As Andy walked up to Danny Leeman and I locked in an awkward embrace leaning against a car in front of Will's house I tried to push Danny away and Danny tried to hold me tighter. We ended up not moving at all.

'Let me go Danny,' I pleaded, 'fuck!'

Danny leaned his head in closer and pulled the back of my head toward him. His lips touched mine. 'Unh uh,' he whispered.

Andy stood beside us and put an arm around us, an impromptu group hug. Despite the darkness, I could see his white teeth as if it were daytime. 'What's going on here, boys?' Andy asked, knowing exactly what was going on here.

'Um,' I said.

Danny relaxed his grip on the back of my head and eased his lips away. 'Well Andy, young TJ here was just about to pop his big ol' cock into my mouth and then I was going to suck on it,' he said matter of factly.

I put my arms between our chests and tried again to push Danny away. Both of us were runners but Danny had clearly been working out since the State Track Championships probably getting ready for college or something and his arms managed to keep me from getting away

'Hmm,' Andy said. 'Sounds like fun, I myself have had TJ's eight and a third inch cock in my mouth and I too sucked on it. If you don't mind I'd like to watch.' Andy's sandy brown hair lit up against the moonlight and his whole head lit up like an angel or something. Geez, if the universe only knew what I did!

I pushed harder. Between Andy's bear hug around us and Danny's body weight forcing me against the car, it was hopeless. I was totally pinned.

Danny looked up at the sky to consider what Andy had said. I was pretty certain that Danny didn't know me and Andy had fooled around since I'd never told anybody, but then again, who the fuck knew what Andy was out there saying. For a straight guy, it was just too weird that he liked to fool around with guys. Or at least he'd fooled around with me a couple times. And then he was standing right here telling Danny Leeman about it! I now officially had a headache.

'This is turning out to be a very nice party,' Danny said. 'First me and my brother blow the host, then young TJ here winds up naked in the pool...'

'Fuck you guys,' I whispered loudly. 'Let me up!' I tried to wriggle out of this strangle hold, but both of their arms were too much for me.

Danny ignored me. 'Then I achieve what has been my most important high school goal of these last couple years...'

Both Andy and I looked at Danny. Despite myself, I was interested to hear what would come out of the evil Leeman twin's mouth next.

'TJ agrees to fuck my ass,' he said calmly.

Andy smiled and hooted.

'For 40 dollars,' I reminded him.

Andy whistled.

Danny shook his head. 'No way Jose! No 40 dollars, you said you'd do it for free!'

I kept trying to get away but I was totally in lockdown. Powerless. 'Yeah, yeah,' I said. 'But I changed my mind. I want 40 dollars. You know?...for my trouble.'

Danny thought it over. 'Hmm,' he said.

Andy chimed in. 'I'll do it for nothing,' he said.

Danny turned and faced Andy. He kissed Andy on the mouth.

'Deal,' Danny said. 'But TJ gets to watch.'

Andy laughed. 'Okay, gents, let's do this!' He released us from our bear hug and Danny backed away from me, my hard on continued to press against the shorts I had borrowed from Will. Danny's dick pointed exactly opposite mine and his own erection was clearly still there too.

'Fuckin' A!' Danny said.

'But...' I said sadly.

The two of them walked away, Danny trying to stick his hand down the back of Andy's pants.

'Hey Andy, aren't you straight?' I yelled after them.

He turned his head to look back at me. 'When I need to be, TJ, when I need to be.' They kept walking. Danny's hands pawed at Andy's ass.

I sighed. 'This is ridiculous,' I said, mostly to myself. I looked at my very gay friend, and my mostly straight friend going someplace to have sex. 'Okay, okay, I'm coming,' I said.

They both nodded though neither one turned around. They kept walking, I hurried after them.

'I know where we can do this,' I said breathlessly as I caught up.

They kept walking.

'Guys! I whispered at the top of my lungs. 'Hold on! I know a good place.'

Andy stopped and dragged Danny to a stop as well. Danny's hands kept exploring Andy's backside, which Andy seemed perfectly happy to allow. They both looked at me with raised eyebrows.

'Where?' Andy asked.

I tilted my head back toward Will's house. Andy made a face, Danny smiled. Now they followed me.

We let ourselves into the front door. We could hear the music blaring in the backyard. Will's graduation party was obviously still in full force, and from the sound of it, with no chance of slowing down anytime soon. I led my friends quietly down a hallway to a closed door. I opened it and motioned them to come in. I flipped on the light switch and the room washed over in fluorescent white from the fixture on the ceiling.

Danny sneered up at the ceiling light. He shook his head.

'I don't do fluorescent,' he said firmly.

Dutifully I flipped the light switch back off. Only the dim light from outside filtering through the windows kept it from being completely dark.

Andy broke away from Danny's wandering hands and stood in the center of the room. There was an entire wall of football trophies, a few triangular high school pennants, and some really old posters still attached to the walls with thumbtacks.

'Where are we?' Andy said.

'Will's brother's room,' I answered.

Danny looked around and whistled. 'It's very, I don't know, very 80s,' he said. He pointed to a poster of Prince. 'Oh my god, look at that! The 1999 tour!' He walked over to touch it. 'This is like a step back in time!'

'Yeah, yeah,' I said, a little impatient. I wanted to get going. And I really didn't want us to get caught. 'Will's mom left everything alone, you know, like a shrine to the guy. I think he's married with kids now.'

'Fuck!' Andy said. 'Ancient!'

'Shouldn't we, you know, get this party started?' I asked.

'Abso-fucking-lutely,' Danny said. In about five seconds, he was naked.

Danny's chest, ordinarily hairless and well-defined had now become hairless and really, really well-defined. Much bigger than when I'd last seen it, the definition between his pecs in sharp contrast to his flat cut abs below. 'I'm in,' he said with a grin. 'Let's go!'

Andy and I stood looking at Danny Leeman. Wow! He looked pretty hot.

Danny saw us looking at his chest. He shook his head and pointed to his dick, semi-hard and flopping lazily to the right, his ball sack pushing outward from between his legs. 'Never mind my chest,' he said. 'You guys should be focused on my dick! Hello?'

'Oh yeah, that,' I said.

'And get your clothes off, both of you,' Danny said. 'I don't like being the only nude boy in the room.'

'Yes you do,' Andy and I said in unison.

Danny laughed and put both hands around his cock, keeping it warm. Andy smiled and pulled his shirt over his head. Andy began to unbutton his pants. Danny walked over to help and Andy's pants slid easily down his legs and bunched on the floor.

As my eyes fully adjusted, I marveled at the two 18 year old men standing in front of me without any clothes on. Danny's dick stood almost straight upright, much thicker at the base than the tip, his nuts hanging loosely below. Andy's long tubular cock was familiar to me from our night in the motel room when we'd done a road trip with Will to check out some colleges he wasn't fully hard yet like Danny, but Danny already had a hand on it and was going to make sure that happened soon.

Danny put both hands on Andy's butt cheeks, then got down on his knees and took Andy in his mouth. Andy leaned his head back and sighed heavily. Three seconds later Andy was totally hard and Danny smiled around the cock in his mouth. With one hand, Danny cupped Andy's scrotum and then stroked the shaft of Andy's tubular dick up and down in rhythm with the bobbing of his head. Andy wrinkled his toes. For the next few minutes, Danny drove Andy up and down to the brink of orgasm and then let him come back to earth, Andy's eyes were closed. He was probably pretending he was getting head from somebody else.

Then Danny stopped. Andy looked down to see what was going on. Danny looked over at me and sort of jerked Andy's hard-on in my direction. Andy followed Danny's eyes and they both landed on my crotch.

'Okay, young TJ,' Andy mocked what Danny had called me a little while ago, 'let's get you naked too!'

I smiled. I'd almost forgot.

Both of my friends looked at me like I was something for them to eat.

Andy shrugged his shoulders, the move lifting Danny's bobbing head by a few inches. 'I think you should take your clothes off, TJ,' Andy said.

'Um,' I started. 'They're actually Will's clothes.'

Andy shook his head.

'Get out of 'em, pea-brain!' Danny said loudly, removing his lips from the tip of Andy's cock just long enough to get the words out.

I looked into Andy's green eyes. They always got me.

'Don't be so stupid TJ,' Andy said. 'Take 'em off.'

I hesitated. Andy's eyes widened.


I complied. Seconds later, Will's clothes lay in a heap at my feet.

With one hand, Danny waved me over, his other busily stroking Andy's hard dick. Andy's eyes were closed and he didn't seem to notice. In one motion, Danny grabbed my dick and drew me closer at the same time. Danny placed both erections together side by side and leaned back slightly to get a better look. Danny smiled, his straight brown hair bouncing back off his forehead.

As Danny licked around the figure eight of me and Andy's cocks, Andy's eyes met mine again. A moment passed and then we both wanted to see what Leeman was up to down below.

Both Andy and I shuddered as Danny nibbled on our dickheads at the same time, Andy's long tubular penis just a tiny bit shorter and a tiny bit thinner than mine. Andy ground his naked hip into mine. I liked the sensation and pushed my hip back at him.

Danny seemed to sense a change in the playing field and looked up at the owners of the two dicks in his mouth.

'Hang on amigos,' Danny said. 'I'm not actually sure I can do this, but I'm going to give it a try!'

Andy pushed ourselves closer together so that Danny could get us both in his mouth. Amazingly, he did, although not very far. Andy put his arm around my narrow waist, his hand warm against my skin. I closed my eyes and thought of Will.

Danny's tongue on my balls brought me back.

I looked down to see Andy's cock disappear completely into Danny's throat and Andy pushing the back of Danny's head with his free hand. Danny expertly stroked the full length of my hard-on with one hand, the saliva from his mouth surprisingly slick. With his other hand, Danny tugged at Andy's nut sack as his mouth swallowed Andy all the way. Danny's left hand found some pre-cum on the head of my dick and rubbed it around with his palm, something that always drove me crazy! I squirmed and Andy held me tighter.

'Take it easy, dude,' Andy warned. 'I'm about to blow.'

This merely caused Danny to intensify his sucking and pulling, and Andy groaned aloud with delight.


I looked up at Andy, his face locked in a blissful expression, not quite sure if he wanted to cum yet or if he was enjoying it too much to put up a fuss.

'Dude!' Andy yelped again, 'Fuck!'

Danny put both hands on the base of Andy's cock and let his mouth linger just at the end. I seemed to remember that the very tip of Andy's cock was pretty sensitive, and I wasn't surprised when Andy began to tighten his abs and buck his hips, now clearly past the point of no return.

'Come on Andy,' Danny pleaded, 'I want you to shoot it!'

'Fuck!' Andy said again.

My own rock hard dick was being neglected but continued to ooze pre-cum out the top. I watched as Danny let a couple fingers wander behind Andy's scrotum, somewhere in the neighborhood of his butthole. Danny grinned as he knew he had him, then dove back on and deep-throated Andy all over again.

In the seconds before Andy's cock exploded with cum, it got very quiet. Danny calmly tended to business and I watched in silence. As if the effort of shooting his load would require every bit of Andy's bodily functions, Andy seemed to stop breathing for a moment.

Then Andy exploded.

A volcano of white DNA shot up from the end of Andy's penis, hitting Danny in the face and whizzing over his head. The first stream landed with a soft thud on the carpet. Andy's mouth opened and he made a silly gagging sound. The second stream of sperm hit Danny in the face again as he leaned in to try and catch it in his mouth. The third stream was somehow stronger than the first two, drilling Danny's mouth cruelly and forcing his neck to bend backward. I smiled as I watched Andy blowing cum all over the place. Quite a show!

When it was done, Danny looked up at Andy, cum dripping from his eyebrow and from his cheek, still more visible in the corner of his lips. The look on Andy's face was priceless, sort of cross between 'what the fuck just happened?' and 'oh my god I can't believe I just came that much.' Danny's grinned broadly, his white teeth gleaming.

'That was fucking awesome amigo,' Danny said. He shook his head and drips of Andy's semen landed on all three of our naked bodies.

Andy nodded but still said nothing. I needed answers.

'Andy, when's the last time you came?' I asked. 'Last month?'

Finally Andy laughed.

'I don't know!' he said. 'Maybe.'

'That was a lot,' I said, stating the obvious.

Andy and Danny both pursed their lips and sighed in unison.

'Fuck.' Andy said, this time more loudly. 'Fucking great blow job, brother Leeman.'

Danny acknowledged the compliment with a nod. 'I get that a lot,' he said smugly.

'I'll bet,' I said.

Danny looked over at my own eight and third inch penis, now dangling somewhat downward. He grabbed it with his hand.

'Um, do I need to point out that neither of you two amigos has fucked me?' Danny asked. 'That was sort of our arrangement,' he added.

'Sorry dude,' Andy said, really meaning it. 'I just couldn't last, that mouth of yours was just too, you know, too fucking, I don't know...' his voice trailed off.

Danny smiled.

'That leaves you TJ,' Danny said. 'Although I admit I'm a little more nervous about shoving you in there.'

'Naw,' Andy said. 'It'll fit. We'll make it fit!'

'We need lube,' I said.

'No trouble lads,' Danny said. He reached into his jeans and pulled out a thin silver tube. 'I brought some,'

'Figures,' Andy and I said together.

'And the forty dollars?' I asked with a big smile.

Danny stood up and shoved his butt cheeks against my hard-on. 'Later amigo,' he said. 'You fuck first, then I pay,' he added with a Spanish accent.

Andy shook his head once and smiled at me. 'Sounds like a good deal to me, TJ. You should take it. How often is that an 18 year old hot boy, who's a recent high school grad besides, raises his ass in the air for you to stick your Johnson into it?'

I thought for a moment.

'Probably happens all the time,' Danny added helpfully from down by the floor.

'Yep,' I said. 'Generally I get State Track champs, but he'll do.' Andy laughed and Danny snorted.

'Fuck you TJ.'

Remaining bent over, Danny held up his hand and Andy grabbed the little tube of lube. He opened it with his teeth and squirted some out onto my weenie. It was cold and I inhaled quickly.

'Sorry,' Andy said.

Andy stroked the lube up and down, making sure he covered the entire length of me. He then used one hand to spread Danny's ass cheeks and then dribbled a generous helping between them. He used his middle finger to move it to ground zero.

When everybody was all greased up I looked up at Andy. He smiled with his eyes as if to give me permission. 'I think it's time,' he said.

'Um, what about a condom?' I asked.

'Well,' Andy started. The thought hadn't actually occurred to him.

'No condoms amigo,' Danny said from the floor. 'I'm allergic.'

'Oh!' I said.

'Oh!' Andy said.

'Yeah, oh!' Danny said.

'Okay then,' Andy said.

'Do it already, amigo,' Danny practically shouted.

'Okay then,' I said.

Startled, I plunged ahead, I tended to always do as I was told. Old habit.

Andy helpfully pushed Danny's butt a little lower and I eased forward and positioned my slick dick right over Danny's asshole. Andy's green eyes signaled that all systems appeared to be go and I thrust my hips forward. My cock penetrated Danny's firm little butt.

'Ahh!' Danny said.

There was a knock on the door.

We all froze in mid-fuck. Things like this weren't really supposed to happen in real life.

Three milliseconds later I dove behind Will's brother's bed. Danny collapsed onto the floor, dragging his still erect dick underneath him with a quick brush of his hand. Andy sat down cross-legged, gamely facing the door, his hands placed inside the hole between his thighs covering himself.

'Who is it?' Andy said.

'Everything all right in there?' came the voice from behind the door. It was Will's mom. Shit!

'Um, yeah, sure, we're all right,' Andy said.

'Okay, well good then.' The voice behind the door paused. 'Uh, if you don't mind, I didn't really want anybody to use this room for anything. If it's all the same to you, I'd prefer if you came out of there. Will's room is fine of course.'

'Um, okay, well sure. We're sorry, we'll be right out,' Andy answered.

Danny shook his head and put his hands behind it to bury his face into the carpet. A very muffled scream emerged.

We heard Will's mom's footsteps as she walked away.

'That's it I guess, gents' Andy said. 'I suppose we'll have to continue this in Will's room.'

Danny raised his face up off the floor. A little rug pattern had stuck to his right cheek. 'Fine with me,' Danny said.

'Are you guys' nuts?' I said, crawling out from behind the bed. 'We're not having sex in Will's room!'

I looked at my friends. They looked back at me with puzzled looks on their faces.

'With Will's graduation party raging right outside!'

They kept looking at me.

'With people coming in to use the bathroom!'

Still no change.

'No!' I said, hoping this was the final word.

Danny stood up and wiggled his hips in my direction.

'I'm still up for it, amigo.'

'Now way, guys, this is Will's bedroom we're talking about here,' I said.

The unintended meaning of what I said was lost on Danny, but not on Andy.

'Um, are we forgetting that me and my bro just gave your best friend Will the blow job of his life before this whole party started?'

'Fuckin' A,' Andy said. 'This may have been the blow job of my life too.'

Danny smiled. 'Thanks.'

'No,' I said. I tugged on Will's shorts and shirt, turning away as I pulled it over my head and zipped up.

My friends stood there naked.

As I eased past them to the door, I gave them my best pained expression. I opened the door and I walked out. If this graduation party sex-fest didn't end soon I was going to have the bluest balls on earth!


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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