I hung up the phone and lay back heavily on my bed.

'Dammit!' I said out loud, taking advantage of the quiet of my room to hear myself say a bad word under my parents' roof. Not a really bad one of course, but my folks were pretty funny about cursing so it was pretty rare that such things came out of my mouth in this house.

I smiled to myself and looked up at Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta on my ceiling. I'm sure they said bad words all the time. And for crissakes I was 18, nearly 19, and graduating fucking high school.

It had been my best pal Will on the phone. He let me know that he and his parents had thought it over and they decided to give him a graduation party as his gift for finishing high school. And it was going to be this Saturday.

Saturday! Shit, shit, shit! Will was having a graduation party and everybody cool was invited. And, they had a pool, so I'm sure bathing suits would be involved.

So of course I had to go. But I was still a little bit weirded out around him.

After all, it had only been a few weeks since our recent mutual jerk off session. Will seemed fine, of course. I could probably have done just about anything and he'd be okay with it.

We'd been friends since the beginning of 10th grade and we were still good friends. It's just that, well, now we were good friends who had masturbated each other. Actually, my hands had done the majority of masturbating with Will's cock, it felt sort of like masturbating my own leg of course, Will being just a tad on the big side.

While I have always been proud of my eight and a third inches, and even very innocently advertised the length of my penis on occasion at high school - by accident I always insisted - I look like a string bean next to Will's prize-winning zucchini.

Perhaps even worse, it's not like Will got to do a whole lot of yanking on my string bean. I was so over-excited with the situation that I came in like three seconds. Will's hands barely waved across my dick and I shot my load. Most embarrassing. Ah, but the memory lingered and I spanked it more than a few times to the thought under the watchful gaze of Olivia and John overhead.

To this day, I don't know what surprised me more. That I had managed to be best friends with the most popular guy in our high school or that I had managed to be best friends with the guy who could easily have been voted 'Most Ridiculously Huge Dick?'

Oh well, I could do worse.

So while I was excited about Will's party, there was also the other small matter of Joey's graduation party. Also this Saturday night. At the same time, of course.

Joey was starting quarterback on our varsity football team. And Joey was lusted after by like everybody on the planet so it seemed. And yeah, yeah, Joey also had a body for days. And of course, Joey was also no slouch in the dick department. No match for Will of course. But then Will had one of those once in a lifetime weenies. Someday I would probably even write a story about it.

Most important, Joey and I had become fuck buddies of sorts. And I couldn't tell a soul, not even my best friend Will.

What a pickle. I looked up at the poster of my idols overhead. They were dressed in leather or plastic or something and were probably a little overheated.

What would John do in my situation? Go to the party of the high school quarterback who he was secretly fucking on the side? Or be a good guy and go to the party of the most popular guy in school who was his best friend and who had a penis that could be seen from outer space?


John probably wouldn't wind up in this situation. He'd be hanging out with Sandy at the beach and wouldn't care that he had the chance to be surrounded by dicks. Me on the other hand, well that was a different story altogether.

I wanted to go to Will's party of course. He was my best friend and I knew practically everybody who he'd be inviting.

But I couldn't quite get past wanting to go to Joey's party too. He'd have all the guys from the football team and just about every other athlete at our school. It would be fun for me to secretly catch Joey's eye from across the room and know that I was probably the only one there who'd fucked him. Probably.

Or was I?

I caught John Travolta smirking at me.

'Screw you!' I said. 'What the hell do you know? This is a mess!'

He kept smirking.

I sighed and thought about what to wear.

A minute later the phone rang. It was Danny Leeman, my teammate from track.

'Hey Danny,' I said. 'what's going on?'

'I am just sitting here with a hard-on, amigo,' he said. 'thinking about you fucking my brother again.'


He laughed.

'Danny, you're such a pervert,' I said. 'Do you think you'll ever grow up?'

'No way amigo, not me,' he said. 'I'm hopeless. My bro, on the other hand, well he still has a chance.'

Danny's twin brother David was easily the more normal of the two. And while Danny had most of the running talent, when it came down to it, it had been the quiet and studious twin David who had actually won his final race at the State Track Championships last month. And it had been Danny who'd gone out too fast and then had no gas left at the end and blown it.

'You could learn a thing or two from your brother,' I said to Danny.

Danny laughed again. 'Don't I know it amigo? My bro is the only guy I know who can run the race of his life, take State, and then get boffed in the ass by two guys the same night.'

Now it was my turn to laugh. That had been quite a celebration.

'I forget,' I teased him, 'were you there?'

'Fuck yeah I was there amigo! I'm always there when my boy David needs me.'

'Yeah, you're the greatest Danny. What can I do for you today?'

'It's Joey's party,' Danny said. 'I just wanted to make sure you were gonna go. I wanna watch you get a boner when he touches your ass in public.'

'It's funny you called,' I said. 'I just found out that Will is having a party at the same time. I think I have to go to that one and might not make it to Joey's.'

'Fuck that dude,' Danny said. 'You can't miss Joey's party. Let's do both!'

How did I tell my friend Danny that I hadn't actually thought of taking him with me to either of the two parties? I wasn't even sure that Will would invite the Leeman brothers. The only reason Joey had asked Danny and David to come was that they are runners on the track team. Joey probably felt obligated to have anybody on any of Apple Valley's teams over.

'Um,' I said. 'I don't know.'

'Look amigo,' Danny responded. 'It'll be fun. Me and David can drive and we'll shuttle between the 2 parties. Heck, maybe I'll even get to see Will's willy. If we time it right!'

'Danny, knock it off, this is a big deal for me.'

'Okay, I get it,' Danny said. 'Even if Will is waving it around, I won't look.'

'Good,' I said, knowing full well that Danny couldn't possibly keep his word. He was like a guy magnet lately, ever since we'd gotten back from the State Championships.

I took a slow deep breath and thought it over. I did probably need their help.

'Well?' Danny asked.

What the fuck? Why not? I guess I really needed to be at both. And since all I had was a bike, this did make sense. I could easily talk to Will and get my two friends from track invited to his party.

'Oh okay,' I said. 'Let's do it. You guys drive.'

Danny let out a whistle.

Hmm, I thought to myself. This could be fun or

this could be a disaster. With Danny Leeman I knew which way it was more likely to land.

When I hung up the phone, I looked at my arms and saw goose bumps.

Saturday night I sat outside on the step in front of my house and waited for the Leemans to pick me up. I had planned to start off at Will's to help him get things going, take a quick trip over to Joey's just to, you know, make an appearance, and then head back over to Will's and stay there till the end. My boys Danny and David agreed and we all thought it was the perfect way to end our high school career.

A few minutes later the Leemans screeched into our driveway. I stood up and took a step toward the car. Danny rolled down the window.

'Nice pants, TJ!' Danny screamed. 'Are you not wearing underwear?'

Automatically I looked down at my mid-section.


'Sure looks like you're hanging ten, amigo,' Danny said. 'Or should I say, eight and a third?'

'Shut up Danny,' David said from the passenger seat.

'Cut the crap, Danny,' I said. 'I have underwear on, they're just maybe, you know, a little old.'

'I'll say, you know what Joey's gonna wanna do when you sees you hanging heavy like that in those jeans.'

'Shut up Danny,' David and I said in unison.

'I'm just sayin'...'

I got into the back seat.

'We're off amigos!' Danny said. 'The last night of our high school careers! We are all fucking 18 years old and it's time to act like adults!'

'Yep,' both David and I said in unison.

'Do you think you could actually act 18 for a change Danny, and not 8?' David said with a big toothy smile.

Danny ignored him. I said nothing and looked at my hands.

'So?' Danny said suddenly after he'd gotten a few blocks from my house.

'So what?' I asked, frightened of whatever it was that Danny had on his mind.

'Am I gonna see some dick tonight?'

'Maybe your own,' David responded, 'if you can find it!'

David and I both giggled.

'Bro, don't even talk like that, your dick is exactly the same size and shape as mine,' Danny reminded him. 'Ain't that right amigo?' Danny jerked his head toward the back seat where I was sitting.

'Um,' I started.

'You don't have to answer him TJ,' David interrupted before I could finish. 'He's an idiot.'

'I'm just sayin'...' Danny said.

'Well don't,' David said. 'Don't say anything.'

Danny stuck his fist in his mouth as far as he could and licked it all over. I laughed. David socked his brother in the arm.

When we got to Will's house, Will wasn't ready. His mom said he was still in the shower. She said we could wait for him outside by the pool or maybe in his room. Danny made a bee-line for Will's bedroom. As he passed me, he whispered in my ear. 'It's gonna happen amigo,' he said. 'I'm gonna finally see this boy's Johnson!' He was grinning about as much as I'd ever seen him.

David and I looked at one another, shrugged our shoulders and followed right behind.

A funny deja voux came over me as we opened the door to Will's room. We heard the shower running in the adjoining bathroom.

Danny smiled his most devious little smile. 'Guess we'll just have to wait,' he said, flopping onto Will's bed.

'You're such a pervert,' David said disgustedly.

Danny grabbed a handful of his own crotch and pursed his lips. I laughed.

After hesitating for a moment at the door, David grabbed the chair at Will's desk and sat down.

Both of the Leeman brothers began to absently look around Will's room. I'd been in here dozens of times so I had no such curiosity.

'Maybe I'll go and let Will know we're here,' I said. The twins both seemed fixated on Will's collection of trophies and medals on the shelf above his desk. If they'd heard what I said, they both ignored me.

I walked over to the bathroom and tapped on the door. There was no response, the shower probably drowned it out. I knocked a little harder. My knuckles rapping against the wood of the door seemed to reverberate throughout my whole body and wind up in my balls. I felt my dick jiggle and stretch out an inch or so.

'That you TJ?' I heard Will's voice from behind the door.

'Yeah, we're here...'

'Come on in, it's open I think,' Will added quickly. Too quickly?

'Hey,' I said as I opened the door. I felt my jeans tighten in the front as a vivid memory of the last time I'd been in Will's bathroom took hold of me. I'd been showering and perhaps enjoying my own cock a little more than I should have when our friend Andy popped his head in to check on me. In an instant, Andy had known exactly what I was doing, even from behind the curtain.

'Hey TJ,' Will said from behind that same curtain. 'Did you come with the twins?'

I looked around the bathroom for a place to stand while I talked to my best friend, naked and delicious behind the shower curtain.

'Um, yeah, yeah, I did. They're in your room looking at your trophies, I think.'

I heard Will turn off the water. I backed up and leaned against the door, my eyes fixed on the curtain. By now, Will's meaty cock had become pretty familiar to me. It had taken forever for me to even see it the first time. But then night at Andy's when we smoked some grass and got high, Andy somehow got us all to shave our balls. Both of us had been totally blown away by Will's mega-dick that night, and then again when we saw it hard a few months later from across the room. Then finally Will and I had our circle jerk of sorts and I got to actually touch it! Oh my god, I couldn't believe it was happening. And oh my god every time I thought about it since I couldn't believe we did it. But while it was way, way weird for me, it was completely no big deal for Will. He was totally normal with me ever since. Me? I was a nut case.

Will reached his hand outside of the curtain. I felt my body tense up. He flung it back and stood there before me totally nude, dripping wet. My mouth went totally dry as I gazed again at Will's mountain of man-meat. He smiled. His penis hung down softly between his thighs, as if his body was in need of a third leg and was making a valiant effort to do so.

'Um, TJ, I'm up here,' Will said, reminding me that I should probably be looking at his face and not his crotch.

I flushed bright red. 'Sorry,' I said, 'I just...'

He shrugged his shoulders. 'Forget it, you're not the first one to stare at it,' he sighed. 'And I'm sure you won't be the last.'

'Will,' I protested. But then I really had nothing I could say.

'Hey,' I heard Danny's voice from outside the bathroom. 'What are you guys doing in there?'

Will and I looked at each other.

'TJ's just checking out my dick,' Will said loudly so the Leeman boys could hear.

I practically threw up. Outside of the bathroom, I heard Danny whoop.

'Fuck Will!' I said, turning my head away in disgust.

'TJ, take it easy, it's okay.'

'So can we come in?' Danny's voice came again.

'Jesus Christ Will!'

'Sure, come on in,' Will said. 'This may be your last chance.'

'Woo hoo hoo!' Danny burst through the door. I had to jump out of the way so I didn't get knocked in the head.

From the doorway, the Leemans froze.

David exhaled loudly. Danny's jaw dropped. 'Oh my fucking god,' Danny said.

Will smiled again and jiggled his hips causing his cock to flip back and forth cruelly against his thighs.

'What do you think gents?'

David couldn't speak and grunted something unintelligible.

'Oh my fucking god,' Danny said again.

'You said that already...amigo,' I said, mocking Danny's favorite way to refer to just about anybody. 'I think we should go outside and give Will a chance to towel off in privacy.'

'Fuck that!' Danny said, 'I'm not going anywhere.'

Will looked down at his own penis, still swinging like a pendulum. He smirked and shrugged again.

'Will are you sure you're only 18?' Danny asked. 'I mean, that cock looks like you've growing it for a lot of years amigo!'

'What?' Will asked. I couldn't believe he was talking about it like that.

Danny took a few steps forward and came within about two feet of Will's prized tool. 'Um, do you mind if I...?'

'Danny!' David and I said in unison. This was getting to be a habit.

'You know? Touch it?' Danny added, unfazed.

Will seemed surprised. 'You want to touch my penis?'

Danny's eyes looked up at Will's, it seemed like Danny was deadly serious. I was so shocked by what Danny was asking that I had stopped breathing.

Danny gulped. 'Is it okay?' he asked in a hoarse voice.

Will looked over at me and then at David.

'Naw,' Will growled. 'I don't think so.'

Danny looked at me for help.

Out of nowhere, I found my voice. 'Will, just let him do it. You know, just this once.'

Will looked up at the bathroom ceiling; he seemed to be thinking it over.

After a few seconds, David broke the uncomfortable silence. He raised his arm and pointed toward Will's dick. 'Guys, I think that Will's dick likes all this attention,' he said.

All of our eyes shifted to the penis in question. It was indeed getting bigger. Will looked embarrassed, but he definitely had nothing to be embarrassed about. His weenie had thickened up, stretched out a couple inches and began to extend away from his body. Against the beautiful backdrop of the hair on Will's lower abs, Will's dick looked good enough for just about any of us to eat. Damn! Why did he have to be my best friend?

Danny whistled. 'I'm sorry guys, this chance may never happen for me again,' he said. He reached with both hands and cupped Will's cock in his hand. Will lifted his arms up as if to give Danny more room. As Danny handled it, Will's manhood grew some more.

'Um,' Will said. 'I think you should...'

In an instant, Danny leaned over and put Will's dick inside of his mouth. Will's eyes widened and David and I looked on in amazement.

I almost peed in my pants.

Danny was actually sucking Will's dick!

A few moments later, the unthinkable happened. Will moaned. As Danny used both hands and let himself relax around the remarkable male specimen in his mouth, Will seemed to just be letting it happen.

'Danny!' David and I said in unison again. As expected, I felt my jeans get tighter as my own cock grew out to every bit of eight and a third inches. I looked over at David just as he was readjusting the front of his Levis.

This couldn't really be happening. Holy crap!

Will leaned back against the tile of the shower wall and Danny's face gradually moved backward on Will's cock, lingering at the tip. Placing one tennis shoe on the edge of the tub, Danny positioned himself so that his mouth could follow Will to the back wall. He bobbed up and down and groped himself with his free hand.

Will closed his eyes and tilted his head back. He smiled.

'Will, are you sure about this? I mean, we could make him stop I guess,' I said weakly.

'Just try it, asswipe,' Danny said with his mouth full.

Asswipe? David and I both giggled.

Danny had managed to get his own fly open with one hand and was rubbing his own dick lightly through his underwear. I wished I had my camera. Multi-tasking, our boy Danny had managed to increase the pace of stroking his hand on Will's huge hard-on. I smiled.

After a minute, Danny's throat needed a rest. He released his strangle-hold of Will's cock moved his head aside so that David and I could see what he had just been swallowing.

While I was familiar with the ridiculous size of Will's weenie, I still couldn't help but gasp again when I saw it stretching skyward from my best friend's nether regions. It glistened with Danny's spit and bounced slightly with each beat of Will's heart, enough to be seen by me and David across the bathroom. David fell back against the wall when he got his first full glimpse, his jaw dropping in sympathy with what his brother must have been going through.

Danny cupped Will's balls with one hand and let the towering dick speak for itself. He grinned from ear to ear and licked his lips.

Sensing he was now on display, Will blushed. 'Guys,' he said, 'take it easy, we've all got one.'

'Not one like that we don't,' Danny said.

Danny moved his free hand to the base of Will's penis, unable to completely encircle it with his fingers. He slowly moved his hand up from bottom to top, as if he was kneading a jar of toothpaste.

Will looked at his own erection, throbbing in Danny's hand. He shrugged his shoulders.

Danny went back to giving Will a blow job and I settled back against the wall to enjoy the show.

Another minute or so later, it was obvious that whatever Danny was doing was working for Will - tightened his abs and seemed to shiver.

Involuntarily, Will's hands covered the back of Danny's head and pressed him deeper onto his dick.

A sound something like 'mmmrrrmmm' came out of Danny's throat.

I looked over at David and thought he might start to cry. He seemed to want to talk but couldn't get any words out. He stepped over to his twin brother and rested one palm on his back.

'Danny, do you think I could, you know?...'

Danny looked up at his brother but kept sucking the huge hard-on. He seemed to pause for a moment, thinking, then he loosened the grip his lips had on Will and lifted his head.

'Be my guest, bro, I need a break anyway. I need air!'

I laughed. David dove in without skipping a beat. Will never even opened his eyes, and probably had no idea that the evil twin had switched over to the good twin. He was probably lost in a fantasy world the rest of us could never know about.

David deftly maneuvered his body under Danny's and took his place leaning over the edge of the tub.

Will groaned a tiny bit louder as David's mouth found its way all the way down Will's giant shaft. Danny giggled and raised his hands out of the way to make room - he stepped away and backed up, bumping his ass into my crotch.

'Mmm, nice,' Danny said, realizing that my dick was hard too. He leaned back against me and tilted his head back. He whispered loudly into my ear, 'this is a good day, TJ, thanks for letting us come over early with you.'

I let my hands cautiously explore the front of Danny's narrow runner's hips, being careful not to make too much of it in case Will opened his eyes. I didn't want him to see his best friend groping a Leeman twin even if the other one was giving him the best head of his life.

I nodded. It was a good day.

Danny ground his butt into my pelvis to the beat of Will's light moaning. My hands were frozen on Danny's hips but my dick had released so much pre-cum that I might as well have cum full on.

'Aagh,' Will said, finally, grabbing David's hair and yanking him even more deeply into his pelvis.

Danny stopped moving and looked carefully at his brother. 'Hey, hey, hey, that's not right,' he said. 'I started this off, I should get to finish it!'

David looked up at his brother. Danny grabbed at the back of David's collar to pull him off of Will's cock. David resisted and Will's hands were still firmly pushing David forward. Danny jumped forward and slipped into the tub on the opposite side of his twin. In an instant, Danny had the thing out of his brother's mouth and into his own. Will opened his eyes briefly and looked down but then relaxed when he realized that Danny was back.

'All aboard,' Will said. I laughed quietly and watched mystified at the mirror image of Leemans on either side of Will.

While Danny's mouth hovered on the top, David's hand jerked the skin on the lower part of Will's dick up and down. Danny's hand tugged on Will's balls.

I exhaled loudly and placed my palms behind my head. David seemed to hear me and looked over at me smiling. 'Can you fucking believe this?' he mouthed silently.

Then they switched and Danny took over the hand job while David got to suck on the top half of Will's cock. There was plenty for both.

As Will got closer and closer, the Leemans continued to take turns, sharing like they'd always been taught. Being a twin was so good for stuff like this, I thought to myself.

Without warning, Will came, silently. His mouth was open but nothing came out.

The brothers scooted aside to allow the big cock to shoot its impressive load without interference. The first bit of cum landed just beside my tennis shoe, a good 5 feet away from the back of the shower where Will was bucking his hips. Another glob made a long straight line on the bathroom floor. Danny was smiling as his left handed worked Will's towering dick up and down. David was just trying to keep out of the way as drops of sperm went flying everywhere.

When the cumming was done, Danny flicked his hand toward the ground and a splat of white stuff hit the floor.

'Hoo-wee!' Danny shouted.

'Fuck,' Will mouthed very quietly. We all laughed.

'That was pretty fucking amazing amigos,' Danny said.

'I can't believe we just did that,' David said.

Will kept his eyes closed and seemed to concentrate on just breathing in and out. Me and the Leemans just watched Will's still rigid wiener jiggle forward and backward, his enormous nut sack now a tiny bit smaller as it shriveled up in the work of shooting out such a giant load of jizz.

Will sighed. 'I can't believe I just let you guys do that!' Will finally responded.

'Well we're glad you did Will, thank you,' David said earnestly.

'You bet your fucking ass!' Danny hooted.

'That was pretty crazy guys,' Will said, reaching for his towel to cover up.

'Can we do it again?' Danny asked.

Will and I both laughed out loud.

'Are you fucking nuts? There's no way I could hard again after that,' he said. 'Probably ever!'

Will wrapped the towel around his waist and nodded. Nobody moved from inside the tub. I took a step toward the toilet to get some tissue to help Will clean up the cum on the floor, careful not to step in it as I did. Will pursed his lips as if to say 'okay guys, you just sucked me dry, can you get out of my tub please?' because he was too polite to do so out loud.

After I bent over to wipe up the semen on the floor, the twins finally got out of the shower and Will did too. Now there were four of us in Will's bathroom and it was pretty crowded.

Will finally said, 'Um, guys, do you think you could, you know...give me a little space here?'

'Oh yeah sure, sorry,' David said.

Danny zipped up his pants but the three of us were still hard as a rock inside of our blue jeans. I wasn't sure if I had actually cum or not, it didn't really matter, my own dick would be cemented to my pubic hair for the rest of the night just with all that pre-cum alone.

The Leemans left the bathroom and I tossed the tissue into the garbage. Before I walked out Will made eye contact with me. He communicated more in that second than the two of us had been able to get across to one another in the past few months. I smiled. He raised his arms as if to give me a hug. I wanted to give him one, but he was still mostly naked. So I just kept walking, my hard-on making my jeans uncomfortably tight.

In the other room, we heard the door fly open.

'Dudes! Who's ready to party?'

It was Andy. Oh fuck!


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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