Garden Boys #6

By : A. Williams

    Lucky rose early the next morning, way before sun-up. Biscuits needed making along with that full country breakfast he had promised. The memories of losing the bet, made his dick harden and put a huge smile on his face. What a hell of a blowjob and fuck that had been, John was the best lover he had ever had. Damn, he did not bottom very often but John turned his sex-drive into high gear. That fuck he had given him was the absolute best in his life. Shit he thought, stop thinking about sex with John and focus on the task at hand ... making breakfast for my lover.

    He made the biscuit dough first and somehow it reminded Lucky of John's soft ass cheeks. He moaned out "Ummmmm." As he patting that dough ball, smacking and squeezing it the way he would John's ass. In just a few days John was in all of his thoughts, and in all his actions, Lucky was totally smitten. He patted out the biscuits and thought, now I will always think of his sweet ass when I see biscuits.

    Lucky got the coffee made and poured himself a large mug full. Then he cut up the potatoes and chopped the onions and threw those in a pan, next came the ham and he couldn't forget the red-eye gravy.

    One of the boy's stumbled into the kitchen looking like death warmed over. "Morning James, how about some coffee?" Lucky asked.

    "Think I need a whole pot, didn't sleep at all last night. Worried about the party I guess," he said. Lucky sat his cup down in front of him.

    "Don't sweat it man, it will be great fun whatever happens. Want some breakfast?" Lucky asked.

"Do I smell biscuits? Where's John anyway?" James asked.

    "Sleeping, and yes I made homemade biscuits." Lucky said dishing up the potatoes and ham. "They're just about ready, made enough for all you guys too," he said proudly.

    "Why are you cooking? John feeling okay?" James asked. Lucky whisked the gravy and poured it into a bowl. Cracking eggs he answered "Lost another bet to John. So after the message last night, it's my turn to make him breakfast in bed."

    James laughed knowing the bets were all about sex with those two. He watched Lucky working and was impressed. He knew what he was doing in the kitchen and it all smelt delicious. Lucky pulled the two large pans of biscuits from the oven and breakfast was served.

    He plated John's tray with great care, fussing over it to make sure it was perfect and adding a small vase of flowers for elegance. James giggled as he watched, it was obvious he had it bad for John. "Be back Friend, eat up while it's hot." Lucky said as he left the kitchen and made his way to their bedroom.

    Lucky sat the tray down quietly and turned on the small bedside lamp. He looked at his sleeping Baby and smiled. God he was gorgeous, long hair a mess... face so soft and peaceful. He placed a soft kiss on his sweet lips to wake him, "Morning Sunshine, breakfast is served." Lucky whispered.

"Good morning My Peter Darling. What time is it?" John asked sitting up and stretching.

"Just past 6 am Baby." Luck said handing him his coffee.

"Thanks Peter. Something sure smells good. What have you got for me Darling?" John asked as his mouth watered from the delicious aroma.

    "Here's the country breakfast I promised you Baby, eat up while it's still hot." Lucky said getting his tray and setting it over his naked legs. God, all he could think about around John was sex. He was a talking... walking ... orgasm to Lucky.

    As John ate his food giving Lucky endless compliments on the bet filling breakfast, Lucky only wanted to lick those smooth naked legs and suck that long sweet cock. He couldn't take it anymore; he left the side of the bed and crawled between his legs.

    "Baby ... those long naked legs, I just have to have a taste." Lucky said mouth so ready to do much, much more. He licked and sucked those legs all the way up to his hard prize.

    "Yes Darling.... Please take me I am all yours forever and always ... My Peter." John said moving the tray and spreading his legs wide open, vulnerable to whatever Lucky wanted to do. And what he wanted too so very, very much.

    Lucky lick up from his balls to the top of his leaking cock, moaning "Ummmm,"at the sweet flavor before he swallowed it whole. He needed to taste his cum in the worst way and he started sucking hard.

    "Damn Peter that's so good, please don't stop... pppllleeaasseee...uuummm... sssooo gggoooodddd...yyyyyeeessss." John begged and moaned.

        Lucky only had to work a few more minutes for his large creamy prize. John did not try to hold back, Peter's hot mouth and his talent got him ready to blow his load hard and quickly.

    "FFUUCCKKK...Darling close..... yyyeesss... hhheerrreee... iiittt... ccoommmeess." John warned.

Lucky groaned mouth full of his sweet cock... he swallowed over and over as John shoot his huge load in his craving mouth.

"Darling IIII... looovvveee yyyooouuu!" John screamed as he came hard.

    Lucky was enjoying his cum prize and continued to suck John's softening dick not wanting to let go ever.

"Darling, stop. Please too sensitive." John had to beg to get Lucky to release him.

    "Sorry Baby. I love that cock of yours so much, I could suck on it like a pacifier all night." Lucky laughed pulling away and moving back to the side of the bed, sitting and grabbing his coffee mug.

    "Who's kinky now? All night... like a pacifier? I love it Darling, we are going to have to do that tonight." John said intrigued and open for anything Lucky wanted to do.

    "Darling Peter that breakfast was fantastic just like that blow job. I can't decide which was better." John laughed wanting to go back to sleep, stomach full and balls empty... yes perfect... I need more sleep he thought.

    "Baby here, lay-down and let me snuggle you in and cover you up. Please Baby go back to sleep and I will wake you later, God ... John ... I love you Baby." Lucky said as he took special care of his sweet baby.

    "Peter Darling you are so good to me ... I do not deserve you special man but I am so happy to have you... You are my whole world, I love you with all of me Peter."

"I know Baby... I know..." Lucky said feeling like the Luckiest man in the world.

Part #7 coming soon.......Thanks for reading and posting.........A.....


A. Williams

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