Danny and David were frozen in place when I walked sheepishly out of the bathroom.

Andy closed the door behind him as he stepped into the room. He had no idea what he was walking into. There was no easy way to explain what had just happened, that the twins had just sucked off Will in the shower.

And that I had stood there and done absolutely nothing!

The three of us must have looked a little pale.

Andy smiled, his perfect white straight teeth lighting up the room. 'What gives gents?'

I opened my mouth but hesitated.

Andy looked down at my crotch. My hard on pressed against my jeans. He pointed his finger just below my belt but said nothing. He didn't have to. His smile widened.

David shifted his weight and placed both hands in front of his own crotch. Andy turned his head toward David and his eyes focused on the obvious erection behind the zipper.

'What the...?'

'There's a perfectly good explanation for all this,' I stammered, stupidly.

Andy sat down on the edge of Will's bed. He looked over at Danny.

'What about you Danny?' he asked innocently, and then switched to a British accent, 'have you got a boner as well?'

Danny smiled broadly. 'Abso-fucking-lutely!' He turned and thrust his hips forward to give Andy a closer look.

Andy exhaled loudly. 'Well, dudes, this seems like we've got a situation here,' he said with a grin. 'I appear to be the only one in Will's bedroom without a hard-on.'

'Yep,' David and I agreed.

Andy looked around the room. 'Um, where's Will? Or is that a stupid question? Is he hiding in the closet covered with duck tape?'

Danny cracked up. 'That's right, amigo. Better call 911! Will just got totally worked over!'

We all laughed.

'No seriously, guys, where's Will?'

The sound of whistling came clearly from Will's bathroom and the four of us stopped to listen to it. Will was whistling the graduation song we'd heard at least a thousand times a few days ago while we sat through the ceremony officially ending our high school careers.

Andy furrowed his eyebrows. 'Will's in the bathroom?'

We all nodded.

'And you guys are all in his bedroom with hard dicks?' Andy asked.

'You got it,' Danny said.

'Somebody please catch me up,' Andy said. 'What just happened? What did I miss?'

Danny fell to the floor as if he'd been knocked over. He sighed. Then he said in a whisper. 'Only about the most amazing piece of male monster meat on the face of the planet!'

Andy's jaw dropped and lowered his voice. 'What?' He shook his head. 'You mean Will?'

We nodded again. Will kept up whistling the graduation song in the bathroom.

'Are you fucking kidding me? Are you saying that the four of you guys...?'

'Well, not really all of us,' Danny explained. He nodded toward me. 'Our pal TJ here kept his mouth to himself.'

Andy looked at me. I alone nodded this time.

'This is all pretty fucking interesting,' Andy said, standing up and hovering over Danny on the floor.

Danny pawed at himself through his jeans. 'If you wanna know what's really interesting, I've got a little secret here that I could share with you.'

Andy shook his head.

'Yeah, with the emphasis on 'little,'' David added helpfully.

I grinned. Will kept whistling away.

'So someone tell me what happened. I'm a little confused here,' Andy asked again.

'Blow job Andy,' I said breathlessly. 'The Leeman twins just sucked Will dry in the shower.'

'No way!'

'Yeah way,' Danny said, getting to his feet and standing nose to nose with Andy, his lips spread apart. 'My bro and I just swallowed about a foot of cock!'

'It was pretty impressive,' I said. 'I didn't think anybody could take in the whole thing, but Danny's right, both of them gobbled it down like it was a banana or something,' I added.

David laughed out loud. 'Yeah, more like a banana on steroids,' he said. 'What do you call those things they eat in South America?'

'Plantains' Andy and I said together.

'Yeah, like a plantain,' David said.

Danny had both hands on Andy's shoulders and was holding him from turning away. Andy looked into his eyes and Danny met his stare. Danny moved his hands to his jeans and undid the top button.

'Danny!' David said from across the room. 'Leave poor Andy alone.'

Andy backed up a few steps, never letting his gorgeous green eyes drop from Danny's face.

Andy's sandy blond hair was a little longer than usual, falling down softly over his eyes and the back of his shirt collar. The moment passed and he finally turned away from David. Secretly I drank in Andy's broad shoulders and narrow waist. Like the rest of us in Will's bedroom, Andy was a runner. The difference was that Andy wasn't on the team though he could have been, easily. It didn't matter to Andy, he just ran for the sake of running. For his love of the exercise and of life. Andy pretty much loved everything about life and pretty much did whatever he wanted whenever he pleased. For a guy from New York, he was surprisingly free-spirited. There was nothing Andy wouldn't be happy to do in life. And, I guessed, there was nothing that scared him. Even David Leeman taunting him with a hard cock.

Saving us, Will walked out of the bathroom in his towel. He paused as he noticed the four of us in his room, in a sort of suspended animation. Then Will's natural easy-going what the fuck nature took over. He smiled at Andy. He probably assumed we had just told him about the episode in the shower.

'Andy!' Will said loudly, raising his naked arm to give Andy a forearm bump. 'Nice to see you, thanks for coming over early to help.'

'Hey Will,' Andy said with total coolness. 'let's get a move on dude; we've got to get this party started!'

'Yeah, yeah, you're right, sorry I'm late getting ready,' Will began. 'These boys just sort of had their way with me in my shower.'

Danny laughed. David and I were white with embarrassment. Andy smiled knowingly.

'Enough said, dude, let's get some clothes on you and finish setting up for tonight's big fiesta!' Andy pointed in the general direction of Will's groin. 'And let's tuck that monster of yours away real tight, there'll be enough people here later wanting to blow you that I might get jealous.'

And that was that.

Will got dressed. The respective hard-ons of Danny, David and I went down. Danny re-buttoned his pants. And then we all pitched in to help Will get everything set up for his party. As if nothing had happened. My head was spinning.

Once the party started, I relaxed a little and began to enjoy what might be the last night for a while with my high school friends. Because Will was pretty straight-laced and because his parents stuck around as chaperones, there was no alcohol, no drugs, and even, surprisingly, no cigarettes at Will's party. Just good clean fun.

Until of course Danny Leeman realized that nobody had been in the pool yet.

His brother David was the first to get thrown in. With his clothes on, of course. After Danny grabbed a couple of the other guys and managed to wrestle them into the pool as well, all hell broke loose and at least 20 people wound up in Will's pool. And nobody had a bathing suit on. I'd brought mine but left it in the car, deciding to wait until others started the whole pool thing before I joined in too.

Will and I were standing next to each other watching the scene unfold. He had a huge grin on his face, genuinely happy that people at his party seemed to be having a good time. The two of us were still dry and considered what to do next.

'Well do you want to?' Will asked me, his dark eyes much more sincere and honest than the casual question called for. He was asking me if I wanted to jump in the swimming pool, right?

'Um, well, I guess. I've got my trunks in the car,' I answered.

Will slapped me on the back. 'No trunks buddy,' he said. 'This is our graduation party from high school. This is only going to happen once in our lives! Let's just fucking do this!' The double entendres continued to dance around in my head.

'Um,' I hesitated.

My indecision must have annoyed him. Will grabbed me by the hips, threw me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and walked me over to the pool. I put up no protest, thinking instead about Will's strong arms draped across my skinny torso. From up high on Will's back, the only view I had was of Will's ass. With each step, my face bounced back and forth into Will's right butt cheek. I was tense at first and then realized that if I just chilled out a bit, this might actually be fun. So I did and Will continued to rhythmically dribble my head into his own backside.

When we reached the pool, people must have noticed that Will had me over his shoulder. Things got very quiet as they probably wondered what he would do next.

If I could have put the world on pause and just hung there on Will's shoulder forever, held up in the air by my best friends huge hands, my nose pressed snugly into his butt, that would have been just fine.

Somehow, Will took off my t-shirt without putting me down, then eased me off his shoulder but kept his grip my chest. With one easy pass, Will unbuttoned my jeans and was about to lower them to the ground. I heard a collective sigh from some people who were watching us and I instinctively reached down and grabbed hold of my jeans before Will could take them off me. At that moment, I looked up at Will's eyes and had that same moment we had shared in the bathroom a few hours ago, right after the Leemans had finished blowing him. What passed between us was all at the same time intensely personal, erotic and confusing. It was as if the whole of our friendship, the whole of our many high school experiences, the whole of our entire personal and sexual history finally became real.

I stopped hanging on to my jeans for dear life. And Will stopped trying to push them down.

Obviously sensing that his services were needed, Danny Leeman got up out of the pool and ran over to the two of us. Never one to leave a dramatic moment alone, Danny tugged both my jeans and my underwear down to my ankles in one swift movement. Will unlocked his eyes from mine and seemed to look down at my body. I'd been lifting weights a little lately and had managed to get my usually too-slim body up to 165 pounds. I don't think Will knew I'd become a bit more muscular so he was surprised. The fact that I was naked from the shins up wasn't important to me, and it wasn't important to Will. What mattered was we Will and I said to each other silently at the edge of the pool. And not a single person at the party had any idea what had just happened. They were all probably just watching some stupid scene of a mostly naked guy being tossed into the pool.

I was surrounded by the hands of other guys, but I kept looking at Will's face, lost in the moment, hoping to hear, or see, just a little more. Three people threw me in, my feet still bound by my blue jeans that had gotten stuck on my shoes.

When I came up to the surface, I cleared the water from my face and treaded water awkwardly. Will was taking off his own shirt. He neatly folded it before setting it on the ground beside his feet, quickly undid his pants, dropped his boxers and clumsily slide it all over his shoes. He looked over at me, trying not to drown in his pool, stopped for a moment to decide whether or not he was going to fold his pants up too, then seemed to say 'what the fuck?' and leaped into the pool.

There were about five other people in the pool at the time, but most were clinging to the wall. I was the only one in the deep end. Swimming, sort of.

I heard a few people yell out to Will. Somebody said something about his dick. Somebody said something about the two of us, best friends, being nude in Will's pool.

As Will came up, he faced me in the deep end. He put both of his hands strangely around my ears. Will's size 13 feet easily kept him up, a really big version of a duck paddle, he and I had often joked. My own size 9s were not so bad running on the track, but looked pretty silly next to Will's by comparison.

I tried to touch Will's hands, but I needed them to stay afloat. Will seemed to sense that I needed my feet freed. With his own feet, Will expertly pushed my jeans and shoes all the way off and I could finally tread water without swallowing too much. Will put his hands under my arm pits and I switched positions and put mine on his ears.

By now, most people at the party had turned away and had resumed whatever they were doing or talking about before the host and his pal got naked and wound up in the pool. Will looked into my eyes. There was a tenderness and compassion stronger than I'd ever felt before. Not just from Will, but from anybody. I held onto his head with my hands, he held onto my chest with his own.

'TJ,' Will said.

I looked at him, actually a little pissed that he had spoken out loud.

'No Will,' I said. 'Let's talk later.'

'TJ,' Will started again.

I shook my head no.

'TJ, take your hands off my ears, you're hurting me!' he whispered.

My eyes widened. What?

Will smiled and wriggled his head free of my hands. Apparently I'd been holding on for dear life.

As Will dove under water, he let his shoulder drag along my lower abdomen. After he brushed across my dick, way, way tinier at this shrunken moment in Will's pool than the eight and a third inches that I was so proud of, Will's huge hand cupped my balls and gave them a light squeeze. I recoiled and pushed Will deeper under the surface of the pool with my hands. Then I lost him.

I kept treading water but couldn't see where Will had gone. A few seconds later, Will came up for air all the way across the pool over in the shallow end. Then, as if it was the most natural thing in the world to be having a conversation with your high school friends while you were buck naked in your own pool, Will started talking and had our friends laughing in no time.

Seeing that my private time with Will was now at an end, I looked up at the dark night sky and let my head fall back into the water. I remained like that for a few moments, sort of half floating, half dog paddling. The air was cool against my skin. I thought about Will and what all of that stuff that just happened could possibly mean. A splash of water hit me in the face. I turned my head to see none other than Andy splashing toward me. He was shirtless, but I could see below the water line that he'd left his pants on.

I looked over at Will one more time as Andy swam up. In a funny sort of way, I thought I needed to get his Will's permission to talk to somebody else. Will glanced in my direction. Permission granted.

I looked away and smiled at Andy.

He had a concerned look on his face, part smile, part confusion.

'What,' he asked, jerking his head in Will's direction in the shallow end, 'was that?'

Clearly he had seen the whole thing.

I tried to shrug and purse my lips to show him that I really didn't know.

'Beats me,' I said.

'TJ, I know what I saw,' Andy said. As his arms paddled in front of him, his fingertips grazed my chest.

I sighed. I looked at Andy's amazing green eyes, his hair darker when wet than on dry land. My arms were tiring now, I'd been out here a while. I grabbed Andy's hands and held on. I said nothing. He guided me back toward the edge of the pool. I held on as he dove down and retrieved my pants and my shoes. He plopped them on the side of the pool, then lifted himself out with his arms.

'Wait here,' he said dripping in front of me. His bare feet were within an inch of my nose. 'I'll get both of you a towel.'

'Thanks,' I said lightly. I hung on and looked up again at the sky.

I waited in the pool for Andy to bring me a towel. He tossed one to Will and then helped wrap mine around my waist. He didn't have to be so helpful; it was actually very unlike him.

My clothes were soaked so we hung them up on a lounge chair and I went into Will's room to pick something out from his closet. He was much bigger than I was so I looked pretty ridiculous when I finally made my choice a green alligator shirt and khaki shorts that fell below my knees and went back outside. Will just hung out in his towel talking to people. The guy had absolutely no fears!

Andy was chatting with a few guys from Student Council when I walked up. He looked up at me and let his check me out from head to toe. He shook his head in disapproval.

'Tisk, tisk, tisk, TJ, as this is first time getting into Will's pants, I'd expected a lot better from you. This look just does not work on you at all!' He changed to a lisp, 'Perhaps something a little tighter, in a chiffon!'

I socked him in the arm as hard as I could.

The party was in full swing now, there were probably over a hundred people hanging out in the backyard, some dangling their feet in the pool, some on the lawn, an awful lot hanging out over by the food. Will's mom had really put out a fantastic spread. I grabbed a tortilla chip and was about to eat it whole when Danny Leeman found me and put both hands squarely on my ass. He whispered in my ear. 'I...think...you...look...so...fucking...hot...in...your...best...friends'...shorts...'

I let his hands linger on my butt cheeks and whispered back: 'I...think...you...are...the...worlds...biggest...pervert...and...I...hope...your...dick...gets...gonorrhea...'

Danny swooned. 'Oooooooooh, I love it when you talk about my dick,' he said, backing away from me and trying to pull my hand toward his crotch. 'Say something else about it,' he commanded.

I paused and thought. 'It's small,' I said. 'Really, really small!'

'Unh, unh,' Danny cooed. 'Not right now it's not!'

I smiled and cracked up. Even a pain in the ass like Danny had his slightly charming side.

'Wanna see it?' Danny taunted me.

'No I don't,' I said quickly.

Danny frowned. 'I don't believe you, TJ; of course you want to see my cock, small, large, or even with gonorrhea. You know you want it up your butt!'

'Leeman!' I said in a loud whisper, 'shut the fuck up!'

He made a pouty face. Then he brightened, 'Will you at least share that chip with me, I think there's enough for both of us,' he said.

I regarded the uneaten corn chip in my hand. 'Sure, why not, here you go,' I said, handing it to him. He bit of half and ate it. With the other half, he stuck his tongue out and licked it on both sides, then he handed it to me.

I recoiled. 'Ew, gross, get it away from me,' I said disgustedly.

'Come on, amigo, you know you want it,' he said.

'About as much as I want a vagina,' I said emphatically.

Danny stuck his finger toward the back of his throat in a gagging motion. 'Okay, TJ, I'm grossed out too now, I can't even eat this!' He tossed the chip onto Will's grass. I gave him a look.

'All right, so seriously TJ, I don't really care if you don't want to lick me or my little Leeman dick all over, I'm absolutely, positively totally fucking horny and I have to get off in the next five minutes or my balls are going to explode!'


'So?!' He threw himself to the ground and grabbed his chest as if I'd stabbed him.

'You are such a drama queen!' I said. 'I am not sucking you off at my best friend's house, especially not during our high school graduation party!'

Danny turned serious. 'I'll give you twenty bucks,' he said.

I shook my head.


I shook my head again.

He thought for a minute then stood up and whispered in my ear. 'Would you rather fuck me?'

Now it was my turn to think.

'Come on, TJ, you know you want to, fuck me! Please!' he begged.

I smiled. The thought of sticking my dick in Danny's ass had occurred to me on more than one occasion. I considered my own situation with my own blue balls after the episode of the blow job in Will's bathroom earlier in the evening.

'Hmm,' I said, scratching my chin.

'Okay, final offer, you fuck me AND I give you forty bucks.'

I laughed.

'You don't have to give me any money, Leeman,' I said. 'You just have to shut up and don't talk the whole time!'

He jumped up in the air. 'This sounds like a yes,' Danny said excitedly.

I pretended to think some more.

'Oh, for god's sakes TJ, you can gag me for all I care. I won't speak a word!'


'Yes, yes, yes!'

'Scouts honor?'

Danny looked stricken. 'TJ, you don't honestly think I was ever a boy scout, do you?'

I shook my head and smiled.

I started to walk toward Will's bedroom. He followed me like he was a dog I had on a leash.

'You don't mean to say that you're going to screw me in the ass in Will's bedroom, do you?'

I kept walking and said nothing.


I kept walking.

'TJ, Jesus Christ! We can't fuck in there! Everybody keeps going in there to pee! TJ!'

Just as we got to the door to Will's bedroom, I peeled away and headed back around the yard, through the gate and into the front. Danny followed me stride for stride. When we got to the Leeman brothers' car, I turned around and leaned against the side of the door.

'Here?' Danny said, hopefully.

I grinned and pulled him to me. His mouth melted into mine, his hands grabbed my hair and rammed me into him. I got hard immediately.

The cool night air felt amazing against my skin. I let Danny grind his pelvis into mine. Our cocks had each gone a different way in out pants so we fit together nicely, sort of like a puzzle piece. While our tongues explored each other and we mashed our dicks together, I opened my eyes to enjoy, for the first time ever, an open-mouth kiss with another guy outside!

Danny's hands wormed their way into my pants, or I mean Will's pants. He grabbed each side of my butt and spread my cheeks as wide as they'd go. I felt the cool night against my asshole. I raised one leg and wrapped it around one of Danny's legs this loosened the stranglehold Will's underwear had on my hard-on and Danny moved his hands around to the front under the elastic band.

Just as he got to the tip of my cock, he paused. I sucked in my stomach to give him better access, thinking maybe he'd go down on me right here. In Will's driveway!

Danny opened his eyes and we looked at each other. Not a look of anything but lust.

I heard a sound in the distance but ignored it. Danny undid the button of my pants, one hand stroking the full eight inches of my cock through the soft cotton of Will's underwear.

I moved my mouth to Danny's ear and stuck my tongue inside.

'Do it,' I whispered. 'Put it in your mouth, amigo,' I said.

'Uh, I wouldn't do that if I were you,' a voice said directly behind Danny's head. 'I think you can be arrested for this in some states.'

It was Andy!


TJ Tachet

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