When I walked outside, the party had almost doubled in size. The speakers Will's dad had set up thumped something really loud that was faintly familiar. Jim Morrison? The Stones?

I thought of my own stones, dangling unhappily in the shorts I had borrowed from Will's closet. I wore no underwear. Taking a pair of Will's had seemed just too much, even for best friends to share. Absently my hand drifted to my poor crotch. What a night! My balls ached. I needed to get off, and do it quick.

There were dozens of people huddled over where we'd set out the food a few hours ago. There was another big group dancing in little clicks on the patio.

'Wow!' I mouthed silently to myself. Will really was the most popular guy in the universe.

A bunch of people I didn't even know seemed to be playing around the pool, they had taken off their shirts and were jumping in with their pants on. I pawed at myself again, this time with one hand in my pocket. Hmm, this could get interesting.

A few people looked at me. I supposed I wasn't looking my best. Dressed in Will's clothes, about 4 sizes too big for me, thank god I had a belt to hold up these shorts! My hair was probably a disaster after having first been in the pool myself a little while ago, and then having a suck-fest with Andy and Danny just a few minutes ago.

And then there was the small issue that I needed very, very desperately to cum.

In just a few short hours, I'd witnessed my two twin buddies the Leemans from the track team give Will head in his shower before the party, had later been mercilessly man-handled by Will himself as he got me tossed into the pool, shared an amazing erotic moment of mutual nakedness with Will while dozens of our friends looked on, sucked face with the evil twin Danny Leeman as the beginning to some sexual romp we were supposed to have only to have my place in line stolen away by Andy, then having to watch Danny's expert mouth again as he sucked off Andy right in front of me. That's two I thought to myself, I'll bet Danny intended to write this down later, a sort of perverted check box on his way to a lifetime of fellatio fulfillment!

But the pogo stick of sexual ups and downs I'd been through since I'd arrived at the party had finally taken its toll on me. I quietly vowed to select somebody very quickly and make them have sex with me. In the next five minutes if possible.

Could anybody here be reading my mind? I looked over at Will, also now clothed in something he hadn't been at the start of his graduation party. The shorts he had on were something I'd discarded when I rummaged around his closet. Knowing Will and his casual indifference for most everything in life, he probably picked up the first thing he saw on the floor in his room. His clothes fit him better than they did me of course, you could actually see his cut abs through his white polo shirt despite the darkness. With an ease I admired, he was talking to a crowd, gesturing with his hands, probably telling them the story of having gotten a great blow job from the Leemans just before the party started. The dude seemed to have no shame, even when it came to stuff like that. 'Oh yeah, they sucked me off! Then we set out the cups and they helped me make this great punch for the party! So what have you been up to lately?'

Will looked over at me as I walked slowly toward the pool. His eyes drifted down to my clothes and he smiled as if to say he hoped I was comfortable walking around in his clothes. Thanks be to god, my erection had gone down.

My mouth was dry, so I went to get some punch.

I was taking a sip when somebody hit me on the back. I choked and tears came to my eyes.

'Hey TJ, how's it goin' little buddy?'

It was Joey.

I coughed and a tear fell down my cheek.

Fuck. Joey! I'm having sex with him.

Joey moved around in front of me and let his huge quarterback arms linger around my chest. My nipples responded immediately. It didn't take much in my current state. He waited for me to finish choking and filled the time by pouring himself a punch.

'Um. Hi.' I said when my body had air again.

'Fuckin' great party, man!' he said. 'Almost better than mine.'

I covered my mouth and coughed again. That's right. Why was Joey here? Wasn't he supposed to be hosting his own killer graduation party?

I opened my mouth to talk and words wouldn't come out like I wanted them too. I had quite a few questions all at once, the most important of which was, 'can we please go into your car and have sex in the next five minutes?'

'Why are you here?' I said hoarsely.

Joey smiled.

'I know something that will make your throat feel better,' he teased.

'Don't fuck with me,' I warned, my voice returning half way. 'It's been quite a night. If you really mean it, I want to do it now.'

'Want to do what now?'

I giggled and leaned in closer so the rest of my high school friends at the party would not hear me tell the starting quarterback on our football team that I was ready right now to deep-throat his dick.

'I want to get laid,' I said. 'And I'd like to do it now!'

Joey laughed. 'Um, well, okay, I guess,' he said. 'Couldn't we just have some fun at Will's party and then maybe go back to my place later?'

'No,' I said, my voice fully back now. It came out as the shout of a 13-year old whose voice was changing. I shook my head. 'Not later, now!'

'Um, okay,' Joey said. 'Do I have time to finish my punch?'

I smiled and shook my head again. 'Down the hatch,' I said, draining my own cup. I nodded to Joey to do the same. He tilted his cup and then turned it over so that I could see he'd done what I demanded.

'Okay. I'm ready,' Joey said.

We looked around at the party behind us. I'd never seen so many people in such a small place. There's no way Will had enough food.

'What are you doing here? Don't you have your own party?'

Joey tightened his lips. I loved it when he did that. 'Cops came and broke us up,' he explained. I guess quite a few of the guys from the team were smoking and drinking and stuff in the street.'

I shrugged my shoulders. 'And stuff?'

He nodded and his dark brown eyes brightened. 'I know nothing,' he said. 'Me and my folks put out some chips, some veggies, some cake. Whatever else was going into people's mouths, I don't know. They must have brought their own.'

I touched his finger lightly with mine. Joey looked down and grabbed my finger.

I looked at his eyes and buried myself deep inside. Joey's hand felt coarse and soft all at once around my finger. I didn't try to pull it out.

'Well I'm glad you're here and not in jail,' I said.

He busted up. 'Yeah, me too. Can you imagine me in jail?'

'No,' I said.

He whistled. 'My ass would probably be bent over some railing getting a pounding in the first five minutes after I got there,' he said.

'Ahh,' I said. 'Five minutes. That reminds me.'


'I promised myself, like 10 minutes ago that I was going to choose somebody, anybody, to have sex with me in the next five minutes.'

'And luckily you ran into me,' Joey said, teasing me again. He released my finger.

'Yes, thank god! Otherwise I'd have to have chosen just some random person, thrown them on the ground like garbage and fucked the shit out of them right here on the deck by the pool!'

Joey raised his hand.

'Me! Me! Pick me!' He said.

'Okay, I pick you. That was easy.'

We looked at each other again, neither one of us quite sure what to do next.

'I think that we're both out of punch,' Joey said. The glow from the lights in Will's backyard made Joey's wavy brown hair shine as if it was still daylight. I wanted to put my hand up and run my fingers through it.

I sighed. 'I seem to be running out of places to have sex at Will's house.'


'Long story,' I said, looking around and thinking. 'I'll tell you later. How about the trunk of your car?'

Joey laughed. 'The trunk of my car? How about the backseat of my car?'

'Done.' I said. 'Let's go.' I grabbed his hand and started to pull him away. 'Now!' I whispered loudly.

'Um, I'm not really prepared for this,' Joey said. 'I don't have lube or condoms or towels or anything.'

'You have a mouth. I have a dick. I know it fits. Let's just go.'


Now I laughed.

'Joey, we've done this before. You're very good at it. I know it's been a while, but trust me, I'm not having any more growth spurts. I'm 18 now and I think I'm done growing.'

'I hope so, you're sort of at my upper limit,' Joey said, giggling.

'Please!' I said.

'All right, but I want some punch for the road.' He grabbed both of our cups, filled them quickly and we turned around to leave. I wasn't that excited about getting off in the backseat of Joey's car, but at this point, after the evening I'd had, I was ready for anything.

Andy's voice brought us back down to earth. 'Gents!' he said loudly, clapping us both on the back. 'What brings our esteemed varsity leader to our humble friend Will's party?'

'Oh, hey Andy,' Joey said. I noted the lack of enthusiasm in his voice. That was nice.

'Hey,' Andy said in return, fist-bumping Joey.

'Hey Joey,' Danny Leeman said. 'We've met before.' He was smiling.

I sighed dramatically. 'Danny,' I explained. 'His name's Danny Leeman. The last time you met him, he wasn't this well dressed.'

Both Andy and Joey looked Danny over from top to bottom. Then the three of them looked at me, each of them raising their eyebrows. It was well known to both Danny and Joey how they knew each other. We'd had a fuck-the-good-twin session with his brother David the night that David Leeman took the State Championship. My joke was not lost on either of them, but Andy was clueless.

'What are you doing here, Joey?' Danny asked. 'Me and TJ and my bro were heading over to your place in a little bit.'

'It's done,' Joey explained. 'The police came and we had to shut it down. Some crazy football dudes on our team decided to ingest something that wasn't Doritos or chocolate cake.'

'Fuck!' Danny said, echoing my sentiments about the current situation just perfectly.

'I know, in our front yard right on the street, no less,' Joey said.

'Fuckin' idiots,' Andy said. 'On the street!'

'Hard to believe they are football players,' Danny added.

Andy and I laughed. I'm not certain Joey understood.

The four of us paused and looked at our feet. I took a sip of my new cup of punch.

'Um,' I started, 'Joey and I were gonna go check out something in his car.'

Danny caught on in a millisecond. He smiled and nodded his head.

'Does it have eight and a third cylinders?' Danny asked, trying to sound innocent.

Now Andy figured it out as well.

'As a matter of fact, it does,' I said, urgently. 'And after the night I've had, I'd suggest that the two of you boys stand aside, because I have a feeling that if Joey doesn't check out those eight and a third cylinders soon, they're going to explode!'

'Hmm, is that right?' Andy asked.

'Yes.' I said, digging my hands into my pockets, er Will's pockets.

'I hate when things explode in my car,' Joey added deadpan.

'Andy and I might like to watch, you know, just to make sure, you've got everything under control.'

Danny and Andy looked at me. Joey took a sip of punch.

I breathed in and out three times before I replied.

'No thank you,' I said, evenly.

'Actually dudes, I'm out. I've about had my fill of cocks for the night. I think I need to stick my hand into a nice wet pussy,' he said.

Danny gagged. I was sipping my punch again and blew at least half of it three feet away, landing mostly on Danny. Joey laughed, then he grabbed both Danny and I by the forearm and led us away. Andy reached for a napkin and wiped away the few drops of my punch that had landed on him.

'Have fun, guys,' Andy said.

Joey pushed us ahead of him through the crowd of students. Danny's smile was plastered to his face. I couldn't believe that here I was again with my track teammate. I looked up at the stars and let myself be led by Joey's muscular hand. I sighed again.

When we got out to the front of Will's house, we could still hear music from the backyard but it somehow seemed eerily quiet. Joey released Danny and I and we walked together in a row. I let myself breathe deeply for the first time in a while. The late-spring air was refreshing. I didn't know where Joey had parked of course, but in no time, my penis took over and creeped up my thigh until it pointed forward, a directional compass to our goal Joey's back seat.

'Where are we going?' Danny whispered.

'Shh,' I whispered back.

We walked along the sidewalk in silence for a few more steps.

'Why are we whispering?' Joey whispered.

'I have no idea,' I responded.

When we got to Joey's car, we were far enough away from the party that we could barely hear the music. In the silence, it seemed like what we were about to do should be kept quiet so we kept whispering.

'Get in TJ,' Joey said. 'You'll be in the middle.'

I looked at Danny and he nodded.

'Come on amigo,' Danny said. 'Joey and I will be the bread.'

'What?' Joey asked, scrunching up his face.

'The bread,' Danny answered. 'You and I are the bread. TJ is the stuff inside the sandwich.'

'Oh,' Joey said. 'Good.'

I shook my head and got in. Joey went around the other side of the car and opened the other door. They both just stood there watching me.

'Take your clothes off,' Joey commanded in a whisper.

'Do it now!' Danny added, this time talking in his regular voice.

I took off the shirt I had taken from Will's drawer and tossed it in the front seat. The cool air from outside the car made my nipples stiff. Both of them watched. Danny leaned in and let a finger slide back and forth over my right nipple.

'Mmm,' Joey said. 'It's been too long.'

Danny giggled. 'What's too long is TJs Johnson, it's going to take the both of us to take care of it.'

I stopped and looked at Danny. So did Joey.

'Danny,' I said. 'I just saw you take Will in your mouth a little while ago. I know you can handle my dick.'

'Wait, Will's cock is even bigger than yours?' Joey asked.

I nodded.

'Way,' Danny answered.

I held out my hands to what seemed like a foot to me and twisted to show Joey. Danny nodded in agreement.

'And that's just how thick it is at the base,' Danny said happily.

Joey whistled.

'He's got like size 13 feet,' I explained.

'Well, there you go,' Joey said, as if he needed no further explanation.

'Cum tastes like Frosted Flakes,' Danny said, matter of factly. Joey and I cracked up.

I took a breath and looked from side to side at the two people who were finally going to relieve me of about a gallon of sperm. 'Okay then, can we just focus? Let's get going already.'

'How is this going to work?' Danny asked. 'All three of us can't fit in Joey's back seat.'

I sighed again. Details!

'It will work just fine if you guys take your clothes off first, then get into the car,' I said.

Danny quickly unbuttoned his pants and then both his pants and briefs fell to his ankles. Being on the track team had left him with pretty much no butt like me. Danny's dick was halfway hard. I reached over and cupped his nuts with my hand.

Taking his cue, Joey did the same thing. But his pants didn't just fall to the ground. Joey's ass was strong, firm and round. He had to push his pants down with his thumbs. Joey's dick wasn't anywhere close to hard as it had been squashed against his leg in his tight jeans he hung thickly on top of his balls, like one of those expensive Italian sausages lying on a bun that was too small. I licked my lips.

Danny tossed all his clothes into the front seat and climbed in. He kept his socks on until he sat on the seat beside me. I helped him take them off and then I tossed them in the front seat as well. Danny put both his hands on my chest and fiddled with my nipples. I tilted my head back. Joey stood outside the door, now totally nude on Will's street. He smiled at me.

Danny reached across the seat and pulled Joey into the car by his cock. Joey's body followed and he wriggled onto the seat. I was still clothed from the waist down and my boner strained to get out. As Joey managed to close the door, Danny leaned across me and gave Joey's dick a lick. In the middle of the sandwich I was being crushed.

'Wait, wait,' I pleaded. 'I still need to get my pants off.'

Danny eased back onto his side of the seat. Joey tried to get into a sitting position beside me. Danny reached down and undid my belt. Joey twisted around and tried to kiss me. The angle didn't quite work and Joey's lips found mine for only a few seconds before he had to reposition himself. Danny was trying to push down my shorts with one hand while the other squeezed my nipple.

'This is not going to work,' I said at last.

In the minute or so since all three of us had occupied Joey's back seat, the windows had fogged up and we couldn't see out.

I was indeed the inside of the sandwich. In truth it was not a bad place to be. Next to two hot nude men. Danny's dick was fully hard now and I let my left hand stroke his shaft. Joey's was almost there, but I couldn't quite manage to get my arm over Joey's legs to place a good grip on his cock.

'What if one of us goes in the front seat?' I said, trying to find a way that we could do this.

'How will that work?' Danny asked.

'I don't know,' I said. 'But this isn't working. You guys are like smashing my ribs.'

Joey finally got his hips and both of his legs onto the seat. His side pressed against me but I had no place to move. Danny pressed from the other side. I could hold both dicks beside me only by crossing my arms. Danny had pre-cum on the tip of his cock and I used my thumb to rub it around. Joey was now completely erect, his fat hard-on pointing right to his six-pack. Awkwardly I jerked them both at the same time, my crossed arms moving as a unit. This was ridiculous.

Joey tried to kiss me again but he couldn't quite get his head to go around his huge upper arm and shoulder. Danny saw this and easily twisted in his seat to fill in. Danny's mouth found mine and he shoved his tongue inside. I closed my eyes and let him explore the back of my throat.

'Tell you what,' Joey said. 'I'm not too comfortable here.'

'Yeah, me neither,' I said while Danny's mouth was still vacuuming around mine. Nobody heard me except me.

'I'll get in the front seat and try to reach through so I can get TJ in my mouth.'

Danny eased away from my face. 'Sounds fine amigos. TJs weenie should reach all the way to the front windshield from here.'

Joey laughed.

'Please!' I said.

Joey leaned across me and tried to climb through the seats and into the front. An elbow found my balls and I let out a yelp.


Danny and I tried to flatten ourselves against the seat to give Joey more room. Each time Joey tried to squeeze through, I'd wind up with a knee or his hip grinding into me and I'd holler in pain.

After a few more attempts, Joey put his butt against the car door and exhaled. 'I don't think I can do this,' he said.

'I need air,' I said, dramatically.

'We're not opening the windows TJ,' Joey said. 'There are like two guys on the team that live right down this street. It's all I need for one of them to walk by and see us doing the nasty inside the back seat of my car.'

'But we're not doing the nasty,' I protested. 'My clothes aren't even off.'

I looked over at Joey like a sad dog whose food bowl was empty. Joey's thick dick had gone soft. Danny flicked again at my nipple. His own erection had not changed a bit.

'Do you guys want to go to my house?' Joey asked. 'I don't think we can have car sex.'

'I can have car sex!' Danny announced. 'Just sit me on either one of your penises and my body will figure out a way to make it happen.'

I smiled. 'Danny, why don't you go sit on Joey's gear shift knob,' I suggested.

Danny eased forward to take a look at Joey's gear shift in the front seat. He grinned. It was shaped like a bloated T.

'Sounds like a challenge, I'm in,' Danny said. 'How's Joey going to drive?'

'You're such a pervert Danny,' I said.

Joey and I both sighed in unison.

'I can't leave the party yet, it wouldn't be nice to Will,' I said.

'Okay then,' Joey said. 'Here's the plan. We get our clothes back on for now. Go be social and have fun at Will's graduation party. We excuse ourselves early. We go to my house. We have a slam-fest with Danny's ass for the rest of the night.'

Danny nodded vigorously.

I closed my eyes and pushed back against the seat. 'Fuck,' I said.

Joey kissed me sweetly on the mouth. Despite the fact that I was extremely squished and I couldn't breathe, I let myself enjoy it for the moment.

At least I'd get to fuck somebody later. My poor dick!


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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