Back at the party, things were a little bit quieter. A few people had left and nobody seemed to be in the pool anymore.

I looked down at my hands and made the conscious decision not to wash them for the time being. It would be my little secret. My hands had held the penis of a few party-goers. One particular penis, belonging to a very talented member of our high school track team, for example, had seemingly followed me around all night. And, I had groped a certain varsity quarterback from our school as well. Danny Leeman's weenie was a little smaller than mine, but nicely curved and could be called 'party size.' On the other hand, Joey's cock was a thick beast, not so much curved but perfectly shaped, and I could barely get my hands around it when it was fully hard.

But alas, I had not held the weenie of our hung host Will. I suppose I had my chance way earlier, but the Leeman twins seemed to be doing just fine with my best friend, there wasn't actually much room for me in Will's shower as they sucked him dry.

I sniffed my hands. Sort of a combination of that musky guy smell, chlorine from the pool and fruit punch. Blech!

Andy walked up to me. I reached out to shake his hand. He stared at it. Andy had a tubular dick, long and sort of paper towel holder-like. I giggled to myself at the variety of cocks available.

'Dude, what are you doing?'

I looked at my outstretched hand. He still hadn't grabbed it.

'Um,' I said.

He slugged me lightly in the arm.

'I'm not leaving, you moron,' Andy said.

'Oh,' I said. 'Okay.'

I looked at Andy, his dark green eyes looked right back at me.

'I have to pee,' I said.

Andy laughed.

I hesitated. I didn't want to be rude and just leave him standing there, that would be impolite wouldn't it? He'd just walked up.

He nodded to my mid-section. 'So? Go!'

I nodded back.

I dashed off toward the bathroom in Will's room.

When I returned, Andy was right where I'd left him. He noticed a fullness in the shorts I was wearing that hadn't been there before I left.

The act of peeing, holding my dick in my hand, had given me an erection. I was a mess!

Andy nodded again toward my mid-section. 'What's up with that?'

I smirked and shook my head. 'Who the fuck knows? Hormones, maybe. Why the hell do you care, anyway? You're supposed to be straight.'

'Or maybe it's not hormones,' he said, ignoring my comment about his alleged sexuality. 'Maybe it's...' Andy jerked his head in Will's direction.

I followed his gaze and saw Will talking with a group of people.

'No way, Andy,' I explained. 'I just really, really need to cum. I was just in the bathroom, you know, holding it like I always do...'

'Mmm, hmm,' Andy said, leaning his head toward mine conspiratorially.

I smiled. 'No really, I really didn't do anything. Two quick shakes there at the end and that was it!'

'So why do you have a boner?'

'I don't know!' I said. 'I just do! I'm a guy. I'm 18! I'm totally horned out. I've watched Danny Leeman suck off two guys tonight. And neither one of them was me. So, well, you know, I just need to get off.'

'I thought you were going to do that with Danny and Joey,' Andy reminded me. 'In Joey's car or something? Right?'

'It didn't work out,' I said, not really wanting to explain that the three of us just didn't fit. The backseat was too small.

'Mmm,' Andy said, maybe getting it.

Andy looked around. He put his hand on the front of my shorts. I started to back away, but he quickly stuck his other hand in the top of my front pocket and held tight.

'Fuck Andy!' I said. 'We're like right in the middle of our high school graduation party!'

'Mmm,' he said.

'What the fuck is that? Mmm? Get your hand off my pants!' I whispered to him, looking to see if anybody was paying attention to us. Nobody seemed to be.

'So you still didn't cum?'

I looked again into his eyes, felt myself being pulled closer. I shook my head.

'Well, do you need me to...?'

'You? I mean, yes, I mean, well, probably. I mean, well no, I guess not. Joey and I are supposed to try and hook up as soon as the party's over I think.'

'That could take a while, TJ,' he teased.

I exhaled. 'Don't remind me.'

Andy looked around again. 'Do you want me to give you a hand job in the bushes or something?'


'Well, do you?'

'Well, yeah, of course,' I said, exasperated.

'Then let's go,' he said, beginning to turn away.

'No, no, no we shouldn't,' I said.

'Okay, but why not? I'm confused. I thought you were in need of, you know, in need of a helping hand.'

'Well, yeah, I am. I mean, I'm like very in need,' I said. 'It's just that, well, I just don't think I could get all worked up again and then not finish. You know what I mean. You know, if we get started and then we have to stop. That would be too much, at this point. I think my balls might just explode.'

Andy laughed.

He leaned in and whispered in my ear. 'Do you want to go in Will's bathroom and finish yourself off? I'll stand guard right outside the door. Take all the time you need.' He saluted with three fingers on his forehead. 'Scout's honor!'

'Thank you, but I think I'll wait,' I said, instantly regretting having said that.

'Have it your way,' he said. 'But you know I'm just trying to be your friend here.'

'Yes, you are. Thank you very much. You are a very good friend,' I said. 'A very, very weird friend for a straight guy, but yes a very good friend.'

He nodded.

'Too bad about your three way with Joey and Danny, dude,' he added, unnecessarily.

I blushed. Andy had known about the whole thing, of course. He just decided he didn't want to participate. He was straight, after all, and there was only so much gay sex a straight guy could take in one evening. Even at our high school graduation party.

'Enough, okay? I don't really want to talk about sex, okay? I can't take it,' I said. 'Let's talk about something else.'

Andy furrowed his brow.

'Mmm,' he said again. 'Forget I brought it up,' he added, intending the double meaning. We both glanced down at my shorts. My dick ached.

'All right, I know what I'm going to do,' I said. 'Right after this party's over, I'm going to fuck the shit out of that evil Danny Leeman. He wants me too, anyway.'

'Mmm,' Andy said again. 'Cool. I want an 8 by 10'

I laughed. 'Yeah, I'm sure Danny would be glad to give you one,' I said.

It had been pretty clear he had absolutely no fears in life. His brother David, on the other hand, was the good twin, the shy one, the one who is far less likely to grab your crotch as you stood by your locker in the halls at school. Both guys were on the track team with me, and it was widely thought that goofy the goofy twin Danny had way more running talent than either me or his brother. But, still, when the three of us ran in the State Track Championships, it was Danny and I who flamed out early. David wound up taking his early heats and then pulled away to win in the Finals. To celebrate, Danny arranged for a four-way sex party in our motel room later that night. David happily got plowed by two of us, Danny cheering him on just as loudly as he had watching his brother race earlier that day. Our fourth that night was Joey of course, he'd come up to meet a college recruiter and literally gotten sucked into the all of excitement at the State Meet.

How many people actually have a chance to get fucked by the starting quarterback on their high school football team? I'm guessing David is in rare company.

I should be so lucky.

Andy put his hand on my shoulder. 'Do you want some more punch?'

I looked straight into his green eyes, but my mind was elsewhere, fucking David. Fucking Danny. Fucking Joey. What on earth was Andy talking about?


'Punch,' Andy repeated. 'You know that red stuff over on the table? Do you want some?'

I looked at the table. All of the food we'd put out at the beginning of Will's party was gone. There were paper plates lying all over the place, stacks of plastic cups were laying on their side. What a mess.

I looked again at Andy. I had always loved his hair and wished mine were more like his. Sandy blond, straight, it looked good all the time.

'Never mind,' Andy said. 'I'll just get you one. I think you need something in your system.' Andy walked over to the food table and began to fill some cups with punch.

Andy brought me a cup and I drank it quickly.

'So,' Andy asked, 'have you decided on college? Which one is it gonna be?'

I looked at Andy's pants while I decided on my answer. Somehow my buddy from New York filled out the crotch of a pair of pants better than just about anybody I knew. I'd seen Andy naked plenty of times, even with a hard-on a few, but there was something totally hot about his package, nestled snugly behind his zipper.

Andy pushed me on the shoulder.

'Dude! I'm up here,' he said.

'What?' I mumbled. 'Oh sorry, guess I just...'

'Yeah, yeah, I know, I get that a lot,' Andy said with a grin.

'So what school am I gonna go to?' I said, repeating Andy's question. It was no secret that I was sort of a brainiac at our high school. Stuff came pretty easy to me and I had been accepted into every college I'd applied to.

'Um, right now Stanford,' I said. 'I'd love to go to Harvard, but they seem to be taking their time about accepting me. I got into Cal too, and Georgetown, but I've already turned them down.'

'They'd be stupid not to take you, Harvard I mean,' Andy said, showing more interest in my life than I was used to from him.

'Yeah,' I agreed. 'Stupid.'

'You'll get in,' he added. 'I'm sure of it.'

I shrugged.

'Did you mention on your application about your 8 and a third inch penis?'

I paused. Everything with Andy was always sex. And right now, I needed to think about something else.

'Yes, as a matter of fact I did. Right after, age, gender, and address, they always ask about cock size.'

Andy pursed his lips and nodded approval.

'Surprised you needed to mention it at all, you'd think they would have heard all the way back there through, you know, other channels.'

Now I punched Andy in the arm.

We both smiled.

We looked around. The party seemed to be thinning out. Will was holding court over by the pool, a squadron of cheerleaders and some guys from the football team circled around him like he was telling stories around a camp fire. The Leemans were standing together on the other side of the yard, Danny bouncing his arms animatedly, but I couldn't tell who they were talking to. Joey was sprawled out on the grass, resting his head on the flat of his hand, his other hand tucked neatly between his legs, like he was protecting something.

'Quite a party,' Andy said quietly.

'Quite a fucking party,' I agreed.

After nearly everybody had left, Joey, Andy, David Leeman and I helped clean up some of the mess that had been left. There had been way more people here than any of us ever guessed. Will's mom had put out some extra food, but there was no way even the extra stuff she found would be enough.

Danny Leeman was still talking to somebody I didn't recognize across the yard.

After we filled four huge trash bags, the yard looked pretty decent.

There were just a few of us left. It was late and we were all tired. I sat down heavily on a chaise lounge by the pool, and Joey, David and Andy joined me. Will saw us and started to walk over. He shut off the backyard flood lights and the glimmering pool glow became our only light. The moon had dropped behind a cloud.

I whispered to Andy, 'Who's Danny talking to?'

'You don't know?' Andy said, grinning.

'No,' I said, shaking my head. 'I mean, he looks familiar, but I can't put a name to his face. Did he go to our school?'

'Dude!' Andy said. 'No, he didn't go to our school. Look carefully. Don't you recognize him?'

I scrunched up my eyes and stared at him from across Will's backyard.

Andy and Joey smiled to each other, watching me.

Then I figured it out.

'Holy shit!'

They laughed.

'What the fuck is he doing here?' I asked.

Andy shrugged his shoulders. 'I thought he was just a friend of Will's,' he said.

'Not as far as I know,' I said. 'I mean, I'm supposed to be his best friend, right? It's like, wouldn't I know it if Will was friends with a movie star?'

'You'd think,' Joey said.

I stared at the guy still having a conversation with Danny Leeman. He looked to be about six feet tall, a couple inches taller than Danny. He had dark straight hair and he seemed to have a head band on that kept it off his forehead. Even from 50 feet away, he really was pretty fucking hot. No wonder every girl I knew wanted to sleep with him, and at least some of the guys I knew for that matter.

'Oh my fucking god!' I said. 'We can't let Danny talk to him, he's probably saying all sorts of stupid, perverted things!'

'Relax, TJ,' Andy said. 'I'm sure Mr. Hollywood can handle himself just fine. He'll just walk away when he's had enough.'

'Yeah, maybe,' I said. 'Unless Danny has him stripped naked and bound to a lounge chair by then.'

'Mmm,' Andy said again. He was getting to be annoying with that.

'Is that really who I think it is?' I whispered to David Leeman, who had taken a seat on the same chaise lounge as me and was leaning back between my legs.

David nodded on my leg, his head scratching the inside of my thigh startlingly close to my poor dick. Unlike his sex-starved brother Danny, I suspected that David had no idea what his head was doing to the length of my penis. It was just an innocent gesture on his part.

I stared at the celebrity who I had often fantasized about. As I did I enjoyed the curious sensation of a growing erection. It crept down my left leg closer and closer to David Leeman's head. David was clueless.

'Who invited him?' I whispered to David, this time taking the opportunity to bend my knee so that his head bounced softly onto the straps of the chair below.

'Beats me,' David said. 'He said he came with friends.'

'Like who? There's nobody left here except us.'

'Maybe he'll have to walk home,' David said, grinning. 'Or maybe the Leeman boys can come to his rescue and give him a ride.'

I slapped David lightly on the side of his head. 'You're getting to be a pervert just like your brother,' I said.

David giggled. 'I can only hope,' he said.

I messed up David's dark wavy hair with my hands and he snuggled in closer to my crotch. A minute or so later, Will came over and sat down on the ground beside the chair that David and I were on. Andy moved his chair closer to the three of us, and then Joey lay down on his back and looked at the sky.

'Are you guys good?' Will asked the little assembly. 'Can I get anybody anything else to eat or drink?'

A chorus of no's.

'I'll have a beer, dark please!' David yelled from across the yard. He had ended his conversation with the famous guest and was headed our way. So was the movie star.

Will thought for a moment.

'I don't think my parents would be cool with that,' Will answered sincerely.

'You're such a troublemaker, Danny,' Joey said, still looking at the sky.

'Boys, you have no idea,' Danny said, pulling over his own chaise lounge close to the rest of us.

I watched wide-eyed as Mr. Hollywood pulled up a chair and just joined in, like he was graduating Apple Valley High School with the rest of us or something.

Danny cleared his throat. 'Do you guys know...?'

A chorus of yes's interrupted Danny before he could finish.

'Hi, I'm TJ,' I said, stupidly. I was a little star-struck.

'Just call me KC,' he said. 'I like that better.'

I swallowed. 'Great!' I said too excitedly. 'Hi KC, initials! Just like me!'

'Yeah,' he said. 'My screen name is actually my real name, but, you know, it gets a little tiresome. Too much baggage. KC is just fine.'

'What?' Andy said. 'How is your real name too much baggage?'

'Let's just say it's complicated,' KC answered.

'My family's Hawaiian and I grew up in Canada and Australia,' he said.

'Oh,' I said. As if that was a completely satisfying explanation.

Nobody spoke for a moment. Everyone settled into their seats and then followed Joey's gaze and looked at the sky.

'I think I see Orion,' David said.

'Where?' Andy said.

David raised his arm and pointed toward a group of stars in the sky. I strained my eyes to try and make out Orion but couldn't quite figure out where he started and stopped.

'Right there,' David said, using both arms to show us what he was seeing.

'I don't see it,' Will said.

'Me neither,' I added.

'Come on guys, don't be so clueless, it's right there,' David raised his voice and pointed at the same part of the sky again. 'See? That's his arm, that's his leg, and I think, yeah, that's his belt.'

We all looked up again.

'That's no leg,' Danny said. 'That's gotta be his dick. I mean, this guy was a god, right? That's no leg.'

'You're disgusting Leeman,' Andy said quietly.

'Orion was a hunter, right?' I said.

'Yeah, with a huge dick. Look at that thing,' Danny said again.

'Why would a hunter have a huge dick?' I asked, immediately dreading what Danny might say in response.

'I don't know, amigo,' Danny said. 'Why do you have a huge dick? Same thing, right?'


'Ignore my brother, everybody, he's hopelessly oversexed,' David said.

'Well, that's true,' Andy said. 'But the question is still a good one. Why does TJ have a huge dick?'

Will and Joey laughed. I tried to become invisible.

'I mean, you have to admit,' Andy went on. 'Of all the guys in our school, why should TJ be blessed with eight and a third inches of prime choice beef between his legs?'

Will and Joey laughed again.

'Eight and a third inches?' KC asked.

'Who has a ruler that measures in thirds?' Danny asked.

'It's true though,' Andy said. 'TJ let me measure it. It's eight and a third. You gotta sort of use your imagination between the quarter and the half inch mark.'

'Andy!' I said. 'Shut the fuck up!'

'Hmm,' Joey said, deciding to add to the conversation. 'Eight and a third inches, sounds like a budding porn star to me.'

'Joey!' I said. 'Jesus Christ! Can we talk about something else? How about we try and find the Big Dipper?' I instantly regretted the remark.

Several people whistled, but Danny said what everyone else was thinking.

'Don't think you need to find another big dipper, amigo, you've already got your own!'

Everybody laughed.

'Fuck you guys,' I said. 'I mean, I can't help it, you know, it is what it is.'

'It sure fucking is!' Danny said.

'Shut up Danny,' I said. 'You know as well as I do, Will's bigger than me.'

There was more whistling, but nobody wanted to make any actual comments about our actual host. Except me, of course.

'By the way, Danny, how's your jaw anyway? A little worn out? A little stretched out?'


'I don't get it,' KC said.

I sighed and sat up on the chaise lounge I'd been sharing with David Leeman.

'It's a long story,' I said, smugly.

'I'll say,' Danny added. 'More than eight and a third, I'll say that.'

Silence again. Then KC spoke.

'Hmm, seems like I've tumbled into a very interesting high school graduation party,' KC said. 'Do any actual girls go to Apple Valley High?'

'Girls?' Danny asked. 'What are they?'

We all laughed.

'You really are a pervert Danny,' Joey said. We laughed again.

There was silence again as nobody was quite sure where the conversation was headed next.

'So, if TJ's cock is eight or so inches long,' KC began. 'And then...'

'Eight and a third!' David and Danny said in unison. This got another laugh.

'Okay, okay, eight and a third. If TJ hangs eight and a third inches. Hard, I assume? Right?' KC asked.

I couldn't really believe the question. Of course that was when I was hard. I looked at KC and nodded a couple times. Oh my fucking god, I was actually talking to a real-life movie star! And the subject was my penis!

'Okay then, so TJ is eight and a third, hard. And then TJ says that Will is way bigger than that. So then...well...I guess I have two questions.'

I pursed my lips and breathed out slowly. I had a feeling I knew where KC was going with this.

'Shoot,' I said quietly.

'Well, first of all, how big is Will? And second of all, how is it that you guys seem to know this kind of detail about one another?'

Will cracked up.

'You're right KC, you have wandered into a very interesting party,' Will answered.

Danny Leeman raised his hand high in the air. 'Ask me, ask me!' He said. 'I know the answers.'

'That figures,' KC said.

'I think I might be done with this conversation,' Andy said, getting up to his feet.

'Oh, come on, right when things were getting really interesting,' Danny said.

'I need to be up early tomorrow. Can I catch a ride home with anybody?' Andy asked.

Surprisingly, David popped up out of his seat. 'Yeah, we should be going anyhow,' he said. 'Danny, you ready?'

'Hell no, I'm not ready to leave,' Danny said. 'I want to hear TJ explain to KC just how he knows the size of his best friend Will's monster weenie.'

'Danny, we're going,' David said. 'You can either come with Andy and me, or you can walk home.'

I have to admit I don't think I'd ever seen David push his brother around like this. I wondered whether there was some other motive.

Danny looked hopefully toward Joey, who was still lying on the ground looking up at the sky. Joey shrugged his shoulders.

'Shit!' Danny said. 'This blows.'

Andy and the Leeman brothers said their good-byes, thanked Will for the party, and shook KCs hand.

'It was great to meet you,' Danny said directly to KC, holding his handshake a little longer than he probably should have. 'I hope to have the pleasure again.'

Then they were gone.

Will got up from where he was sitting and lay down on the ground next to Joey. He looked up at the sky too.

'So which one is Orion?' Will asked.

Joey took Will's wrist and pointed it in the direction of the star-hunter in the night sky. A cool breeze made me shiver. Both KC and I strained our own eyes to try to follow Joey's directions.

'Oh!' Will said at once. 'I think I see it!'

'Good,' Joey said. 'Now follow your finger, I'm putting it right inside of his belt buckle.'

I still didn't see anything. 'Orion has a belt buckle?' I giggled.

'Okay, okay I see that too!' Will said all of a sudden. 'Cool!'

'And if Orion actually had a penis, it would be right there,' Joey added.

'Hmm,' Will said, seeming skeptical.

'And it would definitely be bigger than TJs. And it would, I'm sorry to say, also be bigger than yours,' Joey said.

KC and Will both laughed out loud.

'I don't know,' Will said. 'I'm told that I'm fairly well hung.'

'Hmm, let's see,' Joey said, lowering his hand onto Will's crotch. He groped Will through his pants; Will kept his hands away, allowing Joey all the time he needed. Joey rolled over onto his side, facing Will directly to give himself a better fell. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. 'Well, perhaps you're right. This is a big dick.'

'Told ya'' Will said.

Joey left his hand there, cupping the zipper of Will's pants like it was a football. KC and I watched with fascination as the football seemed to grow before our eyes.

'Um, that's probably enough,' Will said. 'This could get a little too interesting for our guest from Hollywood.'

Slowly, Joey removed his hand from Will's package.

'Pretty fucking impressive,' Joey said. 'Orion's got nothing on you.'

Then Joey got to his feet, and Will sat up alongside Joey's ankles.

'I think I just got felt up by the starting quarterback of our varsity football team,' Will said.

'Yes you did,' Joey said. 'But remember I'm pretty good at this. I stand over the center dozens of times each day. He seems to like it!'

Will laughed. There was a fullness in Joey's pants that I knew well. He was definitely turned on. That was definitely a bigger mound than Joey's thick cock made when it was soft. Joey was at least semi-hard. I wondered if Will saw it too.

'So with that, dudes, I think I should get out of here. I'm due for a long run tomorrow. Gotta get myself back in shape pretty quick if I'm gonna make the team this fall.' Practically the whole school knew where Joey was headed for college and that there was a decent chance he could actually make the team as a backup.

'TJ?' Joey said, looking in my direction. 'You coming too?'

I exhaled. Hmm. Go home with Joey and have sex for sure? Or stay here with Will and see if anything develops. Will and I had shared that awkward moment in the pool a few hours ago, staring stupidly into each other's eyes. Maybe there was to that? I didn't know. But then Will came to my rescue and gave Joey his answer.

'Um, well I could use a little help from TJ cleaning these last few things up,' Will said.

Joey's head drooped. He was definitely disappointed. 'Cool,' he said. He reached for Will's hand and hauled him up to a standing position. 'Well, thanks buddy for a great party. You sure know how to do it right.'

Will was friendly as always. 'Glad you could make it. Sorry your own party didn't quite work out.'

And then Joey was gone too.

I looked around at Will's backyard.

There were only the three of us left. Me, Will, and a mysterious movie star who wanted us to call him KC.


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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