We met one dark night in a loud gay bar just outside Miami. I came to visit you a week later.

You were sitting in a chair in your living room watching TV; some insipid program about other people's lives, movie stars, pretty people. It was a hot, humid Saturday night in June; you had the A/C on low. You were sitting there in a blue pocket t-shirt, light tan rowing shorts, and white tube socks. Your curly light brown hair was damp around the edges and rolled over your ears. You stared blankly at the TV as I moved behind your chair.

You didn't realize I was there until I spoke. I said, Do not move. Don't turn around. And your brain went wild. You wanted to jump out of that chair and kick my ass, but something told you to stay put.

I got right behind you and said, Stand up pup.

You started to speak and I said, Not a word pup.

Again your naturally dominant nature was straining at the seams. That night in the bar I had laid the groundwork for this meeting. You were deeply hypnotized before you knew what was going on. I had decided to open your mind and set you free. You're probably wondering why I chose you. There were a couple reasons. First, I overheard you mocking an effeminate callboy. That got me interested; then there was your face and your body. I guessed you were in your early thirties though you looked no more than twenty-five; the experience in your face gave your true age away; your six foot frame was tight and lean with just the right musculature, not one of those overgrown, muscle-bound, gym addicts; you were probably a runner who hit the weights four or five times a week. You were handsome without being pretty and had the kind of rough edges I loved to work on, sand down, and make perfect. When you were under I interviewed you. You'd spent years building up walls and barriers; you were such a manly man that you didn't realize how much you were missing; how much of your nature was going hungry; how really unhappy you were. You identified yourself as a TOP, only a TOP. No man had ever, would ever fuck you. No man had ever put a finger in your ass. You didn't even like to be kissed. You were so cute and so fucked up. I gave you a series of suggestions; simple suggestions that would begin to tear down those walls, and free up the lonely guy inside. That was a week ago and I could tell you were ready.

I pushed you forward, three feet in front of the chair and moved behind you. I told you not to turn around, not to look at me. Then I took out the small blindfold. It was only an elastic strap and two plastic cups that fit exactly over your eyelids. That way I could still see your whole face and your hair. The only thing I couldn't see was your pretty blue eyes, but I'd spent time staring into them that night at the bar so I had them committed to memory. As I stood behind you I inclined my head and kissed your neck. I put my left hand around you and lightly rubbed your left nipple with the palm of my hand through your shirt; with my right hand I reached under your shirt and ran my palm lightly over the fuzz on your belly. I nibbled on your neck and nuzzled your hair. You moaned a bit.

I said, Not a sound pup. You can speak when I tell you and not one second sooner.

I walked you slowly over to the thermostat. I told you to reach out and turn off the A/C. I wanted you hot and wet.

Then I pulled you closer to my body. You could tell I was wearing a long sleeve dress shirt and dress pants. Your hands reached behind you and I let them lightly touch my clothing so long as they made no attempt to push or grab onto anything. You seemed to know not to be too aggressive.

I said, On your knees pup.

And once more your mind was speeding a mile a minute. You wanted to turn around. You wanted to grab me. You were definitely getting hot and your natural instinct was to take over, to control what was going on. But your mind had been taking down its defenses for a week, removing all the barriers. Gradually day by day, without actually knowing why, you had begun to question your need for dominance; the reasons you could never let go; how you had been hurt in the past, by your father leaving when you were fifteen, by your best friend who'd been revolted at your gayness. So you rebelled against your nature. If you had to be gay; if your dick was only going to get hard for men; then you'd be damn sure you were always on top; you had to be a man's man; submission was for fairies and fags, and so was kissing and love and warmth.

Enter me.

So slowly you went down on your knees. You hated it, but you did it.. you obeyed. Then you reached for my belt.

I hit your hand away, grabbed your jaw, tilted your face up, and said, You don't touch pup. You don't move pup. You don't do a thing till you are told. Soon pup, you won't breathe without my permission.

You looked very confused so I said, Pup, I want you to put your left cheek up against the front of my pants, over my zipper, and I want you to caress my crotch gently with the side of your face.

And you put your face against my pants and you moved it back and forth, barely grazing the material. I reached down with my thumb and rubbed it around you lips. You opened your mouth. I reached under your chin and closed your jaw. I went back to tracing your lips, as you continued to rub my crotch.

I said, Can you feel my cock through the material pup? It's hard for you. If you are very good pup, you may get to touch it, but only if you are very, very good.

Then I pushed my thumb between your lips. You kept your teeth together. You were learning! I moved my thumb back and forth around your teeth and then I pushed it between them. You opened wide and stuck out your tongue. I could tell you were a fast learner; and my dick jumped; it lurched forward for you and grew that last very special inch. You see as a controller I have mastery over my body. My hard cock is ten inches, but for special men (and once in a while even special women) I'll let it grow that extra inch. I can expand its girth by almost as much. It's the result of years of training and exercise. Controllers must have total control over every aspect of their bodies and their sex, only then are they free to explore the limits of what can be. We learn control to ultimately be able to lose it entirely. You may not understand that yet, but some day you will, and it will be the happiest day of your life.

I moved my thumb into your mouth and with gentle pressure from the rest of my hand you knew to close it and then to play with my thumb. You did very well. You swirled your tongue all around; you filled your mouth with spit, then swallowed it all down and sucked my thumb dry.

I put my hands under your arms and pulled you off the floor. Once again I got behind you and sucked on your neck. You could feel the sharp points on the gold pieces I wear in each ear; not actually earrings they are heavy wires through each lobe, bent at the hole, the ends cross and remain unfinished in points (shaped like the Greek letter alpha; they look like a fish with the tail open). They tickled and pinched as I dragged then around your neck. I pulled you to me hard so that you could feel the stainless captive rings I have through each nipple. Your tongue would come to know them very well, long before your eyes ever saw them.

I began to slowly roll your t-shirt up your torso, as I sucked you neck harder and bit your ears. Once the shirt was above your nipples I rubbed them with the palms of my hands till they were hard.

I whispered, I want these both pierced pup. Small rings to tell the world that you belong to me.

I could feel you begin to tremble. I pulled off the t-shirt and threw it across the room. Your pits were getting good and wet. I said, From now on pup, no more scented soaps, no more deodorant sticks, no more cologne or aftershave. I want you to smell like you, like the man you are. If you think you stink then take a shower, but plain unscented soap. When I enter the room I want to be able to smell you there, and when you're hot and wet with man-sweat I want to smell that too, and even when you're drenched in fear sweat for having disobeyed me; I want to smell that too. And pup, if you are in a room, any room, in any building, anywhere, and I walk in I will know that you are there. I will sense that you are there. I will smell that you are there.

And as I held you to me and palmed your nips and nuzzled your neck I said, From now on when you are in this apartment, I want you naked, nude, undressed, no clothes, no shoes, no socks naked. The minute you walk through that door I want you to take ever stitch of clothing off your body and fast pup. You never know; I may be in the room, and if you are slow at stripping down I may just get up and leave. Do you understand pup?

And you shook your head yes. Like I said, you were a natural. I didn't even have to tell you not to speak. You just knew.

I went on, And no more air conditioning pup. When it's hot I want you sweating. Pup, I want you hot and wet and horny all the time, day and night. and the hotter and sweatier you get, the hornier you'll get, thinking about me. Because you're going to hate me pup. You're going to love me and hate me. Love me for setting you free; love me for giving you the best sex, the hottest orgasms, the longest orgasms, the hardest cock, the fastest recovery time, you've ever known. You're going to love me pup. And you're going to hate me pup; hate me for making you want me all the time, day and night; hate me for not being here, with you, in you, all day and all night; hate me for making you love me.

And I slowly pulled your shorts over your straining cock. You had on big grey plaid boxer shorts, so I also pulled them down over your hard cock and continued your lesson as I pushed them down to the floor and over your feet.

I said, Now pup, no more boxer shorts, no more shorts at all. I want you to buy a dozen pair of jock straps, one half size too large for your big nine inch dick. You'll need that extra room for the harnesses. You're going to get a large assortment of harnesses. Pup, I want your cock and balls in training any time I'm not here. I want your balls separated and pulled down below your prick; and I want your dick tightly bound at the root. It will keep you hard; it will remind you all the time that you belong to me; that you are mine body and soul. And I want you to be proud of your hard cock. Sure it's going to show through your pants pup, but that's a good thing. The men and women at your office are going to drool all over your hard pulsing cock. They'll pretend not to notice it, but you can bet your ass. actually that's my ass pup.. that the men are all going to be jealous and the women are going to be wondering what that hard prick would feel like sliding up their pussies. And that's not all pup. I want you to buy a bunch of butt plugs. You can start small for the first week or so, but I want you wearing a good sized plug any time you leave this apartment AND I want you to wear a vibrating plug at least three days a week, and when you're wearing it, I want it on every other hour for an hour. Sure it will get you good and hard and drooling. But pup, that's exactly the way I want you. If you don't want to mess your jock you can wear a condom for that hour when your plug is buzzing your prostate. But pup, when the hour's over and it's time for you to run to the john and turn it off, I want that condom. can you guess where. go ahead you can answer me.

And sheepishly, like a little boy you said, You want it in my mouth?

Like I said you were way ahead of me, anticipating my thoughts, like we'd done this before, over and over.

I said, That's right pup. When you take that spoogy condom off it goes into your mouth for you to munch on till it's time to run back to the john and what?

And you answered, Turn the plug back on?

I said, And????

You answered, And put the condom back on my cock.

I put both arms around you and gave you a giant hug. Then I turned you around to face me and I crushed your lips to my own. I opened your lips with my tongue and pushed it between your teeth. You almost tried to put your tongue into my mouth, but I drew back slightly and you immediately pulled your tongue back into your mouth and let me take control of the kiss. I sucked your mouth and drank its contents. I put may hands behind your head and kissed you like you'd never been kissed before. And you let me. And when I stopped and pulled back you whimpered and stuck out your lip. It was so damn cute that I kissed you again. It was not right. I had really jumped the gun on the kiss, but you were doing so well, you were learning so fast, you were understanding that to be submissive is very freeing, it's letting go, it's throwing caution to the four winds and giving in to what's purely animal in you.

When I finished the second kiss I bent down and took off your socks. You were completely naked, the way I'd wanted you from the moment I saw you in that bar; the night I chose you.

I pulled you over to the big chair and brought you onto my lap. I put your arms at your sides to indicate that I wanted you to be still. Your cock was standing up jumping and dripping. I took my index finger and starting at your balls I traced straight up the midline, up to the root of your prick then up the shaft to the swollen glans, then to the pisshole where I traced around in circles. You almost came. You held yourself perfectly still and stiffened all your muscles. You were sweating like a racehorse; my lap was already soaking wet from your sweaty ass. It had to be ninety-five degrees with close to one hundred percent humidity; you could cut the air with a knife. Your breathing was ragged. I left your dick alone and traced around your nipples for several minutes. Your whole body danced on my lap as I played with your nips. They were hard as rubber, sticking straight out; so I grabbed the left nip and as I squeezed it I pulled it straight out. You held your breath. I squeezed it hard and you grimaced. I pulled it way out and you began to grit your teeth; then I let it go and it snapped back into place all red and purple; then I went for the right nip and you did an instant replay of reactions. I leaned in and lapped at your nip; you gasped and sucked in air. I made you lift your arms. Boy did you stink! You were really, really sweating; warm, very warm, man sweat; you smelled like a bag full of jock straps in a hot locker room. As you held your arms out the sweat began to dribble down your sides. I traced the wet trails with my finger and tasted it. very salty, very sweet. I arranged the hair in your pits. It was all wet and matted. I pulled it; straightened it; till it was all standing out; then I moved the strands around till the hair fanned out, individually and straight. You kept shuddering. I did the same for your other pit. Then I used one finger to play with the standing pit hair. I lightly pushed it back and forth; your whole body shook and the sweat kept beading up at the very ends of your pit hair. I leaned in and caught a few drops on my tongue. You felt my hot breath in your armpit and your cock almost exploded. I pulled back and swallowed your sweat. You wiggled and started to laugh.

I said, Not a sound pup. Don't go spoiling a perfect beginning by losing control.

You pulled yourself to strict attention, and I began to rub my hand between your fuzzy wet thighs. You shuddered and got goose bumps head to toe. I left my hand between your legs and let my fingers brush you ball sac. You jumped and burped two big gobs of spunk out of your piss lips. Your belly and abs were covered in cockscum from where your overheated prick had been bouncing against your stomach.

I said, Time to go into the bedroom pup.

You jumped off my very wet lap and stood at attention. You waited until I had my hand at the back of your neck and you let me guide you out of the living room past the study and into the bedroom. The room had bookcases and a desk with a PC and end tables and a trunk at the end of the bed and a rowing machine and some free weights and an armoire and a closet and a big dresser and finally the door to the bathroom.

I said, Pup this room needs a major make over. Almost everything goes. The desk, the bookcases, the armoire, the trunk, the gym equipment, and you'll need a different bed one with four wooden or metal posts so you can be properly restrained. Pup, you need to make this into our room; the room where I use you. I want it to look like it's ready and waiting for me to come and work you like the pup you are. Do you understand?

And you nodded yes.

I went on. From now on when you make up the bed, underneath the cotton sheet should be a rubber sheet; otherwise you'll have to get rid of the mattress after every one of my visits. Pup, I plan to leave you leaking cum and asslube and sweat and piss every time. Even when I'm not here I don't want any of these blankets or covers. You don't need them; you sleep nude on top of one sheet over the rubber mattress cover. That will be plenty, with no A/C you should be hot and sweaty most of the time. If you get cold turn up the heat till you're all hot and wet, the way I like you. As for the rest of this furniture and the books; put them somewhere else. This room is for man sex. period. It's for when I'm here and you are in my arms and I am teaching you about your tits or your prick or your ass or your mouth or the limits of your control. It's for when I'm fucking you and you're screaming for more; it's for you to plead for me to take you hard and fast; it's for you to beg to come. When you're in this room I want you thinking about sex every second. I want you hot and hard and leaking every moment and if I come over and you're not all hot and wet and ready, well then pup I will turn right around and leave. Do you understand?

And you nodded yes.

I pulled you over to the bed and pushed you onto your stomach.

As I continued to speak I traced your ass crack with my right index finger. Now pup, I want you to get a good assortment of dildoes and tit clamps and handcuffs and rope and a few belts and a whip and a whole bunch of B&D videos. The one thing that's missing from this room is a TV with a VCR and DVD player; you also need a video camera. Pup, when I'm not here you are to be doing your homework. I want you to study those B&D movies. I want you to copy everything you see. While you watch I want you fucking your ass with a dildo and taking notes in a notebook so you can show me what you saw and what you learned. I want you to tape yourself fucking your asshole with your fingers or the dildo or a cucumber; And I want sound, lots and lots of your sounds, And a running commentary. I want to know what you're feeling every second; what you're feeling in your asshole; what you're feeling in your prick; and what you're thinking. I want to know what you're thinking the very instant you think it.

Pup, I want to know dates and times. I want you to keep a log of each new thing you try, anything you may have seen in a film or a video. And pup, I want you to practice tying yourself up. If you need some help go to the closest gay bar and find the most submissive bottomboy in the place; then beg him to come home with you and show you the most degrading things that have ever been done to him. Then you take notes and you try as much as you possibly can. For now I will give you my permission to come once a week; let's say Saturday night at ten exactly. Now pup if you miss that ten O'clock time you will have to wait till the next week. Other than that I expect you to keep yourself ready to fire 24-7, BUT don't you dare come without my permission unless it's ten on Saturday. You fuck up and I'm out of your life.

But hear me pup. I want you to continue your life; go out with your friends; the dress rules always apply, but that shouldn't cause you any trouble. It will make your friends curious about this new, interesting you. Tell them what you please. And date if it pleases you. If you want you can go out with a different guy every night. JUST OBEY THE RULES. You can play with them; suck them off; let them fuck you; but unless it's ten on Saturday YOU DO NOT COME. Have all the fun you want, just play by my rules TO THE LETTER. And when you're in this house, the clothes are gone. If you have to answer the door or if you have a friend over you can get a bathrobe pup. BUT the robe must be lightweight, no terrycloth, and it cannot be lower than your knees, and I want you to keep it open at the chest so you can see those nipples and the tit rings you're going to get when you have them pierced, and no belt, just a narrow tie around, and tie it once around the waist. I want you ALWAYS almost naked when you're in this apartment; our meeting place. So when someone's here you can cover only what has to be covered, and the very second they leave, the robe gets tossed. Soon you're going to hate clothes; you're going to want to be naked all the time, naked, hard as stone, dripping, hoping I'll be walking through that door any minute to take your ass.

Now pup do not worry about going out, or your busy schedule. I know everything about you; where you are and what you're doing. If I plan to see you I will. If you're out with friends or at a party I'll come and get you. You needn't ever cancel your fun waiting for me to show up. Besides, I may just be waiting for you at a bar or a party where I know that you are expected. So you see pup I want you to have a full, active life, more active and freer than it's ever been BUT YOU MUST LIVE BY MY RULES. Do you understand all of this? Do you understand?

And you shook your head yes into the pillow as I continued to trace your asscrack.

Then I undressed and crawled up next to you on the bed. As soon as you felt my naked skin you got very excited. You started to move and I had to give you a good slap on the ass.

I said, You stay perfectly still. You do not move without permission pup. Are we clear?

And you shook your head. I pulled you onto your side and pushed myself next to you. I knew how much you wanted to feel my body; to touch my muscles; to feel the definition I spend hours to maintain. You could feel the hair on my chest against your back and my eleven inch prick up against your ass, and the hair on my legs as it played with the backs of your legs. Your right hand was at your side, away from the bed and it was inches away from my body. I could see your hand trembling, but I had to remain strong. So I kneeled on the bed and turned you toward me. I curled you up a bit so that as I looked down on you, you were facing me, bent at your middle, knees bent and legs up towards your body. You were almost curled up in front of me. I took your free hand and moved it up and down the insides of my thighs. I watched as the goose bumps rose on your arms and chest and your face got very red.

I said, Tell me what you're thinking.

You began, Please let me touch you. Please let me hold you. Please let me suck your cock and kiss your lips, please, please. I'm so damn hard and so damn hot. I'm so close to coming that I've almost lost it four of five times. If you touched my dick right now I'd come till I ran dry. Please let me come. If you want if you wouldn't mind could you. would you please fuck me.

I answered, Pup, I'd like nothing more that to give in to you; to fuck you and let you come. But it would ruin everything. You're just beginning to figure things out pup. If you let me teach you, I can give you a world of pleasure, more than you can imagine, but first you have to learn control, once you learn control you can hold onto it or release it at will; you will be able to do anything, be anyone, know everything. And when the time is right I will fuck you. I'll fuck you till you cry from joy. I'll fuck you till you can think of nothing else night and day, nothing except how full and wonderful you feel with my prick up your ass and how empty and desolate you feel when my cock isn't jammed deep in your guts.

You said, Please can't I learn more next time. Please can't I come now and learn more tomorrow. I promise to do everything you've told me; change my life; change my habits; do whatever you want me to do. I swear I will.

I had to laugh, Did you hear yourself pup? You'll do whatever I tell you, except right now you want to do, what you want to do, and you want to come.

You stuck out your lip and your voice broke, It's been over two hours and my dick is really hurting, and my muscles are all so stiff from being at attention and not moving without your permission. How long will this lesson take.. sir?

I answered, It will take as long as it takes pup. Would you like me to leave? Then you could beat off and be done with it.

You said, Would you come back tomorrow?

I told you what you already knew, Pup, if I leave you will never see me again. I know that; you know that. So what do you want me to do?

And you said, Fuck me?

I returned the volley, Nice try pup. I tell you what though. You can have a go at my chest. How's that?

You nearly jumped me. You were so damn eager. So I sat you up and laid myself down in front of you. Then I guided you mouth to the space between my nipples, and said, No hands pup. You're just beginning. I want you to memorize my body with your mouth. Go to work.

And with your hands straining at your sides and flapping and opening and closing, you began to explore my chest. Your mouth was very hot and dripping spit; you were salivating like you hadn't eaten in a week. You slid your mouth and tongue everywhere leaving a wide trail of spit behind. When you got to my nipple rings you went crazy. I watched your prick bob and weave and leak all over the bed. We were already making a hell of a mess. You began to make noises like you were eating and you were humming too, but I don't think you realized it. You got the hair that surrounds my pecs all matted down and wet. I have a neat growth of chest hair that covers the upper region, but just as my pecs dip into the valley of my abdomen the hair narrows into a single line of curls that goes down and around my belly button and stays narrow till it collides with my hairy bush. I don't trim my chest. It's pretty neat all on its own and it's far from a rug like some guys have. My abs are cut from a lot of hard work and I naturally have a deep crevice that runs down the midline of my six-pack. When I sweat a nifty little river forms in that crack that runs down my belly and cuts it in half.

When you found the groove between my abs you worked your tongue down and into it and you licked me up and down; first all the way up to my Adam's apple then all the way down to my bush; kind of like your were painting me with a brush. After about ten minutes I could tell you were getting frenzied. You were breathing heavily and sweating like crazy; you were dripping from your nose and chin. I stopped you before you let yourself come.

You groaned and said, Oh man I was so close. How the fuck can I get so hot from just licking your chest. This is nuts. I've never, ever, in my life been this turned on. Look, please you've got to fuck me. My asshole is like spasming. It has never done that before, but it's driving me crazy. I've never let another man touch my ass and now I'm begging you to please fuck me. I don't even care if it hurts. It's OK, honest. Look man, please fuck me. YOU GOTTA LET ME CUM. I FEEL LIKE I'M GONNA START SCREAMING SOON!!

I said, Pup, we're just getting started. We've barely scratched the surface. Do you realize we haven't had any genital contact.. none really. We haven't done much of anything and look how turned on you are. Imagine how much better this can get.

You said, Oh hell mister, I don't care how much better it can get. I'm going crazy. You've gotta let me cum. I swear you can do anything you want to me if you just let me come. You know, spank me, tickle me, fuck me, make me suck you off, lick your ass, french your asshole.ANYTHING!! Just please let me come.

I said, Pup, not yet and not another word. NOW SHUT UP. I'm going to turn onto my stomach and I want you to lick my ass.

You said, Now you're talking.

I stopped what I was doing, Pup, that's going to cost you. You see what happens when I relax the rules? I give you some freedom to express what's on your mind and you just start breaking every fucking rule I've given you. You need to learn to be still. Now get on the floor on your knees facing the bed. Or maybe I'll just leave. That might be better. Perhaps we should call it quits.

That's when you lost it. You started to cry, Noooooooooooo. Please don't leave. I'll shut up. I won't say another word. I swear. Only please don't give up on me. I want to learn. I swear I do. I can feel how great this is.. all of it. So please, please just don't leave.. and please sir, keep calling me your pup' I kind of like it.

I said, OK then shut up.. pup..and get on the floor. Let's go back to basics. Let's do a little foot work. And without instruction, without being told; first, you sat at my feet while I sat on the bed; and one tiny step at a time; with a rest in between to see if it was OK to move to the next part; you slowly and gradually took my right foot into your hands and began to massage it. And once you got my foot good and loose and all warmed up you began to bring it to your face and caress it with your cheek and then your lips. At first you kept your mouth closed; it was the right thing to do and you knew it; you spent a few minutes at each level before you moved onto the next. Eventually you were tracing the lines of my foot with your tongue. You bathed the sole from one end to the other with wide swipes of your tongue; then once my whole foot had gotten general attention and was good and wet you began to suck on each toe individually. It was wonderful. You were as gentle as a kitten and you purred as you worked. And all the while your prick shot prefuck all over your belly. When you'd licked and sucked every inch of my right foot you step by step moved to my left foot. You were perfect. I wanted to pick you up and kiss you for an hour, but that's how I fucked things up the last time so I held myself in check.

When both feet were well done you sort of let your tongue go beyond the boundary of my foot. I found you licking up the inside of my leg. I decided to give you your head and see what you'd learned. You came within a centimeter of my ball sac and you stopped; then you traced your tongue down the inside of my other leg. WELL DONE PUP!!

When you'd thoroughly soaked the insides of my legs I stood before you, put my hands under your arms and lifted you up till your face was in front of my own.

I said, I'm going to kiss you pup, but first I'm going to take off your blindfold. Before I do that there are a few things you need to know. Feel free to ask me questions if you want. This is part of your lesson pup. When I take off that blindfold you're going to want to open your eyes and look at me. If you do that you'll get a good look at me.. leaving, and make no mistake, if I leave you'll never see me again.

You asked, But why, why can't I see your face. You know I don't care what you look like. I don't care if you have scars, or a big nose. I don't care if you're bald. I don't care if you're ugly. I think I love you.

I answered, Pup, there's nothing wrong with my face. It's a pretty nice face, and my hair is fine and I'm not covered in scars. I don't want you to see my face till it's time. Pup, I want to control every aspect of our pairing. I am your teacher so let me teach you. After tonight I want you thinking about me every moment of the day. I want you to look for me everywhere. Each time you see a tall good looking man getting into a cab I want you to wonder if it's me. Every time you see a hot guy across a crowded bar and he makes you sweat I want you to wonder if it's me. I want you to look for me everywhere, see me in everywhere, see me in everyone. I want your prick to jump every time you see a good looking guy on TV or on a billboard or in a magazine or in a movie, because pup it just might be me. Do you understand?

You said, No.. OK, OK look, I guess I can sort of understand, but why don't you just leave the blindfold on.

I said, Pup, you know the answer to that. The answer is CONTROL. You must begin to practice control. From now on there will be no blindfolds, only your wish to keep seeing me. by not seeing me. If I see YOU in a crowded room I may come up to your back and the minute you hear my voice I expect you to shut your eyes and pray that you didn't catch a glimpse of my face. If you see my face before I am ready pup, it will be the last time you'll see any of me.

You began to cry softly as I removed the blindfold, I fucking hate this. I want to see you. I want to know you. I want you to stay here with me. I want to open my eyes and come home with you and stay there till you throw me out. I want you to fuck my ass and kiss me. I want to wake up and be able to hug you and shower with you and MAKE LOVE WITH YOU. Look, you've got me, you own my ass.. if that's what you want. Tell me what to do.

I answered, You already know all these answers. You'll have all of me when the time is right pup. You'll really be able to tell me what you want then, after you've learned all about yourself and your sex. Right now you're a mess of feelings and emotions. Right now your prick looks like it's going to explode any second. You'll say and do anything to have me let you come. It's your dick that's talking not your heart.

You shook your head hard, No way, that's not it. Fuck me don't fuck me. Let me cum don't let me cum. I still want you to stay or take me with you.

I interrupted you, And what. It's been maybe four hours. Are you trying to tell me that you're totally ready to change your life AND that what you want is to be my bottomboy forever? Are you serious?

You got all flustered, Well, it feels right. I don't know. I guess I'm confused.

I pulled you into my arms and kissed you hard. I pushed you back on the bed. I rolled over top of you. I let my weight down onto you. I pushed my tongue into your hot mouth. I moved my lower body off to the side. As I finished the kiss I knelt next to you.

I said, Spread your legs.

You instantly shot your legs apart. I put my left index finger into your mouth and said, Get it wet..very wet. pup.

You slobbered all over my finger. When it was loaded with spit I put it between your legs and rubbed it all around your rosy pucker. When it was good and slimy I bent down and added a bit more of my own saliva. Then I pushed two fingers up your ass and found your prostate. I began a rhythmic massage. You began to moan and if it was possible you were sweating even more. As it was I was soaked. We looked like we'd just gotten out of a hot shower. There wasn't a dry hair on either of our heads. I shook my head and sent a spray of sweat all over you. It gave you the chills. You were arching your back and your cock was swollen to its maximum. You were moaning and whimpering. I put the palm of my right hand on your forehead while I continued to rub your love nut with the two fingers on my left hand. I pulled out and added a third finger to your hungry hole. Now you were heaving on the bed. The whole frame was pounding up and down on the floor. You were yelping and groaning and bouncing your ass up and down. It was difficult to keep my fingers on your prostate. As the head of your prick doubled in size I brought my lips down to yours; forced your mouth open; stuck my tongue down your throat and sucked out your breath. As your cock exploded it shot rope after glob after stream of hot, thick, white, cockcream up into the air. The first two charges hit the wall the next two caught me in the side of the face and dribbled down into our mouths (very hot); the rest landed on your belly.

A minute later you felt for me. then you called for me. then you opened your eyes.. I was gone.

The next day you were a different man. The people in your office noticed it right away. You fairly skipped off the elevator. Everyone noticed how full your pants looked. The men and women began to take bets on the size of your monster cock. That afternoon the movers came. They brought your new bed and re-arranged your bedroom. They mentioned that it was going to look rather bare with most of the furniture gone. You said that's the way your man wanted it and therefore that's the way you wanted it. You shocked and surprised them. The big, twenty-six year old, very straight, very gorgeous, part time moving man, full time law student, felt oddly drawn to you. He kept trying to find a way to talk to you. He wanted some excuse to get you into conversation. He tried to find some way, some reason to come back later, to get to know you; and he had no idea why. He did notice your balls under the light robe that came down to your knees; and once as he bent over he saw that you had on some strange contraption. It got him all hard and sweating. You were the strongest most self-assured man he'd ever met and he felt a strong wave of admiration for you. You hardly noticed. You called the piercing place and made an appointment in two days. You made them swear to call you instantly if they got a cancellation sooner. You went to the adult bookstore and stocked up on educational porn. You bought dildoes, harnesses, nipple clamps and five hundred dollars worth of odds and ends. The minute you walked through the door you tore your clothes off and prayed you were not alone. All night, hot and hard and covered in sweat, every time you heard a noise you called out, Is that you sir? but it wasn't. When you slept you dreamed of me and twice you almost came dreaming could be dangerous. You barely slept.

I'll be back soon, to teach you more; to bring you total freedom; complete abandon; the liberty to be whoever, whatever you are, and how to have it all.


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