I stared at the clock.

It was 2:40. Ten more minutes and it would be 2:50. The end of 7th period. The last day of the school year. The last day of high school.

It seemed awfully silly that we were being made to sit here. I mean, come on! It wasn't like they were going to teach us anything. We'd had our final exams. We'd had our grades already sent to the office.

I squirmed in my seat.

Half my brain thought about our graduation ceremony this Friday. Two days from now. The other half thought about, well, sex of course.

Mr. Connolly had been a good teacher as high school teachers go. I might have even learned something. But now he was trying to give us some type of going-away pep talk. Nobody was really paying attention.

My eyes drifted to Mr. Connolly's crotch. It seemed awfully full. Why hadn't I noticed that before? Hmm, maybe my AP History teacher was packing some serious wood. Down below my desk my dick sprang to life and my jeans got a little bit tighter. I tried to look away but I couldn't.

Mr. Connolly either noticed me staring below his belt or he just couldn't stand it anymore and had to call on me. 'How about you TJ? Do you want to share your college plans with the rest of the class?'

I looked up at his eyes. 'Um, well yeah, sure I guess.'

'Have you decided where you're going to go?'

'Not yet. I mean, I got into Cal and I got into Stanford. I'll probably head up there unless I get into Harvard. I'm wait-listed right now, but they told me I'd definitely be hearing by the end of the month.' Eek! The end of the month was only three weeks away!

A few of my classmates let out a whistle. Mr. Connolly applauded very slowly. 'Well done TJ, well done. Something you and your folks can be proud of however it turns out. Those are fantastic schools.'

I blushed. It never felt good to me to talk about myself as a success in high school. I mean there were plenty of other kids who were way smarter than me, and there were even a couple from our school already going to an Ivy League college. What was the big deal, really?

'My younger brother goes to Harvard now TJ,' he added, obviously with no idea that this whole conversations was sort of embarrassing to me. 'If you wind up there, please let me know and I'll make sure you two get hooked up.'

I let me eyes drop back to just below Mr. Connolly's belt. My dick was now almost fully hard. Shit. On my last period of my last day of school, I had to deal with this again!

I smiled and acted interested in my history teacher's brother. 'Okay thanks. Thanks a lot Mr. Connolly?'

Finally he moved on. 'How about you Miss Benson, where are you headed this fall?'

The minutes on the clock ticked away. I willed my cock soft, trying to think about throw up or cauliflower or very old ladies. 2:44. Nope, nothing. Still hard. Fuck!

While Mr. Connolly queried a few others, my mind wandered.

I was going to get to see Joey in a little while. Our high school quarterback. My friend. My fuck buddy. Joey was headed to Humboldt State on a full football scholarship.

We already mapped out the roads up there from Berkeley and I'd promised to try to make it up for at least a few of his games. It wasn't likely Joey would get to play this year. He may even have to red-shirt, which I think meant that he sat on the bench but learned along with the team and then had a full 4 years of eligibility. But I was going to get up there to watch him. Just like I'd watched him start for our team in every team last fall. I'd been a yardage marker guy and stood along the sidelines moving the first down chains up and down the field while he led our varsity crew to a resoundingly lousy season. It didn't bug me that we'd missed making the playoffs; I'd had a blast doing it and being right next to all the action. It kept me super close to Joey as well.

After a few of our losses, in fact, Joey had set he was too tired to party with his teammates and he and I found a way to fuck around in his car or in the parking lot behind Jack in the Box.

I'll never forget Joey sucking me off next to a tree while he kneeled down, both of our pants bunched around our ankles. It was cold but Joey's mouth was nice and warm and that somehow became all that was important.

'Mmm, nice TJ,' Joey said when he came up for air, a tiny bit of my sperm glistening on the corner of his lower lip in the dim light.

'Um, fuck yeah,' I'd said, more enthusiastic than I'd intended to be. I didn't want Joey to think that I expected him to blow me after every loss. He'd get a sore jaw or something if this became a weekly Friday night ritual.

Joey was enthusiastic too. 'Did you see? I got your entire shaft into my mouth tonight!'

I struggled to my feet and my boner banged Joey in the forehead as I awkwardly tugged up my jeans.

I was too scared we'd get caught to have noticed this new accomplishment. So I lied. 'Yeah, that was pretty cool.'

Joey stood up and kissed me full on the mouth, his tongue exploring deep into the back. The force almost tipped me over so I held on to his bare ass with both hands.

'TJ, come on, that's a really big deal. I mean, look, all eight and one third inches fit nicely inside! I didn't even gag!'

It was true, I don't think he gagged. A couple others had when they'd tried the same thing.

This was a weird conversation for me.

Especially since I'd just gotten off. I didn't know what to say so I just shrugged my shoulders.

I bent down to take Joey's dick into my mouth. I'd never fooled around with anybody wearing a football jersey before. Joey smelled like sweat and grass and dirt. He leaned against the tree while I tried the same deep throat thing that Joey had done with me. I immediately gagged.

Joey giggled.

'TJ, take it easy,' he said. 'You don't have to get the whole thing in there. You're doing fine out there on the end as it is.'

I held on to Joey's super thick cock with one hand, took my mouth off, and looked up at him in the darkness.

'Are you sure? I mean, if I can just get the right angle, I'm sure I can get it in there,' I said.

Joey laughed again and blew a kiss down at my face. 'TJ, forget it. You've never been able to, really, it's no big deal.' It was true. In all the times we'd screwed around, Joey's hard-on was just too thick for me. I may have had him in the length department, but Joey definitely had me in width. When we'd tried to fuck, I thought I'd be ripped in half at first.

Me on the other hand, when I slipped my dick into Joey's butt, it went pretty easy. Maybe I wasn't a bottom? And Joey was? No way!

'All right,' I said, 'as long as this is cool,' I added stupidly.

Joey smiled his beautiful white teeth at me and I got back to work. I loved Joey's dick. And even though we were both just 18, I could happily report that both of us had already gotten pretty good at this new skill.

I looked up at the clock again. 2:48. Jesus! Just two more minutes!

After school today Joey and I had agreed to meet at the flag pole in front of school. My dick was so hard now, both from staring like an idiot at Mr. Connolly's pants and from the memory of that night all those months ago with Joey. I thought I might even have leaked a little pre-cum into my underwear. Thank god my jeans would at least contain that!

Apart from that one time up at the State Track Championships with the Leeman twins, Joey and I had sort of cooled off. It had been so hot, so scary and the same time so incredibly liberating to finally have somebody that I could be close with. But that was months ago now. It started right at the beginning of our senior year, we were both 18. Then it just sort of fizzled as we got into winter. Joey and I had seen each other around the halls all the time all through the spring and stuff, but no more fucking around.

We hadn't even seen each other naked in the locker room for a while. Then bang. Joey just shows up one day when the twins, Danny and David Leeman, and I are competing at the State track meet.

Joey had come to watch because he had some type of recruiting thing for college. But when David took first for the gold in the finals, we'd all agreed to celebrate that night. Naked in the hotel room. It was an amazing fuck-fest with good twin David as the lucky boy who took it up the ass again and again, evil twin Danny directing traffic into his brother's butthole.

What a night that was! And even though Joey hadn't been actually running in the State meet, our quarterback stud came through like a champ.

Mr. Connolly smiled at his AP History charges.

Most of us were on the edge of our seats bouncing our feet up and down eager to break free of the bonds of high school. It was 2:49. 'Okay, well I suppose I should let you guys out of here before you bust through the tile on my floor. Go on you guys, get out of here! It's been my honor to be your teacher.

Good luck to each of you in whatever you do.'

We jumped up, shouting. I did too but first I had to hide my erection. By now I'd gotten pretty good at it. I followed the crowd to the door and was just about to leave my last class of my high school career.

'Um, TJ, can you hang back for a moment?'

Mr. Connolly's words froze me in place and the swelling in my dick was gone in an instant. I turned and faced him.

'Sure, what's up?' I asked.

'TJ, I just wanted you to wish you luck as you wait to hear from Harvard,' he said.

I looked at Mr. Connolly. He was actually pretty good looking for a teacher. And apart from the fact that I'd never really noticed the fullness in his crotch, I had to admit that I probably hadn't even noticed that he was handsome. Probably pretty hot even when he was younger.

I blushed again. 'Um, thanks Mr. Connolly.

It's pretty freaky to think that I might be actually moving to Boston for school.'

He took a step toward me and my eyes drifted to just below his belt. Again. 'Boston's a very different place than California TJ. I get back there a lot since my brother is there now, but I think you'll like it. It's very academic, very...' He paused, seeming to search for the right word. I'd never known our AP History teacher to stumble trying to say something.

'It's sort of, you know, well...progressive,' he finally said.

'Progressive?' I wasn't sure I'd ever heard anybody use that term before.

Mr. Connolly looked at me carefully from head to toe, his lips turned upward into a tiny grin.

'It's just filled with thinking people. More liberal than we're used to here. I think you'll fit in nicely,' he explained.

'Um I hope so,' I said, without realizing what Mr. Connolly was talking about.

'So let me know once you get in and I'll hook you up with my brother. His name's Jared and he's a senior. He's majoring in Math.'

'Jared? Math?'

'Yep. Here's my phone number. Just give me a call whenever,' Mr. Connolly handed me a folded piece of note paper he'd apparently written out earlier.

I took the paper and opened it. There were two numbers written on it. At the bottom he had written his name in firm broad strokes. Jeff. Jeff Connolly.

I felt my mouth get dry and I didn't know what to say. No teacher had ever given me his phone number before. To avoid making eye contact I looked toward the floor. I couldn't help noticing that the fullness in Mr. Connolly's mid-section was maybe just the tiniest bit fuller.

I adjusted my back pack on my shoulder and turned to leave. 'Okay Mr. Connolly, thanks. I'm sure I'll need all the help I can. I'll definitely give Jared a call if I get in.'

'Jeff,' he said. 'Call me Jeff. You're no longer one of my students.'

'Sure, I guess,' I started. 'Thanks............Jeff.'

I folded up the paper he gave me and shoved it into the front pocket of my jeans. Then I gave him my best attempt at a sincere smile.

He smiled too, and I walked out the door. Out of this classroom and step into the rest of my life. Joey was the first step.

After I said about a hundred good-byes and made as many promises to get together soon, I made my way out to sit down at the base of the flag pole. The flag pole was where we'd met all those times last fall. All those times when I was supposed to be tutoring Joey in some of his classes and he was supposed to be teaching me how to play football.

I sat down at the flag pole at to meet Joey at 3:30. A few of my friends saw me and asked me what I was doing. For once, I decided to be honest. 'I'm meeting Joey Collucci,' I said.

Just saying Joey's name always led to some type of reaction in people.

'Oh, cool, have fun.'

'Really? Joey? I didn't know you guys were friends.'

'Wow, he's awesome! Say hey for me.'

I smiled at everybody. If they only knew.

For the first time ever, Joey was on time. He wore baby blue cords a size too tight that snugged his ass and highlighted the outline of his cock and balls. He had on a white polo shirt that was untucked. His dark brown hair had gotten long in the back and bounced lightly over his collar.

'Hey buddy,' he said smiling. 'Isn't this amazing? We're fucking done.'

Joey bent down and put his huge hands under my arms. Before I could wriggle free, he lifted me up into the air and over his head.

'Man, you're light.'

'Joey, put me down!' I said, half-laughing. 'I'm not a toy.'

Joey laughed and put me back on solid ground.

'Well, maybe not, but we're gonna have some fun with each other this summer, right?'

I laughed too.

'I can't believe high school is over. I was totally looking forward to graduating, but you know, now that it's here, it just feels weird,' I said.

We went over to the bike rack and I unlocked my bike. As we walked together, I rolled it beside us over to Joey's car.

Joey opened his trunk and we wedged my bike in.

This was how it had begun. I'd been riding home from school when Joey saw me and pulled over.

Back then, neither one of us knew what was going to happen, but there was this electricity between us that made me dizzy. I was trying to think about that day last fall before the first time we'd fooled around.

Joey's voice broke through my day dream, 'Member that day we did this last year, the day you proved to me how long your dick was?'

I looked up into his eyes.

'Joey, I wasn't proving anything,' I protested. 'I was just, well, you know, I was just...' my voice trailed off.

'You are very proud of your cock, TJ,' Joey laughed again. 'And you have every right to feel that way,' he added.

I blushed and Joey put his arm around my shoulder.

'TJ, I mean, come on, you practically shoved it in my face that first time in the locker room.

You totally wanted me to see it. Eight and a third! Eight and a third!' Joey sang out, trying to mock me.

'I did not!'

'TJ, who else gets hard in the showers when they're just a few stalls away from the fucking quarterback of the varsity football team?'

'Everybody?' I asked sheepishly.

'No TJ, everybody does not get hard in the locker room when they shower with me. I would have noticed something like that.'

I took a deep breath and decided that I had nothing to be ashamed about. I mean, for crissakes, we were both just 18, naked, and you know, sort of raging with hormones.

'They don't? How is that possible? I mean, you've got this amazing body. You're gorgeous. You're flopping that fat weenie of yours around. How does anyone resist you?'

We buckled in and Joey put the key into the ignition. He looked at me, his dark brown eyes searing into me. He put his right hand on my thigh, closer to Mr. Happy than my other friends ever did, well at least most of them. Both of us leaned over the console between us, and Joey's lips wrapped around mine. Our tongues met and I closed my eyes. Joey's mouth was strong and I always felt safe letting him take me in. He tasted amazing.

After a minute or so of serious throat exploring, we both fell back on our sites and sighed.

'Nobody gets to me like that TJ,' Joey said. 'I mean, what is it about you?'

I just grinned and looked at him.

'Let's get out of here,' I said. I took Joey's hand and guided it up to my groin. 'I've got eight and a third inches of prime TJ beef that's

busting out of my jeans,' I giggled.

'Okay!' Joey said. 'Enough said. Let's go fuck! If we do it twice, does that mean I handled 16 and 2/3 inches?'

I nodded and Joey put the car in gear and we left the high school parking lot.

The following day was our graduation ceremony and my parents were downstairs waiting for me to leave. Both my dad and my mom had already been upstairs once to hurry me along. Now my mom was shouting at me that I was being ridiculous.


'Get your butt down here young man, you're going to be late to your own graduation.'

I opened the top drawer of my dresser as far as it would go and tossed my socks and underwear onto the floor.

'Where the hell is it?' I said to myself quietly.

'TJ? Your dad and I are waiting! Get down here right now.'

'Mom, where is my...?' I said loud enough to hear if she were standing beside me, but not loudly enough for her to hear all the way downstairs.

I found it. Buried deeply underneath my t-shirts and minimally used jock straps was what I was looking for. My class ring. Actually, well, not exactly my class ring. It was my high school class ring all right, but my family didn't really pay for it. Joey did. While it didn't fit any of my fingers, it fit his and I knew which one. I stuck it on my thumb and hoped I wouldn't drop it during the ceremony. Maybe some tape.

'TJ!' It was my dad this time.

'Coming.' I yelled back, finally loud enough for them to hear.

When I got downstairs, I found them standing at the front door. It was open and my dad's tie flapped lightly in the breeze from outside.

They stared at me dumbfounded as I hurried passed them into the mid-June sun. I shrugged my shoulders.

'What?' I said, giving them my best innocent look.

'You only graduate once, son, and the least you can do is show up on time,' my dad reminded me helpfully.

'Thanks dad,' I said. 'Sorry,' I added, not really sure if I meant it or not.

My dad drove the same route to my high school that I had made countless times on my bike. It was certainly quicker this way. We rode in silence. At least I was unlikely to swallow any bugs.

Once we got to the stadium I unwrapped my gown from the plastic bag it had come in and stuck my head through the top. My mom frowned when she saw the creases. I rolled my eyes. I was not going to let my mother iron my graduation gown. No fucking way.

My folks hugged me before I left them to join my friends. My mom had tears in her eyes.

'We're so proud of you TJ,' she said.

I wriggled free of her. 'Mom!' I said, louder than I'd intended.

My dad socked me playfully in the arm. I pretended it hurt and socked him back.

'Go get 'em tiger,' he said. I'm not exactly sure what he meant.

Down on the field I joined the sea of light blue and dark blue. Like all the guys, my gown was dark blue. The girls had the lighter color.

My friend Andy from New York was the first to see me. He noticed the ring on my finger immediately.

'TJ!' he yelled, holding his arms up in the air, 'my man! How's it hangin' bro?'

'Hey Andy,' I said. 'Pretty fuckin' crazy, right?' I said, nodding to the crowd of people we were being swallowed by.

'Damn straight,' Andy said. 'I still can't believe this year is over already. We had some good times!'

My mind flashed back to the first time I'd met Andy. I was sleeping over at Will's and had woken up with a hard-on. Surprise, surprise!

While Will was in the shower, I was just sort of stretching and trying to decide what to do with my dick when Andy burst through the door. He was a transfer student from back east and I could instantly detect his New York sort of attitude. While we got to know each other in those first few seconds, Andy grabbed my cock through the covers on Will's extra bed as if he was picking up a tennis ball. And my dick reacted like most 18-year old wieners do when they are touched by another human. I instantly came.

I smiled at Andy. 'Yeah, a lot of good times,' I agreed.

Andy and my best friend Will had been on the facilities team that was assigned to move the yardage markers during our varsity football games. That first day with Andy had introduced me to somebody unlike anyone I'd ever met before. Andy was unique. He just liked sex.

With everyone he liked sex. It took a while but I even had sex with Andy. It happened in a motel room that we'd rented when we went to check out some colleges. Will slept in the other bed and had no idea what was going on.

For a straight guy Andy could sure suck cock. To this day I'm not really sure if Will knew what was going on or not. But I knew that Andy didn't really care anyway. I was scared to death for anyone to find out and Andy couldn't have cared less.

'Nice ring,' Andy said.

I held up my hand and looked at Joey's ring.



'What are you talking about?' I asked, trying to sound as if I had no idea.

'I still can't believe about you and our stud quarterback. Absolutely fucking amazing!'

'Um, well, yeah, I guess I'm still pretty freaked about it myself. I mean, why would a guy like that be interested in a skinny runner like me?'

'You've got an awesome dick, little buddy,' Andy said.

I lunged at him to try and cover his mouth with my hand. 'What?' I said. 'You're fucking nuts!'

'Plus your winning personality of course,' he added.

Andy showed me about 27 of his perfectly white, perfectly straight teeth. He grabbed me by the head and dug his fingers into my hair. I inhaled deeply the scent of my friend. Andy's body had a faintly lemon, faintly musky male scent. Mmm. Although it had been a few months, my memory of Andy's naked body against mine was still pretty clear. His dick was long and thin and his cum had been sort of bleachy. I wanted to do it again and again with him but Andy was too busy with a few of the girls on the drill team. Oh well, his loss.

Down below, just the familiar smell of Andy's body up against mine as he hugged me got my groin to stir. Thank god for the gown. We walked over with Andy's arm around my shoulders to find our place in the long line of graduates.

'TJ! TJ! How's it hangin' amigo?'

Does everybody in my high school class have to say hello by asking about my dick?

The voice belonged to Danny Leeman, the evil twin. He and his brother David both ran up to me and the three of us exchanged high fives.

'It's over bro,' Danny said. 'Fuck this place! We're big college studs now.'

'Yeah, hard to believe right?' I added.

A couple of weeks ago, the twins and I had been at the State Track Championships. After I tanked in my semi-final race, I sat in the stands and watched Danny and David compete the next day in the finals. Danny, he of all this incredible running talent, and all this incredible libido, was supposed to be the one to win it all. But, while he had given it everything he had, he still fell short in the 1500. David, on the other hand, had surprised us all and actually won the State 800 final.

Danny had insisted that both Joey and I pull train on his brother David as part of our winning celebration. It was tough job, but both Joey and I came through.

'Hear you're headed to Harvard, amigo. Way to go, you fuck!' Danny shouted over the crowd noise.

'I hope. Not yet anyway. Right now, it's Cal or Stanford. I'm just wait-listed at Harvard, we'll see.'

'Danny and I are gonna be Ducks,' David said.

I scrunched my face up trying to figure out what that meant.

'Oregon,' the two of them said in unison. 'For some stupid reason, it's the Oregon Ducks!'

'Oh!' I laughed. 'Congratulations. Great track program, right?'

'You bet your ass, amigo,' Danny said. 'Both of us got a 75% ride,' he added, meaning how much scholarship money they were going to get, I think. A few months ago, I would have bet money on Danny getting a college track scholarship, but I wasn't so sure about David. But when David took State, well, that all changed of course.

'We'll miss you TJ,' David added.

'Yeah, we had some fun here, didn't we?' I said.

'That we did amigo, I think my bro here is really gonna miss your dick up his butt, that's really what it's all about.'

David slapped Danny across the head.

'Shut up, you idiot.'

'Oh, that's right, nobody's supposed to know that my twin brother likes that. I forgot,' Danny whispered loudly with his finger in front of his lips.

These guys cracked me up. I wondered what would become of them. Although with Danny, I guess I pretty much already knew.

The graduation ceremony itself was way, way too long, and really painful. Naming all 600 or so seniors in our class took forever. The crowd got pretty restless toward the end.

When it came time for awards, a few of us got called up and had to shake the principal's hand. Me and three other kids won a plaque for perfect attendance, and I have to admit I'd never felt like such a geek. Walking off the stage, I caught a glimpse of my parents jumping up and down wildly in the stands off to the side.

Once it was all over, I found my parents and begged them to let me go out with my friends so I wouldn't have to go home in the back of my dad's car. They agreed.

I looked everywhere for Joey but he didn't seem to be around. I'd decided to go over to my best friend Will's house for a swimming party, but it was pretty close to school so I could walk or just catch a short ride with any of the other gazillion people going.

'Uh, TJ, hold up a minute please.'

I turned and saw my AP History teacher Mr. Connolly. As he walked toward me, butterflies appeared in my stomach and I involuntarily grabbed myself. He was wearing a light beige suit, a white shirt, and a brown patterned tie.

'Hey TJ, I'm glad I caught you,' he said.

'Oh hi Mr. Connolly,' I said, more happy to see him than I would have anticipated. 'Big day, eh?'

'Indeed it is. Indeed it is. And call me Jeff. I'm no longer your teacher, remember?'

'Um, really? I'll try but it feels weird to call you by anything other than Mr. Connolly. Mr. Connolly.'

'Yes,' he laughed. 'It's Jeff. That's what happens with adults, you know. We call each other by our first names. And you're clearly an adult now, a high school graduate, Ivy League bound for all we know. Please call me Jeff.'

'Uh, all right,' I stammered, then added, 'Jeff.'

'TJ, I wanted to catch up with you because I gave you the wrong number for my brother in Boston.'

'You did? Oh.'

Mr. Connolly rummaged around in his pockets for something. 'I did. He just got a new number, and I put it in one of my...' I took advantage of the opportunity of him being distracted to study his crotch.

'His name is Jared, right?'

Jeff smiled and looked at me. He was about 4 inches taller than me, with straight sandy blond hair and green eyes. 'Yes. Jared. Jared Connolly, he's five years younger than me.'

I couldn't remember if Jared was a junior or a senior, but I did a quick calculation in my head and pegged Mr. Connolly for about 26-27.

Mr. Connolly read my mind.

'I'm 27,' he said.

I blushed, sighed heavily, and then added

stupidly, 'I'm 18, actually almost 19.'



Mr. Connolly reached one more time into his pants pockets and came up empty.

'TJ, this is embarrassing, but I seem to have left the piece of paper back in my office. Do you have a minute or so to walk back up there so I can give you my brother's new number?'

I looked around. I really wanted to go to the pool party at Will's. I wasn't sure but it was possible that Joey and Andy and even the Leeman twins would be going. The idea of being in

Will's pool with the whole crowd had been floating around in my fantasy mind for days and I couldn't wait to get there.

'Yes, sure, I'll go up there with you,' I said. I noted an eagerness in my voice that surprised me.

'Great! Let's go.'

It was a little surreal walking alongside a teacher in the dark hallways of my high school. I'd already said my mental good bye to those hallways and it felt funny to be back so soon.

When Mr. Connolly and I got to his room, he unlocked the door and tossed his coat lazily onto his desk in the back.

'It's probably right here on top someplace.'

I stood off to the side with my hands politely at my sides. Mr. Connolly still didn't seem to be able to find what he was looking for.

As I watched him open and close drawers, I could not help but notice that the fullness in Mr. Connolly's mid-section seemed a little bit bigger than it had when we'd been down on the field a few minutes before.

'I'm such a space case sometimes,' Mr. Connolly said.

Down below my own belt, my own dick had gotten semi-hard. I flipped off my graduation gown and tossed it onto the closest desk. I put one hand into the pocket of my suit pants and tried to quietly readjust myself.

'Honestly, this is ridiculous. I'm really sorry about keeping you waiting TJ,' he added.

Silently I walked forward to Mr. Connolly.

'Are you sure?'

He stopped what he was doing and looked up.


'I said, 'are you sure?' Are you sure you're sorry about keeping me waiting?' I was standing just a few inches away from him.

'Uh,' he said, standing up and trying to reach away from me. I was definitely in his personal space.

'I mean, are you sure you looked in your pockets very carefully?'

He looked down at his pockets and I sensed an even greater swelling under the zipper of his pants.

'Uh,' he said again.

Without thinking, I shoved one hand into his pants pocket. As I did Mr. Connolly moved into me. He grabbed my back and held on. His pocket was warm and I easily found what I was looking for.

Mr. Connolly let me explore both pockets before our eyes met.

'TJ are you sure about this?'

'Mr. Co...Jeff, its cool. I'm sure about this.

Just relax,' I said.

He smiled and bent his face down toward mine. I didn't know how I felt about French kissing my AP History teacher so I didn't. I flexed my knees and undid his belt. Mr. Connolly let me take control and in an instant I had his 27 year old manhood in my mouth and down my throat.

'Ah,' he said as his fleshy cock rubbed against my tongue.

'Mmm,' I said back to him, trying to be nice.

His dick tasted slightly musty and way more fragrant than I'd been used to with Joey or Andy or Danny and David. I thought maybe it was because we'd been sitting outside on the field for hours listening to that endless list of graduating senior names. Or maybe this was just how guys in their 20's were supposed to taste.

Over the next ten minutes or so I gave Mr. Connolly a great blow job. I liked his cock.

After I got past the strangley unsettling feeling that I was sucking off the last teacher I would ever have in high school, I relaxed and got into a rhythm that seemed to be driving Mr. Connolly crazy.

His dick was much, much thicker at the base than at the tip and there seemed to be more skin than I was used to. Could this be my first uncut cock? Three or four times he came close to coming and three or four times I eased off. I could feel my own penis bulging tightly against my pants. I was absolutely sure that I'd never given head while wearing a suit before.

'TJ, TJ, easy!' Mr. Connolly said. 'I'm real close.'

'I know,' I said. 'I'm having fun.'

'Shit TJ, how did an 18 year old kid get to be so good at this? You're incredible!'

'I know,' I said.

'How did you......' His voice trailed off as I tightened my hold on his nut sack and let my tongue linger just a bit longer at the tip of his cock.

'TJ, shit!'

I stopped. With my hands moistened by my own spit and by the pre-cum from Mr. Connolly's hard dick, I finished him off. As he shot a huge load of sperm out across the linoleum floor, even hitting the back of Timmy Wells's chair, I squeezed the tube between his balls and pressed one finger up into the skin behind the scrotum.

He was sweating.

'Oh...my...god, TJ.'

'Yeah, that was pretty fucking fantastic, wasn't it Mr. Connolly?'

'Jeff, please. You've just given me the best orgasm I've had in years, I think you've earned the right to use my first name!'

'All right Jeff, that ought to hold you for a while,' I said, half-taunting him, half not quite sure what exactly I wanted to do next.

Mr. Connolly pulled up his pants and looked at the tenting in my own suit pants. I met his gaze and then framed my dick by cupping my hands around it from either side.

'If you'd like, I could...'

'No, no, I don't think so.'

'Um, well, okay, but I'd really be glad to...'

'Suck me off?'

'Well, yes, I'd be glad to...suck you off'

We stood in front of each other and looked awkwardly away. I reached into the breast pocket of his shirt and pulled out a piece of paper. I opened it up and looked at it. It was Jared's phone number in Boston.

Mr. Connolly's face turned a little pinkish.

'Oh, good, you found it,' he said.

'Yes I did,' I said. 'And thanks. Maybe I'll let Jared finish off for you when I get to Harvard.'

I spun on my heel and walked out of the room. I shut the door carefully behind me. I was really going to miss high school.


TJ Tachet

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