I guess I don't understand gay guys. It sounds.. strange.. like this guy was stalking you or something.

Riff shook his head, Man you don't understand anything. Caleb I'm terrified he won't come back. I wake up twenty times a night aching for him. I want him every second of every day. I wish he were stalking me. I want him around me all the time. Caleb, imagine meeting the perfect man.. person for you in all the world. And you meet that person and you realize they are perfect and they feel the same way about you. Wouldn't you want to spend the rest of your life with that person?

Caleb said, Sure, I can understand that, so where is this guy. If he loves you so much then why isn't he with you?

Riff was getting frustrated, Caleb you can't understand. not yet. You're still trying to figure out if you're more interested in men or women. What I have with C is so much more complicated than straight love or straight marriage or even most gay pairings. C is teaching me, training me to free up my soul. And it's a long slow process.. I guess. I'm just starting. I've only been with C once.

Caleb shook his head, You've only met this guy. you call him C?.......once?

Riff shot back, I've only met him once. I call him C. And Caleb I belong to him. Look, leave it alone. I don't feel like trying to explain something that's out of your understanding. Besides aren't you here to figure out some of your own issues?

Caleb's eyes got teary, Do you think I'm gay?

Riff looked a bit annoyed, Why? Is that such a bad thing? Are you going to cry because you think you're gay? Look kid, if you're gonna be upset by the truth; that you might be gay; then go talk to somebody else. It took me a long time to get to the Fuck You stage, but I'm there now and I'm not going back ever, not for you, not for anyone. You don't want to be gay then go talk to a priest or a fundamentalist minister. They'll tell you what filthy pigs we all are shoving things up our asses; making God cry; and they'll beat you into hating yourself. I'm finally in a place where I can look them all in the eyes and tell them to go fuck themselves. I don't care what they think of me. They should only know what I think about them. I've got no time for a cry baby fag. Be proud of who you are, or get out!

Caleb answered, You don't know my family.

Riff said, What? Do you think I grew up in the forest? I have a family and believe me they all know; they can either love me for who I am, or they can go and merrily screw themselves into the ground. If you're gonna be gay you're going to have to be strong. Look at you. You're what 6'2 or 6'3 and you have a golden body; you can take care of yourself. Don't become some faded fairy afraid of his own shadow. Be proud Caleb. Be straight. Be gay. But be proud.

Caleb smiled, I think I'm gay Riff.

Riff inquired, And why is that?

Caleb looked at his feet, Because I think I'm going to explode if I don't touch you. Please don't get mad. I know you love some other guy and I know you can't do anything. I just wanted to answer your question. I wanted to be perfectly honest. Now don't you think I'm gay?

Riff smiled, Probably. So what? And with that Riff got off the chair, walked over, sat next to Caleb and put his arm around the boy.

How old are you Caleb?

Caleb was finding it hard to speak, Ummm 26. How old are you?

Riff leaned over and licked Caleb's ear, I'll be 32 in August.

Then Riff turned Caleb's face and pressed their mouths together. The kid was hungry as a bear. He turned to face Riff and put his arms around Riff's sweat slick torso. The two men sucked and licked and probed the other's mouth. In a second they were both fighting to catch air. Riff pushed Caleb back onto the couch and laid on top of his chest. Riff licked Caleb's lips and angel kissed his eyes. He could feel Caleb's cock trying to break through his Kakis. He moved his hand between them and massaged Caleb's hard seven inch rod. Caleb reached for Riff's prick and Riff grabbed his hand away. They continued to kiss for another minute and then Caleb sat up.

Why did you push my hand away from you dick?

Riff said, Caleb I can't come. I made a solemn promise not to come unless C is here or unless it's 10PM on Saturday night. Otherwise I have to control my need to orgasm.

Caleb said, Now that sounds just plain mean. Riff how can that be good.. to do that to someone else?

Riff said, I'm going to try to explain this once more and then if you don't understand I want you to go and find some other fag to welcome you into the club. Look kid, I respect your choices. I'm trying to be a good guy. There was a time, not long ago, I'd have used you up in one or two nights and then I wouldn't have given you a second thought. And Caleb there are a lot of guys out there who are still just like that.. out for themselves. only caring about what they want, what they need. C is freeing my soul. If he doesn't want me to come; I won't come. And it's not mean or cruel; it's my way of showing him how much I care; how willing I am to learn from him. There are plenty of lessons in life that look painful to other people, but they don't understand, you don't understand. It's like if I said I didn't want you to kiss me because I loved someone else. You'd understand that wouldn't you?

Caleb shook his head yes.

Well if you can understand why someone would want to save kissing for that one special person, then imagine I'm saving my orgasms to give to him, to my man, to C. And Caleb he can have them all; and Caleb he can have anything else he wants; anything I have to give. Caleb I'd do just about anything for him. Now if you don't understand then you're just looking me in the face and telling me you think I'm stupid; that this special person is really a creep and I'm an idiot for taking his abuse. Do you think I'm a fool, a moron, an asshole who doesn't know what he's doing?

Caleb shook his head no, I'm sorry Riff. I'm sure you know a lot more about this than I do. Can I kiss you again?

Riff virtually jumped the kid. They wrestled around on the couch for ten minutes and finally wound up on the floor. Riff took off Caleb's shirt. The boy's chest was completely smooth with two huge nipples. Riff went to town on those nips. Inside ten seconds Caleb was moaning and arching his back. Riff sucked one nip while he squeezed and pulled the other; then he nibbled on it; then he switched sides. Then he dove for Caleb's armpit. It was soggy and filled with thick curly black pit hair. Riff delighted in the smell and the texture and the springy nature of the kid's curls. He licked them, he sucked them, he tongued the curls in Caleb's armpit. The boy was yelping as Riff sucked his pit and plucked his tit. Then Riff switched sides and was once again rewarded with a soggy wet pit full of dark curls. He went nuts for the locker room sweat stink rising from Caleb's pit and Riff stayed there licking and swabbing and sucking till he's swallowed what smell there was. When he was through Caleb's pits were odorless and fairly dry. Riff went back to Caleb's lips and they sucked each other's mouths for several minutes.

As they tumbled around on the floor Riff opened Caleb's belt and pants and pushed them down. Caleb's jockey shorts were a different matter they were soaked in sweat and his prick was sticking straight out. It had snaked its way through the seam in jockey shorts no one ever uses and Riff couldn't get them off and kiss the boy at the same time. But the kiss was so intensely hot Riff couldn't tear himself away. He found a small hole under the elastic waistband and forced his finger through it; then he pulled and twisted until the hole tore open. Three more maneuvers and Riff had the jockey's in shreds. As he grabbed for Caleb's prick the boy sucked in air and yelled, I'm CCCOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGG!!

Without thinking Riff turned and dove for the firing cock in his hand. He got his mouth around Caleb's prick and sucked for dear life. Caleb arched his back driving his rod deep into Riff's throat and sent four gobs of prickshot straight into his gullet. Riff kept Caleb's prong, bush deep in this throat long enough to grab his balls and squeeze another two jolts of dickcream from deep inside Caleb's balls. Caleb howled and collapsed.

Caleb came up on his elbows, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I have never come like that in my life. I've only been with three girls. um women in my life and one of them was a prostitute who took on me and three of my army buddies. The sex I've had before was always kind of fast and never ever hot like this. It's a lot better to make.. um have sex in the heat like this. Ya know Riff there's something about the sweating and the heat. It's really. um . so damn much better than in the back seat at the drive in, or in bed in the dark.

Riff returned, You don't know the half of it. You want that other beer?

Caleb responded, Yes and more iced tea if that's OK. I'm so damn thirsty. I guess it all the sweating. Then Caleb noticed Riff's prong. It looked so painfully hard and it stood straight up stuck against his fantastic sixpack; the tip just covered Riff's belly button; and Caleb said, Man Riff that looks painful. Can't you take that strappy thing off; doesn't it cut off your circulation?

Riff answered, Well, that's an issue. I'm not sure.. I don't remember what C told me about wearing the harnesses. I don't know if or when I can take it off. He likes me hard so I like being hard. He wants me hard all the time so I want to be hard all the time. He wants me ready to shoot every second so I want to be ready to come every second.

Caleb smiled and nodded, Wow, I wish I had someone who'd do something like that for me.

And Riff interjected, And wouldn't you be just as happy to find someone you cared for so much that you'd be willing to do it for him. I think you're beginning to see what I've been trying to tell you.

Caleb continued to nod, Wow Riff, you love him so much that you do all this stuff willingly. You do it because you want to show him, to prove to him how much you love him.

Riff said, I guess I do love him. Caleb I know I'd walk through hell for him, and Caleb I believe just as much that he'd do the same, IF NOT MORE, for me. I know that too.

Riff went and got the drinks. When he got back he said, Caleb do you want to come to bed with me?

Caleb was on his feet in an instant. He took off his shoes and pants and socks and followed Riff naked into the bedroom.

Riff said, You'll have to put you drink on the floor. There's not much furniture in this room. This room is for sex, nothing else. When I'm in this room the only thing I think about is sex.

Caleb smiled broadly, Jesus Riff, I have never in my whole life ever met anyone like you, as honest as you are, as open as you are. You're amazing.

Riff sat on the bed, If you met me last week you'd have a different impression.

Caleb asked, Like what?

Riff explained, Caleb I used to be a selfish prick. The only thing I cared about was myself. I was barely gay. I was barely sexual and I thought I was some kind of stud. I used men to get off and when I finished I tossed them out of my bed and out of my life. I thought love was for straight assholes and fags. I was an island. No one, nothing touched me. I was the loneliest man on earth and I didn't even know. I got laid three or four times a week. I never let another guy touch my ass. I kissed maybe three men in my life. I was barely sexual. I saw guys as holes. I'd fuck them and throw them away. If I had met you a week ago I'd have seen you as an easy lay. nothing else If you told me then what you told me tonight I'd have laughed at you. Like I said I used to be a different guy.

Caleb laid down next to Riff and began to trace his abs with his finger. Riff leaned over and gently kissed him.

Caleb noticed the TV and the stack of videos. What are you watching?

Riff smiled, Porn.. gay porn bondage flicks.

Caleb kept touching Riff's stomach fingering the hair around his navel, You're a very complex guy and I'm so glad I met you this week. I think you're pretty terrific Riff.

Riff looked Caleb in the eye, Do not fall in love with me Caleb. I'm your first guy. It's very easy to fall for the first guy who turns you on and says OK. I speak from experience. I fell for an older kid down the street when I was 16 and when he dumped me I wanted to kill myself. So don't fall in love with me Caleb.

Caleb looked up, Too late. He sat up, grabbed Riff's head in his two strong hands and glued his lips to Riff's. They kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed.

Caleb fell back and dragged Riff over top of him. And kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed.

Caleb whispered, Would you put your dick in my ass?

Riff responded, I can't.

Caleb looked so dejected that Riff softly put his lips on the boy's and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed.

Finally Riff said, Look Caleb, you can fuck me if you want.

Caleb answered, Are you sure you don't mind? Will it be OK with your C?

Riff said, He wouldn't mind. He cares for me enough to let me be with other men. I just save all my orgasms for him..except at 10PM on Saturday.

Caleb came back, Guess where I'll be this Saturday at 10PM?

Riff answered, That's a deal.. One exception though

Caleb smiled, Unless your man calls.

Riff said, You have to understand that. Can you do that? Understand that I belong to him? That I am his body and soul? Look, I like you kid and I don't mind being your first ride. BUT you have to know that's not my ass back there. That ass behind me belongs to someone else. I just take care of it for him. Caleb I belong to him. That has to be OK

No better than OK; you have to agree; you have to understand that I want him more than anything else on earth AND that includes you kid. You want a fuck buddy, you got one, but we are friends eventually great friends.. but no more. Can you be happy; and I mean HAPPY with that?

Caleb nodded, I think I know how you feel about this guy because I'm beginning to feel that way about you.

Riff returned, But it's not going to happen. If you want to stay pals you're going to have to agree to keep looking for a man of your own. If you want to be in a couple, if you want a boyfriend or a husband you're gonna have to look for him somewhere else. Is that perfectly clear? Caleb don't shit me. I will not do this otherwise. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

Caleb smiled demurely, Yup! You made your point. I need to look for another perfect, gorgeous sensitive sweet smart genuine kind strong man.

Riff didn't find it amusing, Those are the terms.

Caleb said, OK, and grabbed Riff around the waist and pulled him back down onto him. Their pricks acted out a little sword fight leaking prefuck all over Caleb's crotch and stomach. Riff pulled back and went for Caleb's dick. As he sucked it he toyed with the boy's asshole. In ten seconds Caleb was hooting and hollering. Riff spit on his fingers and stuck two of the deeply into Caleb's hot hole; when he found his love nut he rubbed it while he continued to suck Caleb's cock. He pulled off Caleb's cock and began to lick around Caleb's hole as he fucked him with two fingers. Caleb's dick shot straight up took two lurches and burped up one, two, three gobs of pricksap.

Caleb spoke through his straining voice, Riff if you keep doing that I'm gonna come and I'd kind of like to put my dick up your ass if that's OK.

Without a word Riff hopped over Caleb's crotch and impaled himself on the boys jumping cock. Using his tail muscles he massaged Caleb's prong up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down till Caleb was literally screaming, I'm CCCOOOOOMMMMMMMIIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!

Riff felt the boy unload one, two, three, four, five, six shots of pure cockcream in his guts.

Riff reached over to the wall switch and turned out the lights. He lay next to Caleb and made the front of his body conform to the back of Caleb's. He whispered, Go to sleep. We can shower in the morning. We reek of sex; the room reeks of sex; and I love it.

Neither man got much sleep. During the night Caleb or Riff woke the other up every couple hours for another twenty minutes of heavy necking and another over the top orgasm for Caleb. And between the two of them they drank six pitchers full of ice water.


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