Holy shit!

There were only 3 of us left at the party now, me, Will and KC, the mysterious Hollywood actor who for some weird reason had decided to come along to our graduation party from Apple Valley High.

I was still mostly laying down on the chaise lounge pretty close to the pool. Will was sitting on the grass a few feet away with his arms around his knees still sort of looking up at the night sky in the general direction of Orion. KC had stood up when Joey left and now walked over to look at the pool.

Suddenly I had to pee.

'Um, Will, is it okay if I use your bathroom?'

Will gave me a look. 'Shut up TJ! Like you really have to ask? We're best friends all the way through high school and we've seen each other naked like a million times. What the fuck?'

I gave Will my best confused look and opened my mouth to speak. But I didn't say anything.

I popped up off the lounge and bolted toward Will's bedroom. It was familiar territory for me, having spent many a night on the spare bed in his room, having showered there tons of times, having even wanked myself off a couple of those times, having watched the Leeman brothers give Will the best blowjob of his life just a few hours ago before the party started. Will's bathroom represented a sort of safe haven for me.

When I got inside Will's room, I grabbed my underwear which had dried somewhat and brought them into the bathroom. Then I closed and locked the door.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!' I whispered to myself in the mirror.

I undid the shorts I was wearing and let them fall to the floor around my ankles. I looked down at my cock. I was still sort of semi-hard from all the talk about my dick outside with everybody. There was no way I could pee. I didn't even want to touch myself at this point; I had no idea if I would cum immediately or get one of those impossible hard-ons that never goes down. I dangled my dick over the toilet, and hoped for the best. Still keeping my hands away, I only hoped my aim was good.

Nothing happened.

I waited about a minute or so, but my cock wasn't getting any softer, and I really couldn't pee. Without thinking about it, I started to hum. It wasn't long before I realized that it was our high school fight song.

'You're such a fucking idiot,' I said to the toilet.

Even though nothing had come out, I flushed anyway. It seemed like the right thing to do.

Carefully, without touching myself, I pulled Will's pants up and buttoned them. Then I realize I'd brought my underwear in with me, so I undid them again, dropped them down and off my feet completely. I tugged on my damp shorts, and then repeated the process of pulling up the pants.

I looked in the mirror and sighed. Why the hell hadn't I gone home with Joey? At least then I was sure to get laid. What on earth was I doing hoping to have something happen with Will? There was just no way!

As I washed my hands I thought of Joey naked. That first time I'd bumped into him in the shower room way back last fall. He was so fucking hot! Perfect body, perfect hair, perfect teeth! I even liked his feet, but I hadn't seen his dick that day. Even so, it didn't matter, I'd fantasized about him quite a few times in the days that followed, and my brain penciled in his dick like I'd imagined it would be.

My underwear got tighter as I felt my wiener fill up and thicken. Again

I looked at my hair in the mirror. Yuck!

Did I actually hang out at my graduation party looking like this? I drizzled bit of water from my hand onto my hair and tried to make myself look better.

For.....? For who? I shrugged my shoulders. Will was my best friend but it was not beneath me to jack off thinking about having sex with him.

And then there was KC. I had absolutely no idea why he was here. Who could he have come with? Which one of our friends at Apple Valley actually knew a Hollywood movie star? This was Will's party, of course, and he definitely didn't invite him.

Not that I was complaining of course. KC was way better looking in person than on the big screen. I always loved his straight brown hair, how it fell lazily over his forehead. His dark eyes, dark eyebrows and killer smile made him the total package. He made millions as an actor for each movie he did as a leading man - in my book, he deserved it, especially if he took his shirt off for the cameras.

I stared at the reflection of my crotch. It was bigger than usual, but unless you were really concentrating on it, you probably couldn't tell that I had like an 80% erection. Did I really want to go back outside and help Will finish the clean-up from the party with a hard dick? Did I have a choice? It didn't seem to be going down.

I took a deep breath, adjusted my shirt a little bit over the top of my pants and left to go back outside.

When I got back outside, Will and KC were sitting side-by-side with their feet in the pool. KC had taken his shirt off.

As I got closer and saw his chest and arms, hairless and bronzed, the 20% left to go for my boner was a foregone conclusion - it was only a matter of time.

Seconds, actually. I felt the tip of my cock slip out the top of my underwear.

I stopped and gave myself another adjustment. Where was my backpack for me to hide my hard-on behind like I did at school?

'TJ, why don't you join us?' KC said to me as I walked up. 'The water is great!'

'Yeah, I'm sure,' I said, not committing to join them or not. 'I was sort of in before, I think before you got here.'

'Come on buddy, join us, it's been a long night. We can finish cleaning up in the morning. You can sleep over if you want,' Will said.

'Um, I gotta call my folks,' I said. There was no way they would come and get me so late; they were probably asleep already anyway. I'm sure it would be no big deal for them to let me stay. I mean, I was 18 anyway; did I really even have to ask anymore?

'They're probably asleep already, forget it, they'll be cool,' Will said. He raised one arm, motioning for me to come sit beside him.

I took off my shoes and socks and sat down. Even though I'd been in the pool a couple hours ago, the cool water surprised me.

'Did you wash your hands?' KC asked me with a smile.

I looked at his gorgeous teeth. How could they be that white?

I nodded, acknowledging that I'd washed my hands. Then I held up my palms for the actor to inspect. KC looked at them and smiled.

'Not that big,' he said. 'I thought that somebody with an eight and a third inch penis would have bigger hands.' Will snickered to himself and looked away.

I looked at my hands. He was right, they were sort of small. My feet weren't that impressive either, just a size 9. I lifted my feet up out of the water and wiggled my toes. KC's eyes moved to my feet and he smiled again, this time with his lips together. 'Nice,' he said.

'Um, can I ask, why are you guys still talking about dicks?' I asked.

'Actually we weren't,' KC answered. 'We were talking about going for a swim. Seems like the right way to cap off a very nice evening, right Will?' KC lightly punched my best friend in the arm.

Will quickly stood up, flung his shirt behind him, slipped out of his pants and shorts, stood naked between us for a moment, and then jumped into the pool. KC arched his eyebrows and looked at me. In an instant, he too stood up, took off his clothes and dove in.

Oh my god, was I really outside by Will's pool about to skinny-dipping with one of my favorite actors ever. I'd say that between Will and KC, they made up practically the majority of my fantasies when I stroked myself off.

One problem, I still had an erection. Getting rid of my clothes would have to wait a minute or so.

Will and KC seemed to ignore me. They both swam laps partly under water, partly on the surface, partly on top. I watched their butts and smiled. KC's had no hair, Will had just a little. Like his chest.

I sighed. There was no way my dick would be getting soft anytime soon.

I watched from the pool's edge as my best friend and KC hung on to the side of the pool in the deep end. They were talking and smiling, but I couldn't quite make out what they were saying. They saw me watching them. I sat down and took off my shirt. That would have to do it for now.

'Come on, TJ, the water's awesome!' Will said loudly from across the pool. He waved his hand to me to emphasize that I should get in the water.

I had to think fast.

'In a minute,' I said. 'I just had some chips and I don't want to get a cramp.'

How totally lame!

Will and KC looked at each other again, then disappeared under the surface of the pool. I watched them casually. They were swimming right toward me, their naked bodies lit up and magnified through the water.

I felt a little pre-cum ooze out from the top of my cock.

In an instant, they were on my side of the pool and quickly lifted themselves up onto the deck. Their bodies glistened in the dim light from the moon, I watched transfixed unable to appreciate that they had left the pool to come and get me. I didn't move.

When they got over to me, they got me all wet as the pool water dripped off their hair, their faces and their arms. I put up no protest as the two nude men lifted me up and then swung me like a hammock, KC had me under the shoulders, and Will had me by the ankles.

It would be the second time in the same evening that I'd been tossed into Will's pool. This time, I had only Will's shorts on, and my own damp underwear. I landed clumsily in the shallow end and sank immediately to the bottom. I got to my feet and stood facing Will and KC who remained outside of the pool, still dripping.

My eyes focused on KC's mid-section. He must have seen me staring at his crotch as he gave himself a little tug, and then jumped back into the pool, making a huge cannonball a few feet away from me. Through the splashing, I saw Will do the same on the other side.

For the next 20 minutes, the three of us clambered up the steps in the deep end and then jumped back in trying to make as big a splash as we could, laughing and screaming and bragging about it all the while. I tried like hell to get a good, solid look at KC's cock but the darkness and the speed that we were all moving kept me from doing so. I had kept my shorts on for the first few minutes but then I was finally able to take them off and join in the skinny-dipping when I was pretty sure my dick wasn't as hard as a rock.

Just three guys hanging out naked late one night having a blast in Will's pool. We made a feeble attempt at not waking up Will's parents, who'd turned in a while ago.

After like 50 times in and out of the pool, we were all totally out of breath and hanging on to the side.

'That was fucking great!' KC said, a little breathless. 'I can't remember the last time I've done this.'

'You mean cannonballs or you mean skinny-dipping?' I asked, gasping for air a bit myself. As a runner I was in pretty decent shape cardio-wise, but somehow swimming always wore me out.

'Both!' KC said, excitedly.

While Will and I panted away, KC dove back underway and made his all the way to the shallow end without surfacing. He hoisted himself up by the shoulders and stood up quickly, pool water streaming off his back and over his ass cheeks. They were hairless and perfect. I made a mental note to rent all of his movies the instant I got home.

'Okay if I use the head in your room,' KC asked, casually, turning his head to look directly at Will, his front side still out of view.

'Um, yeah, sure, its right in there, on the left after you go in my room,' Will said, breathing every couple of words.

KC grabbed a towel that had been used earlier in the evening by somebody - maybe even me? - and dabbed at his hair and ears.

I silently hoped he didn't get one of my pubes in his ear.

I was watching KC's body so closely in the dim light from the moon and the back of the house that I'm afraid my jaw dropped open just a little bit. Will said something but I didn't really catch it.

I stuck my fingers in my own ears and made a show of trying to get the water out of them. Then I shook my head.

'What?' I said, more loudly than needed.

Will smiled.

'I said,' Will repeated and then paused, following the trail my eyes blazed all the way to KC's butt, 'that it's pretty fucking wild we've got a real life movie star hanging out with us.'

'Naked,' I added unnecessarily.

Will smiled. 'Oh yeah, naked,' he said, rubbing my hair with a knuckle. 'I almost forgot.'

Now I smiled and looked at Will. I shrugged my shoulders.

'What do you want from me? I am who I am.'

'I know, TJ, I know, I've known for a long time.'

My eyes met Will's. Could he possibly have figured me out? I studied his face. Actually, what the fuck? How could he possibly NOT have figured me out?

I smirked and looked away.

'I probably should have talked to you a long time ago,' I said, suddenly serious.

He nodded. 'Yes. I think you should have,' Will said. 'You know stuff like that doesn't matter to me, right?'

I looked back into his dark eyes, they were moist. I couldn't tell if he was about to cry or if pool water was still dripping into them from his hair.

In my peripheral vision, I saw KC stop toweling off and turn and face us. He paused a moment, as if he was listening, but there's no way he could hear what we were talking about from way across the yard. He wrapped the towel around his waist and padded off into Will's room. Will and I turned and watched him go. We heard Will's bedroom close as KC stepped inside in his bare feet.

'So, are you officially gay, I mean like totally 100%?' Will asked.

I chuckled.

'Well, I don't know if it's official, but yeah, I guess you could say that. 100%.'

Will screwed up his face and looked deeply into me. 'So......girls are like totally out of the picture then?'

I nodded. 'You're not really asking me that are you?' I said, 'I mean, who's the last girl you saw me go out with?'

Will looked up at the sky and shook his head. 'Umm.....'

I giggled and socked him in the arm. 'Hello? It wasn't really that hard a question! How about Kathy Brewer, like maybe two, three months ago?'

Will shook his head again and smiled. 'That was a date? I thought you and her were just, you know, exchanging cake recipes or something?' He laughed at his own joke and I punched him again.


'Fuck you very much!' I said. I grabbed a nipple on his chest and twisted it clockwise.

'Ow! Cut it out! No, seriously, you gotta admit, it's a little weird that we've been, like, best friends ever high school started, and you've got this big thing, this really big thing that we've never discussed.'

I initially thought he was talking about my dick, but then decided he wasn't and ignored his double meaning. 'I don't bake cake,' I said. 'All I do you pretty much know all ready.' I paused and looked at Will's face. His eyebrows were scrunched up and he seemed very serious. 'I run, I study my ass off and get good grades and pretty much just hang out with you.' I paused again. 'And...well, I guess I fuck around a little. That's it! There you have my entire life. Basically, you know it all now.'

Will sighed. 'Yeah, I know about everything but the fucking around stuff,' he said. 'Someday you'll have to fill me in.'

I whistled and exhaled both at the same time.

'You would wet your pants, Will. You have no idea the stuff I've gotten myself into lately,' I said.

Will raised his eyebrows. 'Or...WHO you've gotten yourself into.'

We both laughed.

I glanced again toward the sky, but a cloud had moved in front of where Orion had been.

'So what's it like?' Will asked me after a while.

'What? What's what like?'

'You know, what's it like? I mean, what's it like fucking other guys?'

I blushed and looked down at the pool.

'It's good, I guess,' I said. 'I mean, it's really, really good! It just feels, you know, really great!'

'Different than girls?'

'Like I would know,' I said. 'People say it's a lot tighter I think.'

'Hmm,' Will said.

'Of course, there's that other part too,' I added.

'What other part?'

I blushed again. 'You know, you can't always just fuck other guys.' I took a breath. 'Sometimes you gotta be on the receiving end. You gotta get fucked too.'


Suddenly I felt very warm. I reached up and splashed water on my face.

'What's that like?' Will asked finally.

I moved away from the wall and started treading water in the deep end. 'Well, it hurts at first. I'm not really a pro or anything, I've only done it once. But once you get used to it, you know, it feels pretty amazing. I think I really loved it.'

'Um, who did it? I mean, who popped your butt cherry?'


'Sorry, sorry. Is that too much?'

I nodded then tilted my head back and dunked my hair in the water.

'Sorry. I thought best friends could do or say anything around each other.'

I looked at him. I wanted to tell him. It just seemed like it crossed a line somehow. Not tonight, but maybe someday soon.

'You're right, it's just that...'

'You're not ready yet,' Will finished my sentence for me. 'That's okay, I get it. But let's keep talking about it. I want to know everything. In this whole crazy world, you're like my closest friend, and we've got to be able to talk openly about everything. If I'm gonna be your best friend too, you need to allow me to be there for you in every possible way.'

My eyes teared up. 'Thanks Will,' I sniffed.

I moved closer to Will in the pool and we gave each other a fist bump.

KC came back outside and we heard Will's door close quietly again. He walked over to wear his jeans lay in a heap on the patio and slipped off his towel. He smiled as he saw us both watching him, and his teeth gleamed, sucking in every bit of the moonlight. KC's dick flopped back and forth as he bent over to pick up his pants. Seemed nice. But damn this low light, why couldn't it be a full moon?

KC tugged his jeans over his feet and onto his legs, leaving his underwear still on the cement. He kept his gaze on Will and me on the other side of the pool as he snapped himself up. They fit him beautifully, and without underwear there was a little space between the lower section of his abs and the inner part of his jeans.

I swallowed hard, and felt the blood rush to my cock a couple of feet below, safely underwater.

KC took a few steps in our direction, barefoot, shirtless, wet hair dangling in his face and onto his shoulders. He was still smiling, and I'd fallen hopelessly in love with his teeth!

Absently my left hand moved through the water and grabbed hold of my own penis. Yup. Was there a world record for the number of hard-ons in a single day? Surely I was a contender.

KC sat down on the pool ledge. He dangled his bare feet over the side but not quite into the water. Will and both looked at him. I studied his feet. Nice, perfectly shaped toes with just a tiny bit of hair, well-trimmed nails, and they arched somewhat underneath - I'd have to give him about a 9.5 for feet.

'Sorry if the bathroom was a disaster,' Will said needlessly. 'I haven't had a chance to get to it yet.'

KC chuckled and looked at Will. 'It's not like you didn't just have a couple hundred people over at your party earlier tonight,' he said. 'Seriously, dude, don't worry about it, it was fine.'

Will smiled and relaxed. He exhaled.

'It was a pretty fucking great party, Will,' I said.

'Sure was,' KC added.


Unsure what to say next, the three of us looked up at the stars again. Orion had moved.

'So KC,' Will began. 'I'm dying to know, how did you, you know, how did you manage to come to my party? I mean, it's no big deal, of course, you're totally welcome. It's just that, well, you know, we don't get big Hollywood movie stars here in Apple Valley much. Did you come with somebody?'

KC smiled and looked at the two naked high school graduates still hanging on to the tile a few feet away from him.

'I'll admit,' he said, 'it's a little out of the ordinary, you're probably right. I mean, I don't even know you guys and I sort of crashed your party.'

'No, it's cool, don't worry,' Will stammered.

'So who'd you come with KC? I'm dying to know?' I said.

'You really have no idea?' KC said, looking at me with a funny grin.

I shook my head.

KC exhaled and looked away.

'Joey Collucci,' he said. 'I came with Joey.'

My mouth dropped open. 'What the...?'

KC pursed his lips and looked directly at me. Underwater I removed my hand from my dick. It didn't seem like I should be playing with myself with KC's eyes boring into me, while I talked with him about Joey Collucci, somebody I'd fucked.

I was only semi-hard now anyway.

'Why didn't Joey, I mean, I didn't even realize he had any friends who were actors. I thought all his friends were his football buddies,' I said.

'Or cheerleaders,' Will added.

'Um, yeah, cheerleaders too,' I said.

I lifted myself up out of the water with my back against the tile. The water cascaded off my upper body and streamed quickly over the partial erection between my legs. KC watched me with interest.

'Nice,' he said. 'You're a runner, right? Just like that twin guy...um, Danny, right? You guys were both on the track team he said.'

I sat on the side and let my legs hang into the water. Will looked up at me from the pool, keeping his eyes off my dick.

I ignored KC's question. 'I can't believe you came with Joey,' Will said. 'Were you guys pretty good friends?'

'Actually I've known his cousin Tino for a while. I did a shoot at a local college and we needed some football players as extras. Tino and I started hanging out. We'd go to bars, parties, you know the usual stuff. One day we played a little touch football on the beach, Tino brought a bunch of his friends. That's how I met Joey. That was like two or three weeks ago. You know? And then he invited me to his party. Cops shut us down, those shits! Then, well, I guess I wound up here with you guys.'

The whole time KC was explaining this, he kept his eyes on my dick. I opened my legs a little big to give him a better view, being careful that Will couldn't see what KC could.

'With you guys doing naked cannonballs into the pool after everybody else has left.'

Will and I giggled. Will then hoisted himself up out of the water and sat down on the edge beside me. We were quite a pair, we looked like before and after photographs at a testosterone clinic. Me: slight, scrawny and hairless, my hands, my feet, and especially my dick could easily slip inside those body parts on Will. He was a bigger, broader, hairier version, and his dick up against mine made my relatively wee little member look pretty ridiculous.

I watched Will and then amused myself watching KC watch Will also. My wee little weenie jolted a bit at the perverted thoughts my brain forced on the rest of me.

'So maybe I should get out of here,' KC said, suddenly. 'It's late, and I don't want to, you know, overstay my welcome.'

Will and I looked at each other and shrugged.

'Stay,' I said.

'Yeah, stay,' Will said.

I took the opportunity to peek at Will's cock, nestled curiously both between his legs and flopped out onto his left thigh.

Fuck, what a monster! My dick shivered once and stretched back out to now be officially an almost boner.

'I've never done naked cannonballs with a movie star before,' Will said.

'Me neither,' I said quickly.

KC smiled.

'All right, I'll stick around, so long as I'm not, you know, imposing on you guys.' He looked at us. Man, he had amazing eyes, soft lips. I could get lost somewhere in all that, I thought to myself.

'You make a pretty fucking great cannonball, KC,' I said, sounding like a groupie.

'That was pretty fun,' he said. 'Kind of' rough on the old butt cheeks though.' KC rubbed the top of his ass through his jeans.

I lifted my own butt off the pavement and tried to have a look. I couldn't. KC followed my gaze and tried to see if I had a red behind, but neither of us could see it very well in the dark light.

Will stood up.

'Here KC, help me out,' Will said.

Will circled his arm under mine. KC got to his feet and mimicked Will. A moment later, the two of them had me in the air, upside down, ass toward Orion. I kicked my feet in mock protest, but not too much. I was afraid I'd get dropped on my head.

Will spanked my butt with a flat open palm and motioned for KC to do the same. KC complied. Will gave me one more whack and then leaned in close to my cheeks to check out his work.

'Hmm, looks pretty red to me,' Will said matter-of-factly.

KC agreed.

I was now fully hard.

'So what was that like TJ, as bad or about the same as doing naked cannonballs into the pool?' Will asked.

I thought about how to respond, and came up empty.

'Um,' I said.

They let me down and I now stood upright and thought again which was worse. I had forgotten about my hard-on, but it must have stood out, despite the poor light. Both Will and KC looked at it. I blushed.

'Sorry, guys...'

KC shook his head. 'Nothing to be sorry about, TJ, nothing at all.'

I scratched absently at my chest and put the other hand in front of my erection, but my hand couldn't quite conceal the full eight and a third inches. I looked into KCs eyes and smiled.

'Nice,' he whispered.

Will nodded.

'All right, all right,' I said, in a sort of half-protest. 'What's going on here?' I backed up away from the pool a couple steps.

Will and KC looked each other conspiratorially. Will was nude, of course, and his thick cock was growing. I watched it in silence as it snaked its way about half way up toward Orion as well. I took my hand away from my mid-section and let my dick bounce forward, a splatter of my seemingly endless supply of pre-cum flew through the air and landed on the cement at the edge of the pool. KC watched it land, then smiled.

'Should we?' KC asked, rhetorically. His jeans had gotten fuller, the space between his flat abs and the fabric had practically doubled.

Will nodded again.

'Do you wanna start?' Will asked, looking at KC.

Now KC nodded.

Will quickly took a step behind me, grabbed my arms and held them tightly so that I was effectively pinned. I could feel the hair on his arms, the light hair on his chest and his semi-hard monster dick pressing against me all at once. I exhaled as if the air had been let out of me and relaxed against him. I watched KC bend down onto his knees. After hesitating a moment to look carefully at the hardness of my cock, he grasped it with both of his hands and then placed his lips lightly around the end, licking off the pre-cum.

I shuddered and let out a gasp.

Holy Matrix Batman! A real-life Hollywood actor was giving me a blow job!

KC worked on my cock for what seemed like an eternity. He alternated his hands, licked the shaft up and down, and even plopped my ball sack into his mouth. The combined sensation of KC's tongue and hands on my front side, along with Will's now huge erection pressing mightily against my back side. Every now and then, KC would let a finger wander down below my nuts and linger over my butthole. He moistened his finger with some saliva, spun it around a few times on the head of my hard-on, then gradually slipped it inside my ass. Will's balls felt warm and soft between my cheeks.

'Ahh!' I said to Orion, wherever he was.

'Shh,' Will whispered.

I craned my neck and tried to look at Will. KC never let up, jack hammering my cock up and down with one hand, probing inside the almost-virgin depths of my ass with his finger.

'Hello?' I said, quietly. 'You try to keep quiet while all of this is going on!'

Will laughed and KC mumbled something unintelligible, my dick was still in his mouth.

KC kept me on the brink of insanity, cumming, not cumming, I didn't really know. I couldn't believe the sensations that were flying around my body. Could his finger be doing all this to me? My eyes started to roll backward in my head.

Behind me Will was doing nothing but holding me up. I leaned against his legs and his chest, loving the feeling of his hard dick squeezed between us. It felt like Will's cock started somewhere down near the top of my ass crack and then ended up between my shoulder blades!

Finally, KC stopped.

I was a mess. I took a couple deep breaths and then looked down at him.

'Nice dick,' KC said.

I felt some drool collect at the corner of my mouth. 'Nice mouth,' I said in return.

He smiled and licked the tip of my dick.

'You're like a major pre-cum dude,' KC said.

I nodded. What was I supposed to say?

Will let go of me and backed away. As he did, the towering manhood between his legs slid very slowly down the center of my back. My dick throbbed in response, it made KC grin.

Will slipped around into eyesight for me and sat down on the ground. KC finally took his hands off my cock and looked at the two of us.

'Um, are we done here?' I asked.

KC paused, then said: 'You guys should fuck.'

I stopped breathing.

Will looked down at his dick. He didn't have to lower his eyes very much. His penis was so big when it was hard that it seemed like it was just everywhere.

'Okay with me,' Will said. 'It might hurt a little...at first. But we can give it a shot.'

'No fucking way,' I said. 'That's impossible.'

'Don't worry, TJ, I'll help you, you can do it.'

'No KC, I can't,' I said. 'I mean, shit! Look at that thing!'

As if on cue, Will lay back on his elbows and the true magnificence of his erect dick was revealed. It was a Leaning Tower of Penis. I shuddered.

'We're going to need some lube,' KC said.

'I've got a little bit of Vaseline in my bathroom,' Will said, helpfully.

I shot him a look.

'Hello? This is my butt we're talking about here,' I said. 'Do I have a say in this at all?'

'Of course you do, TJ,' KC said. 'But you know what, this is the right thing to do. I can tell.'

'What are you talking about?'

'Trust me TJ, I know. It's really kind of special this bond that you and Will seem to have. Letting him screw you in the ass is like the perfect way to celebrate that.'

'Yeah, yeah, yeah,' I said. 'Are you my therapist now?'

I looked down at my crotch. Nothing had changed. I was hard as a rock, a little pool of pre-cum glistening on the tip of my dick.

'No, TJ, I just play one on TV,' KC said.

Will giggled and I kicked him with my foot. I looked at his penis and shook my head slowly from side to side.

KC scrambled to his feet. 'Where's the lube?' he said.

'I've got a little jar of Vaseline under the sink in my bathroom.'

Three seconds later, KC was back. Tub of lube in hand. I shuddered again.

Will got to his feet, his penis reaching for the stars. KC popped the top off of the jar of Vaseline. He nodded to Will's massive member.

'Do you mind if I, you know...?' KC asked, waiting for permission to lather up the monster.

Will smirked and said yes. KC got right to it. By the time he was done, Will's weenie was slathered up with lube from top to bottom. KC stood back and admired his handiwork.

'That's quite a penis, Will,' KC said.

'Yeah, I'm blessed, I think,' Will said.

I nodded vigorously. 'It's kind of over the top, don't you think?' I added, still holding out hope that it was not really gonna be rammed up my butt.

'Biggest I've ever seen,' KC said. 'Or heard about,' he added, smiling.

I sighed.

'Bend over, TJ,' KC said.

I immediately did as I was told.

As I held my ankles with my hands and felt the cool night air wafting across my asshole, I looked up at KC. 'Um, just a question, if you don't mind, of course, KC.'

'Shoot,' KC said.

'Why exactly are you helping us out with this? I mean, I'm just curious,' I said.

'The truth? You want the truth?'

Upside down, I looked him in the eye and nodded.

'Joey asked me to,' KC said simply.


'He said that it was long overdue. He said that you guys were best friends, closer than just about anybody else he'd ever met. He said that you were both great guys, that you were amazing in the sack, and that he knew you wanted to finally have an amazing sexual experience with your closest friend on earth.'

My mouth was suddenly very dry. Joey? How the fuck could Joey have really known what I'd wanted for so long from Will? How the fuck could he just ask somebody, a total stranger, to help me have sex with my best friend?

'Let's do this,' Will said, moving into position, his gigantic cock laying heavily on my back. I took a deep breath and braced myself.

KC stood beside me and spread my buttocks wide. He gripped the end of Will's dick and shoved it down so that the mushroom head pulsed against my butthole. I breathed deeply in and out, a big drop of pre-cum from my hard-on splatted on the ground between my legs

'Are you ready?'

'Let's just go,' I said, resigned to my fate.

Will thrust his hips forward. He knocked me completely over. I fell forward and executed a perfect somersault. I landed on my back with my legs in the air and cracked up. KC and Will laughed too.

'I think I need ballast,' I said.

This caused my best friend and my new favorite actor to start giggling again. As Will laughed, his penis bounced up and down like a jack-hammer. I watched it go up and down and quickly stopped laughing. I hopped up onto my feet and wiggled my ass back into position. The plum-sized head of Will's boner pushed through the outside wall of my asshole.

'Agh,' I said, involuntarily.

'Easy tiger,' KC said. 'Give him a minute to get used to it.'

Will let his fat cock just sit there inside of me while I hyperventilated. KC grabbed at my dick to try and be helpful. Something about having a movie star stroke the shaft of my cock while my best friend tried to plunge his ridiculously big penis inside of my butt struck me as funny and I started to laugh.

KC wrapped his lips around mine to quiet me. While he kissed me I calmed down.

Will slowly eased in. Tears came to my eyes but I stood my ground. KC's tongue explored my mouth and I gradually relaxed. Will was being patient. When he was maybe halfway inside of me, I unlocked my mouth from KC's and peeked around my backside.

'Oh my god,' I said, 'that's it? That's as far as you've gotten in there?'

'Shh,' Will said.

KC's mouth found mine again and he kissed me heartily. I concentrated on letting our tongues explore each other and thought about something other than the pain in my butt. KC was a pretty good kisser and I let myself be taken away. KC's free hand rubbed Vaseline up and down the entire length of my cock.

'Agh,' I said again. 'Fuck me Will,' I said, surprising myself.

'You got it, pal,' Will said. 'Take my big fucking dick.'

As Will shoved himself more and more inside of me, KC made himself useful. He kissed me, he jerked my cock, and I found myself getting lost in it all. The pre-cum was flowing out of me like a faucet now.

Five minutes later it was done.

Will screamed and twisted his pelvis around as he came inside my ass. I exploded with a load unlike any I'd ever seen before come out of me. KC's mouth still surrounded my own, he kept kissing me even well after we had both cum. I noticed the fullness in KC's jeans and smiled to myself.

As Will slide his huge shaft slowly out of my butthole, there was an audible pop. My hard-on had not softened at all. KC bent over and licked the end where a little bit of sperm had stuck. I shivered and pushed his head away. My dick was always super sensitive after I'd gotten off. He sucked the last of my cum from the head of my penis and then came up to give me a bleachy open-mouth kiss. Will backed away and watched the two of us, letting me and KC sort of have our moment.

'Well that was pretty fucking awesome,' Will said when KC and I finally separated.

'I have to admit,' KC added, 'it was pretty fucking awesome to watch too.'

I just smiled and said nothing.

'You two should do this again,' KC said. 'It seemed like you fit pretty good inside of him once he got used to it,' he said to Will, looking away from me.

I flipped KC the bird.

'Well I guess this had to happen,' Will said. 'It was a long time in coming.'

I squinted my eyes and looked at Will. Really?

'Thanks,' KC said. 'Thanks for letting me be here and be a part of it.'

I raised my hand to shake KCs. It was all I could not to fall asleep on the spot, hard-on or not.

A few minutes later Will and KC were carrying me inside. Once we got into Will's room will carefully set me down on the spare bed across from his that I'd slept in many times. He tucked me in and brushed the hair on my forehead away from my eyes. KC pulled my ear gently and kissed me lightly on it.

My ass hurt. I was covered in a curious combination of chlorine, Vaseline, sweat and sperm, but I smiled to myself as I let my eyes close. In an instant I was asleep.


TJ Tachet

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