Garden Boys #7

By : A. Williams

    Lucky woke John with a sweet kiss. "Time to get up Baby," he whispered in his ear while nibbling his lope. "We are setting up for the party, the pig is cooking and we need you to help with all your wonderful side dishes." Luck said as John woke from his slumber.

    "I love you Peter," he said yawning. "What time is it?" John asked feeling so well rested. "Just past ten, you need to get up lazy bones. You need to get a shower and you need to get ready for our big bash." Lucky teased.

    "I'm up...I'm up... don't rush me." John said getting out of the bed and walking naked to the bathroom.

    "Aaah baby that ass of yours really turns me on and gets all my juices flowing. I want to take you now...on the floor." Lucky snickered in all honesty.

    John stopped and bent over. Head between his legs and long hair dragging the floor he spread his butt cheeks and said, "Come and get it ... Big guy."

    "Oooo you fucking tease. You know we don't have time right now." Lucky said walking to John. Dropping to his knees he grabbed his sweet cheeks and licked that hairless crack as they both moaned. "Uuummmm."

    "You like my ass... you want to fuck that hole Darling?" John asked, already knowing the answer as he played with Lucky.

    "You know I love it... Yes Baby... push that sweet hole out for Daddy." Lucky said playing the game.

"Yyeess... look at that... ready for Daddies big cock." Lucky laughed, spitting on the hole and pushing it in with his tongue.

"Fuck yes...deeper Daddy please, push deeper." John begged grabbing his ankles.

"Come now," ordered Lucky. "Get in the bed and get those beautiful legs over your head. Daddy is ready to fuck you hard Baby," he added firmly.

    Happily John obeyed, quickly getting back in bed and getting into position. Lucky stripped and grabbed the lube wasting no time, he greased up his monster cock and John's hole.

    Without a word he thrust all the way in John's ass and held still saying, "You have been a bad boy teasing Daddy like you did. Now Daddy is going to fuck you hard and raw for being bad, so... so bad." Lucky said smiling.

    John gulped. Never had Lucky been so rough. He was always so loving and caring but he was extremely turned on by this new show of dominance and he would gladly take what Lucky dished out.

    Lucky pulled all the way out and then with hands firmly clutching his hips, quickly thrust back in hard and fast over and over. John was grunting with every mind blowing thrust, "Uunnghh... uuughh... uughh."

    God it hurt so good... his ass was on fire and tingling with spasms after spasms. Lucky felt it too, "Yyeess ...Bbaabby, let that ass cum for us. Unn... unn... unn," he said still thrusting hard and deep trying to hold back his huge explosion.

    Then Lucky slapped John's ass hard, real hard. The whack could be heard all over the house. John yelled out "ONE DADDY... YES HARDER... fuck me ...spank me."


"Two Daddy ... YESSSSS...fuck me." John begged.

Never missing a thrust... WHACK.........

"THRREEEE ... DDAADDY. Fuck...Fuck..." John screamed "Harder...please Daddy... FASTER." John begged.


"Fourrrr... Daddy... YYESSSSSS... Ooooh cccccccuummminngggg!!!" John yelled at the top of his lungs as he shot huge ropes of creamy cum everywhere.

Caught up in the heat of the moment, Lucky unloaded deep in his sweet ass.

    Then both men totally melted, so exhausted from the greatest sex they had had to date. They were huffing and puffing, trying desperately to catch their breath.

    What they did not know was the boys had heard all the screaming and were collecting on the bets of who would cum first. Seems James was the clear winner, making an easy two hundred bucks.

    John was the first to speak, "Damn Darling Peter... sex gets better and better with you. I love you so much My Peter."

    "John my only regret is that we waited so long to be together, Baby I absolutely adore you... sweet man. Now we are so very late working and setting up for the party... we need a shower. Come on lover, let's roll out." They took a short shower and quickly got ready for the party.

    After drying off his long hair and body, John asked "You want me in my uniform Darling?" Lucky chuckled and answered, "Only those tight white pants Baby, nothing... and I mean nothing else. No underwear or shirt, I want to show you off sexy man. And I want easy access to that hot cock and ass of mine." Lucky winked at John and he smiled so happy and content with their relationship.

    He is perfect for me John thought. "Yes Sir... anything you say Sir," he said and winked back at Peter. God I love him so much thought Lucky, I am the luckiest man alive he thought again walking to his lover.

    "Damn Darling you look so good, fuck I could eat you up." John said as he threw his arms around is one true love. "Ahhhh, kiss me you handsome man...please."

    They locked lips and all those sparks were in full force as the moaned together, "Uuummm." Kissing sweetly and softly, so lovingly. Lucky backed away, "I love you so much Baby, but we have a party to get to. I want to dance close to you all night," he said an evil gleam in his eyes. John knew that look and could not wait to find out what Lucky was up to.

    Hand in hand they walked out the back door, Lucky in only a pair of jean shorts and John in those white pants Lucky loved so much. The band was setting - up and tuning their instruments. They boys were all working like busy bees to finish icing the beer and drinks. The pig smelt wonderful as the cook kept saucing it down, the lid now up and the pig skin side down. Lucky thought, about another hour and she will be ready to eat.

    The serving table looked great and was full of all John's homemade side dishes. Cole slaw, tossed salad and 2 different kinds of potato salad on big bowls of ice. All the hot dishes were on warmers, baked beans with onions, collards greens, corn on the cob and a big bowl of extra BBQ sauce. John had also added bowls of sliced red onions, fresh sliced tomatoes and cucumbers all in apple cider vinegar. And no southern cook-out would be complete without gallons and gallons of fresh sweet tea.

    They band started playing and James lite a small fire, Lucky grabbed two cold beers from one of the old metal tubs and popped the tops. Handing one to John he said "To us John, may this night turn out to be our very best Baby." They tapped cans and downed the first one dry. Soon guest started to arrive as the boys all gathered around trying to put faces to names and couples together.

    Five of the twelve boys had wives and the rest had boyfriends or girlfriends. The most interesting fact was the twins had twins of their own. Jess and Wes were dating a set of girl\boy twins both blue eyed, blonde haired and had model good looks. The four ran into each other's arms, Jess the guy and Wes the girl.

    "I will be damn," said John. "Never would have thunk it Baby, you?" Lucky asked snickering at his own misuse of the word thought.

"Not in a million years Darling." John laughed.

    It was a beautiful sight watching the twins' reunite. You could tell they were deeply in love and so happy to be back together. John slipped his arm around Lucky's waist and pulled him close. "Isn't that so sweet Darling?"

    Lucky let out a sigh "Yes Baby, it is. They remind me of another couple I know." Lucky said placing a kiss on the top of John's head as the band began to play a nice slow sexy song.

"Baby, dance with me?" Lucky asked

    "I would love to." John said as Lucky grabbed his hand walking them closer to the band. Lucky placed his left hand on the small of John's back and with his right he took his left hand and pulled him close. They began to sway in time to the music, so nice thought John as he buried his face in Lucky neck and breathed in his smell. Soon the dance area was full of swaying couples and the band took the hint and continued to play that style of music to keep the guest dancing.

    Lucky allowed his hand to slide to John's ass cheek, he moaned in his ear "Uuummm... so sweet," as he cupped it and rubbed it. "You crazy man... someone will see us." John snickered as they danced.

    "That's what makes it so much fun Baby, the thrill of getting caught." Lucky said as he slipped his hand inside his pants, skin to skin and started rubbing his sweet cheeks and asshole.

    "Fuck Peter, that feels so good... yes Darling." John moaned. Lucky glance up and locked eyes with James who was looking over his wife's head as they danced and he had a huge smirk of knowing on his face.

    They winked at each other and that made Lucky go full hard knowing he was caught. He moved his hand out of the back of John's pants and unzipped his zipper and reached in the front, stroking his hard cock as they continued to dance.

    Lucky seductively whispered "Baby, cum for me in those tight white pants I love. I will eat that creamy cum off my hand after you give it to me, right in front of everyone... so fucking hot my Baby."

    John could not resist the game... fuck it felt so good and he was close. The public display was really turning him on and Lucky knew what made his nuts boil to huge explosions like no one else. "Yes Darling... ooooh... so good. Yes jerk me off and eat my cum. Yeesss...ddooo mmmeee." John moaned and begged and the game was on.

    Lucky smiled as he continued to rub John's cock... craving his sweet reward. Lucky up the "SEXY" of the game by whispering dirty talk to John while he swayed them to the music.

"You are a nasty boy aren't you?" Lucky asked.

"Yes." John said.

"You like the idea of getting caught, don't you?" Lucky asked.

"Fuck yes." John said.

"You should be ashamed nasty boy, but you aren't are you?" Lucky asked.

"No, I am not. Oooohh ... yes make me cum." John begged.

"You wish I would drop to my knees and suck you right now, don't you?" Lucky asked.

Plleease Lucky...yesss I do! Uumm... fuucckkk... ccccuuuummiigggg" John moaned.

    Lucky snickered as he felt Johns hot cum all over his hand and he continued to jerk him until he was dry. Slowly he raised his hand to his lips and started licking and John joined in getting a mouthful as well. Soon they were done with the clean-up and Lucky zipped his pants smiling.

    "Damn that was so hot Peter. You have me doing things I would have never dreamed I'd do but I absolutely love it!" John admitted. They walked over to a log to sit down, tired from all the dancing and playing. On the way, Lucky grabbed two cold ones and handed one to John.

    They drank in silence, Lucky trying to gather his nerve for his last big surprise of the night. When the cans were empty Lucky took John's and walked to the trash throwing them away. When he walked back to John, he knelt between his legs and said "John, my Baby. I love you more than I ever thought possible. We seem to fit together perfectly and I never want to lose you. So, Baby I want to make this relationship of ours official."

    John reached in his pocket and pulled out a small box, opening the lid and showing it to John as he asked "Will you marry me Baby and really make me the luckiest man alive?" John screamed at the top of his lungs getting everyone's attention "YES...YES...a million...billion times yes yes yes !!!!!" He jumped into Lucky's arms and Lucky spun them around laughing and John crying as the entire place erupted with cheers. Even the band got into the celebration, playing the wedding march ................

THE END......Thanks for reading and posting A.....


A. Williams

[email protected]


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